The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 24, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1908
Page 8
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALTFORNIAN TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1908. TEL6PHONu3 MAIN 39 and 88 Thoughts of Christmas SHERIFF -GETS I RUEPS MAN < SAYS HE LIED - we M;ike n note of this .shall stock some new ijifl or".ides this year that you will x-i-!i to invest!irate early. I'lii'iv will he many n stir:.>•;>!• here for early huyers. The Store of Eastman Kodaks. Baer's Leading Druggists. Amusement Sheriff Kelly returned from the j n the Ruef trial in Judge Lawlor's south this morning with John Mul- court yesterday James U Gallagher vaney. who was at rested at Oxnard W as withdrawn as a witness and Alex- yesterday, In response to description ander S. hathan, formerly Ruef's ranis sent out from the local office, chauffeur, who was brought back from i Mulvaney's capture I* regarded as an Portland, On-., on extradition papers, important one, as lie now appears to was placed on the stand by the prose- be the man wanted for .the theft of cutlon. Gardner's and Waters' horses, on Lathan was asked as to the facts' which charge W. A. Anderson was contained In un affidavit made by him cleared last week, at Ills preliminary last January, in which he admitted examination. Anderson, it seems, left having .seen lluef obtain a shirt box for Los Angeles, leaving the horses which was first taken to the office of belonging to Waters and Gardner the United Raildroatls and afterwards I,ere. After he arrived in the south to the Western National Bank, he sent for the horses, intending to , Declaring at first that he could not place them on sale in'the south for } remember any of the assertions he the owners, but Mnlvaney kept out had made previously, Lathan finally three of the best animals, not Includ-1 admitted that he Tiad cworn to the ing them In the shipment. When An- j same assertions during his examlna- •Ireson returned to Bakerafleld Mill-:tIon before the grand jury and that vaney was missing. I these assertions, In whole or in part, Mulvaney is a horse trader by QO.CU-| were untrue An effort was then made patlon, and Is about 50 years of age. - to Innrti the circumstances under He would have nothing to say In re ' gard to the charges against him. Moviim pU-'nres M, (•'•y \Vi"tnr.-i.|!iv eu' Hi-Ids, Asscn.iiited Sun .loaiplin Lease. MANUEL SERRANO Mnsrr. iilj i'-e (<v- in (Vi! House, Too Late For Classification \\.\\TKn—Old furniture (n i;i- made li'.e now. CARPICTS l.'I.KANED A.NO i.AYICD. I'liholsti".-Inm in all !•: Miches. Mattresses iilade over •ml i-eturned tho s,ip.ic> diy. C'. C. Ciouell. Alain :!'.»$; siio;> "(i(J K ' street. tf Phone Miln 977 1512 Eighteenth Street. CITY FISH MARKET A. LYON, Proprietor FRESH FISH, LOBSTERS. CRABS, OYSTERS. GAME IN SEASON AND POULTRY Prompt Delivery. USTKN—DO YOU WANT to own this lot, 100x122 feet, on G street? You can for $750, $50 cash, balance to suit you at 6 per cent Interest on deferred payments. See R. A. Moore, room 11, Hopkins Bldg. 101 which Hie affidavit waa made. Lathaii testified, in spite of numerous olijeriinns by the defense, (hat he had never sworn to the affidavit which, lie said, practically had been dictaied by William J. Burns. Lat linn's summons to the stand was something of a surprise. John E. Harper, an attorney, appeared in court as legal representative of the witness and asked Judge Lawlor to Instruct him that he need not testify to facts that might tend to incriminate him-1 self. Harper's objections were con-1 tinned until Judge Lawlor warned him against the danger of further interfering. On behalf of the defense, Henry Ach made numerous and lengthy objections to Lathan's testimony. He afgiied that the questions of tin- prosecution and the matter contained In t'it> affidavit which was later pro- uuoei" by Hiram Johnson, were alto- A DESERVING PERSON can secure ] gether extraneous to the case against ' 11 good cooking stove free of cost l-y "applying at this office. 100 WANTED— -Second took and waitress In oil fields hotel. Telephone Main 147. tf TO BE GIVEN AWAY. Fifty turkeys are to be given away at the Opera Cafe, under Scrlbner Opera House, every afternoon and evening until Thursday evening, Novem- her -<Jth. [.riotora. Dooslng & Mltvchln, pro- 101 Mt' J . Atiurows vvn lancing cliiss. Those r C? n me wishlna: 1 her ) at, CREST YOU WANT IT ! SOLD ONLY IN TINS Bakersfleld Grocery Co. Bakersfleld, Cal. Sole Agents Phone Main 186. 