The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on January 19, 1890 · Page 17
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 17

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 19, 1890
Page 17
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE - SUNDAY, JANUARY 19, 1890 - EfGHTEE 1ST PAGES. 17 THE BEKGEN HOMESTEAD. It Stood Directly in the British Line of Battle. For Two Hundred Years Hospitnli tics Were Dispensed Beneath Its Hoof Its Romances mid Its Ghosts The Resort of Wit and lions Vivants of Revolutionary Buys Hone Willi Its Rambling Wings and Gabled Roof. Far back in the envly part of the Seventeenth Century, when the tirst hardy Duteli pioneers conceived the idea of yettlintf on the shores of Long Island, the human tide drifted to the riyht of what iu now the most populous section of the city, toward the fair shores of Gowanus, or, as it xras then called, Gomvanus, liny and to tho left to the Wallabout. At theao two points were the firet land grants taken, and the hardy Hollander commenced the lmildiiit,' of two new nettlenients far apart, the bare possibility of their once bciutf united probably formiuK but little food for his conjecture. On tho left of Third avenue, as one journeys toward Fort Hamilton, between what will some day be Thirty - third and Thirty - fourth xtroi ts, there now stands an old stone foundation upon tho terrace some feet abovo the level of the roadway, guarded by a gnarled and an. cient loeuft troo, upon which tho storms and rams of nearly four centuries have beaten, a tree under whose branches stood one of the iirst houses ever built in Brooklyn and in whose shade have played the children of some seven generations of one family. In its bark is carved many an ancient monogram and the arrow pierced heart - rudely cut in its shaggy coat tells the same old story of love. The moonbeams peeping through its brandies have looked on many a plighted troth and the night winds whispering through the leaves have been hushed in silence at the impassioned words of the same old story. As if to shield it from the ravages of wind and storm, a huge trumpet creeper twined its arms about it long ago and with it grew to niighty Bize. The tree is probably tho largest of its kind upon Long Island and has for centuries been a landmark, having been mentioned in the original grants and deeds imide by the Indians. Up to within a few weeks this fuuudation under the locust tree supported an old frame house with porches front and back, two stories high, with rambling wings and gabled roof, built in Kiti - t. Time had failed to impair its sturdy strength, and the oaken timbers of its frame, ax hewn and roughly joined, were almost as sound when taken down as when standing in their native forest. The original grant of the land on which the house was built was made about 1 000 by the Indians and confirmed by the Dutch, to one Michael Hansen Van Uorgen, a descendant of Hans Hansen Van 3ergen, then residing in the settlement on Manhattan Island. The iirst foundation was square and the building upon it of like form. In 1700 tho lirst addition was made and subsequently various wings and alterations were made and added. Upon tho roof were found three separate layers of old hand made cedar and hemlock shingles which had been put on as occasion demanded, fastened with old wrought iron nails, whose making meant many a day of toil at the forge and anvil. The original building contained the diningroom, hall and two other smaller rooms, which in later years were added to by parlors and bedrooms. As time went on tho land adjacent was gradually cleared into one of the largest plantations on the Island, and under tho reign of Tunis Bergen, the successor of Michael Hansen, the old house became a famous residence of the wita and bon vivants of colonial days. Many a company sat down to discuss tho viands which came smoking from the old Dutch oven, large enough to roast an ox in, while the mulled cider and spirits added a mellow tint to the rough hewo rafters above and made the tlamcs of the tallow dips dance horn pipes on the walls around. Old Tunis Bergen, known as the Squire, was a personage of no small conseijnence, and was particularly noted for his faultless attire, it be - iag said that he would never wear hose in which tlie least sign of usage was apparent, or in which a rent had been darned. The house stood directly in the British line of battle, being just south of the old King's Highway, and for seven years prior to the evacuation of New York was used as a headquarters by the British ofiicers, and among its quaint furnishings were many relics of those stormy times, such as bayonets, swords and musket balls. It is supposed that in its chambers were written the old comedy of the "Battle of Brooklyn,'' by General Burgoyne, which was afterward played at the old King's Head tavern, which then stood on the lane now known as Fulton street. On the walls of the broad hall there hung, until tho bouse was taken down, three oil paintings supposed to have been done by one of the British ofiicers while stationed in the house, and by him left in his hurried flight to Join Ins ship at the conclusion of the war. One of these paintings is of the then Prince of Wales, who afterward became William IV, and was at the time a midshipman in the British Navy. A painting of a court lady holding iu her hand a cornucopia or horn of plenty, and a scone from the "Battle of the Spurs" were mcludod in the collection. East of the house was the kitchen garden, where bloomed nearly the whole year round quaint, old fashioned tlowers, which under the shady trees formed a pretty sitting for the .slave kitchen which has recently been removed to Prospect Park, where it now stands just as it stood generations ago, with many of tho old cooking utensils am furniture used in times long past. The kitchen is of ax hewn timbers and boards, with the huge fireplace of stone and Holland brick, in which the rusty crane still hangs. The doors are divided horizontally into two sections, as are many of those in the house itself, and tho shingles are yet in fair condition, though having seen many years of service. The floors of the house were all of hard wood: the windows tilled with tiny squares of glass, in one alone there being as many ns twenty - four panes. Through the center ran a broad hall, the banisters and stairs being of curious workmau - Rliip. In nearly every room was there the wide fireplace, about which tha old Dutch tiling formed a border, many of the tiles being impressed with strange Hcriptural scenes by some of the early Dutch artists, such as likenesses of the prophets, one in particular being the inspiration of Jeremiah, in which the inspiration is portrayed as a broad beam of light coming from heaven all very prosaic and curious. In the kitchen the rough beams of the ceiling are blackened and stained to an obony hue by the smoke from the lire and oven. The furnishings and utensils with which the house nai oure tilled were gradually taken away by the moving venerations, yet there are still retained bv the deseendents of tho family many of the old tilings which once made up its life. Among them are odd bits of crockery, bowls and pewter plates, an old silver tankard with massive cover in which was warmed the cider before the hickory lire, bears the date of I (iOO, together with round bowled spoons from Holland and the old iron cooking ovens which were pushed open gide to the fire and tho contents baked and browned to the housewife's delight and pride. Some valuable pieeos of china also remain, among which are teacups of line blue delft, very small, without saucers or handles, made in China and brought to this country from Holland. An old waflle iron bears date of 174 0 and must have been used for such interesting occasions as wedding breakfasts, as stamped in the iron is a heart pierced with an arrow. An old mortar and pestle tells of ponndi d herbs and roots and the old shoemaker's bench and tools brine to mind the tired little feet which needed shooing so often or the heavy boot of the soldier as he clanked about the aanded floors with jingling spurs. An old conch shell, to