The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on February 15, 1872 · Page 3
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 3

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1872
Page 3
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ftlUUSDAY KVEMMii FEB. 15. t,yx.;Er2J !i? 'Mus and Gossip'. AMU8KMEHT8 THIS EVENING. A Stable Institution. Just wlion all Stable men wero iiomplstanig that tie horso liniments wo "unstable" romodios, tho MUSTANG LINIMENT made its nirv Into Missouri. From that dajr It has rolgood witti - ont a rival tbxoutbtout tho Western and Southorn Slotss. It euros rheumatism, neurllgia, bruises, barns, wound!, sprains, tumors, soro nipplos and coked breasts. Ab a homo medicine. It is not a whit behind Us oolobrtty as a horse liniment. 1 1 1 1 i , irt - n - tf - nrrTirrre.T'V - ri, - L;,gM . f FOR SAM5 - MOUSES. ax - r,ai i : , .,,,,.., nKV.nXlS. " liHi Good morning, Brown. "Where do sou got all your good clothes ? 1 Morning. "Why, I buy my ANTBD - A YOUNG MAN A GOOD butcher. 160 Myrtle ay. - . rulinr fiTDT IV) l WANTED A UJivu,!...;. coneril houBOWork; ono who understands, plain, oockttg. Apply t 146 Plertepont st. oll2t ANTED A GIRL, TO DO GENERAL housowork; mnst have good roforenooa; Gorman - .fnrrad. Anpiy at No. 50 Wllioughby St. A"WTTBTiTIH.I,S. 11 WUtttV Wil BoKLYN THEATRK - Tbo Duko's Motto. THKATRK. - M.ittle aliacip, mo IfclPlO THE ATRR. Variety Kntsrtaiomei. LEY'S OPKRA HOUSE. - Mlnstroi ... DP.MY OF MUSIO - Kngllsn Ofra - ,; , - rble lirtdo. KNKUM New Hibernleon. HANY CHAPEL - r.xnitiltlon u. ANN'S ON THE HEIGHTS Locture by Rot. S. g.dr. .. , LLA HALL Lecture by hev. 11. M. ualiaoor. JUG MUX'S 1 HR1STIAN ASSUVJ1 ATlU. - i - ec . Cnl.'ouarles 0. Jonos. Jr. Bi i.amK'STHEATIMS, N. Y. - Tho Vetoran. BP" - " .. , ... TJH'S THKATJttl,. r. 1. donas vjujeav. H AVRNUK IHEALKK, a, x. i - Hvorae. tu Ol'IillA HOUSE, N. Y. European HypotlM - Ootnuany. MPIO THEATRE, N. Y. - llumpty Durapty. LO'S O ARDHSN, N. Y. - Tho Bkick Crook. IiVBRY THEATRE, N. Y. - The Boy Dctccnro - n the Ix)oi0. JATOHOOMiQUffi, N. Y. - Ooraic Vo. - alls - J". o - CtS, AO. JAMES' THEATRE, N. Y. - Marrlags. !10N SQUARE THEATRE, '. Y. - - Nogro Acts.uur - o, Ballet. Ac CD'S MUSEUM, N.Y. - Forfnrmrieeso.erj alter - ana evening. narung. ... . !y ANT'S NEW OPKRA HOVSli, N. Y. - MinStrel Sy - TOURTII STREET THEATRE, N.Y. - Ncgro atricltles, AO. , r , . N FRANCISCO MINSTREL HALL, N. Y. - Nogro ntricitics, etc. TnY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE, N. Y. - Burlosque, si. Dances, .so. , , W YORK C1ROU3. Scones In tho Ring, Acrobats VILlO.V, pft y.Vlonna Lidy Orchestra. groceries for cash from Gbay Bbob. 4 BAOKOS, and save ,,.,t, , ts. hnv m a neir rii. That's hovf 11 Is done. Yon Villi find their stores at AOS. so uu - " t m st. and 4'U Atlantic av. Go for 'oin. fol5atTh43 lie fourtU EQition of tbo Brooklyn ily Kaglc Is supplied to iVcwsdeal - , carriers, and the Public ol the Astern District, m nun - iiiii M., at e Distributiua: Aarcncy of D., near Uoosevolt street IFcrry. French Clocks and Bronzes. A new an J select assortment of the latest s lies maf oo ' Messrs. Hart Bbo.'s, dealers lu jewelry d onds and BtorUng silver ware, and keepers o! tho city time Sales - SL a'd manufaciory. 213 and 315 Iton st, Corner of Johnson. . no: who wish it reliable hair preparation .houM buy Hall's Vhoetadle StclLlaN Uaib ; Renevv - - bu. ltlicompountioaoi iua f"""""" ' tbo strictest caro. 6 0 Curb for Coctoh or Gold. As soon as there li tho slightest uneasiness of the onost, Wlta am. - eulty of breathing, or indication of oougb, take during tho day a few Bbom's Bnoscniai, TnoQHKS. Faii, not to use Dooley'b Yeast Powder if von doslrosweot.nutrmous rolls, biscuits or pastry. His (bo most oconomlcal. froo from injurious substances, wilt keep In any climate, and fnll wolght guarantoed. Vor aalo by all grocers. "Necril" has only to be tried to be appre - eialcd. Ko person suffering from the terrible dlseaso, neuralgia, slionld be without a bottfo. Try it and be convinced, bold by all druggists. fel53t V,T,T.NTiNEfi. Valentines, Vaientines. T.idies and cents, please call ana examinu uui Valentines, tho finest over offorod In tho City of CburcUBS. rnoMAS Yf. WOODS, No. 303 If niton st. bowB: also an oporator, 112 Tenth st, cor 1'hird.av, second floor. 1T5TANTED - A YOUNG GIRL, TO DO T Y light chnmberwork, and to mako nersoll gonorai - ry useful. Apply ntI39 Gates av. WANTED A GOOD biKL, suk y? - oralhousowork; with good references. Apply a 2P8 Adams st. . WANTriD A GOOD OOOK, WASHER and Irnner. In a family of live persons. Good references required. H enry st. - k - kt a - ktwh A N IN11TTSTI5IOUS WOM - W an tor general housoivork. Wagoa 15 per month. References required, 77 Cumberland Bt. Wmntmaiiart young qmh, V to do upBlairs work In a small i familj and to as - .lit in the caro of a ohild.Apply302Union1t WANTKDA COMPETENT WAIT - reae and chambermaid. Apply with good city rof - orenoes at 54 First place. . CXrANTED - A PIRST CLASS OHAM - fV borniai1, whooanoome woll reoommendea. Ap ply at 81 Columouioisuis. . i.. ,1 - fx OTAUV WANTFD TO illltJll a niuciui" house a shn,t distance oast of City Hal Brook lyn. AddrooB, stating lout and locattoo. ROMKK. Hatltt "AOTEDAaMALL HOUSE, OB THE office. VV lower pt of a house. In a good looatlon, oonve. niinttoFul.oJ Forry. Address, stating part.oulars, to jjfJX ai.OlO 11. - aTeTRnPOB OASid A rlAJNAi - H. W some, good silo, Bound, and gontlo horse for family Address, lj101aI1S18 Greene av, toil a - FOB r ANTED A GIRL, TO COOK, WASH ,n,t)ron. In a small family. Apply at 210 West Warren st, cornor ofClinton. WANTED A GIRL, AS CHAMBER - n,aid and waitress; none neod apply without tho best references, at 117 state st. To Our Readers. SVe have estabhsliert agencies tor uio saie he Eaoi.i: :it some of the principal business points Jew York City, as follows : .stor House steps. . p. lluckwood, Crand street Ferry. mUU Side Railroad, James slip, Jow lort. iVi.oilriiir llrothcrJ, Erie Railway Ferry lluiiumgs, uer ol Chambers street. New York. 'Postponement. The Atnenenm neiua u - .,inr..i.TtHaturdaT afternoon, Dr. Coltou s nosi '.i.,in f. - .tte ntacc on .Saturday afternoon of X' - wec - l. WANTED A GOOD CUUis., A" downstairs work, and assist with the washing and Ironing. Apply otCJIntr.Jrom rto ,8 o'olook. v - r - vnywnA SMAUT. ACTIVE LAD, VY 15 or 16 years of age, in a gent's ","',nin8rtBS"i must resido with parents ; reforonoos roquirod. Adttross MhBCHAH l, Hngieomce. ANTED AN EXPERIENCED Woman, for general housework, in s . fam y of hreo irtultj.. r.ftv roforoncos roquirod. Call at 287latos av, third house north east of Franklin av. w - WTAHTWh 11 ' II! tl 'Vil I',. Wl a two story, basomont and . suboollar house near Fulton and Flutbush uvsj prioe not to eioeoaisvyo Srir Address, s.a.lng terms and toyBM ,, WM., l'lttlDUSU r. yj. . - v - , f" ANTED BY A KlSbl - nc lABbt, la - (nillsen't rirl. who is a good sower, an opportunity 1 uvau avt .v r. . TO LET FURNISHED. COMPLli L'ii, anew 8 - story and basement house to. a smal i family ; mrTfuir TPnHssTcSrtTnN MARCH 1 A ntr k - K T "CTV. V tension frwno hoaso. Inquire on tho Pamlsefl. Uf A i uI.TH Oum l.RTlniruin av. iwu' SU)m UIIIUOi .uw" , o - lBGrovo place. near Hanover plaoo, uemoou st and Fulton av. iiET A 2.8TORY fcl5 3t HOUSE, OB SALE - ?ie,000 - eg Columbia Heights: two romutoB iromrnivuu view :elemnt and oompleto lour siory orunu """I",; U n.VIU OQC TJnnrl Bt. N. Y. forred. No. 60 - 1 AVGUUOf , - TiTKTANTFfOBUY, A FIRST CLASS W house in a good neighborhood, on ihe Hill: price 19B Rcmsenst. ANT1SD TO - PURCHASE, IN Ai' 1 - hrlok hoilSB. With w not to oxecod $10,000 J. H Kagle omco. - , . liiiiKTip VlTTTtT WTtT ANTED TO VVX, urv ni.."" W r,T. f i,.in n Kmall house, from ten to flf - teen thousand'dollars (810,000 to 816.W. ?,"fpY; fcrrod. Sond price, terms and location to PRINClFai tTlDBY A FAMILY OF THREE W persons, to rent, or lease from March 1, a small modern house Ither furnished or unfurnished ; must bo withm twenty minutes of Fulton Forty. Address ALfcXIts Kae WfflC0' ANTEDIMMEDIATELY WEL1j built two and thro story houses, of all desorip , il'!f?.R .tar,. Send full particulars to 39 Nassau stroot, Now York, or oo7 Tu.ThiS tf Seal Toucans, Seal Caps, Seal Gloves, at greatly reduced prices. Balch. PHICE Jc l.,(u Bilow 4 Co.,) 1 Fulton St. "Netjril" has cured Neuralgia when all other remedies have fallen , n aiip" - ita height, it will give lstant relief. fe!2 3t M.Tailn giAKUItlD. n,,,,v(ln Wednesday, febraary 14. 1879, bjJ$JX A? K. OH.BI of Eltlngvillo. p. .i,rf Cattnach In Brooklyn, on Wodnosday ovon - IngPebrnaA by the Rev Hour,, I. Van Dyke, I.EOKflE UM i)i K York, to LIZZIE E daughter of John Caituach, Ksq.. of Brooklyn. Monjo - Haiivky - Iu Brooklyn, on Monday. Hobrnary 12 ! 2. at the residence of ttie br do's unclo, Edward Mrvi v K - a . No. 21 - u Livingston st. by too Kt. Rev. John Lou"b!in, iiishop of Brcoklyn, Louis Mokjo, Jn., to Katk J. HAHVBl, ail Ol luw iiJ. WANTED A SMART, TiDi, nyi - n girl, with good city reference, to do upstairs work and minfchiHren,in private family; good home; wages, 86 per moolh. Apply at 17fi Putnam av. VT&7ANTED - A FIRST CLASS COOK, W washer and ironer; good city references required Apply at S94 Washington av, near Oreone or, from 6 to S) o'clock P. M. WANTED - A GOOD COOK, WASHER WV arjn ironcr - .also a girl, for chamberwork and vralt - tag; referraces required. Vpply at 219 Carroll st, near Court. . .. WANTED A WJBAT, X1JJ1 about 16 years of aco, to assist at housework In S sroal family ; to a flood c.p! good wagos ta offorod. Call at now Ho. 71) PiOrtU UXloni Bt, nuar catw. uv. , 417 I' ll. ton av, urouniyu. zzz antedaTdbessmakeb. TO Sf come associated in bnBiness with a lady pleasantly located on the Hill ; "oo who ha. a thorough i knowledge ol the business in ell 'its branches mdispensablc. Address for three days A. O. M EogleoBice. tola at tetanteT) IMMEDIATELY, lots W for cash, between Kranklin av and Ralph av, De - A'i??l&i - 39 Nassau st, .B, T "oSTwater 5nd gas, largo yard i and stable .room ; rentSSOpBrmontn. inquire ou f" fQl&3t 1 A no nnnJ. Mnllfl aV. r,ff.T,T?lj''P WITH. TO LET 2 7 y UUJM xvfl Dinu"' - ' " " "nilhed or unfnrnished. Moi - ..lJ partial payment taken in board 1"? y partfen - xrns; possMslon immediately U roquireu. i 'c'M6lt toB address RENT, Bagl offlce. w at rriO - LBT - 158 REMSEN ST, NEAR ' I ' ion thT third floor, about 23i60 ft ; can bo easily Jr - rW3f 1fe"iK,SS SiSSto WtoD? J?M?0HA7NC1?V, S07 Montague st. fe 0Th,S4Tn . . - mTTTifl' BY LEONARD MOODY, 208 rr0.,L?i : ? Vr n,t - A large, three story, party on easy ttrms. - .7 - . - t - , iVi t .uaaif.(N THE HILL ri1U,""rbrlok house: high stoop ji. iia auviii' - r - y . n.i."Q . ll i mnrovoments : and brown Btone basement, sio finn lAeation two complete order: immediate possesion: hno loca blocks east of Washington Park. Apply to tnoe,3w - "?r' next door. No. 181. ttt - . r"i i - .v T n, - iii"ijij Tni.unAN'P L ARGE MAR - at.. Brooklyn. - mojLiNliIciW .A "TlSto SWorpVyoar, Annly or F - OR SALE - ONEIOHB LEFT OF "tasonfcUetwodFrenohwo htato st, between Novins and Powers sts: Price low , Wrrna eaBy. Inquire on tho prornlses.6! - 1 w - - - I?OR SALE - ORTO LET THE BROWN Vtc Pw hous" with all modem taBljf B2A., f'??,l A "".'I", K '"tori's WSbUI BRO., 78 Pearl st, N. Y. 4! - rW" Hon good; 31) minutes from nulton Ferrr. Apply 4J Fulton st. - FOR" - SAlOlTCLINTON STREET, two j OM tronthousos. No. 9 and S50: size, 20x45 fo.X 16 feet; all "jodern imp,vemon s; nejjr the cars ar,a ferrios. Apply to E. M. DAYbulldor.jn btate at, or 40 hebormernorn s.. OR SALE IN BROOxS - LXiN - uxiBvar - ? A ilrst class brown stone house ; tho mvner being Foul to remove from tho city mu soil at .; . locniion desirable. Address r . v., liox ioc, . i'. r. u. re', lin , V. . t t - . nu'HItU UTfllfP. pnniJT Bill K Mil li, 1 1 1 V. , , 1 UAViiu - . nil Imnrovements: 03 Woodhull st: store property 623 and 1.2 - 2 Court st, ; store property 347 Ulitn av., near iniru St. : store property cor. mcuaruu ima,f.i,a '. - , iV.i, nirS ont'JP A I7TI?54T flT.ASS t1 tenement house; woU rentod to a line olass of .nmb.iml navinc a argo per contago on vamp ; a uno w porlunity to mako a good invoatinont. Address d.m, KAStl.SlI''lalbU3ll av. fol3St'Tu,rh4S tTTin - p SAT.FON GATES AV A TVYU Ml , . P.,knallo, bniiani 9 rooms: n. story. niiHeinuiiu nui, rr loi.20xl00; reason for selling, owner wisnes w ; city. Inquire en tho promises, lo. 473 Gates av. between Hostrand ana Alarcy u t OOB SALE A FOUR STORY AND Improvements; in thorough repai riMMB fln3' lrom niton uorry; msu biu"L1u ' ,00 casu. Auares. u..., x. FIRST EDITION EAGLE OFFICE, 1 V - M - SP0ETS AND PASTIMES. prico 411.000; $2,1,00 o,re3, N.Y., within ti on days. ! - 7 ANTED A GOOD PLAIN COOK, Apply at 8t)9 vV Tvahor and Ironor; bIbo, a phimDormaid and waitrcps: itiueI. coroo well re com monad a. Bridf;o fit, 2d door from Wiuougnoy an. ITRTANTJfflD A OAAUL. assu iwiioi - V V worthy irl. tooo gonoral housowork in a family of tliroo. one but Iboso well recommonded nood apply acSSToirdst. w DIED. I!ELL - On Wednesday. February 14, IB1!!, of eonsump - KnriDEN Death. Kiehnrd Managan, iour n vi - ars old, who resides with his father at ri l'ros - ct etrcet, died buddeniy yesterday aiternoou. J Ironer was notified to hold on hinucst. Accident. Barbara Snyder, eighteen era old. who rtsidca on tho corner of Hudson avenue lid riymonth Btreet, was seriously injured yesterday, k being cauput in the machinery of the mat factory ol uruiule & Co., 2o0 Water street. Citt Court Calender Friday, February t 18TU. Xos. JC5, 282, ZJ, 'ili:i, ai, i'Jti, r - , i", h lf.i, 47. 177, 20S, 209, 200, 211, 212, 213, 214, 213, he, 21S, 219, 22U, 221, 222, 22. 