Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 4, 1895 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1895
Page 6
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WEAK:. WOMEN WEARY JXtqnire "A Friend In 2feed." Such a Friend Can Be Found In WA8NEKSJAFE CURE. :;*J.H Admittedly the Standard Remedy tor Bright's Disease, Kidney, Bladder and Urinary Difficulties, and Female Coin- plaints ESTELLE WELLINGTON. JS. VnudovUlM Artlut Wlio Is Tulonted I* Her tln«. JSstellc Wellington made her first ap- ptaronce at Fox's theater, Philadelphia, 'fa.., and for several seasons traveled qolte extensively as far west as San Francisco, Cal., becoming very popular a* a soubrette. She was leading support with Hallcn and Hart on their first starring tour, afterwards Joining Chas. , McCarthy in "One of the Bravest." She ' to on-.- of the brlghest performers on the vaudeville stage, and is considered an excellent dancer. On July 23, 1892, she •was married to Gus Hill, the club swinger and manager o' Gus Hill's XovdtiCH and Now York Stars. Since then she has been one ut' the attractions) with his company. She Is an accomplished and versatile actress, a credit to her profession, says the New "^ork Clipper, and In private life ex- ~ ) tight any man In the world at 165 pound* toa finish. At North Baltimore; .01; ; Fred Maher, of Corry, Pa., knocked out Ike Tenny, of Toungstown In 17 rounds. Charley Burnes, of Cincinnati, fought "Kid" Hogan, of Plttsburg 1 , to a draw In ten rounds last night before the Olympic club, of Cincinnati. Jerry Connors, Of Boston, knocked out Tom TItt, of London, England, In four rounds, at the Castle Square club, Boston. The men weighed 130 pounds. Solly Smith declares that he would not mind If he got another match on with Torn Denny, of Australia. He is certain that he will win the next time they meet. John H. Fow has .introduced a bill In the legislature to legalize four-round boxing contests with eight-ounce glo'ves In a floor-padded ring In Pennsylvania, Patrick Bishop, of Houston, and Ed "Woods, of Denver, fought seven bloody rounds at Riverside, near Trinity, Tex., for $500 a side, on April 1. Woods was knocked out. Jack Everhardt, the well-known champion lightweight of the south, has found a backer In Raymond Moore, the composer of "Sweet Marie" and other popular music. *'*£;J' '",,"«• i-lGET. What the Editor 1 Heard. WHO DOES A PIECE OF ARTISTIC ACTING. THE DIAMOND. Capt. Xash of the Bostons Is suffering from n lame arm. Frank Schelbeck, released by Washington, has signed with Detroit. Jack Fanning, the ex-Philadelphia twirler, will play with Minneapolis this season. There will be no Sunday ball-playing In Indianapolis this season. The sheriff lias spoken. The Philadelphia team will be the same this year as It was last, except In the pitching department. During the last season the sum of $15,000 has been expended In purchasing releases of minor league players. Manager Manning of the Kansas Cltys Is angling for Outfielder Bannon of the Boston team. Bannon has not yet been signed with the beaneaters. Manning- also wants Catcher Tenny. It Is now said that President Vonderhorst was not aware o£ the fact that non-union workmen, were employed In erecting the new stands of the Boston club. The matter will be Investigated. A diamond has been laid out on Manhattan field for the use of the New Torks when the polo grounds are not In condition to be used. The drainage on the latter grounds Is inferior to the former. the Kcnrtltlon of One of the ChiiractcrU In "iler Wife'" Father" Han Stirred «, Critic to Say Words o* Pntltie for Tbl* Charming Arttat. POET AND AN ES sayist of note, Ir art recently, con structed an In genlous and Ilium Inatlng illustratlor of realism—artistl realism, as he un 'derstood It. He sal that If he wrote o meeting a greei dragon shedding bitter tears in sue! those who read nothing impossible dragon so occu locality, then he a manner that his yarn saw In the green pled in that Frank Erne Is the latest of the little ones who is anxious for a. go with George Dlxon. 