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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 3

Brooklyn, New York
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Monday, November 16, 1874
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(fill) fetus anil (ftossip. MONDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 10. THE EAGLE ItEUYEttT. THIi EAGLE IN NEW YOHK C1TV. WthnTB cstsbliilifd enclMf.rt)ie,l'.''f tlir Ejiej.t xi ignio o( the principal bmlnws points in ac luikiw. a - follows : A.lor Hoiim tpi. CP. Karkviiod, Orand street K'irjr. South Side Rtlrod,.Tamps slip. ;i,,B r,,nl Woodroff Brothers, Erie Kulf - .w JVrr.v BujMmci - . loot of Chambars street. ti.;w. font of - Dunn 4 Cue, New Jcrser Central nailroad. loot 01 eri street THE EAGLE W THE EASTERN DISTINCT ThI arietacro'aVln .the cl'5?f''ftSrt( ,M 'VlUBta delivered to an, part of me 'B. - l Dif t Act 1)1 learine the order at the Branch OBUe. ToaBrookbmt abroad the Ra tbB rate o( terlrom borne." Undetbe ne , newapaper poUe "SJJJSS The Eaole weighs mat 1? tbe one cent ayitta of 1.93annnaU3. ASSESSMENT SALE. There is now in course of publication by the Eagle, pursuant to law, notice of the sale on TtieB - Uay. the 8th day of December, 1874, of property lor non payment of assessments. Subscribers who fait to receive the Supplement containing the notice may obtain it free of charge upon application at the publication office of the Eagle, SLIGHT FIRE. At 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, goods in tut show window of Joseph Karboy's fancy utoro, No. 79 Grand street, - wore ignited from a gas jet, and Rtock in the value of $250 consumed. Insured in the Citizens Company. SOIREE DASSAATE. Prof. C. H. River's begins thiis evening a peries? of receptions at No. 17.") State street . They are to be strictly evening dress affairs and will be continued once a month during the season. ODD FELLOW S BALL. The members of Brooklyn Lodge. No. '261. O. O. F., this evening give their thirty - fifth annual ball at Gallatin Hall. Fulton street. The preparations for a splendid time are thorough and complete. The music will be furnished by McCormick. PROF. CROMWELL'S ENTERTAINMENTS. The entertainment at tlie Brooklyn Church Edifice continues each night. This evening the subject is "Italy," the land of art. The illustrations are said to be highly instructive andontertaining. A RUNAWAY ACCIDENT. On Saturday a horse attached to a wagon. .nd belonging to S. O. Burnett, of No. 286 Fulton street took fright at the corner of .Sands and Fulton, and dashed down towardB the ferry at a nltop. The wagon collided with a car, and threw out the driver. John tfrauaw, who, however, was but slightly injured. THE STABBING IN PRLN'CE STREET. The stabbing affray 'in Prince street on i'ueFilay las - l, between Patrick McCarty and John 1'ur - uy, resulted in the arrest and incarceration of McCarty - nd not Purdy, as reported, Purdy was released on bail. The slabbing was done by McCarty. THE STABDKVG I.Y PRIXCE STREET. The stabbing affray in Prince street on I uesdayl.vt, between Patrick McCarty and John Pur - ily. ret lilted in the arrest and incarceration ol McCarty md not Piirdy, as reported. Purdy was released on ttail. The slabbing was done by SlcCarrj . SLIGHT ACCIDENTS. Henry Evans, aged fifteen, of No. 28 Duf - rield terrace, while playing in the City Hal! Park Miiturday fell down and broke hie arm. He was sent to Jit City Hospital. Frank Smith, aged fifteen years, living in Herkimer - u'tei,was knocked down and slightly injured - .it the - orn'.i of Washington and Fulton jtreet - c. Friday by a '.oach driven by Thomas Clark, lit; went home COMPETITIVE DEBATE. A competitive debate between the literary tock - iies of the New York and Brooklyn Young MenV :hrMian Association, respectively, will take place Wednesday ovenmg, November 18, at the rooms - er, corner of Fulton street and Oallatin place. The question for discussion : il 1)q - j a Mar. Owe a Higher Duty to Mankind than to hip Nation V" will be 'ij?taiucd in the affirmative by I wo members oi" (he Brooklyn Society, and in the negative by two members jf tbe New York Societj, The public are cordially in - v:ted :o attend. ST. PETER'S FAIR. 'the ladies' fair in St Peter's Academy on iliokB street, will close to - night. Th1 fair has been, in every desirable respect, a bucccfs. It has been man - igf - d with good sense and the results have justified the management. Tho arrangements for to - night are of a j'uaracter certain to insure an unusually pleasant - 'vumg. There will bo an excellent baud of music ui esent, and several fine singers will contribute to tbe - :Dtvrtainment of the visitors. Among other notable irtiaU who will smg ia Professor Ruggerio Buongiorno. ACCIDENT TO DR. SKENE. .Shortly after five o'clock on Saturday afternoon, a horae attached to a buggy owned and driven by Dr. Skene, of 1C7 Clinton street, ran away in Navy street, upsetting tho vehicle and throwing out the Doctor, who, however, escaped uninjured. The horse was stopped by Officer O'Kccfe. THE CROW HILL OUTRAGE. The colored woman Eliza - Jackson, who vras jsaulted and badly beaten in tho Twelfth Precinct on last Friday night, is believed to ba dying from ber injuries, and her alleged assailants John Shubert, of No. HO Warren street, carver by trade; John Kelly and Joseph McMahon, were re - arrested on Sunday night the police having learned that they Intended leaving the city to Avoid the consequences of the misdeed. They had been idniitred to bail by Justice Semlcr. A BLIND LADY'S LECTURE. This evening, at tho Clinton avenue Church, corner of Lafayette avenue, a lecture will be delivered by Mrs. S. H. DeKroyft, in aid of the Church of the Covenant. Tho subject of the lecture iE, "The .Soul ot Eve or Darwin and Moses." Mrs. DeKroyft is not unknown to Brooklyn audiences. She is an accomplished iuthoress and lecturer. Her personal history is a romantic one, she having become blind and a nidow .' - .(Liu the epaceof a single month. She is a natural jrator and a talented and cultured lady. OFF TO THE PENITENTIARY. Hugh Lnwlor, of No. 2 Harris court, swore n Justice Walsh 'a court on Saturday, that on the 131h tust. John H. Arkius Btole a veet,valued at from him. The evidence showed that Arkins was the thief, that in ru t ho Lad pawned the vest. Justice Walsh sentenced laui to the Penitentiary for sixty days. Mary Donnelly was also tried on a charge of having nolen one piece of stair crash, valued at $2, from the tore of Thomas Farr, No. 132 Myrtle eyeuue, on the 1 1th iuKtaut. She was alno found guilty, and as eho was n old band at the business a professional shoplifter n f.ict fust ice Walsh committed her Id the care of iScrpT Shuvlin for tho term of four nrmihi. HAPPY FAMILY. 'there was a lively time at '2 Front street, jii ih - : 3)th of last month. It appears that Edward Col - . mil and his sister, Ellen McMuileu, attacked Mrs. Margaret Ooyle, who lives in the same house, calling her - ih usuies, and striking her Mid her daughter with their fists. Mrs. Sarah Leech r 1 Mini Doherty teeU - nnd to having seen the assault. The defendants said tbey had sufficient provocation, and Mrs. McMullen jirodnced a piece of crockery, de - bribing it as part aud parcel of a spittoon, which hhi illeyes was thrown at her head by Mrs. Coyl - Justice Walsh on the evidence, lined Colan and hfR m tier $10 each, or in default, to spend twenty - five days n the County Jail. , sardonic smile overspread tho count en an cp ftf vr. - riftts - , Maria Dougherty, as she heard !hy sealence iui - pOht - d. FAUST CLUB. Theseeondof the "Saturday evenings" at the Faust proved highly enjoyable to the members and ; heir guests, who filled the parlor, and listened with eaer interest to the fine entertainment provided them. These evenings appear to be rapidly growing in favor. A short paper on some interesting subject, to be read at each of these gatherings, will make them even more attractive. Tlie following is the programme of Saturday evening's entertainment : Vinlin polo, piiao accompaniment. Dr. KnhjiU Crick Do - dUb quanet - - Moa6rB. Buckalew, J. & W. Clark, Acker - c , lillard, Furet, WtiitolKri, Meniam. Solo Simon tho Celltuvr' John Clsrk r, ."."'i' Hrl Bowed Down.") Reading The Seedy Muu" (oriKiu)) P. II. Bon - nn KociUtton - 'The VnKabond" Hukquu Merriam Ooubte quartt Trio From " Koeo of Castile" '"".. MasBra. Ellard. J. Clink, l - 'i.Jey "" RftciUI ion ....... a. C. Bnrnbm olo Motlier He's GoIn Away" Huckalow ItfiidiQK " (JretctiQQ and I Aro Out." fc 11,. Recitation "Tbe Heroic Boy" (comic J w. tiuckilew Doublw quartet HUNICIPAlv. By a provision of the charter the terms of the present Park Commibsiouers will expire on the Hist of December, and the Mayor is directed to nominate three successors at the first meeting of the Common Council in January. The Mayor has not yet intimated whom he intends to appoint, but the notorious opposition of his Honor to the present Park man - jgment precludes the possibility of the re - noiiiiuation of President Stranaban. Mr. Hunter m of the opinion, however, that his old antagonist In figuring to be retained, and will attempt to "bedevil" ilieLourdof Alttermen, aa the Mayor expressed it, if another name is presented for confirmation. The in - i:i( - ;uc; from the Mayor's peculiar remark is that Mr - Mravihan will endeavor to prevent the confirmatian of j - iK"r Hhor. If Mr. Htranahan can thereby cause delay Mi'' Mayor thinks that the "Magician" will then go io Jbarn u.ud attempt to ''bedevil" the Legislature and II l) s reteutiou in olficj. T1h Mayor aayp that - ul ht: i?uod njarj there to w.iich him. TAX RECEIPTS. i ' ' s:.j.j:j:it mi - cived for durtng the woei SrORTS AND PASTIMES. Uase Ball. Notes. - Tho Chelsea Club, though one of their directors, take exception to the "uJe o anc Club to (lie championship of Brookly n (heir defeat of the Chelseas in two games out oi inree, Mr DaSon verting that the fli mce tfffi&m thS championship and apparently on ICPTheTro7JTfh'e Atlantic Clnb - mn on tlwecwp - ffflcllteBMWP per man cx elusive of cxtinFes. This f peats well for Captain Fcr - e son's management. Chapman proposea to exceed fb is the coming season. He la now getting men .to - aether for the new men, and rumor numbers Barnio as the catcher, Bastow as short Btop, Booth as left field. rt i to be hr.ped that a corpB of good players will rally under the old club banner for 1876. Chapman ie acting wifely bv taking the management of the old club in nw hands. If he is successful it will place him in demand for 1876. The Athletic Club, it appears, has barely cleared ex - penees during 1874, their receipts $25,930 only exceeding expenses by $875. They lost by their European trip, which cost $3,390, the receipts in England not exceeding $1,790. The Boston Club cleared $7,000 over their expenses during 1874, and but for their lour to England would have done better. The Philadelphia Club lost money. The cause is wall known. Among the games arranged to bo played at Prospect Park on Thanksgiving Day is the match between the Enterprise Clnb of HempBtcad and the Winona of Flat - bu8h. The - villagers from the interior propose having a good time in the city on that day. The defeat of the Eastern District Quicksteps by the Oceans of the Western District by 12 to 9, has been the topic of interest of lata among the colored ball tOB3Crs of the city. The Oceana say they can do it again, but in this opinion the Quicksteps do not coincide. The match attracted a largo crowd to the Park, and it was much enjoyed. The cold weather on the day appointed for the Hodcs benefit match led to a Bmall attendance and a poor game. The lielionco Bhould get up a match for the name object on Thanksgiving Day, The players of the Atlantic team of 1874 have been spread all over for 1875. Dehlman goes to St. Louie, as also Fleet; Kessler and Knawdel to Keokuk, Iowa; Ferguson and Bond to Hartford, and Dick Pearco to the Mutuals, Hatfield leaves ball playing to go into the pool selling business. Two or three ganie3 were played at the Park on Saturday, but it was too cold to be pleasant exercise. The Wido Awakes defeated a field nine by 13 to 11 in a full game, and the Clintons got away with the Herkimers by 11 to 7 in a seven innings contest. Clicsy. The Bkookltn Club Touruet. - The score of tho tournament now in progress at the Brooklyn ChcsH Club parlor up to data i oh follows : PI ay era. Dr. Uarnott., Peck Porrln Spcnco Robinson,,, . , Phillip Thayer Turner Stork Played. Won. Lost. i 4 5 2 2 a a 2 2 Seaver... Most of tbotournev oamcs are mftved on Wednesday and Saturday nights, though the rooma are attended nightly. The New York Tourney, The chess tournament now in progress at tho Cafe International, 294 Bowery, is largely attended every afternoon and evening, and some lively contesfj) take place. Several Brooklyn playcrR have entered the lists, among are Dr. Bar - nett who thua far has the best average and Messrs. Dell, Peck, Sanger, Elwell and Todd. The score of the tourney to date, or those who have won more games than they have lost is as followB : Played. Won. LxLl Played, mod. Lost Maaou . Dehniu Perrin. Dell.... ..S3 0 aioerono zo i o 22 7 Townseud....3l 17 13 III 5 Limbeck iU) 16 U IS 7fBarnett 16 U 2 IH yiU.inie." 19 11 8 IK 10 Sniror 2 h 1 17 blO'Nwl 13 8 5 ...Jfi Murray - 7 Pek M McCulL - lieon.t.'s The record of tliose who have lost more than they have won is aa follows : Played. Won. Lost.) Plnyftd. Won. Lost. Pryor 3 Kdivnrtls 1" (i1diiinrk.,..15 Frankell IS Becker H Uriffin ,2l 1 - hvfll 31 6 Knch. . . .23 0 lO.Noner. 12iTodd ISlFijrRuson.... 14 Wbittaker... 15 Garrahnn..,. ..'SI ..41 ..a3 15 18 9 11 18 Billiard.. The Bkookltn Tourney. Now that the pro - fes?iotftl tourney couteste are over, the amateur games at Hamuelle are again attractiug attention. On Saturday night it was difficult to got a sight of the table In the private parlor, eo great was the crowd of spectators, the attraction being the game between Messrs. Pihet and Pfannkucken. The latter opened the game but failed to count, Pihet following suit. Indeed it was not until the eleventh inning that the total of ten points was reached, Ptannkucken having the lead at that stage of the game by 10 to 7. From this point to tho 87th Inning the latter maintained hia vantage ground, but in the inning named Pihet made 7, and took tho lead for the first time, and this position ha then kept to the cIoec, he wiuuing by the total of 200 to 180. Tho last game was between Clarke and Vandorwerker, the former winning by 200. Tho total score to this morning is as follows, the single figures showing the games won, tbe cyphers those lost, and the dashes the games yet to be played : 5 o,w;QW W'3I a a m ill iir trio j Players. 