The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 27, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1908
Page 5
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27. 1901 THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN Have Your Christmas Engraving Done Now I: ' : 1-.I ;\f o.'isy now to coino in 'Mi 1 s.-ir H your Clu-lHtmiiH : ".' :-"".ts •:.-• l! is later on—and • •s'-.-flrill.v tliosi> thnt need en- cnivlns. Von ):;ivf all pjspertenroil the .•:::••' !!>:!.• you've hurt in selling l'-.-'T"i>;^ ,. ;1L .raved tlio Jnst fow '!"s hofnp. Christmas—uvoid (!.•<;_ ilif.-i .venr by buying your f •vi'.r.'ii-- -1,-f.; ,, OWi Vcii'll havt: 11,'iro dm pfoi- so."'''Inns:, ihf C)iri.stinns crowd "•ill not l,i. h, iv, the c-n.^nivors '•yi'l have mure time and you'll find it l.t'tior all around. Our stoic jr. brimming over with iiKcMit ami appreciative gifts. MR'S. J. L. BOYD'S CO*'DI7!ON IS MOST SATISFACTORY. Mrs. J. L. Boyri, who was so severe- 1 ly burned last Tuesday evening, has j I.een taken to tlio St. Clalr Hospital i and is reported to bo doing nicely. Dr. | MoKenzte Is attending her. Mr, Boyd, who was , also sltligtly burned, was able to attend to his duties In the s'liperlntemlent's office this morning. FOUR WEEKS TO CHRISTMAS American Je welry /"*• SOLOMON & LAW 1420 19th St We Lend Money at 7 I -2 per cent per annum on improved farm property. Long terms—easy payments. Funds unlimited. Look intft the matter further and get more details. Bakersfield Abstract Company QEO. HAY, Mflr. Chester Ave. and 19th St. Basement, MANDOLIN CLUB MEETING. The Kern Mandolin Club wjll moc-t next Tuesdny evening nt the home of Mr. nna Mrs. Chas. Schwain, 814 M street, for the purpose of reorganizing. MEMBERSHIP IN LODGE CONTINUES TO GROW. The Ladles Auxiliary to the O. R. C. continues to increase Its membership roll. On last Wednesday eventn two new members, Mrs. Nellie Davl and Mrs. Ida Meyers, were Inltlatee Into the order and a very lively Inltla tlon It was. When the meeting ad journed music ahd refreshments were enjoyed. Kern City NOTES AND PERSONALS. t THE AMERICAN MINISTER AT NICARAGUA RESIGNS MANAGUA, Nicaragua, Nov. * 27.— John Gardner Coolldge. American mln ister, has resigned, Jt is reported, be cause of the disapproval of his govern ment In meddling with the interna affairs of Nlcara'gue. WASHINGTON. Nov. 27.~lt Is declared that nothing In Coolldge's conduct has met with official disapproval. His resignation Is acecpted with regret by the state department, where t Is said the resignation Is entirely on Coolldge's own Initiative. Robbie (at the opera)—Mamma, what does papa keep going out between acts for? ••> Mother—Sh. He goes out for opera glasses.—Judge. OUR THANKSGIVING OFFERING Fruit Cakes ! Ours is tlio best made. As good as mothers, and better when yon think of the -worry you have dispensed with. Pound C ekes Wo want you to give us an order today for this c-akf. It's great. Pronounced by the famous pastry cooks of the city as the best ever. Annett's Bakery 1627 19th St. Phone M 390 Kahler Savs: Compound Syrup Eucalyptus with Muriate of Ammonia • is an absolute safe and a mighty handy preparation to keep in the house. A valuable remedy for Colds, Bronchial Catarrh, Spasmodic Croup and all diseases of the air passages. Wh'en every home in Bakersfield has a bottle of it on hand there will be a great deal less coughing. Remember that we are headquarters for Guaranteed Rubber goods—At right prices. BAKERSFIELD DRUG CO. Kahler Bros, PHONE MAIN 42 Corner 19th A t 8tc. WE NOW HAVt MEAM HEAl THEATRE MAIN 128 ~.r- PRICES I0c. 25c, 35c, 50c' y,^v; ,.f- ; -> MATINEES SATURDAY, 10c, 25c. (^//'j^V-, Cunningham Co. to Remain Tonight Married Man's Troubles I A. 1'lantncr, proprietor of the French Mouse, gave a party to a number of his friends last Wednesday night. Mr. and Mrs. T. Cross returned this afternoon on No. 107 from Los Angeles after spending a few days with their daughter, Mrs. Hill. Chas. Maiirler returned on No. 7 this morning after visiting in IMS Angeles for a few days. Dlek Williams has relumed from San Francisco, where he went about two nionilis airo for treatment for Injuries sustained while repairing the engine In his well. He is very much Improved in health. Bert Freeman has resigned his position as solicitor for Ardlzzl-Olcese and expects to leave soon for Oxnard. Mrs. A. W. Snider and son, PercJ, returned this morning on No. 7 from Los Angeles, where they spent Thanksgiving. Sixteen lots, south half of block 139 on E street between King and Beale, opposite Beale avenue school house, Kern. For sale at $65 a lot. Would make an Ideal home; For terms write to Charles T. Zensen, 2616 Manltou avenue, • Los Angeles, California. 