'I " ESTTDLLE "WELLINGTON. Siltlts those domestic traits so highly 3>rized In women. THE RING. Boxlnpr contests have been prohibited Za Boston and Chicago. "Jlin" Hall-has issued a challenge to DELICATE WOMEN £ should use BRADFIELD'S Female Regulator It In a »ii|iei'b Tonic and oxortsa^-on- clotl'ul Inlliiuncc In BirtinKtLoiilniiliursyxlpu] tiilrlvln^ tliroiiKli tlioprojiereliiinnol nil Ini- ilJ uro BUuRintoou , iieiii'.iiaiid LO ruKult frum its USD. My wife WBB lii'drldtlun for ulglitocn months, j after iinlnR JUradlU'M'n Funuile JKevulu* ** tor for uvu mointifi. 1* k'i:ttin£ woll. •l! j. tt. JOllSSOS.llalvcrii.Afl:. •1! BIIAUFIKI.D r.EGULATOK CO., ATLANTA, QA. Sulil by 11:1 DniffClsts ut 81,00 pur liottlc. had created, a work of genuine realism We have no disposition to quarrel with this exposition of the much-vexed ques tion, but we are quite sure that we would call such a green dragon a genu Ine work of art, writes Philip Poin dexter In Frank Leslie's Weekly. And such works of art the players on th stage are called upon more frequently to create than any other artists which we have knowledge. Playwrights taki a greater license with probabilities than any other literary workers, and they ap pear to feel entirely free to make actors do what is quite impossible in ri-a.1 life if by Qolng so a sensation can be creat ed and the drama be made to move along. The most recent instance of this kind on the stage In New York Is .Miss Martha Morton's comedy, "His Wife's Father," produced at the Fifth Avenue theater by Mr. William H. Crane and his company. Here is a play which the lines that must be spoken, the things that must be done, are not at all such us men-'or women have ever clone or could ever do. The competent players struggle with it and come so near succeeding that in the main they are quite unaware of their failure, for the situa ttons are reached and the audience is vastly amused. But in one of the characters we see the green dragon weeping In the Fifth For Tourists. For Heavy-weight Riders.^ J 95 Model 36 is an ideal touring machine, capable of carrying heavy luggage, and guaranteed to stand iip under the most severe usage. The tourist may coast in perfect safety, for the band brake is the most effective brake ever applied to a bicycle. To the class of conservative riders and men of heavy weight, this machine will particularly commend itself for the additional comfort and feeling of absolute safety which it ensures. ' Built late in the season 0/1*94, and thoroughly up-to-date in equipment. MISS FFOLLIOTT PAGET. Avenue; for Tvhat is the most impossible part In the play has been non- llded to one who Is a genuine, a most accomplished artist. The part of Mra. Canary, a dealer in Iruit, Is one -which would appear to give an actress no opportunity to do other than fall. When one thinks It over it seems rather amazing that anything save failure had been achieved. But from the moment that Miss Ffolllott Paget comes on the stage till the curtain falls on the last act It is perfectly apparent that she can do the impossible with such artistic finish that she converts it Into what the essayist would call a genuine realism. Such work is so rare on the American stage just now that it is not well to pass any example of it without taking note of It and placing It on record. Miss Paget is a young English woman, and comes of an old theatrical family, being related to the Kembles. After thorough preparation she came out at the Criterion theater In London. It was with Mr. Wyndham that she first came to this country- Since then she has played leading parts in several of the chief American theaters, always with increasing powers. Now, with the ripeness of experience, she has the qualifications to be useful in a way that comes to but few of those who devote their lives and talents to the dramatic arts. A STORY FROM CAYUGA CO., N. Y. Model 36a $ Many riders prefer a large front wheel, for 1 the added corrtf-rt and ease of steering it