Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California on January 10, 1881 · 2
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Los Angeles Evening Express from Los Angeles, California · 2

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 10, 1881
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THE EVENING EXPRESS MONDAY JAN 10 1S8L oouan oiticial kewbpapeb L F Filter Advertising Agent 21 Mei chant's Exchange Ban Francisco ia authorised to receive for advertistmenta the colnmnt of this paper THe ETfialBC Expmsa bu very nauob the inriceit circulation of any ewspnper m Noatbern t lKnrnln BTEAM 103 PSUITIK3 The EiPEKsa office is now prepared to do all kinds of booli and job printing by steam We have one of tho most oomplete joo print ing establishments on the Coast and can giro the moat porfeot satisfaction to custo mers Oar prioet have been marked down to San Francisco rates THE STATE SOI ED OF EQUALIZATION About the most efficient body of officers in the State Is the State Board of Equalization Their re port shows that thsy have labored faithfully earnestly and Intelll- eentlv to carry out the delicate and important duties devovllng upon them It is one of the most comprehensive and satisfactory re ports ever presented to the Oot- arnor and sives oue a very clear insight into the difficulties encountered in the great effort to se-cure a fair and impartial asses ment of the property in the State The Board was confronted at the start with an obstacle which has reduced the assessment roll by many millions of dollars A de oisionofthe Supreme Court re trained the Board from raisiug or lowering individual assessments and confined its power to equalizing ai between the counties only This decision will work very disadvantageous!? to tho State Great firms and large property owners who have either sworn down their assessments or had in fluence with the local Boards to favor tbem in reduction? will be beyond the reach of tho State Board This is certainly taking away from that Board the very power which itbe Cramers of the Constitution wished to place In their bands It was found that there existed strong reasons for placing authority somewhere to revise the action of the Assessors and the loeal Boards of Equalization and It was deemed tnat such power lodged in a State Board would remedy the evils oomnlalned of in the past The in tention of the Constitution is apparent from its language but the Supreme Court has refined this palpable intention away by laying down a theory and then twisting the language of the Constitution to conform to It We are thus reaching by judicial 'legislation the exact position we were in before the new Constitution was ad opted This decision at one stroke of the pen lopped off teu million dollars from the assessment roll It the State Board is confined to tbe power alone of increasing or lower ing tbe entire assessment roll it can only hope to establish a perfect equality of assessment between the counties but Individual assessments although they may show the most shameful discrepancies cannot be equalized The report gives the following illustration of tbe effect of this decision: We will illustrate: Classes of property as between the counties are unequally assessed Fur iu-etance sbeep in one county are assessed at $2 per bead iu another county at $1 per head In such nase tbe assessment of sheep in the latter county ought to be increased 100 percent -to make the assessment of ebeep equal tbe assessment of the former county Under tbe decision ol the Court it is doubtful whether tbe Foard has tbe power to increase by percentage a class of property in the assessment roll Now upon comparison we find that In tbe county where tbe sheep are assessed at $1 per head tbe entire assessment roll ought to be Increased 20 per cent to make it equal in respect to full cash value tbe entire assessment roll or the other county Now suppose with our limited power tbe Board should add on such 20 per cant upon the entire roll tbe sbeepin that county would be assessed by such equalizing at $120 per head while tiis sheep in the olber county would stilt remain at $2 per bead The inequality of assessment between tbe sheep would not be disturbed except iu decree it needs only this illustration