whose tip so many lips have been pressed, was long the signal for the midday meal or evening repast, which, blown upon, sounded mellow and resonant far out over tho plantation where the slaves were at work. Underneath the house were immense cellars containing great vatH and bins for the holding of w ines, cider and the Winter stores of fruits and vegetable, and yet again was there a subcellar or dungeon further aground whose darkness and narrow stone stairway, with no ray of light and only ventilation through a narrow shaft reaching above, might Hlrongly suggest clanking chains and hopeless confinement for malefactors of the stem old colonial law. For was not the lord and master of the house a high and mighty magistratethe squire? To ins keeping and tender mercies was intrusted the care of the malefactor or wrong doer. That such an ancient structure should bo surrounded by a halo of wystioltalea and lea ends is a foregone conclusion, tho only strange feature of them all bomg that but one ghost has found seclusion and an abiding place within its walls, the tale of whoso annual visitations lias been handed down from generation to generation. Tradition recites that upon the anniversary of tho Battle of Long Island, when midnight spreads its Btillness around and wraps the old house and its occupants in silence, in storm or calm, in inky darkness or moonlight glow, the heavy clanking of tho spurred and booted foot of a soldier was heard slowly stalking from a chamber above down the winding stair into the ball bo - low and on past tho pictures hanging on the walls out into tho night beyond. Tradition goes further and strongly hints that this mysterious midnight visitor is no less a personage than the departed semblance of Lord Howe, who, dressed in his regimentals, comes buck, each year to revisit the scones of Long Island's battle field. Down with the story of this supernatural visitor comes one of a more gentle kind in which a fair daughter of the house, captivated by a manly heart, although its owner wore the trappings of her country's foe, forsook the shelter of tho paternal roof and, with that courage and love for wliich the colonial maiden has ever been renowned, followed her new found husband to Nova Scotia, where he had obtained a land grant from his sovereign. It is also said that from overy generation of this old Bergen family has a daughter eloped, and often has the old locust tree on the lawn:shaded the waiting lover as he listened for the signal from the window of his lady love above. On the pane of a particular window in one of tho chambers in the second story, from which, by the way, many of the love lorn maidens are supposed to have been lifted by the strong arms ami true of the gallant Lothario, poised upon the topmost rungs of a ladder, are a number of closely written lines, engraved upon the glass by the diamcpd, which the waiting maiden bad doubtless carried hidden in her heart as a token of the constancy of he who would probably - soon appear, and from probably a more prosaic though no less worthy motive, to escape the vigilance of the paternal eyo. While tho maidens of the Bergen line were far famed for their wondrous beauty and many graces, the sons were noted for hardihood and courage. One night, when darkness had fallen upon the bosom of the bay, a number of the sturdy sons of Bergen armed themselves, and, going down the grassy slope to the shore entered their waiting skiff and, rowing noislessly to the black hulk of a war ship riding at anchor far out from land, suddenly pounced upon the sleeping crew, and ere they could he prevented, earned off some of tho Hessian officers aboard and quickly rowed away to the headquarters of the American Army, near Perth Amboy, in Jersey, where the prisoners were turned over amid milch rejoicing on the part of the boys from the old house under the locust tree. But the scenes and events of love and war were not alone the only things for which the Bergen mansion was noted. Directly facing the west the house stood upon a slight eminence which sloped to the water edge, witli a gradual decline. Here on this grass covered bank could the setting sun be seen, bathing the placid waters of the bay and falling with mellow softness upon the hills of Jersey, tinting the bright green of their foliage with a thousand gold and scarlet hues, or glistening like spun glass upon the snow clad slopes and icy waters. From far ami near came Long Island's people to partake of tho Bergen hospitality and enjoy the sunset which glowed upon a scene of quiet grandeur and beauty but seldom surpassed. Among the delicacies which always regaled tho dinner at the Bergen table were the oysters and soft clams taken from Gowanus Bay, almost at the very door. All the year round were the fish nets out, yielding an abundant supply of tish of all kinds. Oysters there were iu those old colonial days of enormous si.e, and the Indians have often brought to the door of tho white man bivalves whose length reached twelve inches, taken from Gowanus Bay, and shells of that size have been seen by old inhabitants up to recent times. Long before what is now Third avenue was even a trail through the forest the fierce Winte r gales from the northeast lashed tho waters of the bay into fury, lifted the spray high iu air against the house, where, freezing, it formed a solid coat of ice over door and window. The bay has been tilled in now, the forests have disappeared, the old house has fallen and on every hand are the evidences of progress which so surely mark this latter half of the Nineteenth Century. The change is one which must come, yet in the hurry and bustle of tho to - day it is pleasant to revisit in imagination the scenes that have been in a house which has so long stood as a monument to the memory of one of Brooklyn's lirst pioneers. A SEW 1UNCINU CLASS. At !JH Second place, on Monday evening, the dancing class organized by Miss M. A. Smith, under tho direction of Professor C. II. Rivers, gave their first full dross reception, which proved a perfect success. Iu honor of the occasion the parlors were tastefully decorated with Hags and flowers. At. 1'i o'clock a bountiful collation was served. The members and their guests passed a most enjoyable evening. Among those present were Mrs. and Miss Smith, Mr. V. II. Moron, Mr. B. P. Trundy, Miss Dibblo, Dr. Walsh, Mrs. M. E. Van Heusen, Mr. J. Becker, the Misses Genie and Elsie Becker, Dr. McF.vitt. F. and J. Gaffnoy and sister, Fay Hawley, Miss K. Northcote, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Van Olinda, De Hart Bergen, Mrs. Gliddon, J. Morro and sister, 0. Armstrong, JUsb Maclagan, G. W. Jarman, MiHs Maude Vander - cook, Mr. and Mrs. Knowlson, C. Glossinger, Miss Collins, W. Roche, .Miss Hughes, J. and H. Vrendcrgast, Miss C. Larseu, Miss McClean and li. McMurray. CO.EV ISLAND. jpRO.SPECT PARR AND CONEY ISLAND RAILROAD. " CULVER, ROUTE." CONEY ISLAND, WEST BRIGHTON I1KAOH, BRIGHTON IiEAOH, PARKVILLE, WASHINGTON CEMETERY ANO GKA VESKND. Trains leavo NINTH AV. and TWENTIETH ST, (Ornnnwowl) hourly from 0:00 A. M. tii !):01) ) M. SUNDAYS rat train leavos BROOKLYN at 8:00 A. Si. awl West Brighton 8:30 A. .M. A special theater train leaves Brooklyn Depot Saturday nights at :00 midnight. Extra trains v. - ill bo run on Sunday afternoon, whBn travel roquilca OKA BEACH ROUTE TO CONEY ISLAND. Take Third ay. Court st, or Hamilton av. cara Cstoam from Twenty - fifth si) to City Lino (Stxiy - iiith st); through faro 5 coins. Trains leave Sixty - fifth at. and Third av. for C'onoy lalaud on week days at 7:35 and 8:35 A. M., 4:1 and 5:21 P. M. '1'raina leavo Sea Beach Palace Dopot, Sea Beach, Coney Island, at 8:.'.'Onud 0:20 A. M., 5:00 and COO P. At. (Tho 0:20 and 0:00 trains do not connect, with boats for No - .v York.) Trains leave Third av. and Silty - nt'th st, Bay Ridge, for Now York via flay Kirfgi: Ferry, at 7:35 and ' V) A. M, and 5:1.", P.M. Boats leave New York connecting with trains for May lltdge.Ouney Island and, tray stations at 8 :1 0 A. M.. 4:00 and 5:1)0 P. M. No trains on Sundays or holidays. Excursion tickets, Brooklyn to Coney Island, 25 coats. Furo New York lo Third av, 10 cents. RIGHTON BI3AOH RAILROAD. SUEKPSHEA.D HAY AND BRIGHTON LEACH HOTKL, Loavo HedfordrStalion 0:30. 