127 Mr. and Mrs. R. Stewart of Indianapolis, Ind., are guests of the former's uncle, L. B. Nelson. Dr. West Is suffering with a severe attack of neuralgia. Paul Michener came down from Mo- ave Wednesday night to spend Thanksgiving with his mother, Mrs V. Michener. E. I. Epman returned from Los Angeles this morning after spending 'hanksgivlng with his wife. Constable Stroble went to the Weed 'atch today. Mrs. -P. L.. Fee returned yesterday morning from a visit In Los Angeles. Mrs. Fred Hamilton Is expected up from Santa Barbara soon to visit her mother, Mrs. Wm. Oyster. Chauneey Nesbit, the small son of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Nesbit, who has been so ill with an attack of appendl- si'.ls, is able to be around, again. Charles Curran came up on No. 107 Wednesday from San Pedro to spend Thanksgiving with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Curran. A. F. Titus has returned after spending a few days In Los Angeles. Superintendent Worthlngto n came down from Mojave yesterday on No. 7. . George Cuneo Is ){& town from Mojave for a few &&\e. Mrs. W. A .Safford Is quite 111 at her home on M street. Bob McDonald has resigned his position with Ardlzzl-Olcese. Miss Edith Brooks went to Tulare on the afternoon train to visit for a few days. Jack Nelson Is down from Mojave for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. J. Topham of Fresno] fire Kuents nt the Metropole. | Mrs. Leon nogy rame up from Los j Angeles this morning to visit friends I for a few days. Charles Lee and daughter, Winifred, returned on No. 7 this morning from Los Angeles. •» F. SI. Xoripgi/is suffering with an n'tiu-k of neuralgia. Chas. Cross has arrived from Los Angeles to take a position In the Kern shops. I Kern City | OOiXJOOQOOOOOOC'C-C-'OC'OOOOy^ Benny Jones Is no More V, Benny June.-:, for years a switchman in the Southern Pacific yards here, nut for ih<> p., s t p| X or 8even months employed by C. H, Hollls In the Hunter rigar stand, died last night nt the St. Clalr Hospital after a brief illness. He \viia taken from his room In the Metropoli> Hotel yesterday forenoon nbout 10 o'clock to the hospital and 'leruli <-;>i m . a t 11:10 p. m.. He wits ;i member of the local lodge of B. of R. T. and had many friends who will re- pet to hear of his untimely end. As far as could be learnd he had no relatives In the state but it is said that a brother resides In Ohio, •«» "I do admire a man who can sa no," forcibly declarked Nickerson. "Come in and have a drink," sali Tightwad promptly.—Boston Trail serlnt * GEELAN Millinery 1329 19th Visit Bakersfield^ Finest Millinery Shop .,,„! sn , „„,. , shiiwHiir of N,.\v York's latest models. Our [.rices 2.1 per eon) less Hiaii elsewli-T,. \\,. ,,.,,.,... .,,, ( > Y I."'"-, 0 ," 1 "' 0 L s . lla l";^»iHnrinuNi,m.. \\V imikf'n spi- script. 'Yon want to get damages, I suppose, said the lawyer to whom Mrs Donovan's husband escorted her on the day after she and Mrs. Leahy had indulged in a little difference of opin ion. F "Damages!" echoed Mrs. Donovan ihrllly "Haven't 1 got damages enough, already, man? What I'm af. er Is satisfaction."—Youth's Companion. 