The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 28, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 28, 1908
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE BAKBRSFIELD CALIFORN1AN •.«*MW«t»ff,*M«n»a^'K.-';. < fn*m.^r f t - „ *>-,.,-* SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1908. We've got,a great stock o fin e suits ere; we ha naie we f _ ._____^___^_ — j , . v w **-w* j» ^B^V * ^—x the better grades than any other store in town; the thing that makes it interesting for you is that not handle any other kind. We make a special feature of Stein-Bloch goods, because they make a special feature of quality; all-wool fabrics, the most modern an fashi onaoie designs an ecause it is d -.- • — — — -—• -— ^^^^ ^^^ ^p^» V A ^M^ els, the most thorough and reliable tailoring, the most perfect fitting, It pays us to sell such clothes pays you to buy them. The profit of our customers the basis of our success; and of our profits. You'll find suits here as low as $15; there are many lower priced suits in town, if yon •want them; that's the limit of quality in men's suits, as we estimate it; \ye're thinking of your profit, at that, more than of ours. We have them up to #H); ami at' every price the •value's there for the money. *v-. .X: UOT HIS HAia BACK. Perfectly Bald When Fie Startec to VM Newbro'a llerplclde . Frederick Mamiell, Maryland block, iJutte, Mont ami. bought a bottle of New- ttro's lUrpiclde. Ajiril (J, '99, and began tu * CITY BRIEFS. •,« »% •% •% •5. »;• »** •> *> *!* •> *J> L Crushed By Rock—Constable 20 days he had hair ;.H ovr-r On July 2 he vcrUoa. "ana today my hair n etni)1t °>'l d °° l ? e aqueduct. rmint .V hospital, with a leg la aa thick nn.i i-ixur.imt ;. nr.v OT», I ba ' u >' crushed by rock falling on it could wish." No-wbro's nr-rr.»cHo works I while at work. As the man was pen- sent WILL Francis FIGHT WHITE Announcements i r f '* V j ,-1 \ on nn old j>rh:i*!plo ruitl with a d:a- he had to he up for ten 11 v n n,i -v,i movn Uu* off* ct. *7* T'Ml 'hi' t" •**"." ; (''i ,' I'M VHP"* ro- 'Jays for vaRranf-y, and sent to th hospital via the jail. The count I" Rehfeld has matched Eddie with Leonard Lander of San for the next fight of his rtt f.-l'lh. falling hair, «*o thnt with t r- (IrugglstH. to no HV. u. si »:,,., vich. nnd a hy leading: for nnmple Two sizes, 50c and $1.00. J. A. HUGHES, Agent. Mi me ovt Wi t. X. Harbaugh is a visitor in today. f thus forced to help Los Angeles bear Uio expense of Its aqueduct work. Racing Autos on Exhibition—All the automobiles which will enter in the races tomorrow afternoon art 1 making fho Erb and Drury garage their headquarters and they may be seen there Tomorrow is the first Sunday in .Advent, a season of prayer preceding . . , tll . n i j» -V •'he great Christmas fetes. At St. which will be pulled off on the , Frands church niasses will be at 7:45 I I 11 —^^^^n-^^r^^B—v^^^H—n —^^B—ww —MMFBII I - — - — —BMMMMMMT-•— ^m^^-^^^^^^^^^^^m llm I m-r^^^^p^^^^^^m—^i—^^^^^^m 1 eilhet&l aylor Order today some of our fine MOUNTAIN CABBAGE. Have you tried our CELERY and that fresh CAULIFLOWER? Phone us when you want good fresh vegetables, 1423 19th S* Phone Main 401 \fuing of December 21, probably in 's. The articles were m., children's mass at 9 a. m. and ., , T , . , . . , '.mgh mass and sermon at 11 n. m. north for Landers signature today, tv. *»,*,, v rlln/1 w m ™ n i, 0 c ,,«n(oi ™ 2s srj^s 1 ;,", cSyvs —• r\ F s i ,-F- v "; afternoon of the contest. Each man i'f^ s ^ ( L bene(lictI0n wil1 take place at Js to put up $150 forfeit money with the club, $75 of this to be for weight. 