The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 27, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1908
Page 4
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THE fiAKERSFIELD CALIFOBNIAN FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1908. me /* o We've got a great stock of fine suits here; we handle mere of the better grade* than any other store in town; the thing that makes it interesting for you is that we not handle any other kind. We make a special feature of Stein-Bloch goods, because they make a special feature of quality; all-wool a brics, e most mo dern an fashionable designs an models, the most thorough and reliable tailoring, the most perfect fitting, It pays us to sell such clothes because it pays you to buy them. The profit of our customers is the basis of our success; and of our profits. »" You'll find suits hore JIN low «s $15; there* are many lower priced suits in town, if yon waul them; that's the limit of Duality in men's suits, as we estimate it; we're thinking of V'.ur profit, at that, more than of ours. \\V Ifave them up to $UO; and at every price the value's there for the rnon ev. : - .\ , •• •-; '..• ™??;-> y.-XvSbSA- >: BSKtf: mm . v'-i^ypi -'>Xv'••"•-•••.*, -v^y- .•,"<*...-, Crowds Dine St. Francis * •:• * * * * * v * * * * * * * CITY BRIEFS. Will Hurt CROUP QUICKLY CURED. * v -*. Don't Let the Child Choke to Death While Waiting For the Doctor. METHODIST CHURCH CHOIR. . Condition .Improved — 1. H. Glenn, who has been seriously ill for several _ iduys, is today reported somewhat im- i proved. t.'S6 crowned the effort of the i Open Verdict in Jap Case — On ac- of St. Krancis C'huroli again- in • count of tho conflicting testimony in pivinf, r of th" {JinntTH, Mio Inst (ho Kobi HJroso Inquest, the coroner's dinner yest«»r- jury returned «n open vprdict, neither Town, the Theme I Hyomei, the miraculous, antiseptic dry oir treatment, will cure croup in either the first or second stages. Eas-. lly inhaled, even wrten the breathing Ms irregular, it reaches more promptly The attention of all Hie members of the First Methodist Church choir IB •called to the fact that the new music arrived and Miss Barber would like to &ee all the members at the rehearsal this evening. Rehearsal will be held at 7:30. Some Interesting matters .will be up for consideration j*»j ••*^£>)t««it* 1 4^. 1 *w «~* V' *<* ^ *J UBU*^ ffftV *iJ£* *- * J - _ Sunday, Nov. 20th is the day set 'than any other remedy the* terribly in- after the choir practice. apart for Christian people, and all i flamed membrane of the windpipe. Its hi;i.v iif't-rnoon. Tho ThanksglvinK din- ; blaming nor clearing George Hottin- ri<-r was a most affair. Two the chauffeur. The Jap was and liny guests partook* of, ie,] today at 2 o'clock from Dixon & one (it the liest turkey dinners ever ' SONS' funeral parlors, •a-rved in this <-ity. Promptly at 5 p.' Burglary Examination Begins—The Irn.. the hour for the beginning of the examination of Stanley Vaca, charged seat, seventy-five in • with ihe burglary of Winters & number, was taken. During the even- Bridges' store, began at 2 this after- others interested in the highest and best state of society for all the to turn their attention to the liquor question. The First Baptist church will observe this day by a special service jit 7:;;*' p. in. when the pastor will soothing balsams act immediately, the inflammation is allayed and the swelling