The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 27, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1908
Page 7
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THE BAKER8FIELD CALIFORNIAN FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 190$ Mathie Brewm UtGAfc ft-EGAL. SUMMONS, fish CreeU. and. South from "Iron _„ > feurln^H 1 ' about three hundred C.HKD of 1 ^!;' aW^^Jl'v^ 1 ^ CmiBty: F s 'k'' ™& "i*«™ix"i5Bh oVVS: Ah* ' ft mV,,, ( V"i l M >E £v x. t> » r. »«« tu-coru.s. iwiBo tour huuiired oiuht htnel koim.i.'Me. l'Knn;iff vs. I'etor; ( .i,i Sl . m Uu > ()t fice. of the Couutv LEGAL. OF LOS ANGELES I ------ - VV .~, 4 .,n t , 1 I « 4 | J , lomnietie i let'ondanr. . Ac* n brought in Ui« Superior Ke< urdrr. Kern Cminfv. Caliioruta. eortaln <t»urtz claim known I" la fV.nt-t ,,V t i, ,. . ' " .. ,, ,.'';. ••- ll.ll I'eiUflU U".(t l& v:i,i!IU I\11U\\ i r „ h lu ' V , nt V >L K ! Mn v^i u V P 1 V* T(««P vo, U, and deBcriiuMi as ioi- * aitlort b . a <> the Cnm iluiiit tiled n ,*„ u . u,,. ;,,.,it;.v .,* * i,«» v*\fi ii«...* a * ,,,,.? i < atnonthi. a HJim Coonu oi Kern, in the office nt I the Clerk o! ' ' , • t r • Ot H; r» mninu in uie worinwos Hirer No. ^. netiu: fin vxtensl ihwoat. em! PInimtfT will take Inclement for any money or canmuos Demanded in tho i-qmjilaim :»:- ariHiiie umm com'.v-.'i. or will annlv in the Court lor any otliGT relief demanded in tho <omnlaint. \\llne; , us Hand *n»" lot- .-MM! * mud Sui.epor Court of M>e Countv Kern. dav u. i. 111:, ^' l'1-.e i nia send -j Brewers of , f t ' Celebrated Ribbon rge Bottled , N ou art in an act t tl« l iho\ e- M eei'Jnr ( oir , .-.ild sum;riof ^-uuvt... w\\<\ ctahr. vHuitted on iho UodlUli ot the £Mte of (.iihio.:-. creek, and about olirhteen hnndv 1 . :UK to Peter Houcjurn.... H . H HSnuj f^et South liom "den . . . SuiimrH,' Located October. l!W<i. c •bv to am.> - ( r eorded in Hook t>i.V,-six MifO ol Mm v ttic Records ut oasre fortv-inne (-tin m ««i .i»< .- i - . nn- «. i-.-i.-s. Kent Countv Recorders ofiue. ; Honna. in ,,a*i lor.the d: "I 1 ,/! 1 l «™. K. ^' i^Ker.AMv io NOTICE OF SALE '•? f 1 K ^ i j ^ rt i i U . 'ennd.iini !da"v ( '•rouuht against you ,"d plaintiff, hi t))*. 1 Su- ui the Couutv ot KCPI. M nia, and to answer *f.i» '••1 therein, within ti-n e of t he dav of sen ir« t an offers in wrltinc for :,K wiil be received bv tin In the |«tt«T serviM on von of this Summon.. ' 'iln sMd Couniv; it' yen*-.] v itliln tlilrtv days. EYRAU PHONE MAIN ent ^ild administrator at the o!li« - n f Thomas Scott. In the Hunk of Ho., ,,. . • • .... .-... v v v ,. kv - . - «,..--, iwld huildtiiK. corner iHitn Ktret. t a-l ois.-^ h.'ie. .vnhln tlilrtv davs. Chester avenue, holnc No. !;.<>•.. : :\ And \ou are herehv notified thaMI street. Citv of HaUorHfU'ld. Counu oi ), ' ,V ! !- "' i'V ! *Voenr and answer, m- Kern. State, of California, orrn.av nc m.unuil -.Ml] taUe indirment tor au- tiled In the office, of Uio Clerk ol 'It.' money ei .|;imai:oK domauded in fh" abov<> nanie<I Sui)«?flor Court at, ;o\v oninhiin 1 as arfsinir unon Couiraot. or time after Uio first nnhlicatUm of \\\\^ Ul " -(t-.i-h (u the Court lor unv other uittice before the sale U made. * of Calu, Koru, f UaloB '•)h;indeii in tin 1 Comulalut. •s^ inv hand at nd the Seal of tice before the sale ta made. Haled November,>OS. vT VV. A. McOlNN. • is I..-C. hv raven. t;:::f 'n t»ur- <>t ;!/!