The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 9, 1971 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 9, 1971
Page 7
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Tase 6 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9. 1971 Department Team — Tipton County Sheriff Dick Ziegler (center) flanked in photo v- (leW Deputy Sheriff Barney Brankle of Windfall and right Deputy Sheriff Cled Scott of SharpsviUe. ^^yfie/ihree enforcement officers are pictured in the new Sheriff's office at the south side of the jail baiMing and adjacent to the new security garage. The three began their present duties Jan. 1, 1971. (Staff Photo by Eldon Cage) Mrs. Olive Tobias Succumbs Monday *Qfy CoUHCll Mrs. .Olive" Tobias-, 78, Windfall, died at 12:30 p.m. Monday, at Tipton County Memorial Hospital, following a one year illness. Funeral services will be at 11 aim. Friday at Young- Nichols Funeral Home, with Rev. 1 Jerry Williams officiating. Burial will be in Jackson Cemetery. Friends may call Thursday at Young-Nichols Funeral Home. She was born on October 31, 1892, in Tipton County, the daughter of Emery and Malinda(Tyner) Smyser. She was one of three children. She was married to John H. Tobias on Octo-' ber 5,1910 in Windfall. He pre-, ceded her in death on June 14, 1954. ; She was a member of Windfall Christian Church, attended Tipton and Prairie Township schools. Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Edna Cardwell, of Tipton and a nephew,. Clifton Cardwell, of Windfall. (Continued from page one) to contact the Hospital Board and Utility Board. According to the Local Resident Receives Word of Father 's Death Frank Fritch, Jr. of 626 West Madison street, received word of his father's death Monday. Frank Fritch, S r . died in Cincinnati, Ohio, following a lengthy illness. He had made his home with his son in Tipton for a period of time. *.-. ' Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Fitch Funeral Home in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, with burial at Greendale Cemetery. Surviving with the son are two daughters, Mrs. Mildred Schardine, Hooven, Ohio and Mrs. El- jehe Joyce of Muncie. Also surviving are three sisters and six grandchildren. WHY 'DRIFT' ALL OVER TOWN? ENJOY ONE STOP BANKING with US! Enjoy our complete banking services,..all under one roof... in one stop! In addition, we moke every effort to give helpful advice and counsel on every financial matter. We cordially invite your patronage.' There's a little more to AMMOPHOS fertilizers N'P'K. There's a little calcium oxide, magnesium, iron oxide, manganese, boron, copper, moiybednum, zinc, and more than just a little sulfer in every bag or ton of AMMO-PHOS Fertilizers. We go to this trouble because we have pride in our products and their quality. They are sold by a special kind of dealer, too. A rare type who believes service hist naturally goes along with a fertilizer as good as Ammo-Phos. He's your Olin Agent. ADLER'S UJ3. 31 at SharpsviUe Road n Olin Wrestling Greats-- Tipton High School varsity wrestlers Joe Cage (left) and Rick Coleman (right) at honor dinner this week after both went to the Sectional finals at Taylor High School last Saturday. Cage won the 138 pound Sectional Title,.but Coleman lost the 185 championship match to Mark Stewart of Kokomo. Cage will advance to the Regional meet set for next Saturday. (Staff Photo by Jim Heaton) Council, the Hospital paid for the cost and maintenance of the sewer system for the hospital use and _ therefore would have to be consulted before any hook-up by the Nursing Home could be considered. Clyde Williams Associates of South Bend, city engineering consultants, have been requested by the City Council to study the problem and make recommendations. Bill Kinder appeared before the Council to discuss the local dog problem. Complaints by residents about roaming dogs have become more prevelant the past few. weeks as dogs roam in packs around the city. No definite action or decision was made concerning the problem. Councilman, Ralph Miller, adr vised the council that complaints of trash and garbage burning within the city limits should warrant the Councils attention and action. "We need not wait until the state forces us to clean up the city or enforce burning laws "when, we could act by setting standards now becoming an example for other cities," he stated. Teen-ager (Continued from page one) The scene occurred Monday when Knutson, of Everett, Wash., testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee In his capacity as leader of the Stanford University Draft Repeal Council. The committee took testimony on President Nixon's proposal to extend the dfafct2,r two-years while his volunteer Army proposal is being tested. Knutson told