The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 25, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1908
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 3908. THE BAKER SFIELD CALIPORN1AN ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i Matf ^^^^^^^^^~^^~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^W^^^^^HM^^^^^^^^^^^B^^M^P Brew LtOAk SUMMONS. UEGAU fish Crock, and South from "Iron — . ^* ** IT t ir • ^t i ^ v* , T- ~ " «, *- * " • * | *im**i Iwf V nil* ft » VJ ui « i *JM* In the Superior Oum or the County Swings about throe hundred CSOO) of Kern. State <.f California. ; loot, Located Oet. 8. HUM*, and ve- ^fcthel KouoneUe. Plaintiff vs. Peter corded i[ » Uook sixtv-six (Mi) of Mtn- LOS NGELES ! -,-- »' •' ••*.''' i I * »'• -m^. i*- * * * ^' ' * . . "' — • -"- - —• ---- *»* t *• \ a send m-eetinu r<i Peter, *j" " claim. Htu.itorl on iheBodhsh ' defendant. ! <. reo];. and a hunt eighteen hundred "Iron LEGAL. ~~- --- - •" ~[ •r j m r cmnnlalnt S\R arising nnon win anwv to !h* court lor anv deinan<i> a in the eonu>Jmn* KK .m\ hand ami I (a* . o nerHM <«;ri of Iho l •:). Stale <>' . A. )! i !,, ... i n. Aviiit.jij , \!t n NOTICE OF SALS LF- PERSONAL < You are heiol.- S'toiired to appear ** 1(if <iso<u fo»-i South ..... ; in a?) notion l-i/>^j ,T against YOU t»v '>'"'in^H." l.oeaN-d October. UMH>. v* .. , . Ihe nbov.-n;.. m >d ,,1 ,mtif? In the Sti- <'" led IP .llnoU ,j\tv-sl\ uu;> of .Ahn-j »''. ::ia ai and M- '•'l' u f .-n;..,MMj ,,i .intiff, in ; tho Pti- <'" ^ • Celebrated bbon Wurzburgcr f, or.u eV '• . CuunSv of Kern. .ol f'i'i'.i'.iTi,-, JIKI to answer the 'iie.-ein. within ten f . , i he dav of after servirt- MI -• >m of U' v rordi» at n,ii:o fortv-nlno (•!!*» in i ., -n f ICorn (onntv Hocordwr a otllr*-. j J.--\>t r. - * o. oi '•:at ill eers **"* P. EYRAUD, Agent ami OHM'* in us will said huiM-nni <\,urr or th<; Cjm»i v o i , Mated November loth. Kern., state ,,( r-,Mrn,Min. tbs HHi f „ . .. ., , , ^ v . A- •' M i ( rv' N ; * ' ' ' - - Public \dtttlniKtnitor: Aduiiulstratoi of Mte ''' • •-- ••" * ceased. PHONE MAIN 241 dav ot .htlv. A. 1). l!)00. (S £ tt "«. , , *• '- MM-l.KK. - .- - 13v Mod. 1 Sniiih. Hepnty Clerk. liv. in and .T. \V. P. Laird, at- or I rank Knss. Ho tdddt'f l(»r ryot s f. tonvv nos Thomas Scott. Attorney for IJaKoMiohl. Cahtorntii. Kstato. U-ll Free delivery to Bakersfield and uarantee for purity and quality. The best beer of all—a $1000 gKern. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IP PRE- NOTiCE Or SALE OF DELINQUENT < SENT CLAIMS AQAINST THE E STOTK ! TATE OF L. GAJHfMAN. DECEA !S|UCK - ED. TO ADTJllNISTRATOR. f East. K ( . til! i . nrinoliml nlnco ' lu (lie Superior CmA't <>f the CoinUv (..nil) uit - in-. ., X. K. Hoc- ot lltin«»* li.'I In . State ot ('nHforniu. . t 1 matter of Uie estate ot L. the count dav • , M uv. California. 'Ununnn, deceased. *• U 'dclimiuont iwm Notice U jiorehv irivon bv the im-ier- '-rnhi'd stock, on ar- signed administrator of tlie esJa.fe or i"ii( levied on Iho r>rh;l. iJarUuan. deceased, to use ere,,],urn hour cif ."• •'. ice),- p. ni.. ibe itr-r. rtv '"•l»i||^Jir.: in ih»- < Ha iph ! !i i\ves', deceased : billlM -'; 1 ua.'