221, 225. Sneak Koeeery. A sncalc thief got into ! f of William I.eavy, 131 Fulton street, yo3tcr - ay ml Tiiooa, during the absence of the proprietor, nd got away with three pairs of pants. He hasn't ,een seen since. Sugar TniEYEs. Edi ;irtl Sweeney, "William Irnrlev and Thomas Fceney, al' beys, were arrestcu on .charge of having stolen a barrel of sugar irom nuo ront of Segelkeu's grocery store, on tho corner of State md Hickfl slrccts. They were brought before Justice hvalsh this rnorniuf; and remanded for examination, t'nn Mrs ANNK Bki.l, in tho 29th year or uer gc. ' Friends d t he flmlly' are respectfully invited to attend her luneral on Friday. 16th inst .. at 3 P. lrom "th 1'rcsbyto.rian Church, corner of Clinton and Amity sts. DCHKI.Y Mra. JANE A. DUNKLY, wifo of Leonard DThelyf'rfernds and relatives aro invited to attend the funeral services at 234 P. M.. on Haturday, 17th. at bt. Luke's F.plaeopal oanioQ, uuiuu " - - i BrniiKiyn. D JUOHEnTT In BrooElyn, on rtunin j n. utizABETll. youngost daughter of Joseph and Jane Dousbcrty. . tfu - Invited J no menus a .u T:rrUL.;.,,fhmti. In attend tno lunonii iroiu - r 6a Adelphl Bt, on rnuay, ava . . On WeAneaaay. 1'eoruary n. uwu. ......... rt,,nihnir of John ana maxia ww"""", agod'lliycare, 11 months and six days. Fatal Casualty. At about four o'clock on Tuesday afternoon last, a girl namca miryatuor k - .iK fatally burnod in Kent, neir Myrtle avenues oy Iher clothes takinR Are from a grate in front of wlaoh Li,n ma oittioiT. rocking a cradle. Sho was taken to tho rcfidence of her parents, No. 600 Flushing avenue, wtiere Ebo died at Joai o'clock yestorday morning. Corout - r Jones v,I hold an inquest. Cut AYitii A Brick. At throe o'clock yesterday afternoon an old man of seventy, named John Lawrence, was struck on tue neau wnu u oiict, nn walkiuK along Columbia street, and severely cut. Ills wound was dressed at St, Peter's Hospital. Ho managed to get in a crowd of boys who were pelting each otlif r with stones. !'iie funeral wdltake place on Friday. 16th, at 2 o'clock, frotiJ 6 Mercem stroot. , iinrTi Tn RmnklvD . of consumption, on Wednesday, Ffbrmiry 1 - 1. JOHANNES JaOEB, naUvo ol Amateraiun, 1 ?!3SS T Sendrha'eaffy invited to attond. JELIY. - On Thursday, February 10, iiu, oi consumption. THOS. JELLY, aed 52 : - nrs and nine .months The friends of the family , re respectfu ily invited to attend the fnnoral from his la ) residence, 17o Lafayette av, on Saturday, at 10 A. M. McNLLY, On Thursday, thll5th inst., 1873, DaNIESj .nHod to V - hi.fnneralatao'olock, or batnrday, tDO lirnimn,.. I, hlltn rnsidonce. No. 2: Noslrana av. mama will ho taken to Calvary felfi 2t Richmond Tn Brooklyn, on tho 14th inst., Cath ebjbte F., widow ot the late NaUianicl Richmond in tho bdih yoa fFunera!'srvieoat tho house of her son - in - law Samnol HopklnB. 905 Van Buren st, Friday at 12 o'clock. Remains will bo interred in K'oirport, B. I. Smith. Very suddenly on Tuesday, February 13, isa - BIS,Aldostaughter of Isabella and the late Mlnard Kmith need 17 years, 2 months and 28 days. Was' interred it Greenwood, on Wodnosday. tho Uth. Van PELT. - On Wednesday. Fobruary 14, 1872, WM. TT Van PELT, ngod 48 years and 10 months. nnd friinds of the family, also Common wealth Lodco 409 F. A A. M - , and Orient Chapter R i iTari respectfully invited to attend his funeral from his lata residence, OR Sunday, 18th, at two o clock, 1'. M., 77 Clermont av. ie - ,l Watkws - AI tho M. V. A., Staton Island, Mrs. Eliza beth WATKlKB.aged ,6 years. ANTED A NEAT, STEADY GIRL. j. i . in n email f umllv : must y to oi, l"i'i" i""""" . Slio.r.r.r" hr,VinnRnnd hongooa wanner aau uouai , n " e tKnii and Kevins. leis it r ANTED TWO GOOD GERMAN girls, for kitchen anu on";' . first class with roieencos need apply al is uroonu av. fol5 2t r ANTED A GIKL, TO DO iitsm - n .r,'. i. . .mll f.milv One who Is a good washer and ironer, nd witli good rooommondatton myciJlat28.1Clormo3tjiv feisai rANTED A THOROUGHLY, uuin - oetent chambermaia sna waitress, u,ua first class city references. Apply I'riaay morning iron, 9 to 11, 64 First placO; t"ito) GOOD. HONEST. GER - W man girl, to de general housework ; if aiittlegreen wo will long aa Bho i3 willing, at 143 Noblo st, fironnnint . Address, with rofor - r 227 Brooklyn P. u. h - itUTM1S ll'lUS'l' IJLiASS VV woman, in a largo ladies' suit '"etory; a good sit uation for an oxporioncon perHon, enees. A. B. C, T1STAN1ED Y V em bro ON THE HILL, A MO D - nr,.h i4.onn or fflls.aoo. in exchange, on a cash basis, tor a goooonca , "' V" W,500, mi 1 batace in cash ; a good oh anoe 'or a oar tf reduce expenses Apply CUU14,01U J'UlIOnBV, U"ium ZZ - - - T17ANTED TO BENT A SMALiLi UUi - W taire. wltb four or five r - ioms. with ono or mote acros of ground, on Long Island, within fifteen miles of place, nandy to tbo cars, TSTANTED - OLD GOLD AND SILVEB, .yy. swiv' - sss!.h" ll bn,poildbooof ii Mnni.YNN'S. American Watcn ana uiock wopuy. Knlton fit betwpen ltaymond and ienx ata. iuho, wScnes amljewelrVropiirod and warranted. American I ..atnhng nr. PiW TiriUE". " - - w ANTED P A R T I E S H A T I N G apartments ana nouses io iei, 2 if And for. that aro situatod botwoeu Oxford st and if il. h av lioKalb av and State st, will please sonu mu p'arVieulars t o jK - A. FISHBH . I4VI Fulton av, op. posito tho car stables, or 39 Nassau Bt, room 22, N. Y. w ANTED - SECOND HAND PURNI - Famll os having mmiiuru, Y""'"?r ,l nr rtt.hnr household ROOdS to diS - pose of in" any "quZtitv Harge or small) can get a good b? ddressing BUYB.Kaglo offlce B. - Furni. lture. sc., appra.ou f - u 6t, experience - - r .nnv A LADY. DOING W business on Fullon avonuo, a largo unfurnUhod i.onrd for Snndavs nn y: looatlon SandCpaartlcula.k:'KAMSKY, Brooklyn P. O. fol4 bt' TED - TO RENT OB LEASE, ON tv,a win a tm acory auu uaauuiuuu uuiu - t iir - .tr liouoo. containineabont oight rooms, toa family ot nTturolf in "good order and on satisfactory terms; must nave "..Won March 1. Address, stating terms i and lo - oation, HORATIO, Eaglooffico. f ANTED A SWEDE, GEBMAN OK Rood wasner ana ironer. aupij to " ' TY block from Fulton av, and below Franklin av. Wages $i4. WANTRD - A NEAT GIRL, WHO CAN dive good references and do plain st wing, as oham - bormaicfanf waitress in a small family. Call at 131 South Ostortl st. BOARDING. The re - .'erootery, for inteftnent. B OAKD - TO LET, AT 83 BEMSEN ST, Ri - onklvn Heights, doairableroomB. TjiEE'rnyc;.s. A MEETING OF THE JEFFERSON - f IN DEMOCRATIC GKNKKAL uuMJin ii'.iv h d nt (heir ho.idauartors, Urls' Acadoiny, on In. at o'oiooa. WANTED A GIBL, FOR GEJSJllKAL, housework; mnst be a good waBher and irpnor, and nlain cook; house has all improvornonts. Apply at 183 Madison st, hetvreeiijodmlJoBtoild avs TfANTED - A NEAT. TIDY, PKOTES - YV tsnt woman, to do the gonoral housowork of a small nrivato family of three adults : would had this a good plaoe a?d a comfortable homo. Inquire at No. W Jefferson st, Ormond place, Brooklyn. fel5 Jt XTANTED - ACOMPETENTGIBL,FOB Y 7 a small family, must no n "Si.r' . ,!,, ironer and goed p ain oook, neat, and willing to assist SV, ih ,m.tair. work occasional y; none.nood apply without the best of references.Oail at 26oonnton av. WANTED A GOOD COOK, WASHER and ironer. in a small, private family, to take the entire charge ol the kitchen ; only those with first olass references neod apply at 27 Cambridgo pi, nearGroono av, between tho hours of 10 and 2. . ANTED TWO GIRLS, ONE AS cook, washer and ironer, tho other as ohambnr - maid'and waitress; must bo first class ana navo goo.. . ielerencos; for whioh Uberal wages wiU bo paid. 2oO President s . ANTED - A COMPETENT WOMAN, to cook, and assist with general housowork, for a family living a short distance out of the city; references req. rod. Call at 115 Columbia Holghts. comer of Pmo - it. , . XA7ANTED A GIKL, TU lAiviU uanr. T of a young baby and to ao plain bowiuk : u ' .i - oATtDFIRST CLASS ROOMS AND honrd at Nos.'Bl ana tti ijeiunium ravis"i.3. "V".n. " advantecos of Turkish batlis.u aesireu. felO 12t mo LET POSSESSION Ht.YrfhrinC JL ly - a neat, elegantly furnished three Yt H honso is brick; W stories; with mod uso, with all modern Improvements; Has, batu. "auen aJjdin , (rijBr ,, ho ,B?en h0o y wash tubs; glass, ohlna and sliver ware "no"'ae; - Apply to WILLIAMS i POTTKR, 21 II let ot vorv moderate rent. .Can bo soon from i to 4 foH &, o'clock, 281 Dean st, between Novins ana Powers, io'.o at 170R SALE ON EASY TJSKB1&. mt, I1 house and lot,.258 Clormont av. near DeKalbjtbe weon v ana s r. ni. !08 Frqnt st, rt, x. . . . - . Tr ,,,TTLiln TO LET A 3 - STORY, BR1J15 - nvvan, .. . rnlshed comoieto. onClermont av. to a . resnon - toing eight, months of the tll ,Bon socond floor. Apply to CANDBiS J,JlJi. otMn nrivnto famflv. for tho board of o 'ooi; """ cniiarcn a two roomB fiin Vnlton st. rnh TUip A UKTOTT HOITSK. USS tiaa - , n w ax Za t,w: furniture tho house hmidBomely furnishod and take part ront, in board lor lady and ohild 4$ years oia. t., Brooklyn f. u. Addross D. K. F. TOLETPARTIALLY FURNISHED - A nTaVried c?n'plo desi' to'beard with the party, who must w.o uvjMsu .m - n v,c nu hntween Hp. party terms very low. appijin"' n"i''i - fiieta lrnlltn avs. IOiaol mO LET THOSE NEW THREE SToHY Twn,stone houses, corner Atic and Albany Jto,'eslrSXs7C70andS3W7 closet, range and all Improvements ; would exchange for Y , or 202 Cumberland st, Brooklyn. , mVTTTTfilsnMBI NEW FIRST CLASS I three, story houses, on Grand, PnS r. perfectly dVyand Teady for occnpaUon ; renU moderate w private . families ; most ot them are brown r6nivr1eTv,TTomB.BLANc6Vl3 i "c An n it i ini' iir crlTl1'PA'rJ A V H 1 fioutli nf Mvrtle, a tbroo story, high briok basoment, subediar, frame houso, filled in with briok; nearly new; all itpprovements: aizo 2Ji4l)xlOt) ; partly furnishod if desired. For particulars inquire of tho owner on promises. fcl - Ut - SOH SALE CHEAP AMD ON EASY I ' terms of navment. those throe fine Httlo cottage housos. Nos. 73. 76 and 78 Chestnut street, Brooklyn, K. L., anitahlo for mechanics or other laboring mon. Inquire on premises, or of CHAKLlto D. niioiuj.", aiv, Broadway, K. Y. ? 12t TOBALB - TWO HANDSOME NEW HI i t - n .'nn. thrun aforv hnnnmnnt snd sab - Cellar; 12 rooms; have all improvornonts : neighborhood first class: convenient to all the ferries. Inquiro on the premises, 193 Dean St. bet iloys ana uona sts. ioiozi SRTOR SALE OR EXCHANGE - IN Hi 1,1 1 1,1 - ntlnTrtnn'a mnU nnnn. with tour Of I n(r,hr hnnrtrnrl frill t trfiOS in full b Bar ing: houao has' all'mudern improvements, such as a ciU - ii P.T1AV Rfir 13 Kluahinir.L. I. tdl Ut4 SECOl) EBITM EAGLE OFFICE, a P. OT. OB SALE OR EXCHANGE A NEW .1 i t , .nna Hnrnllinrr. In A flan tic. TlSar Albany; 2Mx45; aU modern improvemouts : only 8500 cash renuired, balance by installments: would exchange for un encunii)ered oity lots. Address Cox 3,82tJ, N. Y. P. O. B1 rl hrntir. atr,na if I mm In aft. t.hrOG Story DaflO - ment;twol70 rooniB with improvements, 816 Wa5r1nrt.s,,'' hot. Court aud Smith. Boutli dido ; will soil cheap at S8.2oU ; half can rcmnin oTk ruortRUBe. Inquire ou the promtBos. or TO I.ET - APABTMEWTS. T O LET A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH - out bonrfl, at 236 Adams Bt iimm niawi.Y V UKNl S H E JL) i. with orwitDOUl i - o ,'v doors above Prospect. OARD - TWO HALL BUDROOMS TO JL let, with good boara. Apply at. 103 nuuiiswiiH fel4 6t BOAKD - WITH NICELY FURNISHED rooms, for gentlemen, or gentlemon and their wives Apply at 23 Nassau st, opposite Gallaher's church, foioet , TJOAKD - LARGE AND CHEERFUL n rooms, newly furnishod, for marriod ooupios or sln - gVgentfeman; telrms very moderate. 168 Hall stnear Myrtle av, south. SDABD - A LARGE, PLBASAJN 1 Bj room, with board, for a gontloman and wife or two ii5"lo gontlemon: also, hall bedroom; family private. ,,0 u.l,.,n,Dinrn st. ICJ !1icKrocKET3 at A Fuxehal. Mrs. James Mooro, of uSDean street; Mrs. Thomas Dunn, of tho same number, and Mrs. Dalton, of Remseu street, ihile attending the funural of Mrs. Moore, at 88 Dean siieei, had (heir prokets picked of various sums, aniounling in total to $00. Tho thief is supposed to have been a - woman, with dark hair and dressed in dark Clothes, :' - id of about twenty - two years of age. Snow Cake Kobbeby. Last evening the show case in front of Cornelius Hurley's shoe - maker's shop, Xo. "iSO Filltcn street, was broken open and robbed i f three pairs gents' iioots, and three pairs of gaiters, valued at $30. Officer Kickard of the Fourth Precinct, on hearing of tho robbery, pursued the thii.vep, and ill their llifjht they threw away half the property, which was restorod to tho owner. Nourreat. The Funeral of Jobs Glass. The funeral of .lnhii (ilaff. who receutly died from injuries received at No. ir.9 Sassau street, Hew York at tho bands of Costello, took place yesterday from the Church of Ht. Andre A3 in Diione street. The body waa followed lo tho church by a large crowd of the relatives and friends of tho deceased. The burial took Place at l kdlush. The Faitst Club. To - morrow afternoon ot five o'cljck, in the Maisou Doree. on Montague streit opposite ttic Academy of Music, iho Faust Club will hold a special meeting. Officers for tho ensuing yi ar r.v.i to he el' c!ed, the amount of expenditure for rent. k., determined, new members balloted for,and other I,. iiic of ccmal iniiiortanco trauaacted. A lart:e allf - i. dance i: - autielpal, d. .,r,L.n.v LVl'VIKC I,ph,nrT w. n. Gardner. Socrotary. . TiEMOCRATIO OKHBBAL .COMMIT - B ItJb - A meeting of tho DEMOCRATIC GK.NI5 - K AL CM RlITn K w"n be held ou I'UURSDAY KVB - MNG February 15. at 8 o'clock P M.. at Headquarters, Court's? ?or 7fKemen. A full attendance is raquostod. uoun St., TUK(S G bekgEX, Ckoiriuan Pro Tern - O R. Heuman. Soc'y. Pro Tcm. 