five senators sitting in on the hearing that he was "frustrated —frustrated with the draft for what it is trying to make people like me fight for and die for, frustrated with this Congress for betraying its own Constitution." Midway in Knutson's presentation, South Carolina's Senator Thurmond walked out. But Stennis, the Mississippi Democrat who heads the committee, listened calmly and at one point Instructed clerks to provide Knutson with a microphone so he could be heard in the back of the hearing room. The student said the Congress had betrayed the Constitution by giving the president the power to.draft and the power to make war in what is officially termed "peacetime." "In so doing you have also, in my opinion, betrayed the young men in this country," Knutson said. Sen. Peter H. Dominick, R- Colo., asked Knutson if he had been to Vietnam. "I have not been to Vietnam- and I hope not to be there," Knutson replied. Stennis told Knutson it was "great to live in a country where a man can come here in honesty and candor." 'California (Continued from page one). high. The California Highway Patrol said there were nume-' rous cracks in some of the structures. Near Civic Center, where a number, of ' smaller brick, buildings partially collapsed at least two persons were trapped and killed. Hospitals said at least 36 persons were admitted for treatment. Ground communications for Apollo 14 were interrupted for one to five minutes by the temblor but officials switched to backup links and were never without flight control capability,; Temporary • power failures were reported throughout . the area, swimming pools sloshed water over edges and chimneys were toppled by the tremor. Cupboards emptied of stores, lamps tipped over, and gas and water lines were ruptured. All police and sheriffs units remained on duty and patrolled damaged areas. The quake was felt 200 miles to the north at Fresno in the San Joaquin Valley' and 130 miles south to the Mexico border. . Power blackouts were reported in adjoining Ventura and " Orange Counties and some radio stations in Hollywood and Los Angeles went off the air briefly. • The seismological laboratory at the California; Institute of Technology said "all our -needles have been knocked off scale by the intensity of the quake." The shock was believed the worst in at least 20 years and the laboratory said it apparently was centered in the Los Angeles area. V Residents in central California and as far south as the Mexican border flooded emer- .gency Switchboards with calls. Electricity was out temporarily in adjoining Ventura and Orange Counties. At the UPI eighth floor office in Civic Center the tremor ; began as' a rolling motion and calendars and, pictures began shifting back and forth Jon walls. Burglar alarms were set off in the downtown area, j The first tremor lasted more than a minute and was followed by aftershocks more than half an hour later. A 25-yard panel on the upper two stories of a six-story brick building sprayed over 50 yards of a mostly unoccupied parking lot. Street lights also blinked off downtown and burglar alarms were set off. The shock tripped power switches sending some radio stations off the air temporarily. Some structural damage was done to downtown buildings. Dr. Charles Richter, retired director of the CaT Tech seismological laboratory, said the tremor was strong enough to. "throw things around in ray Apollo 74 SPACE CENTER, Houston(UPI)—The timetable for the final day of the flight of Apollo 14. (All times EST and subject to change).' 7:23 ajn..—Astronauts awaken from eight hour sleep period. 8:23 a.m. —Astronauts eat first meal of the day, 54,961 miles from earth. 12:50 p.m. — Midcourse correction No. 7, the . last opportunity to correct course for proper return to earth's- atmosphere. 3:35 p.m. —Command module separates fromj service module. 3:47 p.m. — Command, module hits earth's atmosphere. 3:50 p.m. —Radio communications blacked out. 3:53 p.m. — Blackout ends. 3:58.16 p.m.!—Command module's first parachutes deploy edi - ; • 3:59.03 —Maine parachutes deployed. = 4:04 p.m. — Apollo 14 splashes down in the Pacific. •!. • •' Voting Machines To Be Released INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) — Photographs will be. made of the vote count on impounded voting machines in order that the machines may bj6>released for the May municipal primaries. V The machines -were locked up' after the Nov.