31 i: riff p - i: Pihet Knight La Torre Pfaiiiikueh'iii.., Dorluu 11 is? Giitlitti Huekhr.iit Vni.derweri - - .er., Kavauaid) Ferris Clarke Gamei lost ?ii?IIii 0 I 1 1 1 11 II 1! 1! ..I I1 ! V I! 1! 1 01.. I li - 1. ll I. 1 ; i; i), . ii: (i, 0 0 0, - !. j 11 ll l - ! i; o oj o: h o, o. (I 0! i! - (i o .. - ! i ul f u! ul ! 0 o (i: oj uf oi i .. 0, 0. Ii - i l! I 0. - I..I - l - ! - 1 - : - ' - - ! - ! - : - 3, 2) & 3,' 6. 8, 7; 6. 6 5 i, i! 2, Eastern Parkway, formerly Sackett street Uotilerxrd, ia a thoroughfare two hundred and seventy feet wide, citunding from tho Park eastward to East New York. It is just completed. Upon it aro located many of the one thousand lota which are to be Bold on Decomber 1 by order of the Park ConmusBlonora. Tho titles are guaranteed. Such an opportunity to secure elegant ettcs for private residences at reasonable prices may nover again be afforded to our citizens. Full particulars may bo learned from tho advertisement iu these columns, or of Messrs. Cole A Muu - my, Auctioneers, No. 379 Fulton et. Forewarned is forearmed. Keep Hes&y'b CaJiholiC Salyk nlwajn in tho bouse. Betraro of worthless imitations. It is Indorsed by the loading physicians and pharmaceutists. Genuine haa the private stamp of John F. llESttY, Cuniun & Co., 8 and 9 ColleBQ place, N. V. Eminent physicians recommend Wistar's Balsam op Weld Cheery for throat and lung complaints. 50 cts. and $1 a bottle, large bottles much the cheaper. Dunvixle fc Co., The Irish Distilleries, Belfast, Ireland, are the largest holders of Whisky in the world. Their Old Irish Whisky is recommended by the Medical ProfeBBlon In preference to French Brandy. In casks or caaeB. U. S. Branch, 51 Bond st, N. Y. Martha Washington's Tea Party. Cos - ttimes for the occasion mado to order at ehort notice. Fans find fancy jewelry In olegant variety to match. Frederick Lokseh & Co., 289 and 291 Fulton st, and 14 and 16 Til - lary sL At Nos. 100, 102, 104 Atlantic av., is one of tho beet appointed furniture stores kept by Thob. RyaK. The finest sots of parlor and bedroom furniture, etc., are offered at the lowest prices. One visit will satisfy all customers. Five thousand dollars gold will be paid for a case of Aathma, Cough, cold or consumption that Adam - son's Botanic Cough Balsam will not cure. At whole - Bale by W. F. Kidder &. Co., 1 John street, New York. At retail by all druggists. Price 35 cenU a bottle. Sample free. Elegant Furniture. Messrs. John Wood & Co., are nmv offering at retail, the largest assortment ol olt'ant furniture erer exhibited In this city, at great barcafna, in their new store, 229 Fulton streat, opposite Clark. BARNES On Saturday, November 14, 1874, Everett Barnes, aged 34 years and 2 months. Funeral from tho roaidencoof hia brother, Z. F. Barnes, 1K lrankJIn avenue, Brooklyn, on Tuesday, the 17th, at two o'clock. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. CRAIG. In this city, on Saturday, Novembor 14, GEOBQE E. CttAiti, in tho 28th year of hia age. Relatives and friends ore Invited to attend the funeral on Tuesday tho 17th lnat., from the residence oi hia brother, F. E. Craig, l.cyo Pacific st, at 2 P. M. F.DWAUDS. On Sunday, November 15, EflTELLE, only child of William J. and Lidn Edwards, aged seventeen mouths. Funeral on Taesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from the res - idenco of her grandfather, S. J. Edvrarde, 315 Carroll at. HULEERT On Sunday, 15th instant, Elizabeth Hot,. BERT, aced If yenrs. Friends are invited to attend her funeral from tho residence of J. CToweli.'itlH President street, on Tuesday, 17th iDBtuut, at 2 o'clock P. M. KEARS1NG In Brooklyn, Sunday November 15, Katy. yotinKest daughter of John G. and hhtry O. Kearshig, aged 6 years. 5 months, 17 days. IlelativeBandlrieuds are respeclfnlly invited to attend the timeral at the roEUlence of her parents, S&tJ Atlantic av, Tuesday, at 2 P. M. BlcNAMARA In Brooklyn, on Sunday, November 15. Michael McNa - maha, iu tho 67th year of his rrc. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend tho funeral, from hia late resilience, I2ri Concord st, on Tuesday, November 17, at 9 o'clock, to .St. James' Cathedral, Jay at, where a solemn requiem mass will ho offered for the repose of his floui, ttieuce to the Cemetery of tho Holy Cross. California papBra please copy.) PROVOOST On Saturday, November U. of scnrletfever, Nei - Eaing. pecond daughter of J. K. and Julie M. Pro - vuost, .ified 2 years 5 months, and 17 days. Funeral Tuesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from the residence of her purents, 2li7 Walworth streets (Hulfalo papers pteasa copy.l REYNOLDS InlBrooklyn , November 13. 187J. William E. Reynolds, afied 31 years, 1 month. 13 days. The relatives and friends of tho family aro respectfully Invited to attond hlafuneral from the First Babtiat Church, Nu6ri.'iu st, on Tuesday eveulns, 17th Inst., at 1 o'clock. WEBB On Saturday evening, ADA A., wife of Henry C. Webb, in the 36th year of her age. Funeral services will ho held at her late residence, 421 Franklin av, this (Monday) afteraooD, at 3 o'clock. Tbe remains will be taken to Smith town, L. I., for Interment. RELIGIOUS NOTICES. HANSON PLACE BAPTIST CHURCH Her. J. D. FULTON Pastor. Proachln THIS KVF.NING, nt 1 P.M., by Rev. HALSF.Y W. KNAP P. A cordial invitation extended to alb LOST AND FOUND. T OST A CASHMERE SCARF, BET. JLi Joralamon stand Trinity Church. Tho flnder will bo pitd a suitable reward on returning it to JAJMiS T. BATES, 123 Joralemoo st. j OST ON NOVEMBER 13, BET. FORT. JLi'Creenepl, and Atlantic aVjOneetrnacanftold and onyx EARRING. By leaving it a ; 7U Fort Greene pi, a liberal re ward will ne given. LOST - ON FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 13, while going from Packer 8 Institute to Llvlnfreton 6t, nn enamelled gold BRACELET. Tlie flnder will be aulta - hly rowarded by relurnlnglt to 310 JJvIngBjon at. J OST 510 REWARD ON SATURDAY iLjl evening, about 8 P. M., from an express wagon, a blaok leather VALISE : tho above reward will be paid by leariiiK It at nojVaaMnton at. F. MURTAOH. I "OST 'A BLACK SPITZ DOG WITH - i hoHiry hair, tan feet and flpotsovor the eyesianawers tothenimjof "Prinoe." The flnder will be suitably rewarded by learing him at No. 361 Carlton av.nearGreeno avenue. ' LOST - STOLEN, OR STRAYED - 35.00 ; .JhSe 't. ",?!. .t North Elliott place. November b. 1874. a. white (iOAT. wlth horna bBnt baoli and cart (treaao on her baclt. 1'ho above reward wul be paid b! the owner. 1 xost - io RewdoFaInoon liVn3ib' rtd Iealnet J,P,CKK,TBOOK - oontalning a i?2'J bill and some Bmallor bills; also, check to order of GeorfzeB. Hewitt By returning same to 113 Qulncy st a reward of $10 will be given. nG LOST 31,500 REWARD - ON TIIURS - daj - , November 12. 1674; at Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn, a PACKAOK, containing two large solitaire diamond ear kuobn. three aolitaire diamond etuda, two solitaires unBet. one l. - irgp oval clustor diamond, And one small diamonu cluster rinfi. The aborn reward will be paid by returning tho ssmc to H. fJASTELL. Brooklyn News Co., go Fulton St. Brooklyn, or to LYONS LA.GE1I, 6t3 Broad, way, cor Bieecker si, N. V. iiir,i;Tt:s. mifE FINANCE COJLMITTER OF THE S CO 'MO.V COtJXCH.. "ill mi in tlie CotutMn Coun. - il C'mmiii . i - i WKUNKSIIAV K V K.V IKU Novjni - ber 15, at " y'.'locl:. "tPt.liV KtlPIU.C'kauuun, WAlVTED - HELP - FriHAlUS. VSTANTBD - TO DO "GENERAL HOUSE - W work, a competent girl. Apply at 438 Olasaon av. "1TIT ANTED FOR GENERAL HOUSE - VY work, a amarl young girl ; wages $10 ; small famUy. Apply at &2 DeKalb at. WANTED TO TAKE CARE OF CHIL - dren and make bors.If utetul, young girl. Apply, with reference, 423 Clermont av. VST ANTED TO DO GENERAL HOUSE - T T work, a good girl : city reference required. Applv at 816 Clinton or. WANTED A COMPETENT PROTES - tant chambermaid, who will also assist In washing and ironing. Call at 2S Ormond pi. WANTED FOR GENERAL HOUSE - work, a German or Swedish girl. Apply at 91 Cambridge 7ce. WANTED FOR GENERAL HOUSE - work in a small family, a thoroughly icompeteut girl. Apply at 99 Sixth av. WANTED FOR GENERAL HOUSE - work, a competent woman, at 467 Htato at, bet Nov - 1ns at and Third av. ANTED - ONE TO COOK, WASH AND iron, the oth,er as chambermaid and waitresB, two girlfl ; Bisters preferred ; 'JSi Pear) fit. . WANTED A FIRST CLASS WAITRESS and chambermaid ; American or English preferred. (Jail at 158 Livingston at, near Smith, this evening. ANTES) to take ! a child at her own house, a wet nunc. Apply immediately at No. 16 Cambridge pi. WANTED AT THE PAPER BAG MAK - ing, fifty girls: must be good hands. Apply at TAYLOR'S Real Estate Office, dates ar., near Bedford. WANTED A COMPETENT DRESS - maker. No other need apply at Miss II. SI. LYON'S, 191 1'rinco st. WANTED AS OH AMBERMAID AND WBitmss and to assist with children, a capable, wil - liuggirL Callfortwodasat47,1'WillowBf. WANTED AS CHAMBERMAID AND waitress, a capable girl. Apply at No. 46 Wyckoff street. WANTED A COMPETENT SEAM - stress, either American, German or Swedish, and to assist occasionally in light housework; references required. Apply ftt No. 112 Gates av. WANTED TO DO GENERAL HOUSE - work, a respectable girl ; must be a good plain cook, waflher and ironer; musl have reference from last place. 125Second place. ... W" ANTED A CHAMBERMAID ; MUST understands her business and be willing to work ; the best of references required. Apply immediately at 14. Lawrence st, near Fulton. TANTED A GOOD COOK, WHO CAN TV do some housowork, and is neat and active : none others need apply ; references required. Apply at 340 Clinton av. WANTED ONE AS LAUNDRESS AND chambermaid, the other as waitress, two experienced, neat, honest girls ; best of city reference required, Call a429Cla8BOn av. WANTED TO DO THE GENERAL npBtalr work and waiting in a smnll private family ; Swede, German or Scotch preferred. Apply at 448 W ash - lngton av. bet. Gates and Greeno. . WANTED - TO DO GENERAL HOUSE - work in a small family, a young woman ; must have good city references. Apply at 5)3 Dean 6t, bet. blith and Carlton ava, W ANTED' GOOD COOK, WASHER T.T .nlAnnr tn . nrivato faiullv. - innSt thOrOUgllly nnM,.n ho.iniif. and come well reoommoDued. Such can apply at 1U9 Cambridge place, Tuesday, 17th inBt. ilST ANTED i TO TAKE CARE OF A W child two years old and do chamberwork, a good girl: must be over 18 years of age: reference required. Apply at 93 St. Felii st. WANTED FOR GENERAL HOUSE - work, in a family of three, a thoroughly competent girl, with best of reference; German or Swede proforred ; good wages to one who can suit. Apply at 399 Clermont av. near Greene. Xtltanted one for general f T housework, must be a good waaherand ironer; the other to help with the care of children and do upBtairs work, two good Protestant girls the last, a young girl Welch, Scotch, German, Swede, or Engliah; beat of references required. 2f0 Adelphist, near DeKalh av. WANTED SERVANTS OF ALL KINDS at tho office managed by ladies; EMPLOYMENT BUREAU, 29 Concord at, near Fulton, threo blocks from the City Hall; the most respectable women como hero for situations, and many apply who havo never been at an office before. N. B. Situations for wet nurses. WArvTEn - nr;t,p - MAi,E.s. w ANTED - A BOY TO ATTEND A HAT store and live with the family, til Mynloav. ANTED - A STRONG BOY; WAGES $4porweek. Inquire at 801 l'ulton st, noarCum - W ANTED TO WAIT UPON AN OLD gentleman, who la an invalid, a man. Address, with references, HOMft, Eagle office. WAlWXEn SITI - AXIOAS PJ3MAH2S. WANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN - eral bouseirrk by n respectable young woman. Apply at present employer's, Jjl Hall st. WANTED - SITUATION AS PLAIN cook, washer and imner, by a rcapectable girl ; beat of references given. Please call at No. 60 Union at. WANTED SITUATION - AS C H A M - bermaid and waitress fn a private family, by a respectable young girl. Call for two days at 352 Baltic st, uearSruiiQ. WANTED SITU ATION AS P L A I N cook, washer and iron or, by a young girl, with reference. Please call at 25 Lawrence place. WANTED SITUATION BY "aTFIRST class waitress; has tho bcBt of city reference. Please call for two dayB at 223 Pacific at, near Court. ATElf - SITUATION - - AS F I II S T T Y cIosb cook, by 11 respectable Swedish girl. Callut 612 Atlantic av. WANTED SITUATION TO - DO GEN - oral housework in a small family, by a respoctablo Swedish girl. Call at $42 Atlantic av. WANTED SITUATION A S C O O K, waaherand ironer, bra respectablo young woman; haa good city references. Call fortwndaysat76Raymondat. WANTEDSITUATION TO DO THE cooking or housowork of a email family by a girl. Willbe scon at &l Bergen at, nuar Smith. WANTED SITUATION A S C O OK, waaherand Ironer, in tho city or country. Call for two days at 153 Sackett st. WANTED SITUATION AS COOK washer and Ironer, by a youne colored women; city rcforence. Apply for two days nt STFort Greene pi. WANTED SITUATION IN A CANDY; bakery or fancy store, by a rrspectable young lady, Apply at 13 Willoughby at, top floor. WANTED S ITUATION TO DO - UP - stairs work and assist tn the care of children, by a young gfrl. Call for two days at ?tl Borgen st. WANTED SITUATION TO DO CHAM - borwork and mind children, by a reapoctable young woman. Please cull at No. 72 Columbia st. w ANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN - oral housework, bv a reanectable stront?. willinn girl. Call at present employer's, 151 Van Buren st. WANTED SITUATION AS CHAM - hormafd and nurse, by a respectable girl ; has good city reference. Call for throe days at 799 DeKalb av. WANTEDSITUATION TO DO LIGHT housework, by a resectable Amorican girl. Address ADELAIDE PARK Hit, 116 Prospect at, between Jay and Bridge. w ANTED SITUATION TO DO GENE - ral housework, by a respectable young woman ; Is a tTfinil tilain conk and ai ;oou waaner una ironer ; lias gooa ciiy referonces. Call for two days at 380 Van Buren Bt. WANTED SITUATION AS SEAM - stress : can cut and fit ladles' and children's clothes ; no objection to wait on grown children, or to do light oham - berwwork ; good reforencse. Call at 190 Gold st. WANTED SITUATION TO "DO GEN - eral houaowork in a small privato family, by a yonng girl ; good reference given. Please call for two days at 57r Wyckoff st, In the rear. WANTED SITUATION TO COOKT wash and iron la a email private faulty, by a respectable girl ; h&B good