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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 12

Brooklyn, New York
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Tuesday, January 23, 1872
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JLKGALi NOTICES 4ITY COURT OF BROOKLYN SAM - x ool Merwin. plaintiff, against Martha W. Gary and Others, defendants. In pursuance of a judgment order of tho City Court ol Brooklyn, made in the above entitled action, and bearing date tbe oighth day of January, 1873, the undersigned reforao thoroln named will sell at publlo naotloa, t the Auction room o! Jacob Cole, at the Commercial Exchange, Number 389 Fulton street, in the City ot Brooklyn, on Wednesday, tne tbtrty - nrst aay 01 Janua ry, iHiz, at, twoive o ciock noon or tau aay, ma promises, as described In said judgment order, to wit: All thatoertain lot, piece or parcel of land altaate, lying and ISnfnff In lrt C!t Iv nt RrrwiHrn. n4lh thn hnlMlnffS theroo. and bounded and described as follow?, to wit: Beginning at a point In the westerly side of Marcy avenue, distant twenty feet, northerly from the northerly side of Hopkins street, and running theoce westerly, parallol with Hopkins street, fifty feot: thence northerly, parallel with Mar - Cf avenue, twenty feet; thonco easterly, parallel with Hopkins street, fifty foot, to the westerly aide of Maroy avenuo; and thenoo southerly, alone the westerly at do of Marcv avenuo. twenty feot, to the point or place of beginning. Dated Brooklyn, January 8, 1872. jaS 3wToAF OKO. I. MURPHY, Referee. CITY COURT OF BROOKLYN Bonjamin Andrews, plaintiff, nfltaiost Wm. H. Hatch and others, defendants. - - Johh Andrews. Plaintiff's At torney. Pursuant to a inagraont oi ino uoun. nt fimntvn hnju - W datft the 18th (IflV of JanU&rP. the premiies hereinafter described will bo sold ab public auction, at the Commercial Kicbange, No. 389 FcJtoa street, in the City of Brooklyn, County of Kings, on the twelfth day of February, 1873, at twelve o'clook, noon, of that day, by or under the direction of the un - dorsigned, thereby appointed Referee for that purpose, to wit: All that certain lot, piece or parcel of land situate, lyingand boing in tho Tenth Ward of tho City of Brooklyn, bounded and described as follows, viz: fiacinnlng ata point in the norfhorlx line or side of Beo - onl place, distant one hundred and fifty feet easterly from the northeasterly corner of Court street and Second jlaco: running thence easterly along the northerly sldo of Second place fiiteon feet ofght laches; thence northerly partly through the centre of a party wall and parallel with Court street to the middle line of tho block between First place and econd place ; thoncp westerly along said line parallel with Second place sixteen foot eight inches; thence southerly parallel with Court street, to tho point or place of beginning, subject to all legislative enactments in relation to the court yards In front of said promises, together with all and singular, the tenomoots therounto belonging, or In anywise appertaining. Dated Brooklyn, January 19, 1(372. Jii;l 3wFTu GEO. 1. MURPHY. Referee. rilTY COURT OF BROOKLYN MARY ' Anna Adams and Martha E. Adan.s, Plaintiffs, against Edward S. Wilson, William R. Martin, Miohiel Reddy, John Kavanagh. James C. Campbell and Mary Ann, his wife, Joseph Bell, Louis H. Ellis, Charles S. Archer. Washington Archer,John Cunningham, Charles Bunco and Guorgo C. Atchison, Defendants. Amendod Summons, For rolief. (Cora, not nerved). To the defendants above named: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the amended complaint In this action, whioh was this day filed In the office of the Clerk of the GUy Court ot Brooklyn, at the Court House in said city, and to eerve a copy of your answer to the said complaint on the his oftce at No.3b' Pine street, New Vork City, within twenty days after the service of this summons an you, exclusive of the day of such service ; and if you fail to answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid, the filalntiffs in this action will apply to the Court for the re - ief demanded in trie eouiplaint. Dated Now York, November 21, 1671. ji2 GtTa WILSON M. POWELL, Plaintiffs' Att'y. 8 UPREME COURT KIN GS COUNTY naniAl nirninat H enrintta J. Cnnwav and others. In urunnce of a jedgmont order of this Court, made in tli. jibove entitled action on the 6tb day of January, 1872, will be sold at public auction, at the Commercial Kx - Cli tnge. No. 389 Fulton street, in the City of Brooklyn, County of Kings, on Wednesday, the thirty - nrst day of January, 1872, at 12 o'clock, noon, of that day, by or under the direction of tho undersigned, the referee apppolnted by said judgment order for that purpose, the following described land and premises: Alt that certain lot, piece, or parcel of land situate, lying and being in tbe Twenty - Second Ward (formerly the Eighth Ward) of the City of Brooklyn. Kings County, and State of New York, known and distinguisned nu a cortain Map Hied in the Office of tho Register of the County of Kings, on the 8rd day of .'anuary, A.D., 15, entitled Map of tbe property In the Kighth and Ninth Wardsol thcCityofBrooklyn, belonging to Bushnell 4 Bussmgs, as and by the number (39) thirty - Dine, and bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a point on tbe southerly side of Warren street, distant seventy - eight feet and ten inehes easterly from tho southeasterly corac - rof Warren streetand Fifth avenue; and running thence southerly and parallel with Fifth avenuo one hundred feet to the centreline of the block between Warren and Baltic streets: thonce easterly along said centre line twentv - Hve feot; thence northerly and parallel with Fifth avenue one hundred feet to the southerly side of Warren etreet; and theoce westerly along the southerly side of Warren street twents' - fivo feet to the point or place of bo - ginning. Dated January 6, 1873. , B JOHN F. BAKER Referee, 8.T. BittDSALL, Plaintiff's Attorney, ja83w TuAF 170 Broadway, New York City. CJUPKEME COURT - KINGS COUNTY Boniamin S. Welles against William J. Hobday and others. No. 2. In pursuance of'a judgment order of the Supreme Court, granted herein on the 28th day of December, 1870. 1, Henry M. Needhatn. tho referee named in said i.,ri m,..nt nn)rr uill MI nt. nu bllr. auction, in the vestibule of the Citv Hall, in the City of Brooklyn, Kings County, ana auitO 01 tiew Ilirn, uu iinmiuaj) wo - i m uaj ui f nary, 1S72. at twelve o'clock, noon. All that certam piece or parcel of land, with the buildings thereon situated, in the Tenth Ward of the City dr Brooklyn, Kings County and State of New YorK, commencing at a point on tbofouthorly side of Stale street, eighty - nine foot, throe and threo - fourth inches easterly from the southeasterly corner of Smith aDd Stato Btreets; running thence southerly and parallel with Smitli streot ninety feet; thence easterly and parallol with State Btreot twenty feet and two and three - fourth inches; theDCO northerly and parallel with Smith street ninety feet, to the southerly side of State street ; thence westerly along the southerly side of fitate etreet, twenty feet, two and three - fourth inches, i i th point of beginning. Dated January 3, 1872. jaC 3wF4Tu HENRY M. NEED HAM Reforee. SUPREME COURT KINGS COUNTY - Beojamin S. Welles against "William J. Hobday and others. No. 1. In pursuanco of a judgment order of the Supreme Court, granted herein on the twenty - oighth day oi December 1870, 1, Henry M. Needham, the reforee named in said judgment order, will sell at public auction, in the vpstibulo in the City Hall, in the City of Brooklyn, Kings County, and State of New York, on Saturday the 2Jth day of January, 1972, at 12 o'clock, noon: All that c jrta in pioc or parcel of land, with the buildings thereon, situated in the Tonth Ward of the City of Brooklyn, Kings County and State of Now York, commencing at a point on tho southerly Bido of State street, sixty - nino feet and one inch easterly from tho southeasterly corner of Smith and State streets; running thence southerly, and parallel with Miiitu street ninety fent; thence easterly and parallel State street, twenty feet two and three - fourth inchiT; thenco northerly, and parallel with Smith street, ninc - ty feet to the southerly side of State street; thenco westerly along the southorly side of State street, twenty feet two and three - fourths inches, to the point of beginning Dared January 3, 1872. , jB5r.w FATu HK.NRY M. NEEDHAM, Referee SUPREME COURT KINGS COUNT Y John G. Schumaker against Julia Sullivan and others. In pursuance of a judgment of foreclosure and sale, made in thia action, on the 2Jth day of November, 1871, 1, the undersigned referee, hereby give notice that on Thursday, tho asth day of January, 1872, at tho hour of 13 o'olock noon, at the auction salesroom of Oole Murphy, auctioneers. No. 379 Fulton stroet, in tho City of Brooklyn, County of Kinzs, Stato of New York, will be sold by me.or under my direction, at public auction, to the highest bidder, the land and premises in said iudgment mentioned and therein described, as follows: All the lots distinguished on the map hereinafter mentioned by the numbers 1, 2 and 3, and thirteen feet from the westerly part of lot Number 4, betrinolng at the corner formed by the northerly side of Fulton avenuo and southorly side of Marion street, and running thence easterly along said side of Fulton avenue, one hundred and eighty - five feet, three inches, more or Jess, to tho land now or late of Patnok C. Kane; thenco northerly, at right angles with said side of Fulton avenue, forty - oue feet, seven inches, more or less, to the said side of Marion streot ; thence In a southwoBt - o - ly direction along said side of Marion street, one hundred and oighty - nine foet, tivo inches, more or losi, to said corner, tho place of beginning. Together with all the right, title and interest or the said party of the hrst part to the land lying in part of tho said premises neroby conveyed to the middlo of tho Baid Btreet and avenue, tho map hereinbefore mentioned being tho map of lands of Henry A. Brady in the Ninth Ward of the City of Brooklyn. Excepting the following portion thereof, heretofore released from said mortgage, via: All that piece or parcel of land in the City of Brooklyn, bounded as follows : Commencing at a point in thonorthorly eide of Fulton avenue, distant one hundred and forty - tive feet, throe inches, easterly from the intersection of the northerly side of Fulton avenue with the southerly side of Marion Btreet; running thenco northerly and at right angle with Fulton avenue, and along the westerly line of buildings erected on next adjoining preoi - isoe, thirty - two feet, eiht incbes, more or loss, to Marion street; thence westerly along Marlon street, one hundred and forty - eight feet and eleven lncho?. to the point of intersection of the southerly aide of Marion street, witb the northerly side ot Fulton avenuo; thence easterly along the nnrthArlv aiia nt Wultnn fvufinilft. Onfi hlindfftd ftnd fortV - five foet, three Inches, to tho place of boginnlng. Dated Brooklyn, N. Y January 2, 1872. . STEPHEN C. BETTS. Referee. I SiDNEy V. Lowell, Esq., Plalntitt's Attornoy. 1 ja3 SwTuAF CJUPREME COURT KINGS 'COUNTY V3 - Nathaniel H. Olomentasrainat Cornelia B. Haynes and others. In purBuanoo ol a judgment of loreolosuxe and sale made in the above entitled action bearing date the 15th day Qf January,1872, 1 will sell at public auction, at the Commercial Exchange, No. 383 Fulton street, in tne City of Brooklyn, on the seventh day of February, 1872, at 12 o'clock, noon, tho following described lands and premisos: All that cortain lot, pieoe or parcoi of land, with the improvements thereon erectod, situated, lying, and being in tho Nineteenth (13th) Ward of tho said City of Brooklyn, bounded and described as follows, to - wlt: Beginning on the southwesterly line of Wythe avenne, at a point where a line drawn through tho centre of a party wall erected partly upon the premises hereby oonveyod and partly upon the adjoining southorly lot, would, if continued, biseot the southwesterly line of Wythe avenue, which point is distant thirty - seven (37) feet northwesterly from the corner formed by the intersection of the DOrthwesterlyline of Keop street with the southwesterly line of Wythe avenue, and running thence southwesterly through the oentro of said party wall and ma direct lino in continuation thereof and parallel with Keep street sixty - four feet; thenco northwesterly parallel with Wythe ave - nue eighteen feet six Inches to a point continuous of a line drawn through the centro of auothor party wall erected partly upon the prem'ses hereby conveyed and partly noon the adjoining northerly lot; thence northeasterly along such continuous line and through the centra of said last mentioned party wall and parallel with Keep street fllxty.four (64) feet to the southwesterly line of Wythe avenuo; aud tnence southeasterly and along the southwesterly lino of Wythe avenue eighteen feet and six Inches (18.6) to the ootnfc or place of beginning. Dated January 15, IB72. JAMES H. McKINNEY, Referee, Obookb, Bergen A Clement, PlaintifPa Attorneys. jal63Tu&F' , SUPREME COURT KINGS COUNTY Benjamin Sewall, plaintiff, against Albert Jones and Frances A. Jones his wife. Luther M. Robblna and Kllza J. Bobbins his wife, Charles M. Terry, Alvin Bart, Ward Wheeler, Daniel A. Van Home, Jeremiah Fitzpat - rick, Elrsha Bloomer, Henry Boyle, defendant. Summon for relief tCom. not ser.) To said defendants : You aro hereby Bummoned and required to answer the oom - plaint in this action, which will bo filed In the Offioe of the Clerk of the Conntyof Kings, and to serve a copy of youi answer to the said complaint, on the subscriber, at his ffioe. No. 43 Wall street, in the City of New York, within twenty dayB after the service of this summons on you, exclusive of the day of such BBirloe ; and if you f all to auBwor tho said complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this aciion will apply to the Court for the relief demanded in tho complaint. Dated October 27, 1871. 