The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 25, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1908
Page 4
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Thanksgiving ' and Liquors! ,. . |)ej."M on its for yi.ur wines ami liquors !'••>• Thanksgiving, and it,.- !..-t will be yours. \Vliiitever yon want, in tins line we liavV, and thr .|iiiiHty wo know i« til, iMNt. .lust phone ns your i,n|.T. and we will see that y.nir order is filled irniii''t' and ca Fred Gunther Co. I Family Trade Solicited [store and Warerooms 1618 118th St. No bar attached. Phone Main 99. l-.~- BALL GAME ^^^^^^^^^f^^^_^^^^^^^^' s _^*'-^-^- IJL'-r"*-*' ^."-^.-i«£a.'~ S P O R. T1 iUYW "BLIP ««" .pwr,. uiiijii,-. ,ii;d his fattSOUE "Blue- I ?r , mn loruimK win uw V...MH.OU u..- »- that bird" arrived in IiaUevsfteld.ftist nijttt 1 ? ont i, ; end.' It has been suggested that Mftr- utter an uneventful drive up;from LOB One Koo,i thing stiggt-pts anoiher with reference to that big baseball •.'lime the rival aewspapcr nines are going to play for charity. Trof. Kuehn, ieader-of the lwn«l, 4f t goin& ; to ;] g«t. bis musicians togetherl^pr the great day, and'music naturally suggest* a pa| rade. And it is likely that plan« now : forming will bo worked out to lend.' It has been suggested that mar- n fter an nneventnii ctnve up;srom I^OB ••>..(« <• 1 shnl McKhmy and Sheriff Kelly, with Angeles over the Tejon paw. With gaDlc <, 'as many officers as can bo spared, htnvcame his mechanic and, 0,•; B^ ,,....-,..i mnrr.h nt the hnad of the procession. Ttlcfcer, manager "f the Bales tfcBpftrtH nennan They may all be needed to fceep the ment of the WtKiern Motor Car Com- %•(!!•• iv. peace. Then the flre department goes pariy of I^OK Anseles, the southern j t.ail w. iont for exercise every afternoon any- territory agents of the Chalmers-De-i u t ..i i way, and it might as well help «Wfill trott. Tucker drove a Chalmers-D* | On i the parade. trolt thirty and will locate an agency j HItl- i The newspaper nines will probably here for the Chalmers during hl8 stay: two t. follow in full regalia, and Ralph Gal-, in Bakersfleld. i r > A ; <> ' loway, the official umpire, suggests Bingley spent most, of this morning < ''- to tuning up the "Bluebird," which Is at; FU ''.v;;' the Bakersfleld parage. The car is j ' "', loflg, low and of a rakish design. H;' [ ' BIG FOOTBALL FifilE TOMORROW •x afternoon, "ti 'he Vlsallp ..• Bakerafi.'H hif'.i sehodl in will liii- mi .i-'ainst lAirt , , ii|iion$ for tin- all-important of Mio season. If Vtsalia Is d int !«• rival banners such as: "We have the largest circulation," "So haye we." "We print the most advertising,"/ "So do we." , * "We publish the most scoops." haj the name and make printed on HlKt . jiracMciiiiy hiiK thp herhan K thonsh Portef- . very htrcmg I""- 1 "" ""Is yeaj, luck the path of either Vls|- . - rsflelfl. *"' performancfs tliere is verV .-k from thi- rci ords of th Vlsftlla dtffntf;! Hanfor .