affords. For these we have made the Model 36 with 30-inch steering wheel, and call it Model 3Ga. Steel rims only. 90 We have out)- a few of these Special Touring Wheels, and prompt ordering is therefore advisable. They axe Bif Bicycle Bargains. Consult the Colombia Agent, POPE MANUFACTURING Co. Factories and General Offices, HARTFORD, Conn. Boston, New York, Bntlalo, Providence, ChlcaC 0 - S* 11 Francisco. L. W. PILLING, Agentlfor Columbia and Hartford Bicycles, Lc£ansport, ind. THE DIAMOND. Bill Clark ot Baltimore la throwing much stronger than he did last season. He has also Improved in other ways. "Buck" "Weaver was almost asphyxiated In Milwaukee several nights ago. "Buck" Bays he did not blow out the gas. McPhee came to terms with the Cincinnati club last week. Chamberlain is now the only Cincinnati player still out. Billy Nash thinks the author of "Trilby" had the famous Billy Taylor in mind when ho portrayed his "Little Blllie." The New Tork club has secured Schriver's release from the Chlcagos I conld get relief from a rnost horrible blood disease. I bad (pent _ _ __ hundreds ol doilan ry remedies and physicians Mj fingernails came off.audmy halrcameout, l*ar- lag roa perfectly Uld. I then went to BEFORE rimg Tiirious reraedles igernaiiscame off.audi g roa perfectly b»ld. 11 HOT SPRINGS but very goon became disgusted, find decided to try S. S S The effoct was truly wonderful. J commenced to reco7« after takine toe first bottle, and by the time I had taken twelve bottles, I was entirely cured— cured byS-SA when the world-renowned Sot Spring! had failed. WM. 3. LOOMI3, Shreveport, La. OTIT book on th«Dl»«»»« and lla treatm . toaaraddnaa. SWIFT SPECtFlO CO.,AUanta. Oa. Liter taking ">e nrsi ooi- »d taken twelye bottles, I sss id ita cmtmentnianed&M Bllu PenncU, of Xllei, ST. T., Telia of ft Miracle of the Nineteenth Century. (*Vom the Coyuga Co., A". Y., Independent.') Hearing through Messrs. Allen i Burch, druggists of Kil'es, that Mr. Silos Z. Pennell, u respected citizen of that town hsd been cured of a bad cs^e of sciatic rheumatism by the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, the editor of the Cayug* County Independent determined to know the truth of the matter and went out to Niles. Mr. Pennell is a farmer and has a neat and comfortable home near Nile*. We asked Mr. Punnell if it was true'that he bad been cured of a bad case of rheumatism by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. He said that three, years ago in August 1S91, he was seized with severe pains in the hip, just where the sciatic nerve is, which gradually ran down his leg making life a misery to him but not preventing him from doing, some work on the farm. Soon after he was loading hay when he slipped off the Joad and hit his hip on the wheel. After this he was worse, suffering great agony, and for some time was unable to do any work. He took such medicines as his physician prescribed and improved somewhst so that he could help some around the farm again. About Thanksgiving time he was helping to put away some barrels of cider which he had made, when he strained himself and again became helpless. He then tried another physician who felt confident of curing him bv the use of the electric battery and medicines which he prescribed. But failure was the result, he got no better, and another physician was tried and treated him for soriie time. By this time his whole body was affected. "Sharp pains would start in his hand or foot, rue up one side of !;is body, over his shoulders and then down th« other side and then pass off for a short time. These pains would return regularly, affecting his whole body, and nothing seemed to relieve him and he' began to despair of eyet being well. In the spring of 1S92 a relative in another countr read of a case very similar to Mr. Pennell's, which had been cured by Pink Pills, and eent the article to him, asking if it did not tuit his case. It w» very similar and he determined to try them. He "commenced taking Pink Pilla and soon felt better, the puins became less violent with longer intervals between them. He felt encouraged and persevered in their use and soon became able to work on the farm, nml in April or May he felt so free from puin that, ho considered himself a well man again. He says he has probably taken 2C boxes and able to do as good a day'i work ai any oilier man, and we can Bay that he looks like a hale and hearty man who had never known sickness. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain all the elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They arc for sale by nil druggists, or may be had" by mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y., for 50c. pel boi, or six boies for $2,50. and signed him to play witn ine Giants. The Boston team will try to go through the season without a professional mascot. Manager Selee will do the hypnotizing. McGulre predicts that Plttsburg and Brooklyn will have a hard time to pass and keep ahead of Washington, Oh, Mac, Mac!—Sporting Life. In one of the southern games Blake, of the Clevclanda, injured himself internally, and Manager Tebeau Is worried over him. •>••• •• -' Attorney Harry L. Taylor, the noted ex-player, nowadays occasionally delivers little lectures on baae ball before Buffalo social clubs. Capt. Robinson of the Orioles Is Just recovering from a severe attack of the crip. SPORTING NOTES. Jake Kllrain Is out with a statemea that If he wins in his coming bout with Peter Maher he will cross the Atlantic and challenge Frank Slavln. If Arthur Valentine finally gets to this country he should find plenty of fighting' with Leeds, Lavigne, Ever- tiarclt, Zeig-ler, McCarthy and Griffo. It is said that Slavln is so b'adly gone physically that In- that way Craig may •et a decision over him. Unless Slavin has deteriorated it will go hp.ra with the "Coffee Cooler." The Detroit club has signed Third Baseman Harry Raymond. Sam Wlnslow has been secured as coach for Harvard's baseball teri.ro. John H. Vonderhorst, half owner and manager of the Vonderhorst Brewing company, died March 4 of pneumonia, aged -II years.' His wife died last week [rom the same ailment. Mr. Voader- horst was the brother of Harry Vonderhorst, treasurer of the Baltimore Baseball club. Catcher "Buck" Weaver has signed with Milwaukee. Catcher Dug-dale, late of Washington, has agreed upon terms with Peorla. Pitcher Abbey has been given notice of his release by Chicago, and he may ; given a trial by New Tork. Sylvester S. Bumstead, a member of the American champlonship'rlfie team that went to England in 1888, died at Springfield, Mass., recently. The St. Louis court, which has just granted Mrs. Von der Ahe a divorce 'rom the St. Louis magnate, has also ordered the latter to pay Mrs. Von der Ahe $3,150 alimony in gross. George D. Bahen, the Georgetown un- .verslty football player, who was injured in the Thanksgiving Day foot- mil game with the Columbia Athletic club team, died the- other day at the mergency hospital In Washington. Max Lutbeg of New York, defeated Robert Reakes In a catch-as-catch-can wrestling- match at Cincinnati, Ohio, securing two falls In succession. The Irst bout occupied Ih. 46m., and the second 5m. They wrestled at 1401b, for ;250 and the receipts, but there were 10 championship honors at Issue, as tated in the announcements, Johnny Van Heest would like to ar- ange- a match with Frank Erne, the Buffalo wonder. Cure for Crowdlnc- Recently I suggested In this paper a somewhat novel idea, for the cure of rowding In road races. It was simply this, that each man when caught should etire. I will try and be clearer. Run a. race on present lines except that pacemakers are barred, and men when aught shall stop. Say the limit ma.n Is not caught; he passes the post first and wins. If he Is caught he retires, and the man -who catches him wins un- ess caught before the post. The back marker would not bring a crowd of caught men through with him hanging n. Each man would be "en his own" ot»-« own wcrui<r t>i a harder job than a 60 paced throughout, and more like a-"long-distance event. A man could" not afford to Indulge In. a rocketlike sprint with the hope of hanging on to those in front,-because those he caught would have been no help, bul retire. The idea may never be tried, and might not be so enjoyable as the old. style, but it would certainly cure the crowding now so much complained of in popular road races.