to convince tbe most ekeptioal that while the Board may be able to ad just marked im-quaiities in tbe general assessment between counties yet inequality will still exist be tween individual assessments and between classes of property The State Board of Equalization holds that further authority must be given it by the State in order to atttain an approach to equality and Impartiality of assessmentnd suggests that it be clothed in specific language with the power-First— To Increase er lower any assessment on (he assessment book Second— To increase or lower the entire atsessmeut of any class of property: as ofreal estate improvements or personal property except money Third— To increase or lower the assessment of auy speoies of any class of property: as of real estate city or town lots of improvements improvements ou farms or lots and of personal property sheep horses or bogs Fourth— To increase or lower tbe entire assessment roll of auy county Fifth— Possibly to add property to the assessment roll where it appears such property has escaped the Assessor It will of course require a Con-titutional amendment to clothe the Board with the powera It requires aad to cure tbe defeots which the Supreme Court has found by microscopical search in the Constitution as it is We can not hope to have Impartial and fair assessments of all property until such powers are exercised Tbe only safety for tbe State is in the revisory action of a State Board The report before us shows that the greatest obstruction to a just and uniform assessment of property throughout the State lies more par ticularly with the County Boards than with tbe Assessors The con science of tbe Assessor is quick ened by a special oath and his indi vidual share of responsibility It baa therefore happened that in a number of Instances the Boards of Supervisors have lowered particu lar assessments in several of the counties far below what everybody knew was a fair valuation This once done tbere exists no power under the late decision in the State Board to correct such manifest acts of injustice It is now pretty well ascertained that the new treaty with China will authorize the United States Government to prohibit Chinese immigration except for tpurposes of ouriosity education or trade Of course it will be necessary to have Congressional legislation to define the extent of this exception We do not anticipate any difficulty in securing the passage of a measure covering all the ground and re stricting the immigration to persons who are bona fide tourists students or merchants Bath the parties are anxious to get this Chi nese question out of politics and we shall look for speedy work upon it after the treaties have been re ported to the Senate The question of regulating rail-rrmria has been taken ud by the Board of Trade of New York When the great commercial inter ests of thecountry find it necessary to move in a matter of this kind it is safe to say that something tangl ble will soon be done Tho princl olcs of the Reairau bill seem to commend themselves to the mind of the commercial world as proper and just and that measure stands a better chance now than ever be' fore to become a law K0KE ABDUT E0DIE Its Phencnunal Kiss— A Mashrocm Qrowth— Everything Overdone— The Satural Relapse from which it is Now Bnffjriog — On a Work ing Basis— Lawleisness of the People— A Chance at the Atrocities of the Put S i Months— The Limit of Eaman Endurance abcut Beached fiy G(0 I lorbsa The rise cf Bodie is almost mar velous Three years ago a few houses on what 19 now "Tar Flat" reureceuted the entire town With tbe advent of the Bodie and Stand ard mines as bullion producers tbe camp began to grow rapidly It was not till 1879 however that the Bodie furore arose People rushed in by tbe thousand The town pushed rapidly up the ecu in and lots which three months before no man would go to the expense of feucinir sold for thousands of dol lars Tbe prevailing idea seemed to be that everyone must build ami be did in us tue camp was forced and business everything went far beyond toe legitimate re sources of the mines To-day we see tbe fruits of this wild specula tion on ever? baud Commodious stores and spacious saloons are for sale and to let on every block of Main street cottages