The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 27, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1908
Page 8
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORXIAN FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1908. TELEPHONES MAIN 39 and 86 Thoughts of Christmas Make a note of this—wo mil stock some new ^ift ar- i-!>-s Hi is year that you will IMI to investigate early. in•!•<• will be many a stir- •iso lii-re for early buyers. J.M.HUHTER "PAID IN HE" TAKESJRIDE, m f m J. M. Hunter, well known In this ——. city, was married In I>O9 Angeles on Nov. 21 to Miss Georgia U Hewitt of There was about a fifth as many Hollywood, and announcements of the people at the Hakersfleld Opera House event were received here yesterday Wednesday evening to witness "Paid by friends of the groom. Mr. Hunter, i n Full," as assembled the night be- who Is a brother of Mrs. Mary Ana- f Ore t() Kt . 0 the rough and tumble tin, the popular writer, resided here Clansman, and as usually happens for many years, and now holds a re- the merits of the two performances sponslble position with :i building and justified a reversal of the attend- loan association In Los Angeles. ance. "Paid In Full" was by far the .most enjoyable play that has been A YOUNG PEOPLE WED ON WEDNESDAY EVENING I I The Store of Eastman Kodaks. Baer'j Leading Druggists. seen here this season; the best In fact since the 'Mon and the Mouse" was presented last year, and the Interest was not permitted to flag during the evening "There ure but seven people In the 'Tald in Full" company, but each one Is an artist, and the clever act- Ing and the human heart story more musement Moving pictures a;;:: ^ance every Wednesday '-veiling In Oil fields. Associated Club House, San Joaqilin I.e i-e. MANUEL SERRANO Miurr. On Wednesday evening at the Congregational Church parsonage, Rev. E. R. Fuller officiating, Jesse Wilkinson , and Miss Nora K. John were united than r e P al(1 "lose who defied the In marriage. The youn? people are storr " to witness the play, both members of well ynown families Jim Corbett Billed, and will make their home In the coun The patrons of the liakersfteld opera ty_ house, who. v.--'limit a doubt, will be -*-»-« lout In full -orce on Thursday ,De- NEGRO GETS THIRTY-FIVE ! cember ::rd, ai'er witnessing the per- YEARS FOR ROBBERY.; formance of "Facing the Music,' 1 will | jsay Mr. Janr-s !. Corbet Is coming to I KANSAS CITY. Nov. 27.—Charles | his own. He has at last yielded to tho I Stevens negro, who stole $.V>.o()f> from 'Continued Insistence of his friends that la registered mall pouch severil his real forte is comedy;. Putting the _—'months aw was found guilty in six,acid test on the acting of Corbett, he i counts. The minimum pen-It" N thlr- I will show as much pure metal as most i ty-fiv" ye.irs. men who are rated as top-notchers in i ' .». » legitimate comedy. The characters ! GENERAL LECOMTE HAS < >f "Smith" in Facing the Music" Is A STRENUOUS TIME.' H!| ld to be the best thing Corbett hus _____ j ever attempted, both from an artistic PORT Al< PRINCE, Nov. 27.—Gen. i and financial standpoint. Mr. H. II. Lecomlo reported to have been Ullle I • Krnzee, under whose direction the tour at Je'remie by the revolutionists, ar-; of this season will be conducted, has rived here today. He got away from ; surrounded bi, star with an excel..-!.