> hile Biikersficld beat thei ^.I\K a t<'am half composed < i.,- last half. i.Uei-sfleld lean-, which wi i>!i! north tomorrow will coi Backer, center: Rankln,' le guard; Wegl aj e name an | .,. K , r)u . r , risht {the side of its gigantic hood in large >"' ;., ...... u^nnen. right tackle .'letters. It appears to he a car of $?e-.j s ' (< ^ in , cap I •MMMjlftl.n nnwlt) nnrl flttrantOn* tYljft : At 1 * > . . . ,1 I. embryo and the power, and - .thevat* : 'i.Shl en eft en be stamped upon your memory—and order this brand when yon need Hour. At vonr grocers. Co-be a hummer. tor of the Callfornlan tried out This afternoon Dlngley took a look, will i captain), left end; L. Strou Crandy, quarter. J. Strom McKlnley, right half; Wi ,, hark. t '" \ cr.>v. d of close to 100 rooters, in|. niiiriinc n'iinv members of the higa <choo i,'.ulty, will acompany th$ return trip to Bakersflelif ye start, ana Will [ sa yen——r -- hel(V by ^W* ^T* 6 ' ... . u —£ 7 «nA Ma Snnspt fnr ten mlleS andv nta-. .« . . «^ _ ^JII4.» — L MtftlMM 4*« Mttjtn TTtlBT ' B*H1\ Hl(r OUUBCV. Ull *wii . »*l**^w .«*•**• -,•••• i ^d^nds^ut If he 5ort^ ^^ide?, Dlngley Is supremely corifldent] ail aepenas, out ir ne OOWTT- . 'that he can materially 1owPr rail'•'• of i For the beneflt of M«5" I *, n< ™ or *f*! Free'a records, for all distancls ftpm and Henry of the other^ ^P«''. .•£»• f the hRU-»falle In 43 seodnda to the t.en Calfornlan .desires to Bay _ that flat fl: » 14 mUnitw -fj seconds. The bats of the one old <*t style are not. ( |g )n bc((er coni1IUon for ppeed \ used any more In playing ball so they . , . ag (1 ,, r!n ro ,, m falr! might as well quit Practlc ng with f{ , 8 „, h , probah i e that • .them. The 1908 rules require round i D|n , g Ump w , n remajn tbe pf . bats, and man# a pretty good ball . , , repo of lhe lvacU {or Bome 'player has ascertained that those l( round bats have holes in them. too. tlme to romb> Anyway the flat bats are not being worn this season by up-to-date base- balllsts. Both nines are making great pro- I gress. Coach MiHard is out every j day with the Echo force and tomorrow extra hours will be put in. Coaeh j Hicks Is also working out his boys and ; yammering' the team into shape. | More anon. Eagles Nominate Tonight i FIGHTERS RFM FOR Tin Kaglrs will hold their .annual nomination of officers tonight lor thi elediiMi which comes early ne« nionth 'it is expected there will be;» of nominations for each po; the rivalry between : thf ; is keen. , I] ; df candidalps will also b« into the order tonight.. A| .itlon, »s A ' initial, (i Watch for the Label on Butternut Bread and tli.Ti •.''•!' tills .'inf. '!• 'iH rfo |,i,|.iiliir a;. maiul \-> Uii- I'm P IC'I'I'RK fraracH to order. \\Y <ntll at your homo wilh smuples and on Me Caron's Art Store. Office, M. 731. Res. Farmers 18x1 ».!% Chests.-. Singer Office leilhet&laylor OrJi-1 1 t()i!;iy some of our fine. MOfNTAlN CAHBAGE. Have Vi'i tried ntir CIOI.IORY aivl that fvc-s'i ''AULlVLOVVreR? Phonf us, \yh.