reduced. "Not long ago our.little boy, Waiter, awoke In the night with a bad attack of croup. We allowed him to WORD Wi TH preach a sermon on the subject "Will j inhale Hyomei; he began to breathe Dry Hurt Our Town?" and the choir easier, and In half an hour was fast will render appropriate music. I am glad to speak a good i * then- were fourteen private par-i noon, before Justice Black i. * or private tallies, ranging from Tho local organization of the W. C.; word for a remedy that will rob crowp T. U. will attend in a body, and all; of its terrors."—Rev. Geo. Sis sson, pas- I Christmas V Wines and Liquors r-ix fo fwelvc af a table, and It took eighteen waitresses to serve them. At n '.' n, rn. ihe reception rooms as well as In- liinles were crowded. District AM ..fh of til* Alexander and Krne ? t Klnp, the two ; but there j« a <!••.."• sn,ricinu that the or J»on«?y back. A complete outfit, in wore first arrested for ' purpose of thi> m-\v M/hrdule is to add '-^dine a neat rubber pocket inhaler, U')t;d = .ill of nTiv was donated by the ladles IVio'burKinrv : "but who "later Wtablish- dividends to 'h- millions 01 Mr. liar costs only $1. An extra bottle of Hy- :.ii.i ilK-ir iri'-uds, cuurequenUy there ( , (1 MUI!I . irmoronrfi ! rinian and bin m-nds und tn start a' ornei, ii' afterwards needed, costs but and tho proceeds was no expense v;i re rlear pn-fii for the rhnn-h. The THf r RAILROADS about our groceries, carry the best line of staple and fancy groceries that are found any place. We want to show yon that we are up to date in our stoelc us nn order today: we havo IMS s locks. I),.,- \ r IL^ IIU 1 Im* 1 •> ' T \ i . t li ! M f r< hesira mil 1 *!'', furnished under tho leadership of Mr. Hirs'ni'eld, \vas up- t'reciuenUy. and the hundreds f Unlit!-. tli<' stum- and tables wii h 'TV* :miheniUins nnd LEVY Of^ CALIFORNIA. t • r • • i » elect * * * • \ ,\ I'l.if i nVe!" |JH . VI'** . .1 \\' .Hit made a to lie r»-nu'nihered. ' III • MIS , + ' tt t ' * * i > i i • i •,'piy; is • ,. -1 J'i -' >; \ ¥ .'"', \V. ' 1 \ \v; i; is :1J 'ih. f t!ie ' rltair.'j.,;r /-;.-! i 'in • 1 , V • ! N * u ' 111: j - l j ' M V Fred Gunther Co. Family Trade Solicited Store and Warcroorrs H^tS 18th St. No bar attached. Phone Main 99. lailie.s v.ere If! M «• • l 'In.i- \11 .••. l .nei >Iv, I lanrv Maier, Mr.-. I). . '/ 1, KoMrr, Mis. K. Tib- U .-'iiap^on. Mrs. AV. K. . M,-. \ViIlinr and Mrs. A. rie'H- ladles were ably assist: i i! IP \f:>-. L< at v, ^Irs. MeKaniy, Mrs. l (»'H;M . Mrs. A, P. Kyraud, MB. Paul tribute. '('.ait*-, Mr-. Kdinond Krauj-se, MVP. Jliu!-,:!!^. Mrs. H. Smith, Airs. Moore. .Mrs. I'n.wrr. Miss.s 10. 1>c(lami, Ada !pnd A^r.i'S ('lierbbonno, Kdnn Smith, ;u'l*>n t n -I hiO ill Knrtunoir-ly r'nr M-. ihe eomnii^sion is r o;' (.'allfornia, arid 1 •• u; see that jusiU .• it-Ic of this stafe. M ailovvcd to wovU ai'»n» j l)e a stroiu s tf) ilv cc.i i •' 01" 1C. Lane '•ill do his best to ihe nor f. -'. mi: i i n, and Phore I'aotH it i- •''-' cents, MICHEL MORITZ DIES what you wan c earrv a standaiM F-ROM HEART DISEASE. >rauds ot wines and wins ?Jjche] Moiltx, .1 nativ France hem. i.h \-> » •]-! itb' i r Will it i i. » .'<•!' - > • I - T.l, ami ich San will V. v' and j; retired merchant, living at 2019 E Btreet, dropped dead in his room Wednesday night, death being caused; to inn.' iliai I'M '-oinniercial'by heart failure. Tho deceased is j ar" :.