1HOMA8 A. WATSON, Plaintiff's Attorney. The complaint in the above action was duly filed on the 3d day of Aovember, 1871, in the Office of the Clerk of Kings County. f dol96w Tn SUPREME COURT - KINGS COUNTY George Dixon, Abraham Dixon aud Edward Johnson, plaintms, against Thomas Rodriguoz, Kxocutor of the estate of Mrs. A. McMachen, deceased, defendant. Summons for a money demand on contract. (Complaint not served.) To the defendant : You are hereby summoned anfl required to answer the complaint In this aotlon, which will be filed In the office of the Clerk of the Conntyof Kings at the Court H onse in tho City of Brooklyn, and to serve a Ann nt wmr fttmwor fn t.hoflAld eomnlfttnt. on the subscriber. at his offioe, No. 35 Pine street. In the City of New XOrK, wiinin twenty uays nijr iu uurviuu ui mia Bummons on you, excluBivo of tho day of such service ; and if nn full ti Rnxwnr thn ftaid comnlaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiffs in this action will take indgment against you for the sum of seventeen hundred dollars with interest from the thirtieth day of September, one thousand eight hundred and seventy - one, beside tho coats and dls - D lire em en i s or inia action. uau;u wuvuuioer io, ion, R H. HUNTLEY. PlftV Att'v. 36 Pine street. N. Y. Tne complaint in the above entitled action was filed In theoffice of the Clerk of the County of Kings, on the 13th dayoriecetnoer, itsti. do!9 6wTu R. H. HUNTLEY, P16V Att'y. THE CITY COURT OF BROOKLYN. srjih A. Smith, nlaintiff. against Edward S. Wilson, Kdward Wilson. James U. Campbell and Marv Ann, his wife. John R. Glover, Louis H. Ellis. Joseph Bell, Charles Archer, Washington Archer, George U. Atchison, John Cunningham, Charles Bunco, Micbael Reddy and (Com not served.) To the defendants above named : You ore hereby summoned and required to answer tho complaint In this action, which was this day filed in theofficoof the Clerk of tho City Court of Brooklyn, at tho Court House in said city, and to servo a copy of your answer to said complaint on tho subscriber, at his office. No. 36 Pino street. Now York City, within twenty days after tho service of this summons on you, exclusive of the day of such service; and If you fail to answer the said complaint within ,.rnMDniH thn nlnlntiR In this Action will aonlv to tlie t:oort for the relief demanded in the complaint. Daled Nei? York, DecemDer 12, 1071. ia2 6w Tu WILSON M. POWELL, Pl'tFs Att'y. WHEREAS, DEFAULT HAS BEEN made in tho payment of the money secured by a mortgso, dated tho first day of March, 1871, oxoouted by lbnjan Dormitzer and Karolino Dormltzer his wife, of tho flita. Mnu VnrV. tn Rnrtlt. finmnhvin. wife nf Gabriel M. Gernshy m, of the City of Brooklyn, which mortgage was duly recorded in toe omco ol tne Keglstor ot too uounty ui Kings, htate of New York, on the ninth day ot maron, 1T1 ntSfi minutes nast 1 P. M.. in T.lbBr 983. ol Morteages, page 39. tt.'icb mortag9 waa duly as signed by aaid tfortha Gorujbym to Melville ti. Kogens - tmrger, ot tne Kjtiy ot new iotk, oy assignment aateu tne sixteenth day of March, 1871. and recorded in said Register's office on tho same day, in Liber P81 of Mortgages, page 532, and tbe same is now owned by him. And whereas, default has been made in the condition of said mortgage, by the non - payment of the sum of eighty - seven dollars and fifty centa, being six months' interest on the same, which became due and payable on the tlrst day of September, 1871, and haB not boon paid, and more than twenty days havo elapsed since the same became aue, and tho undersigned. Baid Melville H.RegenBburger, ttoe owner of said mortgage, elocts that tho prinoipal sum of twenty - five hundred dollars, witb all arrearage of Interest, shall be. come and bo due and payable aocordlng to tho condition of said mortgage. And whereas, the amount claimed to bo due on said mortgage at the time of tbo first publication of this notice. Is the sum of two thousand six hundred and twelve dollars and twenty - nine cents, to wit: $3,500 of prinoipal, and $113 29 of ltere?t, and which is the whole amount claimed to be unpaid on said mortgago. Now, tborefore, notice is hereby given that by virfne of the power of sale contained in said mortgage and duly recorded aa aforesaid, and in pursuance of tbe statute In each ease made and provided, the sold mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises therein desoribed at Bublio auotlou at the auotion room of Jacob Oole, at tho ommecclal Exchange, number 389 Fulton street, in the City of Brooklyn, on Saturday, the twantf - seventh day of January, 1873, at 12 o'olock, noon, of that day. Tho said premises are described In said mortgago as follows: All that certain lot. pieco or parcel of land, with the buildings thereon erected, situate, tying and being In tho City of Brooklyn (late WUllatnsburgh). County of Kings and Stato of New York, and boundedand described as follows, f - wit : Beginning at a point on the northerly side of South Fifth street distant one hundrod and twenuj - one feotwest - ...i - f - Am thn nrfWAAtarlv Qnrner of South Fifth and f ixthstreota, thenco running northerly and parallel with tth stroet one bundred and thirt - aeven feet and ono i - b more or loss; thence westerly and nearky parallel . '.u' ath mrth Rirpnft fnenhv - one feot. more or less: nca southerly parallel with Sixth street and part of tho iv through a party wall of the house next adjoining wost - i' n - aml.oa hnrnllV RnnvPVSd OHO hmidrSd &nd 1 ittv - soven feot and four inches, more or less, to the i.irtherlyllneof Souih Fifth street, and theneo easterly : ong the northerly ltae of South Fifth stroet twentyne f. ottfl the point or plaoe of beginning. - Dated the Jlth day of October, 1871. nBT.ENSRimrmn. Assignee of Mortgagee. TUESDAY EVENING, JAN. 33. From Yesterday's Fourth Edition. THE QUARANTINE EEPOET. Dr. Carnochan, in his annual report to the Commfeeionere of Quarantine, says that of the 9,576 vessels which arrived from foreign aud domestic porta, subject to quarantine, loss than 7 per eent. were detained longer than was actually neceaBary for boarding aud examination. Of this per contap,e 237 had casea of contagious and infectious diseases on board, and the remainder were from porta infected with cholera and yellow fever. Only 124 vessels were detained for a longer period than five days, and but 75 out of a total of 9,575 arrivals were required to discharge their cargoes in quarantine. The appointment of a permanent pclk e force at Quarantine, ho Bays, has been productive of tho best results, both in protecting vessels discharging cargo in the bay and in aiding in the enforcement of ihe quarantine laws. Previous to the organization ol the present force the losse3 which merchants and shipowners annually sustained through the depredations of river thieves formed a constant ground of complaint. During the past year the quarantine police have completely checked these wholesalo depreda - tioup, aud have at the sams time effectually prevented all unlawful and unnecessary communication with vea - seis under quarantine. During the year 237 vessels arriving at this port have been quarantined for sickness which had occurred on hoard. Upon these vessels, at their port of departure, on the passage and after their arrival at quarantine there were, ab far as could be ascertained, 760 cases of infectious and contagious diseases and 119 deaths HO patients were also sent from these vessels to the different hospitals on Ward's and Blackwell's islands and Wost Bank. During 1871, 151 vessels havobeen detained on ac count of smallpox, having 3G5 patients ; 62,138 persons have been exposed to tho disease on these vessels, and 74,000 passengers have been vaccinated. There have arrived during the year 70 vessels having an aggregate of 4C(i persons sick with yellow fever. The steamship Franklin, from Stettin, is the only vessel that has arrived here with cholera on boa rd. A DISTILLERY FIRE - Loss 815,000 Insurance 840,000. Yesterday morning, about six o'olock, the interior of Oscar KinR'8 distillery, foot of Division avenue, E. D.t was damaged by flra to the oxioot of $15,000, as estimated, caused by the leakage of a still while in operation. Tho flames wore Gonfined exclusively to the rear and inner portion of tbo premisos, but did not reach tho store room fortunately, where a large stock of whisky, mostly in bulk, was kopt awaiting shipment. A large still with other expensive fixtures and machinery, together with several hundred gallons of mash wero destroyed, aside from which the proprietor sustains a daily loss consequent upon a suspension of business. Mr. King is insured for $40,000 iu vorious companies in Now York and this city, of the last of which in the list are the Nassau, Phenix, Mon - tauk, Lafayette, and Williamsburgh City Companies. While proceeding to the fire Engine No, 13 was capsized iu Division avenue, in passing over some building material, which, iu tho dim light of early morning, tie diiver, Edward Murray, failod to observe in time to prevent the accident. Tho driver escaped injury ho jumping, and the engine was bnt slightly damaged. THE TWENTIETH WARD DEMOCRACY. Tlic New Delegates to be Voted For. The Democrats of the Twentieth Ward held a very large and enthusiastic meeting at Una Hall, on Saturday evening, January 20, at which the following named centlemen were nominated as delegates to the General Committee, to he voted for at the primary election on Tuesday evening, January 23, at Una Hall, comer of Myrtle avenue and Adelphi street : William Marshall, William B. Lewis, William M. Cole, William Findlay, John W. Hunter, Patrick Dolan, John Heath. An earnest and well written address detailing the dissatisfaction in the ranks of the party, and tho necessity of a new primary election and reorganization of the Democratic General Committee, and urging all the Conservative voters in the ward to be present at the primary election, and testify thoir desire to keep the politics of tho Kings County Democracy pure and nndenled, and signed by John Courtney, President of the Association, was adopted aud ordered to be cir culated in tho ward. THE LATE FATHER QTJIGLEY. Imposing Funeral Services Yesterday. The funeral services over the remains of the late father John Joseph Quigley, late of St. John's College, iu Lewis, near Willoughby avenue, an account of whose death we published last week, took place yes terday in the neat little church attached to the Col legeand brought together an immense concourse of people from various parts of the city, who crowded tho little church almost to suffocation. The altar and body of tho church wero draped in mourning tastefully arranged. The body of the doceosed wa3 enclosed in a hand some rosewood coffin, with silver mountings, and on the lid was a silvor plate, bearing the following inscription : Rev. Johk Joseph Quigley, C. M., : : Born March 6, 1824, Died January 6, 1872. : and remained in the reception room of the College un til about half - past eleven o'clock, when everything waB in readiness for the commencement of the cere. monies, and the funeral procession was formed. First came some twenty acolytes, with purple and black soulanB and surplices ; then tho clergymen of the College, headed by Father Landry, the President, and followed by the students, and then the coffin, car ried by six pall bearers from the Society of St. Vincent De Paul, the names of whom are as follows : Charles Quinn, T. W. Hyne? , Robert Myhan, Michael Fi ngle - ton, FranciB MoAten, Jas. F. Cooney. Capt. McLaughlin, of the Nineteenth Precinct with Officers Urell and Rogers wore on hand, and in a quiet unobtrusive way made a clear passage through the crowd for the procession. The clergyman and students chanted the mournful MiBerere," as the coffin was carried up the aisle, and placed on a catafalque which bad been prepared for it in front of - the altar. Beside tho clergymen attaohed to the college, Fathers Landry, Smith, O'Regan, Bren - nan, O'Leary, MoGinnis and Kercher, there were pres ent Fathers Malone, Carney, CasBidy, Creighton, Money, Moran, and otehers, whoso names our reporter did not find out. Tbe entire Gregorian service for the dead was chanted, and on the conolusion of this ceremonial & solemn requiem mass was celebrated by Bishop Lough - lin, assisted by a number of clergymen, and the regu lar Gregorian requiem mass was sung by tho choir, There was no sermon delivered, but it was nearly two o'clock before tho ceremonies were over. Father Landry announced that the remains of the deceased would be convoyed to Germantown, Pa., and interred in the Cemetery of the Lazarlsts, of which he was a member. Tho Trenton Bank Bobbery. Tbehxok, N. J., January 22. Excitement continues at Trenton In regard to the bank robbery. Thus far thirteen boxes have been discovered rifled, which had contained about ton thousand dollars in bonds, A few thousand dollars of coupons of New Jersey State sixes, and several bonds which were redeemable first of January, 1872, and paid by the bank, were stolen. The coupons were cancelled by having a small round nolo punched in them. Rev. Father Smith lost seven thousand dollars in bonds, and Ambrose English fifteen hundred in Midland Railroad bonds. A bag of four hundred dollars in gold belonging to the bank was taken. The bur glars bad rented a bouse the Bccond door from the bank, and have been working matters up for nineteen days. Just before the discovery two fights were gotten up near the bank, to distract the attention of the police. Tho aggregate loss Is not supposed to exceed ten thousand dollars. Presidential Preparations. Washington, D. C, January, 11. The National Labor Party is weighing upon all la bor, land and mechanical societies in the interest of that party, who have elected delegates to tho Na tional Labor Convention to be held at Columbus, Ohio, the 23d of February, to report to the Organizing Committee at Washington. Thoso holding circular cre dentials of said Committee will bo entitled to soaia. It la said that 2,200 delegates will bo in attendance. According to the present indications among tho fe male suffragiBtB Laura La Force Gordan, who was a candidate for the California Senate, will bo nominated for Vice President on the Woodhull Presidential ticket. Tbo Committee of Ways aud Means had under consideration their report on the Syndicate, and will soon report it to the House. The New York Post Office Defalcation. Washington, D. C, January 22. The Postmaster General sent to the Senate to - day a reply to the resolution aBktng for information relative to tbe defalcation of Mr. Norton, tho late head of the Money Order Bureau at New York, He Bays Post master : Jones has on several occasions verbally in formed him tbat ho has ground for suspecting com plicity With Norton In the embezzlement on the part of prominent and responsible porsonn in Hew York, in respect to whose credit and business he has been and ia now making investigation, at mucn expense ana trouble, with the aid of the proper law offloer ot the Government, The New Orleans Troubles - OTUitarr Preparations. Wajhthoton, D. 0., January 22. DispatoheB received here to - day from General Emery at New Orleans, alluding to the apprehended troubles in that city, mention tbat be has troops in readiness to ouppreSB any attempted breach of the peace. Robbing a Church Poor Box The poor box of St. Patrick's Church, in Dutch Kills was robbed yesterday morning by three boye named Harker, Devlin and Loudergan. They were atreBted and Harker was heavily freighted with 300 pennies, Tho boys were locked up for examination. Accidentally Poisoned. Five persons in a Concord street boarding house were made quite ill last evening by partaking of canned fruit which is supposed to have been slightly tinctured with a poison chemically and accidentally developed by the action of Borne ingredient in the can. IE. It Declines to Admit Eeporters to - its Meetings. ITS GREAT MODEL.. Is it, or is it not, an Imitation of the Uew York Committee of Seventy. On Saturday night, a reporter of the Eagle. staff was assigned to attend a meeting of the Commit? tee of Vigilance, otherwise known aa the Blnk Reform Committee, at their headquarters in Fulton street, nearly opposite the City Hall. On ascending two flights of stairs ho found himself face to faco with a glass door, on which were inscribed tho words, "The Committee of Vigilance." Opening this door he entered a BMALIi AND VERY BABE upper chamber, tho only furniture of which consisted of a rough pine table and about threo dozen cheap chairs. .Nearly all the chairs wero occupied, the majority present being middle - aged, and most of them Germans to all appearance. On taking his seat, our reporter became tho object of much curiosity, and several of the geutlomen in hm neighborhood began to fidget very uneasily in their seats. At length one of them MUSTEBED TJI? sufficient courage to ask him if he was a member of the Committee. Our reporter heartily disclaimed the honor. "Who are you?" queried the gentleman. "I represent the Eagle, "answerod the reporter. This Beemed a bombshell In tho camp from a little suspected quartor. After much conference a German said : "You can't Bhtay here. Dia is der Egsecutif Zession." Chorus This is Executive Session: A Soloist Wo don't want any reporters. Whatever wo want in the papers wo will leave for you at Polioo Headquarters. The Reporter If I may bo allowed the privilege of the floor a moment, I will MERELY SAY that the Committee of Seventy has opened its doors to the press, and that this committee is tho only reformatory body which prefers to work in secret. A Soloist You are wrong, young man. The Com mittee of Seventy in New York, tho greatest body of tho kind which ever existed, kept the reporters outside. The Reporter Then I am to understand, gentlemen, that you will, in this respect, imitate tho New York Committee of Soventy 1 Tho Chairman (hastily) Not at all sir. Not at all. We don't say that. Chorus Wa BOUT SAY THAT. The Reporter The Committee of Seventy is not afraid to admit us, Mr. Chairman. The Chairman (caustically) Every Committee does just as it likes, young man. Reporter Well, sir, am I to understand that you ab solutely refuse on all occasions to admit representatives of the public press? The Chairman Not at all, sir. Not at all. Chorus Not at all. Not at all. The Reporter How am I to know when I can be ad mitted ? The Chairman We will LET YOU KNOW, Silt. Chorus We will let you know. A voice Mr. Chairman, I think we had better settle thiB question to - night. I for my part see no reason why we cannot say "yes" or "no." Let us pass on this question to - night, and then we shall get rid of it. Another voice We will notify the Eagle when we have arrived at a conclusion, young man. The young man then bowed himself out, a huge sigh of relief circulating through the meeting. CITY HALL NOTES - The Sevcntn Avenuo Ilcpaviu The Scrimshaw Company Paid. Mayor Powell signed the warrants drawn by the late Controller in favor bf tho Scrimshaw Pave ment Company for repaying Seventh avenue, this morning, and the Treasurer paid them. One war - tan, dated June 2, was for $17,079.65, and the other, dated December 22, 1871, for $27,541.39, making a total of $44,621.04. Ex - Mayor Kalbfieisch had refused to make these payments to tho Scrimshaw Company, on the ground that tbo assessment could not be collected, held, the contract for repaying was not valid, aud he addressed a letter to his successor informing him of his view of the matter, srayor Powell, after full consideration, has arrived at a difforent conclusion, and believes that the contract is perfectly valid, that the work was performed in good faith under it, and that the Scrimshaw Company ia entitled to payment. He has, therefore, signed tho warrants as stated. Tho payments are made only on account of contract, as it is not yet completed. As soon as tho weather permits the work will bo continued. ASSESSMENTS CONFIEMED. The Board of Assessors met oh Saturday and con firmed for payment tho assessments for the following named improvements : OPENING. Sackett Btreet, from Fourth avenue to Nevius street. DouoncK abreot, irom musmng to Latayette avenue. REPAYING. Clermont avenue, from Atlantic to Flushing avenue. - aaeipm stroet, irom ciasmng to Atiantto avenue. Clinton stroet, from Second place to Nelson street. Fort Greene place, from DeKalb to Atlantio avenue. GRADING AND PAVING. Ainslie streot, between Eighth and Tenth streets. Dodworth street, between Broadway and Bushwiok av. enuo. Douglass street, from Fourth avenue to Prospect Park. Kim Btreet, from Bushwick to Johnson avenue. Gerry 6treet, between Broadway and Flashing avenuo. Quincy street, from Tbroop to Lewis avenue. River street, between Harrison avonue and Broadway. Smith street, from Hamilton avenue to Percival street. btnsvesant avenue, from Fnlum avenun nnMfa,. bnydam street, irom Bnshwick to Central avenue. GAS LAMPS AND POSTS. Brldgo street, between Fulton avenne and Sands street. Clermont avenue, betweon Atlantic and Flushincr ave - nuns. Clinton streot, betweon Atlantlo avenue and Second place. unnton avonue, oetween Atlantic and Flushing avenues. uoan street, Doiweon uourt street ana r - 'iatbush avenuo. GateB avonne, between Bedford avonue and Broad - way. fiaisey street, Detweon Marcy ana Tompkins avenues. Ko5cinsko street, between Nostrand and Marcy avenues Lorlmer street, between Culver and NnTmnn ntrontn. Lorhner street, between Montrose avenue and Broad - war. Ajortmer p treet, between bkillman and Uicnardson streets. marsuaii sireoi, Between Droaaway ana BUsnwlCK ave nue. JHooro street, between Uroadwav and Bushwick avomin North Eleventh street, botween tho river and KAnnmi street. North gide of North Sixth street, between Fourth and Fifth streets, onnnsltn St.. Vinrnnt. rfo Pnnli, nhn - A uxiora street, Between Atlantic ana Flushing avenues. 4. uumvjQLiouv, uubnuuu uiau&iui hju uuusuu avenues. Portland avenue, between Atlantic and Flushing ave - Richardson street, hetwenn Kvnn find Kmlth etrnafa Second street, between Division avenue and Grand street. bevontu stroet, botwoen Division avenue aud Grand street. South Fifth street, between First aud Ninth streets. South Fourth street. between Firstand Ninth t.rnRt btate street, betweon Furaian streot and Flatbush aue - nue. Van Boron street, between Hall street and Bedford ave nue. NEW UTRECHT POLITICS. The primary for election of delegates to the reorganized Democratic General Committeo excites in no ward or town of the county more interest than in New TJtrecht, where a fight appears to bo progressing between factions led by Mr. Hawley D. Clapp and Su pervisor Hopkins, The Supervisor lnourrcd the dis pleasure of the Olapp faction by voting against Mr, Shevlin in the Board of Supervisors for Keeper of tho Penitentiary, and it is under - tood that a vigorous at tempt is being made by the Clappites to keep Mr. Hop. kins out of the General Committee. The primary is to be held to - morrow evening at New Utreout village. Mr. Hopkins claims that this is inconvenient for the bulk of tbe voters, who live nearer Fort Hamilton. Tbe General Committee last week rejected a motion by Mr. Hopkins to change th& place of polling. The Hopkins party have issued the following call to the voters : TO THE DEMOCRATIC ELECTORS OF THE TOWN OF NEW UTRECHT : The corruption of Tweed, Connolly, and otUors composing the Tammany King in New York City, and tho bribery and ballot box stuffing in tho city of Brooklyn, have alarmed tbe great body of our good men, who fear tbat their property is at hazard, and their right of a free vote and honest count is endangered. But, when many were ready to give up iu dospair at the sad state of affairs, and saw no way to break the Ring that was choking them to death, suddenly was brought to light the most astounding corruption and malfeasance of modern times, and from tbe height of power, Tweed, Connolly & Co., were hurled by the just wrath of a robbed aud iudignant people. For a long time a want of coufldonce in tho management of tho party in Brooklyn has been felt by tho beat men in tbe Democratic ranks, and within the past mouth a movement has been made to reorganize the General Democratic Committeo by calling new elections, leaving the selection of tho delegates in the hands of the people. At the last mooting of tbe General Committee, a resolution was offered, as follows : Senolvctl, That thin General Committee, or any delegate thereto, shall not, in thoir olllciul capacity, diclato any persons or make out auy list of names to be voted for as delegates to this Committee in tho Primaries to be holden on the. 23d inst., but shall leave tho Democratic voters to select and eloct such persons aB they BhoH choose to represent them. The primary will be held in the large hall, in tbe vll - Tirm of New Utrecht, between tho hours of five and eight o'olock P. M - , on Tuesday, January 23, 1H72. Now is the time for tbo voice of tbe pooplo to be hoard without dictation from rings. Let all go and cast a fearless ballot. "Who would be free, himself must strike the blow." A meeting lor the nomination of delegates to bo voted for will bo held at John Pope's, Bay nidge, Monday, January 22, at 7:30 P. M. E. t. Court Cases. Francis Tanner, for assaulting a conductor of tho Grand streot railroad, and John Arncrcst, who interfered with Officer Donahue to prevent the arrest of Tanner, were fined by Justice! VoorhieB five and ton dollars respectively. Amongja largo number of prisoners taken before Justice Eames were Jobn Sherman and Peter Burns, both of whom were arrested for displaying their muscular science! Woollett's Recitation. Professor Wool - lett will give his recitation of tho "Courtship of Miles Btandish," for the first time in public to - morrow, at the Academy of Music. He is a very skillful elocutionist, and the publlo should avail themselves of this opportunity of hearing this beautiful poem interpreted entirely from memory, by ono so well trained in his art, and who has deservedly galnod a high reputation as a public reader. Fifth Ward Democratic Union. - At a special meeting of Club No. 1, Fifth Ward Democratic Union, Mr. J. J. Dclany, President of tbo organization, appointed tbo following namod porsons to act as a committee to confer with Robert Furoy, chairman of the ward committoe, respecting a representative In the General Committee : P. H. Larkins, J. Wallace McGan - ren, James Quinn, Peter Martin and J. J. Delaney. THE BE0BGANJZATI0N Of THE DEMOCRATIC GENERAL OOffiMItTEE. It will be remembered that the members of the Dempciafctp ponorol Committee, at the beginning of Tbe.yej&rf flad vi'ea the time came for eleoting successors to such if the' members as had served thoir full term, passed a resolution accepting the terms of all the members jaS ending with the election of their successors - .' tfrns'. coprae waa pursued in view of the faci tbatj SonBiderable dissatisfaction existed in the - ranks,; Rowing out of the belief that in the Commlttqe the party was not fairly represented. The tnain Oppoajtipn. tp; the Democratio General Com - mittee'growo out of' the faot that the offloe - holding element was believed to be too strong in it. Of tho Republican Committee tbosamo complaint is made, bnt then'uniikl the opposing Committee, the officeholders seemed to bo determined to "stiok." The causti' of th troublo being admitted, there should be no' division of opinion as to the way to secnjrd a remedy. The onlce - holding clement must l.give way. The placemen have a distinct interest in doing so because, if thoir party is not successful, Jthey cannot procure office. It ia conceded that the priidary machinery of the party is largely in the ihands of this olass, through their control over the primary inspectors. It has been argued, therefore, that the proposed reorganization of the Committee will fail, because the officeholders can, if they see fit, re - elect; themselves. This is perhaps so. Now the evidence' of thoir good faith will bo iu their non - appearance in the reorganized Committee. If to - morrow night, when tho primaries are to be held, fair and honesl representative men of the party aro returned to tbe General Committee from the Bcveral wards, opposition to the Committee will be at once abandoned, because it will be seen to be futile and traitorous to party welfare. If the officeholders use whatever control they have to secure places for the real representative men of the party in tho Committee, wo can trust tb them to secure the meanB of getting at a fair expression, of the wishes of Democratic voters in tho future. ! The test of thoir good faith will be made to - morrow night. We are assured that the leading mbn of the party are laboring to carry out the termsjof the reform in good faith. In the event of their success, resulting as it will in restoring harmony amopg the rank and tile of the partv, opposition to the principles or candidates of the Democracy in this country will be futile for years to come. The Democrats who neithor hold offioe nor want office will look to