_ or.»er ( ,t D>e >'tnn-rio , ,, ,i. -, Uit ' ( '"'Hiv oi Ki-Mi, v^lale o ;rl i s alli}»n\la. nia-ie <m the LM'.th dav O tl'e esr'f' iV- 1 ','^' iM tlu ' u ' nttyr ** oi said densised will' n 1 , ate sale in tiir ollice ol Hit aduiiuiwtnitor and <'(*r(Uier <>nntv. situate in the court « at iO Free delivery to Bakersfleld and uarantee purity and quality, The best beer $1000 .ern , •••* >•«•»* v* %* ^m -• ^ ^ -p t •-.- » i -i • ' ' i V1«^Bf^'tV^'4* T * v * said Min,.n,,r Court ol the Couuiv of Public Administrator: Administrator Kcia. Mite ot r«Jlforn'fj. this of tho ICBtatv ot Frank La»H. Doda v ot .hjh, A. D. 3906. „ . ' ceawed. is u a! 'i. . i . 1. L, AM1LLKR. Clerk, j Thomas Scott. Attorney for Estate, ny IM'.U.I Smith, Deputy clerk. j Uakprsflelf). Caluornln. 11-11 otiny. sit.iuirf in te court hcus 10 Citv oftiiiU.-rsiU'ia. in s.i^i nnnlv. to tin- highest bidder tor Ho\v*-n li'vvin ami ,1. W. P. Laird, at- for ulnlntlir. ' IMS NOTICE OF SALE OF DELINQUENT STOCK. Oil Company, urfnctiml olace Mascot Oil Company of business. Camu on Una 20 Townsfifn 32 i ^ist. Kern County. Ci . Notice:—Thorp in i «' of the Superior Court of the County Sff S ce or Kern* state or i;aiiiprnia. t , . »c- In the matter pt tie estate of L. South "fiance 2;i GnrtmaD./ Notice la ou lifornia. DELONEGHA 'HOT SPRINGS. V Most remark a tut mineral springs In California. An ansoiute cure for RHEUMATISM Forty-five miles from Bafcersfleld In Bt«rra Nevada Mountains. Fine «um mer climate. Good accommodations. Terms reasonable. Stage leaves Bait- •rsfleld Thursday mornings between 8 and 9 o'clock from Arlington and Occidental "hotels, and from Metropole Ln Kern. Returns Tuesdaya. Ad- BARBEAU & ROQUETTE. d Proprietors Several young nlmrods left town recently to hunt deer in the northwest. "We'll give you all a venison suy per when we get back", they assured their club associates, "so be prepat* ed. We will wive when we are goliig to «blp the deer." One week later the club received the following telegram: "Better make that a beef supper. We have Just .shot a farmer's cow."—Chicago News, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ _ _ .. -y Californian"want ads.; three"c(ays, 25c. The ODS Price MARKED tore PLA FIGURES GOO TO PLAY Main 173 STO "My little girl Is subject to colds," aays Mrs. Wm. H. Serig, No. 41 Fifth St., Wheeling, W. v. "L,ast winier sbe had a severe spell and a terrible sough but I cured her with Chamberlain's Cough Remedy without the aid of a doctor, and my little boy has been prevented many times from having the croup by th£ timely use of this syrup. This remedy is for' sale by Baer Bros., Bakersfleld; Kern Dnig Co., Kern. * IN CATTLE CAN Be PUKVKNTIO CUTTER'S BLACK LEO VACCXftB California'* fa vorito. the most «uc- cessful. ea&ie&t used and lowett priced reliable vaccine made. Powder, tiring or pill form. WrlU for free Black Leg Booklet. THE CUTTER LABORATORY BERKELEY. CAL. Xf your druggist does not stock out vaccine*, order direct from us. "ounty. Ca™ 41 - -~ f -,,- , There is, deUnauent uuon the tollpwine described stock, on count of assessment levied on the dav o) October. 3908. the sev..,., amounts set opposite the names of tho res nhnrehod * t * Name nps . Gloason ol. E. Mars ..... - K. Huneate ____ niji I'nderbrink chart Kinsman tchard Kinsman ... 