are for sale everywhere and miners' cabins seem to be afflicted with an epi demic eruption of white cardboard MINING WAS OVERDONE After the same fashion From Bodie Bluff to the Last Chance a distance cf about three miles tbe ground was covered crossed angled piled four deep with loca tions Hjveryoouy was going to sell bis mine— so be called it— and he rich It matte ed not that be had not- the semblance of a ledge Those who had corralled a boulder of respectable dimensions inside of tbeir six posts were the subjects of general envy and were not long allowed to enjoy their rare good fortune in peace as a slight inspection abundantly reveals Here is a post marked "999 Fine" (first and longitudinal locution) Furtheron we read: "N W corner Heavenly Trea9iirt" (transverse location Close by is another which after a slight study of mining literature affords us the information that it covers tbe "Double-Distilled Bonanza" (cross location) and— but this ia sufficient to show that tbe '999 Fine" have a warm time ahead of tbem in the way of prospective litigation Let us not for a moment suppose that Bodie has retrograded or "goneuuder" It has simply come DOWN TO A PAYING BASIS The mines are making a much better showing now than tbey ever have and those which have not fallen Into line as bullion producers are in many instances likely to become sucn at no remote period From Bodiebluff to the Uuiversity bodies and stnutera of ore have been cut with cneering frequency sometimes of low grade often reaching very satisfactory figures The frequency with which these are met would seem to Indicate that In each and every ca-e the main vein will be round when the proper deptb has been attained A thousand feet is yet the deepest shaft on tbe range and tbe average is irom lour to six hundred wbloh wuuiu uaroiv 08 oousiderea as scratching the surface on the Corn-stock -With acouveuient custom mill thera are quite a number of nines wnicn would suonlv several hundred tons each of paying rock by way of a starter but in any case a camp which is producing over three millions per annum has no need to fear for Its future or feel ashamed BODIE ELEVATIONS The mines are all to the east side of the town anl occupy a ridge of Considerable altitude varied by S'veral peaks and depressions We have not the exact elevations at hand but the average is about 8700 feet As Main street at tbe upper end Is about 8275 tbere ia a very considerable accent to the appex half a id lie distant as the haulers of wood aud mining timber know to there cost It would be invidious to particularize any of tbe miues and to notice the whole of them wou'd make this article toe voluminous we therefore refrain Iu tbe narration however reluctantly A sketch of Bodie would be In complete without some reference to ITS NOTORIOUS LAWLESSNESS And a glance at the reputation which it has acquired taken In a sanitary point of view In regard to tbe latter it Is indisputable that tbe death rate during last rail and the early part of winter was simply appalling as tbe graveyaru to-uay abundautlv testifies Men were seiz ed with pneumonia only to be car ried out feet foremost wituout see- ine another rising sun the dia ease soon assumed the proportions of an epidemic Tbere ensued a general panic and it was a notice able fact that thoe who were ter ror stricken were the nrst to be seized in its deadly clutches Six deaths per duy came to be looked nn as Quite a moderate number The disease abated as suddenly as it began and from that time no more bealtby town is to be round in tbe mountains It is said that doctoss dlfler aud we actually be lieve that such is the fact We were led to this conclusion by pur suine inquiries in regard tbe fatal type of pneumonia aud tne cause thereof Some attributed it to tbe dust as at that time there were no facilities for street sprinkling others to the unusually Tate season at which the snow fell for It was noticeable that when this latter came the disease at once abated while others laid tbe disease to tbe account of bad water Ihey may all be correct as far as we know and none of them are correct as far as thev can Drove The causa is enveloped as yet in Impenetrable mvsterv This place has a hard name all over the Paciflo States aud Territo ries