'ol.i . "fTAUST CLUB THE ANNUAL MEET - jD inof thoFAUSTCLUBwillboheldat tho MAI - iX)N DOI1KK." No. 187 Montaguost, on bBIDAY, tob - micste" Business of unusual lmportaoo wiU bo trins. JcS; C. U. H4.NSAM. Secretary pro. ton). Iel4 St LUST ANU FOIJrVll. T!rm.;n as - Tin: BEPOftTEKs. It is "sttiua to bo a vrrv oomnion habit of loafers when arrested by the police in the commission of any act of deviltry, to uive Iktir busir - cts ub reporters in the hopo that there. by tl;e n ay be leniently dealt with. At midnight, last niaht. a fellow who gave his name as James White, and said he was a reporter, broke into the basement of Clinton's hat store. 07 FuKou street, for the purpose of sle. pii:" there, but was caught by Officer Nelson, and taken iLto custody. If any respectable paper has a re porter i t this stamp the sooner his services aro dis pensed vr it h the belter will be for aU concerned. Dedication' of the Cnuncn of thb Coye NAv, - T. This church is just completed, at tho oornor of Classon avenue and Baltic street. It la a handsomo brown stone building, 00 by 40 feet in sine, with a high ornamental slate roof. It will accommodato 358 people. The congregation bas been gathered and has worshiped for over three years iu the Atlantic avenue Mission Chapel. They now enter upon a now careor in a new neighborhood as an independent churcH The dedication will take place this evening (Thursday), at 7! o'clock. Rev. Edward Beocher, D. D., will preach, and tho Pastor, Rev. Franklin Noble, will make a statement of the present condition of the church. AIOTSEJJIENTS. OST - A REWARD OF 35 WILL BE q J paid for Iho return to No. 105 Joralemon si. of a nit If, wlltte, curly noireu Charlie.' AnBwers to the name of 10 la .ic, - apply unless they have had oxporlonco and i can give nrs. rr.l.'',... - . ftnil bntweon land oP. M. at loO Koss rl..s tt. Krooklfn. V. A FIRST ULiASS V) J n. ; ono who thoroughly understands her business aaa i . - ..i innr innthavn cnod city reior. on5j : none others need apply. 213 Washington av. YSTANTED - ANTED AN EXPERIENCED woman, to do general housework for a family of three adults; those having good reforenco may appis ai 087 Gates av. third house northeast of Frauklin av, after 6 in tho evening and Id in tho morning. TASTED A COOK AND CHAMRER - r maid, for a small family on tho Hoights ; also a conteol girl as child's nurse; tho best of wagospam; several girls fnr housework and cooking, washing and ironing for very desirable places in small families and the best of wages. Apply at MANNING'S, 42 Court st folauf 1STA N T ED A T OHOATB'S AGENCY, TV f.S0 Atlantic av - Irisb, Swedish, English. German and American terventsnf all ages; places always on band; vointend to makcour office the model office of Brooklyn; all fees returned if wo fail to got tho applicant a place, la'JO lm Mus t n OARD - ROOIYIS TO LET, vviin rood board. Apply at 255 Washington st. betweon Condofd andTillary Location central and convenient to tho forrios. Roforonces required. fel4Jt BOARD A NEATLY FURNISHED AL - cove room, also front room on third floor, wnth good hoard; to respectable parties only. Apply at P',a,ol't place. - "OOARD ON THE HILL - AT 271 l Adolnhl sl.'cornerof UeKalbav. - A baokroomon fond floor" andsomoly furnished; hot and cold water; hrst class ooaru TO LET A COUPLE Off i fnrallhcd rnomB, with Breakfast, in a private i Gorman family. Apply to No. 443Paoltlo Bl, betweon Bondajd rVnviriR - . TO LET WITHOUT BOARD, ONE OR more furnishod rooms: prite ioue and no'ghb.r. hood first class; within two blocks of Brooklyn City H.dl. Address PERMANBNCE. Brooklyn Post Oflloe. feI3 6t TO LET - TO A SMALL ' FAMILY OF .dnit, t,,oo Tnnm with nrlvllcge in bath room. ,inA nnr i house: all improvements. In - quire on tho promtsos. 94 Socond st. South Brooklyn. fol5 3t rWri T - If.T jvi A HMal.L FAMILY. JL first Door and bssoment, 6 rooms, gas and water, at "SlPowers st ; also, second floor of 3 rooms, at 391 Hoyt st , also'iwo stores. Apply to E. H. BABCOOK, corner Court. .nirn.tnmin,tg 16146 TO" LET TWO NICELY FUKM1U1SJJ SavStlrin oigiit .niautes'wIilk'eT all tho ferrios. Apply t R9 Hkrh at. near Adams. . TOTETTHE LOWER PART OF houao No. 79 Cumberland st. uninrnishod or pai - 7!" ,i.j . a nM rwntnr on each floor: or the socond floor' furnished for light housekeeping ; ront l. l.., tat famllv fol53t mtrrcT'r' Tnn ms A SECOND FLOOR, JL consisting of three rooms and bathroom, to let to .lBm.n and wife or single gentlemon ; rooms elegantly furnished for housekeeping ; terms moderaw; De.t re or - onens uivnn and reoulrod. Call at or addross 70 Woodhull street. CARD - 19 NASSAU ST. PLEASANT II renras in a first class nnuso, ior guiiuuiui - u uuu their wives, or single geotlemen; family social and ro - iined; witnin fivo minutes' walK of tho ferries; terms moderate. !e!6t BOABD ON THE HILL - FOB GBN - tlomnn and wito, or two gentlemen: a front room F...tHd in HmjI. class houso and location, at moderate price for the remainder of tho season, at 9S La F...H. thTnw nonra iruui uiium ov. fe!3 St"' bargain at eliza - froneh ironf house. 12 rooms, oppo - slto depot,' on Wgh ground; also f nrnituro : farm 60 acres, near Cranford. N. J. ; also stock and crops; will take pari iieyment in proporty. A. O. KUCK, 43 Barclay Btrool. IOR SALE - FIVE FIRST CLASS 3 - B"i v,n.mnnf. blph stoon dwollinss : ono brown stono and four Philadelphia btick.fronts; splendid looa - lion on Franklin av, botween racino buu ubju ota. all modern improvements. Apply on tho promises, to STAFFORD A M ICHOL. ownors. Terms easy. jo20 12t S'l'uATO - FOR SALE - 6,000 - DE KALB AV, - n - innM.BiPirn,tm, hnHomnnt. attio and col lar, framo houso, filled in ; eight rooms, bathroom, wator closet, lurnace, tnreo tuus, oasio. nvo o"'"'" . lot 25x100: throo extra lots on rear st. 2dxW0 eaou ; only 1,100 ouch; terms to suit. For permits, apply te J. CuRNKLL. 44 Court st. fol4 St - rSrm. SAl.E - TN THE TWENTY - FIRS I Rl iUn.j fV, Will tii - of nkng hnninl at bttrEiins from $2,000 to $50,000, in the most choice locations in Brooklyn, at very low prices and onas eaiHonlVTpi want them. Apply or address 7Ai A. Fib" Mi, 1,417 fc'ultoo av, tsroomyn, orjy naasau at, xvuuui - ,". teiu im 170R SALE THOSE WANTING 1 - of hrnn ornn hnlinrs. 31t43.10) threO StOfV aud basemont wiUi eiteosion, oxtra jot if roquirod, pn .Now YorKav, Dotwoen I'unon anu a - wnuuu, wua aU spoct them; just riuished: tho ohcapeat houses in Hraok - lyn. Inquiro at SHKKIDKN BUOTHBRS, 152 Hprkiraot nr. nr nn tho nromian3. f3'1' l'11" FOB SALE - WELL BUILT 2 - STORY basomontandBubcellar Philadelphia brick hmse; n ...mont, hot. ,ind cold wator on eacU floor, and DWn oaHriTinil. will he snld low: terms very easy : is ha'ndv'td Gates and nostrand av. eats. Aliply on the premises 288 Qulncy st, or at owner's, dUl Adolpni St. 1l - 5 let1 Base Ball. Amending the Continuiiif; the comments on amending tho rules, we now come to the question of the Second Rulo, whioh governs ths pitching department. The amended rulo suggested la as follows s BULB SECOND THE PITCHING DEPARTMENT THE PITCHBJl's POSITION. Section 1. The pitohor's position shall be designated by two lines two yards in length, drawn at right nnglos to tho Hno from homo to tho second base, having their centres upon that lino at two fixed iron plates, placed at points fiftoen and sovontcon yards distint from tho homo base. There must also bo an iron plate at oacli end oi toe Jront hno of tUe positiou. DELIVEBING THE BALL. Sec 2 Tho player who dolivers the ball to the bat . ,l,iln mifbln the liUCB Of tllC PitCUOr'S POSi - lion and he must remain within thorn until tbo ball hasioftliiB hand; and ho shall not make any motion to bo delrver the ball whilo outside the lines of tho pitciior's position. FAIIi BALLS. o., q au iiio dniivnre.d to tho bat wiiich aro not sent in by an overhand or roundarm throw, and which are delivered over me uomu uaay, u bataman cads for, ehaH he consiuereu lair uauo. TJNFAIE BALLS. Sec. 4. All balls delivered to tlie bat whioh are sent in over tho striker's head, or on the ground in front of the homo base, or on thb side opposite that to which the batsman strikes from, or which hit the striker whih ho Is standing iu his proper position, or which aro sent iu withm a foot 01 His person, auan do consul' ercd UDfuir hftlle, BALUING. Sec. 5. Whenover the playor, delivering tho ball td the bat. shall throw it bv an ovcrhaud or roundarm throw, Hio umpiro shall declare a foul bilk, and Rbould the nlaver delivering such balls to the bat per sist in hie action, or should he wHfully commit any other balk persistently, tbo umpire, after warning him of the penalty, Bhall declare the gamo forfeited by a score of 9 to 0. Also, when the player, delivoring the bail, makes any motion to deliver the baU to tho bat, he shall 60 deliver it, and ho must not have oither foot outside the lines of nis position, cither whon commencing to deliver the ball or at the time of Hb delivery ; and if ho fail in any of these particulars, then (t shall be declared a balk, in which case any base runner occupying a base shall take one base without boing put out. PENALTIES. Sco. 6. Should tho player who delivers tho bill to the bat repeatedly fail to deliver to the striker fair balls, from any cause, the umpiro must call ono ball; and if the pitcher persists in Buch action, two and three balla. When three balls shall have boon called, the striker shall take the first base without boing put out; but no baso runner shall take a uase on tniru caueu oaus un less ho is obligod to vacate tno naso ne oocupieu. jmo ball shall be called ou tho first ball delivered, and not until the ball has passed the homo base. With this exception, all unfair balls must be called in the order of thoir aeuvery. THE PIEST BALL. 7 Wvotv unfair hall must bo called in tho order of its delivery, after the first ball has been delivered, the first ball to eacn strmer aiuue vu uu ciouptuu HIT CALLED BALLS. Rpo. ft Un nlavor Bhall bo nut out on any hit ball on which a balk or a ball has been called; aud neither ahall a strike or a foul ball De nailed, or a baso run on such a hit balL But bases can be run on called balls thrown to bases; and any player givon a oase ou caueu uaua shall be privileged to run all bases ho can make beyond the baso given him, but in this latter case he does so at the risk of being put out. DEAD FOULS. OUR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. Tho Suffrage Secfcintr V"T - unnv Ktforni WcuKeninc THIRD EDITION EAOLE OFFICE, 3 P. THE FEEEY ABUSE8. nnO LET - SIX LARGE ROOMS, BASE - EL mont and first story, wlttt extra iui, ' 7LtrHo ,nn nn u A:t.5 : Of in hands St, lUrtliShOd rooms for lodgings. i2 to 44 per week, five minute, from tho ferry, Apply to W. S. McILVAIN, ti Sands st, je8 TbS tf TO LET - A SUITE OF BOOMS, Unfurnished; also, one largo and neatly furnished; marble basins, hot and cold wator, gas. oto. Those that douot object io mnsio please oall at 179 Duffield st, bet. Myrtle av, and Willoughby st; roforeuce exohangod. fol52t ; TO LET THE LABGE AND ELEGANT rooms now occupied as photograph gallery Nos. 2ol and 253 Fulton st. opposite Clinton st, to loaso for a term of years, from May 1, 1872; a location unsurpassed for a morcnant tailor, or oiuer uiuiuuu. - ni'i'v KV i(1 MontiiiriiO St. ,uu v. V - CTT. . t v., tciu ur r,' lUUEf .T.TNTfiS ' a r.lint.m av. Washington av. St. Marks av, Now orkav. Montague.' Romsen,"Plorrepont, Columbia, and other desirable locations on tho Hill, on the tloiitms, aua Our Bulletin contains full iVYOKOFl? 4 J - AMliS, 203 Mqutague st, also in other parts of tho city particulars. V jaow i, Tn l.K.T NO. 180 WEST BAL - r tic St. between Henry and Clinton, a ploasant, l?rco front room, on second iloor, woll furnishod and co. - ,. Uhdnghot and cold water; at moderate terms; for .either gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen. i"1" BOARD VERY" PLEASANT WELL furnished rooms, with hotand ct.ld water, suitable for gentleman and wifo nr sinplo Ketiilotnon ; very notir tie I cm and ivllthe car routes, jippiy as '"""',., the Height s. fell 2t" OST - A LAVA BARKING, UN iul, - ton st. Wednesday afternoon. A suitable toward wtit he given io the finder by leaving ltatiyiruuon st, ;:uit liranu av, ueLwcon uakjajiuu (1ST - A ('OHAl - i'AMKO AND GOLD J KAKRINC (loworpartMn goin2 from Rcmson st. ritiinn nd irnin llioro throusih r ulton toi.lartcst. Tho linder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at le'7 Itemeen st. OST - ON THE EVENING OF THK 13. at. the SConimandery Hall, a silk UMIJRKLLn. ; attctct with tho name BKAUJ,liy wriiter onivwasar - Hu l'ed to the inside. The hn.ler wi41 be liberally rewarded by loaviog the same at 472 Fulton St. Ill syro. - ()ST ON WEDNESDAY. THB 14TK J inst.. from 225 Livingston st. a small, whito, Scotch terrier DUG. Answers to tno natne 111 cco. foniKition leading lo nis recovery, or luu pursuu .oii,....b him, will bo woll rewarded. "018 - t 1 OST - AT THE ACADEMY OF MUSli;, Hj Hehniarv 13, 1672. at fVmiimindory Ball, an oblong sJstone DIAMOND It INC. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by applMtig at Brn. fiKO. MtLLUK'S. Central Houso, or JS ROBSON'S, al Myrtle av. fell 3t "B OST - ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON. JLj botwoon threo and fouro'clock, fn ono of the Beriron st e;,rs. netweeo lloytst. and Nostrand av, a lady s I UCIt - ii - i.r,r,i - -!M..,nII,mnd tnnnN. The hnder will bo suitably rownrdod by leaving it at 120 Dean st, near Hoyt. Ci. f? REWARD - LOST, ON MONDAY, A f? 3 COLD BKAOF.LBT. Tho iindor will receive the above reward by loaving tho same at 171 illoughby av, Brookls - n, or 41 Fourth st, Wiltiamsburgh. fe!5 2t SPJiCIAL, NOTICES. a r.T?.lSTT,lf,MAH. UNEMPLOYED IN J tho evening, wants copying or writing to do at home; thorouglUy understands Kronen, fcnglisn ana Carman: terms easy: best of references. Please addre3S Box 102, liagle omco. fol2 it" ALE VAULTS. W. L t - ecv At tTrt nf onfrnnfifl nn tMBtmnV St.. choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Kirst olass anutllo beards and Bagatelle Table on the promisos. felo tt CALEDONIAN INE DBESS SHIRTS AT FINDER'S, No. 293 FULTON STREET. SIGN OF THE PLAID STOCKING jo5 Tu.Th.AS AT THK DOOR. OOD SKATING AT THE RINK TO - NIGHT. Wt AN TED - S 15 R V ANTS G KT YOUR W f,nm tn. KMPLOYMP.MT AND IN DEMNITY CO., 29 Concord st, near Fulton. Tho busi ness is conouctco ny lauica, a.,u .j.iuj who have neor been at an olfico beforo. You aro not re quired to remain alter your mum, 13 i:i,ii. j.. - . - .... ANTED 75 SERVANTS JIAiu x - good cooks, plain cooks, nurses, chambermaids, waitresses, laundresses, and girls tor gonorai nousewora, and the highest wages; drafts on Ireland, hngland and Krolitm", lrom Jl upivurti, j,u onu,,U ,a,n.,uy .. HENDI'RSON, 18 Court st, basomsnt, near Montague 6t. f el3 4l - ANTED 100 SERVANT S AS V V conks, washers and ironors, chambermaids, .!,..,..... .Kn. .,,n, m.spq. imtiftM UOUSQWOrK Ull'S also fiftvrespeellib'lo girls, lately landed, and small girls; nluces in nbundanco, in all capacities, at Mr. tli'..N - DRI' - KSON - .'S 'fjOAKD 30 FORT GREENE PIjAOI!, S3 front, aleove, pleasant, sunny room, with water, gas, etrCfortwo contioman, or gontloman and wifo ; private family and pleasant homo comforts ; no moving in aiay. fel6 2t ! - BJOAKD TO LET," WITH BOARD, 481 1TB Henry st, botwoon Harrison and Degraw sts, wltbln "s. .r,v..i '....11. ,... rrriM. a anito of rooms oon - necting, sultablo for families or single gentlemen ; also a largo room on third floor. OAKD - TO LET WITH BOARD ,1iinnt second story front ana nacs: rooms ;aiso 11.111 bedroumsnmvly furnished; all improyemonts : oonvenipnt distance lo tbo ferry; is noar mo uilj nan, wi..i IVi lnn mi'll. - u. - FOR SA1E IWISCEfLAIVHOtJS. 1 OR SALE CHEAP AN OLD Es tablished moat market, doing a good cash trado. Inquiro at 323 Baltic et. near Smith. ieio m 17OBSALE - CHEAP - 100,000 HARD JP brick. Apply on tho premises, Kent ay, near DoKalb. f olO 3tJ FOR. SALE A FIRST CLASS BOOT and shoo store, in a good neighborhood, on account of going in tho country. Apply at 213 Columbia . between Scckott Mid Union sts. roll M ITlOR SALE FOR S1S0 - A NICE. SEO - B" ond hand, rosewood, 71 octavo piano ; a nico Instrument, round oornors, oarved logs, ovorstrung bass ; a. hand - some moldod;case : persons, in want ot such might do woll by calling as It must bo sold. AppjyaU5ti Honry St. TIOBSALE ATA SACRIFICE AN EX - B1 tensivo stock of sheet musio and mstrament. Call at 687 Myrtle av. aud examine. Also, two Pianos, one double round and one square ; botfc new, and first quality, f ol2 4V OR. SALE A NEW TWO STORY COT - P tage, built, by day's work ; hard finished walls, marble mantel, Baltimoro hoator. Perry range, water in the houso; abot ono hour from oity or South Side Railroad of L. I ; price 2.610 ; terms asy. Apply for ono wpek to b AM - UF.L WRIGHT, owner, at tno oflioe ol tho John Hancook Mutual Life Insurance Co., 165 Broadway Now York. T7VB"SALB - HOUSE AND LOT - TWO Btory and hasomont frame house, 8 rooms j houso 18 9 by 27 ft. lot 18.9 bv 100 feet; In good ordor, a first class locution and healthy neighborhood ; one short block from DoKalb av cars, 30 mlnutos from Pulton terry, ljorfartlier particulars apply on tho promisos, 1SS Kosciusko st, or to d. W. Box 178 Brooklyn P. o. Iel5 2trn4b 7OR SALE OR EXCHANGE ON Brooklyn Heights, a 4 - story brick owoning, foxiu, lot ISO; irescoed throughout and in hno ortlpr, proiaoiy thomost dosirablorefidoncoin Brooklyn; will bo sold on eiisv terms, furnished or unfurnished, or oxchangod In part for smaller proporty. For particulars apply to J. N. RALLEY, 202 Montague st. foiabt OR SALE - NO. 38G TWELFTH ST, nniorMiini? n. now t - .wfi.atnrv. briclf basoment and Buhcellar framohouso with cxtousion, marble laantois, Ualtimoro ueaxer, waior anu kus uirou eleven rooms - , iico $4,400 - , also, a houso No. 171 liiKbth Bt.near Third av. ten rooms: prico 44.3IHJ. ItiaUKO Ol H. g! HAILV1NGER, 386 Twelfth st, near Sovonth ay, Bonta Hrnnlflvn. fe3 Ut flico. Ill Atlantic st able aud bopt io Brooklyn. tho most!( - t - te 14 ANTED A SITUATION, BY A vmincr Prnlc.t tflH t Girl. U Va&rS old. to tnko OATO Of , cnilurea. j:m tor to uuqu ut ui munjuunu a. AXTF.D - A SITUATION. AS SEC - ond hand on bread, by ainung married man, late ly laDdcd. Address lor tnreo days at hi uoiuiuuia si.. TANTED - A SITUATION, BY A RE - V upectsble young girl, as chambermaid and sowing, or laundress: has aood city roforoncos. Call for two days at 42 Grand av, oor of Walworth st. - tf - STATviTF.n A SITUATION. BY A RE - V V sneetnble married lady, having full broasts. as wot nurse, in a respectable family. Apply to Mrs. RHlIVfc,, No. Ill) Madison st. N. Y. fol4 2t' ANTED A SITUATION, BY A KE - nneet.ble vmmii girl, as chambermaia ana wait ress, uan no seen on luurouaj, .i. 01 uu' n Front and Water Bts. SITUATION, B Y A OARD - :!09""I1ENBY'STREET, NEAR t State To let, with board , a largo socond story front m nienlw furnished: largo closets; kot and cold water, Ac. to gentleman and wile or two goatiomon ; aiao, rrom to sinelo gentleman; tliroo minuios to duujd aim six to Wall St. Ferry. 21 - OABD NO.!) MONTAGUE TERR ACE, a third fioor from Itomson schandsomolv furnished roi ms. with hut and cold water, to gontloman and wifo, or irnntlomen willing to mom together: honso, over looks the Bay. and but two minutes from Wall St. 1' erry ; terms luodorato; rel'eroueos exchanged lol., ot mijllluiN 'I HE HILL A BEAUTI ES fv.l alcove room, on second door; also, back room on sumo lloi.r: aicovo room iiiiinisiiuieiv luunsii." large loaets, hut and cold water, hoator, Ac; third lloor front riitnn it desireo : house lirst class, urown stone ; , urivai - u family. Addrcssjf. C. U., Eaglo omco. OABD AT 20!) ADAMS ST GKJN - tleinen and their wives, or singlo gentlemen willing room toEClher, can tind pleasant rooms and good board ; houso contains all modern improvements: a tew minutos viilk from City Hall anu convenient, to cuuuu ami t. ferries, rteierences OXCUIIIIKUU. .u.uyu OARD - ON THB HILL - TO LET, k .lih hnarn n lifinV mum. Rnnnncl fitflrv. SUitaOlo for a gentleman and wifo or single n'ntleman, and accommodation for ono young - man in the third story; houso bts all tho modern improvements: terms moderate, loo South Oxford Btreet. foil 3t Tu.ThtfeS. WANTRD - A employer's 185 Joralemon st, who will Rivo recommonaanoD. wedish woman, aa wot nurse. Apply at nrojont aer uiu uuaiy fol5 2t' H7S7ANTBD - A SITUATION, y... w Bbookltn Titeatbe. Notwithstanding the fact that last night was the first night of Lent, a largo audience witnessed the fourth performance of ''Tho Duke's Motto." The opinions expressed by theEAaLH on Tuesday, concerning the production and periotm - ance of this beautiful romanco, are oonfirmed by wit nessing it again. Mr. Roche's effectiveness is increased by the severai performances, and, in fact, the Bame re - mark may be made of all. The Eceuery is superb, and the mounting of the play all that could be desired. Attention to detail is manifested in every particular, The dressing of the 3adies bdu geutlemeai is not only appropriate but elegant in tne extreme, especially so in the case of Miss Conway and Miss Burns. The gipsey dresses of tho two ladies aro very picturesque, and the former lady at a later period of tho play, blooms out in a costume that is simply gorgeous. Mr. Potersohan's music is heartily applauded, and tho "cat duet" has achieved a success. Tbo play is excellent, tho performance meritorious, and the accessories superb. If, therefore, the play is not supported it is becauso tho public do not appreciate a good thing. The Academy of Music To - night. At the Academy the Parepa - P.osa English. Opera Company will perform Herold's opera of "Zampa," with tho celebrated English biritone, Mr. Sautlcy, in tho title rolo. The o;:ora has beeu now presented twice iu New York this week, and it will therefore bo given in better stylo ttiiui ut tho New York Academy. Park Theatre. Next week Mary Mitcholl and J. w. Alhaugh, two sterling artists will appear at the Park Theatre on Monday. Tho lady is a sister of Maggie Mitchell, who is known from one end of this bri ad couniry to the other. Tho first named artists will make their rtclmi in a favorite pray, aud we are promised a new drama Hurivg the week, from the pen of Chandus Fulton, a young dramatist resident here, and too well known to require introduction, on - titled "Saved from Ruin." "Mattie Mad cap" still holds the boards to good houses. Hdoley's Opera House. Mr. Hooley is giving nightly the best minstrel entertainment to bo Witnessed in this country. Unaworth, Eugene, Rice, Mulligan and Campbell keep tho audienco in roars of laughter overtheii comicaHticB and queer conceits. Mr. Henry sings beantif uliy "LiHJe Dale" and the applause that follows the conclusion of the Bong shows how deep rooted is the loTe for theso old simple and tender 8CDg8, which were in the early days of ruinstrehiy so powerful an element, in the popularizing of tho form of entertainment. Nowhere in New York can so excellent a performance of negro minstrelsy in its best form he seeD, as can be nightly witnessed at Hooley's Opera House. Kings County Uoal Estate Transfers. Magndlia st. n w 8, 82 s w of Evorgroon av, SSxIliO, houses ana lota Park Bt. B s, SOQ w ot Chester av. 25x100 vWt st s s, 80 e of Utica av. 200x100 o?hestor av.we,117 8of Baltio Bt, 21.7H), (con. Fhwd st.' s's,' 300 o of Tnroop av,' MxYtoV.V.V.V.V.V.V.' Doanst, DB.S69 w of NoBtrond av, 60.8xle0x83.6x DegTawsV.'BV.MiOwof'iiori'ry'Bt, 44xl00,'houjoVand ints (husband aud wifo) Butler av, e s, 100 s of division av, 75x100, (fore - HmSS'sV 'i V "iti w' o'iio ward 'aV.Wi)'ii:7'.9''.'.'.'.".'."; Madisou Bt' sVs0 lT;0 s w of at Nldiola, av. KilOo Jefferson st. s e B, 115 s w of bt. Nicholas av, 2oxl00 Lewis v and Macon St. u w corner. !00x23ii.. ......... Kiralt, Fito, st, e w s, 100 s o of Twelfth at. 2axl00x2d C3.llii.7x7.4xod. 10 rf - AS FIXTURES, GAS FIXTURES. It THOMAS READ'S GAS FIXTURE WARBROOMH, 822 FULTON ST., AND 467 OLBRMONT AV., Opposite Gates av. The largest variety and latest patterns constantly on hand. YOUR PATRON AG IS IS SOLICITED. oc!6 ly QOOD SKATING AT THE RINK TO - NIOHT. MWeTto loan on bond and mortgage. $2,000, S2.500 aad a3,OH0 to loan upon improved property in this city. Apply to ORVMjLft U. JONliS. SOT Fulton st. fol5 3" ThSA ru " nr an It B st, near Bridge, can bo consulted on all affairs of life: absent friends found; lost and stolen goods .recov ered ; more than 2.000 people testily iu mo .ii.iiui ...i. rty of title gifted lady; takes time and guarantees satisfaction; French, German and English sooken. l'eo o0 oonts. No gonta adnifttod. l?.'' ri OOD SKATING AT THE RINK BY A !,!, n n tn dn nhnmhnriwnrk. and take oars . nnnn nr n.nlrl dn annnrM work in a small f amllv. PloaBecall for two daysat 3ti2 HisBfctjthjbMeniaat. TCTSTATTFTl A SITUATION. B X A Yf young girl, to do chnmberwork and waiting. Please call at hor present employer's, 110 Fort Greene glaco. fol5 8t A"NTF,D A SITUATION. BY A RE - cnnxtnhln TTilrfffM rtfrtfi woman, lo t0 08.TQ (it flD invalid lady ; has tho best of oity refftrenoos from her l&at place, uaii tor two gays at aoa mniu av. - STTTA rrTET)"ZA"siTUATION. BY A RE - ww onafjihirt iTAiini7 woman, as laundresi. ohambor - rnafd or Hue washer nnd ironor; ha good city references. Call tor two days at la - fortiana av, near wyrun. ITTArim - A SITUATION. BY A KB" TV Bpeatablo girl, aa cook; has four years' reference from her last place. Ploaso eall at 8iQ AtlsaUo av, botiroan wawioRton ana vanaeroin. ANTED - A SITUATION, BY A BE - tmn fit iS In vnnncf wnmnai. AS OOok. washer and Ironer; 1b an excollon hand at broad and bin - it. Gan bo seen far two da a at 574 uiaBson - av, near oreene. TffT ANTPiD A SITUATION. BY A UE - WW nrw.tiTi1n rnnnr cirl. to tin frenoral housowork. Gan oe seen at ner preaei empiovei o, 10 xdiib a - , uv tween Uiinton ana lieury bib. AiNTTCDBlTUATIONS. BY TWO rAinwrahtnolrli). nnn b.r nhambermald and wait - rpsa. tnn omibt an aunarin. or wuuiu uu uuuiuk, huiuiub, and ironinff in n plain family. Can be seen, for two days, at present employers, at wo. a utuauju - ar, wj, - BTST ATMTRTl - A SITUATION. BY A BE - V snectable girl, to do housowork in a Bmallprivate lamlty; isa gooa pisin cooa tuio mii wim.u. ironer: goou city tL - imuuiiua. Adams Bt. 14,003 350 11,600 75 1,05 J 6,500 Rom. 1.331 1.000 200 200 18,000 3.500 TO - NIGHT. QI.NGERS, ATTENTION SOPRAUb, 7 alios, tenors, and bassos wanted for the chorus ,,t an Kpiscopal church; special educational aavanmgcs ouuruj tn those having good voices. Address, immodiatoly, MUSIC, caro of Chandler Brothers, 170 Montague st. fcl24t THE PROPRIETORS OF THE CRLEBRATFD LIQUID SILVER," For replatinu silverware. Offer the pateht and stock on hand forsnlo very low; a good opportunity for canvassors to make a handsomo fortune Address Box 102, Haglo oliice. felo 3t" S.TuATh TfTISlTING GOVERNESS A LADY, EX - V pecisnced in tuition, deaixos ao enRasement. At - tM - TnemB nuynbu, iiuum riuurni, auuuiruii in ahuoi Music and Drawing. AidreBB a. M. C, Kagle office. ILLIAM BROWN, 1'Iain and ornamental PLA8TEREH. 