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The Evening Times-Star and Alameda Daily Argus from Alameda, California • 3

Alameda, California
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THE EVENING TIMES-STAS THREB alamkda cal tiiiksday jilv 21 1010 SUPERVISORS NAME ELECTION OFFICERS HAYWARD RANCHERS MYSTERIOUS ILLNESS STDNET AYRES TOOK SIX HUNDRED MILE (IDE ON HORSEBACK DURING VACATION i Watch for the Most Sensational Sale! Ever Happened in Alameda JACOBS has come into his own again at a settlement of 42 cents on the Dollar The BIG SALE starts SATURDAY MORNING July 23d at 9 oclock aerSEE FRIDAY EVENING PAPERS A 1345 PARK ST STINGAREE CAUSES DEATH OF BOY WEST PALM REACH Fla July 21 Death in an almost unheard of form waited for Laurence Baker an Il-year-old Jacksonville lad when lie dived from a boat while swimming in Lake Worth yesterday A sting-aree a huge flat-bodied anil gruesome species of warm water fish was lurking just under the boat One of the barbed spines which this fish carries on its whip-like tail pierced 05flEZHSZ3EBra OAKLAXD July 21 Oral orically battling nearly all day the board of supervisors yesterday selected the I CM) election officers required for the primary election the point over which the fight was waged being the counter claims of Supervisor VV Foss and County Clerk John Cook for recognition in the seventh ward of Oakland Loss had his list of officials all made out but was expecting a battle lie and Supervisor Mullins having received pre-in format ion lo the effect that Supervisors Horner 1 Kelley and VV Bridge planned to name men of their own choosing in Foss' and Mullins' districts and discard the Foss and Mullins lists This phase of file matter did not appear before the hoard yesterday but it was openly stated in the board rooms that District Attorney Donahue and County Treasurer Kelly had declared such a plan to he unfair and to have refused it their sanction with the result that Chairman Horner of tlie board abandoned his position Hut County Clerk Cook did demand recognition on the election boards in the seventh ward and got it Foss refused Cook's request for half of the election hoards and alter several hours of discussion a compromise was affected Cook being allowed to select two members of the election hoards in 13 precincts and four members in the remaining two precincts This gave Cook 32 repre-ntativei and Fo-s retained XX of his original list "1 want to lie iiir" said Supervisor Foss in discussing his wrangle over the appointment of election officers ''County Clerk Cook is entitled to representation but I objected to the method he took If he had approached me before I made out my list I would gladly have named him as great a representation as hej secured The seventh ward is his home" I The new law makes primary elections five times as expensive as be-! fore it was estimated by the supervisors and District Attorney Donahue yesterday Heretofore it was permitted to consolidate election precincts at primary elections and a smaller Last increasing rapidly and there are many rar the general primary election cost prominent Ahim-dans connected witlJp'ss than JxOnii This year the cost1 Ibis splendid organization which vvasLju ))t in ot- Jiiiotm originated for lb- greater advantage of cilucal ion and general cullure not only of Hu niui'ii of America hut other con ut rie- where it is fast gaining 11 recognition VISES buttle before the horsemen dispatched it with a club The rattles were preserved as a memento of the day orything else that ran lie imagined ill the way of enlerlaitiment The citizens of San Fi aueixco are lawailing wiili eagtiu-s the oppor- Unity of showing their proverbial linspilalit and at III- headquarters' of the Admission I) tv 1 1 1) festival committee to -7 0 In-Ian building 1 Lings are humming Low Rail Road Rates HE AND FRIEND KILL A BIG RATTLER NEAR LOS GATOS Sydney Ayres leading man at Ye Liberty theater who returned lo the singe last week after a several weeks vacation put in most of his vacation period on horseback Ayres generally known as a horseback rider about Oakland and it was even reported I lint lie was doing some cowboy stunts on a Montana slock ranch during liis summer resting hut will he news to manv Liberty patrons to learn that Ayres completed liDO tulle linrsebnek ride just before lie resumed work at the Oakland theater Ayres and a friend A II Lent of Oakland were guests of Mr and Mrs Richard Walton Tally at the Tally Arabian sfoek ranch near Los Gains They were on their horseback tour wlicu they stopped for a few days at the Ttilly borne On the way to the Tally ranch while riding through the Los tlatos moiiiilainx Ayres and Lent killed one of the mid asked me to see what was the matter with a man who was apparently