Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 6, 1964 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1964
Page 14
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CASEY By NEAL ADAMS SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL T'n\5 SHOULD CONVINCE THs KINS VOJVE BEEN OUT HUN1WS DRAGONS ALL DAV. 14 - Thurs., Feb. b, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts This and That DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD •--.vr -i*'-'* \~ ' mm ACROSS 1 City in Peru or Ohio 5 Alpine mountain piss 8 Summery weather 12 Nomad 13 Winglike part 14 Notion (comb, form) 15 Guenon monkey 16 Mr. Paul 17 Transaction 18 Feminine appellation 19 Winged 21 Hail! 22 Organ parts 24 Loves to excess 26 Scoria 28 Measures of distance 29 Born 30 Goddess of infatuation 31 Mariner's direction 32 Narrow inlet 33 Lets it stand (print.) 35" Complete amount 38 Nullify 39 At no time 41 Loiter 42 Sediment 46 Compass point 47 Range part 49 British money of account 50 Handle 51 Father (Fr.) 52 Be sick 53 Wooed 54 Formerly 55 Stream in England 56 Recognizes DOWN 1 Colorado community 2 Pressed 3 Mode 4 Camel's hair cloth 5 Summon 6 Genus of olives 7 Endure 8 Central part (comb, form) 9 Fancy 10 Departs. 11 Distributes 19 Concurred 20 Newspaper publications 23 Put on 25 Oleic acid ester Answer to Previou* Puzzle County issues $109,424 permits for construction 27 Stitches 28 Emporium 33 Drool 34 Jungle beasts 36 Thoroughfare 37 Abate 38 Run away to wed 40 Peruses 43 Highway 44 Iroquoian Indian 45 Strong wind 43 Fisherman's gadget 50 Request A total of S109.424 San Ber | (nardino county building permits' lhave been issued recently fori : construction in the Yucaipa: larca. i The largest permit was for, $72,228 for construction of a 13.-; 416 square foot commercial; Lost and Found building at Calimesa and Coun- Personals _. [Classified CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum 2 lines. 5 average words to the line. 32 letters and spaces. Do not abbreviate. 1 Time 3 Times 6 Times 3 Lines S1.00 3 Lines. 1.00 4 Lines 1.00 5 Lines..._ 1.25 6 Lines 1.50 7 Lines.— 1.75 8 Lines 2.00 9 Lines „ 2.25 10 Lines 2.50 Per Month b.. SI 32 1.98 2.64 3.30 396 4 62 5 28 5 <?4 6 60 the line - $2 40 260 4.80 600 7.20 8 40 960 10 «'l 12.00 S3 50 Commercial Rates on Reauest CLASSIFICATION INDEX tvline road. Calimesa. The struc -H^^^^- 43 45 49 52 55 ture is part of the ; Plaza development. Smith Con jstruction Company, 34690 Ave jnue G, Yucaipa is the builder. 1 Other permits included the following: Brandes and Hume I Co.. owners and Builders, 939 j North Cedar avenue, Inglewood ;a S22.406 permit for two stucco ! dwellings at 33471 and 33481 | Rosemond street, Yucaipa. Buildings will have 1207 and 1383 square feet of space. Frank X. Sheehy, owner, 13301 Grant street, Yucaipa, a S2.800 permit for a swimming pool. Sunrise Pools, builder. A Mentonc permit was issued to Lawrence S. Larsen, owner. 1379 Jasper street, for a frame stucco duplex dwelling at 1376 Jasper. Mentone. Permit value was S12.000 for the units which will have 728 square feet. Calimesa; He'p wanted Schools - Instructions .... Nurseries - Day Schools Room and Board For Rent Wanted to Rent Bargain Spot 3IORTY MEEKLE By DICK CAVALLI DOGS DON'T FEAR CAPS. CKi THE WHO FSAR DOGS. CO<35 ARE RS2CB2 THAN CATS, AND STRDNGQ2, AND MEANER J ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN PKISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER T «H t, I. TU t.« tH >•* 0*| OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY J. R. WILLIAMS ESAD, BUCK. DID X HB&LVCT TO TELL. |YOU THAT I'M AN EXPERT WITH fHtf 4 , T ,4PSAR ?—HAK -KftFF/— <5NS OPTHEIV" ' [TRIBAL ELDSKS INSTRUCTED MS irvl 1 / °5 ITS USE- WHEN 1 WAS MA* IrtcS AM ™ , ANTHROPOLOGICAL STUDY FOR ttV ^" /NU / 8&OK,"MALAYA AMD ME".' SOU MEREST ROCK BACKWARD, THEN SNAP FORWARD IN HOLLYWOOD Maharis back as film star Business Services Musical Instruments Real Estate Loans . Money to Loan.. Money Wanted Mortgages - Trust Deeds Business Opportunities ... Income Property Beach - Mountain —...