775 ATLANTIC A V, near Clermont. Jobbing oi mason work aud plastering promptly attended to at moderate terms. fe!3 6t9 W1 REAL ESTATE AGEK'tS. D. & M. CHAUNCEY, 207 MONTAGUE BTREET, BROKERS IN REAL ESTATE AND LOANS, Have for sale and to let HOUSES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, fn all parte of the oity. Desirable building plots, in the vicinity of tho Park. Valuable water fronts on the Bay, Oanai, East River and Nowlown Creok, ja27 tf EW JERSEY REAL ESTATE AGENCY X J, S. FERGUSON, No. S3 Nassau st, cor. of Liberty st, Room 6, New York, Having tho largost and most variod list of farms and .. i fh Ktato. for s)e or exchange, I fool n my Uno can t ja6 lyS.TnSTh confident that those wishing anything to my Uno can bo accommodated. UPAFAltD & CLAPP, AMfl O REAL EST AT K AGENTS, 1QSTIFMSKN ST. CORNKR OF COURT, Have for sale a large and desirable varioty ol housou and lots. Also, to let, furniBhod and unfurnished houses, in good location b. Money to loan on imuruvuu iy uk rUHF. TiNTVRRSTaNTCn RESPECTFUL B lv nnlinit thn nntrnn - iirn nf reftl nstato owners who do - Firo to boII or rent their proporty, romlndlng thom that they should leavo their orders now for thB opening Spring business, u. vy.u.ji. rntiiB, Jia Aiontaguo b. ja!7 lm BOABD A WIDOW LADY, HAVINCx A few hoarders, has a second story front room and ono nn .liirl T.rinrv Kiiit:ibln fnr two centlemen or centloman and wifo ; can accommodate a few day boarders, also ; good locntlon, within wulkinK distnnoe of ferries; near Oity nail; tern" very muufnutj. - ti'i"y t aw IJOAED - A SECOND STOBY FRONT JT alcove room, nicely furnished and thoroughly heated In lot with hrmrd. to a centlaman and wifo. or sln&lo gentlemen ; houso Is pleasant and conveniently looatod ; botwoon two car routes; terms modorate. Apply at 27 Fort Greene place. 014 St rOARD PERSONS WISHING LARGE h nnfi cmdirtvunii nn nodond fln nr. nan be encaced now, or for the Spring now; rooms furnishod or unfurnished and newly papered: family small; pleasantly looatod and convenient to ferries. Oall at 420 Gold st, near Fulton. Ko moving in May. ieH St "H30AKD - N0. 1 FIRST PLACE, COR - nnr of Henry st. to lot, with board, choice of two double roomB, adjoininn oachottier; hotand cold wator In. c. ; nouse oanasomoiy lurnrauou. uuu uuiiLtun mi provomonts; terms for two adults, $16 per weok. overy - 710R SALE A GROCERY STORE, ON " irlnthnsh av: stock and fixtures, with lease, will bo sold cheap; good reasons for soiling: a good stand ior a German grocery. Apply to DP. WHY A KOWLRY, cor. ot ! ulton anu Mayinonu t,i.a. - IrSaiTeat a great sacrifice, JL' for cash - a first class, sovon octavo, rosewood piano Inrtn OI tno ricuusi. luuu ,....3.., ments: round corners; improved overstrung oass; carved case and legs with maker's bin oi suo ana gi tee : can bo soon at l it) nnugo st, in tin, av,u. .m noH ssAT.TCTIfiW TNTHECOUNTRY - Bi i .1 r - cl, .,11.1, f.u,. rI vnnrs old : third calf now by hew side; gentle, kind and a splendid mllkoi; gives twenty quarts of richest milk, and waxrantod sound in every way ond woll calculaiod for family use. Inquire of owner R. SUMMERS, 597 Washington av, botwoon Pa cific and Dean ale, ; fancy I cuarau - foll 2t WOK SALE 250 7 - OCTAVE, ROSE - B1 . - nnA r,,i aennnd hand: Stodart. makor. 83G0 7 - ootave, rosewood plauo, (been carofullsused) Dun. jii. - . c3nt.,T - Q i,mn fnrto. Lmnuol OUbort. Bos ... Vi.T, (..,nn,j,nnfnrln Ii'irf.n. Pond & Hull. Piano vorv handsome (low for cash). Pianos fin mint, at the Mammoth Musical Rooms of A. C. bLADh. CO.. 605 Fulton st, opposite Flatbush av. folll 4t8,M,WATh ITlOR SALE - 4,700 - TO THOSE LOOK - Sl tag for a cozy little house, two story, basement, sub - collar, frame, filled in, sovon rooms, wator and gas through, out Heater in basement. Twonty minutes' walk to .nl - ... - tp Ttut unA .nd dniilv on tho nrornises. 01 P.timho'rlnnd st. Terms easy. Aiao, 4 lots In tho Vil lage ot Parkvllle, L. I., ton minutos' walk from V. 1 Parado Ground : cheap. TrlOR SALE - CHEAP - A HANDSOME In Kn Jfifi PncitioBt: three story, . ur?" j ...i." . ivnn.r, MtWiT lot 100 it: houso iu ISA o der.'with moder'n improveiuents ; 11 rooms d 1 10 pantries and closets; neighborhood nnoxeep ,. enable and convenient by cars all fernoB - . Wrina to suit Inquiro on thn nromises. or of WM. BAN 1 A, No. boi uana' st, Now Wk, WYUKOFF A JAMES, 203 Montague st. BrooKlyn. See n Anv ball sent to tho bat from tho pitchor's positiou, which shall accidentally hit the striker's bat, shall be declared a "dead foul ball," and no base shall be run or player put out on such ball. The amendment to tne nrst section oi tuia ruie uou - siBts of adding two plates to those required to mark hhe pitchor's position, tho idea being to afford tho um pire a guiao m watcning tno niuvtsiieiita ui ,uu iiuuuia iu his aeuvery, as regarus uia uieppMig uujuuu lrout line of his position. By placing an iron quoit at each end of this front line tho umpiro can bettor see the position of the front line. Tho amendment to tho second section refers only to tho position oi tho pitcher in delivering the ball to the bat, al! movements in such delivery to bo mado while actually within tho lines of his position. The third section has been amended bo as to refer only to fair balls, and thoso include all balls tossed, pitched, jerked, or thrown to the bat except bT nn ovor - i.nnd Hirnw nr a roundarm delivery. If a ball bo thus sent to the bat at tho height the batsman calls for aud ovor tho home baso, it is undoubtedly a fair ball, and no nmh hall can he legitimately called. And moreover every such ball when not struck at renders the batsman hablo to tho infliction of tho penalty of having strlies called upon him. Tho fourth soction rotors to unfair balls, and tho amended rulo includos uudor such category all balls which are not within fair reach of tho striker. Cortaiu, a ball touching the ground hi ftront of tho baso is not a fair bull, nnd neither la on sent in over the bats - mnn'a head: nor a ball aent - boyond to the reach of his bat in front of him, nor a bill sent on the other sido to that he Btrikes from. Neither ia a hall fair that is sertv In wmiju a lyot oi uia pursou. uuuustiunuuiy every such ball should ho called iu the ordor of ita do - The fifth soction, as amended, includes all styles' of delivery which constitute o balk, aud in these are named overhand throwing and rouudarm throwiug or bowling, as also auy motion to aenver tno nan wituout actually delivering it. iuc puuuii, iu. ui lumu - tntixtf nt TOO film 1R t.HR K.1II1C UH lUbl, YOtVT. ko r, refers to tho Deualties for unfair delivery, and it will bo seen that the wording has been chauged ,. litiio so ns tn accord with tho provious amendments. According to this rule tuc umpire 13 umriiiiuiuu o call balls as louows. 'I' m ITmnirn cannot call a Dan oil tue nrst nauauii. n to each striker, nor ehould such ball bo counted at nit tiorntinni ivtll a h. - iU until tno mtclior uas "re peatedly" failed to send in low oaus. xue ueuvury ui (ice unfair balls constituting tho repeated mlriugo. n,.,tt rnlerred to. No matter what the cause oi tno lauuro to scnu iu fnlrimllH Hie iioimlcv must be inflicted. No hall can be "called" until the ball has actually passed the home base. The Tlmnirn must call all "unfair" balls in the order .ifthmr doliver - v. and oouseouectJv three in succession if SO dellVerCU. ror instance, uy iwa uno, u pitcner sendB in the first ball on tho ground, tho sco - ni, .1 n - i.rtienn. tno imtu oetuw eiu umiiiii. iui, the fourth so as lo almost hit him, and tho fifth beyond t.lie reach oi his bat, tho umpiro is onngou to can tue m,rnn lnat. bulls as thev are delivered. In this case tho striker would tako his base on iivo balls dolivered, tho fewest number ho can tako them uudor tho amended Section seven makes a special roferoncc. Cnnl,r,r, il,T bllll not lieOU olllllltied. Pectiou nine is a much needed amendment, as it doos away with the tricky play indulged in by some batsmen when tuey uesivo to ueip n piuyci iouou , BjOR SALE AT A VERY LOW FIGURE! 41,51,0 cash, balance ou terms to EUit, a com - pietc two story basement ana suoceuar. irauiii house, containing every improvement and wililiu do minutes' rido of Fulton Ferry; must ha seen lo bo ": i..,... n,.,r,n,,t in instnlltunnts tf renuired; ' Jr. n lre' nnmhnr of housos tor sale and to. lot in the Tweiitylirst Ward aud vicinity. Apply to JOMU'll KI'LI.OI.O, cor, of Cites aud Tompkins avs. fel.i Ut' Ti.iiii, SAf.10 A FIRST CLASS TWO Hi tn, and snhcnllar frame house, fillod in vith brick and finished in tho best manner, wiUt every improven!0iit,25 feet from Gates av. by cars and 30, minutes to t'ultou Ferry; must bo soen to bo appreciated; mice very low nnd terms to snit tho purchaser. Inquire ., - - .ramiafia :i?0 I oirvtk,rn a ottn omen, or en too - v" - r",.v possession iprii i. " :: : .. i...r Per. in Arms runiitj smaU Washinqtok, D. C, Fobruary 13, 1872. PBO0EEDTNO8 IN CONOBESS. The third month of tho lonir seBalon of a Congress - from which much waa expected, and by which Httlo is itvow to he accomplished, drags along without any . . mnpn .rnnMekriist. About the usual uumuer ui introduced into the House on Monday, to bo referred to the voriouB Committees, from whose drawers cuoy are never even expected to emerge. THE PETITION OF THB WOMAN SUFFRAGISTS, A ripple of interest was raised on the calm surface of Monday's proceedings iu tho Houso, by tho presentation, bv Mr. Kelly, of Pennsylvania, of a momorla.1, signed by MmoB. Hooker, Gordon, Stanton, asking that they be allowed to appear ot tbo bar 6( thf U0U86 OU Saturday next, in oi'aer; to get s Bearing oh tho right ol woman to cxcroieo tho IrahohisO. Even the privilege of a hearing was doniod tho ladies the voto standing 87 in favor of according tho request of the memorialists, and 06 against it. The voto was not partisan, both partiCB dividing ou the question nnd your representatives following tho precedent Slooum voting against allowing the ladies to appear at the bar, and liiusotla in favor of it. REVENUE REFORMERS WEAKENING. Ono ol the Pennsylvania, protectionists renewed on Monday the old schome for defeating o general revision of the tariff, in a resolution directing tho Committee on Ways and Means to report a bill repealing all Import duties upon tea and coffee. Tho duty ou these articles is raised solely for revenue. From it tno government rccorved between twenty - five and thirty mil lions. It follows, of course, that if the proposed bill should ho reported and passed t hero would boon ond of tariff revision, for the party fn power do not pro pose to reduco the tariff at most, moro than twonty - Qve millions. The protectionists tho men who favor a lax on ooal, salt, iron, and every article of gonoral necessity,, and from whioh but a potty sum Is realized to the government, of oourse voted for this resolution. Tho revenue reformers when put to this test, either yielded or dodged in largo numbers. Thirty - seven of them stood firm. Sixty - three members wore "absent'' many of thom woro, however, iu the lobbies whilo the voto waa being taken. MORE FRAUDS COMING TO MGHT. It haB been moro than rumored horo for a long time past that while discarded arms and ordnanoe stores, ossumcd not to haro beon needed by our government, to the amount of ton millions, were sold by the agents of our government to Franoe during the lato war, but a liltlo over eight million dollars readied tho Treasury two millions having been considered os legitimate "swag" by the military pets hero. Considerable interest is taken in the resolution introduced by Senator Sumner, providing for an investigation into this business, and revelations are expected as ugly and as close to headquarters ns wcb tho Custom House Gen eral Ordor businoss. The rottenness ot every branch of alio government is growing to be disgusting' to, fair men on all Bides, and heroic treatment In effootually dealing with thodiscasois every day becoming moro popular. A VOTE OV LOCAL INTEREST TO BROOKLYN. To - day the Committee on Public GroundBond Build ings reported tbo first of the many bills bofore thom providing for federal buildingsiin various oitloa of tho Union. Albany, N. Y., was first in favor. It seems to have secured this distinction for thOBO reasons : Tho measuro haB been steadily pressed for several years, by tho representatives of that city. Last year, a bill in favor of an appropriation passed the House, but failed in the Senate. Mr. Boutwell rocommonds that tho cafjitals of the several States shall bo first considered in the provision for public buildings, and lastly the city authorities of Albany very wisely offer to give ground for a sito for tho building, on condition that tlio General Government erectB it. Mr, Garfiold opposod tho bin on the ground that as many public buildings wore now under way as the force in this Department could attend to, and ho contended, therefore, that it wa against public policy to authorize tho construction of a Fedora) building any where until those now under way wero completed. Mr. Shellabarger accepted this as a test case, and the House voted with tho understanding that if this bill did not pass no bill of this charaeter would. This turn of the debate was fortunate for Albany, for of course ovory member whojwuutod an appropriationfor his own district or State, voted for tho bill, aud it pasBCd by so large a majority that Mr. Garfield failed to get followers enough to call the ayes and nays. So it is decided at oil events that additions shall bo made to tlio Federal buildings throughout tlie country. BEOOKLYNITBS HERE. Among tho Brookiynites hero ore Mr. Henry O. Bowcn nnd his accomplished daughter. Mr. Bowen is on terms of friendship with almost all the high officials of the administration, and, of course, his visit here, ia au agroeablo ono. Gonoral James JJ. Craig and family, navo lound Washington in Winter agreeable enough to induce them to prolong their stay. Mrs. Craig is accepted as an addition to ay Bocial circle ; horo sho fluds her time occupied mainly in renewing acquaintance with old friends families rosidont in Washington. Brooiilxn. Another Chapter of Oiitrasres Dancers of Travel on tno Williamsbursrli lane - Taxing Pasaeneers to Par for Accidents - Tlie Alleged Poverty of tho Company. The management of tho Roosevelt street Ferry appear to he resenting the people's movement regarding them by still further and more outrageous Impositions. At a few minutes paBt six on Tuesday night wtionthc great travel of the day centreB there, one of the largest boats was sent out partly loadod. Ihe Warren, tho smallest and oldest of thom, was tnen brought into the slip and kept there nearly twenty minutes, until about two thousand people had assembled on board. It was raining very hard nt the time, and everybody in tic esposed portions of tho rickety old craft waa completely drenched. In the wagon nasf nncs os well as in tho cabinB, sho was o crowded ?nat to moveWn finger, was literal mpossib o Tim BOABD OF HEALTH, Skating. Trm A nimi.MV Reception. Tho grand ro - n, ,r o.. Annrlmn v Institutions takes place t - 0 - , n, i,ie,i nf tho Ladies' Matinee, the latter being postponed to Saturday. Tho schools invited include tho Packer Institute ; the West's Lad es Academy tho Polytechnic Instituto and tho Adelphi Academy ' This will ensure a gathering of tho haudsomost cP is and youths our city can present, - and the gather - inir of beauty and fashion will l - enotoworthy. Tho ico is in splendid condition, having been sprinkled last night. SUITS AGAINST EX - COLLECTOR WOOD. FOB SAJLE - KEAE, ESTATE!, OR SALE - FIVE SPLENDIdIjOTS, located on tho northoastorly cornpr of Lafuyotto and Franklin avs. Inquiro of OHAS. W. HALL, 315 Wyr - tie av. Call foe two d&srs at 299 WANTED A SITUATION, six A ttJO - sneclablo younir atrl. to do downstairs work in a nrivato seen for fcwo avenue. taOlo young m, w uu "'w. ffljuily; is willing and obliging. Can bo i days at hor present employers, 141 Olinton S7STANTED - A SITUATION. 