THE "BAD MAN FROM BODIE" Is a synonym for the worst possi ble type of humanity It is writ ten somewhere in the scriptures that "every man shall be a law unto himself" The Bodie rough has interpreted this text with grea liberality aud applied it in bis own person with a force and intensity never realized by the stern old heathens for whose benefit it was promulgated He is not only "i law to himself" but also above all law The prevailing impression seems to be that there ii a law somewhere ou the statute books of California forbidding gambling If this is so Mono county can be no part of the above named State Tbe forbidden profession is as nub liely pursUHl as is that of the comer grocery or fruit man Werse still otHcers eworu to uphold and enforce the laws are lured ami paid to guard a "hogging" faro game —prepared to commit murder on tbe slightest provocation Let it not for a momeut be suppos ed that we are exaggerating Lis ten to facts: A Blight-built opium fiend persisted in visiting oue of these games contrary to orders Tbe burly "officer" who eould have pitched him across the street chose rather to beat him across the bead and face with a navy revolv r Bleeding and senseless be was then tossed into tbe street bis bru tal antagonist facetiously remark ing that he guessed he would not be annoyed by tho party in a hurry again But he was Two hours afterward a shotgun wasthrnstln at tbe door aud tbe myrmidon of the law shot down while in tbe act of taking a drinK His assailant the opium fiend crawled away to die next day in the jail with a broken skull and a countenance beaten out of all semblance of bu manity We do not even imply that either of these gentlemen were missed They preyed on sooiety and met tbe fate of all beasts of prey It is the brutal features of the case to which we would draw attention The man who will beat another over the head and face with a heavy revolver except wnen in the extreme of bodily peril has developed features of ferocity which might well cause tbe byena to hang its head ii shame And this is not all We will review Bridgeport That be may not be lynched be is removed to Bodie and from there to the bandbox ail in Aurora Nevada Verily our officers are noble disinterested fellows Xiundy began tbe Summer' work with a deed ef peculiar atrocity Dalteil occupied a piece of land and had taken all tbe nec essary legal steps to secure It But like David with Uriah's wife some other men had tbeir eye on it Tbere were three of tbem eo tbe matter was comparatively easy when a settled plan oeuld be agreed on luey did agree and In conso nance with said agreement shot him down and while he lay helpless finished tbe atrocious deed by putting a revolver to bis forehead as te begged for life This Is tbe confes sion of Post one of the assassins Where are these men to-uay r Free! jTbe law says tbat they did not commit murder Tbere must be some cause for this state of af fairs Tbere it a caute Tbe law- abiding citizens shirk jury duty as jurymen by every means in tbeir power but If such appear they are promptly rejected on criminal trials No mau is allowed to sit in such a case who is not in thor ough sympathy with the "roughs" if It takes weeks to arrive at tne desired result Tbe judges while wishing to perform their duty are perfectly helpless BUT THERE IS AN END TO ALL THINGS And there must be to this Tbe friends of law and order are In an overwhelming majority though it would be hard to make an outsider believe it We have all beard about the straw tbat broke tbe camel's back Another straw says tbe owner of the mush-abused beast does not amouut to anything and another and he kept piling on Hut at last he piled ou one ton many Something of the same kind will happen here Oue man too many (probably the next one if he happens to be an inoffensive citizen) and this state of aSairs will speedily come to an end Men canuot much longer sit tamely by and see tbe last prop which bears up their safely undermined The retributiou wbeu it comes will be swift but terrible At present no man who contemplates murder has any fear of punishment He simply considers It lu a financial light It is a month or two of imprisonment and a fee of a few hundred dollars to an attorney agaiust the life of the object of