-u vuh \vnnt K"<id frt-sli Tomorrow .nislit, in Scribner's Op- oi r ,-n- House, Al Neil and Billv_ Morris j^ ^ will face each other In the,ring tor a (>nt lt flght ,that is B-chedulerttto po for twen- - ty rounds, or until one. or the other of ,the uontestants takes, the count ot ten from a knockout. T.ho liattle wilt oonn be nt catch welghtH and it is concert* eil that >lorrts ,'wUl- Ue il)<: htavier. To overcome this disadvantaue, Nell •has olevurness. pciwuro and ring ge» eralHhi]i in his favor. .\iorris has : youth and Flrcnsth. !' Sam Fen-Misoii will he the thir ( j raan In the rinz. liPiiu- -.-"icci- 'i . '-v to;ti Nell 'and farMln, Morris' tr.anatter, men \\-ilt tt^ht strriiaV.i Marfi'.il« of Quennsbervy run 1 -- f'.'c liitt'r.s ia "''• lireal\a\vnys and In thr r-linfhcs, with one arm free. . i.wsti'.t Uiere are 496 membeTs , arid 'tonight's initiation is expected i brine the roll over the 500 mark. M th.' meeting of the Owls lasi nicbt two were initiated and five ap- Closed All Day Tomorro w Thanksgiving COFFEE >• Good grocers like Schft-" * ling's Best, for it makes S (food-will and not trouble; , > in case of complaint, the * ; noney is ready. -\ TM* fTM*r NMtM'fWW ••»•» lt>»« «••** ••ftf IMIW hik. ' , , '"i -..; * * * •$•"•5* *********** PAINT YOU R HOUSE Houee oalntlng, IB my, apedaJ^ • ty. I M* nothing hnt the b«rt * materials, guarantee my-work + and charge reasonable price*. 4 I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor ..* «11y ««V - Phirn* Main 172. • A. : JL JL Jt* -*- -*-- Jf». J*-' A A 'A 'A J* Jt* Jk «2* A V V V ^^'T^ ^r ^, ^r^r' ™ V ™ ^T Tr v ™ ^r NOTICE i '• -,'•--.-• -v nv i iv*c •• i - 1 Notice js h'erehy given ti» a t tjie res flirant- heretofore conducted by G. 'J. in-- wrro , r«ci'lfe.d.i f»,«A"«.»tJ d;ey is busily engaged* it* If eB making ft list of the' pSrints of rmrnJ'r'rs, who shoiVlfl be 1 notjfieq in <v- "f illaesiB or accident, and_ dej s-ire^ :hat al •ii,-:ito ]KlFFi' '' . ,,. and! situated on? south! end ,. 17, 18,! 1$; ahjd ?9- *look'^6 in. §ie town'ot McJKlttrlcki Kerij..'op'unty, las tjeen pureh^asa by_ Ung-l^en, a 'hinaman,'and same ;,wlll be..ailivei;ed in pecember I,. ; lg08." Th^f^pnrchaser ctfeSfttst s«d wstnnrant oe ; W su^Jle« furnished or.for any.wages due the employes connected therewith. 103 THEWEBTNGEB ASSAYING CO. , f - r --..-•--. • ' < - fii now prapaifetl to make assays of all ores, metialfe, an,d waterrv. Ore samples by mat) cosMc p« ounce. Send -for frefe malling •envjelopes and price Jlst. ^. F. J. WERINGER, •;' T •..••"..-..•'••. " .»• Assayer and Metallurgical ' Chemist t " M.CORD AUTO RACE. •• A VsAM. Xnv. '2~ —Wll- v. i.illlard of 'Host on, ,' "Mi" the Italiftn machine 1 i niia, won the international i —In car race, maintaining an average of 52 miles an hour for 196 miles. Time, S hours, C3 minutes, 33 seconds. wlrt from "JIfirrlR'after a •bard'ficht. If 1 1 rji,> )• ?et n i)>>it(h wltb Pvv:\k May field in Sacrauicnto Dec. 11. Th< n I may retire from the ring, and go back •to tii.y mule." Nail's '.io.