Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 7, 1964 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1964
Page 8
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8 - Friday, Feb. 7, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts^l^fjf^^ Service and Safety clubs in RJHS assembly Service and safetly clubs atjby Mrs. Kay Marcom, was rcp- Redlands Junior High school j resented in this skit, presented the annual club pro- Sylvester Granillo directed gram in Clock Auditorium this!"The Mad Scientist", which was week, under the direction of j the Boys Hall Safety Club offer- Miss Barbara Cram, spcechinj*. In the cast were Paul Bar- instructor, iron, Bobby Saldana, Jerry Strat More than 100 students parti-jton, Phillip Saldana. James Ful- cipatcd in the skits. Most of the ler. Steve Ojeda. Mike Berry, skits were written by the stu-land Richard Seals. Calvin Mc dents. Skits presented by the,Donald is the club sponsor, i Frank D. Wiener and Herman Kraut exchanged gifts Tuesday, Kraut giving some frankfurters to Wiener and Wiener giving some Kraut to Kraut. The National Kraut Packers 1 1 Association arranged the stunt.! various clubs were as follows: Girls Service Club presented "Remember When" .directed by Mary Bradley and Kathy Klaus- ncr. Cast members were Sherry Bellue, Vickie Collins. Diane Calhoun, Bonnie Gate, Jackie Hooker, Gail Gaston, Sandy McManus and Pat Hahn. Mrs. Kat- crine MacRae is the club sponsor. "Childhood Days", directed by Jeanne Isaak, was offered by the Debutettes. Cast members were Bernadette Cone, Norma Holman, Anine Fredricksen Bonnie Brown, Carol Anderson, Rosie Roque, Maxine Savala, Sylvia Bracamonte, Pat Bauer, and Carol Brinks. Mrs. Marie Kime is the club sponsor. Larry Jacinto directed "The Operating Table", the skit given by the Boys Service Club. Mike Cauthron, Gary Hanson, J i m Solomon, Bruce Fullgrabe. Phil Hanson, Bruce Scott, and Da- The Squires Club presentation was "Party Time", directed by included Peggy Bourland, Ran dy Vcrdieck, Debbie Kerr, Gary Gray, Linda Atilano, Paul Mux-! dock. Tom Van, John Leon. John Mitchell, David Booth, and Ronnie Arnott. Richard Wilkcrson sponsors this club. In charge of lights was .Mike Chaffee and Bruce Scott was in charge of the public address system. j Date Festival opens in Indio February 14 The Riverside county National Date Festival at Indio will be , . , . i held from Friday. Feb. 14 vid Knight appeared in the cast.: through SundaVi Feb 2 3 t h i s P. S. Hagcrman is the sponsor) ycar> jt was anoounced today . oC thls cIub - , , ,.! The Arabian motif Date Fes- The Campus Safety Club skU; tival parade wiu bc ncld on Sat . «IW "Whi1»fr«nt V,.l unjayi j,^ ^ bcgjnning a , 10:30 a.m. It will move from was called "Whitcfront Sa tire", with Jim MacKenzie as director. Cast members were Bob LawTencc. David Hughes, Bob Damon, Mike Chaffee and Joe Solis. Tom Burgess sponsors the club. "The Martians", directed by Linda Ramey, was offered by the Girls Hall Safety club, with Linda Cox, Karen Mojeske, Susan Gates, Elaine Ramos, Janice Torres, Ellen Hestand, Mary Ellen Abilez, Leslie Worth, and Donna Bermuda in the cast. Mrs. Elsie Rowe is the club sponsor, Linda Andrews, Vivian Bracamonte, Carol Gaston, Kathy Farquhar, Coleen Cranford, Candy Cranford, Mary Wintergcrst, Karen Chappel, and Diana Habecker appeared in "The Beatles", which was directed by Slierilyn Dunklau. Mrs. Mildred McKim sponsors the club. Appearing in "The Work of a Master" were Sammy Trujillo, Bonnie Everett, Carrie Stroud. Claudia Castle, Janet Morlan, Fred Harrison, Patty Newman, Annie Torres, Gordon Gray, Curtis Caraway, and Fred Lacger. Director was Elizabeth Golz. The Art Service Club, sponsored downtown Indio to the Festival j grounds. Date night at the Fair will be on Valentine's day, Feb-14, with reduced fares on the various rides after 6 p.m. Children 12 years and young er will be admitted free on Kids day, Sunday, Feb. 23. The Arabian Nights Pageant, an annual attraction, will be held each night at 6:45 p.m. It is free. The Festival will include date displays, floriculture, arts and crafts, industrial arts, gems and minerals, commercial displays, horse show and camel and ostrich races. 