-.' '.leremle in a row boat and with four I cant and a most spirited entertainment ' officers and two sailors wen- at sea ! I" promised. In the language of fie Your Boy Can't Get Wet in a. Redlick $5 Suit By a special process they are made water proof. They are strictly all wool and arje absolutely the best suits ever tailored for $5. BUY YOI'R BOY GOOD CLOTHES—it's cheaper mid the boy looks better. When yon buy a Redlick boys' suit for $5 you get stout fabrics, permanence of shape, resistance of wear, and perfect style at a price within your means. Shoe the Children at Redlick's Try the "Educator" Shoe—they have the reputation of being the best shoes for children. They wear longer than other shoes, are comfortable and have more style. ' Prices range from $1.75 more to $3.50, Let the children see the big display In the department and In Windows No. 16 and 17. HPfA VO Half of our Second floor is a great Toyland -TOYS Phone Main 977 1512 Eighteenth Street. CITY FISH MARKET A. LYON, Proprietor FRESH FISH, LOBSTERS, CRABS, OYSTERS. GAME IN SEASON AND POULTRY Prompt Delivery. three days without provisions bel'ort they succeeded in reaching land. gallery j;od, it's a "bully" show. I Minstrels Coming. HENEY GOES OUT FOR AUTOMOBILE RIDE. SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 26.—Francis J. Heney celebrated Thanksgiving day by taking an automobile ride In Golden Gate park. He was accompanied by his wife, Dr. Bensley, Rudolph j *' Spreckels, William J. Burns and Jas.j^,,. 1 Foley, his bodyguard. Heney, who !s rapidly regaining his strength, greatly enjoyed the trip. Truxtun Beale Is in Bakersfield today. TIONAL CREST YOU' 'WANT IT ! iOLD ONLY IN TINS Bakersfield Grocery Co. Bakersfield, Cal. Sole Agents Phone Main 186. 1717-1719 19th Denver Restaurant Regular Meals, '2">c and up. Eastern Oysters and first- class Chinese Noodles, Chou Mean, Pirn-apples. Chicken, and ('hop Stit-y. (loud Sei'viee. 1313 19th St., Bakersfleld. A big program of novelties is prom ; i.^ed by Hichard & Prlngle's Fumovs .Minstrel this season when they pla>- ^it the Bakersfleld opera house on Fri ; day, December 4th. | There Is a double edition of con>e | dians, led by the old time favorites, Clarence Powell and Pete Woods. 1 The first part is a dream of spleu- Meeting of the Alum- liiartette is also a big feature. This quartet is considered the best on the minstrel stage. Prominent In the olio are several very expensive acts; such as Craig, the human enigma. Moore, the mystifying The silver shod dancing sextet, in the very poetry of motion. .1. \V. Cooper and his wooden beaded family. Clarence Powell, the man who talks about bis folks, and the bit; musical burletta, ''When the Trooji Struck Town," introducing tile entire :-t! ell'.'l ll uf the company. Too Late For Classification WANTED—By Japanese school boy, situation to do any kind of work between school hours. Address George, care of the Callfornian. 105 LOST—Near car barn, a plain hickory cane circles around it cut with knife. Very valuable to the owner Finder please call up 605 or leave cane at Duncan's store, Bakersfleld or at Whittakur's fruit store. Kern 10S Music Pupils to Give Recital At 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon the pupils oLthe Carrlere School of Music will give a muslcale at which some of the beat local Instrumental and vocal artists will be heard. The program Includes several four hand pieces on two pianos, and the pupils will no doubt attract a large WANTED—Work in private family by youim girl; good character. Address i A. B.'c. this office. 105 The Flaming Arrow company n- l.os Augi-les I his afternoon. left FOR SALE—Complete furniture of five housekeeping rooms. Inquire ! in this office. 1»S AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE J. H. Jones Carter's Hotel, Maricopa Bakersfield Garage, Bakersfield. Main 142. Main 1260 I program in full Is as follows: March -Trlumphale (Gorla), two pianos, Ruth Vary and Leslie Robinson. Kutude (Wullcnhaupt), Lloyd Tilton. An Open Secret (Woodman) Miss Jar.e, Barber. First Mazurka, Op. 21 (Saint Saens) RURAL ROUTE MAY BE IN DANGER. Supervisor Jastro has received com plaint direct from the postal department at Washington concerning the condition of the private roads In the oil fields, along rural route No. 