tho result of the elections to - morrow night with considerable interest. Nor will any olass of citizens be indifferent. This county is overwhelmingly Democratic, and a reform in the ranks of the majority would leave no excuse for the existonce of either Riuk or Academy reformers. PEBSOffAL. Bbiggs Hon. D. D. Briggs, President of tbo Police Board, is In Now Orleaus, whither ho has been called by the eovere siokness of his eon. Spabks. The valuable historical library of tho late Mr. Jared Sparks has been purohased by President White, for Cornell University. Mr, Sparks, the historian, waB the undo of Mr. Caspian A, Sparks, the accomplished Seorotary of tho Brooklyn Fire Department. TJntjebhill, A lady named Caroline Un derbill, who says she is relatod by m vrriage to Miss Fox, the noted Spiritualist, writes to the Standard describing tho alleged table moving In Plymouth Church. She says : It is possible they might move through tho magnetic influence of reporters whose minds were conceutrated on one subject ; it is a fact that tho mind moves tables; and when one person in the circle wanders in faith and thought from tbe others, tbo tablo will recede from that person and cease to move, and the person possessing tho strongest will and faith will attract the tame most, xi is a oeautnui natural pnenomenon illustrating menntal over physical lorce. and may oven sud gest some conception.of the power of the Almighty mind which could command a world to motion by a thought. Kidd. Commodore Kidd, for some years of tho Brooklyn Yacht Club, is now an active member and holding tho same position in tho Harlem Club. The Harlem Club propose to havo an annual reception to - morrow evening, at Harlem Music Hall, Third avenue and One Hundred and Thirtieth street, New York. Johnson. Job Johnson, Jr., late independ ent candidate for Alderman in the Seventh Ward, notifies the Common Council, through his counsel, that he claims the seat now occupiod by Chas. B. Wylle. Douglass Poster. The statement already published in the Eagle that Attorney General Barlow of this State had commenced proceedings against Mr. J. Foster, Democratic Alderman ot the Eleventh Ward, who was elected by a majority of one over his Republican adversary, Mr, Douglass, is pronounced incorrect. The case will come up before the Common Council Committee to - morrow evening. DrNKLEr. The resignation of Mrs. Dunlc - loy, Prinoipal of Public School No. 9, is announced. Mrs. Dunkley had been confined to her residence by eicknesB for a considerable period - Her resignation leaves only one school, in the charge of a lady Principal. It is to be hoped that the Board of Eduoation will adhere to the principle they have adopted of not entirely excluding experienced lady teachers from the prospect of promotion to a principalship. It is by no meanB every lady teacher, however skilful and experienced, that is fit to be a Principal ; but tho examples of Mrs. Dunkley and MisB Humphrey prove that a lady teacher may sttcceed admirably as a Principal. In fill ing Mrs. Dunkley's place, therefore, it is to bo hoped that the authorities will promote or transfer some ex perienced lady teacher to the principalship of No. 9. LOCAL BREVITIES. Mkry Johnson, insane, was yesterday sent to tho office of the Commissioners of Charities. Charles Duck, driver for John P. Green, of Now York, waB yesterday thrown from a buggy on Flatbush avenue, and somewhat injured. Thieves entered James Scott's liquor store at 221 York streot, laBt night, but they got away with nothing but a good scare. Andrew Monahan, of 117 Front street, foil in the streot yesterday and was severely injured. Slight fire early this morning in tho sugar house of Wheatley, Williams & Co., No. 50 Water street. No damage to speak of. Rernard Cannon got drunk Saturday night, and shouldered a sheep belonging to Charles OTIara, No. 20 Bridge street. Result, arrest and ten days in the County Jail. Cannon shouldn't try to go off that way igain. John Hand, of No. 20 Macomb street, fractnred bis 'kull yesterday by falling down stairs. Samuel Watte charges James Daily with stealing 130 from his pockets, whiio ho waa in Daily's saloon on the uight of the 15th inst., and Justice Delmar will inves tigate the matter, Daily having bcenarrosted on Satur day evening. Stephen Brandbergh, of Park avenue, lost a horse and butcher cart, and on Saturday night John Fiber found them and himself in the hands of the police. A young girl named Mary Higgins, was crushed to death in a carding machino in the weaving mill of David C. Lyall, corner of Bond and President streets, on Saturday afternoon. The machinery had to be taken to pieces before her body could be obtained. The oor - oner'B jury have returned a vordict in accordance with the above facts. A sneak thief robbed Mr. Burnbam's residence, No. 250 Halsoy street, of thirty dollars' worth of clothing, jewelry, sc., lapi evening. Patrick McKeon fell from a wagon In Myrtle avenue on Saturday afternoon and broke his thigh bone: Taken to tbe City Hospital. George Tucker lost $20 worth of tools Saturday from a building in Stuy vesant avenue. Alfred C. Buckley, aged nineteen, accidentally shot his mother in the left oye yesterday morning, in the liquor store of his father, No. 369 Myrtle avenue. He gave himself up to the police, but is now out on bail, his father being his bondsman. The mother will recover, but will loBe her eye. THE WHABTON TRIAL. Mr. Steele for the defense closed the sum ming up reviewing the medical testimony and closing with an eloquent appeal for acquittal. A recess was taken after whioh tho prosecution would commence its summoning up. The New Bank. More preliminary steps toward tho organization of a new bank to be called "The Mechanics and Traders' " wero taken thiB morn ing at the office of the Phenix Insurance Company, Court Btreet. w. H, Hazard acted as Chairman, and B. C. Millar, as Secretary. The Committee on Artioles of Association made their report,which was approved, and referred back with power to consult counsel as to its legality, &c. Amount of capital stock will be $300, - 0C0. $3,000 shares at $100 each. The special order of busineBB at the next meeting, Monday next, at 10 o'clock, will be the election of a President and Vice President. Left Over. The press upon our columns has been so great to - day that wo have been compelled to lay over until to - morrow for publication the annual report of the Health Officer, in which he considers tho health of tho city during tho year 1871 tho smallpox epidemic, vital statistics, and tho factB and figures of his administration of his office, and also a very interesting law report; also a communication from the Maj'or to the Common Council, and a speech by Mr. Charles Mathews all of which will appear in to - mor row's iBSUO. Cohen's Troubles. Mr. L. B. Cohen has been in a series of troublos lately, and Saturday night h o brought up at tho Potico Station in Butler streot. Ho was formerly at 139 Beade street, Now York, in tho liquor business, and also In Philadelphia. In tbe lat ter city be was arrested last month, on a warrant issued by Justice Buckley oharging bim with obtaining $300 worth of goods under false pretenses. Cohen was tried in the U. S. Distriot Court on Saturday and dis charged on account of a want of jurisdiction, but was soon after rearrested and locked up in Butler street, as already stated. Funebal of Mb. A. G. Bunkeb. On Saturday afternoon the funeral of the late Mr. A, G. Bunker took place from his late rcsidonoe, No. 322 Greene ave nuo, and was largely attended. There were present a numbed of members of Monauk Lodge, F. & A. M., to which Mr. Bunker belonged, and many well known business men who had been associated with him in tho Produce Exchange, Petroleum Board, and othor branches of business in New York. The Assessment Was. The Exeoutive Committee appointed to look into tho matter of the as sessmeut on property adjacent to Proapeot Park, by the Howard Athcnoum meeting of the I8th inst., met Saturday night at 671 Bergen Btreet. Tho object of the meeting was to devise "ways" to raise "means"' with which to proseouto the war. It was decided to di vide the district into sections and canvass the Bame for funds. Arrangements to this effect were consum mated and the meeting adjourned. The "Westfdsld Disaster. Tho aofcion by Mra. Laud era against the Staton Island Railroad Company to recover $5,000 damages for the death of her husband, which was caused by tho exoloaion of the "Vost0old last Summer, waa continued to - day. The testimony will probably bo all in this afternoon and counsel will sum up to - morrow morning, another mm?, A New York Waiter Kills a New York Bough, STABBING BY WHOLESALE The Antecedents of Dead Ruffian. the Soon after midnight, about half - past twelve tbia A. M.f another one of those bloody affairs which periodically chill the blood of the denizens of the great metropolis, occurred in a Bmall eating saloon, at No. 109 Nassau Btreet, New York, near Ann street, kept by F, 0. McElroy, an old devotee of baseball, and the resort of persons interested in that pastime. Glass, it appears, entered the saloon about twelve o'clock, and asked James Costello, tho waiter in charge, " WHAT HAVE Yoj GOT TO EAT ?" Costello replied " Ham and eggB," and went back into the kitchen to fill Glass' order. Glass, after standing at tbe stove a short time followed Costello into the kitchen. Costello requested him to go out, as his orders from McElroy were to allow no one in there who was not connected with the establishment. GlasB replied to this with an avalanche of abusive language, both profane and filthy, going out of the kltchon as he did so. Costello soon after camo out with the dish he had prepared and went behind the lunch counter. Glass AGAIN BEGAN HIS ABUSE of Costello, calling him everything under the sun that bis memory and tongue could command. Costello colled Glass "a thief and Glass replied by assailing Costello's mother's name in a manner which, coupled with the abuse he had already received, worked Costello up to a pitch of absolute frenzy, and hej DREW A LARGE KNIFE, used at tbe lunch counter for cutting meats, and made a lunge at GlasB witb it - Glass raised a chair to strike Costello, or to defend himself, it ia not known which, but struck the chandelier with it. A person, who was in the Baloon, ran out calling for the ''Police." Officer Guynan came at once, and found Glass standing on the sidewalk, bleeding from a score of wounds, and Costello near by with the KNIFE STILL IN HIS HAND. CoBtello was at once arrested, and Glass walked with two officers to the Park Hospital, where his wounds were dressed but he died soon after. Costello was confined in the Bcokman street Police Station. COSTELLO is a young man, formerly a newsboy, aged about twenty years, and a rosident of Prospect street in this city. He has always been considered a quiet follow beforo this disturbance. GLASS waB a Sixth Ward pugilist, and has served flvo years in Sing Sing for killing one Higgius, in Elm street, seven years ago. Ho went to Canada in 18G7, with the Fenians, where he was arrested for theft, and sentenced to prison, but escaped. He once fought with Joe Coburn for a prize fight. He was a prominent member of tbe old Volunteer Fire Department of Now York City, and was also mixed up with the political affaire of the Sixth Ward. ANOTHER DRUNKEN ROW. A mail Goes (o See His Cousin and Oets Almost Beaten to Death, Yesterday afternoon a man named Thomas alcMacus, a laborer, employed in the Manhattan Gas House, came from New York to Flatbush to aeo a cousin of his, whom ho had heard; had just arrived from Liverpool, and was Btaying at the above place at the house of a friend named Mumley. While there he become involved in a dispute which ended in a fight, and MoManuB was badly beaten and turned out of the house without either hat or coat. Officer Peck, of tho Fourth Precinct, found him wandering about, blood streaming from his head, and having a pillow In bis hand, which he occasionally placed on his head. He was taken. to the Fourth Pre cinct Station House, and from tliero sent to the Ciiy Hospital, where he was visited and interviewed by an Eagle reporter relative to the case. WHAT MC MANUS SAID. Upon being Questioned he made the following state ment: ''I had heard that my cousin had arrived here from Liverpool, and was staying at Mumley's house, at Flatbush, so I went over to see him. I left my houEe in Seventeenth street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, at threo o'clock, and arrived at Mumley's at half - past six. My cousin was not there, but I saw a crowd of men in the house drinking. 