1 Grounds and buildings open each day at 9:30 a.m. Oscar Boom and Doc Wonmug hove o difference of opinion that launches ALLEY OOP on one of the wackiest adventures of his spectacular career — smack into classical mythology. Be sure to follow his trials on and about Mount Olympus, starting on the comics page. Monday, Feb. 10 Engle's absence to cause open fight SAN DIEGO (UPI) -Failure of U.S. Sen. Clair Engle to appear at this month's California Democratic Council convention in Long Beach will be the signal for an open fight among po tential successors, state Controller Alan Cranston predicted Thursday. Cranston, here en route to the California Newspaper Publishers Association convention in Coronado, said "if he (Engle) is on the road to recovery, he will attend the convention. If he does not come, it will cast doubts." j CERTIFICATE OF CESSATION OF DOING BUSINESS VNDER FICTITIOUS NAME The undersigned does hereby certify that she ceased to do business under the fictitious firm name of •HINEHMAN JEWELER" at 100 Orange Street. Redlands. California. My name in full and place of residence is as follows: ROSE S. HINERMAN. 305 Summit Avenue, i Redlands. California. 1 certify, under penalty of perjury, that the foregoing is true and correct. Dated: January 23. 1964. ROSE S. HINERMAN. State of California, l County of San Bernardino » ss. On this 23rd day of January. 1064. before me. ESTHER A. MILLER, a Notary Public in and for said County and State, personally appeared ROSE S. HINERMAN. known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument, and acknowledged to me that she executed the same. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Official Seal the day and year in this Certificate first above written. ESTHER A. MILLER, Notary Public in and for the State of California, with principal office in the County of San Bernardino. (SEAL) Filed with County Clerk Jan. 29, 1964 Day at School Answer to Previous Puzzlo fcT< ACROSS I in class S Schoolyard game 8 division 12 Coquettish glance 13 Narrow inlet 14 Ellipsoidal 15 match 17 Emergence 15 Lease by tenant 4 Vend 5 Banal 6 Well (Bib.) 7 Debate- limiting rules 8 Scottish firth 9 Roman poet 10 Nose (comb, form) 11 Secluded valley 16 Writers of a, sort commune 25 Lessen 26 Era 28 Suffix 19" Bridge is 2J Like an eye Falling Down" 221v<:gauve 2t Bridge holding „„ answer 23 Moroccan port 23 Square -27 Be indebted 24. Italian "28 Piece out 31 Kansas river 32 Primitive writing pads 34 Fur-bearers 36 Musical instruments 37 Bind 38 Beside (prefix) •40 Dry one-seeded fruit 41 Ornamental hedge 43 Merest 46 School intermission 51 Culture medium 52Terpsicnorean performance 54 Israeli tribe S3 And so on (ab.) 56 Sanction 57 Dregs 53 Soak flax 59 Feminine appellation DOWN 1 Throw 2 Former Russian police (ab.) 3 Ordinary nun CcsntrJ 29 Sharp 43 Base 30 Essential being 44 Awry (dial.) 33 Diving bird 45 Rant 33 Baseball pitch 47 Restaurant (slang) 48 Female name 39 Four (Roman) 49 Look over 41 Persian fairies 42 Upright 50 Bristle 53 Inhabitant of (suffix) I 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 r 13 i4 r 16 if jti 19 u w 24 a 26 29 30 3l 33 34 35 3? w (1 43 44 15 W 48 49 SO 51 34 SS 56 57 68 69 7 Tarrnan and Mortarman 3.41 Window Cleaner 3.36 Cribbers or Shorers 3.72 Watchmen 2.70 Flagman 3.36 Concrete Curer (Impervious membrane and form oiler) ... 3.55 Foreman — nol less than .30e i above rate of highest super- j vi>cd classification. I-ather 4.44.*; Foreman — not 1 CM than .37c per hour above journeyman ) rate. ' Operator* j Air compressor. Pump or ; Generator Operator . 3.73 ! Asphalt Plant Fireman 437 ; Concrete Mixer Operator — Skip Type 4.02 Screed Operator 437 Skiploader, whecltype, without dragtype attach- 3 » yd. or lew 4-02 Skiploadcr. wheel type, over 3 * yd. and incl. 2 yds 4.56 Asphalt or Crushing Plant Engineer 4.5S5 Asphalt or Concrete Spreading, Mechanical Tampinc or Finishing Machine Operator..... 4.S6 Elevator Hoist Operator 4.26 Pavement Breaker Operator 4.56 Tractor Operator idraRtype shovel, bulldozer, tamper, ;l scraper and pu*>h tractor or similar type' 4.56 Tractor Operator—with Boom attachments 4.66 Hydra-hammer or similar type equipment operator 4.26 Trenching Machine Operator 4.37 Concrete Mobile Mixer Operator 466 Surface Heater and Planer Operator .. . 