-oHtl" e| pupjn ami nine; \ \\-.\\>'\- tanU ; 1 t rouuh; 1 hai n: It orr.iL \\(\ OH the west cue-halt \ '., t o' west nuapt v ( ; , t of -.-fri throe (:>;>» in (oxvn^bin 'him i.onth of ran: • (bin \ -><••. m ::< » M M. U. and .M.. i.i Korn L-.nnJv. tornt.'i. And noiieo is hon-hv t;ivi>n. th|P se;ile-) bj:H will be rocej\ ed liv F,W. ut> , ,, , Whst Would You Do? do tc (lu- ?jain?«Snch injuries ;u*- \\-..\n' TO occur in any family and ev lor ou a soft t.'loth will relieve, i!io iiain v almost in:-': ; iit!y, ai)'l unlosa iho nury ^ a very e ono, ranao v,r;e should bo ^ .-*! "• » rl.ilu'.s Salvo tho pnrti- 10 ical without loavinj; a For salo l>y Br\or Hrow., BaUcrs- ficid; Kern Dru * NOTICE TO Positively no advancement in service iW ,, t (ho stallion Klcliard H for IK- \ ' i\ •' Main 173 DERAUR'S ITU STORE Chase. Emers Kurtzmann. Sterlin Player New Fish BIock-1820 K Street C, E, KEY, Manager M an 602 the tcaw^it, i:i"!». Those bejug inform ed as to advanreimjtit in prico a misled. DR. SRAUS. V. S. j Col. K. M H. limua I -t— Ho\v to Treat a " .f. .1. U. -P j. n. T !.j. i>. T order fii on the tnuuv .IIHis. (he '!.'•! ler.s as fellows: No. No. Cert. Sb«. i:> IIHIO -17 IIHKI . is >»; .11') L',V> n . . . nr> i£.",t»M i...;i . .. i ic. u»r,y«'» !1 IS'', ilHHHl ti.r "aid iH'oiierM tin* bnnj* til .i.tie thereof, aud t Idd 1 * ;;iM-t l-o I'i'emniJiinl'-d 'bv (ir rev: i*iod i heri\ in an anutant seve-at ,*•!'. atul all nroHons bavins rlai'n.s to t--i\ per cent u( M.e Mi ' ilie acaiust tho said deceased, to exhibit | \\\ A > ;Jhoin with the iiocessary ynm-nov" ; Administrator O r (he *>>iiite oi f!..tln3i within 1'our months atler the hrsi mib-t iiev. * r. d< n •• 11 --v 11 I I (.-'•a i!iU liu'.inent retUu-e* In il.'Miin:a;li:n and s-'.ireness so tliat. a riuty be '"area \i\ ,-)l.'out one-tlilr'1 tho time required by the usual treat- , r 0 '?! 1 ), ^ m». 1 *• i \ i f .- < i i«MllMll|l'-»t ana ,in e^ut si?.es tor «ale bj icn-cet^ } . *,i»l*VT*.. saer ilros., .a e.t (iirectors, ma le it October. l'.to>. sti ir.u'eel of such W. A. MeUiNN. QO't.nn Public A'hniui^fnitor "i Kern Conuiv. aiul Administrator oi ihe Kstale of I., GnrtiiiiU), Dot-eased. Scott. Attornev I'or Adunni.-t ra tor. ] tov, er. *J NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. i , ' n* 1 he ,; )MI\'I • K -le < 'i »)• J',- • -a :i •-: j-ei-fl |n •! ?>• 1)1, -i) ! U M uiber .",i». llHiS. ;»i the hour of ; VY. A. M' - , ( ^- <ti" A'lnnJ!J:-!r;U*U' 0V the e,;ri*e o, d \j Co., DELONEGHA :-tOT SPRINGS. Most roii n Callforala. An nosoiuu* cure fo RHKUMATI3M' Forty-ilve miles troni Bal<er*-/I*>bl'iu il«rra Nevada Mountains. Fin« auca uer climate. Good f.econimodaHf'iis rprms reasonable. Stage leflves Bak- trsfield Thursday mornings between 5 and 9 o'tlock from Arlington and Occidental hotels, and from Metropole u Kern. Upturns Tuesdays Adir«ae. BARBEAU & ROQUETTE. Proprietors Drue (,'alirorui >, LEGAL. ' tr: ' n W.V tl)11(1 Oil roinnanv. of business. !»•>,% M; (lav. , .,. , ut fie.-' i\,nui IM.jiiti HIM. i . , ' 1 * . Oakland. 