1 joined them and Bent out for some beer, and we all had Borne drinks. Finally some of the other men commenced to fight, the principal one engaged in it being;Mumley and A DEAF AND DUMB MAN. named Joyce, i went and tried to separate them, when all of them turned on me and beat mo. I bad my coat and hat off, and' I tried to escape through the door when Joyce struck me from behind and knocked me down, and he and two or three others commenced to beat me with sticks." Rep Were you intoxicated ? McManus Well, I was pretty full. Dr. Balch says that he had six wounds on tho head. two or three of them being deep in tho bone, aud while in conversation with tho reporter, the doctor said that in his opinion, they were of a dangerous nature. At present no arrestB have been made. In fact Mc Manus ;is in bo weak a condition that the' excitement attendant on euch a course might prove fatal. THE DEFICIENCY BILL. Conference Between tUc Controller and Finance Committee of Common Council. Shortly before two o'clock to - day a meeting wes held in the County Clerk's office, at which itemB to bo placed in the Deficiency Bill wero under considera tion. The meeting was attended by Aldermen Bergen, Ropes, Richardson, Raber, and Boggs, of the Finance Committee, E, B. Cadloy, Clerk of the Board of Super visors, and tho Controller. Aid. Bereen stated that in his opinion it was neces sary to prepare a bill for immediate presentation, to provide for the payment of $100,000 for the Chicago Hcuei r una, $i3.uuu lor salaries, ti.),uuu ior Btreet cleaning, and about $85,000 for gas. Tbe Controller agreed that action should bo taken in tbe above matters at once, but he thought a separate act would have to be passed for the purpose of legalizing the isaue of the bonds for the Chioago Relief Fund. Aid. Bergen said the $10,000 for tho dottcieuoy in the health account bad bettor be placed in the same bill. The Controller said he was convinced that it was impossible to get along in Brooklyn with a low rate of taxation. Last year not asinglc dollar had been raised io nav off tho funded debt of the city, and this year that would have to be provided for. They might just as well face the muslo at once. GAS LAMPS. Aid. Bereen and Mr. Oadlev were of opinion that the exnenao of liehtinr; the citv miEht bo reduced by hav ing a smaller number of lamps, and then there would be no necessity to have several thousand dollars placed in tne deficiency Dm eaon year. it wait nnallv cieclrtert to fullv ana correctly ascertain all the money needed for deficiencies on the several accounts, and to aDnlv to the Leuisiaiure ior tne neces sary authority to raise tho money on defloieney certifi cates. INDOOR FESTIVITIES. Church Concert. A very attractive vocal and instrumental concert is to bo given to - morrow night in the new Sunday Sohool Building of 8t. Peter's (P. E.) Church, State st. necr Bond. The vocalists in clude MIsb Mary Louise Sogur, soprano, and Mrs. Fred Crane, contralto. The talented Hess children, Willie, violinist, and Joanna, pianist, will also appear. The Kellogg Concebt. The attractions offered at Plymouth church to - night, are rarely equalled in this city. MIbs Clara Louise Lellogg is a host In herself, no vocalist having a stronger hold upon the peoplo of Brooklyn than she. Miss Antoinette Sterling haB also won her way, by dint or nrat class merit, into the popular affection, and, likeMiss Kellogg, has numerous friends and admirers. Miss Matilda Toedt is also so well known that special mention of her talent is unnecessary. She is already in tho first rank of vio linists, giving to that Instrument its fullestdeveiopment of tone which has earned it the title of tho king of solo instruments. Signor Randolfl, tho excellent barritone. and Mr.Geo, Bimpson.whoso charming tenor is heard in every good performance of oratorios, and Mr, samuci P. Warren, the organist, who has no superior m thiB country, complete tho array of talent, xno programme is varied and adapted to meet the popular taste. A iicb,muBical feast will be afforded. A few roserved seats may be had at the places mentioned in the adver tisement, and also at the door this evening. L'Amitie Social, The fourth reception of this popular Association took place ot the residonco of Brigadier General Fowler, No. 178 Fort Greono place, on laBt Friday evening, tbo 10th lust., ana notwiiu - etanding the rain, which poured down in torrents, it was an exceedingly enjoyable affair. It was evidently the ambition of tho present officers of the Association to render tho reception so select and brilliant aa to efface the recollection of all previous festivities. How far they succeeded may be judged from tho inspiriting scene presented on that evoning, when most of the fashion and loveliness of tho up - town districts were congregated together. Dancing commenced ainid the delightful strainB of A. H. JohnBon's orchestra, under the management of Mr. Kellett, the Presldont, who was ably assisted by Messrs. L. W. LeeBter, the Secre tary, Albert L. Roe, the Treasurer, w. a: uriggs, u. u WhUchouBo, Wm. A. Green and E. Lewis Johnson, and was continued untii the early hours of morning, when all of tho wall nleascd guests departed for "Home, Sweet Home, "all loud in their praises of tho L'Amitie and tho enjoyment of the evening. Tne mm reception of theL'Amitio takes plaoe Wednesday evening, Febru ary 7, and the grand oioBlng will DC neid at Mtvers Academy during the month of March, Tableaux Exhibition. Tha exhibition announcod to take place at tbe Tabernoole to - morrow night and Wednesday, will bo one of unusual excel - leuce. The programme will comprise thirty tableaux, and also tho little opera of "Tho May Queen," the pantomime jf "Blue Beard," and that of "The Search for Happiness." Mr. Loretz will preside at tno organ. Concert fob Woekingmen. - The Hutoh - ineona on Saturday night gave a popular concert at the Central Baptist Churcb, E. D,, free to working - men, which laudable provision is due to tho enterprise of the Young Men'B Christian Association of the district. By way of Variety the Jubilee Singora, who happened in town, were conducted to tho hall and consented to sing one of their peculiar camp meeting songs, entitled "Go down Moses," whioh was encored and another effort demanded. The Hutchlnaona also favored the audience with a sample of tho same Bort, and closed with a chorus on John Brown's body. AFFAIRS AT ALBANY, Fciiton's Followers' First Fight - Stow they Laid Out the Admlnistration - ists A Most, Remarkable Speech - How tho Republican members from Kings Voted Borri Pursuing Crime. Albany, Jan. 91, 1872. The first trial of strength between the Fentonites and Conkling men ot tho Lower House camo off Friday morning, as you have learned ore now. It, therefore, only remains for me to comment in a general way upon the manner in whioh the contest was conducted. Bo - fore the House met Coskling's friends wero confident that the bill offered by Rush Hawkins in which the powers of an autocrat were to be conferred on Controller Green could not bo held baok from its passage. Col. Hawkins himself moved sbout with a look of perfect contentment upon his expressionless features, and Speaker Smith, his political twin, followed in the Colonel's wake fairly bubbling over with hilarity at the thought of the coming victory. Finally, Smith took bis chair, glanced at the galleries to aee if there were any ladies looking at his Daniel Webster swallow tail coat then brushed his hair over his massive brow and called the House to order. Tho journal was read very hastily. Then Hawkins' bill was brought up. Bush aroBe to defend and advocate its Immediate passage. But first a few words as to THE APPEARANCE OF THE MAN. Col. Hawkins is a heavy, ungracefully proportioned man, who stands about five feet six. Whatever beauty is lacking, however, in his general appoarance, is more than compensated for in the elegance of his dress, and the exquisite taste with which bis hair and beautifully dyed moustache and imperial aro dressed. It is true that his features are anything but intellectual yot he parts his hair very neatly iu tho centre, and soaps it down upon his temples in an irresistible sort of way best described by tho expression, "WEALLY CHAWMING, 'PON HON AW. " Hawkins is not much of an orator, but he has a tremendous voice, that sounds strangely when one regards the effeminate mannered man from whom it emauatcs. One can't help thinking, however, even taking the voice into consideration, that Mr. H. Is bet ter euited to act his part in the drawing room olrclea of Filth avenue than in attempting to lead in the councils of grave legislators. So much for tho mau. - Tho Speaker played a small dodge by calling John C. Jacobs to the chair, so as to silence him. Then Hawkins spoke. His speech was tho most extraordinary COMBINATION OF CONTRADICTIONS that I ever listened to. Firstly, he wa3 opposed to Twombly's bill because it proposed to creato a Board of Audit. In his opinion the peoplo of New Xbrk didn't want a Board of Audit. Then, to tho surprise of all, he announced that ho should introduce a bill at an early day orcating suob a body. After indulging in an incoherent harangue in which he stated that he did not believe in conferring great powcrB on one man, he wound up by Baying that he saw no reason why the great power proposed in his bill should not bo conferred on Controller Green, This bill, as I have said before, gives tho Controller tbe authority to raise $4,500,000, and then to pay just whom it pleases him to pay. When Hawkins sat down, Terwilliger, whose rubi cund nose grew redder aud redder at each blunder made byvthe Colonel, dtew a deep sigh of relief. Mr. Twombly then moved to substitute his bill, which gives the Controller, President cf Parks, Presi dent of Public WorkB and the President of tho Board of Aldermen power to audit claims. He gave a very able argument in favor of his bill malting the point that should Hawkins' measure pass it was possible that Controller Green's decease might saddle dangerous powerB upon some dishonest successor. A lengthy discussion followed, iu which Speaker Smith again demonstrated his fealty to tho power which elevated him by advocating Hawkins' measure. Sevoral speeches were made, but nothing was said to remove tbe conclusion that the House is sadly wauling, iu oratorical ability. For three hours the Republican fac - tionistB squabbled and grew red in the face over the question, while the Democrats sat back in thoir seats and laughed. The discussion would have been prolonged until night, had Ijot Mr. Alvord moved to make the bill under consideration tho special order for this evening. This gavo the Administration mon an opportunity to get rid of more buncombe. They fought bard against tho proposition. When tho vote was taken,, however, Alvord triumphed, the vote being 55 ayes to 62 nays. Several Democrats wero absent who would have voted for Alvord's motion. ONE SOLID MEMBER. Out of the five Republican members from Kings county, Mr. George H. Bennett was the only represen tative who had backbone enough to vote against tho Administrationists. Morton, Borri and White humbly bowed to the mandate which went forth laBt night from the CUBtom House Headquarters, and meokly fell into the ranks of tho men who wear Conkling's chain. They voted against Alvoid but it looked like a bitter pill for each to wallow tbat is, if the expressions upon their features were any indication of their feelings in the matter. ASSEMBLYMAN PECK was called from the Chamber just before the vote was taken. He did not return in time to place himself on ecerd. Tho Democratic members from Kings voted to a man against the Administration men every time and with cmpbaBis too. Without writing at length upon tho results of thiB fight of factions, it is Bufiicient to say that Fonton's fol lowers up to the present lime hold THE WINNING CARDS in their bands. A. M. Bliss was upon the floor of the House during the debate on Friday, aud seemed well pleased with the result attained. BEERI PURSUING CRIME. AsBemblyman Berri proposes to introduce two bills, one for the suppression of baudy houses, the other for tbe suppression of gambling, lottery, and policy Bhops. By the provisions of these bills police captains are re quired upon being served with an affidavit of complaint to take immediate action for the closing up of places mentioned. Should he fail to do this he is to be dismissed from the force and declared ineligible to any State or municipal office for three years after his dismissal. Mr. Berri also has a bill which proposes to make conductors ofjeity cars act as special police WITHOUT PAY, each conductor to have a certificate of good moral character, Bigned by twelve respectable citizens. It may bo that conductors will bo found ready to perform tbe unpleasant duties of a policoman without pay, but tbe members here don't seem to think so. The Senate has adjonrned until to - morrow. Mun. A SMALLPOX SCARE. Incidents of Car Travel in Brooklyn, As a car was traveling uptown on a certain much frequented city railroad yesterday, a gentleman with keen eyes and a long nose jumped on the rear platform. Immediately on his entrance into the car he began sniffing like a hound in full cry. "Sniff, sniff, Bniff," wont this keen eyed person. The conductor stared. Likewise tbo passengers. The keen eyed man kept up his sniffling and tho passengers kept up their wondering. At last the keen eyed man broko out "SMALLPOX IN THIS OAR." Without waiting for orderB everybody rushed to the platforms, and a perfect avalanche of humanity shot out of each door. Heads, legs, pantaloons and petticoats were jammed up together, liko a dream. Only one old and dirty woman remained in one cor ner. On her knees was what appeared to bo a bundle of foul linen. The keen - eyed man went up to this atoicalold lady. "Open that bundle." The old woman opened it, while the ox - passongcrs, male and female, stared through the windowB. The bundle was a baby, wrapped in the very f ouleat and filthiest of rags. But what interested tho keen - eyed man most, and what exolted the ex - passengers, was that an exquisite crop of pustules completely blotted out all resemblance to humanity, from the baby's face. It was, medically speaking, a magnificent case of smallpox, emitting a Blckening and hideous smell. The passengers disappeared down the adjacent streets, leaving all kindB of bundles and parcels in tho car, while tho old lady and her baby were taken to the hospital. In the future cars will be run regularly for the ben efit of smallpox cases. Typhoid fever patientB will be eligible, and for cholera and yellow fever hospital palace cars are being built with special appliances for the season of Summer traveL Experienced nurses will be attached to each car, and a yellow flag will indicate the character of the diseaso thus : " Smallpox " or "Cholera," as the case may be, "in this car." The ball Is up. It depends on tbo public to keep it rolling. CUSTOM HOUSE INVESTIGATION. The Letter The Committee on Investigation and Retrenchment continued their labors, at tho Fifth Avenue Hotel, this morning. Colonel Leet testified that he livea in this city. Ho had an interest in tho General Ordor business with Mr, Bixby, from July, 18:i9, to May, 1870. The interest he had with Mr. Bixby was worth about $5,001) a year. Tho whole arrangement was engineered by Mr. John P. Lindsay and Mr. Grinnell; he was acquainted with Mr. Grinnell through a letter written to the Collector by tho President. The letter iB aa follows : Executive Mansion, ) Washington, D. C, Maroh 9, 1869. j M. H. Grin nell Dear Sir : This will Introduce to you Colonel 9. H. Leet, who served under me from early in tbe war to the present day, from the fail of Vickuburg forward aa a staff ofnoer. He ia a buBineas man of unquestioned integrity. Hla experience before the war fits him for business of almost any kind. Ho now proposes to resign from the army to engage in prlvato Ufo, aud I cheerfully commend him as possessing all tho qualities neceasary to inspire confidence. Yours truly, U. S. Grant. Kindness Begetting Ingbatitude. A girl named Mary Liaberly, now about 17 years of age, when an Infant only l years old was adopted by Mr. J, J, Ammenworth, a citizen of repute living oorner of Montrose avenue and Morroll street, E. D. Before reaohing her thirteenth year, Mary disappeared from her accustomed haunts, remaining absent four years and until eight daysBlaee. 