15Y A RE - ainrtnMafniinfr rrt rl . t,n dfl Hirllt hoUflOWOrk. Or to TB.KO CurO OI ClllinrtJ'l , InlOIJ lilllUU, uui. yoij omai..(! . Inquire tor two days ai yo ureas nurtuuKruuiu u. n, third floor. ATSTED - A SITUATION, BY A mnst rnitncr.ihlf Tmitic cirl. to do work and mind shtlrrcn ; is a Rood ohflmbermaid and waitrosa: ia willinK and ublijciw:; has traveled to Europe with her mibtreas ; has good ciy roforoncea, Please call at 139 Cam ton Bt. YfiTANTEI - - A SITUATION, AS COAOH - WW m0T, h niTiPln nolnrAd man. Wllo nnaorfltfinad i.V, f l,n, - oria - la n. pnrrif nl ii ri vnr ; Ulifl.iratands the care of a furnace, and can tiivo good reforence froni hi3 proaeut employor. uaii:oraaaress uuavuniAn, zuuar - iuii ai. RTtT ANTED - A SITUATION, BY A RE - V T spcotohlo young Englishman (single), in a privato tamiiy, as Rroom uuu UUn uu, miUDiov..... ..,i tr - nininrr nt vniiniT nomas, euuor u aauuiu ur i i ..;nntirtn tYithn (innntrv hfiB iiooti oftv uarncaa, iwaiiuouju ,i.. ,,'funr.nau retoronce. Appiy or huuiom aua UUAliMM Al, ILaglU oniuu. - CT A TTT.Tftf TIT ATIO N S . FOR A ff largoand desirabloseleofcionof hihlyrecommended servants. Tho JnrRCfit selection, neatest and most reap uot - abla class to be found at any agenoy vl Brooklyn aro i tj vi - .iin - KririH iffinn. Ill Atlantic Bt: the most respootadlo. reliable and best oonducted in this country. ANTED SITU ATION S, FOR GER - OAKU AT 161 DEAN ST. L.Att(ris, Ib nlrv moms to lot to ainelo eentloraon or gentlemen and their wives; house has all the improvemonts; table Bubstant ial and everything homemade Persona wishing a retired home, wherB everything is well ordered, will do woll to can immeaiaireiy iJinner at q - q - ciock. ipiaoti - lOAKD - ON THE HILL A GENTLE - V A ! - MnntKa rati I !af..rinlrtvinm filfiirjuitiv f nrniii on. nnttl June 1: houso wpll known ae one of the best in Brooklyn; table unex ceptionable. Apply Immodiatoly at 309 Omnborland at. comer oi iiu on am hmiuiibwu - - fe!8 . BOACD 105 HNK ST SKUJOJN D floor large room, with fine pantries and bath room adjoining ; also largo rooms on third floor ; likewise singlo rooms ror Koutiuuiu, uuuoo ou.uo . , rounding citlos ; peraons wlehing to furnish all except oar - potacan mako liberal arrangements; no moving in Map; tauie nrav ciasa, mm guuu quiouuouw. BOAKD A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, or two single gentlemen, can bavo a large third Btory Iront room, in a private family, wbcro thoro are no other boarders; room lurnishod with Brussels carpet and black walnut bedroom set; bathroom with Improvements on sarno floor; torms, including firo and light, $14porweok. a.pply at lib tioyt st. wim fel5 6t FOlt SALE - TWO LOTS, ONE ON Gates avonue and one on roar on Qtiincy st. 2ax200, near Koidav; will he sold cheap. Anply at 169 qiassim av, or to P. H. MKLLBY. 90 John st, N. Y. fe!2 6t FOB SALE A EARM, ON THE JA - malca and Hempstead plank road, Ij. I., of choice land. 36)iS oi - 36 acres, 17 milos from Brooklyn, with good building, at no fancy price, one and a half miles frem Quoens Depot. Address Queens, ti. N, UURYKK. felS at' FOR SALE OB EXCHANGE POUGH - keepsie property for N. Y. oity or Brooklyn preporty ; a fine farm property of 93J$ ocreB, on South ay, 2K milos from the Court Houso. Uood roads, and neighborhood lirst olass in all respooui. For particulars, eto., Inquire of O. B, RICHARDSON, ICS and 157 Crosby st, N Y. fe3 lOtSTnATh SALE - OR EXCHANGE BY J. TTAT.T.IPV 00 - 1 Xfnnfnrrno st. COUntrV ROfttS and farmB in gTeat variety, situated on Long Island, Connecticut. New Jorsoy. and on tbo Hudson. Also oity propertff of every description, situated on tho Holghts, South iSrooKlyn, ou ono Hin.ana avenues. uu " ' " Park. Apply as above. fel33tTu,ThtS C?OR B.' N. HORSES, CAKK1AGES, &c. HOARD WANTED. OARD WANTED AND UNEUB - b ntshrd room, for a smglo man, above Bodford. Address EUGKNH, Eagle office feU 3t - OAKD WANTED BY A YOUNG ti mm. in it rnsnent.ablo family, near Hamilton av. or Smith Ferry proforred. Addross stating torm, A. B., Box 1,000, N. Y P. O. AT WITTY'S OABBIAGE AND SLEIGH MANUFACTORY. Carriages and slolghs ior sale. Attention of purchasers is called to our largo assortment; quality and stylo, not ox - celled, and prices 20 per cent, less than New Vork. lrom long experience, being twenty years established, wo are enabled to offer great inducements to purchasora. Pony phaetons a speoialty, all styles; old carriages In exchange. Also, to lot, carriages and slolghs by the day and season. Also, fine coaches, road turnouts and ponleB and phaotons for ladles' park driving. H B ., ao se21yTh,8Tn NevlnB street, cor. Fulton avenue, C Carriages fob sale - it ikst J class top wagons, road wagons, pony phaotons, aad oarriagos of evory description, (warranted to be equal to nny that aro made). Satisfaction guaranteed or no solo. ... i , nnn Hn.tnn o,.i .nnv ho rooalred made to or dor. Also, anno BBlecuon oi sieignoo " first rate socond hand coach for Bale ' oboap. jaeSmS,TuTh .1AMH3 YOGNg, l.Ooa Atlantlo av. 11UTMAN, 510 Fulton st, cor Courlni) stairs. fo5 12t iOR SALE CABTMBN AND TKUU - ' men tulinnnHce - The ownoroifors forsnlo o brown mare. 6 years old, 16k hands high ; wolght l.iall ; no bettor In this city ; Bound and kind evory way. No. 3U Littlest, Dear Jonn. BO AHD WAN TED EOB UICNTLiIOMAN ond wifo. In a private family, within 15 minutos' walk of ferrios; modern improvements ; roferonoos oxchangod. Address, and stato terms J. E., Ragle office BOABD WANTED UNTIL FIRST OF 9 .fnlv. fnr trontloman. wifo. and ohild two roars old : unfurnished rooms proferod; torms must be modorato, and location noor City lioll or forrios. Addross, with terms, N, Box 1,584. N. V. P. O. foMaf TO LET - FOll BUSINESS PCRl'OSESi (THO LET OR LEASE THE FOUNDRY, Jl machino shop, engine, &o.f together with the entire building, roar of Nos. 29, SI, 33 and 35 Furman st, olose to Fulton Forry. Apply on the promisos, or of NATHAN STEPHENS, 91 Liberty St., N. Y. lo9 6t" w KTKJf?lf3 Al r..,., st . n.mian innininite RPOloen! BlSO. largo number of first class Irish sorvants with excellent references; and Httlo girls for housework, Aa, at very low wanes. MANNING'S. 43 Court St. Established mo LET TO MASONIC LODGES A 1 very commodious Lodge room, In the fourth story of the Savings liang oullQing, oornor oi uuntuu nuu atianuo ...... hxllriinn ilnmrnnl hnnln ill, ntjllim . ntjl I 111 trt KlIlL ed iow to responsible partlos. ia23 tf since 1849. fol5 3t" TO LET TWO LARGE HALLS, AD AFT - ed for club rooms, billiard rooms, daguorrootype gallory, o. inquiro on too promiaos, oornor oi j?iihi av. and Flatbusb, or of E. 4 J. WHBIiAN, 62 Sohermerhom Btreet. leioet - WAWXED MISCEIiLAWEOBS. WANTED BY A GERMAN WOMAN, work by tho day ; la a good coo washer and Ironer. AQdroBS lVi tsmitn si. TITAN TED 35Y A T TjE M AN . WIFE TT and ono child, furnlphed house on theUeighta, from May 1. Address Box 2.823 N. Y. P. O. toi tit - PUROHASE - P O R nnO LET OR LEASE, JOU 1UVE OR B Bovonyoacs, a farm, aixty - ove aores; nouse, barn, roa'd" ; depot near the houso ; rent $300 ; also part of a double hrnun fi - mr rnnmfi' one hour from, tertv bv ISoutb. atiln Railroad: rent 8'2.50per month. Apply for ono week to SAMUEL, WUlGttT, Bxooutor at tho olfico of John Hancock Mutual juio insurance uompany, iu&roaaway nowxors. TO LET OFFICES, ROOMS AND f tores in buildings 178, 180,238, 2iQ, 311.828, 313, Hi. 376, 877, 879, 385, 391, 393, 408, 681. 615 and 517 Fulton st : Nos. 183, 185, 193 and 501 Montague Bt, Nos. 59 and Ql Honry st, TheBO ouiiainga uave an inuuern improvoraenLg, nnoiigut, cood ventilation, and aro suitable for lawyora. brokora, merctiants, banks, jnaurancg oompaniofl, express compa nies, artists' biuoios, loage rooms, ojud rooms, oriignt mnniifnctnrine. Havins on tiro ohnrae of abovn hnihl. TtlfT AiVfrKD TTOTTREft AND PARTS OF ings wo olfer favorable lonsos and moderate rents. T housos wantod, to lot, in all parts or tbo Oity ! 1 'Vin 1,1V h nSiATh XXTAR TED TO V T caBh. a houso in Third Ward, say $8,000 to $12,008. Any ono Daviug a pargain to aispose oi, aaarosa duj. i.ioj, Pi . Y, . tf. J. RESPECTABLE inr of a low gomtlonron Please call at ISO Third at, near warren, up "SXTANTED BY A V married woman, tho wosnbig of a low nod ladles. stairs. pood tenants waiting. Court st. Ann!, tft P fl PROVDST. tel3 5t w ANTED TO LIVEBY STABLE hire, with drlv) oab or phaoton. I1II,IIA11IS0 ghoppfnp carriage. r.agie oi - - " Addroaa N. B. O., re H at - WANTED TO BUY, A SMALL BRICK, rosidonco In Brooklyn; good neighborhood ; about ID minurcs riue irom r uuon irorry ; price ;ao,uw w to,vvv. 11. 01. u r, u. cox i,otn n. x t HEAT REVOLUTION IN BILLIARD JT TABLKS. - W. H. GRIFFITH'S tablos beat tho world with Delaney'B patent cushions, which are being BUbBtituton in toe ptaoo oi rooian tioionuor - s ana tue - tioit. whioh is snffiolent nuarauteo of their sunorloritr. and can only be bought at W. U. UttlFFIX'U'S Factory, vesey fit, n. x. i. Can bo soon at for. at" SEWING MAtl - IlWES. A MERICAN BUTTONHOLE, OVERSF.AMING AND SEWING MAOHINB COMPANY Have now roady for delivery, their now and greatly Im proved Sewing Machines, with or without I ho buttoniiola part s. Don't ?aU to soo thom beforo purchasing plsowhero. . B. We sell on monthly Instalments and, l desired. furnish purchasers tvittt lltst class at Kntwonn ltav. SnFers,t TIOR SALE THREE STORY BROWN i otr.A linnet. SRS Doirraw street, noar Smith; all im provements. Thioo sttiry framo, 46 Kihott plaoo, noar Fulton, 20x36, 14 rooins;alI iniprovomonts. Tiiroe story briCK, 472 Suckett street, 20x411. Ihroo story frame, 375 Grand avenue, near Gates. Prices low and terms to suit. Inouiro of tho owner, Thomas Read, 822 Fulton St., opposite Gates aveuuo. jaolt 12t'ru'lhAS FO R S ALE T W O STORY AND HIGH basoment framo house, gas, bath, hot and cold water to second story, marblo top lh basins, Baltlmtiro heater, nine rooms, and suboollar. Prico 83,760. $3,000 can remain on bond and mortgage for iivo yoars. Inquiro of K. BUXTON, No. 7 WlUotighby at. or of W. J. WAL - LACK. corner of Lewis av. and Pulaski St. folO 6tS,Tu;Tb fTUWSAlTE - OI - EXCHANGE A FIRST Jt" claBS, 4 - story, brown stono dwollfng, situatod on Clinton street, sits 25x65x100, ttnlshod in hard wood, cabinet mantols, plato glass windows and in ovory respect a tirstclaaa rosidonco; will bo sold on easy terms, or or ohangod for Improved or nnlmprovod property : in vicinity of the Park preferrod. For particulars land keys lo examine premises apply to J. N. It ALLliY, 202 Montaguo street. foWJOt T,OR SALE IN ELLIOTT PLACE, JP near Hanson place, a finoS - story basomont and sub - collar brown stone f ront houso 21. Ciso, lot 21.6x100; overy improvoinont. hot and cold water In ovory room ; marble cased and top basins, plato glass windows, beautiful chandeliors. Also, on Hicks st, a S - story basement and subcellar brown stono front houso, replete with every modern improvement and ?on'0Io"0Av5?VSri?rt ticulars and pormitB, apply to P. O. PRO YOST 31 Court Btreet. 108 tfiu.iD.4a ItORSALE - ON CLINTON AV, A FIRST fl class - stor.v attic and basement framo dwelling, 38x 40, two parlors, dining room and reception room on flrat floor large ball, kitchen, laundry and lino collar, 9 aloop - Ing rooms; all modern improvements and heatod by steam ; finely frescoed ; cornices, mirrors and oonsoles go with tho bouse; ground 60x12c, also lot adjoining on roar street 17x80, wlti stable, io. : this property wiU be sola vory low nnd cm easy terms, as the owner leaves Brooklyn. Apply WYCKOFF4 JAMES, 203 Montague St. feltwt s,Ta,ia - e FOR SALE AT A UAKUA1JN ifMUBi greatly reduced A woll built, two story, basement and subcellar frame house, filled in with briok, replete with all tho modorn improvornonts, suoh as bathroom, stationary tubs, morning glory heater, olosot refrigerator, Ao. : house is nearly now and in thorough ordor, Bltuatod 25 feet from Gates av. cars ; neighborhood rapidly improving, and isatirst class investment; will be sold on very easy terms, and payablo in Installments if roquirod : possossion . .. . t I n .tin n.nml.A. 