The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut on September 19, 1961 · Page 43
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The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 43

Bridgeport, Connecticut
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Tuesday, September 19, 1961
Page 43
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THE BRIDGEPORT POST, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1961. WALLGREN DIES; EX-ES.JENATOR OLYMPIA. Wash.. Sept. 13(AP) Monrad C. Wallgr^n, former Washington governor, U. S. senator and former chairman of the l-'ederal Power commission died yesterday. He was 70. Wallpren, who went by the, name .Mon. was a Democrat and; a close friend c! former Pn-si- 1 iU-r.t Harry S. Truman, lie serv -ii in the U. S. House of Rcpre- H-nlativcs from 1!)32 to 1340. in! the Senate from I'M to 19H and as governor from 19-M until ]9-!S. He had been hospitalized since July 8. when he was injured in a traffic accident. His rifjhl leg was amputated. Doctors belicv-j ed he had nearly recovered hu!! early yesterday he h:;d a relapse. His physician said the immediate cause of death was heart and kidney complications, but it was not known what brought about the complications. An autopsy was planned. Hit By Truck Wallgren and Pfc. Gerhard Schock, 22, a National Guardsman of nearby Lacey, were struck by a pickup truck after Schock had stopped to help Wallgren change a tire on a bridge east*of here. Schock wasi . . 1 killed. The driver of the truck. Al- BATAAW H E R O C R A R G E D i c o l vin W. Montsomcrv. 41. Rcilon- iiilTU C f i f l D C 7 7 l CS/ICMT do. Wash., was charged w i t h ! W l ' H t M B E Z Z L E M E N T negligent homicide. | GOLDEN , Colo.. Sent. 19- Wallgren. born in DCS Momes, (AP) sheriff Ar(h w TWENTY-SEVEN Elected By Tool-Die Group OBITUARIES ·take place Wednesday at 2 p.m.! in the George J. Smith an funeral home, 125 Bread ^ITRI-STATE GROUP DEATH NOTICES Services will take place :omor-'iary to New York Coy. Nelson ro'.v a; 10 a.m. with ?. solemn'A. Rockefeiler, anno-j^e-d "··'--'- Kachmar requiem Mass in St. John's ;lerday that Federal housing and' f larik Kach-i church, Noroton. Burial will be | highway officials had agreed to! ' ree P. Kach-'i" Holy Cross cemetery. Brook- 1 help in the research program. lim' S'.visley, The committee was late last month by establish-! overnors! Brooklyn, N. V., and a resident of the Inr e= states to'draw up an ' inventory of [he ar Officers of the Southern Connecticut Tool and Die'Manufac- turers association were elected last night at a dinner meeting in the Stratlield hotel. Left to right are Nicholas Biafore, outgoing president; Joseph Durica, vice president, and Joseph Cagiancllo, president. will place before th? Mrs. Thomas A. Clarke United Nations a nc-v.- disarma-, Services for Mrs. Eliiabeih.' Mrs. George P Kachmar ment plan and call for fresh ne-: Clarke, 72, of 245 Wmdemere; M, S M,, V H a r r h . Kotraiions lo end nuclear testing.jstrccl. Fairfield, widow of Thom-( m a r 62 'wife of Geo Kennedy's decision 10 fly loias A. Clarke, who divd ytster- m?r' of 30 fJnhim ^r,.r. Or-,r l-i V Y Nfiv York to address the new; day. will take place Thursday a t : ?'M died Strat-.'.-". -V V. session of the UN General As- i 2:31) p.m. in the Albert W Spear home bt m ,he y White "ZT d yeS ' erday inTTheT^ 'smnS'TV^ ' ' erViCC5 ""' TM P " Ce l n ' J r S - 0 1 *' rot TM 13 «»« TM s " mens-:-e-uurv or ,» e area's trans- Kennedv lm probably speak 1 pa to of tre S ra MNaoito 1 ?", « * V?' '" ! h , e E d m u D d ; w K l r 5 '' lis! ^ h the American jPotaiion problems and to - probau.v siKdk.paMor ot tr.e Mratf.eld Baptis ; A . Luchansky funeral home, 21S9 : Woolen companv. New York city, i vestigate possible solutions pcnduiB on, tnurui. «m officiate, and b u n a l j B a r n u m avenue, Stratford and: Surviving are"fvo sisters Mrs I t h e Problems. | semblv ' by ' te "-Ift^feld" 1 ' Cemwr '''" 9 o-cjocfc in Holy Name o f ' E d w a r d Kaag of Brooklyn. N.Y.;1 «·«» said the committee out- i "' RnUtnr,: !»