->il.!< iU :••;•• hk- vccfiv"'! t'i".'!ii hii iiie. M:-:. ^I'il' U a:i df I'MI' Qu< us'!'.-, v: nil Aj -h*-; n-.- t;.i. "-• vhins II'.U' I! •< a* this i n'tht \viJL be Eddie White. Kid George niiMl ."Hj-laht-eyes" Kemp. In Morris' 'corner will be Bob Jones and two Other?. Morris is equally confident of 1 "•'••iniiisr. and his eh miffs are favored many who belice in the old 'adage E-RU-SA: , , , Because it does n6t^eohk4tt'nrtrflon(», .hierotii'ji; eocafae, ieaSi o| any. poisouous^and j.iy.urions, dru"s. Because E-RU-SA CURES fTIjESl l*^K>^iPP*W^at.oW'/e|oBiSTion(3s"' ^e^rerJ r , )'ingredient of i E-Eu-^A. *'DniftMavta tnak« raise or •mis-beading 1 ' Statements" ^ : jriTiie. All old or narcotic pile medicines affect the brain and spin- i al marrow, produce constipation, never cure and are therefore ib- i lecal E-RU-SA is not for sale at opium joints. , 1 ' Berkeley, Oal., July 3, 1908. ;; ' Dr. "L, jTlriflin, Dear Doctor-. We certainly can NOT eonscit-ni •i tiously recommend or legally sell Cocaine, ergot, lead, mercurial or ' narcoj-ic Pile medicines except \ipon prescriptions. Yours truly, J Mitller & DeMerritt, University Pharmacy. R. L. Reed, R. J. Tay- 4) lor Graduates in Pharmacy. • . i Only druggists of highest standing sell and endorse E-RU-3A. . Marek*s Cigar Stores •>. .. ! in » : ;if I-,, .. . lit- wrve'l/; He wlll'i the Vit-i^iiltfM-hno-1 -of 1 r >" or;j N.-H v-ill enter the ring- at \ : ;iit>- of his (ilftV-rfiiee In the;,j Xci! promises to- J. F. Marek, Proprietor •'.'•'• - ' -Phone Maln'0'''S| >•.' i ' : j ' \Vhfd(-sale and Retail! Ciaar-s, 'Uobaiqcos, Pipos and Chew ing Gum. j DjrtTrilmtor for liakersfleld oC-.: ..- •/..-.' N'ineteenth St., T"hane Malrl 401 lin.:*, n^nv'-.* F. .>• n [nmm^cs iv "~. ; i flSlit'-fiiverite in the ringside bet>| ^ .- • • • i . ; fps. IrV. ; i'i>i-V»vl:i:U •' '•" '>'• ' •' >''"'••* f ' f f-H' T '''?-l i !<i.l lJ T ari':'!r, -it !:!"• ;iiii:it.|H. TlilS'.'tifMit in | 'A ill- 'fin on "i"K:;lM "Vvi--.. :vid-at'its 1 1 mi chin I on tfce pnlocitf js- "in- The iuWi) tomorrow event, Will -c'oino :into i lie rim:. .i ,;.,-;•': ..---- i LOVBBA ) ..l'2y 2 o Cigar HALO, 5o Cigar ;;:!;:)!• ! 1. .\".v"-"v . ' ' '''.' i'.i- ! -Ui s |1>.'1I i!ii n;. iiii'l -.kill ol' !;Us1U''K.s. nii.1 ••"'"'• hlime. ji;i')itii)K ii'.nl quit fli In, ttn. rlni» liebhlil V A. J. Ferg\tson. Phone Main -228. T-r-— Xfafantl arid 0hl TURKEYS WILL BE DRESSED ( .-: '••I| i .;,:;s The Kind You Have Always Bought AVcpelablc Prcparationfor As similaiing thcTood andttcgula- tiii'i ilic Stoaatte and Bowels of HARNF.SS SiKO ATT SON FTROS. Contains neifticr Opium.Morj NAl ;COTIC. : BVJIJ l"Hij\, oii to V t» increa.-e c'.ir (I'll' Stdl'ls lie ncdy forf.onstipa ich.Diarrhoea /'oiifiisions.Fcvcrish nd LOBS or SLEEP. H.,'Stahton, Prop. J. Phone Main 115-1 1406 19th St., BakersfieW THI CIHTAUR COMPOHV, NtW VOKK CITY,

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