4- 1} Thomson 1 n. I honiflon JJ. Thoujson TJ. Thomson ... , rebv eiven by the under- stoned administrator of the estate or I itenea ,., Gart ^* -^^k -^fwf ^^ ^ ^ ~^"^t" "~" ™ w ^ A or. and.. all aeainst tne ^B*^V ^^^W ^^ T ^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^» JT ^ ^T ^^ ^ ^^B—^ TT ^ ^- ^^^ ^ ^ ^r - — ^^n ^—- ^n -m r ^vr ^^^ • I ^^r ra»n...UeceaBed. to the creditors ff •esons havlner cmlms td deceased, to ex the .necessary vouchers . -- - _ . In acordauce with law anc rtim in acorciance witn law anc an order if the board of directors, marie on the 'iMh day of October. iftOS. so njanv shares of each parcel of such stock as niHv be necessary will be sold at the touch office of the Cpmimnv. o<?in. 4is Citizen National BanT corner of Main and Thin lUfln four month8 after the first tmb- catlon m thisjnoUc£ to the.said ad- ilnlstrater at hl» _ 1*L the court ouse. li ountv sarai ranBactlon o ^^^r ^i»vt^^h _^~ ^* MF ™ ^™ ^p^ -— - -— — J ^—* "~ -- ~- rm. — . ctoBer II. 1908. i w. A. MCGINN. oi tms notice 10 me sum ad- tor at big office in the court in Die- City 4 of "Bakeraneja. of Kern. State of California. Be ueipir .the nlace for the usfness of said estate Public Jnistrator* E " nd Aaministrntor or tne . uartman. Deceaaed. rn Co ! K«ta untv. te of Thos. Scott. Attorney lor Administra tor. streets, in the Citv of LOB ncrelea. California, on Rain:*-»av. t "P 5ttt dav of Oecemher. JH(»S. at 1 - Vcltx'c a. ID. of sue!) dav. to pav Ueiinoueiit LEGAL. ments thereon. toLretlu>r with ct).<tfl of advertisinu and exnenses of the sale. \\ r \\ \V -\ * i AOF* SecrftJirv of Masro't *Oil Cbun^nv. office room if 4i;i Citi/.enn National hank btilkiinu. corner Third and Main streets. LOH Aniretes. California. 11-20 DOG LICENSE NOTICBi Notice Is herei>v elren to all wit rsni ons ownine and keentne docs, le, limits of the City of BaKers._ lat License Tacs tor the year 1_ _ are now ready for delivery at the o flee of the City Clerk. In the oasemeni of Producers Savlners Bank butldine and on after the 15th arv, J ann D dav o f Janu proceed (o impound..ah does found runninc on the streets that are not wearlnE the license tae fo? te year . ^ , J. K. COX. Poundmnster. Dated January 9. 3908. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Prlxe Oil Company". Princl- nal place of husineNs. H.'ik^rsfiold, Korn (Vnn.jt v. (\'ilif*>rnia. Notice is herehv then that ;it a nieetlnir of tlu» directors. |i<>M on (lie l!lst dav of November, llf'ts. an assess- merit of one rent i»>r share w;is levied u.non the ranital stock of the rornora- tu>n. navahle InuinMHatclv to the uu- NOTICE 0£^S8E88MENT. .... , . ,Oil Contoanv. location of principal place of buBlnesa. 1065 Broadway, Oak I and. Alameda County. State of Canfornfa. Notice is nerepv r'ven. that at a nieeunc of the Directors ncui on the ninth day or November, 1908. an As- o_f 3 cents ner share vyas lev- the Cor- !<?d uon the caital stoc are H of D_orntion. Payable at on Secretary of said at his office, rooms 1 xt m mid b «A b *•!*? ^/••A^'^.^i • «rVI«<«T *U illid _roftdwav. Oakland. Alaineaa Anv stock uix>n t t _ ent BhaH remain the ninth <l«v of December, be d County. California, which thisussetmm pent and aOvortis- 0 Auction and nn- en ior saie at funuc Auction ana ni loss pnyment iy made before, will b sold oh the 28t!i dnv o eceme IMS. at 8 a. in., to pay delinouont assessment toeether with cost of auver- dersitrnoij secrcfarv of (ion. nf rooms ^o.'l-L'Ot Pro;!ncej\s Hav- R**ni i inixs TUuik buildinu. Countv. California. and exnetiHC of Hale. Uv order of the Boar' of Directors. J. H. KlJSON. Secretnrv. Ofllce rooms IS nnd 10. 1068 Broad- wav. Oakliind, Alanieaa Countv. Stafo of CnHfornln. 