bis bate "Only this aud notbg more " Is it any wonder that this is a haven for criminals of every clasi-? No sooner is a murderer turned loose than he wends his way tu Bodie as a place where be will be appreciated where be will find ready sympathy aud the substantial aid only tendered to those who deserve well of their country BUSINESSNOTTCES FOR SALE 1 fi AAA ORASOE TPKBS to years -0 000 lemon trees j tor aala cheD Inaulre at B COUN corner of Loe Angeles and Commercial sis j 1m TO LET J D KNELL OrgaLiat and Director of tbe Choir at the Cathedral: Teacher of PIANO VIOLIN OROAN and Jy2tl HARMONY BOUSE OP EIGHT BOOMS with all modern improvements nn Temple street Apply at store lo 120 Uain street Car-dona Block d30 tf H BOSaKIND TO STOREKEEPERS AT0US9 LADY RE&DT AT AOOOrNTS is ddsirout of procuring a eituuton in a atort as Saleswoman and Acconntant Salary not so maeh an O'tjtut as a siruatlon whnreshe can ftmllUrie horsi-lf with act ire business Ad-irees " H M" thl efflce no27 tf TO EXCHANGE CITI FOB COUNTRY PROPERTY THE HOMICIDES WHICH HAVE OCCURKED WITHIN THE LAST FIVE OK SIX MONTHS In Bodie and elsewhere in th county in addition to tbe above A refractory member of th Miners' Union was riddled with outlets in front of tbe ball at least this was tbe supposition a first But dozens of men stood around and none of them saw it It is therefore surmised that the de eeased being under the influence of liquor had swallowed a number rit cartridges mistaking them for ttouowaj's rills and under tbe intense internal beat tbey 'exploded Then Kennedy defenceless and without any warning is shot through the abdomen and dies next day There are plenty of witnesses to tne mot but tbe doctor (!) who made the autopsy has some doubts as to whether tbe shot killed him or not To day his murderer walks tbe streets free as air Next a man is shot down in tne miuaie or tne street tie never speaks aud bis slayer is not found it is uouotiui it tne omcers ever left tbe city in search of him while in tbe recent homicide in tbe lower burdy house the mau who shot another through the brain walks coolly from tbeir presence arm is not pursued till they are sa iittsil tbat be is safe from pursuit Job Draper feels encouraged when he bears these things and mukes up nuaiina mat nis wife must die The thin has become so common tbat he ojuit do something extra ordinary if he will get bis name up JJe whins his wife to dnnlh with a biacksuake aud Instead of oeing presented with a testimonial as he no doubt expeoted he now lies in the county Jail We had almost forgotten Sam Chung who murdered a Mexican aud the rancher eix miles down tbe csfion who shot an Indian for walking across his meadow in search of his stock The former being a China man Is yet in jail white the latter may be met any day attending to business or keeping his little shotgun in order THE CONTAGION 13 SPBKADINa A couple of weeks ago Hawkins shot drvn a defenseless boy In Tho advertiser offers lor exchange a de-Btrablo city residence located on tbe west-era platan overlooking town anl valley lot 18x121 feet fronting on three streets: bouse ol five rooms with closets btta and modern Improvements: grounds finely im proved: atnut sevn mlnntes' walk from the Poatofflcfi Will exchange for some small lmt'rovefl piae near the city ad' dress "A" EXPMES9 office dCl diw lm RARE CHANCE OO Acres Laud The boot kind for Orohard or Vinevard— above tbe (rot cine- orhtrdof assorted frutta r ow bearing 2'0 choice vinos growing Water enough Uouab of four rooms For sale with or without farm implement Apply to 8 L DEWEY 99 Spring street opposite Church at Franl Bros no!6 tf NEW TO-DAY C !3 HOLTON ATTORNEY - AT - L A W t No 15 Temule Bl"ck J10 lm Board Wanted GENTLEMAN TEAOHEB WISHES £ botrd in a small private family in thicltyor suburbs Uellgiiius family preferred Addre-js "J L L " this office lalu 2t WANTED MAN AND WIFE who are acquainted with the IMIRX BUSINESS to take a farm on aharei Apply to GEO n PE0K jal0d2?rw2t ' El Monte FOR SALE A LOT OF FINE HEALTHY OBANGE TiiKEs FOB HALE From four to seven years old about the beat in the country Inquire at Bovle tielgh'S more corner Pirt Aliro avenue ana Lop z street JalO dlw w i m HOUSEKEEPER 4 WIDOW L4DT FEOM THE EAST fx wishes a poaitlon as housekeeper