1! *« |llllS An AUV u n« >» mum •.Ills asso^stueut shall reuiain ' . . iniblicaiiou of this notire. whirn . - (''>te h'-ro*-)** tt» sMd a^ininimr-:- tor at (lie law offlc«* of r. !.. ClatHn. rooms ;U aud .'12. Hank of orn Couutv.l NOTICE. Persons knowing themselves to be Indebted to the late L. Gartman will please call at the office of the public administrator and settle at once. w. A. MCGINN, Administrator of the estate of L. Gartman, deceased. 99 ^^^^^^^^^^^^V^^M^^^^^H^^^^P^f^^^H^^^^d I^^PBHI^V^^^^^HHHH^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ j ^& ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. (Civil Code of California.) Korn Countv Pipe J(ne and Storage Simei'vXs(Vrs."l\<^nV 'c v oimiv"/"<^VHi'orhj;i] i onnmnv. J>ocation ot nrlncltml tdaee T*\ nil nou-consonti;ir owners of the ei DiisineKs. ban rrnnclHco. California, herein/irier descrtbeil lauds take no- Location of works. Koru Counrv. Cnll - - loruia. SA T ' OF ADMINISTRATOR'S OF REAL ESTATE AT PRI- SALE. * ''ilit'ovuia. t lie «M ... 'for the transaction of tho business of said estate. DESIRE BESSrEILLK, ! Administrator of the Estate of i antU'v Bessuelllo. Dated November 10. n-io ROAD NOTICE. in Uio Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the Countv oi .Kern. 'In tho matter of the estate ot Geo. K. Ober, I.^ec*(*jised. Notice JH hert-bv trlven that in uuv- wuance of an order ot the Sunenor Court of tlie Countv of Korn. State of California," inade on the l»th dav of November, ii*08. in the matter ot the above entitle*! estate, the umlersiiznod. f To whom it mav concern >-NoU<* Is iiorobv el von that wo. the signed, have this 1Mb dav ol entered into a run OH ol . merit and co-nartnerehin toi- the war- uo^e o! condiu'tinc a mineral met dise and stove-Ueeuine InisinoKR nt in il)L' Town of Mpiave, Cnuntv Korn, aud Stale of California. tho tlrm naiuo and stvle of the Uivo Mercantile r(»mna»v.' Dated this HJth dav ot Q'^V^K'T^ 1 ? Hesldltiti at M01 live'. * 10 1!7 . . . at Moiave. Ca(if«?r«L _ . ,; JIDOVO vniiiteu esiaie. me uuyersitzneu. Office of the Clerk ot the Board of \V. A. McGinn, nubile administrator. Supervisors. Korn Count v. Cahlornja. administrator of the estate of (Jeortre To till noii-oonsr*ntinir owners ot the R. Ober. rtecefisef]. \vili sell on or after herein;,rier descrtbei! lauds take no- Momlav. the .U'tli rJ«v of November. (Ice: T'i-'it the report of iho viewers i 1DOS. 'nt* private nale at the offlci* oi SUMMONS. Superior Court of the State of iforuia Count ol Kern. _ 1 • Jfcj"l_> • i**'** •, j It 1 J" 1 1 * L*Y-*l f\ 11 • f J~-W I * ^^ T - .r -. * -. m w » «•. ^' *'• •» r ttr-lav. the LTith ijjiv r>l Docomber T.'i's, !u the Citv ot Balu-i'sfieJd, Korn Couu-Maw or otnerwise fuxiiiirod \\'l)} be delinquent and adver!is»-d i<ti* t v. California, at ilie hour of lo o'clock I or in addition to that of sale a? public auction: and unions nav- it. m. t on Thursday, the l«ith day of»(!et»ri;e K. OlH*r. at the t V^ 0 ^ ,' stj v? ai ^ Ij'-'ftl 10 ' J vi r u b(1 K1)i( , t1 "! 1 Doc., UfuS,where any and j.Ol person's in- ^eatb in and to all that < I'Mdav. the ;, li dav ot January. i'f\ , ' ...*.. . . ... , , _ prortej-tv situato-i \n the C 1 m on t is made Fi'idav. the in to nav tlio do nether with t the said inuuont assessment. 10 costs or adver(i.