city references. Call for two days at 9 Lafayette av, cornor Fulton st. ANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN - "oral housework, bv & respectable rounir woman : a good cook, waaher and Ironer; has good city references. Call for two days at 123 Tillary st. WANTED SITUATION A S SEAM - stress, by a respectable SwodlBh girl : can operate on several machines; has no objection to wait on growing children or to do chamberwork. Call at 642 Atlantic av. WANTED SITUATION AS CHAM - bermaid. or to do general housowork, by a respectable girl. Apply in State st, between Court and Boarom, f n the rear, for two days. WANTOD SITUATIONS BY A LADY for a cook, and waitress and chambermaid ; she can recommend them aa capable, faithful and obliging. Apply at 81 Pierrepont st. WANTED SITUATION A S CHAM - bormald and waitress, and to mind children, by a respoctable young woman; has good references. Call at 2 - 18 Hamilton av, near elson st. top floor, front room. ANTED SITUATION AS SB A ST stress or nurse, or as chambermuld, by a rosnoota - bio young woman. Call for two days at 399 Warren street. ANTED SITUATION AS GOOD respectable girl ; has the beat of city references. Pleaso call atI36 Smith bL JCIan besceji for two days. w ANTED SITUATION AS GOOD cook, washer and ironer. or as charnhfirmafr, nnil to do tine washing, by a respectable young American woman ; has good city references. Call for two daye at 95 Pacific at. WANTED - SITUATION AS C O O K and laundreEB, in a first class family, by a competent young woman. Can be seen fortwo days, from 10 to 12, at 52 Court et. WANTED SITUATION TODO UP - stairs work, by a respectable young Protestant giri. Call at present employers 899 Gates av, this evening and to - morrow morning. WANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN - eral housework, by a respectable young woman ; la a ?;ood cnok.waaher and ironer ; has good city references. Call or two days at 33 Prloce aU bet Concord and Ttllary. ANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN eral housework, by a respectable young woman ; is a good cook, washer and Ironer; has good city references. Call for two days at 231 Franklin av, noarDoKalb. W' ANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN - T T era. uuuarrur. u ieaiJoi;wuio juuux wuniiiii: it ft good cook, washer and iroaer ; has clly good references. Call for two days at 1B5 Sackett st, top floor, baclt WANTED SITUATION AS CHIL1 ren's nurse, by a respectable young woman ; has had long experience :has good city references. Call for two days at Gi Atlantic av, second floor, back. WANTED SITUATION TO MAKE herself generally useful about the house, or take care of children, by a young German girl. Call for two days at 1G2 Fulton st. WANTED SITUATION AS FIRST class cook, washer aud Ironer, by a respectablo girl ; best of city reference. Please call for two days at 391 East Baltic st, cor, of Hoyt , TtfANTED - SITUATION - AS A FIRST V T class cook In a private family, by a respectable a no objection to do light housework : fa willing and obligl class cook in a privato family, by a respectable girl ; tirat class city reference.J'lease call at 225 Pacific at. WANTED - STrUATIONATS PllBT class cook and laundress, by a respectable, experienced woman ; haa good city references. Call for two days at 312AUantlc av, over grocery store. WANTED - SiTUATION TO DO GEN - cral housework, in a small family, by a respectable F,?lt".t1?t Ari' nl Pi'i WMk - Ploaso oau at 319M Pacific Bt, first floor, back room. w ANTED SITUATION AS COOKTOR IT , for light housework, by a Protestant woman; haa good city references. Apply lor two days ut 266 Wyckoff gooa t streeb WANTED - SITUATION - AS FIRST class cook, washer and ironer, by a respectable colored woman ; can give good references. Call at Tfo 40 Fleet at. WANTED - SITUATION - AS G 6OD cook, washer and ironer, in a private family, by a respectable woman; the best of city references. Call for two duya at 365 DeKalb av, near Grand. WANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN - oral housework, or aagood cook, waaherand Iron - er, by a respoctable young Engliah girl; has good refer - enoes. Call for two daya at S3 Spencer at, near Park av. VNTED SITUATION AS SPLENDID cook, and moat oxcellent laundress; best references given. PleaBecaJlor address 927 Atlantic a?, bet, St. James plaoo and Grand av., Iu tho laundry. ANTED SITUATiON TO DO LIGHT housework, or tend store, by a young German girl. Please call or address F. KAISER, 273 Second st, near Grand, second floor. ANTED SITUATION FOR G E"N - eral housework, byarespeotable girl, with good citv references; Is willing and obliging. Call for two days at 649 Atlantic av. TANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN - V T eral housework in a private family, by a respectable young woman ; has good city references. Call for two days at 161 Bntler st, toplloor, bet. Hoyt and Bond sts. ANTED - SITUATlON - AS LAUN - ff dress In gentlemen'a private family, by a respectable Protestant woman; good references given. Please call for two days at MUfend st. XJANTED SITUATION A S COOK y t and first class washer aud ironer, by a respoctable woman; has good city references. Call for two days at 97 Butler st, socond floor. WANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN - oral housDwork, by a respoctable woman ; is a very good washer and ironDr. Please call at 39 - 1 Kent av, base - mont. WANTllDSI DO THE housework in n sin nil fnmllv. bv :i rcsnectitble. (lulet younpRiri, jtist landed; Is willing to learn. Please call (or two c: rroru st, seconu tloor. w - ANTED SITUATION AS CHAM - bffmiaill .ilnu Ar tn etn lir,',t': lit - 'A respoe able young girl. Plc - a.u call for two days at e 1'asim - t, bMweun Uuilerlilll and Vandorhllt avs. YirANTED - SITlfATlON A S" C II A M - V V herm.iid or mu!u nud to make herself Kiinor. - .lly u :e - ml. hy a y.iuug tierniaii irl, 17 j, - ari old; hi.s .t,oj ui;y rcl - L'ryucc. Call lui tv.o days uiLI'l Atlauticuv, lop ;lo T, WAi"VTBD - SIXJATIONS - - IPi:MAir.ES. WANTED - SFtUATION - TO DO GEN - era! housework, by a respectable young woman : is a good cook, washer ana ironer, willing and obliging. Call fortwo days at present employer's, 271 Hall st. WANTED SITUATION TO DO GKN - eral housework In a small family: is a good cook, winherand ironer; has good reference luauirff for two daya at 209 Court t, hot. Wyekoff and Warren. WANTED SITUATION AS CHAM - bermaid or waitress, by a respectable young girl; willing to moke herself usoful; no objection to children. Call for three days at 173 Adelphi st. w ANTED SITUATION AS PLAIN cook, washer and ironer, by a respectable young has good city referonccB. Call for two days at !M4 WANTED SITUATION T O" CO O Kt wash and iron in a small private family, by aroBpecl - able young woman; has good city references. Call fortwo daya at 362 Hudson av. WANTEiSITOATION - AS "CHa bermaid and waitress, by a respectable young girl ; or would take caroof children and do plain sewing ; good city references. Qall for two days at 476 Hlckist. WANTED SITUATION AS CHAM - bermaid and waitress, or nurse, by a young girl ; is a ood plain sewor; bas good reference. Please call or ad - ress, for two days, LTZZIE E., 172 Fulton at. TTANTED SITUATION AS COOK T bv a resnectAble young irlrl : no objection to a small washing and ironing, and also a girl to take care of children, and can do plain Bewlng. Apply at 1,068 Atlantic av. WBsninj dren, a' 'ANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN - f f eral housework, by a respoctable young girl; is a good coou, wasner ana ironer; uas gooa city rcierencos. Call for two days at 64 Adams st. WANTTED SITUATl6N: - TO DO CHAM - berwork and sewing, or take care of children, by a young girl; has eight years1 reference. Please call at 26 Myrtlfl av, cor. Adams sr. WAOTMSITUATION AS FIRST class washer and ironer, by a respectablo girl ; is also a good plain cook; can furnish good city refercnccB. Please call for two daya at 78 Fulton at, on the pecond floor. WANTED SITUATION AS CHAM - bermaid and seamstress, by a respectable Swedish f;lrl ; has good city references. Call for two days at 494 At - antlc av. WANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN - oral housework iu a small family, by a respectablo young Protestant girl; best of references given. Call at ;tul Court st. WANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN - eral housework, in & small privnto family, by a respectable Protestant Amorican girl ; best of city referonces given . Call ot 48 Willow st, near Cranberry WANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN - eral housework, or as good cook, washer and Ironer, by a respectablo young girt ; haa gmd city references. Call fortwo days at 304 Monroe Bt, near Marcy av. WANTED SITUATIO NS F OR A large number of girls;for aU kinds of housework, cooks, waitreases, laundresses, Ac. ; with city referonces, at reduced wages; subscription fee 81.00, at 10 Tillary st, third door from Fulton ; established 1849. ATED SITUATION AS HOUS E keeper or to bike case of Jchildren. by a middle aged woman ;ia fond of children and trustworthy in every ro - apect ;good reforonco oan bo given. Call fortwo dayB at 440 Baltic st, near Bond ; M. GILL'S. WANTED SITUATION IY A YOUNG gentleman who expocU to be absent from tho city about three years, to find a place for his sister where a good home is more of an object than high wages. Address for one week N. S., Kagle office. WANTED SITUATION TO ASSIST A lady iu her household duties, by a widow lady without encumbrance, for a small compensation beside her board; is not afraid of work. Address Mrs. O., Brooklyn P.O. WANTED SITUATION A S COOK, washer and Ironer, in a private family, by a middle agod womnn with good reference. Call Monday and Tuesday, from 9 o'clock A. M., to 3 P. M., at No. 80 Amity st., bo - tweon Hicks and Henry; first floor. )fANTED SITUATION A S COOK, f V washer and ironer, by a respectable yonng woman; has Ave years' reference from her last place. Call fortwo days at southeast corner of Myrtle av and Skillman st, near tho cigar store. ANTED SITUATION TO DO GENE - ral housework, by a respectable young girl ; is a good cook, washer and ironer; Is willing and obliging: has good city referonces. Please call for two days at 260 Bridge St., near Tillary ANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN - oral honsewotk in a smnll family, by a respectable young woman ; la a good cook, washer and ironer ; has good city references. Call for two days at 30 Qulncy Bt, noar Olas - son av. ANTED SITUATION AS CHAM - bermnid imri wnltress. or would do housework in a Rmall family, by :i respectable girl; satisfactory reference from last employers. Ploase call for two days at 689 Hicks st, between President and Carroll. WANTED SITUATION AS COOK, washer nnd ironer, or to do general housework In a small family, by a respectable young woman ; has good oily references. Call for two days at 4741Iicks at, between Har - rison and Dograw eta. WANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN - erol housowork in a small family, by a respectable yonng woman ; ia a pood cook, washer and Ironer; nns good city references. Call for two days ut 45SJ Pacific st, between Bond and Noyins. TED - SITUATION - TO DO GEN - eral housework, by a respectable young woman, in a small family; is a good cook, washer and Irouer; has good city references. Call for two days at 12 Dufh'cld st, first floor, back room. WANTED SITUATION A S GOOD plain cook, washer and ironor, or to do general housowork In a small family, by a respectable young woman ; has good city references. Call for two daya at 49 Stanton st, near Concord and Tillary. WANTODSITUATIONTO DO THE housework in a small family, by a respectable woman; is willing and obliging ; wages not so much an object eb a good homo; haa good city reference from her last place. Please calljit 304 Henry Bt, cor Atlantic av. ANTED SITUATiON AS A GOOD cook, washer and ironer, by a respectable young Elrl; understands her business very well; is vory honcBt; as good city reference. Can be scon at No. 93 Atlantic av, bet Hickfl and Henry, last Iioueo in the roar. ANTED - SITUATION - TO DO GEN - nril iimiRnn - nrk in n kttvi.1 nrivr.te fa mi It. or would do chamberwork and take care of children, bv a roanectablo young girl; can giro good references Please call at 431 Court st, near Third pi, top floor. TTANTED SITUATIONS ONE AS T T chnmbBrmaid and waitress, tho other to cook, wash and iron or laundress, by two respectablo young girls; tho beat of city reference can be given. Please call lor two days ut298 Atlantic av, near Smith st. W" ANTED SITUATION - AS GOOD plain cook, washer and ironer, by n respectable willing girl; will bo found willing and obliging: or would do general housework in it small private family. Please call or address at 20 North Oifonl st. basement door. ANTED SITUATION TO DO UP - staira work nnd tjik earn of a bnbv. bv a resnectnble young woman ; is very fond of children, and can give good reference ; not bo much wages as a good homo. Apply at 517 Bergen si, no twe on uanton ana Bum ava. W: ANTED SITUATION TO DO GEN - nral hniiRfiwnrlt. hv n. rfienectfibla vomuz woman : Is from her present employer. Call for two days at 811 - borgon street. ANTED SITUATION A LADY AND gontlemnn, breaking up housekeeping, desiro to obtain a situation for their servant, to do general housework in a small family; is a first rato cook and laundress. Call at herprosont employer's, 171 Adelphi st. ANTED SITUATION TO COOK, wash and iron, by a respectablo girl is a good cook, first class washer and ironer; can give good references and is strong, willing and obliging. Can be seen for two days at 12H Prospect st, bet. Jay and Bridge sts. WANTED SITUATIONS FOE COOKS, chambermaids, laundresses, and general servants of all nations and colors ; over a hundred to select from, of tho best class Jof servants in tho city; every satisfaction guaranteod - SAt LOGHANS' AGENCY, 1,380 Fulton st,noar car stables. WANTED SITUATION AS CHAM - bermaid and waitresB, and to take care of children, by a respectable young woman; has good city references; nnde - VBtands cutting and fitting children's dresses ; city or country : wages not so much an ob jectflas a homo. Call for two days at 67 Nassau at, oor Adams. ANTED SITUATION AS NURSE, Can be seen at her employers 190 lialtlo street, near Clinton street. WANTED SITUATION AS COOK, waBhor and ironer, by a yonng woman ; Is an excellent cook and laundress ; is economical and trustworthy ; no objection to the conntry; Is