'Xlfl Tnmnl, 1 n a no foK t.F Apru 1. inquire on nm,.ui .m........... .... ftROlti?Rnvfro ELASTIC STITOH AND NEEDLES, SILK. OO lTON, MAOHJ OIL, 40. BROOKLYN OFFICE: No. 6U F"LipN Bx. ja!9 ly TERMS OF PAYMNB TfcTOTICE OF REMOVAL. THE SKWrNB MAOHINK BUSINESS Heretofore done under tho name of C 11 A I G E ft OO. i 840 FULTON STREET, CORNER OF COURT, WILL BE REMOVED ABOUT APRIL 1 TO THH NEW BUILDING, No. 306 FULTON STREET, OPPOSITE JOHNSON, AND CONTINUED BY. THE WHEELER & WILSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY, fc61m HEMRYBUTMAN, Agent. QEWING MACHINES OF ALL THE S latest improved stylos of no w machinos for sale and toront; rent to bo applied toward purchasing any maoblno desired. Old machines taken in pari Daymont for now ones; all makes of maohluos repaired and Improved I also partloular attention paid to teaching. 126 Court stroot, botwoen State nnd Soliormorliorn; branch offlce 18iv - ington st N. Y. M. ITA MILTON. aula ly ITlOR SALE OR EXCHANGE A NEAT ' cottngo, 8 rooms, a good collar, two stall stable, oar - rlago Bhed, nine or ten lots, fnll sizo, in OlarenoevHlo; no incumbrance; 8 miles from Brooklyn ; fivo minuteB' walk from depot; accommodations ovory half hour; this property will be exchanged for a good frame house in Brooklyn or williamsburgh; no cash wanted : will pay cash in balance if wantod. Call on Mrs. JONKS, the owner, 12 Dovor st, N. Y., whoro particulars can bo had at any timo. folO St' 57IOR SALE OR EXCHANGE THE " splondid businoss proporty, 214 Bowory, N. Y. It conBisls of a threo Btory and basomont brick building, sizo S&xlOO feet, tho building covering tho ontlro lot. Iho sloro is elegantly fitted up. with plato glass windows, Ac, nnd Is suitable for dry goods or any businoss; has baoo rented for $6,000 por year ; worth $60,lKl0 ; will aoll for oash, or will oxebttngo tor improved Brooklyn property. Inquire of E. M. CAMMEYER, at the Eqglo offloo. fe8 1 - t "OOR SALE A RARE OPPORTUNITY JL1 fsofferod thoso who wish to buy some or tno most l.nnn, nnrl nnnSRrhlv lnnated hnnSflS infill BrOoklvn: price3 and torms to suit. 332 Clinton av, betweon Lafay - ..It - O.Ttulh nn fnur alnrv. hlch Rl.nnti. hrnwn utono. French roof house, 21x4ljxll0, a stable lot in roar, finished in olegant stylo, 19 rooms; uvi tjiunoy st, tureu Bi - ory brick ttont, Fronch roof, 20x42x26x100 , 40 foot court yard, and olegant piazza in front, contains all modern improve - ments; 252 Clormont ov, 2Jd Btory Philadelphia brick, hrrtwr. Hlonn hiiftnment. stoon and trhxuninirs. 10 rooms, lotely overhauled, plumbed and doooratod for owner s use, all Improvements j 169, 173, ond 176 Adelphi at, throe provemenls. 'lll'is is the oholceBtlot of proporty that has 1 t..ini..nn.iiR,n .nrinaindtii the ntton tlon ot buyers. Immcdlato possossion, Call and see for yonrsolvos. Apply on tho promisos, or address i. ra. - (Ara. uiormaiiL nr. - - 'jsrawbticlis" on tlie Amount Cliararcil lor Oiiice Runt, Stationery, Clerk wjfirc, &c. A Sutisfactory Settlement jlnUcijmteu. Oil the 3d inst. , two suits were commenced by the General Government against ex - Collector A. M. 1Vood and his bondsmon, to recover tho sum of $21, - 942.03, being tho amount of the deficiency iu his accounts. His sureties aro Martin Kalbfleiach, R. M. Domill, Jno. K. Pruyn, Froderick Scholes, Petor G. Taylor and John Angus. Two bonds woro signed, one on October 3, 1802, and tho other ou March 13, 18G3. They aro both for $100,000. Mr. Wood waa Collector of internal rovenuo in the Third Dirtrict for six years, and whon the bureau waa first established co.lcot.ors were paid a commission, and not a SBlary, aB at present, aud they also received nn allowance for office expenses, such as rent, station ery, clerk hire, &c. That amount was an arottrary one, boing settled bj tho Department in Washington, aud when Mr. Wood sont in his bill for expenses already incurred, it was cut down and tho amouuts charged against him. In the agerogate thoso suma amount to $21,942.03, to reoover which tliese suits have been commenced. ti will, therefore, be seen that tho legal proceedings are a mero matter of adiustmont between Mr, Wood nnd tho authorities In Washington, aua nave no roior - enco to tho money which passed through his hands irom tho taxpayers, as ho did not colloct any money which has not been paid ovor. Mr. Wood ia now in Washington for tho purpose of having the matter settled, and in the U. S. District Attorney's ofiico it is confidently anticipated that a satisfactory adjustment will be made within tho next ten days. Company K, of the Foety - seventh. A new company of tho Forty - seventh Regiment, "E,' Captain Wm. J. Powoll, with forty - seven names en rolled, was on Monday ovouine musterou mio tno ser vice by Major Lumington of Gonoral Moserolc's Staff. Tho company drills will begiu ou tho 28th, aud con tinue on Wednesday oyonings tucrcaiter at tno armory. The Forty - Beveuth will have a grand concert next month to aid iu the equipment of a now band. HEELER & WILSON'S MANUFACTURING COMPANY. SEWING MACHINES. Brooklyn Office, 810 FULTON ST, cor. of Court at. THE BEST MACHINE, AND THE F ASIKST TERMS (6 ly HBNRY BUTMAN, Agent. F ni' nv i.TCiYrJARD MOODY, r.o rtniirt nt. and S76 Atlan - tie av. a 3 - Btory brown stono, all Imp., Sookett Bt, hot. Hoyt :.tVo.iS'l prloo $10,000 ; a 3 - Btory brown stono front nouso. an imp. on Warren si, bet, Fifth and Sixth vs. prioo $8,600 ; a lot. n?"s! Hflt.?:"?' - - rin .i w th two fine houses, on f5'A' '".""Z; mi, a flnn S - .torv framo fLr? brick bouse; with two sto?y brick sUblos, on' roar of fcLse JHmi oor. Warron Bt, and Sixth av. prlee moM;BOft, h0'nflited ln all imp, on Hall st, hear MyrUeav. price iffl - artery hVick store, and dwelling, with stat lost roiVi i'OT.ofBondandScliermarhorn Bis, prico 13,OO0;a atoro and dwel ing unca, uur. ui ai.uu wrth ov, Prioo 87,600 ; a 3 - Btory brown stone front house. Fourtn nv, pri w , . neai. . o..t.,rv attio frame honsepVonDcan strprloe ,5,500; also a large plot of for salo or to loaso; also a large numbor of apart - i,nrTi and houses to ront, in a good looautles. I' p r Further parUcuiars inquire of LEiSnARD NOTBW Montaguo at, cur. oi v,uu o, DENTISTRY. ttoh A BEAUTIFUL SET OF art iP tcolh on whnlohono rubber; extracting tinder OlTDental oliice, B Fulton st, opposite City Hall. OBico h,,rs. 7 A. M. to 9 P. M. 0J ' IERSOWAI BANKRtll'TCY NOTICES. N BANKRUPTCY DISTRICT COURT ol New - In io mAM? - ,U!HLImi?W1iV ,,,,ic TMIJM 1 Va I.KIMTIrJK. JOHN 1'.. SKDLltY and ALBKR T B. PEASR, bockrupM. A warrant In bankruptcy has boen jssuod by said Court against the estolopf Charles I! Williams, John J. Valentino, John K. Sedlcy and Albort It. l'oaso. of Kings County aua state oi no inn, ...... . boon duly adjudged bankrupts upon potltion of their creditors, nnd tho payment of any dohts and tlie delivery oi any tmipmi m.u.. bankiuptB, to thom or to thou - uso, and the transfer oi any proporty by thorn, are forbidden by law A mooting of tho creditors of said bankrupts, to iirovo their dobts and choose ono or more sssignoos ot their 06tte, will be held at a Court of Bankruptcy to bo holden at Brooklyn, in said District, on tho 2ith clay of Fobruary, A. D. 1872, at 2 n'olock P. M., at Iho olfico of I). C. Wlnalow. Esq. ,189 Montaguo streot, ono of tho ItogMtorsin i"ill") o u Aurnw 5 jt U. 8. Marshal for B.iid Distrlot. rN BANKRUPTOY DISTRICT COURT I of tho United Stales for tho Eastern District of ZTl V 1. In n,. rj .Tl iHN MAN.SFIKLU and NATHAN K. MAWSFIELD., Bankrupts Bast - em DtStrlO. OI nOW XOnt, OSl a. warri iu "!! - 1,m been issnod br said Court agaxafit . tho eBtato of John Mansflold and Hathan K. Mansfield of tho County of Kings and State of Now York, t ..1H THor.ln, hn linvn hnan dnlv adlodgod lnlmuirfl nrion netraon OI ,UQtr orouiuora, ..r r Aahta itnd thn dolbrorv of any nra - mWiouauiK to said bankrupts, to them or to tholr uso, and tho transfer of any property by thom aro forbidden by raw. A meeting of tbo otodltore of said bankrupts, to provo their debts and ohooee ono or more aaslgnoes oftQelr osrtaoe, 189 Montaguo at, Brooklyn, In said DlBtrlot, cm iho 4th dny n March. A.. V. 1872. at 10 o'olook A. M., attho. oilloo of David C. Window, ono of Che Registers in BanaTnotoy of taid Distrlot. 8. R. HARLOW, fei52t U. S. Marshal - Mossongor. Tlie l?ratt Oil nauutaciunnf uoni - liaiy Anoisned Tne Complaint Action of tlte Hoard. The Board of Health met last evening to take some action in roferenoo to tho Pratt Oil Works at Greenpoint, which hnvoboen oomplainod of as dangerous to life. There wero present Aid. Boggs, oboirman ; Ropes, Clancy, Wylio and Nolan, Assistant Corporation Counsel Johnson, and Mr. Borgen, couiisot for Mr. Pratt. Tho following COMPLAINT was read by Mr. Johnson : Cousi Y ov Kings, sb. Thomas Eelly, being duly sworn, deposes and says that ho isa householder, and resides WltU nis lainny iu i - u - si, bLieui,, ueat Thirteenth street, in tho city of Brooklyn, and that ho owns tho lauds aud premises upon which he rosidos, as above stated; that about three huudrod feet from deponent's residence, aud in said city, a kerosono oil factory or works is situated, being on both sides of North Thirteenth street, aud between First stroot and the Fast lliver, in said city; that at said oil works there has been, aud now is befng carriod ou, for the period of more thau six months past, tho bnniness of reliniug on irom eruue peuuiuum. uv - .... shows that said business, as carried n - ,. j," is dangerous to Ufo, tLe said ail ' MMMM, ! . oerag highly intlamma - umum Tory "plosive, aiid tldOasioiiB constant danger to all persons residing in the ndshborhood of said factory; that flr,es have there rueently occurrod, and such is the nature ef said business and tho material thero atoreS lb" tho parties m oliargo of tno same, a tuo time of Budl fires, stated that it was dangerous for the members of tho Fire Department to approach near enough to the samo to extinguish the Uames. Deponeut iurtner anowu ii no huiiid ounw Pratt ; that ho carries cm said ousiness anu assumes to be the manager and owner of said oil works, and that such oil works go by tho name of tho "Pratt Manufacturing Company." Deponent further shows that on one sido of said factory, and up to it, houses are thiokly built up, and that iieinhborhood is thickly populated, and tliat First street, which runs along said factory, is a much trav eled street. J.UUO, O.H.11UI. Sworn beforo me this 14th day or etiruary, ior - - . W. D. O. Boaas, Alderman. rVitrnTv of KrN - fis. es : Torsnco Slano, P. J. Hughes, John F. Daley, being each for thomselveB duly sworn, deplore aud say mat tuey aro eacu oi mom uuimir holders in snid Oitv of Brooklyn, residing within about 300 fcetofeaid oil works; that they have heard road tho above affidavit of Thos. Kelly, aud that of tlioir own knowledge all tho Btatemonts therein contained ns to Baid oil works, its uaturo and the dangerous character of the business thero carried on, aro true. ACTION OP THE BOABD. Aid. Nolan offered the following preamblo and reso lutions : ....... Whereat, A certain factory or works situate in the city of Brookfc'll, and commonly kuownas Pratt's OU Works, and managed and carried on as suoh by one Charles Pratt, of said city, aud owned by him, is now being worked and earned on in tno Business oi me manufacture of kerosene oil by the refining of crude petroleum ; and, Whereas, The said factory, as now being carried on and worked as aforesaid, in the opinion of this Board, is dangerous to Ufo ; aud, Whereat, This Board bas now token and filed among its records, proofs which it deonis suiliclontto provo that ice same is a nuisance, and to authorize ths declaration that tho same, to the cxtont now carriod on, ia a publio nuisance and dangerous to nic ; now, tuoro - foro, . . . Rcaolvea. That this Board do hereby resolve and as - Clare that said oil works, as now carried ou, is a public nuisance and dangerous to life. Hesolned, That tho busiuoss of manufacturing or refining eoid oil in said factory is hereby ordered to be suspended. JiCSOtl'CU, mat a copy OI tuie rmuiunuu uu - duiiuu ou Charli e Pratt in tho liltmnor by law provided. On motion the loregoing was adopteu. Tho Board then adjourned. EXPLANATORY. Tlio notion of tho Board fn receiving the BWorn com plaint, aud then declaring tho place a public nuisauco and dangerous to life, was taken in order to comply ,v,ti, ib,, nrnvisions nf the law governing Buch cases. The defendant, Mr. l'rart, win now navo turoe uaya - time in which to servo a uotico on the Board, demanding to bo heard, in order to prove, if possible, thut his t, iii,n u not n nuisance mu ut uuocuub. iiuiiu eutu i'. - "" - : - . . .. . notice is served tho Board must men ortior a stay oi proceedings and tako testimony m oroor to uetormine the case. Mr. Pratt proposes to contest too manor. P,ETnd tlie storm waV not necessary to inako it oven dow'?.1..,H This boat later in the evening more uieag."" - broko dowBi 00 THB PASSENGERS WECB DOOMED to several hours of dreary waiting, most of thom pelted by the terrific hail storm, against whioh the poverty of the company doubtless prevented them from affording any shelter. This accident was probably due to tho overloading and straining of that fearful C o'clock paBsage, and thoso who were on the boat then may well be thankful that the accident did not happen on that trip. With 2,000 persons on board, the panio which would tave inevitably been created may be imagined, and it? terrible results are fearful to contemplate. Bringing the Wairen to the Blip at this hour is a new outragn. Heretofore the largest boats were providod. Tho