— Industrial Property Lots and Acreage ... — Real Estate Exchanges — Groves and Ranches....— Real Estate Wanted Commercial Property — Houses for Sale Mobile Homes - Trailers _ Trucks - Tracers Automotive Imported Cars ... 1 2 3 .._ * .._ 6 7 8 _ 9 _ 10 ._ 13 ._. 15 22 _ 28 40 ._ -II ~ 43 ... 44 _ 47 _ 48 ._ 49 ._ 50 ._ 51 ... 52 _ 53 _. 54 55 __ 53 ._ 59 ... 60 60A DEADLINES Private party ads — 4:30 p.m. day preceding publication. Commercial Ads — 3 p.m. day preceding publication. By Erskine Johnson PALM SPRINGS - (NEA)— "He looks like trouble. He's kind of tense — the intriguing type," said producer Herbert Leonard when he gave volatile George Maharis the role of hot headed "Buzz" on the television serise "Route 66." George Maharis WAS trouble — for the show and for Leonard. He took over "Route 66" as though he had surveyed the grade and poured the pavement. A feminine audience flipped and he became Mesmerizing Maharis. It wasn't "Route 66" at all which attracted one of CBS- TV's largest audiences. It was George Maharis. On the show t h e darkly handsome, sultry- eyed Maharis socked gals who irritated him — and ladies all ages in front of home screens voted him the electronic answer to their romantic dreams. But he was always battling for better scripts. At the completion of the 68th show, Leonard may have wished he had never heard of George Maharis. Seriously ill (of hepatitis) Maharis bowed out of "Route 66." Leonard fought, and lost, a legal battle over Maharis' illness and his right to work elsewhere. Without him, "Route 66" cracked. After a year in and out of hospitals, during which he mesmerized on of his nurses (Gloria Mantoya) as easily asj The accent is on heroics—tracking down of mad scientist who is determined to wipe out the world's population. Maharis doesn't mind the absence of heavy romance in thci film. TELEVISION IN REVIEW By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — "Abe Lincoln in Illinois," the Pulitzer Prize play, came to NBC-TV Wednesday night with newpower: The sad timeliness of recent events and a perform ancc by Jason Robards Jr. of towering loneliness. The drama spanned the 30 years of Lincoln's rise from postmaster to CANCELLATION Cancellations of private party ad. may be made until 9 a.m. the day of publication. If made after 9 a.m.. cancellation will be made tor the following day. Each ad placed must be published one time or there will be a type setting cost of S1.00. ERRORS Where an error is made on the part of the Redlands Daily Facts, and the Facts is notified by 9 a.m. day following first insertion, correction will be made and the ad will be run properly one additional day. The Redlands Daily Facts will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. ABBREVIATIONS Readable and understandable ads promote greater results. The use of any except standard abbreviations in Classified Advertisements is false economy, therefore only Standard Abbreviations are authorized. It was the best script!'he tim e he left to assume the around." he says, adding.!Jo b that would end with his as•There's talk that my next] sassination movie will be with Sandra Dee.j Tf] e 90-minute adaption of the a romantic comedy." ! famous 1939 play by Robert E. Feminine company is S ome-! s h cnvo °d rested almost entire- thing he doesn't have to worry j 1 * on the snoulders of Robards.! [? £ bout. When an executive on!"' 10 enacted the role usually The Satan Bug" heard about j identified with Raymond Mas- the casting of Maharis. he! se - v - nou ' an accomplice in the called an old friend once associ-i" Dr - Kildare" series, ated with "Route 66." "Any tips °" the surface, the timeliness PHONE 793-3221 Daily 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. 8:00 a.m. to 72 Noon Saturday Trading Stamp Directory S. & H. Green Stamps THE HARRIS CO. Pnone ?9.'!-236l! 1 Lost and Found LOST— 3 keys Friday night, vicinity Fox Theatre. 793-1719. Maharis fellow?" he; of the NBC drama in various ! 