11-11 S;;ir S (t It' til Ui\\tul inones ot the N the .n\i dav of Ni>veniber t hour of 5 o'clock p. m.. the proiK»itv heloimiim to the (-.-..K salit Uulph Hower. deceased: 1 small hojiKos; 1 jrasollne eimii;e v " pump ann Pipe; 1 water tank; I hora« tnniuh: 1 burn: 1 corral, all situate! on the west one-half (V*» of the nortS* west uuarter ( {^> of section thir three (;?;',) in townahin thirl v south o forni ree m) n townahin thirty CJO> uth of ranee thirty-seven a?) east . t). B. and M.. in Kern county. CalP And police is herehv civen. thmt will be .received bv said sealed, bid admit d, pias nistrat te our of or for said l ? d; bids must or certified c to ten per cen • Administrator sa opouertv UD hereof, and that wile thereof, be accouinan sheck in an ai e b ^ ^ ^F V ^* ^ y ca eau BCK in an amount eai t of the b1<tB ninde. . w. A. MCGINN; of the estate ot Ral Bower, (teceused. XT ., POSTPONEMENT t ^ ^ ^Notice is hereby uivpn that the data of the above sale of persona) proi haa been postponed to Tuesdav. vember 24. 1908. at the hour of o'clock, p. m. w. A. MCGINN. , . . Administrator of Bower, neceasod. al the ho W. A. Mc< the estate of Ral oil POSTPONEMENT, IK Ijerebv ulvon that th« date o to aove sale of Demount urouoKv haw been imsfnoned to Mon«l'«v. November ;iO. 1908. nt the hour of 12 m. Administrator of the estate oV ' Bower, deceased. STOCKHOLDERS MEETING. Notice is hereby cTven e a « i* t. j \. tfjj «^i » v;n LllllT I ll nir of the Btockholdera oinpany will n* OT ra-fftah Oil held at the, office of Bjiid cornorntlon at the RiierlffH office. In this eitv. on Tlinrsdav.. tho 3rd (Jay of December. 11*08. at tho hour of S ix ni., for the nnrppse of electlnir (urectoru for t enamnc year, and for the tranp/tfiH.__ of Hitch other bufilness as mn.v Drouei^ Iv come before the ineot ne. J. W. KR ,LY. President. T. A. Baiter. Secre arv. 11-1 NOTICE TO CREDITORS. In the Superior Court of the County of Kern. State of California. In the Matter of the Estate of Alexander BossueUlp. deceased, Notice is herenv triven. bv the unsigned administrator of tho estate Anv stoek niton which tins nient shall reniMJn unnni;) <>n the llth d;iv of January, l ( .mO. \vtll hr» lieJinniient and advertised tor sale at NOTICE OF ADMINI8TR SALE OF REAL ESTATE VATE SALE. ATOR'S AT PR1- NOTICE. To whom It mnv concern:—Notic* !» horoby idven that we. the unner- Binned, have this 16th <Jav of October, — - » J^^— ^ ^^ ^ ^ r -r — - ^— — rr ^ ^ — -1- ^ - T -r -r - . -f ^^ ^ ^^^ —I 1908. enlored info articles of mont and co-nartnorahin for (he our- o: AJtxanOtM' BesHu^iUo. deceased, to the <-reditors ot, and all nersons hav- nur claims against the said decease/I to exhibit tnom with tlic necessary vouchers within four inontliw after the nvv nnl>lic;iMiiu ()f ibis notice, whicn is the fljttt 1 hn.Mtt. to siiid ;!(fntiuisfr .-Kir af the law oiHor- nf f\ !.. rooms ;:i and ;!L'. Hank of T buhi I nu Hakt'rs(h»1t!. Kt-rn the nth dav of January. UwO. \v»ll l»r» r Jt _ , -— , „ Mi 4 delmnuent and advertistMl for salt' at In (he Suoerior Court of the State iMiblic auction nnd unions ":" '"""' *H of California, in unu ior the Couulv ot uwdo het'ore. will be sold on Saturday, Kern. Mi" r»th *fav ot KV^bruarv. I*.»