4.66 Universal Equipment Operator — (shovel, back hoe. dragline, derrick, derrick barges, clamshell, crane, pile driver and mucking machine! 4.66 Painters Journeyman. Brush _ 436 Journeyman. Brush. Swing Stage 4.61 Journeyman. Spray . 4.61 Journeyman, Spray, Swing Stage _ 4.S6 Pipe fitters, stcamfitters and welders - 4.83 Plasterers _ 4.65 Plaster Tender . 4.435 Plaster Tender Foreman — not less than .25c above journeyman rate. Plumbers and Fitters 4.90 Roofer 4.50 Foreman 4.75 Sheet Metal Workers 5.01 Teamsters Drivers in various classifications — Lowest classification 3.82 Highest classification 4.765 Tile Setters 4.70 Tile Setter Helpers 3.645 AU foremen nol herein separately classified shall be paid not less than twenty-five cents t.25ci per hour more than the hourly wage rate of the highest classification over which he has supervision. Apprentices may be employed in conformity with Section 1777.5 of the California Labor Code. It shall be mandatory upon the Contractor to whom a contract is awarded and upon all sub-contractors under him to pay not less than said general prevailing rates of per diem wages to all workmen employed in the execution of the Contract 5. PROPOSAL FORM Each Proposal snail be made duplicate on a form to be obtained at the office of the Architect. Each Proposal shall be sealed in a plain envelope with the name of the bid der and the kind of work on which he bids marked plainly on the face of the envelope and filed with the Board of Trustees of the District at or before the time stated above. 6. BID GUARANTEE a. Each bid shall be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check or Bid Bond for five per cent I5<^ > of the amount, payable to the order of the Redlands Unified School District, Redlands. California. b. Said check or bond shall be given as a guarantee that the bidder will enter into the Contract if awarded to him. In the event the bidder refuses to execute the said Contract, the use by the public of said structure will be delayed and the public will suffer great damage. From the nature of the case, it would be extremely difficult and impracticable to fix said amount of damage. Therefore, the District and the bidder agree that the above sum shall be paid to the District under the conditions above set forth as liquidated damages and not as forfeiture. 7. BIGHT TO REJECT BIDS j The Board of Trustees reserves the right to reject any or all bids and' to waive any irregularities or informalities in any bid or in the bld -i ding. 8. WITHDRAWAL OF BIDS I No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty <30t days after the date set for the opening thereof. REDLANDS UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT CHARLES R. STULTZ. Clerk. Board of Trustees. First Publication: Jan. 31. 1964 Second Publication: Feb. 7. 1964 Bid Opening: Feb. 24. 1964 Save as much as: NOTICE INVITING BIDS 1. TIME OF OPENING Notice Is hereby given that the j i Board of Trustees of the Redlands)] Unified School District, Redlands, | California, hereinafter referred to as! the "Owner." will receive up to, but!i not later than 8.0Q p.m. 'P.S.T.i on; the 24th day of February. 1964. sealed; Proposals for the erection and com || pletion of, ready for use. Two Classroom Buildings and Appurtenances \ | thereto for the Mariposa Elementary! School, at which time said Proposals'! will be publicly opened and read' aloud. ,_ 2. WHERE RECEIVED I Proposals will be received in the; r>„..., - r>„,. _ [Board Room of the District Officelk CaroI>n Pa.\ton. Cast members at 25 we »t Lugonia Avsnue. Redlands. I California. I 3. SECURING DOCUMENTS || Each bid must conform and be responsive to all the pertinent Con-i tract Documents. Copies arc now on I file for public inspection at the' Office of C. PAUL ULMER. AIA .J ARCHITECT. 388 Fourth Street.] \ San Bernardino. California, and the office of the School District., Plans and Specifications and all per-i B tincnt Documents may bc obtained! | for bidding only at the office ofj| the Architect, upon the deposit of • Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00* per set.; The deposit will be refunded upon'| I the return of such copies in good > condition within ten »10i days after the opening of the Bids. For all set* mailed, a non-refundable handling; charge of S2.00 per set will be made. | payable by separate check. 