1, and the fear is expressed that the route may be discontinued unless the roads are bettered. This Is not a matter that can be reached through the supervisors, a:-t the roads complained of are not public highways, but' Mr. Jastro has taken the matter up with some of the oil- fields superintendents, because ho gather- ' s naturally interested, in seeing the of the oil fields people. He will reply to the department, sjlvlns such assurance as he can that the evil coin plained of will be remedied. In the meantime the attention of the oil fields residents is directed to tile Important question. LOST— Wednesday, between Chester) Ave. and Nineteenth St., and Trux- j /tula Stephenson. tun Ave., and F St., a quartz pin; l.lebestraiim. Op. 34, No. 2 (Listz) old fashioned setting. Finder call • Nina Burkutt. up Main 875. 101 i ], otx u>r Friihling, Op. 34 No. 2 BLACK BASS FROM 7 TO 12 INCHES LONG. WANTKD— Experienced ' Springtime, Op. 47, No. 2, (Grieg) saleslady In women's THE HUB On the Corner 'Sthand I Sts.' THE HUB On the Corner 19th and I Sts. You will fintl our work harness nil that we claim for it. mid mir single mid double driving harness Al at reasonable pi'iees. $15 will buy you a substantial nickel trimmed harness. We take great pleasure in showing our goods. 4. B. HEKRINOTOJ! 1517 19th St. FOR SALE — About 750 sheep, two | Puverture du Vaissetu Fantoine mules, wagon, horse and other ar- j (Wagner), two pianos, Mina Burkett, tides, property of the late M. K. ; Hmh Vary, Hurnhiim Hunt. George Azevedo. For particulars inquire Fusard. of John Enos, box 91, Bakersfleld. 101 A Bargain!! FOR SALE—Lots 2: 1 , and 24, block SO, on Q street, between King and Baker street.,, Kern. Price $450. .Terms if desired, $150 first payment; balance 1, 2, o years. Write to I.<-ii;h Thornton, 531 North Roylsion Street, Los Angeles, California. WANTED—Lady or gentleman of fair education to travel for a line of household nrtlc'es and specialties. Salary J;!.5i'i per day above exr>ennes Address The Alexander Sv.pph Com- nanv, 350 Dearborn street, Chicago 111. ' 309 "I wish, John," said the editor's wife, -"that you'd try not to be so absent minded when we are dining out." "Eh? Wlhat have I done now? 1 ' __iU . \Y|U*H* llt*V W 1 uuiio u\J TV i . •" ™ u "Why, when the hostess asked you j Constitution. !f you'd have some more pudding you replied that, owing to - ' J -— "Some mls'bul sinner took and runned off wld de collection hat las' n.eetin' day," said Brother Dickey, "an' I well knows dat ef dar wus no .',ieh place ez hell, de good Lawd would make one for dat sinner!" "Was there much money In the hat?" "No suh; day warn't so much ez a brass button in it." "Then, why are you so mad about "Hit wuz my hat," he said—Atlanta Deputy G;,n>e Wi-rlen Alt y."-!erd[(.v received the black bass f;>;' pltintln.i; in Kern River, tlmm 01 them. A c-ciisiL-uuvnt also eii'in 1 'o li.'ll H:! ; an.i K. H. Baibeail The (i^a \vi:>r;- of line siy.e, from 7 to 1^ Inches long. and will sp-.iwn this next year. Mr. Tlbbett took liniiil to the lake and planted i;uiHi more above t!;e I'eardsU.-y weir. The ftsh consigned to Messrs. Hill ;ind Burl.'eaii were planted at Democrat and Dolenghn REAL ESTATE TRAN^SFERS. a tremendous "1 wish my nose was of a different pressure on your space, you were shape," said Mrs. Suddyn-Klymer compelled to decline."—Tit-Bits. ! '" ""°° """ '"""" " »"•""" WE ARE AFTER THESE "CAN'T BE FITTED" FELLOWS. To the stout man, the slim man, or to any man who thinks that he can't be fitted with a read-to-wear suit, we have a message of comfort. Bring your suit troubles here. We have a cure—clothing that will fit you perfectly. Don't scoff, Mr. Ilardtitter; put us to the test; try our clothes. That's all. S.WISEKOPF J AUCTION SALE The lecturer had been describing I some of the sights he had seen j abroad. "There are some spectacles," I he said, "that one never forgets." "I wish you could tell me where 1 can get a pair of them." exclaimed an old lady In the audience. "I'm always forgetting mine."