or to attend to plain Bewlng Address MRS A M CtAHKE Twenty-third street near mission Boutu ban rrancisno Ja8 021 wii WANTED A GIRL TO EO GENERAL HOUSEWORK Apply to Charles itrode bprine-St Store J7 at WANTED A GERMAN GIRL to assist is general housework Apriy at 247 Hvn street between the hours of 9 a u and 12 h JaTtf Rooms and Boards AN PROSPECT DILL SUNNY FRONT J rojmwith bay-window and grate on first floor also good room In second atory Apply with references at this office taTSt DIVIDEND NOTICE At tho last rocular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Farmers' and Merchants' Bank of Los ADReles 1'ividend No 52 for the six months paesod at the rate of 15 per cent per annum Has heen declared payable on or attor 12th instant Traufer books will be closed from 10th to urn January ISAIAS W HELLMAN Ja7 lm (Secretary NOTICE OF DIVIDEND LOS AN3ELES COUNT! BANK At a mooting of the Board of Directors neiu December 31 1880 a dividend (No lOi of 12 per cent For tha six months from Jnlv 1 to T)e OKmber 81 1880 w deolartd poyable wuunijr r A09L J M ELLIOTT j ' lm Beoretary $20 Reward — Satchel Lost ON OL1VI OB BETESTn STREET Wdiidv 'venlng ab at 4 o'clock i'i iainir icnei oontanmg a gold chain and other Jewelry The aoove re ward will ne pl l on r 'turning the sit-hil aud contents to this office jae 8t KIM3ALL MANSION NEW HIGH STREET Los Angeles Cal SPAOIOUS PARLOIH PINE) SUITS AND Largn single Booms containing all modern conveniences THE iablk supplied with the best the tnarkxt affords jo u MKB u 9 K1MBAU frop Notice of Removal M¥£ DUPECH & SISTER Bei reareetrullv to Inform thir lady pa- trims and tba nubile ei-nerallj that owing to tbeir present plao of business being too 8m-ll to accomuioitate their increasing trade tho have been compelled to remove tneir Fasliloualsle To more extensive premies and may bo found a the Cardona Block Main St K?" Ladies' Eeception Rooms— Ncs and 7 Los Anpeles Deo U 1830 d!6 lm NEW ADVERTISEMENTS SHOULDER BRACES Shoulder braces for ladies and gentle men and supporters (or internal weak ness made to order witn nsuness ana dispatch Also a perfect system of DRKSS-CUTTlNtt Taught by Mrs Bennett at So 40 Kpring street JHobr's Block d3U lm THE HOME Fancy Dry Goods Store 163 tfaia St between 1st and 2d Is whors von can tret your MONFT'3 WOKTH FOB YOUH AIONKY Ladies call and see what nice good in Honiery uoraets woolen tioous Embroidery Laces Toilet Articles Collars eta cic etc can be oougni lor little caeii PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES £31 lm W F POOH Prop B3ARD1K3 AND DAY SCHOOL S M PERRY No 16 MAIN ST Attends promptly to the fifing of Gas Water and Bteam Pipes PlumbiDg Hoof ing and all work in his line 0 Special attention given to tho laying of SEWERS dlOtf music andspanish MISS MARIA PRUNEDA Instructor of Spanish in the University of southern Cali'ornia offers hr services to the public receiving aside from collegiate lasses pupils for individual or class instruction rihe also teaches instrumental munlc making a speoialty of the piano Terms reasonable EE3IDEN0E— No 41 Wih&lngtoa atreet ocll 4m Wanted SI 0000 WORTH OF SECOND-HAND FURNITURE Don't throw away your Furniture and Household Goods but call ou Chas Moore 136 Main St P O BOX 249 Who will pay you the BEST CASH PEICE for it au31 tf THE WORLTJ-KENOWNED PROFESSOR lf-1 BRUCE Clairvoyant and Fortune-Teller from the principal cities iu Europe aud the United ntates ha no equal those conauiting him With referenoe to the paBt present and future always go away satisfied come again and Lring their friends he speaks many language has been before many of the crowned heads of Europe PleaKe give him a call and be convinced Ladies $1: genthmen $2 Call at the HOTEL DE PARIS opposite the Pico House d'2 lm J POOL'S SIGNAL SERVICE BAROMETER AND THERMOMETER Combined Bent to any address for $150 Address A J COLE Box 810 dlOlm Los Angeles Change of Agency The agency of the Fireman's Fund and the Harr-tord Fire Insurance Oompani s has rhls iisv been translerred from run to Dan'l O I man ft H BUCHANAN Lot Angeles Dec 54th mu Parties wishing to injure in Srat-olass oompanles will do well to call on me DAN'L UbLMAN lnburtnne Ag-nt da lm Turner street SEALED PROPOSALS CLERK'S OFFICE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Los