8:30. 11:0(1 A, M. ; 1 :.'!0, 2:30, 3:30. 5:30, 7:00 P.M. Saturday nights only at II P. M. Leave Bergen, Iiutlor and Proaocct Park stations a few minutes later than the abovi,' Bedford Stnt:nn time. Returning, loavo Brighton Boach 7:50,0:00 A.M.; J'J. - .'IO, 2 00, :S. - t)0. 5:00. 0:00. 7:30 P. M. Saturday nights only at 1:2:15 A. M. All trams slop on Hignal at Parkvillo, Urocmuotd. Kings Highway and Neck road. SUNDAYS. First train loaves Bedford Station 8:30 A. M. and Brighton Beach 0:00 A. St.; then as above. Additional trains will bo run, if necessary, on pleasant SuudayH. (MOKEY ISLANl) U AND BATH REACH VIA THK UNION ELEVATED AND BROOKLYN, HATH AND WEST END RAILROADS. Trains leavo depot, Tweut - .' - seventh s' and l - 'ifth av, dally except Sunday, at li :35. 7:25, 8:00, 8:30,0:00, )::io, i():::o, 1 1 ;:so a. m., i ::io. 2J5, 3:00. :s : - . - . - 1 ::10. S:00. 5:35. 5:50, (1:15, (1:40, 7:10, 0:10 anil 1 1 ::i() P. M. On Wodnosday and Saturday nights a train will bo run at 12:15 A. M. instead of 1 I ::i(l P. M. On Sundays every hour from 8:30 A. M. to 1 :30 P. M., then overy 45 minutes to 0:00 P.M., then 7:15,8:30 and 10:00 P. M. Extra M - ainH will oe ran on Sunday nllunioon when travel warrants. KOCK.AWAV UIIACJS. JL OCKAWAY ELAOtt, OONE PARK, AQUEDUCT. (IOOSE CREEK. TUB RAIINT, BEACH CHANNEL. liROAIl CHAN - NliL, IIA.M.MUL'S, HOLLAND'S, SEASIDE AND ROOK AWAY PARK, VIA KEW YORK AND HOOKAW4Y BEACH RAILWAY. Trains leavo I'LATfiUKH AV denot. for Roelrawav Park: H:U ). 0 A, M. ; 'J:00, 4:30, 5::(0, (1:55 P. If. (DM5 nlKhl Thursdays only). SUNDAYS: 7:00. ();10, J 1 :u A. .it. : :':oo, : - iu,i:iju. U:iiu. o:.itj r. .n. Leave BUSHWICK: 0:00. M:00, 1 1 :I0 A. M. ; 1 :55, 4:45, 5:30. 7:00 P. M. SUNDAYS; 7:10. 0:10, 11:0J A. M.; 2:00. 1:15. 7:00 P. M .IUSKMErVTS. i ROOKLYN A AA OCR 0 o li A AA A A DDI) mitn MM MM Y JY DOB MMMM Y Y A A D KB m Mill in M M M YY AAA O O AAA D U Y Y A A 000 A A DDD KBB M M M DI MM MM O V M M M M U U M MM M U U M MM M U U M M M UU S5S II 000 II O O SSS, II O " ii ii ii SSS U 000 COMM ENCING TTTT Of ,MN NM OO BUR RllR 0O W A W T O OMNNMO OR UK RO O W WW T O O - MNNMO OllKIl Wilt O O WV YV T O O M M M O O R R R R 0 0 VV VV T 00 M N M 00 R BE It 00 W W KEB V V TCKB NR II II NN N GGG E V V K NNNIINNNG (5 KB V V KB N N N II N N N Ci K VV E N NN II N NN G GO , KHH V IilCB N NN II N NN GU JANUARY L'O. AND ENTIRE WUEK, K 1 K K K K KK K K A AA A A A A AAA A AA A A AAA NN N K K N N N K K N N N K K N N N KK A AA A A AAi. A A N N K tt. A K K A A J ,1 A A N A N NN K K A K K A A ,I,IJ A NN K K A A PARISIAN PANTOMIMIC SPECTACLE, CoinbininK all the WONDERS OF STAGE MECHANISM AND MAGNIMOKNT - SOENIO EFFECTS OF EUROPE AND AMERICA. GRAND BALLETS, GORGEOUS COSTUMES. O p 1 II I GREAT EUROPEAN SPECIALTIES 3 I GREAT EUROPEAN SPECIALTIES :t i (UtKAT EUROPEAN SPECIALTIES 3 3 3 I O O o - o THE FOUR PAPILLON DANCERS. The latent London craze. Siitora Bacheldor, Nellie Sennet, Edith Macklm. Miss EDITH OltASKE, Juvenile Premiere D. - uiscci.w, in Ti - mis'orination Dance3, O O - li 1 D O N A Z K T T 1 S Ii D O N A Vj E T 'I' t S (! I DON A 7, E T T 1 S O - O - O O From the leading Paris Theaters, in their Marvelous Acrobat ie Feats. GEORGE D. MELVILLE, Tho acknowledged successor to G. L. Fox. All uniting in tho Greatest Spectacular Production of the Ace. PRICES, 31. 75c, 50c, :25c. Seats on sale at CHANDLER'S Musio Store, Montague St. ABSOLUTELY THE ONLY ORGANIZATION PI. - Y1NG EXCLUSIVELY IN THE LEADING THEATERS. COLONEL SINN'S PARK THEATER. EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, Imperative appearance of HERRMANN'S UKRRMAN.V'S O O HERRMANN'S HERRMANN'S TRANS THANH TRASS TRANS ATT, ANTIQUE A'I'LAN ITQUE ATLANTKMTE ATI. ANTIQUE VAUDEVILLES. VAUDEVILLES. VAUDEVILLES. VAUDEVILLES. ORGANIZED IN EUROPE. THE GRANDEST ORGANIZATION IN THE THE WORLD. ENCOMPASSING AS IT DOES ALL SOV KltJ'.l G .SS) t)l - Sl'l'.Cl AIj I V Alt I . IMPOSSIBLE OF DUPLICATION. Utterly devoid of burnt cork, sonn and dance and the conventien;i! acrobatic entertainment. Till - ENTIRE AND COMPLETE AMALGAMATION Direct from their great triumphs in Now York and elsewhere. CARRIAGES AT I0::J0. Next week, OLD JED PROUTY. A MPHTON. KNOWLES & - MORRIS, Lessocs and Manai;ors. THE HANDSOMEST THEATER IN BROOKLYN. This week, with regular matinoes Wednesday and Saturday, 3SR0 SECOND YEAR ISilO OF DENStAN THOMPSON AND GEORGE RYER'S Story of Everyday Lite as it is: THE THE TWO SISTERS. TWO SISTERS. THE TWO SISTERS. THIS TWO SISTERS. THE TWO SISTERS. TWENTY PEOPLE IN THE OAST. Musio incidental to Die play by the ACME QUARTET, Messrs. C. BuckitiKhain. A. Nichols, J. A. Weber and J. B. Martin. Chorus by company and the Colored Minstrel, Mr. Horftcu Murrow. Noxt weck, NAT GOODWIN in his new play, GOLD MINE. CI AIETY THEATER. 3T Miilbanlc and Lewis, Solo Lessees and Proprietors. TO - NIGHT. TO - NIUHT. ELEVENTH GRAND SACRED CONCERT. The Imperial Four, liinns and Burns, Ed. Glar.mce, Master Willie, James Britton, Maitgie Webbt Beatrix Hamilton. Dixon and LanK, Daniel Quiun, Nellie Parker nml many others. TO MORROW (MONDAY). JANUARY !()., FRANK BUSH'S SPECIALTY PARAGONS. Frank Bush, Twin Brothers Woms. tins Sisters, Goyno. El Nino Eddie. Prol'es - or Abt, Isabol Ward, Carl. Conlon and Dougherty, Ray Wilson. Charles Alack, the Six Zan - frettas and Brooklyn's Stroni; Hoy, JACK FALLON, In a scientific display of tho manly art with Mr. FVanlc Fahor, ui this city. The prices, 1 Oc, :.'().:., 30c. Matinees each day at iHO. MKTKO I'd h IT AX "O I'E K AH (TUSli7 GRAND OPERA IN GERMAN. TO - .MORRO W E V EN I Nil, MO XI) A Y, January L'O, at 8, CORNELIUS1 OPERA, THE I1ARBE1! OF BAGDAD, To be folkv.vo 1 by an Original Spectacular Ballet Divertissement, DIE PUPPKNFEE. Grand Corps de Ballet of 250. WEDNESDAY, JAN. :.". WAGNER. First performance this season of WAGNER'S OPERA. TRISTAN AND ISOLDE. FRIDAY. JANUARY :.'4, AI DA. SATURDAY .MATINEE, TRISTAN AND ISOLDE. BOX OFFICE OPEN FROM 0 TILL (i. Stcin - .vay's Pianos U.ned Exclusively. ELV THE LITTLE OHE3. O - O FIFTY - SECOND ANNUAL BALL OF TIIK EMERALD ASSOCIATION, For the benojit of tho ROMAN CATHOLIC ORPHAN ASYLUM, ACADEMY OF MUSIC, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY :!). 1890. Music by Oilmoro'a Famous Band. Boxes to be sold nt next mectinir January :20. li. JACOBS' liROOKLYM THEATER. Matinees Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. liartloy Campbell's Greatest success, MY PARTNER. MY PARTNER. MY PARTNER. MY PARTNER. MY PARTNER An exceptionally strong actinir company. "The plav that made the fame of its author in a nlht." - N. V. Herald. PRICES, RESERVED, :.'0. 30, 50 - NO HIGHER. Next, Week - ACROSS Olior Do - .vd Bvron in THE CONTINENT. nnHE O.NLY PROFMSSIONAL PER - JL FOIt.MANCE THIS WEEK. CRITERION THEATER, MONDAY EVENING. JANUARY 20, Special production of "THE MINER'S WARD," An Americ!i:i eomody drama by Charlos A. Missing, IntrodiicinK CHARLES EDMUNDS, EDWIN WALTER, Miss DULCE DURANT (Late of the New York Oasiuoj and a strong cast. REGULAR PRICES. rinHE EVENT OK TH E SEASON JL GRAND CONCERT 11' THK CELEBRATED BALMORAL CHOIR, From Glasgow, AT ASSOCIATION HALL, Y. M. C. A. BUILDING. BOND AND FULTON STREETS, On THURSDAY. January :.':(, lHiJO. ALL SEATS RESERVED. TICKETS, t, 75o. and ,1lo. For sale at CHANDLER'S, Montague st. 4fcrjRIHTAN AND ISOLDE" WILL BE THE SUBJECT OF Mr. H. E. KREHUIliL'S LECTURE, To bo given under the auspices of the Seidl Society AT PLYMOUTH CHURCH, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, the 23d iust,, at 3 o'clock. Mr. ANTON SEIDL will assist at tho piano. Tiekels lor sale at CHANDLER'S. c RITERIOM TH EATER. DonH tail lo hum tlio Mule (j:uik of Brooklyn, under tho iniinaKMiii!!ii oi' Airs. W. J). Sill pliiii, on W K1)N KS - DA.Y ft VKiVf iY, ;j!M iur., iu their municul acts nml ti.ult - n.ux, ftninr(. hy I'roios - for II. A. KnndMm, Miss 0. ftlnhukfii, soprnno; Mr. ttu'nl.'in, lunar; Maxtor .i)roy fSmitli, tmiiir; Mn - Mt - r K - ft - Sutphiu. .Mast t Il,nr Himu - ford, hoy corfnNi; Mr. h'r&nk HartrBim, tho. trrt - af. Krhioniiin ilHliiutmor; J. (I. l - o Strn:iiro jiml J. 11. Kecfo ami company. MiiMjc by I'rotrB.ior Moary. OOWLLNIJ. CARRUTHERS' NATIONAL b o av ling t o u r n a m e n t , el7 - :p7Tant "olub house I I - o 1.111 FULTON ST. NBA It TOMPKINS AV. GAMES EVERY MONDAY, AVEDNI5SDAY AND FRIDAY EVENING AT H O'CLOCK. ENTRANCE FREE. (HlfiC'ONI) ANNUAL BALL IO OF THE UNITED LIOUOR DEALERS OF BliOOKLYN, At the RINK, Clermont av, noar .Myrtle. ON MONDAY, JANUARY 20. 