4 Employment Wanted he did feminine television fans — "It could be a romance," he smiles about Gloria — Ma haris. full recovered, is Hollywood's latest candidate for big- time stardom. But "star" is a word he will never accept, he says. "I prefer actor," he told me. "When you become a star they cut you off, and you are up there floating around without any juices to feed you. You start imitating yourself, and you become a monster." Maharis is playing his first starring movie role here on location in "The Satan Bug," for producer-director John Sturges. on this asked.. "Just one," said the friend. "For the sake of their egos, of; don't let any of your other cast walk down the street with him. The fans will mob him and ignore your other stars." No novice at acting when he came to "Route 66." Maharis had played many television and stage roles after leaving New- York's Hell's Kitchen, where he| was born. He also grew up there as the son of Greek im-| migrants in an Irish neighborhood. He was a rebel, a loner who finally said to himself, "I gotta bust out." He busted out as a band singer, served with the Marines, still sings ("Make Love to Me" is his fifth album), and as a young man going places still figures that "freedom is something I must have." Otherwise, it means trouble. areas was responsible for great IHOUSECLEANING. practical nursing. ' Own transportation. 792-1955. added interest. In addition to [ President Kennedy's assassina-j tion in November (the was taped in October), there; cXSPii^TES was the fact that this is an I —E^iPA- CARPENTER, cabinet work, remodel'. paint, by hour. Tony Smit. 792-1113. D i av PAINTING — A-l workmanship, rea- r ( sonable. ••Bob" DeWitt. 793-3722. work, renairs < by hour. 79J-1016. , ,. i GARDENING. rototitl:iiB. new lawns. election year, and that it is a< tawn service, -as-0122. century since the war between i CARPENTER, cabinet maker, sm.-iii af- I terations. repairs. Watkins. 797-n596. North and South. pAiN*iN <r~SSd — deVoTntingT^paper- At its Core, however, the! ing. carpentry. 793-1962 or 792-2661. (hrrnp thaf hat hplrl nn for rhi<:' MATURE woman — proficient in meme mai nas nera up tor tms, tvping dC5 ires Benerai office work, quarter of a century is one that write BOX 24. c o Facts office. is never Out Of date in its Uni- EXPERIENCED practical nurse "rare ... m( . ,! of aged, convalescent. Li(?ht houseversality: The inner conflict of; work, si.50 hour. 794-2TO7. the man of knowledge and abil- 1 PLASTERING: custom Pomes, addf- tmns. Accoustvc ceilings over old and new. Quality work, licensed and insured. Call 792-3374. ity who would rather live a quiet, comfortable life than commit himself wholeheartedly to a side of a controversial issue — but who finally must. It was no less a powerful theme in 1939, as the Nazis menaced the world. And, as the reluctant Lincoln, Robards trans- 6 Helo Wanted WANTED — Lady companion to stay n ights. Live in. with pay. 792-1100. MIDDLE-AGED woman to baby sitf, 5 days weekly, 7:30 to 5:50. 793-5770 after 5 p.m. BEATLE CUT BANNED DARWEN, England (UPI) - EXPERIENCED service station man for full - time. Apply Shawver's ... , ... • ,.. „, , Shell. 6th and Central. mitted this universality Wednes- i TYPTST with knowledge of account day ni rf tlt i Payable, for local office. Perma- S. ° '_ , nent. Write Box 23. Facts office. Except for a very few moments in which his lines of in- intended inspiration were delivered with bookish speechifying. I DENTAL assistant: experienced desired. Will train if other qualifications arc high. Write Facts Box 25. YOUNG man. out of school, for gardner's helper. 2 days per week. Haircuts styled after the "Bea-j Robards delivered the some-! frgaia?"