1717-1719 19th *end may rini; up Mala 14 1 at. -Ill Twentieth s; re"t. ; Mr. and .Ml - K. M. i, KIM il'i ai 1 " i ecep.t arm a ' and lAjH'ei I i make : Kern. Ruef. Ach finally asked the court to instruct Lathan that he was not required to answer any question that would tend to Incriminate him , but Judge Lawlor refused. 11! the affidavit which was read into the record section by section, IM- than had admitted'that he drove Ruef to the office of the United Railroads en three or four occasions, and that once Ruef stopped at a haberdasher's store and secured a shirt 1>ox, which he took to the railroad office and then to thp Western National Bank. To all questions that related to this allegation, Lathan steadily replied that ho did not remember, or that he could not swear fhat the statement was flG lain - t'rc 1 . n" 1" their home in or rail i Confronted with the affidavit, HORSEBREFIDERS. advancement In ser- ! NOTICE TO ' Positively no \ ice I'd- ut the stallion Iticliard H for tin ,-eiisoii. l'."i!'. Those l»'iir, r inform cd as in advancement in price are 111 isle. I. l"7 1)11. SIOAUS. V. S. AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE J. H. Jones Carter's Hotel, Maricopa Bakersfield Garage, Bakersfield. Main 142. Main 1260 THE HUB 'On the Corner rath and I Sts. THE HUB On the Corner 19th and I Sts. WE ARE AFTER THESE "CAN'T BE FITTED" FELLOWS. To I'.- stout man, the slim man. or to any man vi;» thinks that lie can't be lilted with a read '"-wear we have a message of comiWt. Brill;,' your suit troubles lu-iv. \Ve have a curi!~"Clotliin<j; thai will lit yon |><->'!Vet ; .y, Don't Si-ulY, .Mr. M;ii'.li"i!icr: p'lt as to ll,,- test: ti'v our clot lies. Tliat 's all. 'he was olilise,) to read, he admitted he had signed it, but affirmed that In- had not hi'i'n sworn l>y the notary. Laihati testifled that nearly all of tliu allegations made in the aflidavit were dictated l.y Williata .(. Kiirns and that Hums and Finef had dirocted him to relate the same story before (lie grand ,1'iry. AdniitiiiiK that he knew that he was .-•IfiiiiriK an affidavit and admitting that he knew the tacts contained therein were not true. Lathan was asked: "\Vi-ll, when yon told th,-se fa< ts to the sraiid jury, were yon then n-llins the truth?" j "I was, not telling the truth." "Did you under oath veil untruths to j the grand jury?" j "I did. 1 was directed to do so by .| William liurns and Abraham Ruef." j Lathan reiterated this declaration several times before he was handed I over to the defense for cross-examlna- '•lon. The cross-examination of Lathan was brief and was for the most part an effort to shake the testimony ol the witness. Then the witness waa landed over to the prosecution. Hiram Johnson began questioning lilm regarding his long absence from the city. Lathan stated that he had left San Francisco in company with a Mr. Clark, father-in-law of Luther Brown, an agent for the defense. He said he could not remember who had arranged for his departure, but that Clark had purchased an automobile and engaged Lathan to operate it at $5 a day and living expenses for Lathan and his wife. Later in the day under a merciless cross examination by Johnson, Lathan contradicted many of his statements of the earlier .session. He admitted that he had conferred with Ruef and given before the maud jury and that Ruef had recalled m bis recollection the occasion upon which the call was made for the shirt | )11X and the siibse- qiient visit to the ,,m,e of tho United I Railroads ami the hank. Bit by bit he admitted recollection (J [ other details of the I'ontVri-n,',. with Ruef and Bums and when he had completed his testimony he had related his exper- leiu-es down to (l u . nccm-a-i;, os of yesterday morning, when he stated that ho had been advU.,1, in the offices of the prosecution that he had better ••-onsiilt his aitniney hofo'.v makltn? any statement. CITY Plan two days trading in one TOMORROW —Our Store Closed all day Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Specials in Suit Department WKDNUSDAY MI'ST BK THE BANNER DAY in this busy de- purtiufiil. Hundreds of choice suits arc offered at extra pecial prices, shirting at $14.75 for $20 values. We wish to call attention to our $30 Tailored Suits For $22.50 \ Many of these arc sample