Anoeles Jan Oth 1831 NOTICE 13 HEREBY GIVES THAT sealed proposals will be rcotived at this "flics until Monday January 17th 1881 at 10 o'oiook a m fur pri ting all of the deliuquent tax list for the year 1850 A certified ch'ok for I '50 mut acoom-panv eich bid and a bond for the faithful i-erformauee of tbe contract will be required in the turn of $5000 bidders will oonflne their bids to so much pti iqtiare of ten lines nonpareil tjpe including the necessary dollar marks Tbe Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids By order of tho Board of Supervisors Uxal p0TT9k By Ai Nox!f Dsputy JS td INSXITUTli — roa — r- YOUNG LADIES AND MI33ES The second term of tbe second school year or tula institute- begins on MONDAY JANIMItY litta 1881 For list of references and other particu lars apply tor circular to BUtfAN ACKEL80X M Fort St Los Angeles Cal ?- A Primary Class is connected with the School nl-o Kinderftnrten under the care ol Miss hjteiu Tnomas aau lm French BenBvolent Society Hospital at the corner of Castelar and Bull streets Ths Committee of tha French Benevolent Society gives notice to all thtt its Uespita! i prepared to receive invalids not of the society at tne rate or J eu per any inciiia-ing the care of the Physician of the ociety MEMBEB8 OF THE COMMITTEE J BKOCH9EAU' President J BOBKNKKITH Vice-President E NaUD Treasurer A BOULLE Secretary T Ballade Commissioner 1 FOHttUKS " I BO1SSBBAN0 B MKBl-LuU " mucTi H016 11 NEW ADVEPTISEMEJn For the Holidays! 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constantly on band: Finest Cognacs Holland hihI Old Torn Gin Jamaica and St Croix Rum Irish and Scotch Vhlklei Imported port and Sherry Wines Cachet Blano aud Green Seal Champagnes Euglish Ale and Porter I© I am now prepared to sell (lie above goods (nf which I guarantee every article to be as represented) by tbe BOl TLE or GALLON for family or medical use Goods promptly delivered to any part of the city Oiders addressed to P O Box 22G will ivnelve prompt attention H J WOOLLACOTT Prop'r 40 Spring St Mohr Block Los Angeles L O MEAD HENRI KDNYOH MEAD & RUNYON COMMISSION MERCHANTS 225 WASHINGTON ST Between Front and Davis Ban Francisco P O Box 1421) ons guments solioitcd JalO 3m w NORTH ASOiCAS SEVIEW I £8 1 NEW 8ERIEH £8li Published Once ia Two Mouths Pries t5 a Fsar in Adtmnoe THE NOHTH AMERICAN REVIEW IIS entering on a w serios under new management will retain all tbat hoe madf it for over sixty yeais so important an element in American literature Its more frequent issno and tbe additional writers engaged for it will hereafter enable it to discuss more promptly and thoroughly the vital questions of fiio time —political eoonomieal sociul industrial aoientiiio educational literary and moral The REVIEW is not lhe organ of an part? sect school olique or of its editors but of the best Boholttru thinkers scientist statesmen writers and critics of the day With this aim and character with this honorable reoord aud with the abundant resources at its oommand to make good its promises the NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW commends itself to the favor all of Intelligent citizens TERMS— $5 a Tear In Advanee JAS R OSGOOD & CO Publishers winthbop square boston ibKi CORRUGATED IRON For roofiinj and siding of stores and other buildings w hero a minimum amount of wood is desirable T2 PfiEVENT LOSS BY FIRE IRON ROOF BUILDINGS km FRAMES Designed manufactured and erected in any part ol the United States Send for Circular and Prloe List' D SCAIFE & CO Offlce No 119 Firs! Avenue' PITTSBDItO PA IMPROVED HAY FORK' tPatent Applied Porl Is the most perteot and easiest operating derrick fork In existence On mu can operate It with the greatest ease as the strain uf lifting: the fork causes It to grapple Its load automatically while a pull upon the reluaslng cord when the fork has been lifted co the desired place causes It to drop the load nstantlyi l'here la nothing Is the comtrnotloa Fsrk that is liable to get out of order farmers will do well to sxamlnx 'bis Hay fork as It saves expense and greatly faclli tates the handling of hay grain and straw Communications addressed to i T H0YT Gen Agent Ban Motto Oal

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