sick weni in and found Cluippe in a coihatose condition Winll he failed to respond to Ihe treatment I gave him which was one-lift of a grain of morphine I had him sUit In ihe hospital I have never prescribed any morphine or opium for Chappe and I have never given him any of eilln drug Some lime ago lie told me lie was 11 sufler-i' from insomnia and Hull morphine was the only tiling that would relieve it I told him that never preserihed morphine and that would not prescribe it or any other opiale for him hot that there was other trcalments which would afford relief 1 do not know what lie had taken and I gave him rational treatment on the theory that lie had laken an opiate inlerinilly apoinnrphine being a powerful emetic When il failed produce the expected result I had him taken where I knew lie could receive proper treatment fur I saw -it Ids condition was serious" Cluippe is a wealthy Hayward man owning a ram It there and considerable other property in the eunnty He had (I in coin anil a miinbcr of checks on ills person vv lien lie was laken to tlic receiving hospital Lassie TI10 woman who inspired the Last Rose of Summer" is dead Meitny Some people who try to sing It ought to lie During Our Removal I'DINI) SICK CAXDV STOKE IN OAKLAND IS REMOVED TO HOSPITAL OAKLAND Inly 21 Alexander Jl Cliappe a Hayward resident wlio was taken to lie receiving hospital yesterday apparently suffering from an overdose of morphine was removed to Providence Hospital last night Today his condition is nil-changed lihappo was found in a stupor seated in a chair and lying with his Lice on a small table in Standeford's ice cream parlor in the Ilncon block Tuesday night and the police began an investigation of the mysterious case From what evidence Mrs C'happe the attendants at tile receiving hospital and the police have been aide to gather Ctmppe has been tinder treatment by Dr (1 Kleeman for a short time Last evening their information is that lie went to the physicians office and It was shortly after ibis that he collapsed in the candy store lie attracted no particular attention when he entered the place and ordered ice cream He took a seat in the rear of the store and a little later one of the waitresses in the place discovered his condition At the receiving hospital Dr Kleeman denied all knowledge of wind had caused Cliappes condition Assistant Stewards Travers and Arnold began working with Chappe and In a few minutes Dr II Irwin and Dr Devine arrived the stew ai ds having summoned them Dr Kleeman admitted that afier lip had found Chappe in a roinotnse eniHliiion lie hint given him one-fifth of a grain of morphine hypodermi-iilly in an effort to induce vomiting 1)' Kleeman denies living ever admin dered any opiate to Cluippe Tuesday evening Cluippe came to in offieft in the lacon building suffering apparently from some drug and asked for a glass of water I gave it to him At about 10:30 oclock I sturted home and stopped n( Htandefords which is in the same building with my office Some of the people In 'the plaee recognized me ITCH RELIEVED AT ONCE That terrible itch disappears will) Ihe FIRST DROPS of a simple compound of oil of intergreen thymol and glycerine mixed in DDD Prescription This soothing healing lotion used externally kills the eczema germ instantly Heretofore the remedy has been sold only in $1 bottles hut as a special offer any sufferer in tills town who has never tried can now try this remedy in a special bottle at 23c It cures the itcb Instantly We KNOW this Rileys Drug store Park street and Simla Clara ave Offered LINENS ITItE IRISH 72 Inchi't table wide 1 LINEN egiilar $1 11 KE IRISH IINEN NAPKINS To match: regular $271 a HICK TOWELS Extra large regular 13c is it a 1 1 to ill Purity Above All Things should be taken into consideration in buying-MILK Our success is clue to the fact that the Milk we sell is PURE FROM OUR SANITARY RANCN AT PLEASANTON ISLAND CREAMERY 5 1 I largest rattlesnakes slain in the mountains in years The snake had thirteen rallies and put up a lively COMING ADMISSION DAY CELEBRATION TO SET NEW RECORD San I'nimisi-ii is making great preparations fur 1 lie coining celebration of Hie sixi ieth anniversary of I lie entrance of California into the completed sisterhood of Slates tile eighth ninth and tenth of leinher 11 festival will he held promises lo mil rival any ever given ill the city by the Golden new On lull lie fore (liile and one that will lie long remembered The parade of the Native Sons and Daughters of Ihe Golden West on Friday September fl will contain several miles of extraordinary features and in which all of the prominent oigaiiiat ions will participate On ihe three nights of the festival liie city will he illuminated in splendid style entertainments will In offered