8uo came baok to Air. Ammenworth with no explanation exoept that she had been to New Jersey, without intimating whether she intended to stop or not. Yesterday morning she waa strain missing as were aleo two dresses and Borne un derclothing valued at $35. The girl is dark com - plexioned and wearB her hair out short. 0 ITY COURT OF BROOKLYN WIL - IIS Hiouois, riiuauu, n((!tiuo(f cuwani 0. vruSOn, kunrrt W1 Turin. Garftld Mo Murray. JoHOnh Rail. Minhnnl Roddy and John Kavanagh, Defendants. Summons for Relief (Com. not served.) To the defendants above named. You are hereby summoned aud required to an swerthe complaint in this aotlon, whioh was this day nlCU I" tno OIIIOO OI tuo uiurn. ui wo uioy vjuurt oi IJroOK - in nt thn Onurt House In said city, and to sarvn n. nnm of your answer to the satd complaint on the subscriber at his offlce at No. 86 Pine street. Now York City, within twonty days after the service of thta aummona on you. ox - cluaive of the day of BUcuBemce; and If you fall to an swer tno sal a compiatnt wicma nue timo ararssaid, the plaintiff In thiB action will apply to tho Court for tho rouei aemanuou m iuh u''a'ul;r1Vtt,,,V - J: uuuum bar 12, 1871. WILSON M. POWKLL, ja26wTu Plaintiff's Attornoy. MEDICAID D EAFNBSS, CATARRH, DISEASES OP THE THROAT AND LUNGg, SUCCESSFULLY TBBATBD BY DR. E. BUNFORD LIGHTHILL, Author of "A Popular Traatise on Deaf nes3," "Lettors on Catarrh and Kindred Dlsoasea of tho MucoU3 Membrane," &o., Ac. OFFICE AND RBSIDENOR: No. 106 WEST THIRTY - FOURTH ST, NEW YORK, EXCEPTION HOURS FROM 9 A. M. TILL 8 P. M. IMPORTANT EVIDENCE OF SUCCESS. Knowing from experience that proofs of successful treatment aro the most desirablo credentials to publio coa&dence which a physician can produce. Dr. LIGHT' HILL is pleased to present a fei? spocimcog of the many certificates of cures which ho received in the course of his practice. Thousand of testimonials of a similar char acter, and emanating from the most rellablo souroes, will be cheerfully submittod on application. FROM MR. MORRIS PHILLIPS, Editor and Proprietor of tho - Homo Journal. Office of the Home Joubnal, ) No. 3 Park plaoo, New York.) I testify with pleasure to tho sucoess which attended Dr; LEtiHTHILL'S treatment in the case of my brother, who has been affected with deafness - and noises in the head. bo results of Dr. LIGHT HILL 3 application 3 were aa prompt as they were effective. The bearing vans restored the noises removed, and the euro was as radical as it haa - sinee proved permanent. MORRIS PHILLIPS. FROM THE REV. MR. S. J. CORNEILLE, Rector of All Bainte' Ohurch. NO. 19 GOUVEBNEUB BT, NEWVYOBK. DB. . LlQHTHILL ; Dear Sir: It is with groat pleasure I tender you nhls acknowledgment of my appreciation of the benefit Knave derived from your treatment. I present it that others who max he suffering from - like causes as myself may, through the publication of my experience, learn tbatrundor your caze relief can be obtained. . I have been afflicted with Catarrh for many years,. whioh at one time threatened the - Iosb of my toioo, and undermined my general health to snoh an extent as to necessitate a suspension of my pastoral duties, two months at gour medical treatment, however, afforded me such Invaluable relief that I was enabled to resume my duties and perform them without the slightest lnoonvenlonco. Having tho highest appreciation of your medical skill, and with many thanks for uniform kindness and. courtesy, I am. Dear Sir, yours very - gratefully, S. J. CORNEILLE, Eecter All Saints Ghuroh. FROM J. W PATTISON, ESQ., No. &y East Twenty - third fit., Christian Association Building. NXW York, December 18, 1871, Db. LiaHTHnJ Dear sir: from personal experience I oa certify to the efficacy of your admirable method of treating diseases of tho air passages. A Catarrhal affoo - ttonof the head and bronohial tubeeunder which t labored for many years, and which at times occasioned very serious distress, was entirely oared by your treatment, nor have any of the symptoms returned, though it ia now more than three years tinco I have been nnderyonr professional oars. You can refer to me whenever you have occasion to do so and make whatever nse you desire of this state ment. Very truly yours, J. N. PATTISON. FROM MR, J. BERNHE1M, No. 19 Brevoort place, (East Tenth st.) NEW YooK.IDeoembor 4, 1871 Dr. LIGHTHILL effected aoompleto and radical oure in my family In a case of discharge from the ears and par tial deafness, in which tbe best European skill was em ployed without avail. The difficulty yiolded readily to Dr - LIGHT HILL'S eklUffll attendance, and time has provod the permanency of the euro, J. BERNHEIM, FROM THE REV. JOHN NOTT, D. D., Professor in Union College, Schenectady. I had from infanoy one very deaf ear, whioh always dis - chorgsd moro or low offonsive matter, anil was tbe sourco of the greatost annoyance and discomfort to mo. Last . .1 l.ntH nilfa difl. year tho other ear also oocame aiaeawu, charged yellow matter, very profuso and highly offensive My hearing beoame very much Impaired, and tho dlschargo produ.od tho greatest dobility of body and depression of aplrlt,. I opplisd to my family physician and othorpraotl - tloners, without dorlving any benefit, and almost detpairod of being reitorod to hoalth, when, providentially, I applied to Dr. LIGHTHILL. Under his treatment my oars egan to improve at onoe, and continued to do so until, in s, comparatively short time, both oaro wero heajod. the diaohargo removed, and my hearing restored. At 8rst I feared tho oure would not bo permanent, or tbat tho rtoppago of a diaohargo of so long standing might provo dektacnUl to my general health a fear whioh I find a great mans; entertain In regard to romoval ot discharge from the ear. My eiperlenoe, however, has proved con - clnjtvelv tfoai my apprehensions wore entirely groundless in both respects, for both ears are aa well and my bearing is at good at present as tbe day I left off teatmont, and the stoppage of discharge, instead of proving detrimental to my health, haa given the highest elasticity and vigor to my body, and a flow of spirits not experienced for a long time provlous. I avail myself of this opportunity of again publicly ox - pressing my deoply - folt gratiindo to Dr. LlGHTHIi - L, whom I esteem as a gentleman and a mau of sclonoo, in whom the highest confldonoo may be placed. JOHN NOT1'. ETDRBOnATE'S NOTICES. N PURSUANCE OF AN ORDER OF ' Win. Veotior, Ksq Harrogate oi tno Uimnty ol fficKT of Brooklyn, deceased, that they ajrereqairod to exhibit he same.with the vouchors thereof; to tho subscriber, tho exeo - herre.ldenoo.6! Bouth Oxford atroot, in the City of Brooklyn, on or before tho lBth day of July next. - Dated January 8, im. MARY H. SEAMAN. Executrix. N PURSUANCE OF AN ORDER OF V. 1i hohrfven.ii!OOTdinr - all per. tbouuy ot BTOOKiyn, aecuwrou, nun. wj - v re"" .,u" - J hlblt the same, with tho vouohers thereof, to the subscribers, tho admmistratore,at the office of Obarios N. Peed 871 Initon Btreet, in the Citj of Brooklyn, on or before tho 10th day of April next - Dated Oolober 8, 1871. OHARLE8 A. DBVAUOBNB. I Administrators. OHAKLitt) a. runit. ocm BroTU IN PURSUANCE OF A vaunts, ui William V. Veedor, Esq., Surrogate of the County ol ifnm, nntinn is hereby idven, according to raw, to all per sons having claims against GERB.IT SMITH, lata of oyua u b, ,. AnnmaaA that, thoo DM rfifiiilrftrt tn exhibit tho same, wih the .vouchor thoroof. to the sab - Hhflr. tho executor, at the office ot Smith Barlw,l79 Broadway, in tho oily of New York, on or be no. t. Af Xfotr noTh Datod November 21. 1971. before the iOlu uoy " HOMDV tl TIJ'TJ'nP'T.f RtakhW NPURSUANCE OF AN ORDER OF wnHnm n. Vendor - Eso.. Snrroeate of the County of Klnjta - Notlcois hareby Riven, according to lawAo all per - sonXvinK claims againBtJKDwARD FlTZPATRICK.fate of tbo City of Brooklyn, deceased, that tnoy aro roqulrod ia oxninlb tne same, wim vim iuuuuow hiudui, w nuutjutiv or, tho administratrix, at her residence, 742 FlushlnE ave nue. In tho City of Brooklyn, on or before the lata day o .Tlllv next. DatOO uanunry 12, 1014. jalB f m Tu LiIflUAL NOTICES. IN THE MATTER OF THIi JSSI'ATH of Nonnon B. Griffin, lato of tho City of Now York, deceased. By virtue of an ordor ol tho Surrogate (n and for the County of Nw York.made In tho above ojUtlea matter on tke 15th di of January, A - D. 1W2, the subscriber, a roferM for that purpose dnl appointed, will sou t pnbll. anoUsn, at Murphy! AucHon Rooms. No 879 Fulton, In too Oity ot' Brooklyn, Uonntfof 1872, at tweWa o'clock, nooa, of that da, the real estate directed by uld ordav to be aolfl and thertin desoriDea m foil Oris; All thoao vacant and nolmprorea lofts, slraabe, 1Idk and bein on tho northerly line orildtof Proipeot avenuo (late Middle itro at), between the Fourth and ttfth raid Olty of Brooklyn, and wblih ktta designated on map entitled ''Hp of property of tfi hoira of Peter Wyekoff, dectaaed. aituate In the B4Rhth Ward ef tha City of Brooklyn, m tt - veyed by TnnU 8. Bergen, Jnne, 18V, tiled in tbo office of the Clerk of Binea County, by the numbers 104, 101, U6, 167 and 106, and by tha nnm - bern 113. 1H. 116,116. and whioh aatd lota 104. lUS, lOfl. 187 and 108, are together bounded and de sort bed as followi, vis: Beginning at the eorner fprraed by the intersection ol the north fly line of Middlo street (Protvoot avaaae) with tho easterly line of Fourth avenne, and running: thence oaatorly along the northerly line of Middle Btreet, one huciredand forty - nlno feetseren inobee (149 ft. 7 in.) to the eaiteHy line oflot No. 106; thenco not tne aster ly, bIodr sold last mentioned lino nfnoty - sia feot (96 ft.) io land late of tha heirs of Raohel Barry: tkenoe nortk westerly, along eald last' mentioned land, ona hnnArod and fif tj - eighl foot aud nlna inches (168 ft. 9 in.) to tha easterly Una of Fourth avenne; (hence southerly along said easterly side of Fourth avenue, eighty - lhraa fast ana four Inches (83 ft. 4 in.) to tha placo of beginning. The said Iota 113, 114. Ill and 113 are toeethor bonnded aud described as follows : Beginning at a point in the northerir line of Middlo street (Pf ospeel avenue) two hundred and lorcr - nine ioa - , sevon luenas uy ti. 7 in.j easierv from tho nor tho net fly corner of Fourth avenue and said Uiddte strtat ; theses runnfag novthtaat - erly, ahmst the easterly line of lot 113 on aatd map, one hundred and four feet five inohea (114 ft. 6 in.) to said Berry's land; thenee southeasterly, along said Berry's land, one hundrod feot four inches (100 ft, 4 in.); taenoa south easterly, along tbe westerly line of lot Mo. 117 on said map, one hundred and twolve feat nine Inohes (119 ft. 9 In.) to the northerly line of Middle street; thonoo westerly, along said streot, onohnadred feet (1D0 ft) totheplsoo of bogmning. Dated January 23, 1873. OHARLE8 H. OA.YTOW, Referee. Ino. 110 Broadway, New York City. HATCH & Bi. - evixlb, Attorneys for Petitioner, 133 Nassau atroat, Now York. jatlwTu N.. Y. SUPREME COURT KllSGs COUNTY Henrv Wilson, nlaintiff. airainiB dame a wiipon, rLnza 0. rJbrguBon, who oi unanoserRu son and thd said usuries Ferguson. Oeorgo Hcdeson' Thomas "Wilson, Joseph V. Wilson, Charles D, Wilson. Illlza Wilson widow of Joseph V. Wilson, deceased, Louisa M. WHaon, widow of William Wilson, deosasod, Carrie Wilson, John Alfonso Wilson, Wilholmiua W. Moncrief, Henrietta wifo of G. Clement Wood and tho said G. Clument Wood and Edward White house. Summons for Relief. To the defondanta abovo named and each of them: You are hereby Bummoned and required to answer the complaint in this action, of which a copy Is herewith served upon vou, and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint on the subscribers, at their office No. 25 Pino street, in the City of New York, within twenty days after the sorvlce hereof, exclusive of tho day of such service; and if you fail to answer tbe said complaint within tbe timo aforesaid, tne plaintiff in this action will apply to tho Court for the relief demanded in the comDlaint. Dated November 25, 1871. CROSBY fc 03TRANDER. Plaintiff's Attorneys, 25 Pine street, New York. Tbo complaint in the above ontitlod action was tilod with the Olork of Kinea County at tho County Court House, in the City of Brooklyn, on tho 29th day ot Dacomber, 1871. CKOSBY & OSTRANDEK Plaintiff's Attorneys. ia2 6wTu SUPREME COURT KINGS COUNTV Daniel Bird sal I against Owen Cottor and othors. In pursixmco of a judgment order of this Court, undo in the above entitled action on the 22d day of January, 187?, will be sold public auction, to tho highest bidder, at the Commercial Kxohango. No. 389 Fulton street, In tho City ot Brooklyn, County of Kings, on Thursday, tho rrfteonto day of Fobruary, 1B72, at la o'clock noon of that day, by ov under the direction of the undersigned, tho referee ap - f minted by said judgment ordor for that purpose, the ful - owing doscribod land and promisee: All thatoertain yiece or parcoi of land, with tbe bnildiups thereon orootod, situate, lying and being l'i tbe City of Brooklyn, County of Kings and State of New York, bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a point on tho easterly Bido of Fourth avenue, distant nlnoty six feet ono inch southorly from the southerly side of Ninth - street; running thenoe easterly, parallel with Ninth street and partly through a Satty wall, sixty ((JO) feet; thenco southerly, parallel with 'ourth avenne, nineteen (19) foet; thonce westerly, and parallel with Ninth street aud partly through the centro of a party wall. sixty (60) feet, to the easterly side of Pourtfc avenne ; thence northerir, along the easterly side of Fourtn avenue, nineteen (19) feet, to tho point or place of beginning. Dated January 32, IBT'3. JORN F. BAKER, Referee. Samuel T. Bikdsall, Plaintiff1 b Attorney, ja239wTuAF 17U Broadway, New York City. S" UPREME COURT KiNGSCOU2iTY. Simoon Oltmted against William H. Seeloy and others, in pursuance of a judsmont of foreclosure and sale m do In tbla action on the 2id day of January, 187"2, I hereby give notice that on tho 15th day of February, 1873, at the our of twelve o'clock, noon, at tho rotunda of tho County Court Houbo in the City of Brooklyn, Peod & Vnudervoor. auctioneer?, I will sell at public auction, to tho highest bidder, tho lands and premises in said judgment monUonod and thcroln desoribed as follows, viz: All that certain lot, pieco or parcoi of land situated In said City of Brooklyn, bounded as follows, to wit :. Beginning at a point on the westerly side of Pb - - era street, distant one huodred (100) foet southorly from tbe southwesterly corner of Wyokoff and Poworsstcoot, andopposito the centre of a party wall; aud running thnnoo wost.nrlv narallol with Wyokoff street, and throne - h the centre of said! party wall, olghty feet ; thoaco southerly narsliol with Powers street.. twentr foeti thence easterly again pa mile I with Wyekoff street, aud through tho centro of a certain other nartr wall oiahtv feet to Powerj street. and thence northerly along Powers street twenty feet to the placo of beginning. Dated January 32, 1873. A usuyj U'j u - 3 ouawiiiJiJi jveieree. Bl W. KlBKHAM, Plaintiff's Att'y. a3J 3wIuAF UPREME COURT THE MUTUAL Benefit Savinca Bank, maintiff. aeainat James A. mla F. Curtis and Joseph Boll, defendants. Summons ior rejiei..