>i*y <-o!lcctinfi! st irvivcd by a widow, a son, Vic Mor-| v.z. working fur the ttakersfield Groc-; cry Company, and a daughter. He :m old and respected resident of fd.inty. The'remains were ship- San Franc-iPco for cremation. 19th Main i '.iliiornl'i will ' t \vh;i; \v, M,! hl./h. and. ; N. \\ ' i-'.dlUi l-'inmnns, Win- . th'-re in v ' ll' i t i] Maj'ie White, Ihe Heroes Kaehvl pud .\iamie Hewett, •< •! Castro und n " iltl-l-'l- UiDI't . It V, ill be ! r i ' * . i i f >' i ••'. rondi- :ibi tiit- baa returned trom bow AnKbiea. Harry Hrown >ayj; he Itegan i;ie day just right—he started in vith K-:l ger's Golden Gate coffee, which had ;bcon ground fresh that morning. [ NOTICE. * The P. N T - CI - Association 01 fii'liek- ;,!is will give a fi'>f'Ud danrc at Knar's Hall on Friday evening. December 4. A,-;:nis£ioii, 20 cents. Everybody In- Prompt Delivery, . A. Lee, wh9 has been very ill in L<»s Angeles, is to be innr-h imm'ovod. rs . l» a -i »• »•• out lie (\iliiumiui , l\ie i Ml'*' Hew to Treat a jprarrt. nit ill 1 are u t) • v • I i-n rolie\'C'l .uuneuc. i' ihiTiimatiun iuul vedticeK In- .-u thai, a 1 .» * • . , ;jai \\ e !M ,>• 'Ui'- v.'n i )' ill M A N Y RLE " (.i, (,• ; M KERN COUNTY PEOV lore. Do you" \\Y )»eean.-e you U el.-e\\ ln'i'c this to you \\ e o irnTease mir ousi- is - UpnU c'r the ('a'tt'di nia i\t the coii.-.uniri- v, ill I dell. I; lta.> '><••'.] i's\i. i ci't-ase.! ri ' u. us uii aioin' \\ ill miiv'Mii' ' n te time, required by tue usual treat un i:t. XT* and 5't iva-r Bros., Ba Co., Kern. sixes for sale by .>fieUl; Keru Drug ' ' t-t : i 1 i i t i i 1 1 " e Watch for Label on Butternut Bread ne.---. * ',v f t'iief - ' ' " A Few Jewelry Prices iiilUUall.v tV: \\';iltUin;i $;:.7."j up. N- \v 1t> IK nut in iur^e. i l>-r in ! he 1 I. I • ' D.ii'l l. 11II • • I. v i ; H 1 •in •, ' u i I !*'. \:\ an I then . nvo ol' this ,~r 'V:iitl:aui v. l j i ? m o n 1 1 s — (• in l''r \\ 11 Clocks — M'e\' COFFEE Good grocers like Schilling's Best, for it makes good-will and not trouble ; in case of complaint, the money is ready. Your r">c« r returnt your money II yon don't Ik* Iti we PUT Lite. NOTICE )K v I'.v -ivi-u 'h;»T -tM!',,;',. ("iMilur-i'il by U. J. Flaherty, i-n-i -innuM on south end v : :» and :'", Mocl; 2^ in \li-Kitti-U-'';, Kern county, l,y I/nej T^n, a v/ill be di-Uve:'ed 1, l!»t'v. The yiurchaser Weiser Examined Eyes AlliWork Guarante of lotn 17, the town > t» 3* PAINT YOUR HOUSE House painting U my specialty. I use nothing bat the bent t material*, guarantee my work and charge reasonable prices. I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor .* on U«-<-t i will nei or r-laims sijuira'i' or for .«upi>li*'« 0 tiV •> . Main 172. * *** t'i \\\ UKEEYS WILL BE DRESSED nuim'i Will :( - i ':• lit \s PI-IM u . l ' svh"ii it ' • ese\vi.-i -- * L r uses, AMERICAN BA A. J, Ferguson Phone Main 228. ; ai- and tvnt. UNCLE IKE'S EMPORIUfwI. Wm. H, Canton, Prop. Phono Main 1154 1406 19th 6t M Bakersfleld 1 * I.'' u r t V, L * ' . I I - n . I -.I trvfiL r i I i ! ion ti . r'i IU • w. move,! u a of 'h-e S 1 It wi* luul wovei-Hnunn Our host line ol doj,' collars owiHu-sUiu (»t* ra.UroaiKs we could b<» surprise you tV*r variety and price, ^ that such an Increase would not • •:•'.y Fnmo of our line MOI'NTAIN ('AHCAd!:. Have tiM-d or.r CELKRV and that i C.U?L]FU)WKR? Plume us \vlien you want rood fresh vegeiables. 1423 19th S'* Phone Main 401 WERINGER THE ASSAY rsfte \

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