1800. Tickets ri2 (iucludini; hat check), udmittiiie. Kentluman and ladies. Proini nado music by Prot'esHor Bailor's Thirty - second RoKiment Band. Dancing mtndo liy (lie BiiOeMusioa) Union. I EE AV ACADEMY, lj WILLIAMSBURG!!. Thin wook, matinees WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. 50c. Reserved Orchestra and Balcony SeatH. 50c, MR. TEUR1S AND MISS M 1 LL WARD IN ROGER LA HONTK. Noil wook - KAJANKA. amijskhients. GRAND EANJO CONCERT. BY THE "CHAMPION PLAYERS OF THE WORLD," DORK BROTHERS, DORE BROTHERS, DORIC BROTHERS, ASSOCIATION HALL, Fulton and Bond sts, TO - MORROW (MONDAY) EVENING, JANUARY 20. All the leadinir Ban joists. 50 BANJO ORCHESTRA 50. Banjo Orchostra - 50 banioB, (i violins and 12 guitars. Something entirely new ana novel on tho concert stage. JAS. S. BURDETTE. JAS. S. BURDETTE, (ho popular humorist; Metropolitan Male Quartet, Chas. Hancock, Arthur Cook, L. AY. Raymond, John AV. Clark; Sehtibort Mantfoliu Trio, Hush, Fiilco and Fau; Miss M. Herridge, han:oist. WILLIAM. O. DORE, AVILLIAM C. DORE, Bnnjnist; Ildoran Baniu Quartet : C. Manyocchi, Pianist, Seats at CHANDLER'S up to 3 P. M. on Monday, or Banjo Studio, 2S0 Fulton at, or box office of hall. Reserved seats, oOc, 75c. and $1.00. AUCTION SAIjES. TCaDWARD SOHENCK, AUCTIONEER, J 77 OEDAR STREET, NEW YORK, FOR ACCOUNT OF WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: ORIENTAL RUGS AND CARPETS. This superb collection is composed of two different, shipments, one consisting of about 75 pieces of very ele - lilvnt largo si.o whole carpets, and tho other of over 300 tiieccH of magnificent smaller rugs. Both of thoso lots navo iust been taken out of the Bonded Warehouse by our advancing on them the Government duties on condition that, they should be sold WITHOUT LIMIT OK RESERVE. These goods now on exhibition compose an excellent collection and are strictly guaranteed to ho as represented. SALE WILL TAKE PLACE ON NEXT TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, commencing each afternoon at 2:45 o'clock. Tho trade, privato buyers and ladies are specially requested lo attend this unreserved sale. M. COLE, AUCTIONEER, LATE Oolo A Mtirnhv. Oitv Salesrooms. :j70 Fulton st and IJij - t to M.'iK Adama st. MONDAY, .January tJO, at 10::i0 o'clook, at Ml MONTAUUU ST. MOIiTGAUE SAl.ft OL1 HANDSOME FUHNITUHKl - in brocade parlor suit, curtains, portieres and trmntol lambrequins lo mat'Mi ; l.ico cuitftins, larao mirror, about It ft. sijiiaru, cost $l,M0tl; pior ubina nnd cornices: ooul'Iios; tiiautel cabinets; p.irlor suit in ebony anil plush; niaiitol mirrors; cbamber furniture ana ueddiuf? : buffet, refrigerator, two sowing macbinot1, modihte's forma, tablets, ax - minster and body brtisauls cat pots, etc. WEDNESDAY, January XJ. - t at 10;U0 o'clock, A salesroom. HOUSEHOLD KUKNITUKK - Parlor fiuits in plunh. tanestry and haircloth, walnut, ash and cliorry chambor suits, folding brds, bodstoads, bedding, dimns tables. butVets, chairs, loungos, hall racks, pictures, atovow, fancy tables and chairs, diuiu and kitchon goods, velvet, brussels and ingrain carpots, oiicloths, etc. PECIAL CAKPET SALE, MONDAY, January J20, 10 :iI0 A. M AT THE LA.FAYKTTE SQUARE AUCTION ROOMS, Junction Fulton si, Lafayette av and Fort Urocno place. 'H)0 now and second hand carpets, Jr. iMutpietU - s, Velvets. IJody lirussols. Tapestries and Ingrains, Oil Cloths, MattiuKH and Rugs. LUKNOENE & WEEKS, Anctloncrs. TTOSEPH HEGEM AN ifc CO. AUCTIONEERS, On TUESDAY, Januaryjjl, at 10:110 A. M. For account of whom it may concern. Poremntory fiale of the elegant fixtures of the candy store, iZXii Fulton st. lately occupied by the cole)rated Ij.Arnaud Yeruna Ico (Jream Iioxes, 50 quarts each ; cost $500 o.icfi; copper candy boilers ami pans; marble top counter. IS feet (ouk : ide show case, fheivinff ; HQ marble top tables; .0 chairs, counter show ca?o ; braas candy scales, etc. AUCTION THOS. W7LINDSAY,V1K liouerr, - shed LK(i4, will sell MONDAY, January :i0, at 10 o'clock sharp, :(J0 Fifth av, near Fifth st, a larRp ami well assorted stock of stationery, toys, cigars, tobacco; also, threo tine silver plated show cases, shelving, counters, stnve, awnings, soda fountain : thin dressed dolls a specialty in this sale. Dealers and others respect I ully invited. ICHARO V. HARNETT & CO., Auctioneers, will sell at auction, TUESDAY, January at 12 o'clock noon. At th Koa! Etr - Kxuhimn. and Auction Room, 59 to i" Liberty st. t!'. Baltic st, Brooklyn, the II story basement brick and brown stone house, with 4 story brick extension, covering lot IM.GilOO. Maps at auctioneers, 711 Liberty Ht, QHEKIFJ'1 SALE THOMA8 A. KERKI - Kl GANj auctioneer, will sell on MONDAY. January 'JO, at lOiIiO o'clock, A, M., t!ie stock of grocerie. - j in store 51) Fourth av, corner of Beien st, consisting of canned goods, shelf oods, suriar, soap, starch, teas, cotfee. apices Hour, otc, etc. By order of 0. D. RHINEHART, Sheriff. H. W, RiNfiliOfiK, Deputy. ipi EOKGE wrLEWIsTXUCTiONEEIi, J Will sell on MONDAY. January ;0, 10:.'i0 A. M.t At 4(11 FULTON ST, Brooklyn, Tho entire stock and fixtures, consistine - of DIAMONDS, WATCHES, SILVERWARE, JEWELRY of every description. Ainu, show case., counter8f trail cases, safe, Ac. Dealers invitod. OOSITIVE SALE THOfI7A7jCERRI: B. CAN, auctioneer, ;i. Willouuhby st, will sell at autinu. (ill TUESDAY, January liS, 1K00, at 12 o'clock, tho '.I story brown stone dwollins, 14:i Clinton av ; house is tirst clhss; lot 200 feet deep. Circulars and particulars at J. P. PUELS, 31 1 Nostrand av. SPECIAL, JVOXICKS, MANITOU. MANITOU. MANITOU. NATURAL MINERAL WATER la thn sparkling, absolutely natural otTervescont water of the noted springs located in MANITOU, COLORADO, tt tho very loot of Piko'B Peak. Tho PUREST, MOST REFRESHING AND BEST TASTING TABLE WATER. The only bottlod water in the - United States charRod with its own pas direct from tho sprint?. It creates appetite, aids difutiou and tones up tho system Koneraliy MAN n'O U GINGER CHAMPAGNE, made from this water and pure Jamaica Ginger and Fruit Juices only. For sale by all druirists and grocers. ROSS1TER A NKiDMOKK, New York AKonts, 15H Franklin st. B KUNKENN'ESS, OK THE LIQUOR W J? HABIT, can be etirod by administering DR. HAINES' GOLDEN SPECIFIC. It can bo ptivon in a cup of cotton or tea without tho knowledge of the person takiiiKit; it is absolutely harmless, and will offocta nor - manent and spBody cure whotlier the patient is a moderate drinker or an alcoholic wrock. Itna been given in tbousandsof eases, and in overy instance a perfect cure has followed. IT NEVER FAILS. The system once im - preRnated with tho Specific, it becomes an utter impossi bility for tho Hiiuor habit to oxist. For sale tiy the BOLTON DRUG CO.. 204 Fulton st. Brooklyn ; ALEX. HUDNUT, Herald Building, Now York; WEISMAN & MUELLEN - BACH, 0 Bible House. New York. ET THK EAGLE EVERY DAY IN TIT Is WEES. JINGS COUNTY TKUST COMPANY, 373 FULTON ST, OPPOSITE CITY HALL. CAPITAL $500,000 SURPLUS $250,000 PRESIDENT, JOSEPH O. IIENDRIX. FIRST VICE PRESIDENT, J. 8. T. STRANAIIAN. SECOND VICE PRESIDENT, S. V. WHITE. SECRETARY, JOS. B. WHITE. TRUSTEES: J. S. T. Stranshun, B. W. BUsb, Moses May, Abraham Abraham, Nolson J. Gates, William Ziot'lfir, I). W. Mo Williams, Titnolhj - L. Woodruff, .1. D. Fitirchlld, A. I). Bnird, I). W. Nortbup, Martin Joost, 8. V. White, Josoph O. Hcndrix, .1. O. Jonkius, H. B. Scharmann, William Bcrri, Kelix Catnpboll, Oliarlos Oonpor, William Harkaosa, George Munro. Harlan P. HalBoj, EuKuno K. O'Connor, William V. R. Smith. INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS. JgjMl'IRE LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. CAPITAL STOCK (PAID UP) $500,000.00 BEN DLANCHARD, PRESIDENT. C PER CENT. INVESTMENTS FIRST MORTGAGE UPON REAL ESTATE Worth tlireo timeB