highly recommended from her last place. Call at 1U2 Concord st, between Pearl and Jay, In the basement. WANTED SITUATION A S FIRST class cook In a private family, by a respectablo girl ; cau wash and iron, or would do general housework in a email private family; can furnish tho best of references from lost employer. Call for two days at comer of Grand and JfluBhJng avs, third floor. WANTED - SITUATION AS COOK, washer and ironer, or as general housework servant, by a neat, Industrious girl ; is a good thorough cook, and first class washer and ironer; a respeotml, intelligent and economical servant; best reference given. Call at 115 Atlantic av, near Henry st ; either olty or country. WANTED SITUATION T O COOK, wash and iron, or to do general housework in a small family, by n respectable young woman; thoroughly understands her business and ia willing and obliging; ctt country ; CuineJ months' reference frcm her y resent placo.y Cau bo seen far two days at 97 Gates av, second door from Washington av; private family only need call. ANTED SITUATION AS FIKST class cook, washer and Ironor. bv a Gorman flirl : un derstands all kinds of soups, pastry, and Is an excellent porienced, and lately landed; also email girls at $5 or $6 per month. Apply at tho GERMAN AGENCY, 178 Allan tlo av. WANTED SITUATIONS MANAGED by ladies, EMPLOYMENT BUREAU, 29 Concord Bt, near Fulton ; servants tn all capacities for eity and country, constantly on hand; alBO wet nurses supplied at short notice ; this business has been In successful operation nearly four years, and wo are doing all hi our power to select only good servants. t WANTKD - IttlSCEgANEOtJS. WANTED WORK BY A RESPECTA - ble woman, or washing by the day or week. Please call at 222 Nassauat, firatfllght, front room. T5TANTED WOKK BY A RESPECTA T T bio young vi and go out by tbe d T v bio young woman ; to take in washing and Ironing ana go one oy cao aay; nas gooa cu two daya at 918 Atlantic av, opposite ; has good city referoncoa. Call for it. .jam os pi. WANTED WORK BY A RESPECT - able woman to go out by the day or to take In fine washing and Ironing; has good city references. Call at 120 Concord Bt, cor. Joy, next to liquor store. WANTED WORK BY A RESPECTA - blo woman, to go out to days work, or take In washing; tho best of reference. Please call for two days at 533 Court st, top floor, front. "VHTANTED WORK TO GO OUT BY the dav. bv a resDectable widow woman : hae good city reierencBs. uan tor two days at DeKalb. Claseon av., near ANTED WORK BY A COLORED woman, washing or ironingdono by the month or dozon ; can give good references. noaso cau at aw uoia street. MTANTED - WORK BY A WOMAN, TO T do washing and Ironing, or go out by the day, or take it bome: is capable of doing any kind of housework. Ploase call at No. 64 Atlantic av, third floor, front room. ANTED WORK BY A WOMAN who is a good washer and ironor, and who has threo children to support; a obancoto go out to day's work and do family washing and ironing. Mrs. FITZPAT - RICK, 255 Hudson av, near Park. w - ANTED SEWING AN E X P E R I - enenri onerator. underfitandine all kinds of family sewing, by machine and hand, cbudren's dresses and babies' robes, would go out by the day, week or month, in f amilleB , terma moderate. Address L.T., 195 St. Marks av. W ANTED WASH ENG IRONING AND fluting By a respectable yonng woman, to take in by tbe week or month, at a reasonable rate per dozen ; best of reference of five years can be given. Call for one week at 808 Paciiioju WANTED WORK WASHING AND ironing to do at her own home or to go out by the day, by a respectable woman; $1,110 per day : washing 75 cents per dozen; has good city references. Call for two ayB L?!i. Butler st, pear Smith. W" "ANTEDWORK A RESPECTABLE woman wants to do washing and Ironing for gentle - mon and ladies or families, at her realdenoe or go out by the day ; has worked for the beat families in Brooklyn ; has the best of olty references. Call at 164 Court at. WANTS - PROFESSIONAL. WANTED DRESSMAKING A FEW more customers, by the day or week; can give the best of references. Call at 86 Court st, second floor. ANTED COD?ANION AN E D U - cated and accomplished young lady wants a situation as companion to a middle aged lady. Address E.L. M., Brooklyn P. O. WASTED - DRESSMAKING A DRESS - roakex of first class experience would llko a few engagements by tho day ; would cut, fit and prepare work at litdie' own residence - , terms moderate. Address G. L Eagle office. WANTED HO USEKEEPING AN American lady desires a position as housekeeper or no en woman tn a hotel, or will take charge of a boarding house, office. WArVTEP - HOUSKS AWD ROOMS. WANTED ROOM FURNISHED BY a single gent, a furnished room heated or with fire; 1Br'rOCi,t:iU1;r0atnottoeice011 $4 - 50 Per week. Address ALLEN, Eagle office WANTED ROOMS BY A YOUNG ... man and his mother, four rooms in Brooklyn or Willlnmsburgh ; rent 10. Address FRED. LOWEY, M0 East Nineteenth Bt, N. Y. STANTED ROOMS - FOUR OR FIVE V? rooms on second floor or part on third, tn vicinity ot Lafayette and Nostrand avs. Address W. O. W Branoh office Eaglo, 59 Broadway. ANTED - R6bMS - F URN ISHED - TT Three furnished rooma for light housekeeping 3 persons location required near Second place and Court sf. Reference R - 'ivvn and required. Address with full pnrtii;uJiirB aud price - , i., L..iBieoice. ANTED - HOUSE F U R N I S H E D - f ? Partn - i liavi:i,r ;. modern nouse, neauy lurmanea, id in ?i j'.U'.'iwiut s'.icjl, to if at, can bear of a resjion - lblo ' : ty v.J; will hii lr..m iiiw until Mayor June 1; threo ,t;5: t;.ilv hM'.v i..u,t?. . iVWi'353, sluttug re. at und locili - , boi 17 wanted - uioiisf:s and roo.tis. TT ANTED ROOMS - IMMEDIATELY v V l)y a family f throe jnirs'ins and ba'jy, nine months o'd (Methodists), Ihreo or four fumisbed rooms, except kttchfu and tabln warp, for liglit housekeeping, with aoiue small Chtistian family who desire to reduce expenses for (tie Winter; locatfon noar Fulton Ferry pre 'erred. Ad - dre?s, with terms, which must be low, and all other part lc ulars, CHARLES, Kagle office. BIOARDINC:. r BOARD - i22 MONTAGUE ST - PLEAS - ant rooms, with board BOARD GOOD BOARD CAN BE HAD at 318 Pacific st. TernlB moderate. BOARD PLEASANT R O O M S AND good board for gents or kdies at 105 Washington st, near ProBpect : moderate prices. B - fJARD - NO. 1 FIRST PLACE, COKiSER Henry st ; room with street view, $14 a weak, for two ; eav wOk t n prries ' - location high md lirst class. OAKlo7iy7 HARRISON ST, SEC ond door from Clinton : large room, with hot and cold water - to genmanand wjrtwojgenuemen. OARD ON THE HILL A FRONT JJ" room, third story, also a hall bedroom. Inquire at U t Lafayette av. X OARD - ON THE HEIGHTS ACCOM - X modalions for two or thre1 Bin gle gentlemen, at 66 Cranberry st. ; reference glvenjicd required. t O ARD - TO LET, WITH BOARD, A B3 largo pleasant front room, suitable for gentleman and wife, or two slnglo gentlemen. Apply at 70 Willoughby street. T30ARD - 35 POPLAR ST, BET. HICKS D and Wiiow sts. To lot, with board, nico pleasant rooms; bath, hot and cold water; gas, heater, etc. ; house three minutes' walk from Fulton and Wall st femes. OARD - ON THE HILL 119 FORT n - Ananl in Fn - minbpfl rooms on third floor, with mi. 1hr tjiblo location best on the Hill ; terms moderate ; referenoes exonangeu. BOARD A PLEASANT HOMifi CAN UtS had for Eontleman and wife, or sing - le Rentleraen ; a large sunny room, nicely f umUued, with a family of adults; largo closets. Please call atj, 074 l'ulton at. TJOAED - KOOMS TO LET, NEATLY X fnmisllod, with or without board : bath and every convenience: noar Fort Greeno Pwrk : throo doors from DeKalb av. care. Address HOL MAS, Kagle office. BOAKD TO LET, WITH BOARD, A nicely furniahed alcove room, soudiorn cipoBuie, to gentloratin and wif b : ovorythiiiB Bret class : hve minutes from Fulton Ferry. 81 Poplarst. TJOARD TO LET, WITH BOARD, ON JLB tho Hill, nleasaut. rooms on secu in nwnt wiut sunny oiposuro ; also large and email rooms on tnira noor. Ail - Dly at 37 breeno av. OARD AT 127 FORT GREENE PL Knnnrii.nri third sforr moms, neatly furnished : tfl - ll first class, urcnerous and clean, with home comforts ; references exchanged. BOARD TO LET, FURNISHED A hall bedroom, suitable for a single gentleman, with or without board, at No. 423 Gold Fulton and Wlllough by ; terme voryreasonable. TOWARD TO" LET, WITH BOARD, handBomely furnished rooms, suitable for gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen; the house has all Improve ments. y - MfkkBst. Y OARD FURNISHED OR UNFUR - nlilnrtmnm to ki to n gentleman anrt lady, with board, hi a private iamuy. Btvrect. . BOARD - 24 CLINTON ST ONE LARGE square front room, suitable for a couple; also three single roomB, for gontlemen; will be let on reasonable terms. OARD ON THE HILL ONE OR TWO largo rooms, on third floor, to let with board ; hot and cold water in rooms; tem3 very reas'.nable. Iffif GUIott place, BOARD A BACK PARLOR FOR two and hull room adjoining, $6; also, a largo front room on third floor, 812 for two ; house first class ; excollent table. 55 Oueeter place. BOARD TWO LARGE BACK ROOMS, on the second and third floors, with nil modern conveniences, and nicely furnished, at No. 5 First pi ; convenient to cars andjernes. 130ARD - 43 SIDNEY PL, NEAR STATE S3 st; throe large roomB, first and second floor, with uxit clubs board, for lady and gentleman or single gentlemen. B - OARD - ON THE HILL A COUPLE OF gentlemen desiring first class board, with pleasant rooms, will dnd thom by applying at No. 3 Elliott pi ; terms reasouablo : references exchanged. I OARD IN A FRENCH FAMILY ON JU the Heights, fire minutes' walk to r - niton or wall st. ferrieB, where pleasant rooms nnd first class board can bo obtained by applying at 3!)Orange st. i OAJRD SINGLE GENTLEMEN, O R gentlemen and their wives, can find very well furnished rooms, with excellent French table, iu a small private family, by calling at 296 Clinton st, corner of Baltic ; dinner ate,1. ' n OARD 264 PRESIDENT ST A LADY hnvlntr onauBd the above house. Is pre opared to lot. with first class board, handsomely furniahed rooms, to gen - ft tlemen nnd their wlvea or single gontlemen ; house aud fur - niture new. Tenns reasonaoie. BOARD 195 WEST BALTIC STREET, fourth door west of Clinton; handsomely furnished rooms on pecond and third floors ; on suite or single - , terms from $14 to $16 par week, fortwo; also, large hall room, with hot and cold water. TVOXRD - 147 LAWRENCE ST, NEAR JO Fulton ; well furnished rooms on second or third floor dTiirablo for gentlomou nnd wives or single gentlemen ; house first class: looatlou ono of tho best In the city ;dlnnor at6; terms moderate to permanent parlirs. BOARD A LARGE PLEASANT ROOM on tho second floor front, and ball room adjoining; aleoalargo rojmon tlie third floor; hot, nnd cold water; he - tjr; location doBirable: emvenlent to cars and ferries; rtferencts exchangod. 236 JJuffield t.near Fulton. TVOAltD ON THE HEIGHTS 114 REM - JL9 sen st, oppoBito Dr. Starrs' Church Elegantly furnished roomB for gontlemen and wives; also desirable rooms for eingle gentlemen; liberal arrangements can bo made for the Winter; referonces exchanged. BOARD A PLEASANT ROOM ON third floor and also a back parlor, sullablo for gen - tlemen and tholr wives, and also single gentlemen ; terms moderate ; convenient to three car routes. No. 331 Union street. S OARD HANDSOME ROOMS, WELL furniflhed, with good table, at reasonable prlco ; house ill modern lmprovomontB ; hot and cold water and ample closets; near Cuyler'a, Talmago's aud other churches. 15 Greeno av. BOARD A LARGE AND SMALL ROOM on Becond floor, with hot and cold water ; heater in room ; also, largo front room on third floor; location verydo - Birablo ; within five mlnuttb' walk of Fulton Ferry; terms moderate. 1H3 Wnshington ft, cor Nassau. O OARD A LADY HAYING RECENTLY JT opened a houso nt 187 Amity st, between Court and Clinton, will let, with first class board, handsomely furnished rooms to gentlemen and their wives and slnglo gontlemen ; terms moderate. BOARD 128 STATE ST., OPPOSITE Sidney place Rooms to lot, with board, furnished or unfurnished, second floor front; also, two single rooms on third floor, suitable for gentlemen; terms very moder ate. BOARD ON THE HILL 65 SOUTH Oxford Bt, large handsomely furnished front room, for gontloman and wife ; also hall room for single gentlemen ;hou6Q, location and table first class; references required. OARD ON THE HEICfiHTS NO" 5 Montague terrace A largo front room on fourth , suitable for a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; table, bouse and surroundings unexceptionable. BOARD 277 DEAN ST. HAND SO ME - ly furnished rooms to let, on first flonr ; ono Urge and small rooms connecting ; b!bd one largo aud small rooms on, second floor; suitable for gentloman and wife or single gentlemen; terms to Bnlt tho times, i BOARD AT 197 STATE ST. A FEW doors from ( ;urt "t Fiaglo and double rooms to let, on reasonable terms; house has modern improvements ; dinnorat 6J; lu miuutea iroui ferries and3 blockB from UtyHaU. X OARD 197 FULTON ST FOUR MINI 3 utes' walk from ferrtos ; marble front house, contain bag all modern improvements ; board with neatly furnished room $4 per week and upward, according to location and furniture - . OARD ON THE HILL 145 GATES av, a very dcslrablo front room, with or without con. nectlng halt room ; also a back room handsomely furnished ; hot and cold water ; southern and eastern exposure; table nrsc class ; location nne ; ramuy private. BOARD PARTIES IN WANT OF A social cosy home In a private family, with first olasa accommodations and most central location ; can not do better; with or without board; tivo minutes walk from ferries. 