•'.!. HI me . In the matter of the OBtuto of Ceo. POHO of <:onduet.lnit a uon«ral mercha iliBo nnd storo-kocning buBinoHw at an In the Town of Momve. County o hour of u o'clock i>. ti\. to I»MV the d*>- linniti'ut iissi'ssuif'iu. loL't'iiicr \vit)» costs of advertising and ''Xpt-ns-'s of salt UOOIIIK 'Jt tiU building t\', ('.ilit'ornia. K. K. ISOKTKN, Secy. \tnt (em. Producer-; In t!ie matter of the OBtuto of (5eo. K. Ober. I.)oreaHi?r). Notice j« hcrebv tivon that in pursuance of an order of the Superior Court of the Countv of K<*rn. Stale of California made on the ( .Hh dnv of No, ..- veuiher. 11*(18. in iho mutter ot th<! ^. () . u \l: above entitled estate, the umtersiirned. W. A. MiKiInn. ntihltc a<l mini strut or. adutinistrator of the estate of {Jennie K. Obcr. deeeaned. will sell on or aftei Momlav. the MOth dav of Novemher K«?rn. and State of California, under the firni name and stvle oi the "MO- lave Mi-rcaptile Company. Dated this Hith dav of October, 19oS. s the! ' •' h - ', f t vu (" u iintir ' ! NOTICE OF ASSE«Sfv,F/VT. R. ObPn (leei^^e.l. uili sell on or after tor ar tit!' I u omor. of r ' I 'Hil li i <Civil Code of CtiMnrniu. ) Momlav, the «<»t»i dav of N'ovemher, rooms ;:i and '!" M:mk of'Tt''t'k,.-^ni Id i 11*t».s t at private safe nt tnr oflire of huiMini. 11 ersheh " U K !rn Cou n C t . \<^' n Oo.yitv Fine I m- an.! Str,r !t? e ThofiiaK SroH. wjums '» and -) in the CaliforniJi. tiie sain.- heinw -Hie nlfiro ^"Viinnv. /.oral inn n/ r.rrn^n ,) nt,it>,>, Hanli ( ol llaUer^Heiil buiUiini:. <-orn*-r for Die fr;m^jct on of the b\i^iue.s^ of r ' ' l "-';'in<-ss. ti;t n I-1;i»irJ?-rci f MIII.H Jifji. o» (Jiester nveiiut* and L'Otn .sf reefs. ';;• id t^t ate l.ocjjUon ot \vorl<.^. Kern fount v. Caff- befntr No. If.ov $n\i sfreet. c\tv ol ' Df-^iKP Til^^I'Fri I r^ lor j. n ; 1 .- - , , . tt . H.'iker.s/ie/d. roijniv cif Kern. State of _ '"•• -in- * JI.^M t.r I.I.I., f N.'jiee is !;, .rr-Jiv iiu j n. fbjil ;ii a CaJitprnin. to the Inulu-yt iildder for Adnnnistratov itt th* 1 Ksiate ol Ale\-• nier-rrfn" oi U)c Ho.i.-l ot j)irefior!;, • rasKT u-oUl <-ciiri *)f riie Cnifed KtateH amler il«-SMi'-iIfe. [Jf ( »--s<d. held op llu- L'oi'd >Ia\ nt Xiiventb''!*. and subferf fr» ruiifirfri.'itfmi hv v;:iiii 10-27 ____ • • \-\J L -^ • • • x 11. U. J. Hlht* nt Moitive. ''aliforn! M. T. KNAPP. nt Moiave. (.,'aliforntfk NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. (Ml Cnimunv. 1. neat (on of DrlucMiiiil nhico of busine.;.-,. tho g-mehs sasss NOTICE TO HEIRS ON PROVING WILL, 111 1 he SUUr> :iT i r;,i[-r of O!' K"Mf, ineni i:i i 1 rich v L'.Ird !'.»"S. ;m us.-- ^si ner sha:". w».-; sin* !» o fa\ rtt Xovcmber. • ;md subferf f( f >,o. 1'. ot I'» rt'H{s * S th rali'fnnn'a. Nofl're is liMrbv tlven Ui;<t eMnu of l!ie Uin-elors held 2)1 rd dav n| ^'t-Vfrnber. I'.M'S. ; ses^n«< ni o(' I w<» i -I cent.H IH*I w;is iev/ed iliK* » the e;io)lal slorU th** rornoivjiiun. navnlilo iiniu*'di;itf»K' in rn:ie.j St;nes cold coin to IN- seo- 'in i"-. of s:if'f eornonitfnn .'if of!i<v* of 1 ' th _ r !tl ,! ''i t i iventii''!*. and spfnerf fo vupnnn.'ition bv said , ''•'"- )H s '"" conioranon at ofMv- or -I".rents * Suif/Tior Court ;ill th- richf. title -lid i (fl(1 ^oinpanv. room 1. I'roiJjjeers ^iv- i-' issued > interest ot the sui'l (,'eor»'e K Oiier. at M 1 '-"- 1 - >»'»"'< P'nltiin;:. Makersi'M-bl. i^-aK ion. nav-fthe time of his death and all the ritxhf ^ (1V ^W^ I1|H . I!1 whicji this as-v;sw- atefi uold : title and inferesr (h.-tf the estud- ol' ! •»)* in shall lein.iip nniiahi on Mie '-im :ible JiniDediati-l v in I niie ! Kt ;iten uold ' i j UP and inferesr that tbe estate of ! •»* in shall leinj-ii nninud on flu- Jn' coin In I'd" Mecrei -ivv ai (he oflici- oM f !f(/rir<* K. Ober l);is Jiv onei-;ttion (if I da.v o! n*-evtMv"T. !!H'S. will '^- dr v l ihr conr.tMUv. \o. .",(;:* Califdtitiif sir'-ei. ! ] ;i \v or oihet-\\ise nruM'ned. other than* ! ' f " ."