4. PREVAILING WAGES Pursuant to the Labor Code of thet State of California, the Board oi j Trustees has ascertained the general i prevailing rates of per diem wages; | tor each craft or type of workmen; needed to execute the Contract which j will be awarded to the successful bidder, which prevailing rates arc contained in said Specifications, adopted! by the Board of Trustees, and thejl following rates are believed to bei tho*e now in effect: Worker Rule Per Hoot J A5bc>tos Worker, lead man $5.01 Boilermaker 5.00 Boilermaker, Helper 4.70 Boilermaker. Ass't. Foreman..... 5.25 Boilermaker. Foreman _ 5.50 Bricklayer. Stone Mason or Concrete Block Layer 4.83 | Brick tender .. ,• 3.70 Foreman — not less than .23c over journeyman rate. Carpet, Soft Tile or Linoleum Layer 4.40 Carpenters 4.30 Millwrights 4.50 Saw Frier 4.28 Table Power Saw Operator 4.40 Cement Mason 4.14 Foreman — not less than -40c per hour over journeyman rate. Electrician — journeyman wireman 5.38 Electrician — cable splicer 5.68 Foreman 5.99 Glazier „ 4.31 Iron Workers — structural . 5.00 Iron Workers — reinforcing 4.75 Foreman — not less than .35c over journeyman rate. Laborers General or Construction 3.36 Operator of pneumatic and electric tools 3.57 Cement Dumper (I yd, or larger mixer and handling bulk cement! 3.57 | Asphalt raker and ironer 3-57 , Fine Grader 'highway and street pavingi - 3.48 i Sewer and drain pipe layers I excluding caulking tools* 3-67 j Sewer pipe caulker tuning ; caulking tooUi 3.55 620 on o '64 Mercury! on a 64 Comet! f During the NOW! Thru Feb. 29th In the History of JIM GLAZE, INC We're Out To Win! We Did It Before-We Can Do It Again! Well Give You a DEAL- You Give Us a TRIP!* Here's What YOU Get' '64 COMET CALIENTE Convertible Polar white with contrasting red interior trim. 700 x 14 Whitewalls, cyclone super 289 V-8 engine, bucket seats and console, Multi Drive Mercomatic, back up lights and courtesy group, power steering and brakes, air conditioner, radio, tinted windshield, remote control side view mirror, deluxe wheel covers. Stock No. CM56. Factory Label Price . . . $3913 SALE PRICE 3395 '64 MERCURY MONTEREY 2 Dr. Hardtop Marauder Yellow Mist with Beige all vinyl inferior. Marauder super 390 V-8 engine, closed emission system, Multi Drive Merc­ omatic, back up lights, courtesy light group, 800 x 14 whitewalls, power brakes and steering, radio, tinted windshield, remote control side view mirror. Stock No. M6431. Factory Label Price . . . $3706 SALE PRICE 3295 '64 MERCURY MONTCLAIR 4 Dr. Hardtop Marauder Glacier blue with blue vinyl matching interior. Closed emission system, multi drive, back up lights, 800 x 14 whitewalls, power brakes and steering, deluxe air conditioner, radio, tinted windshield, padded instrument pan- tl remote control side view mirror. Stock No. M6436. Factory Label Price . . . $4317.44 SALE PRICE 3695 '63 COMET 4 Dr. Custom Sedan Sultana white with gold interior trim. Mercomatic, 700 x 13 whitewalls. Mercury power steering, push button AM radio, padded instrument panel, safety belts, tinted windshield, air conditioner, remote control side view mirror, back up lights, full disc wheel covers. Low mileage company car. Stock No. C6373. Factory Label Price . . . $3181.15 SALE PRICE 2595 '63 COMET 2 Dr. S-22 SPORTSTER Carnival Red with Red matching upholstery. Mercomatic 8 cylinder, 700 x 13 whitewalls. Mercury power steering, safety sweep windshield wipers, padded instrument panel, tinted windshield, bucket seats, and console, remote con* trol mirror, radio. Low mileage company ear. Stock No. C6386. Factory Label Price . . . $3128.70 SALE PRICE 2595 Here's What We Get! If we win the DEALER CONTEST sponsored by the Comet and Mercury Division of the Ford Motor Co., Jim Glare will set a trip to Paris and General Manager, Ed Wanko will get a trip to Bermuda. OUR SALES STAFF READY TO SERVE YOU . . . NORMAN MARTINEZ, BOB ELLIS, DAN O'LEARY, ANDY ANDERSON, LEO CRANE Dial 793-2141 420 W. Redlands Blvd.

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