—F. T. Bldlake In "JB1 News." Bicycler* at Parln Exponltloii. If we may believe some of our continental contemporaries, the Paris International exhibition of 1900 will beat any exhibition which has ever taken place, and this will principally be due to tho prominence which is to be given to cycling In connection with this great show. Cycling festivities will be held at the Bois de Vincennes. The municipal race track Is to be enlarged by 100 metres, a credit of 100,000 francs Is to be asked for prizes, »nd, in addition, 20,000 francs will be expended to buy objects of art for amateur rider*. There will also be military races, and England, America, Italy, Russia and other countries are to be invited to send detachments of military cyclists. There are many more Items referring to sport In the lengthy program, and If they are all carried out cyclists may look forward with pleasure to tho exhibition of 1900; the only drawback is that they will have to wait another five years, bu then—better late than never. The Spine is one of the most tender parts of the body. Inflammation there results in weak nerves everywhere. Allcock's Porous Plaster will be found to have a bene ficial effect in allaying t inflammation and restoring. strength. It is invaluable in all sorts of lameness and congestion. COCK'*." put up with " Jim *• cuod u Iwivfujion h»vinflh«£enuin«. Allcock's Corn Shields, Allcock's Bunion Shields, Have no equal as a relief and cure for con* and bunionv. Brandreth's Pills not only cleanse, but tone up the sy«* tain. They can bo depended upon. Walking Match at Little Falls, Minn. The Mendelssohn orchestra of LittK Falls. Minn., Is organizing a walking match to begin Monday, May 13, Thi race will continue, four hours each fo five days and ten on Saturday, makln; thirty hours in all. It is to be a go-as you-please bout on a track twenty laps to the mile. A limit of 175 miles mus bo covered In thirty hours to entitle a man to any prize. Fifty per cent o the gross receipts go to the pedestrians and a gold watch and medal to the •winner. The following enteritis hav< been made up to date: W. C. Jones o Greene, Iowa, who recently defeated S W. E. JONES. J. Engledrun and "Cowboy" Smith Jack Pablo and Roy Johnson of Little Falls, Prof. Van Camp 19 managing the race. PLUG f®RACCQ Consumers of ctajtokccowb are willing to pay a little more tk tlie price dialed for tie ordinanj trade tokccos. willjindtliis hand superior to all others BEWARE '*• IMITATIONS. k Chlchp.tcr 1 . Enillxh IJIci- - 'ENNYROYAL I fend Only Genuine.^ .... . . Irrr«;:Ml«A- mond Urand In 1UJ «M '.'<•<*< m«illle:\ wtUi blue ribtwo. Take fiOTM ttftd VpitaKiwu. AtOrncglttti,orBnld4«. fltAmps for mrtlculiw*. MllllDoaJlil* tad Rrlluf for I.ndie*.'*'" t"«rt-. bT r*t«m Mbll. JO.OOd T'-'tSmonWfl- Xamc Paper. . Cold bj *a Locti Dr Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully en jay allot Its delights. , If you. take one of tbo LAKE MICHIGAN ARC LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS, Sailings between Chicago «nd Madeline Island every week <Uy (Thunday excrpted). The new steel steamship "Mnnltou" Is a floating palace. Travels 'twLxt Chicago, Mackinoc Island. Harbor Spring!, Petoikcy, Charlevolx, etc. Write for our readable reading matter, tit*. .01 ask your nearest agent. Address Jos. Bcrolzhclm. G. P. A. LAKE MICH. AND LIKE SUPERIOR T»AS8. CO. Bu*h«idN.Wat*rSt. CMcaft REViVO RESTORES VITALITY. product-* l.h<> nix>r« result* In 30 <!