267 "Washington Bt, one door form Tillary BOARD A FEW GENTLEMEN OAN BE accommodated with hoard, tn a privato family ; rooms newly furnished and carpoted ; a cornor house : pleasantly Bituated. No. 29 Bond st, cor. Livingston, one block from Fulton. BOARD TO LET, A BACK PARLOR and large extension, southern exposure; also, hull rooms (front), oontalnlng hot and cold water; also awne - dium sixed room on second floor, with largo closets and hot and cold water, to two gentlemen, for $10 per week. S74 Pacific st. BOARD 151 LAWRENCE ST $13 PER week for a handsomely furnished front room on third ; two extra large pantrieB : for gentleman and wife, or single gonte ; location and tablo first class ; back room on same floor, to gentleman at very moderate prlco ; day boarders, $4. BOARD 32 PROSPECT ST TWO GEN - tlemen can be accommodated with nice cosy rooms and good board for the Winter, In a nice brick house, with all Improvements ; threo minutes" walk from Fulton Ferry; dinner at 6 P. M. Also, two largo connecting rooms on first floor, furnished or nnforTilshod. BOARD 156 SANDS ST A PRIVATE family can accommodate two or three young gentlo - men. or gentleman and wife, with largQaeoona story rooms, nicely furnished, with orwlthout board ; all improvements; ten minutes' walk from ferries ; cars pass the door. BOARD 9 ELM PLACE A PRIVATE family of adults will lot, furnished, with board, & third story front room ; table first class ; looatlon very oltgiblo, boinR a short distance above City Hall aud 12 minutes' from WalUt Ferry; uoubo second irom uuironsT. BOARD - 197 FULTON ST FOUR MIN - utes' walk from ferries ; marble front house, containing all modern improvements; board wlt;i neatly furnished room; $4 por'week aud upward, according to location and furniture. BOARD A NICELY FURNISHED SEC - ond floo. front room, with plenty of closet room and grate fire, good tuble, in a family of four ; also a Einnle room ; terms very moderate. Apply at 10 Grove place, lirst houso from Hanover placo. OARD NO. 319 JAY ST ONE FRONT FTB alcove room and one back room on second floor, with water iu rooms ; terms, including firo and gap, $14 and $17 ; a reduction mado to parties furnishing; also, ono room, on third floor, suitable for either ono or two persons. S OARD AT NO. 101 HENRY STREET Large, handsomely furniBhed front room, elegantly Ishod with hall room connecting two largo closets and bath room adjoining ; table first class ; also room for ono or two Binglo gentlemen, at moderate prices. n BOARD 94 HENRY ST A NEATLY furnished room on seoond floor, with hall room adjoining, to rent together or separate ; also rooms on top iloor.suitable for a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen, at very low prices. i , BOARD A LARGE FRONT ROOM, with oloset, nicely furnished, to let with first class board, In a private family taking but few boarders, for gentleman and wife or two single gontlemen, in brick house with modern improvements: location unexceptionable. No. Ml Piioifi? s t, between Third an dFou rthji vs. BARDTG STATE ST, BET. HOYT and Bond A handsomely furnished third story front room, for gentlemen, or gentleman ond wife ; also, a large hall room ; houso pleasantly located, opposite St Poter'B Church, within walking distance of ferries and one block from cars ; references exchanged. Terms moderate. t BOARD62FULTON ST, CORNER OF Hicks, close to Fulton Ferry; single jtcntlemen or gentlemen and their wives; also, a young lady cau be accommodated with pleasant front room and good board; terms from 85.50 to $6; furnished rooms from $1.50; day uoaruera anpi per ttwom. OARD WITHIN A FEW MINUTES' Ciin 1R fr. ffilfl nor tirnnlr hnnUfi filflt claSfl ronmn - furnished ; Buttablo for gentlemen and their wives or single persons ; references given and required. Apply at 103 Hoary Bt, between Pineapple and CJark. OARD A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING a nice second floor to let, with first olass board, partly lahed or unfurnished, and a largo third story aloovo room, handsomely furnished; not and cold water In tho rooms and uso of bathroom. Call at No. 131 Second place, S OARD THREE MINUTES' WALK from Fulton Ferry, in a quiet street A private family, an nice single and doublo rooms, with all improvements, will take young gentlemen, who can have the comforts of r heme - , terms moderate. Inquire in tho drug store, cor. of Nassau and ffnitou 8te. BOARD TO LET, WITH OR WITHOUT board, to single gentlemen, together or separately, two very nicely furnished front rooms on first floor, with Sas, heater, hot and cold water In rooms, ana bath room on leaamo floor; family (German) strictly private, no other boarders taken ; location convenient to South and Hamilton ferries and several lines of oars. Apply at or address 467 tiaokett at. BOARD TO LET, WITH HOARD, A couple of nicety furnished rooma to single gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives, in a nice brown stone house ; modern improvements; bath .room, etc; good location; within five minutes' walk of Fulton Ferry ; term a moderate ; also a single - room tor a geuuuiuuu, a oun,, near Washim igton. OARD TO LET, WITH BOARD, SUIT - jthlfl for two persona, a suite of rooms connected on ratflrvtrnxtenfilon: sunny exposure ; also large third storv nn.llv fnrnldhnd : not and cold Water, on nnri heater: houso and tablo first class ; terme moderate to permanent boarders; referoncoa required. No. 204 Wash - lngton at, near uonwru. T OARD A PRIVATE NJfiW ENGLAND J3 family, occupying their own houso, will rent, with board, the socond floor to a party of adults : house first class in every respect ; hot and cold water and register ua every room; references exchanged. Call at 346 Schermer - horn st, opposite Dr.ohnage'a Ohurch. D - TW6 PLEASANT ROOMS, JTa connecting, with private bath; also, a second story iront, and large hall room with hot and cold water and pantry; houaeland looatlon first class, within ton minutes walk of the ferries : terms moderate.' 156 bchermorhora st, between Smith and Hoyt. S OARD - ON THE HILL - A PRIVATE family owning a double houso, desiro to rent with d four large, handflomuly furnished rooms, with all modern improvements, two having a southern exposure ; located in the Twentieth Ward; about one minutes' walk from Washington Park. Parties witling to pay a fair price for such acconimodaiious.plciso address S. M., ICuglo office, with rtferoute, roardim;. BOARD TO LET, WITH BOARD, A nleasaut second story back room, heated from fur - nave, closet, gn, liotand cold water; also, rooms on third floor, forniRlind or uiii'uruished ; also, a back parlor, suitable for physician or gentleman and wife. Apply at 4 Oegraw tt, noar Clinton. BOARD 289"HICKS ST, iiET. STATE and Joralemon Most desirable house and neighbor - hood, noar South, Wall st. and Fulton ferrieB: one beautifully furnished hall room; one sitting and eide room connecting ; also, back parlor chamber, suitable for gentloman and wife or single gentlomen ;all willbe let very reasonable , reference exchangod. ,. BOARD 75 HRNRY ST - THIS HOUSE having changed hands and been thoroughly renovated is now open for the accommodation of first class parties at a moderate price : tbe location Is desirable ; boing within walking distance of Wall st. and Fulton ferrieB, also adja - cont to Mr. Beecher'sCliurch; reforeuces. BOARDS - ATT20STr MARKS "AVENUE, between Flatbush and Carlton; two gentlemen and their wives, or a few single gentlemen ; all care will be taken to make a pleasant home for the Winter, and at reasonable raten; family of four adults; can accommodate a family nicely with an entire second floor ; also a very pleasant back parlor BOARD THE REMSEN HOUSE - THIS elegant boarding hotel at the corner of Clinton and K erase n sts, on the Heigbta, is now open for tbe reoeption of families nnd slnglo boarders. Tho proprietor has bad sevoral years' experience in the business, and will strive to morit the approval of her patrons. Several BuiteB of fine rooms, elegantly furi6hed, as woll as single apartments oan now be secured, at reasonable prices, upou application ou tho premises. BOARD WANTED, TOARD WANTED BY A GENTLEMAN JlP and wife In a strictly private family, on the Hill, near V ort Greene ; house and table must bo first olass. Address B. H., Jb., Eagle office BOARD WANTED AND UN FURNISH - ed room.wtth a private family, In the vicinity of the Olty Hall, by a gentleman and bis wife ; hoard for lady only. Address J., SnStateBt. BOARD WANTED A LADY WITH IN - fant child, being compelled by sickness to give up housokooping. and hor husband boing called mostly away from the city in bis business, wants a quiet home in a small Erivate family west of Bridge stand north of Atlantic av ; oard tobo ruodorate and prompt paymont will be guaranteed. Address, stating particulars K, E. S., Brooklyn P. O. t UIBSlIKI ROOMS. I BURNISHED ROOMS BEDROOMS TO 1 let at 181 Washington av, cor. of Myrtle. TermB moderate. 111 URNIS HED ROO H I TO LET, FUR - . nlshod, a pleasant front room. Apply for one woek at 216 Fulton st. FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, TO GEN - tlemen only, extra large hall room on parlor floor, furnished with walnut, wellkopt ; references required; private family; at 63 Willoughby st. EURNISHED ROOMS TO LET.WITH - ou t board, at 21 Clinton st, nicely furnished rooms; ie has modern improvements and within ten minutes1 walk of Wall Bt. and Fulton fcrrioB. tjlURNISHED ROOMS - TO LET, BASE - A1 ment, second and third floors, completely furnished for housekeeping, tho owner occupying balance of house; location on the Hill. Address L. E. S., Eaglo oflloa. FLISKUEDROOMS TO LET. TWO largo handsomely fumtshod rooms, at 243 West Baltic st, between Court and Clinton; strictly privato houso. Kent moderate. "OURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, THREE JP very nicely furnished rooms, together or separate; all Improroments ; same floor - over the first olass Irving Bas. turant ; pri rate family ; 440 Fulton st. FURNISHED ROOMS PRIVATE FAM - ily on the Hill having two or three large, furnished rooms, would like to let them, without board. Ke'oronoos given and required. Address H., Eaglo office. FlJRlTCSHED ROOMS TO LET, TO adults only, at 04 High st, a second floor furnished completely for housekeeping; modern improvements: t minutes' walk from Fulton Ferry; can be seen until nini P. M. FURNISHED - ROOMS - TO LET, NEW - ly furnished, at 23 Concord sr. front or back parlor, suitable and good location fora dentist , - house brown stone ; all modern improvements, and within a fow minutes' walk of Wallst, and Fultonferries. "CTURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, BY A JP private family, Ave minutes' walk from Fulton Ferry, alarge front parlor, elegantly furnished ; mu6t bo soon to be appreciated ; $S5 per month, Including ga3, fire and attendance: also cosy hall bedrnoin, $10 per month. Mrs. WALLACE. 1U3 ProjjpccUtroot. itt Burnished rooms - to let, to a B ' gentleman and wife, with every accommodation for houseKeeping; cooking utensils anu dishes found in tho rooms; water aud gas: rent $4 and $5 par week; a fow minutes' walk from Wall Bt or Fulton ferries. Call at 156 Henry st, near Pierrepont. Burnished room to let, a very WV pleasant and neatly furnished front room, with uae of bathroom and boated with furnace, to ono or two gentlemen, without board, in ft small private family: terms $2.&5 fier week ; location very desirable, and a few mlnutoB' walk o the principal ferries Apply at 106 Johnson st. jnOTTDLS. T. STEWART'S GARDEN CITY HO - TEL, GARDEN CITY, L. I Is now open for tho reception of guests. It ia clogintly fur nished and fitted throughout wttn all the modem improvo - mente of a first class city hotel. Board, $3 per day. Acces siblo per Flushing, North Sido aud Central R. R.. via Thirty - fourth st. and James slip ferrlos. Address H. R. HINSDALE, Manager. TO IEH: APAKTMENTS. TO LET ROOMS CHEAP, WHOLE OR part if uppor floor; all tho modern improvements, 549 Lafayette av. IO LET ROOMS WITHOUT BOARD, nt vl CIlnTin st. nieelv furmstied rooms: uoubq naa modorn imp rove men te, and within ten minutes' walk of Wall st ami Fulton Ferries. IO LET ROOMS - IN HOUSES 321 TO JL A.? lilVlUKHWU at. tin lut'JUB.ico, wiitu luumci yr, tnree rooms, $ll;alsoatoroinsamo3biock, fronts on Flat - bush av. Applyaa above. TO LET ROOMS TO A SMALL GEN - teel family, tho second floor of houso No. 193 Adams door from Concord; hot and cold water; possession immediately. - TO LET ROOMS PARLOR FLOOR extension and high basemoni ; large garden in front ; yard In rear; three minutes' walk of ferries. Apply ou premises, ISO Front st noar Bridge. T6 LET RO OMS - BASEMENTS, PAR - lors, with ono or two roomB on third floor, if desired ; house has all tho improvements; good neighborhood ; low rent. Apply nt 177 Bergen st. TO LET ROOMS FRENCH FLATS with all improvements ; also four l:irge stores, oorncr Flatbush and Seventh avs ; location uneqnnled in tho city; near the gi.iud en' nco to tho Park, aud fifteen minutes to City Hall. Inqu'u - eo.: promises. hnO LET - KOOMS - ON FULTON ST, 1 nuir Clinton av, a suite of apartments, seven rooma, with bath, water closet, raugo, Btatlonnry tubs, &o.t 4c. Ap - p'y to CANDEr3 & COOK, 81U Fulton street, corner Gates uvonuo. IO LET - ROOMS - FOR THE WINTER at almost vour own Drico Several suites of rooms for small families, iu the new building 36 Fifth av, near Soventh st ; will be furniahed if roqnirod. Call for ten diya at 398, noxt door. 6 LET ROOMS FOR THE WINTER, at almost sour own nrlce: sevoral suits of rooms for small families. In the now building, 39B Fifth av, noar Seventh st. Jjiquire noxt door, at 398. Will bo furniahod If re - gnlred. TO LET - ROOMS - 385 MYRTLE AV - Flrst floorof five rooms; brick house ; 25x55; all mod - era improvements : in first olasa condition and a first class placo ; the finest floor In the city ; immediate possession. Apply to H. W. ROZELL, 387 Myrtle avenue, day or even - ing. TO LET ROOMS - TWO FRENCH flats. No. 461 Adelphi at, near Fulton, Grooms each, all Improvements ; also, second floor of No, 163 Clermont av, corner of Myrtle, 6 rooms ; also, second floor of No. 77 North Elliott ul, 5 rooms; rent law to a good tenant. Apply to d. N. iuthij, owner, vat uanton ay. TO LET ROOMS IN NEW HOUSES in Twonty - eighth st, nice floors, with water and Bower connection on each floor, and separate woodhouses; $8 per month to respoctablo people without hogs, goeso or goate. Inquire of JT P. M. GOODWIN, No. 133 Twenty - eighth street. TO LET ROOMS COR. MARCY AND DeKalb avs, a hall 22x60, suitable for a billiard room, with all conveniences ; a party not having enough capital to furnish the room.arrangemonta oan be made with the owner ; a floor above, of tho same size, with ante rooms, suitable for lodges and societies, furnished orunfumtshod ; also a small store undorneath, suitable for barber. Inquire 251 Tompkins av, MILLS A HOTALING. agents. n TO LET - HOCSES. TO LET HOUSE A SMALL HOUSE at 101 Johnson st, consisting of four Inico rooms. In quire at vjs jonnaon bi. IO LET HOUSE A FIRST CLASS JL brown stone dwelling, 465 Tompkins av, noar Fnlton at ; partly furniahed ; rent low. Apply to ownor, 473 Tomp. kins a v. TO LET HOUSE ON VANDERBILT av, between Groono und Fulton avos, ono throe story and basement brown stone house. Inquire at412Vander - bll t av. rpo LET HOUSE TO LEASE FOR A building with largo Btore, plate glasB front; at 813 Myrtle av. For terms apply to ownor, J. CAREY, 2ir4CIormont avonuo , t: IO LET HOUSE NO, 231 CLINTON st, bet. Amity and Congress sts ino a ecory uncK dwelling, 25 foot in width, contains all tho Improvements, in gooa oruur wiruuKiiviui ; uiu wuu !HAUNCKY,liUV oiontague at. T IO LET HOUSES 81,100 FOR SEV. antAon mnnths1 nanf nf hlnck now four fitorv base - mont brown stone residences, with private play ground, north sido St. Marks pi, between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues. Inquire on promises moTET - HOUSE ONLY 15 PER JL month, for a new two story frame houBe with brick basement, and good dry collar; cheapest rent lu Brooklyn. ar, - uiitMipuou rennu jjiuuhiyii. cor. Thirty - ninth stand Third Apply to It. 15. li - UHnJitX, cot. imny - umui en av, Brooklyn ; cars pass the door to all tho ferries. TO LET HOUSE - ON LAFAYETTE AV, near Bedford, a house, 12 rooms; furniture for Bale, cheap; owner and Family will take board with party hiring; imniedhito possession. Address T Box 4,493, New York. T O LET HOUSE - NO. 23 HENRY ST, near Fulton FerryThree story and bnsomcnt, high Btoop, brick house, in good order; woll adapted for two famines - water andgns; rentmoderate; immediate possession. Apply to owner, VM, A. COLLVEK. 