—Chicago News. FOR SALE EUCALYPTUS TREES 3,000,000, Leading Varieties Eucalyptus Land and Timber Company, Edward 0. Oribb, Pros. "\Y. S. Thatcher, See'q. V23 So. Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal. A my corritll 17^0 Chester avenue. Bakersfielil. Saturday, Xov 'JSth. 1 p. in. I will sell to the highest bidder for cash, -8 head of gentle' broke horses ami mules, drivini:. draft and wuuoii stuck. Sale positive. ROY WHITE Auctioneer What flour doy you use 7 said u woman to her neighbor whose bread was the most delicious ever baked. The answer was, oi course, KERN RIVER MILLS FLOUR the flour that every one uses wiio wants the very best. Deeds. J. R. Blanco and wife to M. A. Blanco, $5; southwest quarter of northeast quarter, northwest quarter of southeast quarter, lots 1 and 2 In northeast quarter Section 6, 2!)-3t; lot 4, block 180, Bakersfleld. John Conley and wife to F. P. Francis, $10; northeast quarter, southeast quarter section 6, 11-23. James Hawley and seven others to George B. Francis, $1; east half of section 6, 11-23, northeast quarter, southeast quarter, southwest quarter section 32, all sections 28 and 30, 1223. A. B. Brown and three others to same, $1; northwest quarter section 32, 12-23, east half section 6, 11-23. George B. Francis to Frank P. Francis, $1; east half section 6, 11-23. Pacific Improvement Company to Jose de Ruls, $50; lot 13, block 53, Kern. . Same to Mrs. Clotllde Carmelo, $50; lot 12, block 53, Kern. Henry Knsor to A. P. and N. P. Weant, $5; lot 21, section 1, 30-27. Carrie Rothchlld to Charlotte Kaufmann, love and affection, all Interest cures of this most common ailment, j as heir Cella Hagan to all section 24, and can always be depended Upon. It)?fi-l9, west half, west half of east half "I presume you know," suggested Mrs. Upmore, "that It is quite possible nowadays to have the shape of one's nose corrected?" "Oh, yes, indeed; it looks all right in my oil portra)ts."—Chicago Tribune. 4 . » - . How to Cure a Cold. Be as careful as you can you will oc- ! caslonally take cold, and when you do, i get. a medicine of known reliability, one that has an established reputation 'and that is certain to effect a quick .cure. Such a medicine is Chamberlains I Cough Remedy. It has gained a world wide reputation by Us remark-ible acts on nature's plan, relieves the lungs, aids expectoration, opens the secretions and aids nature in restoring the system to a healthier condition. During the many years In which It has been In general use we have yet to learn of a single case of cold or attack of the grin having resulted In pneumonia when this remedy was used which shows conclusively that it Is a certain preventive of that dangerous section 19, 26-20. J. E. and S. P. Wlble and wife to W. O. W. Hall Association, J10; lot 4, block 274, Bakersfleld. Conductor—Tickets, please! Passenger—Haven't any. Conductor—Where are you going? Passenger—Chicago. And t haven't any money, either. disease. Chamberlain's Cough Reme- Conductor—And do you expect ta dy contains no opium or o'her narcotic ride for nothing? and may bo given as confidently to a Passenger—Certainly. Here's an ad- baby as to an adult. For sale by Baer vertlsement of your road which reads. Bros., Kern. Bakersfleld; Kern Drug Co , * "Through to Chicago without change." —Exchange, THE MODEL Cloak and Suit House Silk Petticoat Free Silk Petticoat uiven free tomorrow with every suit at $-0.00 or up. Petticoat made of guaranteed taffeta, auy-.eolor. This is a savins,' of from $5.00 to $7.00 to you. Better investigate. Phono Main 975 1528 19th Street V

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