- ^pericnce^i~n5V~iwrlc ties"—Britain's sensational popj w hat mystical. humorouslvi operators, union wage- and bene- musical group - have been earthy and almost predestined! jSnffisipp ^lsl'.. mn"^ banned at Darwen technical character of Lincoln that Carl!WANTED — Parts man and counter school. Sandburg has painted in his| KjttXKfcr .'s; "I object to the present slav-|writings. The drama, episodic ing imitation of a trend," said j in form, traced Lincoln as a Hatfield Buick. E. Redlands Blvd. between 7th and 8th. headmaster Robert Reeves Tuesday night. "If a boy is not satisfied to look like himself — and prefers to grow his hair like a sheepdog—then I think there is something wrong with him." IF YOU WANT PERFORMANCE PLUS ECONOMY Be Sure You Try DART V-8 180 HP ALL BODY MODELS WITH AUTOMATIC OR 4-SPEED TRANSMISSION Van Dorin Motor C o. IMPERIAL - CHRYSLER - DODGE — DODGE DART - DODGE TRUCKS 1617 W. Redlands Blvd. 793-2493 (HWY. 99 NEXT TO DANGERMOND'S NURSERY) (CLOSED SUNDAYS) man preoccupied with even in his early years. It told of his early love for a young girl who died, and of the people who pushed him into his career — first into the state assembly, then as a lawyer, and finally of the ambitious but troubled woman who set out to marry him and did, Mary Todd. The excellent actress, Kate Reid. was. of course, her competent self as Lincoln's wife. But it was Robards above ail | who captured the essence of! ! matters, never once relying onj 1 caricature. REAL ESTATE SALES death | Men or women for Tract sales. Commissions from S250. Contact Helen Foy. Manager. Home Sales. FOY & FOY. REAl TORS 3 E. Citrus 793-2391 or 792-2047 7 Schools • Instructions TUTOR in French or Russian. Don van Eman, M.A. 'Harvard; 796-6201. 9 Room and Board HOTEL CASA DEI. HEY Retirement hotel for senior citizens, home cooking, friendlv atmosphere. 302 Nordina St.. Redlands. 792-9088. 10 For Rent A — APARTMENTS 1 BEDROOM furnished apartments, S65 and $70 per month. No pets, no children. 792-3841. i I OR 2 BEDROOM apartments, fur- j ' nished. Utilities paid. Adults, no | The Channel Swim: British \r£8r*mZ £^ A ?^ star John Mills and his daugh DELUXE 2 bedroom. Adults, no pets. PARK TERRACE APARTMENTS. 1324 Stillman Avenue. See Manager. 792-3724. ter, Hayley Mills, guest with CBS-TV"s Dannv Kave Feb. 19(DELUXE 2 bedroom, built-in range . . .Kay Bolger appears on the! r ;nT'so^.h !rde fc , n oc e a1.oS a,l °- Exce '' same network's Judy Garland sioo. 792-6326 <;hmv Fph lfi i FURNISHED or unfurnished—S95 and 3 cu - I up — new 2 bedroom apartments in spacious court. Free laundry facilities. Swimming pool, play area and private patios. Carport and storage area attached to apartment. Durrell. Unit D. 924 E. Central, 793-5783. sr.M.woxs • General) Xo. C-756 In the Justice Court of Redlands Judicial District, County of San Bernardino. State of California. ELECTRIC MARKETEER MANUFACTURING COMPANY, a Corporation. Plaintiff. Plantation House Apartments MEL CARROLL. HEARING AID! . n „ SERVICE AND SALES and JOHN*; • * BEDROOMS DOE I-III. Inclusive. Defendants. The People of the State of California, to the above named Defendants: You are hereby directed to appear and answer the complaint of the above named plaintiff filed in the above entitled court in the above + Carpeting + Drapes + Refrigerator • Range ^ RefriRerative Cooling + Patio + Recreation Room "The Finest in Apartment Living" 350 W. Srate Manager. Apt 12 entitled action brought against you T in said court, within TEN days after V ^VDTGSS I ©TrSCA the service on you of this summons.f ^ / " • ^ Apartment Homes if served within the above named county, or within THIRTY days if! served elsewhere. You are hereby notified that unless you 50 appear and answer, said plaintiff will take judgment for any money or damages demanded in the complaint as arising upon contract, or will apply to the court for any other relief demanded in the complaint. Dated December 24. 1953. BEN G. ALEXANDER, I Judge of said Court- 1 By Garnet Grigsby. { <SEAL> Clerk. BEX W. CRANMER, Attorney at Law. t 306 East State Street, j Redlands. California. t Telephone 792-344-1. j Attorney for PiAintiff. • 1 & 2 bedrooms with 1 & 2 baths. Private balcony or patio. Forced air heat. Dishwasher. Air conditioned. Built-in range, oven. Tully draped, carpeted. $135-5165 with lease reduction. Across from Sage's. 325 E. Cypress 793-5376 Balanced Power Apartments NEWS' You Bet! Classified is different every day.

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