203 Front st, near u aium, i. k. mftT.HT HOITSE ATWO STOBYBASE - P mont and collar frame house on Yatee av, near Myr - tieT neirly paintoil and paporod; all iniproromonis ; good order. Renfai per month. Immediate possession. Also apnrtmeute. Apply to D. O. CAMPBELL SON. Real Jialato Brokers, No. 1,147 Myrtle av, corner of Broad - . . TO lfJET - ISOUSIFUHIV - ISKED! T1 O LET HOUSE D'UK1H1SD A fonr story, brown stone front house, fully furnished, irtil be let to a strictly privato family of adults, from De. oember I to may, itrio, ar n m dress J. P. L., 65 First place. n moderate rent. Apply to or ad - TO LET HOUSE U 4K IO ttCiD UK Unfurnished, on Pnciflo st, 26 minutes to the ferries, a semi - detached cottage, 22x46, with extra ground and stable ; will bo rented low to a good tenant : Immodyito nossession Forfurthor particulars apply to OAUDBE 4 COOK, 810 Fulton st, cornor of Gates av. mo LET H OUSE FUENISHED 3 I story and basement brick house, 31 Ormond place : location excellent; within five minutes' walk of throo ohnrchos, and one Mock from iulton and Putnam av cars ; two Kenttemen will board with family for rent, if de - slred. XO LET - FOB BUSINESS PURPOSES. O LET - ROOMS W I T H STEAM power, entire buildings and rooms of every description ; reliable - nower furnished to any extent ; engines 500 horse power. Apply to IL W. GREENE, 850 Plymouth st, O LET WHARF PROPERTY ON Gowanus Canal, suitable for yards, factories, warehouses, etc.: for saleorlsaae. on Ions or short terms. Ap - nh,roW of BROOKLYN IMPROVEMENT CO., Third st, oor. Filth av. O LET STORE AN OLD ESTAB - llBhod millinery store, in a good location, and which haa dono good buBlneae for years; the Btorp is very handsomely fitted up - , the flxturca and a small stoat will be sold very reasonably : possession will bo given unmediatoly. Ap - ply In th store 115 Court st. pnOPOSAIiiB. ROPOSALS FOR SUPPLIES FOR DEPARTMENT OF OH ARiTIES. Sealed pro - posals are solicited, and will be received, by the onderaigned. Committee on Supplies, of the Board of Supervisors, at the office of tho Clerk of said Board, at Room No. 10, County Court House, until 3 PM. of THURSDAY, November 19, 1874, at which time and plaoe they will be opened for the following supplies for the Department of CharltleB.vli.: Class No. 121 shade trees, olm and soft maple. Olass No. 2 700 wooden stools, aa per sample at office or Clerk of Board of Supervisors: 50 pounds Dexter thread and white mired ; 1.100 knittlngneodles. Blank forma of proposals and spoclfloatona will bo fnr - nfshed on application at tne office of tho Oiork. of tho fffr.j - Ttnnm Ttfn Ifl Cmintv Court Mouse. ""SOSEPH PLATtT j JAMES DUNNE, ROBERT HILL, F. B.FISHER, F. NOLAN M. J. PRTRY. Dated - Broohlrn, November 9, 1674. Supplies of the Board of Supervisor. nfllot HOUSES, CARRIAGES, Etc. YOUNG MARE, WAGON AND HAR - neas for aalo, cheap. Inquire at No. 49 Ryeiaon stree , I CLARENCE FOR SALE MEDIUM flzo - made by Wood Brothers ; but littlo usad ; In ex - ceilent good order; at stable, 172 Paciflo st. Address G. O. ROBINSON, 44 Front St., N. Y. ORSES ! HORSES 1 WANTED FUTY hnrcot tn hnnrd iliirinir the Winter. In Westfthfiflfflr iniintr.'hav first Quality. Inoulre of L. BEAOH, .50Ful - ton sc. cor uoyi. ; CLIPPING. THE AMERICAN HORSE J CLIPPING MACHINES are now in full operation at A. L. ROGERS' STABLES, 660 Atlantic av, between Fifth nnd Sixth. Parties desirous of having tholr horses thoroughly and woll clipped Bhould send them to us, aa tho work takes bnt two hours per horse. TWOlSOOD WORK HORSES FOR SALE, ohoap. Iuu.uu(j W S banner It gin at, iu oitic y. FOR SALE - HOUSES. f 1710R SALE HOUSE A RARUAIN House, stable, lot 131x27; thly perfoct ; itiuuediato pos?e3tjton, (Jflfl Bergen st., noar Grand av. FOR SALE HOUSE OR TO LET - .ri84 Henry et, opposite First place; all iniprpvcmrnts ; Jino location: rent aud price moderate. M. DIXON. 93 Woodhull st. 1jM)li SALE - HOUSES - O H E A P . - O N 7 Vanderbilt av, bntweon Greene av. and Fuhon st. two now threo story and basemont brown Btono houioa. THOMAS B. JACKSON, builder, on premises. FOR SALE - HOUSE OR TO LET NO 237 Monroe st, noar Nostrand av, an unusually picas, antly located now two story brick houso, containing all the raodoru improvements. J. E. TOUSKY, owner, Soil Henry street. IOR'LE HOUSE 10,250 A THREE ? story, high stoop, brown atone front houso; 22 fee wido; all modern improvement ; in excellent condition Third st. (Boulerardhbetwoon Fifth aud Sixth avs: term to Ball. JAS. KARLK, 60 Wall st, FOR SALE HOUSE A HANDSOME 'A story brlok store, with baker's oven, situate few minutes from City Hall ; suitable for any business ; prlco $11,000 ; will pay clear ton per cent. W. P. COOK, 235 Washington b tree t. IOR SALEOUSES AT A "BARGAIN two of those two story, basemont and cellar brown Btene houses, 20x42; ton rooms; all Improvements; roadv for occupation; convenient to three linos of cars; termite suit. Inquire on tho promises, Clifton pi, late Van Buren stj.nearat. James pi, or of tho owner, J. S. KING, 244 Qulncy st. "Tii or saTjI "HnnsFT riRriiivnH ajVw Near the ferries n firit class hnnsn. Wn. 5 Stmno - nl corner of Harrison st, fora smaller house or vacant lots. For particulars Inquire of J. VAN RIFKR, 296 and 2P3 Pacific st, or nt No. 2 Strong placo, after six in the evening. . FOR SALE HOUSES MAOON Wl near Marcy av Call and Bee those desirably located and well built brown stouehousos, Nos. 146 and 150 Macon ot ; no trouble to show them: will be sold for lees than cost, ou terms to suit. Apply on the promises or to the owner, K. H. NIOHOLS, No. $ Vine st. New York. IjlOR SALE - HOUSE - OR EXCHANGE - Adelphl et. Three story, extension house fifteen rooms, frescoed throughout, steam heater ; splendid stable ; tho best In city ; all improvements; 50x100: all in beautiful condition ; wo want an offer. Apply to H. TV. ROZELL, 37 Myrtle av, day or evenlug. OR SALE HOUSE ON LAFAYETTE nb stoon. brown stone front houBes. iucludim? a anlnnrlirf cornor; 16 rooms, bay window, etc.. replote with all modern improvements; immodiato possession. Apply on the premi - Boaor of D. A M. CHAUNCEY, Montague Bt. FOR SAJLE - HOUSES - TWO NEW TWO story and basement Philadelphia brick houses, Madison st, just east of Nostrand av, basement and trimmings brown stone; Internal arrangements and conveniences unequalled ; location first rato, near three lines of cars built In a substantial and workmanlike manner. FltAJS'CIS WOOD, ownor, Madison st, near Nostrand av. ORSALE HOUSE A GREAT'SAURI - jL1 fice. Only 85,600 for a threo story store and basement Philadelphia brick front property, In the bBst part of Fifth avenuo , splendid business location; has all improvements, and Is in the best of order: indopondeut foundation anu Bidewalls. Owner, 330 Twelfth Bt,, aftor3 P. M. Can also be seen Sunday. FOR SALE HOUSE A VERY GREAT BacrUico Two atory and basomcnt frame houso, nine rooms, five marble mantels, heater range, hot and cold water, bath, two water closets, gas fixtures : all In good condition ; size, 20x36 ; lot, 100; situated ou Walworth Bt, near De - Kalbav;torrdstosuit.G. SWIFT, 520 DoKalb av.n - FOR SALE HOUSES NO. 847 AND S 49 Lincoln pi, bet. Seventh and Eighth avs, noar main entrance to Prospect Park; lot 35x133; nouse 23x62; has 14 rooms; built In tho best manner; stairs all the way up, and parlor story hard wood finish; they are a pair o! houses situated In tho finest block In Brooklyn ; prlco low; terms easy. Inquire on the premises. FORT SALE HOUSES AT BARGAINS on easy terms 28 Bond st, noar Fulton, and 410 Herkimer Bt. corner of Troy av; these houses have just been painted and papered and are tn first rate condition. For particulars, apply to the owner, E, H. NICHOLS, Esq., No. 9 Pine et. Now York, or to J. E. DUFF, 14G Macon at, near Marcy av, Brooklyn. F"ORSALE - HOUSES UNAPPROAGH - able bargain for mechanics and workingmon ; six new two story and basement houses on Thirty - eighth at, neir Third ar; cars pass the door to all tho fornea every seven minutes: fare 6 conta; prioe only $1,700; only $200 cash ; balance $15 per month. Apply to J. P. MORRIS, 219 Montague st.Room 7: Sundays to K. B. KINNEY, corner of Thlrty.nluth st and Third av. FOR SALE - HOUSES - ON GRAND A V; between Lafayette and DoKalb avs Ono or t wo of that elegant block of three Btery, high stoop, brown stone fronts. 20x45x100 ; all modem Improvements replete: those wishing; to buy a thoroughly built house would do woll to call and examine before purchasing ; prlco moderate: terms easy. Apply on premises or of T. FAG AN, 173 Adelphi street, or D. A M. CHAUNOEY, Montaguo street. IOR SALE HOUSE 799 DEKALB AV. H between Tompkbis and Thronp avs. An ologant uuMiuau k,uiwt(H, auu, wiiuu : imiuoiw wuii nu inonorn improvemonta; B0 minutes by DeKalb av, cars from Fulton Ferry; I invite the attention of those wishing a comfortable, cheap aud accessible homo; 75 per cent, of purchase money oan remain on bond aud mnrtgairo. I aim ire on the premises, or of T. FAG AN, 173 Adelphi bI, or D. A M. CIIAHNOEY, Montague at. FOB SALE - REAL ESTATE. 1'jiOR S ALEr - STORE A GREAT SACRI - tlco, only ffiS.HKl, tho cheapest property yet ntTfrml, 3 story Plilladolphia brlok front, etoro and basement prop - orly, in Fifth av. ; splendid business location ; haa all improvemonta und 1b in the best of order - , Beparate foundation and sido walls; immediate possession. Owner canbeacen at 330 Twelfth at, after 3 P. M. F OR SALE CHURCH THE UNION Conirrctmtiiinnl Society offer for nnln nnn nf ltn churches, either that ou Kim place, noar Fulton st, or that on State at, near Hoyt, as tho purchaser may elect. These ohurches have organs, and all necosaary furniture and fixtures for Immediate occupancy. For terms apply to H. H. VAN DYCK, No. 50 Kxchango plaoo, New York : AARON H. PHIL IPS, No. II Front street. New York ; or WILLIAM R. BAILKY, No. J30B roadway. Now York. FOtt SALE - PIANOS, A:c. FOR SALE - PIANO - A GOOD R O S E wood piano, with carved case and beautiful rich ton, io perfect order, for $140; also a sweet tonpd six octavo, for $6o, worth doublo the money ;muat bo sold. Apply nt res - idenco.HV2 Adelphi st, noar Myrtle av. n ft TOR SALE PIANO $150, OR $5 PER JL month rent Full 7 octave, double round full Iron frame. Pianos, $5, $10 and 915 monthly Installments until fwid. Steinway, "Webor. Docker, and other makers, (ireat dncemcnts tbia month. PHELPS & SON, 308 Fulton at, opposite JohuBon, over Btovo store. FOR SAI.K, JII.SOHI.I.A sv.avs. FOR SALE HOISTING WHEEL AND fixtures. Appbv'at the Eagle office. FOR "SALE BUSINESS A" CORNER liquor storo for salo ohoap, corner or Bond and Baltic sts. Apply on tlie premises. F OR SALE BUSINESS AT A REASON - ahlo nrice tho branch Btoro of VOSS' celnbratil Con. foctlonerv. No. 54 Court street, noar Citv Hall: mm nf the boat Btauds in the city.Apply at 427 and42if Fulton at. FOR SALE STORI3 DOORS SHOW windows, old tin, and about 8 cords nf old lumber, Bultablo for kindling wood. Inquire of JAMES E - SM1TH, 649 and 651 Third av, cor. Nineteenth at, 9 FOR SALE CRIB A SOLID BLACK walnnt crib, coBt $30, and mattress of curlod hair, onst $15, together onlv for $20; also, a lower hall oilcloth, cost 29 months ago, $22, for $5. Apply at 170 Dean Bt. ORSALE CARPETS GOOD SECOND hand and misfit carpota a specialty ; all sizes; rich flattens and line qualities, English, Brussels, three ply and ngrain,very cheap, at the old place, 112 Fulton st, New York, between William and Nassau sts. Sent to Brooklyn free of charge. I NOR SALE BOARDING HOUSE EUL - 1 ly furnished, with piano, bedding, table linen, and everything complete for iromediati occupation; central location ;rcnt low ; block of oar routes ;G or8boardera would remain ;Ioaving town cause of selling. Address BOARDING HOUSE, Eagle otfico. SPECIAL NOTICES. A COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHIC A L gallery near Fulton Ferry, for sale, everything com - filote for views, likenesses, copying, largo ctr.o or small, with nstnimonta of all kinds; cost $1,200; would niako on arrangement with a Frenchman or Italian ; a good workman on shares. Address PHOTOGRAPHIC, Kagle office. no d .it IHRISTMAS PRESENTS. " Elegant Crayon Portraits, oil sizeB. taken from small pictures of any kind, by a pupil of Coopar Institute; prlco $15 to $25. For reference, specimens aud particulars, address, N., 513 Henry st. "VTERVOUS DEBILITY T WO TO SIX Xi boxes of WENOHESTEIt'S SPECIFIC PILL will promptly euro any and every case of nervous debility and weakness brought on by indiscretions, excesses or overwork of tho brain and nervous system. This famous Specltio Pill ia purely vegetable, perfectly harmless, and has been tested and used for over thirty years with perfect auoccaa. Prices: $1 per box: six boxes for $5; by mail, securely scaled, with full directions. Prepared and sold only by WINCHESTER & CO., Chemists, No. 36 John street, Kew York. PIANOS TO RENT AT $2 PER MONTH, and rent allowed on purchase. Excclalor Lancers jubi published, very popular, 60 cents. Sole agent for Hath - way'B patent Violin Bow Roainor, 35 cents. Wholesale to dealers. GOOLD'S music store, 52 Court st. TYSON, Oapt GEO. E. TYSON. Ono of the horoea of Cnpt. HALL'S III fated Arctic Expedition, will lecture belore tho TABERNACLE YOUNG PEOPLE'S ASSOCIATION next WEDNESDAY