without number and fireworks of every style and device will lie discharged There will lie on various days a big open air coneert by the school children athletic games at the I ark Stadium evolutions by the troops stationed at the Presidio drills by the government life saving crews exIiibUioiis on the liav nod on land by tile lire department and cv- Sale SYDNEY I 1 FUNERAL OF MISS JOHANNA MARCUSE new primary law enckeyses COST TO THE ClIIATV AltOl TOO PE It CENT For California Settlers (7 Ipmnts to I ii II Simile ts til bets the cua-t i'll Pacific from Easern will be sold by Company agents cl may lie deposited wall anyj Pieilic agent and tkket1 idivered to your Eastern' Southern will lie i friend ASTKYCHAN APPLES (KEEN tOKY ETC AT MONEY SAYING I IGIUES Astrachans tlie very best variety for pies sauce etc Unsurpassed for quantity of jelly and facility of making it GKXFINE Alameda Sweet Corn New Burbank Potatoes white and smooth Fine Rhubarb for jam sauce etc Pure Cider Vinegar DONALD A COHEN Producer and Mgr Phone Alameda OSD Free delivery in Alameda I ALAMEDA ihe boy's neck cutting the juglar vein He rose to the surface crying for help and liltd to death within four minutes You can tell a noble from an ignoble passion by the fact that the noble passions flow outward and the ignoble inward Doing hard work in a lieut or stooping position puts a stitch in the back that is painful If the muscles have become strained you cant get rid of it without help The great penetrating power of BALLARD'S SNOW LINIMENT will appeal to you iim-t strongly at such times bet a use it is the very tiling you need Price 2'ic Tide and $100 per hot tic Sold Hiv UileVs Drug Store Proprietor Phone Alameda 61 DURING LUNCH HOUR you can hoar the men talking about the job they are on And you'll not hear a word of fault finding if the lumber for it comes from our yards They know and you should too that our lumber works up better and quicker than the ordinary grades Do you set a saving in that kind of a proposition? Son Cor Standing Ave i UNION MILL) Evelyn 2103 Clinton Avenue Corner Willow Street DANIELS 1350 PARK STREET Geo Plummer PHONE ALAMEDA 624 Norman again dale-: August 23 to indu-ive also October 1 lo October OAKLAND Ju'v 21 The funeral 17 inclusive Very low rates are of Miss Johann i Marcuse who dh made by the railroad con'miny for al Ihe Herman loqiilal of Sun Emu- I he purpose of encouraging (tiers follow ing all operation Ahm- to locate in California If you want to (lay was hold liom Hie homo of herhuing -oine one out tile lost of tick- 'car on tlie foiiov ing I liis bnil si reel c-1 on interred a' Ah Thi funeral -Iliibbi Fri-u led as pal 1 1 S' nitor Id Vi Waller and Joseph Wulti Mi'ciise is sin vived ly liiri rrs Max Felix ami Julius ami i no sistei- Mrs leant ami Miss Clara Walter Alm-iisc Thi remains lain View reiucti 'ires were read 1 I (I Tvv ell I hiv tv i In balder The folluwiiigi cel's 1 in rt maim 1 Ii Joseph lioseiilieru 1 Summer Dress Goods ADEQUATE ADVERTISING DAY I WINS AND DIMITIES Famy regular 17c Sale mis units i ii Reg 23c LAWNS The same special laics that pre- vailed last year from Chit ace St ltniis and Missouri river points will be in effect this year viz: From Chicago $3 3 Council lliuffs $23 Fun Worth $23 Kansas Cisy $23 Memphis $32 New Orleans $32 St Louis $32 Sun Antonio $23 and proportionate rates from all intermediate points East of Chicago the rates will he practically the same as last year These special settlers rates allow for usual stopover at points in California and at certain points in Arizona New Mexico Nevada and Ftah For further particulars inquire oi any agent LUND OVER CHILD II A II A July 2 I Ads Written Booklets Built i a yard Sale Price Her THIS YEARS licg 12'Vl ItiDLANDS I lh'g 1 flu I dozen Sale Price $11)0 Letters Drafted Printing Handled A USING Forceful Direct and Unique BENEFITS BUSINESS I'm I Or a a rd AND DIMITIES Sale Price lev a ard lNi BINGHAMS Sale Price 10c a yard Sale Price 71 a yard Sale Price I Ic a aril JttAII Telephone Service: Alameda 150 Sale Price 10c ATLANTIC IEltlALi Reg 13c MRS HENRY RUNS SANTA A It Ileliii li-xeai-old daughter of I) Tinker was vi'y seriously injured yesterday al id noon when she was run (low by an automobile driven by Mrs Henry Lund of San Francisco Mis Lund vv ho is spending tlie sum-nier id Miriniar was driving up Stale street when the lililc'girl ran in front of the car being crushed to tlie curl) Physicians say site will recover Mrs Laud was formerly Miss Mila bally and at one time a resilient ot Ibis city If you are net registered you not vote You must register on or before July 20 iTHE BIG STORE! Loewe Wilkens Alamedas Leading Dry Goods Store 1330 PARK ST Phone Alameda 583.

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