-""f -'"I .elver! i^ed lor " ? j » i« <-' L * ' . • • < - . A. ._ « i_ JL i.(:.,i, i , THE ONL'' EXCLUSIVE PIANO STORE IN KERN COUNTY. ••it. * • i- o o! 'he t iii'It'Ui'-:.- * T W A Y V s i < ' i i r IP- n>u.-' i'Hi ''OH' ,. ;it t i! ('Oitlit V O! |(MVe ..rctnni 1,1 Ml" il A. I I' 1 ; ' iirt - j , Ui nr i! V in-,»v;iv. will sab* J) -\K i or in addition to that <»f the said ! c.eorue K. <)b* i r. af tfn" nine oi" hi nu Sat- death, ill ;nid to ai) Mud. eenaln re,ildas ol " \ ' ' -, ida v. v Mori; -.-hall i '•:'..,il'a •lie '."-'< h da\ MI' h< • delifiMtieiif •»?!•! -i»!v»"-i i^.,1 t'oi'! t-r-,fie|ii. Ctjiuitv dl Kern Stale of ('aii j aUi-lioji: au-l 'inless na \ ; I'm nia, ;itid iiior*- carUritfa.'! v ilei-.-eribed i h nt id*- In M ni'er. !!' ()i v l in th*- Cnv <ti liak In', ;ip(l UlllfHS \Vi!I hi' Sold OP ttte lO \r.\V l})f \V\'^ I (on'! I ' ' 'Mill' ! Ilielll ): ; Uiade l.)eU)l'e, *< '•! i Krid;-\, t 1 :- IT. ' the I r > ti ••' lib • 11 u • n Nil.i* t ill s i i- ieh .\iiuu--r (-,!, ri",\\- on h 1 hearing ' l i" •• \\'\ l<ti' i he i:-- ! \ecii ol' .\ilpiinl>t i i annexed thei'erni. i 1. I Thos. Seoit. Ti \Vi-irlu ^ Wrinht, Attorn* »> f. i j s '' ' OlH' i !'-iir i ; ••• to hit,i \vhli 'i Mn,M-:it. will eeit. , . / rk. and IV ti SM!| cl ih -|-iv ,,f J uniafv 1!"'s liruMtfllt a- --e -^!>:en:. i«i lie ens' -; oV a . 1 . « -t i i *;! n. of s:ih'. ih,- Ho-.rd v>r fHn^roo- KK1S. .IH. S*-i-r*-»-u-v. \u .",*;;» C-^J.-'ui-jtia Stp-e:. ^-:' ( 'piit'trnia. T I j' h'miiieiif ;(.-.-.-)c.*-pj''j)t, louelUc! \v ! i'h <-«rit ;nh'el M:-inu and exut'iiKes ot -".\\t*. Itv i.r-ler of the Hoard of Oil, /ln n I'M j,, Oflii Hi! I.i-d in NOTICE OF MEETING. hereby i.'iv< n that the an t hr*'t' |n:n<ii'ei| nnd vevi-pt s' C!7o \ tu ill" ('it V n| H;ih* r-tc itf. <'u»j)tl V ol i. SffeTe <.i (\fli;V*.'-/jt;i, ;)<•( ulliri;j| pian ol' sab! (,'{i\ i he ollU'e. *of the Count v Ue i -iaid Coiiuiv. N'nv. intn-r l'.~t. j.Nl'S. to with f he luiiMHKrM ;jnd inn trove- j \ if- thereon. And luiln or filters in - , i,, for said nropertv \vi11 t>e re-1 crived bv the said in(ininiterator .-il <1|] ;i tin- of tire iif 'I'hoina-s Scott. ••ier oi me isoara 01 tit »""•",» r>/. V T. UCHTNKn. Se<-r*'!;uv. . icofn No. 1. I'rodurer:- SJLV- ».•'• hijiMuu' '-oj-per 1'Mit ,-1, i IT l-.-fsiiebl. CalU'crni-', r t-K-i TO ret h o advancement In scr- t In- - : talil(»n Klchai ;l K for . r.tu;i. Tiiose holn^ inform- advancement in pi (e,e. N " Ut. A. D nnal nieeliir- of stoi'khohlei s of ti>e:,in<! '. in tbv I5;iult of HaKei-slit-hf t i n - Snrinuilebl Oil ropnvnv v.ill he he lr! ' luiihliny:. c(.nier of <Miester avenue ' ;it iis ('if'''... room \'o K [':':>,']ucr'rs I and iM'th s'reet, beige \o. \r t ti*t L'mh - 11-|',i fciavifu-s U;mK biiiblinL', iSaUerslieid. Mreej. tJal<crstieM-,K';ni (.Viuutv Cn! ""'•|_'U||L^ * V]* b 4k f t -^ ___ ___v ij-.J *"• IAA .kl 4l' _ 1* ' "•' l ' 1 ••"•" I I lend:* V, December Mb. ViH. Sl-IAilrt, V. S. i' ; .>- ,'.;- Tin 1 most \votn!eri'til of ail i'ianos. WAV. A. B. ('HASH, KMKKSOX, MSTKV. KrUTX.MANN, STKIMJN<; and others, Also INS1DK IM.AYKK 1MANOS. Very supply to si-ieet from. Lowest Prices; Easy Terms. Sherman Clay & Co New Fish Block- 1820 K Street Phone Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager GODLE hereby (hat irms M.ipk ImlbMp KtreelN, H;il<ersi)eh!, , , rub nnd n.l'ntdic Adtnitnst rat of: i, I l-:.'1 i "' ffn- KMa'e ot T.eo , ..,.