8. W. Wible is in Los Angeles for a short stay. Golden •^^•^MBsxssHonn! Coffee The aroma-tight can protects ft against impurities and deterioration—never so'.d iu bulk. Your grocer will grind it- better if ground at howc—not too fine. VOICE CULTURE MISS JANE BARBER Late of Detroit Conservatory of Music Studio Phone 338 Main Residence Main 302 CARRIERE'S SCHOOL OF MUSIC GRAND BALL WAS WELL ATTENDED. The grand ball given Wednesday evening by the Order* of Machinists wag a most successful affair. There was an unusually large crowd In at- lendance, the music by Professor Kuehn's orchestra was all that could be desired and the hall, which was decoraled in red white and blue bunt- ng and palms, never looked prettier. Those on the floor committee were untiring in their efforts to see that all present enjoyed themselves and the iffalr will iong be a pleasant memory n the minds of those who attended. TO INTRODUCE A NEW SYSTEM IN SUNDAY SCHOOL. FOR SOLID COMFORT Go to the GRANADA HOTEL Suiter and Hyde Sts. San Francisco $3,50 per day American plan. Headquarters for Bakersfield. El / Belmout HAVANA CIGARS The NEW kind TO GIVE SOCIAL DANCE. The ladles of the P. N. G. Association of Rebekahs will give a so dance at Kaar's Hall on Friday et Ing, December 4th. LIVERY RATE8*ON AND AFTER DECEMBER FIRST. Following will be the rates at an stables In Bakersfield and Kern after December 1, 1908: BOARDING. Single horse, per month tig Two horses, per month 3* Box Stall, per month .' ap LIVERY RATES. Single horse, steel rimmed buggy per day ,'.| Single horse, rubber tired buggy Per flay '.'.' 3.WD Fifty cents extra on Sundays ao4 holidays. Pole team, per day $4.SV Surrey, per day g'oj One dollar extra Sundays and holidays. Hacks for funerals $6.00 Tbree-seaters for funerals C.0» Busses for funerals 7.<w ti NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. , You arc hereby notified to Immediately trim up all trees on the sidfe. walk adjacent to your property elgftt feet, from the ground in accordance with section 24 of ordinance No. 8 <tf the City of Bakersfleld, which reads as follows: Section 24—Any person wht, shall in the City of BakerBflelrt permit branches of trees or shrubs to exte&f. within eight feet from the grotraB over any portion of said walk or onft- i half of the street next to or in froBt of premises owned or occupied by I him, except tliat portion within four feet from the curb !ine thereof, f« i guilty of a misdemeanor. I JAMI3S McKAMV, 95 City Marshal. Next Sunday will be the first Sunday In Advent and beginning with that. l;ite (lie stamp system will be Introduced In the Si. Barnabas Sunday school. Tlio rhild who receives the most stamps wil! be awarded a prize, The Bon Bon for HOT DRINKS, OYSTER COCKTAILS AND CANDY T. C. CCPPIN, Prop. Phone Main 257 TO NEW YORK THROCFGH Orange Groves of South em California; Cotton i Fields of Texas ar ' iaua. , FOUR AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAY8 ON THE OCEAN TRIP. ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED STEAMERS Marek's Cigar Store J. F. Marek, Proprietor St., Phono Main Odd. Wholesale anil llr-iall Cigars, Tobaccos, Pipes and Chewing Distributor for Uukf.TfifieM of LOVERA, 12i/ 2 c Cigar AVALON, lOc Cigar HALO, 5c Cigar MORLEY'S THEATRE Masonic Temple, 2007 Cheater Avenue Continuous Performance 7:30 to 10:30 P. M. BOX OFFICE OPEN 7:15 to 9:15 Admission (Oc No Higher STRICTLY HIGH CLASS MOVING PICTURES AND ILLUSTRATED SONGS; FUN AND AMUSEMENT FOR EVERYBODY. "Bloodstone" (special) "Salome" (historical) Celilm Bencenuto" (romance) "Biscuits" (comedy) ^'Alcohol" (true to nature) SONG— "Pal of Mine" A Follower of Women" (comedy) "Good Evening, Caroline" Kntin- change of Program Monday and Thursday nights. Mfttince Saturday niul Sunday. Coupons given every night. Nov. 23d,24-piece quadruple plate Rrg. ers Bros.' set to holder of lucky coupon. C. J. "'!irz, President Arthur S. Crites, Cashier. GOGT> BUSINESS STANDING sifiiiiliiiL 1 ' is ill' 1 <lesiiv (if 1 ui'iT. Ill !i-i In-) (el- v.-jjv fii:i Uli.i il'iHi' tllilli liV liavin;.' sll'iill!. 1 ilii'' ;j n SUM it ill Kill i ike I !ir Firs.1 iiiinl-; 'it' Kern fur your (lepnMlui'v jtdils fitiaticial Aci'iilUltS, Milljl'Ct t<) l.'llei'k, invited. Capital '$50,000.00. CHAMPIONSHIP POLO GAME SELMA VS. BAKERSFIELD DREAMLAND SKATING FJ Dreamland Rink TWO GAMES Saturday, Nov. 28, 9 p, ra. Sunday, Nov, 29, 3 p. m. For Championship San Jcaqnin Valley Admission 15c C. F. SMITH, Manager

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