tho face of tho bond. Dobonturo bonds issued, $:.'00,000. Soonred as IoIIojvb: Capita! stock (paid tip) $500,000.00 Addiiionsl stiultbollors' liability f0(,0l)0.00 Valuo n' improved real estate, mortgaged OIUJ.OUU.UO Security S l.l:t(),Oo6.UO Bi'inj; $8,000 lor cvory $1,000 bond insuod. INTERUST PAYABLE SEMI ANNUALLY AT THE NATIONAL BANK OF THE REPUBLIC, NEW YORK OITV. THE EMPIRE LOAN AND TRUST CO. furnishes an IMMEDIATE INVESTMENT at PAR and auoriiod interest, safo boyond a question, without loss of a day's interest while trailing investment. B. H. OORWIN, Eastern Manager. Oifice, 20 Court at, Garfield Building, Brooklyn, M. Y. rBIO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, JL $1,000, $1,500, v!,000, $4,000. $5,000 at 5 por cent, and (i per eent ; charges roasonablo. UOHATlO S. STEWART, li Fourth av. ONfiY LOANED ON FURNITURE and nianoH. without removal: oasv lmvrannts: onfidential. Addrertn Vlil VATE. Box 14. EatWo offlcfi. Brooklyn. t& 10,000 AND 7,000 TO LOAN ON KONP" V(?7 And mortraffo ntu por cent. S. S. HINMAN, 140 LofforU Dlaoo. n.AJc;iAL, rjlHB BROOKLYN TRUST COMPANY, CORNER MONTAGUE AND CLINTON STS. Oaptt&l. entirely invested In U. S. 4 por cent, bonds at pur $1,000,000 Capital and surplus 2,ii00,00i) INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS, Which may be made subject to check at aijjht or returnable at fixed datett. Chocks pass throunh New York Clearing Uoubo. Ih & afe depository for funds awaifinn invustment. Authorized hy npueial chartor to act as eiecutor, trtiR - (ee, adininiatrator, (fuartlian. coraniittoo, receiver or in any other position or trust. Is a dotfifcnated depository for Court moneys. Acta as retrintrar or t ransfer agent of stock and bonds and am trustee for railroad or other corporation mortgages. Lxooute orders in U. S. bonds and othor investmont Beauritioa. Upon dopoait of cash or approved socuritioa will Ruar - antee traveling letters of credit and pay all drafts under tho name. RIPLEY ROPEti, President. KDMUND W. COULIES, Vice ProBldent. JAMJSS KOSS OUR RAN, Secretary. FREDERICK. C. COLTON, Assistant Sdcrotary. TRUSTEES. Joeiah O. Low. Alftxander M. White, A. A. Low, Michael !haunoey. William B. Kendall, Edwin f. Knowlton, John T. Martin, John J. Pierrepont, Ripley Ropes, i Frederic Cromwell, John P. Koife, Edmund W. Oorlioa, Henry K. Sheldon, O. D. Wood, William H. Male, Abram B. Baylia, Henry W. MaxweU, Charles M. Pratt. Hp HE LONG ISLAND LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY, 203 MONTAGUE STREET. CAPITAL, $;100,000, INVESTED IN U. S. FOUR PER CENT, BONDS AT PAR. A LARGE SURPLUS. INTEREST ALLOWED ON DAILY BALANCES. Chocks can be drawn on this coniuany the same an on a Bank and aro payable through the New York Clearing Houso, or, if proferred, certificates of deposit will bo iBMitd, payable on domaud or at a fiied. date, and boarins intorest, until paid. This Company is authorized by charter to act as Trustee, Executor, Administrator, Guardian, Commiltci; oi Estatea or Recoiver, and to accept any biniilar ponition of Trut. It is alro a legal depository lor all Trust Kunda nnd for money paid into Court. It acty as Registrar or Transfer Agent of stocks and bonds and as Trustee for Railroad and other mortjjaKCH, It guarantor letters of crudit ibfiuud to tr.vvolcr and will do any and all othor business usually done by Trust Companies of rvupouhi - bility and standing. TRUSTEES: Charles Pratt, "William M. Incraham, Watson B. DicKornian, Samuel M. Meeker, Joseph F, ICnapp, Henry Collin, Edwin BiM'r. William II. Hustod, Theodore F, .lackaon, Bernard Peters, Edward Murritt, Kdward D. White. David Barnett, Frank Lyman, David G. Loggot (porge I. Crecory. EDWARD "AIKRRITT. Pr.isidnnk. FREDERICK T. ALD1UDGE. Secretary. rjHE PEOPLE'S TRUST COMPANY, Z01 MONTAGUE STREET. CAPITAL (PAID IN) SURPLUS $500,000.00 50.000.00 Recnivos money on deposit, subject to check at sight, and allowB interest on tho same. Checks drawn upon it pass through tho New York Clearing House. Is authorized by law to act as Executor, Administrator, Guardian. Trusteo, Kocpjver, and Transfer Agent and as Uogiatrar o! Stocks and Honda. Loans money on Bonds and Mortgages and on othor approved eecurity, OFFICERS: WILLIAM H. MURTHA, Prisidnnt. FREDERICK A. SCHROEDER. First Vice President. HORACE J. MORSE, Socond Vice President. EDWARD JOHNSON, Secretary. TRUSTEES: William H. Murtha, I'roderick A. Schroodor, Horace J. Morse, Eugene G. Blackford, Henry J. Cullon, Jr., Daniel F. Lewis, Jacob G. Dettmor, James Jourdan, Cornelius N. rloagland John E. Searles, Jr., Isadoro M. Bon, Bornard Gallagher, Howard M. Smith, Grori. L. Penoo, Frederic A. Ward, Solomon W Johnson, George P. Tangeman, Alon7.o51ot', William B. Hill. Edward B. Bartlett, Robert J. Kimball, Paul H. Kret 7.aahin&rt hn B. McCue, Wm. A. A. Brown. TjmANKLIN TRUST COMPANY, 18G REMSEN STREET. CAPITAL, $1,000,000; SURPLUS OVER $3o0,000. Authorized by law to oot as EXECUTOR, ADMINISTRATOR, TRUSTEE, GUARDIAN or COMMITTEE, and offers special advantages as such. IS A LEGAL DEPOSITORY FOR COURT MONEYS. ALLOWS INTEREST ON DEPOSITS. Offers its services on favorable terms aa TRUSTEE OF CORPORATION MORTGAGES. REGISTER OR TRANSFER AGENT TOR CORPORATIONS OR MUNICIPALITIES. Loans money on approved securities. Checks on this company will ho paid through the New York Clearing House. EDWIN PACKARD, President. WILLIAM H. WALLACE. Vico President. GEORGE H. SOUTHARD, Second Vico Presideut and Socrotary. TRUSTEES: Franklin E. Taylor, I. U. Houghtftfiuflr, Albro J. Newton, Crowoll Haddon, 11 E. Pierrooont, William Marshall, Felix Carap oil, (iporirrt M A. A. Low. Edwin Packard, John Winslow, S. E. Huntington, Darwin R. James, Spencer Trask, Alexander E. Orr, Joseph E. Brown, John tl. vVomirt - ard, William H. Wallace, Guorge 11. SoutbubV W. A. Read THE NASSAU TRUST COMPANY, 101 BROADWAY, BROOKLYN, N. Y. CAPITAL 6500,000 Interest allowed on daily balances, and cpocial rates on deposits for a npocihed time. Authorized by law to act as executor, administrator. Guardian, Trustef, Roceiver, Fiscal and Transfer Agonfc and as Registrar of .Stocks and Bond. - t; is a legal depository for Trust Funds and for moneys paid into court. Loans made on assignment of Bonds and Mortgages, or other approved collaterals. Will take tho custody of Real and Peroonal Securities, Accounts of Religious and Benevolent Institutions, Societies and Individuals solicited. Checks on this company are paid through tho New York Clearing Houso. Telophone, 900 Williamsburgh. A. D. WHEELOCK, President. WILLIAM DICK, 7 v - JO aMot - JOHNTRUSLOWS V,co Presidents. O. F. RiCHAttDHON, Secrotary. TRUSTEES : Willmm Dick, A. D. Baitid, Darwin R. James, H. 11. ROGF.IIS, E. B. Tvttle, John Thublow, Thomas F. Rowland, D it mas Jewell. C D. Wood, W. H. Male, Lowell M. Palmeb, Joseph F. Knapp, Joel F. Freeman, William F. Gauiiison, A. D. Wheelock, GeOUOE H. PltENTIBS, J. T. WlLLETTB, Oil AIILE8 H. KU83ELL, John Louohran, E. T. HULBT. Thko. A. Havemeyeb, r , W. W OIlBTKIt, BEltNAnD Petkes, Wm. E. Hokwill, Q.ERMAN AMERICAN REAL ESTATE TITLE GUARANTEE COMPANY, MONEY TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE CAPITAL PAID UP IN CASH., 8500,000 10 COURT STREET. ONEY TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, TO 0 t'ER CENT. POTTER A CRANDAJ.L, ."i0 l - 'latbuBh av. Moiiniitoats. TTORWICH LIN3" FAVORITE INSIDE KOUTE. Faro reducod to Boston, $'J; Vnrcostor, $2; enrro nnonding reductions to all points Enst. Steamra lonvo Pier 10 (old numlior). N. Y., foot ot' Watt st (imxfc pipe above DoHbro.ssi). - ; st. Ferry), New York, daily, Sunday "X - cep'.;f.,I 4:'t( I'. M. Tit;kctannd Htatrrooins ,;i. - ciired at pnnripal tickitt offices in New V'o'k and Brooklyn; at tfompa'uy'H odioe, ',117 Broadway; at Pier 10, N. R., and on HtcaiuerH. Wcstcntt's Express will call for ami chock baggage from hotels and residences. (i. W. BRADY. 