garments, others are from regular stock. Materials HIV striped worsteds and English suiting. Coats ar» long, satin lined throughout. $30 Silk Princess Costumes $22.50 Came Monday fresh from New York. Some are of chiffon taffeta others of;iline. In black, blue, green and brown. All are tastily trimmed with lace and fine silk trimming. Beautiful Thanksgiving Furs AT SPECIAL THANKSGIVING PRICES—the savings tomorrow are about ONE FOURTH of the regular values, which Is an Inducement that should tempt every woman to at least look over our great collection tomorrow. Here yon will find fur scarfs In all the new lengths and shapes, well made of fashion's most favored furs. . „ . , Thanksgiqihg Sale of Fine Millinery $12 Hats Tomorow for £7 Tlii- iiiinmiiicement will surely crowd our well prepared millinery seetion TOMORROW. These hats were created in. our own work room, so famous t'nr artistie millinery productions at popular prices. Many are exact copies of Parisian models, others are conceptions of oar millinery experts. TOMORROW your choice of $12 hats for Have Ysu Attended the Demonstration of the "Romona" Belt Pin, and the "Success" Collar Support? The "Romona" Belt Pins are shown in a choice variety of new effects. Including medalion, cameo, hammered metal, etc. The "Success" Collar Support is the simplest little device for holding up women's collars- Will not injure the daintiest fabrics. Price, during demonstration, each lac. Toyland, Toyland, Happy Girl And Boy Land ! It's an interesting place, Redlick's Toy Section, just as much for the m-ownups as for !!ie little ones. Come today and just wander leisurely about. \Ve n^ure you it will be a very pleasant visit. ALSO NOTICE OTll Bit; TOY WINDOW. TY1VC Ha " cf our Second floor is a areat Toyland - Let the children 8ee the big - 1 V-l I O display in the department and in Windows No. 16 and 17. V. Your Boy Can't Get Wet in a Redlick $5 Suit ' By a special process they are made water proof. They are strictly all wool and are absolutely the best suits ever tailored for $5. HT'Y YOl'K 1-50Y GOOD CLOTHES— it's c-heaper and Hi- b',y looks better. When you buy si Hedliek boys' suit for $5 you get stout fabrics, permanence of shape, resistance of wear, and perfect style at a price within your means. Shoe the Children at Redlick's Try tlu-"Kducator" Shoe-they have the reputation „£ In-ing the best shoes for children. They wear longer than other shoes, art- more comfortable and have more style. Prices ranjo from $1.75 to $3,50. Land Company employ,. \,>\-, ^ith, stealing a coat and pair <•.: shoes. Women of Woodcraft Drill, The Women of Woodcraft ni\.. ;i fancy | dress drill tonluht In A. o r \V. hall. (A splendid musical i>iviut••n; will nlso | be retr'.ere !. i Jack R>an Bartenders' Secretary.— At a meeting h-ld last hi.;ln of tlie Hnrtendt-r's 1'nion, .K"" K "i was i elected sec re tars, vie- C\\.\-.-i Uns- sdll, resigned. -The brick work on meetings all this week at the Penlet FOR SALE EUCALYPTUS TP.EFS 3,000,000, Lending Varieties Cnmp::liV . Kdv.-al 1 '..', C'. t'rilih. I'res. \V. S. 'i'hatciiei'. S.••(•'.i. 1_i; So. A Bargain!! and rapid progress is being made. Mrs. Rees at Mission—Mrs. Seth Cook Rees will hold special revival Ut?fc?UD "*•' •**»•"-•"•" — - — heard her at Armory hall lately. Rev. Hees la now In Seattle holding meet- Ings there C TR» .. A S.VVISEKOPF 'l-rio- I 1 ,! ', \ t!r:.- r. :•. i.i . s\; 1 I.i j i-xauiir. ,;'<— si-;. •' ,- !''• .-. ••. K.t broke into i!:c- room of Kill '; ! I.!.i! • -i:'. -i.-. Kern. Pi'.-.; 5450. .'!'.-nr- if desired. >;::' • -i piiyii 1 MI! ; l..i!,ili( i' 1. '_', :• , f.i, - \','!';i. iii l.-'iah Thoni- luii, r-:'.i North lioyls'on Su'tol, l.os Ar.^eles, California. MORLEY'S THEATRE Masonic Temple, 2007 Chester Avenue Admission lOc No Higher Continuous Performance 7:30 to 10:30 P. M- BOX OFFICE OPEN 7:15 to 9:15 STRICTLY f-IGH CLASS MOVING PICTURES AND ILLUSTRATED SONGS; FUN AND AMUSEMENT FOR EVERYBODY. Dnvid Garrick( special comedy; "All fora Butterfly (comedy) Railroad Detectives (special: SONGS-"Two Little Girls Loved ••The Actor's Child (drama, One Little Boy" ••On the B<inU Hubby's Vacation (corned/ > cf the Old Mill Stream. Kntire channv of i'ro^rum Monday and Tliur-inv' u-.i/hts. Saturday aiiJ Sunday. Coupons given every night. Nov. 23d,24-piece quadruple plate Rogers Bro».' set to holder of lucky coupon.

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