--Miu' aud expenses of sale. Uv order of 'he H<nr'l of F. UKIS. Ml.. Secreiai v. soid "M UPC.,UHiS, where any aud nil s 1ov r " lirtp tlierem it' r!e(-nie-- Tho said proposed Hoar HiLMiwav will pass * i ar ;iu'l make oblee- ''.^; (JoorL'o K. Obor. at tho tUue of bis death, in and to all that, certain re u Hoar] or Public ver, throusrh aud .» » i t t « i*- *-» -.-..- t'K j lands ot t!u- Kern Count v Oflif-o. No. v;:» CaliJ'oniasu.'. . s-.n '-»"* Conmaiiv. the Iowa '" ! CuU11)aIlv aml profKTM Mtuaie'i in tno ritv ot Ma <- ersfleld, Countv of Korn. State ol' Ca 1- toniia. and more particulurlv described as Jollows, to-wit; Lets nine <!u and (en (10) in fllm-lc throe nurulred anti ftoveutv <,'!7'>t in tlio Citv of tfukorKftoM, Countv of Korn. Stato r»f Calitornla. accordlna: fi uorma, uountvoi r^ern. , , Southern Pacific Railroad Com»JttK>'. Plaintiff, vs. H. U. ^'o uilt ' SH - •"TO 0 *?' 8loiislaud. Ijonrietia N. Ilotiiis. EDSvtott \V. Percv. Clarence W, Hoblm C» minor), ami John Doc. I>elemla»t#. Action brought In tlio Superior CoarC of the state of OilU'ornhi. in and «« ihe Countv of Korn and the < Plaiui liled Jp tho ofljro (tt tlie C j;;.id Court h) tlio said C»)iintv. The Pooiile of the State of < nbi sontJ (ireetinu to I(. If. Coiin John !. Stousland. Henrietta N. H« Klvira N\. iVrev. Clarence W. H* minor*, aiul John Doe. deft You are herobv reftulrei] to in an action brotiL'bt nuninst vcw '.ho above-nanied Plaintiff, in the perfor Court of the State of Callfa in and for tiie Countv of Kora. to aiiKwer the ComuUilnt filet] t within ten davs (exclusive of t t of nervtooi aller the service on . tliis HUiniiions i! served within tfcte Countv; or. i!' sieved elsewhere, in thirtv da \ s; NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. . Oil Conipauv. I of prhu'iiKjl place of busine??. 11 •!;• r-> 11. Cabfointu. Notice is I'.Mebv ulvon thnt .: •etinir of Uio nireetoi'H held on dav of >'('Veml(ei-. UHI-. an : i s- i . lit of I wo (L 1 1 eents ties- was toviod Cfirpor.'Hioj . in I'niied States irold coin u> the ^,-c- ! v efar'.' of KJti«i corporation M offm- el v i r .° nl " r ° sall! !i 0l \ nl r \W ll . h - /. s t ...... H. A. J 1 ' , c , ;1 ViVn ' ( > ; M S: '// ! '• Ij - AII1Ir1 ' « ^''iK DOG LICENSE NOTICE. , Is herebv civen to all . .-nave sous owututr and keoplritr dOL'-j. with! Korn. Stato of California, according tu ; Aud you are herebv notified IV/^J ihe ofliriu.1 mat) of said Citv, filed in f you tail to so aimoar and anKwev. tft (he (ifflce ol' tin* Conntv Ue.rorrier ot IM.ilntiff will j.pnh* to tho Court fe tsaid Countv. Novonibor ^5. IS'.s^, to- the relJel' dvinapded in tlio, Commaift aether will) tho liuildiuL'B and improve- (Jhe/i under PIV haiul.aud th« so: Mienis thereon. And bidn or offers in u>f the Sai,enor Ceui't of tb«; Mu(x»-« \vriMntr Tor said propertv will bo IY- i C'llUoi ilia,, in nnd lor tho Coimur .^ eoiveij bv the said administrator ai , Kovn. "n Aut^pt I i. ]{*"!.„,_ _, the oll'ice of Thomas Scotr rooms ^ tSeali . ^ I- L. MHJJ^U. rm'i. and I. in Uio Hank of tfakermield My li*?il*»i! Smut. iNjput v OU>rt, \Viii. SiMt:er. -It'. ;MP| I.). V. I'OVt :-,tM do- at , ,.