(tjom. noi ser.j 10 me aoovo name a aeiena - ante : You are hereby summoned and required to answer tne, complaint in tnis aonon,. wnioa nas neen men in tbe office of the Clerk of the County of KSbsb. at Brook - lya, New York, and to serve a oopy of your answer to tho said complaint, on the - snbBoribers - at their office. No. 1167 Broadway, New York City,. within twenty tdays afror tbo service of this summons on you, exclusive of the day of such service; and if you fail to answer tho Bald complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this nction will bddIv to tho Court for the relief demanded in hthe oora plaint. Dated September, 1871. rr T 1 r A TUT rrVT T?T T A IvnPDCnKT TJIRIn A Said complaint was filed in said Oferk's office of Kings County, Soptembor 30, 1871. TRKMA1N, XYLBR & PATXR3SON; Pltf ' Atiy's, j&23 6wTu SUPREME COURT STATE OF NEW iOYORK. COUNTY OF RICHMOND William C. Kid - dick, plaintiff, atst. Mary AnnRiodick, Virrin)aT. Guvnn. and Honry Guynn, her husband, Mary Matilda Phillips, and Edward D. Phillips, her husband, Anna O. Upsbar, and Caleb L. Upshur, her huBband, Julia W. Harrison,, and PeacliyG. Harrison, her husband LiJy T. Riddlck, and John R. Kilhy, personally and as trustee under an ante - nuptial oontract made by Anna G. Riddick (now the said Anua G. Upshur) and the said Caleb L. Up jhur, defendants. Summons. For Relief. To tho abovo named aelendanta: You are hereby summoned and requirod to answer the complaint in this action,, which is filed in tho office of the Clerk of the aforesaid County of Richmond, at Richmond, in said Connty, and to serve a copy of your answer to tho said complaint on the - subscriber, at bis offioe, N0..82 Cedar street, in the City, County and State of New York, within twenty days after tho sorvlco of thiB Bummons on you, exoluaivo of tho day of Buch service ; and if you fail to answer tho said complaint within tho time aforesaid, tho plaintiff in this action will apply to tho court for the relief neuianded in the complaint. The - complaint was filed! in the offlcoof tho Clerk of tho ivforosaid County of Richmond, on the twenty - sovonth day of Decembor, in tho year ono thousand eight hundred and seventy - one. Latea December 2 , lo'i R DEMILL. Plaintiff's Attornoy, 82 Codar street. New York. ja9 6wTn' a1 URHOGATE'S COURT - KINGS COUNTY In taem,i.tor of the anuttcabion of KHza - oth Dalj. administratrix ot David Daly, dsoeasod, for leave to mortgaKO, lease, or salt cortsio roil esfcato oi oald deooaeed for tho payment of his debtg. Jambs Teoy, Attornoy for Administratrix. In pursuance of an order dalymade in taa aoovo entitled nntfcerby Hon William D. Veeder, Snrroffato of the County of IChm, on tho 11th day of January, 1872, I Thomaa Murphy in said order named, nfll Belt at pnblio auction at the sales rooms of Cole t Murphy. No.S79 Fulton street, in thoOJty of Brooklyn, en the 26th day of February, 1872, at 13 o'clook. noon of tnat day, the following desoribed land and premises, together with the building and appurtenances thereon, to wit : All tboso oertain two lots, nieoss or parcels of land, situate, lying and being in the Third Ward of tho City oi Brooklyn, known on a map of tho Commissioners' partition of land in the Third and TseUiV7ards of the Cits' of Brooklyn, botoogimt to tho heirs of Petor Soher - merhorn. deceased, dated BvooklrojApril. 1858, surveyed by Bilas Ludlam,Uity Surveyor, as lots number seven (7) ana eight (8)and which takontoother aro bounded and desorib - aasiollows, to - wit: Beffincioft at the corner formed by the Intersection of tho soatborly aide of Stato stroot with the westerly side of Booram streot, and boenoo running wost - orlr along the B&id side of State street fifty foet: thence southerly on a lino parallol with Boorum street, nlnoty feot. to tho centre lino of the blouk betweon State and Atlantic streets ; thonoe oasterly along said oentro line, fifty foot, to Uie said westerly side of Boerom stroot. and thenoe northerly along the said westerly side of Booram street, nlnoty feet, to tho southorly sldo of atsto streot. at .i Thn hnUilinr't. hereon erect. ed Is a threo story and bssoment briok buildlnr, built, used and oicupiod as a oarriago faotory, running the whole depth of tho lot on Booram streot and runulog blok in tho shape of an L, oovorlng the entire ttftv 'ooto to the rear THUnlAts AlUitrTttx, A disinterested freeholder, appointed by too Surrogate of the County of Kings to make said sale. JalB owra. CJUPEFMB COURT COUNTY OF ifTvnM nnmnn ( Wt.nir r7. RTid lflttz Onvinv Pinto. plaintltfB. against Nehomiah B. Nortun, Thomns Archer, SlaryE. Ruod, William H. Nowschafor, Paul W. Ledoux, lenni - Kdward Lumlev. Jano Aim 13. Smith, JobnStclJ, and Sarah A. his wifo, William Turner, and Mary A. his wile, tno peopie r tno ooato oi iiuiy xorit.uu - fendnnts Summons for relief. Tho 1efondant3 abovo named and each ot thorn : You are hereby summoned and required to answer tho complaint in this notion, of whioha of your answer to the said complaint, on tho subscriber at his otSce, iVumber 17 Nisn Btroot. Now York Citi, within twenty days aftor tho sorvice here of. exclusive of the day of such service; and if yon fail toanBwer tno sata conipiaint iricrm mu umu aioauu, thft nlftlnt iffs iii this action will nnnly to tho Court for the relief donianded in tho complaint. - rUatod N. Y. October 25, 1871. ZIMHI W, BUrC'HhK, Plaintiffs' Attornoy. Tho complaint in this action was dnlv Hied on tho 27th dnv of October. 1871. in tho otlico of tho Clerk of tho County nf Kings, at tho Court Houso in tho City of Uraoklyn, County ol i hihh nuu oi nto n mru, ZIMHI W. bat'CHKR PlAiutifTa' Attorney. del2 6w'ln mEKMS OF 1UK COUNTY COURT A and Court of Sessions of tho County of Kings, for thoyrur 1872, am. :iw fir0 " I do herein - njP"int tho following terms nf tho County Crurt ot tho Cor. i t.v ol Kings, for tho year lj72, and until otfienvise ordere.:. to wit : On ihe first Mundaj of every Ti.l'ntli o.urj t Au'u.'t, enmmicJjjg on tho first Monday wf February, 1872, tor tho t rial of issues of law and issues of fact, and fur tho hearing and decision of nuti.ina and other procri'i'ing", und for each of said terms I do ordor (bat a iuiy be dnnvn and summoned. (a.uti COUitT OK SESSIONS. I do hereby ordor that tho Court bf Snssi'ins for tho County of Kings, for tho year 1872, and until othorwiso orrtf red, be held aa follows, to wit: On iliorirt Monday ot evpry month, except Aucufit, commencing the lirst Mon - dny of February, 172, und that a Grand and Petit Jury bo drawn, and summoned to attend each oi said torma. TiMR AND I'LaULC ok holding courts. Fach of auid tonus of tho County Court and Court of Sessions will commence at ll o'clock in too foroooon. and be hbld nt tho County Courthouso iu tho City ot Brooklyn. CHAMBlfiK BUSINESS, The County Judge, whon net engaged in holding tho County Court, or Court of Sessions, will attond at his Chambers, in th Courthouse in Brooklyn, every Saturday, at 10 o'clock A. M.t aud on such other days as his official engagements will permit, eioopt during the immth of Auftubt, for tho transaction of Chamber business. Dated January 1st, 1873. HENRY A. MOORK, in 2 2it County J tidgo of Kings County. TH E CITY COUKT OF BROOKLYN William Wilson, plaintiff, against Charles E. Wil - gusond A utile Wtlgus, defendants, Judgment and decree of sr.lo In pnrsuanco of tho judgment ordor made and en r t rod herein on the Sd day of January, 1873, 1, tho und c r tiff ncd referee, will soil at publlo auotion, to tho tno Malearooni of Mossrs. Oole & Murphy, No. 381 Fultoo stroot, iu tho City of Brooklyn, at 12 o'clock, noon, on tho 2lat day of February, 1872, the interest of tho said dofendant. Annlo Wilgus,to the extent of tho right of paid dofendant Auolo Wilgos at tho timo of tiling the notice of lien heroin, on the thlrteenhdayof Juno, one thousand ight hundred and srivonty - ono, tn and subject to H prior liona (if any) oilsting upou the land and premises described as fallows, to wit.: All that cortain lot, pieco or parcel of land, with the budding and improvements thoroon erootad, Bituato, lying and being in tho Twonty - fitst Ward of the City of Brooklyn, Conntyof Kings, and State of Now Y - irk, and now or lato kunwn as number lour l.r.idrod aad sevon (4U7. Gates avenue, in siid otty, and branded and do - ecrlbodaa follows: Bcciiining at a p lint for mod bv tho Intorneciion of the northerly lino ;ir side ol Gates avenuo, and tho wjsterly lino or aide of Nostrind arenua, runuitig thence wertorly along tho northerly slda or lino of Gates avonue o:hteon feot and muo lue'.ios; thonoo northerly and paiulltsl with N.tatrand avonuo on? hundr.'.i fojL; thonc o;it rly and parallel with O " to nvamn oUhfoon fert Jtii'l .lino ric ios t tho w tjrly - iU or lino of No, trued avciHK, und thc:ico soutuovly al - Ki,' said wostorly line of Nostraud avo i'i,i o'vj lum:lr i fo i t tin n "tnt or uiuccof boginninu, 7i'h I Ur.( - .ki, 'r, J.i'ju try It, ih72. JotiKFH S. RmdWAY, PlYif's Att'y, 5 - j 11? adw iy, N. Y". iuy tiwTu CORPORATION NOTICES ,4 SSEBSMENT NOTICE NOTICE ASL hnrnhv nvnn that the followlnc assosax jntn romiln unpaid, and that the warrant for coll 00 ting said assoss ment will expire on the 4th dav of February. 1872 - ,n that unless said assessments, wgeinor wnn ino rtf t.h nnifumt Chsrtarof the Olfcv of Rmoklvn Opening Flushing avenue from Broadway to the City Line. Ann R Kchilerdmaker $94.75 ; Jno B Wohilerdmaker 90.25; Jno G Hopuer 8.40; George Wurkler 3J.60: Henry Fckert 2841.65; Jno Health 124.00; Wm C Boon 31.80; Geo G i&uoVIes 80,70; Henry Glaner 47.50; n Meizger 47.5U: Anton Vergelues 154.16; Jacob beibert 2160: WMCoou 965.05; Elisabeth Tucks 3.40; Antonio Schulur 5d0; Frederick Russell 11.85; Wm Brannegau 6.20; Karl Brauuor 22.00: Amy Dunham 34.50; CT Richardson 49.00 : George Wurkler 56.16 : Wm Dorsey 47.50 ; A C Beardsley 218.00 ; Jno GSannBher 13.60; O Knglahart 36.40; A Cornwell 31.90; SMMMeeker61.90;MarlaRudd 745.00; Martin Conway 32.90; Henry Grant 72.S0; Anton Grnaaman 42.90; Rd S Bnnce 47.40; Louis U Plumstead 121.30: KD Richardson 37.00; Benjamin 8hevllle 1,619.20; Geo fl ' gen 40.B6; Man Newman 650.40; Jos R Harway 325 S: irah R Mo - Lane 121.95; Jnmes Mottle 78.10; M Full i r42 20; F Keep2i.I(J;Biirtdpe Perine 125.70: Jos h rtywi ( MO; Gilbort L Tooker 436.00; O B Atwater 3.74l.8o; O - eT Leich 16.90; Jno H Carroll 58 90; A A O Dunbaok ti.OQ; JOS HWeddle 47.40; M & C Wall l,472.3ci: C Mayor385.45 - Wm CbnBQjvea 3,834.03 ; Wm Cairn 339 (W ; Dennis Downioir 27S.90;TTGriffin 121.09: M Donthtll 107.70 "WBostwlok 21 - 10;)T B Stout 884.50; A Kuhmen 42.20; G C Bennett 1,780.58; Lubman 212.31 ; Wm K Curl is 373.44 ; Robt Adair 538.11 Henrv Brundoger 48.67; Mary A Kent 25 at ; Honrv , Tenner 362.82; Henry Bamherdt 7,65: Wm Wall 30.OH; Honry W Snngntz 72.00; Frauds Vandorburt 196.22; Loftia Wood 63.83; Lawrence Waterbury 2,085.88: W "WyckonT 5,725.87; Oeo M Downs 34.49; James Robb 3.49 : M Seagrent 173.i OL Burnet 100.60; R Avertll 81.00: Marv Roland Btf.OO; Margt A Connolly 64.00; Martha Hart 5W.flt); Wm Hoff - mn90.00; Henry Rvarts 37.59; Jno Troutmnn 1.163.00; S 8 Meeker 26.17 ; Thos J Morrell 104.67 ; Wm Trith 5a25 ; A S Wheeler 357.83; R Mayor 31.64. tf rt Widening Fifteenth Btreet from circle at w j.'gle of Prospect Park to Its junction with the Coneyli Road - Mary A Wheelook $8.00; Patrick Ryan I" y:Jane Bronken 66.00 : John Dawson 23.00 ; Z McAdam J.00 ; John Kallon 193.00 : Miller D Powers 104; H B Klkins 567.00 ; Jano Orr 11.00 ; Robert McMutteo 11.00 : Robert McMullon 11.00 ; Km el (no Dowd 180.00; George W Warring 5,00; Agues A m Rath 191.00 ; Coney Island R R Co 81.00 ; Coney Island R R Co 2,926 00: Tho Ttiton 8.00; barah Phillips 280.00: Miller D Powers 236.00 ; Wm H Burr 11.00; Jno Ashwosth 11.00; MarpretMoIntyre 24.00: W W Albio 503.48. Widening Ninth avenue, from tho Plaza of Prospect Park to circle at west angle 'I hos Bell, 8636.00;Wm. Duval I 67.00 ; Wm B Aiken 449.00 ; John C Trotter 81.00 ; Margaret Kenny 15.00; Jas. A. Mannig 171.00: John O Trotter 178.00; Olios Stanton 266.00; Maria Middleton 27.00; S M Blake 368.00; Maria Middleton 111.00: Thaddeus Hayth 1,554.00; Elizabeth Mannig 11.00: Elizabeth Mannig, 82.00; Henry L Clark 77.00; KUzaboth Mannig 230.00: B. Smith 6600: W. 8. Clark, 232.00; A. S. Fleet 1.00: Chas Stanton 81.00; A S Fleet 2.00; N R Woloott 193.00: Isaac Henderson 4,528.00; D 8 Dnnscomb 1,565.00; BO Litchfield 6,224.00 : R M Hentloy 422.00 ; Jas L Bnrolay 374.00 ; Kilns G Beach 104.00; H M Bentfey 253.00; E M Ben tley SS5.00; E W Flske 86.00: Chas H Glover 118.00; Thos Mc Carty 118.00 ; Jas Brady 121.00 ; Jas proul 78,00; E O Litoh - field 1,565.00; A Neleon 1,093.00; M UlshoSen 848.00: H N Barclay S99. 