company, moreovor, have been aware for a long time, as everybody else havo been, that the Nebraska waa unsafe, and traveling on her extremely dangerous. Still she Has kept running until the World denounced her, and the committee from Albany appeared to investigate these abuses. Then sho waa with - drnwu. Now this ovorcrowding and delaying is no now thing. It has beeu going on for years, and has boon alluded to in theee columns bofore. Nothing, it seems, is of any avail to stop it. Only a night or two ago one of the boats was STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BIYER, and tho passengers, who wero then packed in every nook and cranny of tho unseaworthy vessel, requested to "trim ship. ' Of course thero was an immediate panic, as ovorjbody supposed the boat was about ti go iipam ends, and the rush to tho onposito aide amid crushing of smaller humanity and shouts and cries, nearly served to tip oyer the craft in tho other direction. Another unbearable and disgraceful nuisance is tho practiBe of scrubbing tho cabin iloorB aud swabbing oil tho decks between eight and uiue o'clock iu the morning. This is invariably done on every boot that the company boaste, and at tho vory timo when it is not only most toconveniont, but most absolutely sickening to the passengers. There ia ono thing which tho management pride themselves upon, and doubtlesB supporo the public have nn exalted idea of tho excellent regulation! at the terry houso AT THE FOOT OE BOOSEVELT STREET. This is tho watchful caro exortcd by this hnmani - tarian company over the saiety oi tneir passengers uy oroviding gates to prevent people attempting to get on board a boat before she is properly secured to tho slip. Whon thiB arrangement is coupled with the fact that the boats are delayed for Bny length of timo under a half hour, what is tho result 1 Is it likely that people will nit quietly iu the hare barns that are provided, and styled 'rooms," while others are on hand ready to got tho few available seats in the cabins ? The consequence is that a vast crowd, like the curioatty seekers bofore the. cages of the wild animals of a menagerie, congregates and waits in the cold or damp air, as the case mcj - be, until it pi easeB the forry olhciulB to raise tho gates. It may seem incredible, but it is nevertheless alleged on good authority to bo a fact that tho ongiueer employed by this company who burns the smallest amount of coal during each month, at its termination is awarded A PRIZE FOR HIS FAITHFUL PENTntlOTJSNESS. ThiB mav serve to account for tho want of anything like speed in the passage of these boats, and also for tho want ol steam m tne ueatiug apparatus. Well, tho plea set trp Dy too company is not nt an a denial of all these thrng6, as might be oxpectod, perhaps, but that it is poor ; fhat its stockholders aro receiving vory little for their funds invested. It would seem that overy euort is msae Dy tuo tjompany to remedy this dcporable stato of affairs, as tho following Incident, soberly told by a passenger on board at the time, goes to SUOW. one OI tueso Iiuaung paiaiiet, was coming into the slip, when the pilot pulled tho "back bell" and the cord broko. As consequence tho boat ran into the piles audi the wharf at full speod and tore away everything; The passengers were ac tually TAXED TO DEEBAY THE EXPENSES caused by the accident, for which it is hard to see how they eoilld be responsiuie, auu cue mi. munw ailed a a charity. But UiiB poverty strickon plea hardly tallies with tho facts. The property was originally v. orth'SlOO.OOO. By consolidation and several purchases the stock is now raised to $1,000,000. On thiB tho dividend declared last year was uo less than 22 per cent. It iB useless to multiply words about such a tennreless defence as this. Mr. George Law, when on tho witness stand a day or two ago, was unablo to explain why the company last April stated its oapitai to be i3VG4.91, or why it pays taxes on but $670,000, while tho company claims its capital to be $1,000,000. This is simply " too thin." Ono horn of the dilomma Mr. George Law must accept. He cannot now reasou - nbly expect to save taxes aud reduce apparent net profits at the samo time. It seems almost certain that the treiraous efforts made by the people themselves, and through their popular representative from tho Eighth District, will have Bomo effect in iuducuiE tho Legislature to give them their nocded redress. IforW. Tne Kingston ana Porto Rico cable. Havana, February 15. A dispatch from Kingston, Jamaica, dated yestorday says: Thecahlo to Porto Rico is now all right, and the tests are perfect. Thero were two breaks, ono near Porto Rico, caused by the driiting in a burricano of tho ship which was laying tho Cable, and tho other near Jamaica, caused by a wreck. Telegraph com munication with Porto Rico is now compieto. Senator Osborn Requested to Resign. Savannah, Ga., Fobruary 15. A despatch from Tallahassee, Fla., says tho Assembly of Florida on Wednesday afternoon, by a largo majority, resolved that U. S. Senator Oaborn be re - . quested to resign, stating among other roasonathat the appointments to Fodcral offlcos made by his recommendation wero obstructions to a Republican Government. "West Virginia. Constitutional Convca. tlon. CrtAitLESTON, W. Va., Fobruary 15. In tho Constitutional Convention yesterday, tho. Committe o of tho Wholo on tho report of tho Committeo, of Elections and Billot Rights, fixed tho age and length of residence necessary to hold ollico in Iho Stato. The Governor and Judges arc to be 35 years of age; Senators, 25 years, and to havo been residents of .lie State r, - e years. elections for State and County officers and Members of the Legislature will bo held on tho second Tuesday in Octobor. Tho auti - duelliug clause was unanimously .r'. tn RANKRUPTOY. - IN THE DISTRICT l Court of (he United Statos, for tho Eastern District NVrTrl, In tho matter nf WILLIAM A. JENKINS. bankrupt. Notice is horoby given that a petition has hoen filed In said Court by William a . Jenkins, in Btna lustriot. nlurfanhmS n. hnnkrnnt under tho Act of llonirress ol March 2, 1867, and acts nmondatory thereof, for a discharge and certificate thereof from all nis debts, and other claims provnblo under Bald Act, and that tho 23d day of TTAhmnrt. 1R79. nt 11 o'clock. A.M.. at the offloo of D. O. Wlnslow, Register in Bankruptcy, at No. 189 Montaguo SIXCOl, in IUO Uliy ot oruutiyu, ib aasigneu iui .uu uuaim ni tho tmo. nlinn nnd whnro all creditors who havo nrovo their debts, and othor persons in inlerost, may attoud, and show cause, If any they have, why tho prayor of the Baid po - tilion should not bo granted. uatou at isroomyn, on tue LONG ISLAND ITEMS. 12th day of Fobruary, 1872. IC10ZG SAMUEL T. JONES, Clork. wfiiBMnfinN WANTED OF OATH 1 TCR1NK and ANN HHNSON, who came froraO iunty Westirioath,' Ireland, to tho City of Brooklyn, sotuo tif toon luByreco'lrodbyKEUON HRNSON, at47S Atlantic arv. toI4 at US. DISTRICT COURT EASTERN 0 DISTRICT OF N. Y. - ln Bankrnptcy. - In tho matter of SMITH WOOD. Bankrupt, will bo sold at auction un WEDNESDAY, Fobruary 2$, I82.nt 10 A. M., at No. 636 Fullon Btroet, Brooklyn, all tho prou - orty of laid Bankrupt in said store, consisting m iinrt of plumbing materials and tools.ckanilohors.hracKota, globes, pas stovos. wash baBins, wator olosots, marblo slabs, lr. - iinrs. ahados, pipes, cooks, boilors. foot lithe, sao, cHico iurniluio, hose and nine, old brass and lead, hla'"' tools, furnaco anvil, hollows, scaffold, planks, horso, Wdgou aud harness, 4c. io., by.l. OOLff, Auctioneer. folUOt CHARLES JONES, Assignoo, Ac. Queens Countt. The Board of Supervis ors of Queens County mot at tho Town Hall iu tho village of Jamaica, yestorday, and spent tho cntiro day in lively debate 08 to tho tax levioa of Newtown and Long Island City, and adjourned without taking final action in tho matter until Saturday, tho 20th instant, Accident on Stewart's Railroad. - r - John Jones and R. M. Dunn, two laborers employod on Stewart's Contra Railroad at Bocky Hill, wero seriously injured on Tuesday while at work with the steam shovel. Rocky Hill Rowdyism. Charles Collim keeper oi a drinking saloon near Rooky HIM, was assaulted in his saloon yesterday by a gang of drunken railroad laborers, who attomptod to rob tho money drawer. ColiinB defended himself with a olub, and John Moran, ono ot his assailants, was seriously iTiliived . Fell Into a Pond. Jnmos Johnson, of West Flushing, fell Into a pond noar tho Flushing De pot, yesterday, and narrowlg CBcapoa arowumB. Boys Wno Cabby Pistols. The practice of oarrying pistols is unhappily not limitod to a olass of citizens only who know how to i" pou, .ri im will not uso it except in on exigency that do. intrude it; hut tho pistol Is worn by blusterers, men subject to freaks of passion ono suuueii impulses, ana oven boys who don't know ono end of tho weapon from tho other. On Friday last, iu tho German Commercial Institute, at 170 Pacifio street, a boy was wounded by tho accidental discharge of a pistol caro - lessly handled by ono of his matoa. It was ono ot thoeo pretty vest pocket revolvers, to carry which makes a boy of twelve feel about sovonteen feet high, and four hundred ponndB in wolght. Tho boy waa phot in tho leg, and vory littio hurt, but both ho ond tho shooter woro about na much astouisbod as if ono of their jack - knivcB had explodod. The "Weather. , , iton, D. C, February 1510 A. M. martially cloudy and cold weath - V esterly winds with , viminia north er prevail ovor tho Atlaufl . nthward; cloudy eastward, and clear weather iu - . nv h(1 tatherand light snow, with westerly wlncu,, , Lower Lake region and Northern Pennsylvania New York. The falling barometer with rising teni - peraturo aud southerly to easterly winds over and est of tho Mississippi Valley, extend eastward to Xako Huron, over the Ohio Valley and into the Eastern Gulf States. Clerk of tne Senate. Albany, N. Y., Fobruary 15. Tbo election of a Clerk of tho Senate in placo of Mr, Terwiiliger resigned, will not tako placo until ho closes up his accounts, which, however, will tako bnt a row days. The nomination ot Charles R. Dayton, the pros - cut Jotirnal'Ckrk, for Clerk of the Senate, gives great satisfaction. Ho has held tho position of Journal Clork, of tho Senate for ruany years, and under different ad ministrations, though he is a Republican. Fire. Last evening Officer Stone discor - ered a fire iu tbo grocery store of Patrick O'Briou, No. 168 Columbia street, caused by a dul'ectivo flue Damago to the coiling, $25. Insured. MONEY MARKET. Wall Stkeet, February 15. Gold opened weak and dull, tho prico ranging from 110,'a to 110.V. The absence of cable quotations somewhat deranged tho calculalions of operators, but tho general impression was that the hears wero on tho safe side for tho day at least. Tho land linos aro down aud conBequeutly cable dispatches are dolayed. Tho carrying rate ranged from 1 to a per cent., but tho majority of the renewals were made flat, or freo of interest, thus aiding the operators on both sides. Governments are strong owing to tne short lutcrcst and the demand. Quotations at tho first call were as follows: 81 's. 111,1.'; Coupons, 115; 62's, 111; fil's, 111; 65's, 110?:;; now, HOtf; G7's, Ul'i; OS's, 113V; 10 - 40's, 107t; Coupons, 111; Now 5's, 108.'.,'; Curroucy 0'e, 114. Tho etock market opened weak, but recovoroa during tho first call. Tho Hannibal and St. Joseph difficulty baa been partially settled by a decision that 30 d3ys notice of the new stock must bo given. Yestorday afternoon soveral parties who had delivered tho new Btock wero compelled to submit to have tho old bought iu uudcr the rulo for them. Quotations of leading stocks tu tho boll of the Dxohango wero as follows : Harlem, 113 ; Ohioe, U.7, Lake Shore, 90 ; Union Pacific, 33Ji ; Western Union, tOX ; Pacific Mail, fW.V; Wabash, ; Erie, 31; Control, 97; Northwest, 74.i,'; Rock Island III',; Boston, Hartford & Erie, 4?i; Hannibal & St. Joe, 4344; Reading, 113; St. Paul, 55. Exchange romaius at 109' for sixty dayB and 110 - ( for eight. Money is easy at 6 per cent. Stock Excnaiiffo Sales First Hoard. MOD U S 6 - 20 c 61 IU 0,11,1 1 T M R.2H r to II 110 4IM0O US M0 0 67 llljj. 11000 u o 08 IU - IW coup 111 CoOOO do 1)3 111 unm IT S ns si r 109 R5COII U S6B810 106'4 20C00 U S 68 Cur 114?i! uui Tn tit Ha n Hd?? KWO do 63 6CKJ0 N Car St 6a n lo 1HKI 8 O St 6s n Jan ft July 82S, 1000" Missouri Stato 6s WSl WOO Long Dock bds.. . 92V 1IXIU Oen Pao ROB IMil SOOOUnPoo R lBtvn.. 91 1000UP7BL Gbs.... 81?i 1000 do 81i looen An 8IJ4 6000 UnP ins In 86!i Rilim f!t,l A N W con.. 93K6 loOO T A W 1st 97V 6000 GtW 2dm MJ4, lUOO Mor A Has is mt. lift 11000 PMW AOlstm. 106 WOO C 4 R I and P K R7fl 102. 0000 XI A Ut P Rs Istm 10, 'muil Mil 4 St P lm.... SfM 1001.0 M A St P 1st Iowa Division 89 20PO Cedar FAM 1st 3000OO'a"IO 1st m.. 92M 1000 do..... :;ri 100 Bk Amorica 146 10 Morohants Bk.... 120 165 Bk Com 118 7 Con Nat Bk 100 100 Cons coal or Md. e60 88 20U do bo 88 HCT Yonx. February U. 4ij0 QoJckalUor M Co 83X 100 do SH 100 Quicksilver pfd... 3l'i 200 do b 55 200 do bo M'4 10 Dol A Hud O Oo. U9H 100 Pao M 8 8 Oo . .83 67J4 600 do b c s3 67X 600 do &7)t 200 do o 5'X 400 do 67M 200 do B7f SOO West UnT. .boo 70Jd 6 AmM Un Ex.... 65 10 N Y O A 11 Rlv R tun 17 do 974 200KrloKR bo SIS 200 Harlem 11 U3K 40 Road R IU SCO Lk 8h A Mh S R. bo 90T 800 do b3 91 200 Olov A Pitta grtd bo SO O O Oin A Ind it. 8S1 20 N J Don K Ill 100 Best II 4 E R.... 4i SO Alt 4 T H R prfd 68 100H48tJR 44 100 do 44J 100 H 4 St J prf 64 14 Mor 4 Essex R. . . 9S! 10U Un Pa R bo 100 do b3 100 do W0TW s30 loo do c 1000 Ohio AM 100 do b3 16 Homo A Wat'n 11 10J) 60 SBoond av K as 83i M 3,1', 76 76 411 44; 76

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