EVENING, November 18, at 8 o'clock, Relating tho thrilllug incidents of his terrible voyage. Cast away as they were six months on pieces of floating ice, language is Incapablo of describing tho sufferings of that time. AdmlsalonSOc. Doors open at 7 P. M. EPARTMENT OF FERE A03BU1LD - INOS Office of Board of Commission ors, No. 367 Jay Btreet, Brooklyn, November 14, 1874. Tho following Proposals were opened and announced November 14, 1874: For furnishing a new Firo Alarm Bell for tho Sixteenth Ward Tower, situated in Ten Eyck street, near Ewen, E. D. K. B. Levcrich,45c. per lb. ; hanging ami repairing striking apparatus, $500. A, Hurnickell, 14 Vc. per lb. ; hanging and repairing striking apparatus, $450. f. s. massey, hugh Mclaughlin, nl4 6t R. M. PHRANER, Commissioners of the Dcpartmoutof Fire and BulIdiriRB. TETE - A - TETE SETS OF CHINA, RI C H - ly gilt and ornamented, are offered by Mcearn. JAMES RORKE A CO., No. 555 Fulton st, at $5. They consist of a Teapot, Sugar bowl, Creain cup. Two cups and saucers, and A china tray, just suitable for some baoholor or maiden lady. WM. GILES, 451 SIXTH AV, N. "y. - Your liniment, IODIDE AMMONIA, has cured my rheumatism. T. S. CLARKSON,, Tlvoli, Dutchess County. Sold by KITCHENFulton st, cor. Washington. $100,000 TRUST FUNDS TO LOAN IN h9 sums to suit, on first class improved Brooklyn real estate; dwellings or stores; money cau remain; no bonus required. O. B. WILLIS. Lancashire Insurance Company, 187 Broadway, N. Y. SUItKOGATE'S NOTICES. IN PURSUANCE OF AN ORDER OF William D. Veodor, KBq., Surrogate of the County ol KingB, notice Is hereby given, according to law, to all per - Bonsliaviog claims against WALTER K, MARSH, late of the City of Brooklyn, deceased, that they aro required to exhibit tho some, with the vouchers thereof, to the sub scrlber, tho executrix, at her residence. Blooming Grove, Orange County, in the State of New York, on or before the 27th day of May, next. Dated November 15, 1874. nolS6mM MARY S. MARSH, Surviving Executrix. CLAIRVOYANTS. gi LAIRVOYANTE. REMOVED FROM J 628 Fulton st. to 645 Fulton st, corner Navy, entrance on Navy at, first floor. The distinguished MADAM DE DORE, from Paris, tells all past, present and future events; lost and stolen goods recovered ; brings together those sera - rated, absent friends; lucky numbers Riven. Lidies, 50 cts. tel; gents, $1 to $2. Hours from 10 A. M. to LEGAL NOTICES. SUPREME COURT, KINGS COUNTY Charles Smith, plaintiff, against Gebrgp O. Merrill, defendant. To the defendant above named : You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint In this action, which will be filed In the office of the Clerk of the County of Kings, at the Court House, In tho City of Brooklyn, and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint elusive of the day of such service ; and if yon fall to answer the complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff In this action will take judgment against you for the sum of six thousand dollars, with Interest at the rate of seven per cent, per annum, from the first day of October, one thousand eight hundred and seventy - four, beside; the ooBts of this action. Dated October 28, 1874. J. L. MAROELLDS, Plaintiffs Attorney, 213 Montague place, Brooklyn. The complaint iu the above entitled action was filed in tfeo office of the Clerk of the Oounty of Kings, in the Court House, In tho City of Brooklyn, State of New York, on the 14th day of November, 1874. Dated Brooklyn. November 14, 187 - n!6 eMW. MARCELLUS, Plaintiffs Attorney. UPREME COURT, KINGS COUNTY I Witlfnm HV Mittanrinrf. ntafntiff. .cr4t,t. .Tll. IT Sterenson iLnd others, defendsnts. In poratuuice of a Judgment of foreclosure and sale fa tals aatfon, dated the 26th day of October, 187J, will be sold at publlo aactJoo, b; and under the direction of the sabsorlber. the rafar - M ntnwl fn said judgment, at the rotunda of the Kings Oounty Court Hoase, in tho Oity of Brooklyn, County of Kings, on the 20th day of November, 1874, at U o'clock, noon, of that day, the following described premises: All that lot of land with tbe building thereon ereoted, lituated on tho westerly sido of Hicks street, in tbe Oity of Brooklyn, and more particularly bounded and described aa follows: Beginning at a point on tbe westerly line of Hicks street, distant three hundred and sixty - six feet and six loches northeastwardly from tlie corner formed by tbe intersection of the westerly side of Hicks street with the northerly side of Degraw street and opposite tho centre of a party wall standing partly on tbe lot now being desoribed, and partly on the lot next adjoining the samo on the southerly side thereof, and running thence northwestwardly on a line parallel to De - graw street and part of tho way along the centre line of ssid party wall ninety - seven feet and six inches: thence northeastwardly on a lino parallol to Hioka street nineteen reel and six inches to a point opposite the oontre of another party wall, standing partly on the lot now betas described, and partly on tho lotnoxt adjoining tho samo on tho northerly sido thereof; thence southeastward! - on a line parallel to Dograw street, and part of tho way along tho centre of said last mentlonoil party wall ninety - Sevan leet nnd six inches to Hicks stroet, and thence southwestwardly along Hicks stroit nineteen feot and six inches to the point ot beginning. Dated Broaklyn, October 27, 187 - 1. oSVtThiM GlI - Uli'RTH.BADEAU.lIeforeo. Kukzman A TRAMi.v, Pill's. A'.t'jv.,2yj iiro - tlvi - y, 3. Y. 20,0L0CI(EJ)ITI0N i EAGLE OFKK'E, NOVKMHiiR Hi. MONEY MARKET. An Ad. a not" in tUv Bank of KulaiKl Unto. oId Strong ai ill Tlie Slock Markri Active Iteporlcd Failure of Syndicate Oporatitms, etc. Wai.i. HTrtEKl, November 10. Tbe cable nmiomiced tbnt tlie Directors of (he Bank of England, at a Kpfciul nu - etinp; thiKmoming, advanced tho rote of discount from - I to 5 per cent. Tiiis movement was not wholly cir - ctilcd, though many bankers hero wore ot the opinion ibat an advanco in the bank rate would not lie made before Thursday. Tbe suddenness of tho movement led to the impression in cerlaiu quarter, and especially among tbe bulls in gold, that there was likely to be trouble on the Continent. It will probably be found that tbe true reason for the sharp advanco iu tlie bank rate lies in tho fact that money in active in Kurope, and that tbe Bank of Franco is now accumulatinti as much epecie as pos&iblo preparatory to tho resumption or upecie payments thus wiping out one of the mont imp irlatil vestiges of the war. Tbe offect of tbe ad ance of the bank rate upon the markets here was iustautancous. Exchange was put up to $1.87 for CO day and $1.91 for sight an advance of . n cent in the former aud I cent iu the latter. Gold responded and the Hist sale was at 110 7 - 8, against 111) :i - t on Saturday, ami HubHequcnt transactions were at Ul and 111 1 - 8. At (he same time ibero were reports (hat a considerable quantity of gold had been engaged for shipment. It is probable that shippers will be in no hurry (o pack gold, Imt will wait until to - morrow at ieasl. to hcc how the Exchange market works. It is stilted that the KothsehiUl - Seliguian syndicate will not bo prepared to take any more oi the new .j per cent, loan than wsr subscribed for by (heir - - tlrm. This amount i $45,000,000 obsolutely awarded, and against which calls of the fl per cent, bonds have already been mado. The indications now arc that the Syndicate will not avail themselves of their "call" for $111,00,000 which will expire January" 511st iusl. If these reports urc correct, there will probably lie a suspension of Ibe funding operations of the Treasury for the present. The best thing Congress can do under tho circumstances, is to amend tbe funding act so as to make the 4 per cent, loan interminable similar to the English canals aud the French routes. The stock market opened buoyant under tlie impulse of the advance iu gold, but soon became heavy. The moot msrked advance was in Northwest aiwl Si. I'.vil which being largely oversold moved upward ou tho covering of the short interest. Eric aold before the call at 29.V n 3 - 3. Pacific Mail moved between 4 3 - 8 and v. Lake Shore opeued at 81 7 - 9, atlvanccclto 8lm:i before tho coll and Fagged oU at the Board. Northwest opened at toi,, and moved steadily upward to 41 r - 8 before the call, gcing with ibe Board at a slight decline, then advancing to 31 , and declining to 41,V - The preferred stock moved from :S, to .'iS? before tbe call. lloek Island sold flt jiar and 1 - 8 at. the opening, and Hoid at lOW before Ui; call. Western Union opened at 80;t sold at i at the commencement of the call. St. Paul opened at ;t.'i,V and Bold at 3G ou (be culi. Uijifin Pacific waR steady nt 3 - VI C A I. O., at 10, and Ohio opened at 31 ! - ;, and sold off to V before (lia call. Wabash moved between 3i 1 - 8 and 3 - 8. Tlie largest dealings were iu Ohios, Bt. Paul, Northwest, Lake Hbore and Western Union. The total sales of active. Rtockfl last Vferk were 1,003,5 sg" - ist 853,000 for tho previous week. Of tliifi amount Northwest looted up 13,103 ; lloek Island, i4,80: ; Erie, 30,070 ; Enkc Shore, 237,342; Kt. Paul, 40,232; Obios, 127, - 470; Pacific Mail, 110,000 ; Wabash, "7,123; Union Pacific, 144,000 ; and Western Union, 120,071. As compared with tho oiKiUiug of tho week, Northwe - st showed an advance at tin: close on Saturday, of 17 - 8; Rock iBland, 1 !v : Canton, 5.; ; Erie, V ; Lake Shoro, St. Paul, 7 - 8; Ohios, 3 - 8; Wabash, 13 - 8; Westeru Union. 1 1 - 8. The late advance in AdaniR Express ptoek is now accounted for by the fact that the directon b;ive declared a quarterly dividend of 2 per cent., thus increasing the capital from $10,000,000 to $12,000,000. STOCK EXCHANGE SALES FIRST HOARD. NEW Yokk, voinhev 16. MOO 410 Iiukjo IWHl pnwi 501)011 21X10 4IKMI 2000 4IKKI lmioo MOO 21HXI lonco U Sli'sSl r. IIS; II S B's c 1111 10 N Y Con 11 lilt be (In do 102 112". US'.. 102' , 1(12 102 lv 102 ". frV Ur2k. 20 '1 UK 5 - 2(10 63... lie 112,'J 100 i; fj - 'iil c tw n lix U Sii - 20r67 lli.'(. do lie 118', rlo. do.. . .03 U KMO c 67 ItSSi do 12 1187;, II S S - 20 c 68 11)4 di US 1.3 4m) do loo do 4110 do 200 K.vlw 4IKI do 400 do '.''!b:; u So'sBl c nc iia; Tenn 6s now scr'a &7 Virginia 6s def . . . 12 ...b c 1,3 20 V; ;,o &a now .1 .t.l Chusa A Ohio 1st 21 50 Mich Central H be 100 do 150 du Sot! I. ike fill A M S. counonotl 2lKKI 60(10 Clii A N W 1st.... C & N V con con enid bonds be 81 b c 03 do do .! do s: do. do di do do b: do do b! l.'lil N W'n con . 100 200 500 100 5 7IM 500 130O 300 1400 roireold bds...bc 83 4000 2000 411 Del I. A Wlstni. 102 Aforris it Essox It 2d in 103 IV y central 6.1 87 yy , 2)J t2ii 82ij 82 H 82Ji 82i 109;; 109 vj awe N Y Cent 1st M'e. coup Ill Ml inooo 2W00 2000 am 4000 luooo 6000 amu 1WI0 6000 1 - 20O0 21100 150110 nsrioin ist vs con ius Hiirlem 1st 7s roc 1118 C41tI4P7's... 107! 2000 do. Uen faclnc Li u.. 20 Del L A West H b 3 O Miss 2d Western I'acbd.. b 3 PS r,oo do do. do ...b 794 500 1200 1590 10C1I do... Union l'acinc lot do Cd Pacific 7s I, G do do 1.3 68M 88!, 68?1 6HJ1 76 76 it 310 do b3 200 Chi A N V prfd.. b c 1.3 do do.. do m do.... do Un Pac Sinkg Ed do It of Mo 2d.. 200 do 6S1, 100 do 5it 300 Chicago A It I K be S3 IOOM 400 do IOoK 50 do 100:; loo do c loo?; 100 do S3 loo's POO do b3 100?i 1300 do lUfti 30!) do 03 IBIJj 300 do lOOJi 600 do 03 101 coo do mi 6oo do my. 40 do 101 300 do Ii3 101 ' 100 do - 101M 20 Morris ft Essex It be 98'.i 500 Pac Ror MUsotil b c o 40M lll do 4s 700 Cbi M A St P It be 35 300 do b3 36 600 do 36 1.TJO do 36Jf 100 do 361; 800 do 36U 3(0 do S3 33.'.! 600 do 36.1 - . 100 do b3 3t;! 1100 do 363.; 100 Chi Mil A SI P Hi be 56!i 500 do 56.M 100 do Ul 56 .. 100 do bil. 100 Tol Wab AW It.. bos3 32K 300 do - S3 3.!h 300 do - 32,' - a 500 do ('3 32j 700 do 32V. 5(KI do 1'3 32 - i 7C0 do b3 3l;: 300 do 32 100 o A AlinsissIpplR boc SIJ - . 25 do 31 J. 100 d 3!;; l:uo do 31 J.; 6.0 do e 31 ' lam do H; 2.10 do rf3 3!M 50 do 31 V 100 do 03 31 A 400 do 3i;; 200 do b3 3I 300 do 3lr: 400 d'. 31!( 100 do S3 31!'. 4000 4000 5000 6000 Col O A - Ind C 1st 69 10000 1000 6000 10OO 30000 12000 4000 68!. lot s wan ist in. do do 881 Tol A W 1st St U Iliv Croat West'n 2il. Western Un Tel. coup Mia 92 do.. Western UnTo! reg International lat. Chic A Gt Esst'n 1000 loooo 16 00 300 tt 68 Ccn Nat Bank.... UK) t ourlli nnt rtauK too Ontakstlver Mfnir be 32WI IO0 do 03 32W 1400 1000 400 6200 3000 500 500 400 100 100 5 50 Western UnTel. b c b3 80Ji do ,3 80, do Hll do i do b3 80,"4 do S3 &(?. do do 03 88'i do s3 80.", American Exp'ss 6IH' United States Ex B3s Adams Kinross. . bo 119J4 Paciflo M'l SS Co bo i.y: do S3 45X 1200 100 600 100 8(0 1100 900 WOO (iOO dO i 4! do 4! do ?3 45T, do ....b3 46741 Union l'atiuc K. be S3 do do 35 M ;i5xl do 3 100 do. 3f?( (MO Chicago NW K t, c. s3 do da do do St LIMA Sout'n bcs.1 4i!, 41 K I 41 41';, ooo 23 do di. 22!( 100 via 100 II A St Jo R prfd i c, HEAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Barcon Bt, n a, 25 ft w of RochoBter av, 45x53.7 : A (i WillLimfl, Hhoriff, to William II Stillvrell und H Wamor Hthison 172 Millar av, o a, 100 ft a of Division ar, 25jtl00, hew Lots; A Ilncnor to Pheho II Burnet, Jamtic:., L I l:tW Liwronce av, n w cor of Secondst. lffl)xllKMl.:tbusli . It Pilkhifrton to Ulary A, wife of Potor Itnvorjhall . . vW Lawrence av, 8 b, lot) ft w of Third at, luOilUO, Flal - busbrMary A, wife of P Ravenhall, to Hiuhard Pilkington - .500 Columbia, at, o s, 25.1 ft n of Pinoaindo at, ifrl.llxioo.ti, hAl, forecloauro ; W H. Nafia to Homo Life Ins Co, Brooklyn 16,051 KosciuBkost, as, 175 ftw of Rcld av, KWtlWI; O II Stoarna to Henry Van Brunt MO Same property; H Van Brunt to Oscar U Stearns.. . 5.0JO Monxoo st, b a, 20 ft w of Ralph av, 40xl(KI ; iJuuthold Savings Bank to Hunry Van Brunt 6,000 SamenroDertv, HVanBrunttoBeniiiuiul Stearua, o( KvoTBtt. Mass f.OQO Lafayette av, an, 120 ft e of Stuyvesont av, 20rl00; Louise, who of H Faltman, to Albert J Haff tf.OOO Stockton st, n s, 470 ft o of Nostrand av, 32,x4i..lix 33.4, gore; Lydla A Phiipitt, et aUox're, to Hoaua O Poarce 600 Greono av, n s, 200 ft o St James pi, 20x100, hAl ; B Liniken to Sarah S Burroauha 14,000 Interior lot, 310.7 ft o of Franklin av and 3S.1 ft a of Greene av, runa e 126x a 25x w I25x n 25 ; alao, interior lot, 310.7 e of Frankllnav and 13.1 ft a of OreenB av, runs a 125x s 26x nr 125x n 25; partition; E P Sheldon, referee, to Henry Smith. 