1ARES REDUCED TO ALL POINTS via FALL RIVER LINE. Onlv Sit to Boston for first class limitod tickets. Steam ers PILGRIM and PROVIDENCE loavo Now York from Pier "H, N. R., foot of Murray st, week days only, at 4:'.10 P.M. Sunday trips will bo rosumod early in April. Connecting by Annex boat from Brooklyn and Jorsey City at - 1 P.M. AN ORCHESTRA on each ttoam - or. Tickets and utateroomH can bo obtained in Brooklyn at4 Court Ht, KliO Fulton st, 08 and 107 Broadway, E. D,, and at Annox ollieu. toot of Fulton st; in ATcw York at principal transfer and ticket offices, at tho otltco on Pier 2H, N. R., and on atoamern. LL FARES REDUCED VIA STONINGTON LINE. THE INSIT)E ROUTE. Bolton, $3; Providonco, $2.25; Worooster, S3.S0. Steamers leave new Pier 30. N. R,, Ono block abovo Canal 8t, At 4:30 P. AI.. Sundays excepted. RatlrondH. WEST SHORE RAILROAD. N. Y. O, and II. R, R. CO . lessees. Trains loavo West Forty - seyond st station, Now York, as follows, and fifteen minutes earlier from tho foot ot" Jay st. Now York: Detroit and Chicago, Ml :5;" A. M., 5:lo, 8:1; P. M. St. Bonis, r:ir,8:ir P. M. Butlalo, Itochester, Suspension Bridge, Niagara Falls, 3:1."), - USui A. M., T:jr,K:ir P. M. Uiicu and Syracuso, ;i:15, !:5r A. M., "o:15, '8:15 P. At. Kingston. ';:!". 7:15, 0:55, all MO A. M., h4:00, ';:lb, S:15 P. M. Sautrorties, Catsktli and Albany, 0:15, 7:15, 0;55, all ::S0 A. M.,s4:00. '5:15, 8:15 P. M. Craustonn, Wt:nb Point, Cornwall. Nowburffh. !1:I5, 7:15, B:55, 10:I5.all :Ii0 A. M., 1:15, s - l:U0, - l :30, r:15,5::J5, - 0::i0f '8. - 15, 8:45, 11 :45 P. M. and 5:15 V, M. Cranstons, Cornwall, Newbin uh. For Montreal and Canada East, 7:00 A. M.,5:15 P.M. Hami. ton, London, '0:55 a. M., 5:15, '8:15 P.M. Toronto, 1B:55 A. M., t5:15,iiS:l5 P. M. Elegant sleeping cars for Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Detroit, Chicago anil St. Louis on all through trains. a s Leave Brooklyn via Brooklyn Annex, a 10:.J0 A. M., b:1:00 P. M.; Jersey City P. R. it. Station, a 1 1:0 A. M., B.i: - (0P. M. Daily. tDaily, except Saturday. All other trains daily oiccpt Sunday. For tickets, time tables, parlor or sleeping car nccom - niodatioiKs or information apply at olhces: Brooklyn '.i'.VA AVaahinmon st, 7:i(i Fulton Bt; Annex otlice, loot of Fulton st. Now York City 1 , 271. :iti:i, 785, U - V: Broadway; 15;i Bowoiy; Park place; tiS West One Hundred and Twunty - tifth Bt and West Short) stations, foot of West Forty - Second st, foot of Jay st, North Kivcr. C. E. LAMBERT, General I'assenger Agent, 5 Vanderbilt av. New York. ONU ISLiAJJD UAILKOAli. TRAINS LEAVE FI.ATBUSH AV. DEPOT. OnBENPOlNT,lUVKUH13AD,8::i0 A. M..:J:2SP. M. Suuflays, S:.r;."i A. M. SAli UAllIiOU. tho HAMPTONS, 8;:S0 A. M., UXl! P. M. Suniliiys. S:."i") A. M. PATCHOHUK. Itil.IP. H - MO, 10:55 A. 11., 3:2,4:0, Ssa - JP. M. Sundi:, ,S:.rj."i A M. HAiSYLON. 7:05, K:()(), K:lt0. 10:55 A. AI.. 1:L'0, 3:'J - i, 4:20,5:'i'J, ti:(K), 0:55, 7:.)4 P. AI. (l'J:T5 nicht, Wo:lucH:iayB ami .SaturdayK ouly). Sundays. S'AO, M:55. A. M., P. M. PORT JEVVV.llSON, N OK'I'IIPOHT.HUNTJNOTON, f.5'2 A. M., 4:20 i::i(t P. M. not Port Jciforson). Sundays, 8:55 A. M. ((::) P. M. not Port .Inllnmon). SEA 01,11'F, lil.EN COVE. OYSTER HAY, 8:52, 10:5.") a. jvi.. oo. :):;:;. a - :m. r:.i',i, 0:55,7:54 P. M. (12:15 niulit, Wednesdays and Saturdays only). Sundays. !l::!0 A. AI.. O. - llO P. M. FAR HOUKAWAY, via Valley Stream, 7:05.10:55 A. M :!:22, 0:00, 0:55, 7:51. I 0:05 P. .M 12:1.) night. Snndays. H:40, 1 1 :00 A. M., 2:00. 0:.'i0 P. - M. AUV ERNE, E All HOUKAWAY. via N. Y. and II. 1!. Hy. and v ay HtationB between Far Koclcaway and V'alley Stream (7:05 via I.. 1. R. R ), SilllA. M., 1:20,4 20, 5:22 P. M. .Sundaya, I 1 - .00 A. A!., via .. I. tl. II. GARDEN OITY, HEMPSTEAD, 7:'I5, S:!i0, 10:55 A. AI., 2:00. .'i:22. 4:20, 5:22, 0::!0, (:55, 7:51,10:05 P. Ai.. 12: 15 uiulit. Sundays, S:05 (0::i0 A. AI., (iarduu Oit v only), 2 :00, O. - .'JO P. AI. AlAXH,vTTA." REACH AND SI1 EEl'SIl EA D RAY, 0:40, S:50. 11 .:!0 A. AI., :i:20, 5:45 P. M. (1L::10 Wed. and Sat. nights only does ntd sto a: Nostrand, Kingston, 'J'roy or Utiea av). Sundays, H:50 A. AI., 12:07, 2:20. 11:20,4 - .00 P. AI. l'.AY K1DGK, 0:40, K - .50 A. AI., ,'i:20. 5:45 P. AI. Sundays, S:50 A. A1., 12 ::17, 2:'4 :00 P. M. LJCHNm" VALLEY KAlLHOAl) iAS: SEN CER Tit A INS loavo foot of Cortlandt and Dos - biosses sts as follows: 7:00 A. AI. for SJatington and intermediate points; S A. AI. for Geneva, Lyons, I'll mira, Rochester, Biill'aloand tho West and prineipal local points. Chair ear to Lyons and Pullman car to Suspension Bridge; 1 3 :00 A. AI. for L. and R. junction and intermediate points. (Jhair car to Ataurh Chunk. 1 :00 P. M. for Tnnlihannock and intunuedlate points. Chair ear to Tuiikhannock. Connections to Reading and Ilarris - bur'. :i:40 P. At. for Elmira and principal iutermediato points. ' hair car to Wilkesbarre and i ullman sleenois to Suspension liride. 4 : - 10 P. .M. for Skitinton and intermediate pointB. 5:40 P. AI. for Alaeeh Chunk and intermediate points. Connections to Roadintr and Harris - burn. 7:00 P. AI. for (ienova, Lyons, Elmira, Rochester, Buffalo and the West. Pullman Bleepors to Lynns and .Suspension Bridge. Trains leaviutr nr. 8:00, 1 1:00 A. AI., 1 :U0 and :t:40 P. AI. connect lor all points in Alananoy and Hazh ton coal regions. Sunday trains - S:00 A. AI., for Alaueh Chuidc, Hazleton and intennetliato points. 11:00 A. AI. for Shenandoah and intermediate points. 5: 10 P. AI. for Alaucli Chunk and intermediate points. 7:00 P. AI. for Geneva, Lyons, Elinira, Rochester, Ruf - faln and the West. Pr.Unum sleepers to Lyons and Suspension liridgo. GENERAL EASTERN OFITCE, 2U5 Broadway, New York. BJALTIMOKJi aSiT" OHIO KAILJlOAli; FAST EXPRESS TRAINS VIA PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE, WASHINGTON, CINCINNATI, ST. LOUIS AND CHICAGO. PULLMAN CAIl SERVICE ON ALL TRAINS. Leavo NEW YORK, foot of Liberty st, as follows: I' or CHICAGO lit .'1::.'0 I'. AI., 12:15 A. AI. For CINCINNATI and ST. LOUIS, H:20 A. At., 5:00 P. AI. For WASHINGTON nnd RALTIAIORE. K ::!), A. AI.. 11:00 A. Al.,2.01) P.A!.,:J:20 P. AI., 5:00 P. M.. 12: 15 A. AI. All ivaii - s daily excet 1 1 :00 A. AI. Snnd.v. For ticket sand Pullman ear space call at li. and O. ticket olliees. 2 1 , '.Mi 1, 4 1 5 and 1 , 1 40 Rmadwuy, at si at ion, loot of Liberty st, or jil !IS llroaduay, llrooklyn. The Now York Transfer Company will call for and check bagAtagc from hotel or residence. J. T. ODELL, CHARLES O. SCULL, General .Manager, General Pass. Agent. U'llUI.NlllP.I. ANCHOR LINE. UNITED STATES AIATL STEAAISIIIPS. SAIL I'.VKRY SATURDAY 1'ROAl NEW YOKK TO GLASGOW. Anchoria. .Jan. 25, 0 A. AI. j Ot'reassin . . Fob. 15, 2 P. AI. Dovonia. ... Feb. 1, li P AI. Anchoria. March 1, 2 P. M. Cabin passago lo Glasgow, Jjivei - ; ool or Londonderry, 1145 and $55 ; round trip, $'.'0 and S100 ; second class, 30; steuvago. 420. AI E D IT1C 1 1 11 A NIC AN SERVICE. Rest route to Algiers anil the coast of .Morocco. FOR G 1 H R A L T A R A N U NAP L E S . S. S. 1JOLIV1A Saturday, Feb. 22 Cabin passage, $S0 lo $100. I Drafts and letters of credit at .'avorable rates. I HENDERSON BROTHERS. 7 Howling Green. New York; or.IOHN TAYLOR, CIS Court st (open Saturday night); or U. F. KOCH, 44M: Broadway, E. D. CUNARD LINE N Eff YOKK TO LI V - orpool via Queensfoivti, from Pier 10, North River. FAST EXPRESS .MAIL SERVICE. Scrvia Jan. 25, II A. AI. Gallij. . . .Fob. .22. 7:30 A. M, Bothnia Fob. 1, :l P. AI. Etrnria Mnrch 1, 2 P.M. Aurunis, l'eb. S, 7:liO A. Ai. Anrania.AIareh S, 0 ::10 A, AI Umbria....Fob. 15.2 P. Al.lServia March 15. I P. AI. Cabin passage, $00, sfcSO and $ 100 : intermediate $35. Steerage tickets to ami from all parts of Europe at very low rates. For freight, and passage apply to tho company's office, 4 Howling Green. VERNON H. BROWN ,V. CO., General Agenis, For pas - age tickots, drafts at lowest rates and further information apply to T. H. HENDRICKSON, 215 Atlantic: av, noar Court st, solo agent for Brooklyn, or li. F. KOCH, 44M Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. BROOKLYN, N . Y., EUHOPKAN PASSAGE, BANKING AND AIONEY EXCHANGK OFITCE, 377 Fulton st, opposite City Hall - JULIUS LE11RENKRAUS A SONS, Hankers, Brokers and Passenger agenl6of Nord - ' Weria. Wed. ,lau. 22, 7 A. AI. deutseher Lloyd, i Saale, Wed., .Ian. 2!), 1 P. AI. Hamburg Amer - ' Rhactia, Thurs., .Ian. 211, S A. M. lean Paeke' Co., J Aloravitl, Tuos., Jan. 2S, noon. Cie.tloneraleTrans. ; La Gascogne, Sat.. , fall. 25, 8 A, SI. Red Star Line, R hynland. Wed., Jan. 22,0 A. AI. Nethcrl'd Ams. S. S. Co., Edam, Sat., Fob. 1, 3 P. AI. AInllory Steamship Line, weekly to Florida and Texas. Iislablished 1S7S. Rates of specie and exchange subject to lluctuations and amount. Tickets, any class, to and from Europe, passports, letters of credit and money exchanged, all at NewjYork prices WTirM star l!ne7 TO QUIiENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. Britannic. Jan. 22, 0 A. AI. 1 Gernianie.Fob. 12, 11 A.AI. Adriatic. . Jan. 20. 