--, ,., , -,-..,---, TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE I'aliionna. on Tue-,d:tv. (leeemb.M- Mb." onna. or mav b< -bled in tin t . lltiis -,; ;; uVlook li m '"' i -'ii«l i(a\ for; 1 '"' < ^IK oi the above innpi-d t-nipen-; ,the eh-Miop of o bn-tr,l «»f dh'erter'-; , "T ( ('eui 'I Hi -,i:>v , linie after fjie fir.-r f 'b(nnj'l'ji befiiVe' 11'..' Vne'r-! m''-' *' i .i;\l" is Pia<l*-. ' 1 llxf ' rt <>n i 1 ,i Ia ? lj " I irt) ! J * ll >» ana A T'i'XKH Sec\ ' J»":ie thi-^ l"ib dnv of Xovembe;-. ! onr-bal* ej 'he tax"H on all re;M prop- Ollice. roopi \o. i Pro.i'ir'. T- t i s 4 ;r\''J'"!V . . . . . ^\- A. Me(M\\'. (erty, wil! i>e <!-»(?;ai)d payable on the f K, r< ()V^r?'l)e r i'' rr ° ni l M<>»<'*y in October, and wll) cea;.-eil. ' ' b«! deiiiuiucnt on the la»t Monday la vornbor next therafter, at G o'clock m,, npi'I t:n!rsK paid prior SUMMONS i fifteen I«T <-ent will bo added to ''keui ^V-ue'V./r^'u'orn!-. 10 (: ' >IIlUy !a««^nt thereof, and that if said .1. (*. 'fhMimjn.M 1 . I'l'jiinHff 'vs. Silver! naif he not paid before the last Moth NOTICE OF ADMINlsTRATOR'S SALE OF MINING CLAIMS BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF FRANK LASS. AT PRIVATE SALE. . AtUtrtiev tor h's'ate. \\\\- In tjjo Superior Court of the Sta'- of California, m and for the Count •- o Kern Oil Cdtnoiinv. Hefendnnl. A'-tJoa broimht In tho. Superior In the matter of (he fHtate of Kraal; , Court of the Countv of Kern. Stati* of Lass deceived. , CaHtornia. and the Complaint (lied In Notice JH horebv Kiven that in imr-isaid Crtttntv <tf Kern, fn tlie ofllce of nuance, of an order of the Simef ior • UK* Clerk of .said Superior Court. Court In the Count v of Kern. St.iie oft The I'eoule of the State of t'liHfnr- Court In the (.'ountv f»f Keriv. St.ii California, inaOo on the !uh da.\ nt November, 1HDS, in the matter ot the ubov(» entitled estate, the nthfei-.-'itrned r of the esf'it" of K)*;inK . .ted, will sell on or after Mondjiv. the liOth dav of NnvMiiher. 1908, at private sale at the office of •JnomaK Scott. roomK L' ttml i. in tlie 3nnk of Rakersneld baildinr. corner )f i*U!b street and Chester avenut), be- No. ini»n ^ e i. Jei-K oi said superior Court. The I'eoi.le of tho Stato of California nend (jreetinc to Silver Bow Oil CuQinanv. inipanv. netendan!. You ;tr/« hereby rvon jn an action brcnmh the above-named olf to annear t von bv in the Su, ,.'lainuir m inc i,.. perior Court of the Countv of Kern. State <tf California, anil to answer the Complaint nied therein, within ten (exclusive of the dav of s(?rvieel day In April noxt, at 6 o'clock p, in,, an additional five per cent will b* added thereto. That the remaining one-naff of nc NO. lij(M) ^Oth Ktreet. Citv of Bak- erstlehi. County of Kern. SMte of Ciil- iforma. to the hiifhest bidder I'or caKh. cold eoin ,ol the Ignited States, and • vou subloot t(v eonnrnmtlon rlor C'onrt. all the rsfleld Bake on Supplies Tool STREET AND 24 230-L, M MAIN 29 AND PHONES .. -f ft <"••• • dA i i • tion ot said Sur;e- •< Claintiff wHl fnk ritiiit. MUe and HI- true o ynl interest of the estut* M'iiiiU l,;)Ks as bv operation of lav/ or otherwise actiulrod. other than "/• in ' said Superior Court addition to jha.t (if Hitld KranK l-a.-s. at i Kern. State .