- ... .lanii firv. 1 will proceed to impound al does found runninc . In Uio Hank of HiikersiioJd u'. corner of Chester avenue »o'i the rapiial sloe'; of the limits of the CitV of HaKersH^d ' :uitl L ' (l(tl Htreel. beintf No, ir.tii* limn a >n. pa\able iniiiiodiat"-!v that License Ttttrs Tor tho voar MK»P sd-eot. Hal\erslb;)d. K<-rn Cpuntv. Cal-;^ are POX\- re'»dv *'"r doU\'»-rv Ml tbo nt iiornia. or inav be Jllod in the oUleo of i , fice of the City Clerk, in the basement i the eompanv. room 1, Producers -i\-|of Producers Savines Bank building ipi-i- bank bMibilnu. llaUei sfh-id. ' 'd. ; and on after the Uith dav of Janu A nv stock upon \vi\ieh (hi- ni« nt shall remain untftld on oV Doceinl»"f. l!»"s. vH altorpo\K lor p'.i>Iie i.uetioti and unless na\.. n'lll be sold on t!i- j dav of .T.-inuiirv. T,»ti!i. to pa\ ; atifiiu-m assesnieut, touetliei- i ill •'dvej'tisin"' and exneiisi-^ " ! i Hv order of the Board ot A, T. 1.1«;U'I'X Office.'room N'o. i. e.*-- Hank buiMin-i. n.rner \\>u streets. Hakei's'flold. t O- are the 1J«OX. n A , , J - K. COX. Ppnndmafcter. Dated January 0. 1908. Clerk ol' the above pained Superi-1 or Court at auv Mine after ihe Mtsi i iinblij'atioii ol tbia notice, before sale is made. on the streets"tlih'i | l(1 , l '" Ii( - lnis Itlt!l „> - . - Kt ^.,^o- ccnpe taar ur JJ M K .-. u - A - Me(,JNN. TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICK Notice Is hereby given ttmt .-' • i v 11 \ H NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF MINING CLAIMS BE- " LONGING TO THE ESTATE OF FRANK LASS, AT PRIVATE SALE. "» '». 4 % . *.f**V"**l*»» Administrator: Adniipistrator of the l^staie of (jeorire K, Obor. eoasod. TJioutas Seott. Ajiorncv for Instate, Ha- 11 i 11 i i i ,-i L j» i i r i , f- i i i » / j j i v Kerstield. California, 1 » »' • i-il 1 SUMMONS ' of the taxes on nli •i erty, will bo due and payable OB second Monday In October, an<! «W bo November next therafter, at C p. m., and unices paid prior tbor«ltt uqueiit, on tho lant Monday Court p of the County fifteen per cent wlH be added iHITo-nltt NOTICE Toems ON PROVING WILL. In the Superior * nun •>. i.i (i J "' of Kern, S!au-> of CoUfeii,.^. 1 '• ' nient 1. , , i In the ma-tier of ihe »^ta'f n: u rich AutMist (lildenietster, d< (•'-;,! Notice is berebv uiveu. (ha; V 1 the i lib dav of December. A I> amount thorc , of? ani j lhat , f .1 Q. UOMKCUH. Plaintiff VH. Silver HII » UI1UL ll Superior Court of the Slate ll«>w Oil Coiupanv. Oefendant!* ' ; half bo not paid before the last of California, in and for the Countv of • . Art ion \Muph\ in Ihe Superior ^ y j n April next, nt G o'clock ^ K " rn - ( ° !ut of tlu ' <<<""«*-*>* K -^»- sf ;f ( ! ( f HHan addJUonal five per cent wUl added thereto. 1. That the regaining one-liA^ the taxes on all real property w#i ^n_ ^^vv n (^K ^ ~ f ^F • J at K» o'clock, a. in. oC f)i.i' (thf Courtroom, petrtrnneu' i Court, at the C<»UM Hnnr • County or' Kern. Stale oi have beeu appojpled as tn» pbire for pmvlnu the. wilt 1, <• foe ftfr ftou 'for hearing !'•." aisulio ; Mohns tor tlic- issuance tors of ;*.''n:iui<trafir>n Honor. Works i durne euiun PHO :.*..,..' , . .f* ' ^ t

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