7:30 p. m. at any time before the racing starts j The fighter s bit s to be fifty per cent by visitors. The special racing cars °. f he gross \' e f ei j| tj: < a ^ thls ^ Tr ' *"-' : x Thursday include the Chalmers-Detroit "Blue. S:1X ^ P e f ? en * to * he lvin ^ r aE ? forty , j - p ,^e Mrd." the "Sunset" ami Bukk "White i P. er ccnt to the oser - The . selection > ^'ii^L5' anc ,?v the League of the eet after the benediction tomorrow evening. Next Thursday the "Holy Hour" ines ere \ ,, h - ii»-\v lh»-! ' • Tht'Y hiiv sjiot.j ou Mars, sn? li.-t the ' tr.T i ',('!% IliiH-T, too L ~ rm i * **:: * '/*< .,i v. It ' b j j ?)))'! ii"\>. r. i /in- v. 1 ! •-' . L ! I * rj ed at Si 1 - '• are good. I ry Borne. Gunther , •j v tt r f What flour doy you use? t •> v j i *,-s ^r I lard," tho "Sunset." and Bukk "White Streak." The local cars stopping at the garage are, Al Thackeray's Kissel- kar, Henry KHpstein,s Tonrint and 1. Hirshfold's Mitchell. Carriere Pupils' Recital—This aft( rix.on at 3 o'clock a well rutended n'cital was given !iy The Car- School <(f Music. Mi.s.s Jane- Bar- In ',• also sanjr sovora] solos. Old Horse Sale—Wells. Fargo i Co. will hold an "old horse sale" Satin-day, J)fr. f,!h, under the Grand and willing boy who has already at- a spk-udid reputation in "Saa <Ta rl?^' N ?,ft° t^he Hght^V^ - ^« Friday being the first Friday days before tho contest. ' of T) ^' pr nber, masses will be at 6:30 In Lander. AVhiro will find a /-lever . and b a< m ' The Jesuit Mission, .Sunday, December nth, the Francif-vo H .e.sihaoin hrdihrdlunu Jesuit Mission will open with a ?oi- Krancif-T-o. H»v is a nephew, by the way, of -Jaclc NeH-<-.n of Mojave. Who is well known to local sporting men. Two six round iirf-limlnarirs will ' O'Malley and Meager, S. J., will be it precede the main ovr-nt. These will, charge of tho mission. A complet* probably be b(-T\\f-er. local hoys, as schedule of the hours of services din (here is a small array of pork and ing the two weeks' mission will be in tin- ( :: v at r - mn high mass. A procession of the f-U-viry will lake place from the rectory before the mass. Fathers Thomas NOTES AND PERSONALS. it wouUI to fcf. x-pent, and ! p;ii)lished next week. ' I !' r", V. I I - * - f time and mon KERN RIVER MILLS FLOUR WORD TH t'aptaiii C. A. Kuner t)f l>rkelty :s In 'his city fur a few days. W. S. Tcvis h;is n^urned .from San Francisco, Asa McKeu/ii- is a visitor hero from -1 * * . "Tag tiny" one wn-k from today. F. .). Kngle and wi:\- left today for .'c, where MI* .Kn^k- is engaged iu NOTICE i Notice in her* by r::\-fn :h;;t j taurant hort'tut'or*' '-OII^M'''*'- 1 ' KUiherty, and situated on • , of lots 17. IS. li» r -", : the town of McKIcrfr-];, K i has been purchased by !"•. *-.1. ; Mr. and Mrs. II. 0. s-uurt are hac-k Chinanjan, and sa\n*- win b..- ,;«-Jivr red • ] K ar the Vinalia, wh e • t h o v iiai »'V('-rv on* Work on use.