- -3 electins when then Rep. Richard Roudebush, a Republican, asked for a recount of results in his apparently unsuccessful bid to unseat incumbent Vance Hartke, a Democrat. So far Roudebush's recount efforts have been thwarted legally' and Hartke has been sworn in for his third term. . Hartke's victory margin was less than 4,400 votes. Roudebush's request for a recount covered, precincts in 11 counties. .' '• ; " • The Indiana State Election Board met I Monday with its chairman, Governor Whitcomb, to discuss the problems faced by election officials because of the impoundment order which kept the machines under lock and key. house. The inventor of the scale used to measure force of earthquakes said it was the strongest shock he had felt since the disastrous tremor in 1952 near Bakersfieid that registered 6.5 on the: Richter Scale. Today's tremor also was felt strongly in the same area and farther north. The original tremor was followed by continuing rolling but smaller aftershocks. A housewife in Venice, 18 miles from the Civic Center said, "My God, I've never felt anything like that." *Cage-ology (Continued' from page 4) into season! •.. ! c -° i -. A temporary failure of the timing, clock at Alexandria High School Gym Saturday night at the start of the ; second half of the* Tipton - Alex, Varsity Game quickly brought Tipton Coach ' John Moses off his team bench when he became aware that he didn't have aj Tipton Timer representative at the officials clock and John rapidly searched the Tipton Fan section, until he dis- . covered Assistant Principal Bill Mitchell and j asked him to take the Blue Devil Timer position. ,. The scoreboard clock read 7:38 to go in the third quarter when it quit working and time-out was called by the officials until the "correction could be made. Assistant Principal Mitchell's good luck began to work about four, minutes later and the Satans '. Sophs spearheaded a drive which almost. brought victory, in tho fourth quarter. . i c-o • .!• • Tipton Litlle League Baseball officials are taking a long, hard look at the rules and regulations governing adiilt supervision and management of the. Community's youth. ' j Serious player - parent - management differences have arisen not only in j other communities throughout the. United States,- but also in Tipton and Tipton Coun- Four Tipton (Continued from page one) . the queens j will be Miss Lisa Childress, Spencer, 17-year-old 01970 Indiana State Fair Queen, and Robin Wright. Warren County 4-H organist. Tim Foley, defensive back with the Miami Dolphins pro football team and (former All-America corner back at Purdue, will be the luncheon speaker. I'. . William Cable, president, Indiana Crop Improvement Association, and Melvin Leach, Plant , Food Department, Indiana Farm Bureau Cooperative Inc., will be in charge of the recognition cere- •' mony for the Junior Crop Growers. Following this, an autographed football!will go to some lucky youth, presentation to be made by Steve Murphy, Purdue defensive safety, and Maurice Williams, executive secretary of Purduefs Agricultural Alumni Association. Concluding the program will be entertainment by Purdue's world famous Glee Club. Sponsors of the crops' program andj jamboree are United -.Farm Bureau Insurance Companies, Indiana Farm Bureau Cooperative Association, Inc., Indiana Crop improvement Association, Indiana Cooperative Extension Service, and Purdue. ty over conduct of some team managers and the Tipton loop officers are making an effort to minimize such problems before even a "frown" can develop. C-0 Tipton High School's T Men Club has a Chili Supper scheduled for. this Friday night at the high school cafeteria 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. just prior to the Tipton- Blackford basketball game, which is the final home game of the 1970-71 season. • The public whether attending the game or not is urged to patronize ,the Chili supper which with desert is $1.25 for adults and 75 cents for 12 years and under. • The proceeds go toward T Men trips and other extra cutri­ cular activities. Hospital Hews MON., FEB. 8,1971 ADMISSIONS: Barbara J.Col­ lins; Robert A. Buscher;. Gloria J. Widows; AlexW.Stinson; Everett t. Rood; Hubert Ball; Angela M. Snipes. DISMISSALS: Edwina Lynch, Pendleton; Estella Fenn, Hemlock; Melba Borden, Tipton; Janice Cox and Infant, Tipton; Paul Mottweiler, Elwood; Melissa Kemper, Tipton. NOTICE. UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S FORECLOSURE SALE - In the District Court of the United States for'the Southern District of Indiana, tndkuapoUs Division - United States of America, acting for and on behalf of Small Business Administration, plaintiff, vs. Herman Leri, et al, defendants. Cause No. 1P63C 5H. Public notice is hereby given that pursuant to a decree of foreclosure and order of sale entered by the United States District Court In the above entitled cause on February IZ, 1365, and - re-affirmed by said District Court on October 13, 1970. L Charles D. Loos, United States Marshal for the .Southern District of Indiana, in cooperation with Small Business