25 Washington at, e s, 26.1 ft 8 of York Bt, 24x11x108x24.9 xl08 : L Fiahol to Abrcham Louis, Chicago, 111 nom Ninth 1st, no, 201.6 ftw of Sixth av, 18,Hxlfi), including court yaid ; W F G Shanks to Mary Uoro Shanks ; mortgage $5,000 nom Same property, Mary U Shanks to Mary K, wile of William F (i Shanks nom North Ninth at, s s, 80 ft w of First st, 25x25 ; First Bt. s w corner of North Ninth st, 25xftl (H part of this) J Hughes to Felix and James and Peter HugheB. . 2,lM DeKalbav,nwcornarofTompkinBav, GOxlOU; AF Dodge to Antoinette C, wife of Robert J Dodge, part nom Toirty - eighth at, s s, 137.4 ft e of Fourth av,12.8xl(W.2 ; J Brown to Herbert Osborne JKr Tompkins av, a w corner of Gates ar, 25x80; J Kellogg to John L Brown ell nom Same proporty, J L Brownell to Amanda L, vrile oi Josiah Kellogg nom Tompkins av, w 6,100.8 ft n of Qulncy st, 20.3x100.3 ; J Kellogg to John L B rower. . ; nom Samo property; J L Browor to Amanda L, wile of Josiah Kellogg nom Van Cott av, n s, 60 ft w of Russell st. 16.l0xU2.1ux54.4 x95; WMKlngshind and C K Sutton, trustees, tojohu Lennon, 4 part 750 Same property ; AQKiogsland to same, part.... 750 Folton st 8 o cor of Stone av, 20x100 ; O Lowery and A McCue to Michael McNamara 6,500 Elliott pi, ob, forty4hree ftnof Hanson pi, 21x9 J; J B Brown to Johns Davenport 1.70U Calhoun st, centre line, s s, 230 ltw of centre line of Vandorvoort av, rans s 130x w to W GoopKr'B land, x n to centre line ot Calhoun st, x e to beginning ; also Calhoun st, centre line, n s, 180 ft w oi centre lino of Vandorvoort av, 25x130 ; Almlra A, wife of W Kverett, to Charles H A A M A F H Kalb - fleisoh 1,925 Troxton st, n s, 295 ft w of Stone av, runs n ICOx e 20 fU n 100 to Somers stx w IOOx a 91.5x a 91.6 to Fnlton at x e 87.8 to Troxton st, x e 14.7, A McOue to Jos Wilde 1.W0 Joralemon at, a e corner Sidney place, 15xl00x30.6x 99.9, hAl, A SfcCno to Joseph Wilde 36,000 Fnlton at, n s, 39 ft of Saofrman at, runs n e 60Jfx Sis to Sackman st, x n 59.10 to Truxton at x 202 x a 41.9 x a w 39.7 to Fulton at x o 177.A McCue to Jos Wilde 15000 Bedford av, o a. 71.8 It n of Lynch st, 42.11x85, JJ Barnum to William Atwater. 24,000 Mlddletonst, ns,485o of Marcy av, 20x100 J Whipple to Eliza Monzlng, cAg ... 575 Thirtieth st, s w b, 225 it s e Third av, 25xl00,'2, Kilcn Griffin to Henry Erich C00 North Eight Bt, n w oor Second st, 175x100 partition G. L. Fox to John G. Jenkins Second st. n w cor North Ninth 75x100 ; North Ninth st, S s, 100 ft w Second st, KJOxlOU; partition, G. L. Fox to Robert Seley - - ;; ,iX Herbert 8t,n s, 175 ftw WtllUm s'., 25x100 P. Kelly to Patrick Carlln 1,400 Keap, 261.4 ft w Marcy ac SvxIoO H. B. Sliolea n to Augusta, wife of Daniel Shafur - .' Schenectady av n e cor Pacific st lUxivAo f.vnna to Anna L. wife of Louis A. Kms - .r ......... b - W Frontal a s 225 e Leonard at CtlOO K owuu.n to Isaac L. and Margaret Dasenbury : V Fulton at. s s, &U It e Chasou av nini ; s 1 ..2t: Clisson av,arid smfhcrlj' SOxcSiUjj n.Ul io I - niton at x w24 hil U. F. Livoniion. - to.b'h:. Liivy . . . . v . . nc m Safiw propnttyJ JtJJ. - y Km M F. LiviTiuoro -, 2ijr - iM;i.;. - - j:i uv. - - s t .i t C')rU'Iyiti, wiJo.v, ft . - .I - - r! 1! ::) 1 t I . ;i '; lotto M and M:uy A :::id K.: : .1 ' i . - . : . . mtimKS.YN MATINEES. B5ann. - : - niul "ii, - - - ,., - iim - il) n. ilm .niil UrrsN Hi - , TalaiitRfas an Him l.'l fro dr - ui;:ilii - in l.atia U Klriilo c mlii ia f.v ni.i t.i (111 plraiur. - - ( - t - U - ; D - ivenport. Suvvly .n; B'v , hardly bti mad - ' in ntw .iflcnfu. ; the lull of many ul" our most intcllij rr. v.!n laiili liyf 'orically nnd applaud tranticnMy u ' I'vory new dfivice ol (ho orratif lit tit luiry. sh. climbn and Mtttfn, plays tho and diiTH;n wiib r.niid r.irn ! nud facility. Hor eyes :u't as cxprcPt - MVO as tier let, mul ! ' h.Md to trll whii - li fasciunl'.'.i most. Zin" as a moann of brinptuK to tlir front ill tlm i lalmt this yonn;,' lady possesses, if, without doubt, an food a anything.: but; aMdo from (hie, in nothing to i pjieal: ol". The dramatic ability of iU author is nnquox - tui.ililc, nnd everybody knows Ju?t whr.t difllcnltiVji f a writur lalmra under whe - n preparing a play 'expressly - ' ; Tor a star. The motto in : " NF.VEII MIND THE REST," and woe fxMide the playwright who disobeys orders. To fully approcinto tho difleronoe between the frith froth of the preeeni dntmatic Ulctfttorc and tho intellectual character of Shakspcaie's playa, a quick step from "zip" to "hamlet." provides an eicelten opportunity. "Zip" m indeed, a exaggoratd Fpecuuen of tho kiud of drama most pleasing ju;d now to tho majority of American nnispiMont pcekere. Lotta ir nn exccodingly popular favorite, aud 'Zip "her pet play. This brings ns lo one eonchipion, viz: That we ueods must have auch piays.tud such players. "My husband in determined that I Rhall ro and son Davenport to - night, in 'Richard tho Third'," said a, lady at the Tark matinee, aud a fair repreaeuialivo of a very brgc class of plennni - e seekers, "but I am dclcrminod I "ot (j, for I Unto tragedy of all things; I go to the thea - i Ire to be amused. j The kcon wit, (he stiugltig natire, the wonderful op - j port uniliofi for that most fasciiifttinR of all stiidioa, tho i ;iu;iJywia of human nature, aro all lout on such subject j as the above, and yet plays for these tastes are quite as 1 ueMiwry iw for the more cultivated. Surely no Hamkt was ever bo perfect as Dftvcnnort'a. How thoroughly lu. lookw tho young and melancholy Dane ; nud even in the height of our enthusiasm wo can not help wondering how ho has managed to pre - Hrrvo himself eo miraculously. The careworn, sorrowful, retrospectivf expression, probably natural to Davenport, belong no thoroughly to the popular conception ol : IlumffVA chnrnctor thiit we are forced to conclude that Uie sfudy of thin part inuaf havo required less paiut; than mauy others he po Bueccssfully iutor - prett - . The clapping and t - lirieking at tho Park give place to a hush eo Btill that we cau almoBt hear the beating of our hearts. liauikt ia giving directions to the actor who Is to perform iHiforo Claudius, King of Denmark, and tJertrurtt hia mother. No Hamlet, from tho elder Booth to Lawrence Barrett, ever rendered tbirt so naturally bofore, St w3 spoken, not declaimed, and with anch pcrfect - ness of elocution that it will always linger in the memory of the lovor of Shakspcare as a masterly slroko of peniiiH. Electrical applause follows this moaL scholarly and artistic rendition, nnd tho great actor steps before the eurtaiu. Singular, hut DAVENPORT IS HAMLET, even here, a - s he gracefully acknowledges tho tribute o hi admirers. Perhaps the character lingers with tho dresti. Ho may not be able to put oft tho manner until he discards tho uniform, but to most of those who havo had the good fortune to see thm artist in Brooklyn r Hamlet iH Davenport and Davenport Uamh - t. The (ilwt, the programme - tells us, wan KENNEDY. A good f?"'o wa necoRwary, but nurely Ilamu't noedeft something better thau a erntcli in his dear Horatio. Isn't it odd though io cover a i;host vath blue uiqk. fuil't iK'tiing ? It is doublful if ;noNTo" could tie more coccntrie in her eostume than was thm tf?nt of 7.r ?.( iVV paternal. There waH ono noticeablo thiiiir, howtivor. about the actor, nobody laughed at ii, and thii certainly was a great gain. "I am thy father gli"'d" i - i always . inch a tickler to thf boys in the gallery . PETKri.iCriF.N'.S heleotionh arc not gon orally found fault with; bu( oh knight or ih - baton arc we noi entitled to a violin solo at a ui.v linuu ? More ladies than you imagiin r.omr away disappoinl when thuy havo been deprvved ol tho part of tho foaHt they like thnbe'd. Mitij Auuic Waitc deservps great praise, lor her OpnELIA. It was really a most iutereiding performance. W do not remember evor having heard a voice ho tuned Lo pathos. It vibrated likr tho tontu of an Eolian harp, aud her acting of (he dillioult role was truly iuim liable. II it! plain to bo seen thai ladies aro now quite ready 1'nr ainuHcuients. It must be a losing buplnesn to open theatres until the Fall and Winter styles are decided up - im. Now the Winter fixings are alt prepared ; and how really beautiful some of tlie toilluttos are! Felt baU ar - j .'.il the rage ; ami when (hey are not too closu an Imita - of the iiia iiuhneriftcfN are exceedingly unique affairH. A; Itavi lulf the lafliu. - ; at tho Urooklyn and Park in.i - liuecs wore felts. FANNY DATONrORT a fleets a soli hit also. Hers has a rakish twist becom - iug lo Iter, but absolute dangerous to uuitale by mos' ol llje sisterhood. FRANK EVANS aato?iihes us every time we visdt the Park. His versa, tiliiy is pleasant to contemplate. In everything he hiw done, from Xir ArchibnUl to Wild Cat A'cd and tho Finn. Cfrauncey Elmor,; he has Bhown himself thoBCTupulou rtist and the finished gentleman. Ho looked tho bald hunter, and performed the impossible mimetic feats assigned him with tho moat fascinating abandon. Tho fea pickiioss caused by that dreadful love making of Lady fnahel's Is almost eh vigorous now as when Mr. Evans' sbirl front was so mercilessly rumpled by the MARAUDING LUCILLE. Tiiif eiitl'?ni.,,ti,ii power of facial expression Is good Both on and off the tttage it is noticeable. Tied lo :t niako by a lot of Redskins, embraced by tho weeping Lt - xbtf, or knocked on to hia beam onda by AN ASH BARREL in FuKonstrcftt, the same tleiibility of imifiole is ap parent. Probably Mr. Lamb never knew how nearly tho Park Theatre came to being deprived of its leading man. Dreadful lo be swooped out of exlfitenco by R ignominious an instrument. An instant's loss of equilibrium, almost fatal to light pants ; a smothorod bad word, a Wild Cat AV' leap, and an actor tludu himBBlf right side up, aud fortunately whole. WALTER LENNOX irf a vory cheerful Gravediyger. Hia manner of rolling out the skulls was a delight even lo Mr. Davenport, whu turned away to Buille at some of the comedians Improvised eccentricities. Lamb and Lennox aro alike - in this, that they never stick to tho text. It would bo confusion worso confounded in raoBt cases, but a funny thing repeated as we are sure Lamb repeats when ha has found the keynote to hia audience's tickle, ia invariably appreciated. MRS. BRTJTONE, as the languishing Mitt Lovelace was as she always i excellent. She certainly knows how to make horself look more hideous than any woman upon tho American utage. Mrs. Gilbert, equally nlatn, cannot hold a candle to her in this lino. MCDOWELL, A3 LAEBTES, gave na a very good performance. He had evidently made a careful study of tho part. Apropos of young gentlemen, George Clarko Is said to have confidently informed sonic ono that hu had received numberlfesa letters from young ladles, beseeching him not to leavo New York. "Confidential" gave this lid bit of information to tho newspapers it seems. Was Daly awaro how many fair ones Mx, Clarke attracted nightly to his theatre when he allowed this, gentleman to leave him a MARTnt FOK I7ZS MUSTACHE, or was Mr. Daly, as Morriusoy, his Treasurer, affirm;,, glad to get rid of him ? This week at the Park wo havo AIMEE, the cantatrico, in opera bouffe, and CLARA MORRIS at the Brooklyn. Our managers are certainly wido. awake, and the appearances are flattering for an excellent dramatic season, BROTHER T ALU AGE has given a very perceptible Impetus to our large claeB of theatre, goers, A Tolmageian advertisement from tho boards of tho Tabernacle is unique, to say tho least. We wonder if the reverend individual is awaro that tba matter of hia discourse not one person in ton carea a straw about ? The bulk of his immonso audiences aro principally attracted to hia preaching on account of ibi DRAMATIC SENSATIONALISM. n other words he furnishes amusement to his hearer. When Mr. Talmage "brings down the house" by saying, in a manner and tono that would do credit to a Lamb or a Lewis, that ho "has seen souls so mean and no ataaJ1. that fifty of them could DANCE A SOnomSCHE on the point of a cambric needle, without touching each other;" when ho persists in just such exaggerated figures of speech embellished with contortions and. grimaces known only to this divine every Sunday in tho preaching "Beason," we are puzzled to know what h can mean when he inveighs against actors. Wo havo heard Mr. Talmage, after entering into a. minuto and horrible description of tho Buffering of Christ upon tho croiB, finally cap tho climax by stepping back upon the platform, shrinking away from, something ho eeemed to perceive in tho distance,, and then, with an exultant howl, leap forward, with handa raised in astonishment, and cry out, "Thero He is at tho door." And we Lave seen every head in the houa?t much to their subsequent confusion, turned to the entrance gate, expecting to see just what the orator had himself seemed to behold. For years Mr. Talmago has Ik en known in Brooklyn as the "eccentbio theological comedian." Perhaps he isn't aware of that. Davenport has made hia farewell matinee obeiaance - , Lotta has taken her way through the crowd that always will collect to see her in and out of the theatre ; Frank Evana tiloved and booted, saunters down the street, while we have left tho matinees, to talk about Mr. Tal - maie. An revoir to ail, minister included. E. REV. NEVLV WOODSIOE - Afc a special meeting of tbe Northern Reformed Presbytery, the following resolution of sympathy was unanimously adopted : BTuvvaa, Rev. N. Woodslde U laboring under premonitory symptons of bodily disease ; and Whereas, He has been under the necessity of asking Bix months leave of abienco from his pulpit, by the advice of the best medical sldll, to try what rest and retirement may do to recruit bis impaired health ; it la Resolved, That the Presbytery express its dee neat sorrow for tholr brother in bis affliction, and sympathise with him in all hia triala; and however much they may feel tne loss of his coperatiOD,ErOst willingly grant hia request; and resolve still further that they will mako such provision for Un pulpit aa their limited means will afford Resolved, That the Presbytery ahall bear their afflicted brother ou their spirits at a throne of grace in their pulpit and private, dovotionB, for a prosperous voyago wherever he may go, a speedy return to health, and hi wonted vigor of mind and body. One of the most shaky positions held bf any official of the city is that of bell ringer, especially on the Fourteenth Ward tower. The other uight Mr. Irwin had his hand full in preventing a tire iu tho Inoliout, tho action of the wind ha'.iuy shoolt lh.3 ttovo ,3" it Jcj, In case cf tire tho only of esccoo is

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