-; \\ ho wants At 1 •, -• SliP buildhi on D*?cernhc-r 1, \\ill not J"? ; F T" n i n*- VKV vapidly. for the progressing * * E-RU-SA: The Only Lawful PILE CURE •a ,v fan »i S'^ .X r > J * it any poisonous PlhKS. U. s. 11 E-UU-SA. crinu*. All i ul marrow, K-RI--SA niak(» a u Dr. 1-. tiously r* 1 muvutu' Pih Mullcr lor <i'rmlu;ih!s in f t \- 1 contain nar.-(»tics, nu-rcury, r-ocuin**, U»;ul Iru^. Because l-MM'-SA CI.'KES vt'eoinnionds ovevy intrrcdiont of ^fals.' or niis-loadinf statements mn-'-ntif: pilo rmdicines affect the brain and s <!ipatirm, never cure and ;ir« for <<'\}^ i)t opium joints. Berkeley. Cal,. : \V«» certainly -Mn N« j]. St. Francis Sodality Childern ,.i' Mary will meet tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. Ail Fiiduys during the month of De- ct-mber until Christmas are days of .».-t and abstinence. T!if St. Francis Junior Temperance S'itin! ! ty for boys meets Sunday, De- i t iuhev fith, at 3 p. m. All Catholics of this city will pre- jiare to make the mission and. also j u. invite thoir friends to come out and great Jesuit missionaries tpoak on subjecta most interesting to everybody. Arrangements are being made for a Christmas entertainment to take place Christmas eve in St. Francis hall. Kern Valley Council No. 977, Knights of Columbus, meets next Friday evening in regular session. Grand Ku'ighi \V. A. How ell will preside and unu-h business oC importance will come up before the order. Results of the fair and dinners willj probably he read tomorrow at tho last j mass. l Father Leo is nenring tho i.-loro of MANY KERN COUNTY PEOPLE trade here. Do you? We want your business because you do better here than elsewhere rind by proving this to you we continue to increase our business. Our stock is large and attracts the best class of buyers. A Few Jewelry Prices— dent's ElRin and Waltham watches, $X7f> up. Gent's Standard or New Era watches, $2.50 up. Ladies' nnd Gent's Elgin and Waltham watches, $5.00 un. Diamonds— You can buy nt prices to' surprise you. Clocks—Shelf and wall clocks below our own cost. Our line of ladies combs is most up-to-date, also jewelry and our prices lower than elsewhere. (Juitars—$2.. r /0 up. Violins $2.50 up. Acconleons, $2.00 up. Suit Cases, $1.25 up. Trunks, $0 up. Fine guns for sale and rent. UNCLE IKE'S EMPORIUM. Wm. H. Stanton, Prop. Phone Main 1154 1406 19th St, Bakersfield the census taking of the city. Anyone not Jit homo when ho [-allfd will please phone to tho rectory before- Der-ember J. S. Weiser Eyes Examined Free All^Work Guaranteed or ad. I't t 1 \* II. ' 1 * After the big mission for two weeks * and the Christmas holidays, coriu^s the ! ent of iho y/'.-ti- In fho dedication of, \. Pram'!-• t'huich by Bishop Comity, i •" i f iJJf if i« l is a PAINT YOUR HOUSE House painting Is my specialty. I use nothing but the best materials, guarantee my work and charge reasonable price*. ». D. MEREDITH. Contractor B yv Prime Main 172. 4 *> »;• •;* •;* •;* *> •;* -« •:• '-: » i V h Vi e i . ** • TURKEYS WILL BE DRESSED \vhy !•'•; iu "if j r I; or I.!; i r: t E tl rices thai Our ln-st \, -irli-t- .'. • ill \\';)}] 1 .-.nit . ' •r. 1 t in- collars \\iil o you for sarii-ty and PIONEER HARNES8 tJHOP MATT80N BROS. EAR UNTER I \\ O V ^ I 1 - s'.irted in with F<>1- 'd Golden Gate coffee, which hud n Around fresh that morning. ;t - 'r , f i '• 1 r i 1 Unu-an of Of winner of 1he Call i • For Infants and Cuildisn, The Kind You Hate Always Bought Bours WERI V

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