00; H N Barclay 9.00; K S Street 197.00; Orson D Munn 79.00 ; Ohaa H Glover 41.00 ; Orson D Munn 233.00 ; R Nelson 118.00 ; O Kelson 118.00: S. T Hyde 15.00. ISAAC BADRAU, i&26wTti Collector of Taxes and Assessments. CORPORATION NOTICE - AS SESS - MENTS CONFIRMED For GAS LAM Pii AND POSTS. TVKalb avenue, between Yates avenuo and Broadway Nostrand avenuo, between Gates avenue and Monroo Btreet; southeast corner of Plymouth and Bridgo streets Baltic street, between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues; Pearl Btreet, between Fulton avenue and Sands street ; Hudson avenue, between Fulton avenuo aud Johnson street; Myrtle avenue, between Bridge street and Portland avenue; Water Btreet, south fide, 100 feot oast of ''old street; Willoughby avenue, Detween inroop ana xaies avenues; Dook street, west side, 100 feot north of front street; Concord Btreet, betweon Bridge and button streets; Qnincy streot, between Tompkins and Tbroop avenues; John street, north Bide, 100 foot east of Bridge Btreet; Tillary street, Eouth side, 100 feet west of Carll ftreet; gits lump and pedestal northwest cornor of Van Brunt and King strcofe. i'LAGGING SIDEWALKS. Hall street, east side, between Myrtle aod FluBhing avenues; Herkimer street, both Bides, between old Cl)va Road and Ralph avenue; Wyekoff street, Bouth side, between Fourth and Fifth avenues; Warren street, both Bides, between Fourth and Fifth avenues; Lafayette avonue, both sides, botween Glasaon avenuo and Hall streot. GRADING AND PAVING. Chauncey street, from Fulton to Reid avenue; Cedar street, betweon Bushwiok and Central avenues; Nostraud avenue, from Myrtle to Flushing avenue. The assesements in the above entitled matters were duly confirmed on tho eleventh day of December, 1371, and tbo original assessment roIlBorfair copies thereof, will be delivered to the Collector of Taxes and Assosstnents on the eleventh day of January, 1872. Notice U hereby givonto all parties interested, that by paying their Boveral assessments to Isaac Badeau, Collector of Tuxes and Assessments, at his office in the City Hall, within thirty days alter tho delivery of said assessment rolls to him, they can pay the same without any additional charge. All assessments not so paid, will be collected by him or ino of bis deputy collectors, with additional charges the; ;on providod by law. Datod Brooklyn. January 11, 1872. ROBERT FUREY. Stroet Commissioner. jall4wTh.SATu IN COMMON COUNCIL STATED SESSION - Monday, January 15, 1872. PROPOSALS. The following propopals were opened and read : For Grading and Paving McDougal street from Fulton avenuo to Broad way James Dalton, for the sum of Sa. - i'.i per running foot; sureties, L. E. Mansfield aud John Brady. Wm. Mogk.forthosnm of $i,95; sureties, John Brady and L. D. Tompkins. Wm. Sweeney, for the sum of $7.15; sureties, John Leech and Petor Ljoan. Peter Riley, for the sura of $5.70 : surotles, Patrick Don. ohue and Patrick H. Ford. Joseph YorK, for tho sum of $5.10; surotles1, Timothy Desmond and Peter Lynan. John McMahonfor the sum of 85.75; sureties, James McCaffrey and L. D. Tompkins. James Dillon for tbosum of $7.25; sureties, Jamos Ash - field and Abram Allen. 'J erronco McOuiggan, for the aum of $5.S7; sureties, A. C. Hill and Hdward McDonald. Forgraaiirj and paving Schenectady avenuo, from Fulton avenuo to tho City Line. Win. Mogk, for the sum of $10.99 per iunning foot ; sureties, John Brady and L. D. Tom pk ins. PeterRiley. for the aum of $Qi)0: sureties, Patrick Don - ohue and P. H. Ford, Joseph York, for tho sum of $9.15; sureties, John King and Lawrence Carey. Terrence McGufggan, for tho sum of $7.97 ; sureties, A. O. Hill and Kdward McDonald. FarrellA Leo, for the sum of $3.23 ; suretio3, Felii J. Dnffy and Daniel Ward. Francis Brennau. for the sum of $8.43; sureties, Thomas McCaffrey aod Jan. 33 Walsh. JameB Dillon, for theaumof $8.89; sureties, Jamo3 Ash - iield and Abram Allen. John MoMahon for tho sumof $16.25; suretios, Jamea McCaffrey and L. D. Tompkins, Wm. Sweeney, for tho sum of 87.97: suretiog. Simon Fitch and PoterLynam Patrick Smith, for tno 6um of $6.88; suretios not qualifying. Mark Reardon, for the sum of $8.16; sureties. John F. Brand and Kdwurd MurtaRh. Patrick Hanlon, for tho sum of $3.97; sureties. P. J. Madden aud Kdward Madden. S. L. Keoney, for the Bum of $8.50 per lineal foot, and $6perlinoal loot for McDougal st; sureties, John Morton and George H. Evens. For binding minutes of tho Common Council, volume 3 I and 2, 1871, Kdward P. Martin, for the sum ot 5j cents per volume; sureties S. Cleveland and Win. H. Carman. Thomaa B. Sidcbotham, ior the sum of 60 cents por volume; sureties, E. M. Cammeyer and Wm. Wood. Jacob Seinort, for the sum of 95 conts por volume ; sureties not qualifying. Ordered published in tbe corporation newspapers in accordance with law, and referred to the appropriate committees when appointed. .in 17 10c NOTICE IN THK MATTER OF THIS plication of the Common Council of tho City of Brooklyn, in relation to opening Lawton Btreot, from Broadway to liushwlck avenue, in tho City jot Rrnofclvn. Io all whom it may concern : We. fche ouder - Blgned Commissioners of Estimate on - the above matter, do hereby gtvo notice that wo have completed our report in the above matter, and that the said' report and map are nioa in tne untco or cneuierK oi mjo uounry oi .rungs for examination by all persons interested, and that wo will meet at the othce of tho Connsel to tho Corporation ot the City of Brooklyb, at the City Hall, on - Saturday, tho 27th day of January, at 2 o'clock in tho afternoon, to review our said to art. Dated January 15,1872. JOHN WATSON, 1. JOHN DKLMAR,. Commissioners. j15 10t t, W, WALDKOpM OFFICE OF THE STREET COMMISSIONER, No. 6, City Hall. Proposals - for tut - nisfaiag Stationery, healed proposals will be received by the Common Council, at the Mayor's Office,, untii Monday, January 29, lt72, at 3 o'olock, P. M., for furnishing Blationery for the various departments of the city gov - Timent for the year 1872, in accordance with the speculations and schedule on hie in the otlico of the Street Commissioner. Blanks for estimating furnished at tho offico of tho Sireot Commissioner, and nono other will be considered. Proposals will not be considered unless accompanied with a consent in writing of two sureties of 85,000 each, on each proposal, (who shall qualify aa to thoir responsibility,) that if the contract be awarded to the party propcshu.thoy wl become fcound as his surety for its faithful performance; and in caac ho shall neglect or refuse to execute tho contract, it sr awarded, then that they will pay to the City of Brooklyn the difference between tho phea so proposed and lbo priro of the next highest bidder, to whom tho contract may bo awarded. Proposals to bo endorsed 'To the Common Council.'. (specifying work.) By order of the Common Council. Brooklyn, January 1(5, 11:72. KOBtiUT FURKY, Street Commise loner. jal6 lflt OFFICE OF THE STREET COMMISSIONER, No. 9 City Hall. Proposals for printing minutes of the Common Council. Sealed proposals will be received by the Common Council, at the uiuyor's Office, until Monday. January 29, lf;72,at 3 o'clock P. M., for printing minutes of tho Common Council, in acoordanco with specifications on file in the office of the Stroet Com - mlssiLnor. Blanks for estimating furnished at the Offico of tho Street Commissioner, and none other will bo considered. Proposals will not be considered unless accompaniod wifh a consent in writing of two sureties of $50Oeach, on each proposal, (who shall aualify as to their responsibility, Hhut if the contract be awarded to the party proposing, they will becomo bound as bis surety for its laitbiui performance ; and in case be shall neglect or refuse to execute the contract, it so awarded, then that they will pay to the city of Brooklyn the diif erenco botween tne price so proposed and tbo price of the next highest bidder, to whom tho contract may bo arcardod. Proposals to be endorsed "To tbo Common Coonoil," (specifying work.) By order of the Common Council, Brooklyn, January 16, 1672. ja!6 lot ROBERT FURKY, Mroet Commissioner. OFFICE OF THE STREET COMMIS - MOMCR. No. 6 Citj Hall Proposals for dicing down lots. Sealed proposals will bo recoived by the Common the Mayor's office, until Monday, January 29, 1872, at 3 o'clock P. M., for digging down lots on Morton street, north side, 30 feet woBt of Myrtloavonuo; Fifth avenne, east side, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets; Fifth avenuo, wost side, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets; northeast corner of Fifth avenue and Sixteenth street ; northoast corner of Fifteenth street and Seventh avenuo; Douglass street, south side, between Washington and Classon avenues; Fifth avenue. botwoen Prospect avonue and Seventeenth Btreet, to the grade of the adjoining streets. .... . Blanks for estimating furnished at tho office of the Street Commissioner, and none othdr will be considered. Proposals will not bo considered unless accompaniod with a consent In writing of two sureties of $500 each, on each proposal (who shall quality aa to their responsibility), that ft the contract be awarded to tho party proposing, they will become bound as hid surety ior its faithful performance ; and In caso he shall neglect or refuso to execute the contract, if so awarded, then that they v ill pay to the City of Brooklyn tbo dlffoience between the price soproposed ana the price of tbe next highost bidder, to whom the contract may be awarded. Proposals to bo endorsed "To tha Common Council," (specifying work.) By order of tho Common Council. Brooklyn, January 17, IS.3. jaWIlit KOBEKT FuRKV, Streot Commissioner. O1 KF1CE OF THE STREET COMMISSIONER. No. 6 Citv Hall. Pronosals for uiecinsr sidewalks. Sealed proposals will bo received by tho Common Council, at the Mayor's office, until Monday, January 29, 1872, at S o'clock, P. M., for fUgging sidewalk, on NlnetPenth streot, both sides commencing at Fourth uvenuo and running len feot towards Fifth avonue. Alan, on Grand street, north side from First street to Bushwick avenue. Also on Carlton avonno, both sidos, from Fulton to Atlantic avenues, Also on St. Mark's placo, both sides, between JSostrand and New York avpnuo.o. Also on Wythe avenue, west sido, botween Hewes and Rutlodgo streets. Aise on Aortu rumo street, botn sutcs, oetween union avenue and the rivor. Also on Kosciusko pLiao, both Eides. between Bushwick avenue and Broadway. Also on Lynch street, south sldo, between Loe and Bedford avenues. Also on Saratoga avonue, side between Horki - nier Btreet and fculton nvenuo. Also on Herkimer stroot. south eide,botwoen Russelllplaceland Saratoga avenuo. Also on Russell placo between Atlantic avenue and Herkimer street . A Iso on Car.tonJ stroet.Jivest sido, betweon Boliver streetand Myrtle avouue. Also on Twentieth street, both sides, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Also on Jack - ioa street, both sides, between Union avenuo and ftean streot. and from Graham avenue to tiuruboldt stroet. Also on Green street .both sides, between Union place ana Fraaktia street. Also on Meeker avenue, botweon North Honry and Williams ctret - te. Agreeable wflh ordinance Blanks for estimating furnishod at tho Offico of tho Streot Coruniissioner, and none other will be considered. Proposals will not be considered unless accompanied wflh a concent in writing of two suretiosof $5iH) each, on each proposal, (who shall qualify as to their responsibility) that if tho contract bo awaidnd to tho party proposing, they will become boutid us his surety for its faithful perlormaneo; and in case he shall neglect or refuse to execute the contract, if so awarded, then that they will pay to tho city of Brooklyn the ditforenco between tho price so proposed and tho price of tho next higho&t bidder, to whom tho contract msy ho awarded. Proposals Io be endorsed "r.i 1110 UOmUtOU VfOUUVU, (.Sii;ijii.)iiifr; mn ft. uv uiucr UL IUU LVunnmi Council. Brooklyn, January It, IbTi. ncil, Brooklyn, January 1, iT3. KUBi'UT 1UREY Mroet Commissioner. inn ii;t OFFICE OF THE STREET COMMISSIONER, No. 6 City Hall. Proposals for furnishing Supplies for the Trunut Homo. Sealed proposals will bo received by the Common Council, at the Mayor's Office, until Monday, January 21.', 1872, at 3 o"clock P. M., for t'or - nisbiDg supplies for tho Truant Home for the yoar H72, in accordance with the spfciticalions on filo in the office of tho Street Commissioner, Blanks for ostlmoting furnishod at the Office of tho Street Commissioner, and none other will bo considered. Proposals will not be considered unless accompanied with a consent in writing of two sureties of $1,000 each, on oach proposal, (who shall qualify as to thoir responsibility.) that if tho contract be awardod to the party proposing, they will become bound as his surety for its faithtul perlormaneo; and in caso bo shall uegloct or rofiiso to execute tho contract. If bo awarded, thon that they will pay to the City ot Brooklyn the difference betweon tho price so proposed and tho price of the next highest biddor, to whom thocou - tractmaybo awardod. Proposals to be indorsed "Tottm Common Council," (specifying work.) By ordor of tuQ Common Council Brooklyn, January 16, 1879. jahUOt ROBERT FUKKY, StreoJComnnonor. FFIOE OF THE STREET COMMIS - omvDD v. - . a nit. H11 Pmnniinlii for fiifirDnn' and Paving with Belgian Pavement. Sealed proposals will be received by the Common Council, at the Mayor's Office, uutll Monday, Jauuary 29. 1872, at 3 o'clock P. M., fnrgrading and paving with Belgian Pavement, Fourth Btreet, Jrom Fourth to Fifth avenue; also. First street, from the Canal to Fifth avonue, agreeable with protilo ot snid streets and strictly in accordance with tho specirion - tionB on tilo In tho Street Commissioner's Office Proposals t.. state tho price per tunning foot through tho centre of eaid streets for the wholo work complete. No estimate considered with contractors as sureties. Blanks for estimating furnished at tho Office of the Street Commissioner, and nono other will bo considered Proposals will not be considered unless accompanied with a consout in writing of tiro sureties of $2,000 e tch, on each proposal, (who shall qualify as to their responsibility,) tint If tho cent met bo awarded to the party proposing, thoy wdl becnin:? bound ;is his surety for its faithful perform - unco; mid in c:iso bo shall neglect or refuse ta execute the conhaot.if s. awarded, then that thoy will pay t - the City of Urci.klvu tho dittereiici lnitruai tin pne so prnp.)iM and'thopricoofthonext highest bidder, to whom the con - tract limy bo awarded. Proposals to bo endorsed I o tbo Common C'.muumI" (specifvintr work). By order of tln Ci.mnion Council. Brooklyn. J armory lt, jal61tit ROB KIM' FUREY, Stroet Commissioner. ocii 13wTu

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