1 P. AI. Biitannie. .Fell. 10. 5 A. M. Coltie... Feb. 5, 5:30 A. AI. Adriatic. Fe.20, 1 1 :30 A.AI. Second cabin on Teutonic. Adriatic and Celtic only. Saloon rates. $50 and upward, according to steamer selected and location of borth. Second cabin, $35 and $40. Steerage, $20. For passago tickets or drafts, payable on demand ovorywheru m England, Ireland, Scotland. Sweden and Norway, at lowest rates, apply to V. ALDR1DGE. 12 Court st, or A. M. JIORG AN, So Broadway, Williamsburgh. J. BRUCE 1SA1AY. Agent, 41 Broadway, Now York. rf",Uf(N LINE (iNITlil) STATES MAIL VJT STEAAIERS, sailing from Pier 3S, North River, foot of King at, for QUIiENSTOWN and LIVERPOOL, as follows: WYOMING Thursday, January 23, :.'!0 A. AI. WISCONSIN Thursday, February 4, 4:00 A, AI. Cubin imaage, $00, $70 and $80. Second cabin, $30. Steerage from New York, $ IS and $20. A. AI. UNDICRHILL A CO., 35 Broadway, New York; JOHN V. HENDERSON A SON. 311 Fulton st, or H - EKOClL 4S Broadway, Brooklyn E. D. COMPAGNIE "generale tkansat - LANT1QUE. ONLY DIRECT EXPRESS SERVICE UETWKEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, FRANCE. LEAVING COMPANY'S PIER, NO. 42, NORTH RIVER, EVERY SATURDAY. LA G ASCOGNE, Santelli Sat., Jan. ,25, N A. AJ. LA CHAA1PAGNE. Hover Sat.. Feb. 1. 2:30 P. AI. OCKAN PASSAGE, liist cabin, $S0 and $100 and upward, according to location ; second class, .f00; steerage, $20. A. FORGET, Gonoral Agont, 3 Howling Oreen, Now York "() R11D EljT.SCf H ii ii 7 j LO YD J ?A ST ij K.x preBS Stoamera for Southampton and Bremen. Werra.Wed., Jan. 22,7 A. Ai..Fulda. Sat., Feb. 8, 7 A. AI. Saale. Wed , Jan. 20, 1 P.AI. Lahn,We,Fe.l2, 10:30A.M. Travo, Wed., Fob. 5, 0 A. Al.i Eiiler, Sat., Feb. 15, 2 P.AI. Rates of passago to London, Havre or Bremen: First cabin, $7'5 and upward a berth, according to location; second, $50 an adult; stoerago at low rates. Pier between Second and Third avs, llobokou, N. J. O HIiUIOHS ft CO., 2 Bow'ingGroen. N. Y or JULIUS LEHRENKRAUSS k SONS. 377 Fulton st, Brooklyn. H"'AMIMniO - AJllHnCANPAUKKT COT EXPRESS SERVICE between New York, South - amnion and Hamburg by tho new twin screw steamorsof 10,000 and 1 2,000 horse power. Fast lino to Loudon and the continent. Steamers unexcelled tor SAFETY, SPEED AND COMFORT. REGULAR SERVICE - Every Thursday from Now York to Plymouth (London). Cherbourg (Paris) and Hamburg. Through tickuts to Loudon and Paris. Excellent fare. Hales extremely low. Apnlytnlho General otlice, Hamburg - 1 Gonoral Passage Office, .American Packet Co., C. B. RICHARD ft CO., 37 Broadway. New York. I 01 Broadway, Now York. NMAN LliNI' U. S. AN!) ROYAL MAIL fl STEAMERS for QUEENSTOWN and LIVERPOOL. CITY OF CHESTER Wed., Jan. 22, (l:(IO A. AI. CITY OF CHICAGO Wed., Jan. 20, 1 00 P. AI. CITY OF BERLIN W.'d., Fob. 12, 11.00 A. AI. CITY OF PARIS Wed., Feb. 10, 5:00 A. M. From Pier 43, N. R., adjoining Christopher st Forry. Cabin passage, $50 and upward; second cabin, $35; steerage. $20. PETER WRIGHT A SONS. Gonnral Agents, Bowling Green, New York. JOHN O. HENDERSON ft SON. 344 Fulton st, or H. F. KOCH, 44.W Broadiviiy, Brooklyn, I1 D. I unHi wisp tcn.mor? SAVANNAH FAST FREIGHT AND PASSENGER LINE TO FLORIDA AND THE SOUTH AND SOUTHWEST AT 3 P. M., From Pier 35, North River, foot of Spring st, Now York, CHATTAHOOCHEE, Onptain Daggett. ..Mon., Jan. 20 NACOOCMEE, Captain Smith Wed., Jan. 22 CITY OF BIRMINGHAM, ( - 'apt. Burg Fri., Jan. 2 - i CITY OF AUtiUSTA, Captain Caih - rino.. Sat., Jan. 25 K. L. WALKER, Agent O. 8. S. CO., Pior 35, N. R. Steamers am provided with Jjrt class passongor accommodation. IiiBuranco 1 - 5 of 1 per cent. Premium can bn collected aL destination if insurance ia otfocted by 2 o'clock at 317 Broadway.or at 3 o'clock at piur, on or boiore date of sailing: ot norwiso it must bo paid by ship nois. For further information apply aa abovo or to W. W. RHETT. Gen. Agent, W, F. isflELLMAN, T. M 31? Broadway, Now York. Savannah, Ga. TKAVELi, THAiysPOttXAX lOJl. Ac. If fUlmar, EW YORK CKNTKAJj HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD. ALL TRAINS ARRIVE AT AND DEPART FROM GRAND CENTRAL STATION, FOURTH AVENUE AND FORTY - SECOND STREET, NEW YORK. FROM DECEMBER 1, 1SS!, TRAINS LEAVE AS FOLLOWS: 8:.0 A. M. FAST NEW YORK STATE EXPRESS - For Albany, Kciienet:ta(iy. Utica, .SyrnctiN',', Auburn, (ii - neva, CaimnibiiEiin, Rochester, Butavia and Buffalo. Wutfrnir Pafai'n lirauinroom L'ars lo Buffalo flaily, nnd to t.':inainliu;m daily, cxeffpt Sunday.". ButR - t. Ktitokiiiff Gr to BntTalo. ) r0 A. M. THE NEW YORK AND CHICAGO LIMITED. Compound en:liJKivi;ly of Wunor Vosiibtilo BniTut Hmokinn and Library iUir with Barber Shop and Bathroom Drawinjjroom, DiniiiK, Stamlftrd (with tat(uoom), Nrr.iii?ht Si.xtoon Section and Private C - mpnrtinent Slittptng Uarn, Heated by ateam and linhtod by nas - Pintsch Sytom. Arrives at ChiuaK at ;:.() A. ill. next nay. 10:50 A. M. TilE S O iTH W EST Eli N LTftHTEDFor V.incinnati, JLuuuinapons and ht. J - ouib, comnrisinc Wnsncr Voritilnilo Irawinrontn, iinrn, .Sleoninc and Onto Smoking and a.ibrary LaiH, ao ono l'irsi. CJass Passenger Coach. Tho ontire train .steam heated ann iiKiueci uy kiis. mo extra iar enareo. 11 ..10 A.M. WESTERN DAY EXPRKSS - Daily oxcopt Sundays. Train leaving on Saturdays dor;s not run wt'st of Detroit or UJoveland. Wa;n;r Palaco Iraw - iiiKrooin t'ara to Syracuae. Wagnyr Pa'aco SloopinR t rtrs Syrnouso to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago, i'arlor Cur Cleveland to Cincinnati. Waprnor Dining Cnr NowS'ork to Albany, Kervinjf lunoheon. 0:00 P.M. FAST CHRMGO. VISCIXSATI AND ST. LOUIS EXPUESSFor Buffalo, Niagara Falln, To - ro!ito, Clevolfind, Cincinnati, Sc. Louis, Detroit una Chii - un. with through Warner Vestibule SleopinR C.i 3. DinttiK Car to Albany, .serving dinnor. 30:00 I. M. FAST NIGHT EXPRESS - For Rochester, BtiFnio, Niagara Falls Toronto, Cleveland, Cincinnati. St. Louis Detroit and Cl'ienRo, with throiiKh Wagner Paiaeo Slefinin Carti. FOR ALBANY, UT1CA, SYRACUSE, ROCHESTER, BUFFALO AND NIAGARA rALLS - H:50 A. M., B:fi() A. M., 10:50 A. M 1.1 1 .. - .0 A. M., 6:00 P M.t 10:00 P. M. FOR AUBURN, GENEVA AND ( A N A N D AIG UA 1S:.0O A. M tll:r0 A. M., MiSiO P. M., 1i 10:00 M., tiPJ:00 niKht. FOR TROY. SARATOGA, Al)ll!(A'l)iCK MOUNTAINS. ii'V. ALBA.VS AND Mi J.VTREAL - th:.' a. M..i - :so P. M. BERKSHIRE HILLS VIA HARLEM DIVISION t0:B5 A. M., i:t::i0 P. M. 7'or full information in regard to tho abovo and all .othfir trams via this Him, al - o for tickets and unaco in irau inroom and Sieopiutr Cars,ajp'y at (Jrjind Contral Siiuion, or at Nos. , li:i, 7S." and B - PJ Broadway. I' I'nrk ijJacf. fiS West Ono Ilnndrt'd and Twenty - filth st and One Hundn - d and Thirty - einhth t station. New York: Wc.ihinutou at, 7'J Fulton st and RUS Bod - ford av, E. D., Brooklyn. We.stcott.'s Expre.t calU fur and cheeks liaggafjo from hotels and rosideuce.s thruiiKh to destination. f Itaily exeent Sunday. IDiiily eicopt Saturday. Othor trains run daily. All trains except thoso leavinn at0:f0 A. M. and 1:00 midnight aion at Ono Hundred and Thirfcy - ffielith st station to take on passengers for t tm Nortli and West. JOllS M. TOUCEY, GEORGE H. DANIELS, General Sii)erinleudunt. Gen'l Passenger Asont. pi KXlsSYliVAJS'IA RAILROAD. ON AND AFTER JANUARY 3, 3S00, Trains loave stations, foot of D ESBROSSE5 AND' CORTLANDT STREETS, as.loilows: 0:00 A. M. THE FAST LINE for the West, Pullman Yestibulo Sleeping ami Parlor Cars. Arrives Cleveland ." .23 A. AI., Oohnnbus t:'iQ A. M.. Chicnpo 5:00 P.M. and St. Louis 7:00 P. M. next day. Connects, ,t!.so, tor Wjinmsj)!rt, J - Dck Haven and Rouovo, ox - cenl Sunday, aud Toledo, except Saturday. 