•>••. It »ctt powerfully'ajid quietly. Cures wluni all others fall. 1'ounKincn will rcinun their Iftst manhood, tad old men will recover tliuir youthful viiror by ' KKVt VO. It oulckly and surolj- restores Xurvont- ness, Lo.st Vitality, In»x>U)!Ky. Siclitly Emission* Lost l*ower, i^ailinir Momory, Wa.stiDir i)i«ea£OB. tod til uCfoctK of i»lf-.ibnm> or cxccwand indiscretion,, which unfits ono for n;mly. bnsinoKsorniimaKC. I* not only cures by starting at the tsoat of dif&isa, but isaertMt mTvo tonic and blood builder, brlnf* InR back llio pink £lovr to pale ohc«'h»»nd W-. Btorinc ;!io flrn of youth. It wards off JUh»nlty acd Consumption. luKiot on having EKV1VO. DO other. It can bo carried ia vrst pocket. 1J>" IDftil« mi.OO per luckuKe, or xl\ (or t?S.OO, with * pod' live written co:«ranicc lo cure or rotund the money. Cir^-Jarircc. Ad£roBJ ROYAL MEDICINE CO.. 63 River St.. CHICAGO,J 1TOR SAXE BY B. F. Keesllnn, Drugfrbt, LoRansport. FEMALE PILLS. . MtVtl F4HS. III! Aalo ivuor for unp» HEW DIKBVnr. A DUW. rvliabio HIII , . Novr uiwd by orcr 1O.OOO Judlo monthly. InTlnroratui IboM ptaraps for uartlouKir*. H«ld by I -oetl J>r,,rtl.l. Addren: ftfft« MEDICS ASSOCIATION, So)d by B. F. Keeeling and Ben Fisher. DR.RODRIGUtZ SPANISH 7REATMINT A 1'oMLlvr Vr rlil*» piiarBnh'ed Car* for 08T MANHOOD-. nun tul atttinilimr lupinonn^ both ot youn? and middle- nwfiil cilocmof VOUTJffyii EUKOHS. producing crntivu'O'rfmns luiflttinft one rorrtHdy, Iraslncm Mid T irea !iyl»r. Ilo«lriinic^p«nli* >j (Rrulnn. Tlji-ynotonlycurnhynWrtlnif atthuN-atofd)*- | CAM. but uro » Rnwt MJI1VK TO.MJC end , JiUlLUEIt, iJrliiKmR l)Mk- (ho i,lnk rlow t chrct. »ndViBortnir tho F1KE OK YOljTII ~ -_. , Kynmll, *!.<><> porboxorfl for #& with wrIU I •»ntr.>, to euro nr refund the rao.ey. Boolt I uid MLOOD Ion- to pal* UTII to the. Hold t>F lion Floher. Dragglnt, 311. Kourtb Street. The Pennsylvania Station. li/ennsylvania Lines. Trains Eun by Central Tlrn» A8 TOLLOWH . t IJtiily, woopt Snndnr. Leave. Arrlre. Bradford nnd Oolambus ........ 12.40 a m • 2.45 a m 1 FhlladelpUlaAN Y ............... ']2.40am • U.4fi«m Richmond & Cincinnati ......... • I00am«260am ndUinnpolls & Lonlsville ..... *12.SOam« 216am Kffncr i Peorla (new train) ...• 2.55 a m »12 25 a ml Crown tolnt .t C!ilca«o ------ * 3. J5 a m '12.30 a in Richmond <t Cincinnati ........ ,t 5 -15 a m t "•" — Croxvn Point & CJilcuRO ......... t li -°° II m Montloello 4 Knner ............... f 7 15 a m i- BnWIord& Columbus ........... t 7.fiO!im-- 5.: Jltnet local irelKht »t 8-3? a m' ILWpm n(Jl.in:ipolls & Louisville •12.45 p m * LM p m I Rlctimontl i Clnclnn*tl • 1.55 p m * 1.35 p m I Bradford & Colnmbns „.,..« 1.BO p m • 1SS p m I Pnlladelpnia & New Yort * 1.50 p m • 1.25 p m lontlcello & Kffuer t 2.21 p m t 7-« a m Chicago .-..„ * 1.30 p m * 1.45 p m CUlcago * Inwrmediaie -* 1.55 p m "12.90 p m Kokomo iHlcbmond _....t S.OO p IE -j-ll.OOam 1 Wlnamac Accoiuodatlon T *.00pm f G.45pm I Mailon Acomodatlon t 5.50 prnf 9.40am [ J. A, lloCDLLOUGE, Agent, Lognnsport. EAST BOUND. <«w York Express, dally ----- ..... --- 2.41 a ml Ft Wayne Accm.. except Sandar...- ....... . 8.30 ami Can . City It Toledo *x-, except SanOar...li.06 a m Atlantic Express, dallr ........... _ ....... ----- 4.57 p ml Accommodation for East --------- . ........ — 1.16pm WEST BOCJO). "aclfle Expreaii, 6aUj — ...... --------- ___10.ZT«n§ Accomodallon for West ...... _ .......... ------ 12.00 m Cnnsaa Cltr£x., ezceptSundar ----- ........ 8.4Spm I .Hfarette Accm., (accept Sondaj ..... -™. 6,n6pm j t Loots Ex, dsllr __ ......... --- . ...... — 10JJ p m Eel River Dlv,, Logansport, West j Side- Between Logansport and cuiu- BAST BOC5D- Accommodation, leare except Sunday .9.55 a i ccommodaHon. anlre exee.pt onnday__.9.00 a ra I <• - • .:._.*.00» A. (X XAYXOB. Kent. VAN DAL! A LINE. Trains Leave I<ogan8port, Ind j FOB .'THE KOtTfl. So755"ror"st." Joseph no.K a m| o.MFor8t. Jo«eph FOB THE5SOCTH. o. 51 For Tetre Hint*. -*7.t _ _ o. 68 For,T«rre H«at« "180 • mj •Oallr, except Sunday. ... % For complete time card. tMne all tralru ana; taaaas, and tor full Information at to TUM' Utroock can, etc,4»d<lr*«i.

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