-,f CaHt'o the time ot IUK ib-atli. Ill ami d. all ! hohe certain minin-.r rlainiK M'r^j'-'^ n the Countv of Kern. Stafe ol" C;di orijla. am] more pai'Mcularlv fJe^rrihM an fo)ln\v>-. to-wit = 1. That eeptain omut/ ur'nin*/claim Kllualed In Ke\.-Kviile .Mim'in. C'ounu a her servloe (>n vou of thin Summons, if served \vlOjm .said Conntv; If served einewbere. within tliirtv days. And vou are lierebv notifiod that if all to.KO av*ift'ar and annw<?r. the indutnont for anv demanded in the , . . ,, upon Con t me •/i W W I l ''/'' v to uie.C'otirt for unv o ot saut • relief demanded in ih<< f'oi XVH.ntJHH on'.mind and t.,,, .„. «>f the Countv ./r . *, » v . rr *Ji!« *ni» 2mi «i..i of N<iveniher. A. \>. M'08, /SVah f, r.. .MILM5R. f|eo. R WhifrtUvr. Attorney for tinr. the taxes on all real property will payable on and after the first Moist- day in January next, and will be tVf* llnquent ou tho last Monday in AprK noxt thereafter, at C o'clock p. to* and that unless paid prior five per cent will be added amount thereof. to 2 ..7 That ail iaxc« m.v tho tUce Ux first IrifitalUfe f in provided, Is due and ( 3. That taxes may fu , t.f the Tax Colleuiur m rcurthonee between the honrff i/f 9 a, rn. and 12 m., nnd 1 p, m. an* rho Hea! of : 5 p. n-j. October 1, 1908. C. K. DAY, Tax rollrrtor. County, California. i:. »- NOTICE TO CREDITORS ^ iunl Hi at i' .'((nresaif) ;>nn )tno\% n ttK 'Die Crarliijlat-li OuiiM/- C'alm. con- taintnu hi teen hundred i !,'i'"t i H feet al'Hiu UK- c*Mit>;«' of t\\<' vein, three hundred f.'fi"*) f* »-J on ••;icb of (be middle of huhl >eiu. ,-:!id more part iciilnrlv (teserib*-d ;> - <! at t he location inopumenr -,\ ' sevi'ii hutidrcfi t\fi v » 7.," t ;'i jort he.a.^terJv tjlrer'i ion. :\\ s --\ hTi -.- i ,*:.<> i ]'. .•! in .1 SUMMONS. u f C..ui't OC I.'.,- CeMi T ' ( In fhf of l\"rn. Suit T M. Hiifli.'cns. i'lalntitr Oil Con.;,i(iv, J lefend a \etion bn.iiL.'M in th" s i;i'. ir » of i I \v< Y i nu ;• . fn r.'jf: { vutpt v i.J K<-rp, M,« ;,' fo= uin. and '!•'• ('opiui ur-t i- a C'Hi(;tv i'i K'-T u, If) r lie (,:IM e c* seven ('lerK of sahf Su(tfT. ; <M i't>n; ! . Tli/- P' Of!.' of ihe Sl;if • i- C,4 JjJ'i seiul in'* .-I inir rn Sii 1 .- : fi*nv , i c h ! i : d n . i Von are fi* rch . >- ; ifi T ) * i . ' i J * III'' ,1 ti.eiiih-i! notice ol location IM-MI.-I of rt-eo; d \\\ Volume I ft fdi ,'frfimi hj t*iir t; t s-'.M v-ti\ e H'." i of M tnin^. Hee* i ri!-- in the abote names i tin- i(eeoi'<!t'i 's oMiee. 3>"j j| CdUiit \. C;tllfo;nia. i|T '.airr flM\ -fjve (•',.", p. 1!. Aho that ceitiiiJi 'ttiait/ jninliur claim Known as Ti^er N'o. L'. MfKated T'i« ro '.on In |;.-J S'u- - Cj,{ nn> SJ»y<' r »*r Court jjj •.))«! fer t { ounfv of Kf-rn, State ol "alihr/iiii. IM, the matt*-) of the ent, 'e i (. Rm A NiMirlin, tfeeeai'ed Anhce fs Ju-rele. ; ivejj hv rhr UQ- ivluneil ;i!!](iinifUr;i'Hr of the ent.ato A Soiirlin deci-a 1 eij. to mn *»f. and aii pen en.- b.'iViniT H:e iitj fjereaned. to with the necessary . - loui nidiiths iifter th« r-'iburjit ntn itf rfus not ;e;it; jtii*- Ualor a I. '))( )e\v s. (Mat/, 'ooiim fi ainl 7 ii 'odluin Htiihijitti. in Hu» cjtv oi of Kera. Stalg O'( in T'lnueer Allnlnc Di.-irir-r, in said Kern Counlv. boundetl and described ayfojlowH. neuinninir on \VeKterlv side of Tiller No 1. ruuiiitiir diucoouiiv into baia Tieer No! 1. ana situated on Boa- nerve wri sa elnewero. within t mlnmtrntor Anil vou are hereby notUUid that If "'t»"u"t^bY"first oubUcatlon you rail to fio aouear a ad aaawer, tho 10, ^^" WUW^VOMWM 11-

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