10:00 A. M. THE PENNSYLVANIA LIMITED, com - posed exclusiv?ly of Pullman Votibulo Drawing and State Room. Sleeping, Dinine, SmokinK and Observation Cars, presenting ladies' and tretitlemon's bathrooms, tadies' maid, barber shop, library and all tho con ."enienros ' a home. Heated by steam and lighted ly stationary and movable electric Itfrfatn. Arrives Cincinnati j :10 and Chicago 0:4.5 A. M. next day. 2:00 P. M. - ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO AND CINCINNATI EXPRESS. Pullman Yestibulo Sleoning Car and DininK Car New York to St. Louis, Chicago and Cincinnati, Passenger Coacli New York to Columbus. Arrives ( 'incinnat i J 1 : 15 A. M., Cliieago 5:00 P. M. and St. Louis 7:40 P. M, next day. 6:U0 P. M. - THE WESTKRN EXPRESS for all pointB in the West, Northwest and Southwest, Pullman Vosti - bule Sleeping Cur New York to Pittsburg, St. Louis, Chicago, Cincinnati and Memphis. Pennsylvania Kail - rnaJ Dining Car New York to Philadelphia. Arrives at Cincinnati (i .'JO P. M., Chicago U.iQ P. M. next day, a:td St. Bonis 7 00 A. M. second movning. Connects for Clevotand and Toledo daily except Saturday. fi. - OO P. M. - PAOIFIC EXPRESS. Pullman Vestibulo RufTet SliipiP Oar New York to Chicago, Now York; to Memphis via llm Shonandoah Valley; arrives Clovo - :nnd t::5 A. M., Columbus 7:15 P. AI. next day, and Chicago 7:00 A. M. second morning. Connects foe Toledo daily and for Corry, Frio, the Oil Regions, Cleveland and Cohinibus except Saturday. BALTIMORE. WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH, "Washington Limited Fxpross" of Pullman Parlor Cars duily, o.vcent Sunday, 10:10 A.M., arrive Wash - ir - ktoti .":."i0 P. Ai. ; and "Congressional Limited" daily with Din'mr Car at B;'J0 P. M., arrive Washington HA0 P. M. : regular express - 1.J5, t:20, 8:00 and S:.i0 A. M.; 1:00, i : 10, HMO. 4 :.'!0 and 0.00 P.M. n!id I2:15uight. Sunday, 4 .00, 0:1 5 nml H ::i0 A. M., :i:30, 4::i0 anil 0:00 P. M.. and C:15 night. For cnl.s on CJiesnpfake and Ohio Railway ami Ctncin - nnti. Sleepers, Dining Car and Coaches through, R:30 P. M. daily. For Atlantic City, 1 :00 P. M. (through parlor car and day coach) week days. For Capo May, 100 P. M, woelc days. For Old Point and Norfolk via Now York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad, 0:00 A. M. daily excopt Sunday, and S:00 P. M. daily; via Baltimore and Bay lino, 'J:lu V. AI. week days. 1 OR PHILADELPHIA. Express trains leavni. follows: 4:15. (i:!0. 7:'i0. S:00. Sr.'iO. 0:00 (10:00 Chicago Limited, irilh Dining Car. and J 0:10 Washington Limited). And II :00 A. M., Jtii'JO, 1:00, i:10, 3:00,3:30. 4:00, - i - . - .'.Q, 5 00, 0:00, 0::iO,S:00 nnd t:00 P. M. and 2 15 night. Accomumdation, 11 :10 A. M.. 4:40 and 7:00 P. M. Sundays, Exnress. 4:00, 0:15. 8:30, 0:00 (iO.OO Limited) and 10:00 A. M., J:00, 3:30, 4:00, 4:30, 5:00, 0:30, S:00 and 0:00 P. M. and 12:15 night. Aet ommodation, 7:00 P. M, The New York Transfer Company will call for and check baggage frcm hotels and residences. For time tables of local trains apply to any ticket agent of (ho company. CHAS. E. PUGH, .1. R, WOOD, General Manager. General Pass'r Agent. BSjET.iaiLv ay ticket offices. 401, 317, 713 and 057 Broadway, 153M Bowery, 1 Battery place. Chambers ami Twenty - third sts ferries, New York; 331 and 333 Fulton st, Brooklyn; 107 Broadway, Wiiiiamsburgh ; corner Newark and Hudson sts, Hobo - ken, and New Ktation, Joi aey City, for tickets, parlor apd sleeping rtCcommo'Jations anil baggage chocks. Express t rains leave Twenty - third st. 5 minutes earlier than time uown from Chambers at; local trains otol'JH minutes earlier. 0:00 A.M,, Day Express, Pullman Buffet Drawing - room Coaches to Builalo. Connect at HornellBvillo for JamoMown and Clianta:!ijua Jake. 3:00 P. M. every day, Chicago and St. Louis Limited, snVid Pullman train of Day, Dining and Sleoping Coaches. No extra chargo for fast time. 0:00 P. M. every day, Chicago and Crand Trunk Express, solid Pullman train of Day ami BufTot Sleeping Coaches, liutfalo, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, London and Chicago without chnngo. S :30 P. M. every day, Chicago Express, Pullman Buffet. Sleepers, Elmira, Horuoilsvillo, James town, Corry, Mend - ville, Youngstown. Cincinnati and Chicago. Rutherford, 4:00. 1:45, 0:00, 7.00, 7:35, 8:'.i0, D. - .10, 10:30. 12:00 A. M., 1:00, 1:50. 2:50, 3:37'. 4:07, 4:37.5:15. n - MZX. 5:37'. 5:45, 0:15, 0:30. 7:00. 7:30, 0:00. 10:30. 12:30 P. M. Passaic, 4:00, 4:45. 0:00, 7:00, 7:45. 0:30, 10:30, 12:00 A.M.. 1:00.1:50. 2:50. 3:07M;. 3:37. 4:07. 4.:i:):. 5:00. 5:I5, 5:37ii', 5:45, 0:15, 0:30, 7:00, 7 :30, 9.00. 10:30, 11 :30, 12:00 P. M. .Patorsnn, 4:00, 4 .45, 0:00. 7:00, 7:45, 0:30, 10:30, 12:00 noon; 1:00. 1:50, 2:50. 3:07. 3:30, 3:37', 4:00, 4 - .07K 4:30, 4:37. 5:00. 5:15, 5:30. 5.37, 5:45.0:15. ti:30.7:00, 7:30,8:30, 0:00,10:30, 11:45, 12:00 P. M. Newark and Paterson via Newark, 5:45,0:30,7:30, 8:30.10:00.11:30,2:00.3:30,4:22, 4:52 o:22W, 5:52k;. B:fW, 7:30. 10:00, 12:00. RiHgewood, 4:00, 4:45. 7:45. 8:30, 0:30, 10:30, 1 :00, I:a0, :i:07A, 4:00, 4;,'10, 5:00, 5:22k;, 5:30, 0:00. U:lil. :UU, !I:UU, I1:.SU. Sulfpin, 4:00, 4:4" 7:4". f):,'!0, 0:'.i0. .00. 1:50. 'A - .m y., D - .llO, 4:00, r:00,.r:M,ii::)U, 0:lo,7:00, 0:00, 11 Mi. NowlnirEh, 7 - ar, 0:00, 10:0 A. M. ; 3:43, 4:30, 6:00 P.M. liiwhoo, 4:4."), 7'4.", 0:00, 10:30, 1:00. 3:30.4:30. 5:00, 7:00, S:30. Middletown nnd Port Jorvis, 4:4."), 7:4.,),0:00, 10:30, 1 :()0, 3:30, 4:30, ,";00, (i:00, 7:00, S:30. .SuiKiay Local Main Iiine (to .Suilcrn), 4:.iO, h:I5, 10:30, 1:45. 4:00. 0:30. TJ:00. Newark hrnnoh to Patcrson, 0:00, 3:30, 0:30. K:00. i0:00. Kxpress trains i' tho West arrive in New York at 7 :!:. A. M. and 5:45. 1 0:37 P. M. I,. P. lrARInK, General Panaonffor Agent. W. J. .Ml'UPliy, r.eneral Superintendent. KMTKAli KAILUO.U) OV NEW"JEKSEY, FOOT 01'' LIBE11TY STREET, NORTH RIVER TIME TAOtiE, NOVEMBER 10, 1880. For Ka - .ton, 4 :00, 7 :00, 8 :45 A. M. : 1:00, 3:45. 4:30, 5:45 P. M. Sundays, 5:00, 7:00 A. M. ; 1 :00,5:30P. M. l - 'or liotliltshom. Allentown, Muneh Chunk, utc. 4:00. 7:00, ,S:4." A. M. i 1 :00. 3:40,5:45 P. M. ; Sundays, 7:00 A. M. ; 1 :00 P. M. For Wilkufharre, Pittaton and Soran - toi, 4:00, 8:45 A.M.; 3:45 P. M. For Higli lirldna branuli, 4:00, 8:45 A.M.; 4:30 P. M.; Sundays, 1:00 P.M. For Hod Hank, Loup Brannh, Ooean (irove, via all rail, etc.. 4:30, 8:15, 11:15 A. M. : 1:00, 4:00.4:30, 4:45,0:10 P. M. ; Sundays, !):00 A. M.,4:00 P. M. Sunday trains do not stop at Aabury Park or Oeonn (irovo. For .Monnioutli Bouuh. Soabripht, etc., at 4:30, 8:15, 11:15 A. M. ; 1 :00, 4:i0, 1'. M. For Atlantis Highlands, via Matawan and ICoyport, 4:30. 8:15 A. M. ; 1 :00, 4:45, 5 :30 P. M. ; Stltliiays, f);00 A. M. ; 4.00 P. M. For Manchester, Toms liiver and Barneirat, 4:30, 8:15 A. M. ; 1:00. 4:'J0 P. M. For Atlantic City, Vineland and BridRoton at 4:30 A.M.; 1:00 I'. M. For liakuwood, 4:30, 8:15 A. M. ; 1 :00, 4 :0, 4 :15 P. M. SHORTEST AND QUICKEST ROUTE FOR PHILA DELPHIA, BALTIMORE AND WASHINOTON. BOUNO BROOK ROUTE. Via Central Railroad of New Jersey, Philadelphia and Koading Railroad and Baltimore aim Ohio Railroad. Leaved loot of Liberty st, Nortli River, For Philadelphia at 4.00, 7:45, 8:30. 11:00 A.M.; l:30,:i;00,3: - '0,4:00. 5:00. 0:00, 7:30 P. M.;r.!:l5 nifc'ht: SUNDAYS, 8:30, 0:30 A. M. : :00, 3:'J0, 5:00. (1:1.0 P.M.: l'.':15 nisht. For Baltimore and Washington dailv at 8:30. U :0 (Sunday excepted) A. M. ; - J:00. 3:L'0, 5:00 1'. M. ; 12:15 niKht. Parlor cars on all day trains. Sleeping car on midnight train. BROOKLYN AN'EX FOR JERSEY OITY. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. LEAV1NU FOOT 01'" FULTON STREET DAILY. A. M. - 0:30, 7:00, 7:30, S:00, 8:30, 0:00, 0:30, 10:00. 10:30, 11:00, 11:30. l'J:00. P. M. - m:30, 1:00, 1:30,:00.:30, 3:00,3:30, 4:00, 4:30,5:1)0,5:30. 0:00. 0:30, 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, 8:31), 0:00. 0:30. 10:00, 10:30. 11:00. To Fall Kivor lino 4:00 P. M. Returning leavo .lersey City on arrival of all trains. Ilaffgago uhocka and tickets fold to all points. Ask for Brooklyn tickets whou returning to Brooklyn. K. JANSEN, Smiormtondont.

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