Administration, an Agency of the United States of America, will on the 10th day of March, 1971 at the hour of 19:00 o'clock in the forenoon, .Eastern Standard Time, at the Tipton County Court House, Tipton, Indiana, sell at public auction to the highest and best bldderfor cash, all and singular the foUoving real property Jn the. said decree mentioned, or so much thereof as shall be sufficient to. satisfy said decree. . The real estate to be offered for sale is located in the City of Tipton, Tipton County, Indiana, and is legally described as foUows: The decision reached was to order Indiana State Police to photograpt the counter panels to show I he vote tally on the machines used in the precincts where Roidebush's recount was requested. The photographing is expected to be completed by March 8 when all material would be turned over to appropriate election officials in the counties. 'Utility Board (Continued from* page one) 25; Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 25; and Christmas, Dec 25. 'Thesa dates are for only 1971. Other, action by the board mem T bers was to agree on some attendance at the Indiana Water Works Convention at Indianapolis Feb. jl7, 18 and 19- and to continue ^he program on test wells. Discussed at the session was the opening of bids Feb. 22 for Disposal Plant items deem* ed necessary by the State Board of Health land Safety and that the newly purchased backhoe for the water department would be delivered to; Tipton next week. Tract No. 2; Lot 2andapart of Lot 1 in Block 5 of John p. Kemp's 2nd Addition to the City of Tipton, Indiana, more particularly described as follows: Beginning-15 feet south of the northeast corner of Lot 1 on the vest line of Coode Street and 110 feet south of the center line of the NYC & St. LJtJt. and running - south 113.4 feet to an iron pipe on the north line of Lot*3, thence west 142 feet to an iron pipe on the east side of an alley, thence running north 117.6 feet to an Iron pipe which Is .9.6 feet south of the northwest corner of said Lot 1, thenca following a curve, whose radius is 415 feet, southeasterly 68 feet to a point 15 feet south of the north line of said Lot 1, thence east parallel with the south line of Erie Street 73 feet to the place of be jinnies. Tract No. 3: Lot 10, and part of Lot 11 and a part of Lot 12 In Block 5 of John P. Kemp's 2nd Addition to the City of Tipton, Indiana, more particularly described as follows: Beginning at the northwest comer of Lot 12 on the east line of Green Street and 110 feet south of the center UneoftheNYCiSL L.R.R. and running thence south on the east line of Green Street 192.5 feet to an iron pipe on the north side of an alley, thence running east 139.5 feet to an iron pipe on the west line of an alley, thence running north along the west line of an alley 111.5 feet to an iron pipe, . theuca turning a deflection angle, to the left of 89 degrees 40 minutes and running west - 81.5 feet, thence running north parallel with Green Street 82 feet to an iron pipe, thence running west on the south line of Erie Street (56.6) fifty-six point six feet to the place of beginning. f Tract No. 4: Lot 9 in Block 5 of Joan P. Kemp's 2nd Addition to the City of Tipton, Indiana, more particularly described as follows: Lot (9) nine is the third lot north of Dearborn Street on the south side of an alley. Its proportional width Is (65.9) slity-five point nine feet north and south and (140) one-hundred forty feet east and west on its north line, together with all the buildings. Improvements, appurtenances, additions, substitutions and replace meats thereunder attached or belonging. All of the above property will be offered in groups and parcels and piecemeal. For additional information with regard to the real estate described herein to be sold, please contact the office of Small Business Administration. 36 South Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, or the office of the United States Attorney, Indianapolis, Indiana. DATED at Indianapolis, Indiana, this 21st day of January, 1971. CHARLES D. LOOS United States Marshal Federal Building. Indianapolis, I^dlun w E D N E S D Associate Store A Y New Management CLIFF & CAROL TONJES - OWNERS 107 Court Tipton COLONEL SANDERS'FAMOUS KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN With chicken so good, who wants to fry it at home? ELWOOD SHOPPING CENTER i junior high Hfadker Cloud type - stratus Maximum temperature - 20 Minimum temperature - 1 Present temperature - 1 Wind Direction - West' Wind Velocity - 6 mph Relative Humidity - 76% Precipitation - 0 Barometer Reading - 30.00 rising Forecast - Fair «. ' f -n* Olympic Elk CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK of TIPTON

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