«;,.,, j Rnm in n nn ».,i i ,i I A , ; s chllrch . w i ! h a solemn; and Miss Mary Swisley of Nora; hned TM aims and explored with ' A wr, M T - i -Jr-iT % « ° , ? ', H ' IrS ' re ! ui TM Mass. Burial will be in ! ton: and several nieces and'federal representatives the fi- A \Vlme House sa,d;Clar.e res,ded1 in the Bridgeport;St. Michael's cemetery. nepheus. jnancial help that might be a v a l the deal,, of UN Secretary-Gen-i area most of her_ life. She was a Born in Plavec, Czechoslovakia. : able for transportation research oral Dag Hammarskjold strength-j"jernber^o the Ladies auxiliary, M r s . Kachmar was a resident of; Mrs. Rudolph Fuhrer ! No applications for Federal ened tne President's desire t o \ o f the Stra.ftcld BaptBt church, jStratford 30 years. She is a for-i M1LFORD Seot 19 S P rvirP,'' m0!WV TM? made, but Ronan !.':ue. .-_ ~:i-: 2!5T. 2- 2!:? IE=^-- :.-;r/T-:t r^:r.;:?.T. rr.ei^i I.-!-i-:iv evrt:r.z Irera / lo :Ve-;r,esday frcrr. 2 to 4 Sept. 17. assuap, invited Dr. F e r n to Be P a n e l i s t In UF 'Food appear before the United · »n ^ Ves- m er employe of the Waterbu O - ifor M N niLFORD Sen- ID c p r v i r «' " " l-^-ln l.'iii City. ^-·i .".-Paj^ale. tt?:_ bard '..f '"arry.el'a Fsarlata IHF i,.' ',JC; Mais ~i. Friends are ;· a'.:er.i tte rjr.era! frees Ihe K ^2£C2cr!r.a F-Jr.eral Hc.T.e. -:?? Was.1- lni!o.T Ave.. ca Wedrei'iay, Sept. 2Cth a'. £:C3 a ::i, ar^i [rem tx Raphael's (h-jrcri a! C:co am., \r;th a solemn r.|-n .-lass o! n-fiiiie.ii. Interment in £1. ",ci!ar!' 3 r.:r.E:e:i'. ?r:e.".ds may celt ^·'-·f/; .'.'C.T, a :a Jc p.ra: Tuesday, HTJKO -- ^ in this city. Sept. ir.nwj to e!'er:J"thc"fusVra! from '-a f-aln~.l funeral home of Charles W. lirxicie!!^ Rn-i L ; or.s. 36 South Pine Cre»K Rai. ra JVrfcMdw at 8:15 a :i:.. and 1:1 £1. Thomas K.C. church at 9 a.:::. v.'i:h a his'i Mass o: requiem, iii'enr.e-t ;.n the family plot i« w Friends Iowa, was in the jewelry business at Everett, Wash, "before entering politics. He was the first Democrat ever sent to Con- Kress by Washington's Second district. His last public post was the FPC chairmanship, to which Truman appointed him in 1949. He retired in 1951. Earlier. Truman had nominated him to be chairman of the National Security Resources board but the nomination was blocked by former U. S. Senator Harry P. Cain, R-Wash. Champ Player Waflgrcn was an avid billiards player and won the national umateur championship in 1929. Wallgren and his wife. Mabel, spent summers in Olympia and Everett and winters in Palm Desert, Calif., where they had a citrus ranch. The couple had no children. In addition to his wife, Wallgren is survived by a brother, Lloyd, and a sister, Mrs. Clarence Hickey, both of Everett. The funeral will be at Everett. Arrangements are incomplete. who won fame as the "one-r War II. was indicted yesterday! T. Conway, Housing and Home "* ns ' * e anfl Yours." which in a plane crash. E U G E N E STEIN DIES; EX-CZAR1ST DIPLOMAT HARTFORD, Sept. 19 (AP)-Eugene Stein. 92, a Russian , diplomat in the empire of fc Czars, died last night in Hartford hospital. | corporation. New Haven Cn'ruT A West Hartford resident since, Scnator Margarct ch;!se S m j l h J Humphrey said he thinks it ,,! vital on charges of embezzlement, con"-i a|) P ears as a lail ' feature version of public funds and false i Bn(i geport Telegram, will be the! pretenses. j medical authority among the dis-l The 40-year-old Republican! C l l s s a m s - I ,-. , . ... . . . , ,, said, "There are definite political i l n c P'°8ram on nutrition is onei , . ,.,'" ' ne . " ght of Hammar - ovenones to this entire (Jefferson^ of tnc features of the United! f k '°' d s dealh for Kennedy to ral- Counlyi grand itirv investi"a- Fund ' s "Frontiers for Fitness" i l y lne West s '"fees. He added: tion.""He said he wasn't allottedi- whidl is bein £ highlighted this! ' l P redlct the President will to testify. ;weck. ' a y down a total U. S. program Wermuth is charged with ille-i . T o n i R'it,a sports night exposi- tar , disarmament and review the The Senate and House passedif'" 0 funeral ho TM e ' 1" w phing-|several nieces and nephe' resolution yesterday expressing!'';' 1 apven , uc ',, and at 9 o'clock ia| .»« ,»,,-«,, L,,. H a m m a r A m W S t ' Ra P hael S Church er Hammarskjold -i solernn high Mass a! [Burial will be in St. with a Mrs. Nicholas KiJUan sister, Mrs. Alfred Frauenberg- er of .Milford; and several n; and nephews. cemetery. the YWCA will feature Rally obtaining S3.673 in cnuntvi'j 0 " funds over a two-vear period. H e:?. e TM? nstr ? t ' on3 ami cw "' s posted a S-1,000 bond. i'-S"'""^ the relationship of Durins the second month of l\K," sc5 . to P h 'sical fitness. war, Wermuth was credited with| m o r n l n 8- a program f eflorts Peter E. Dudko Services for Peter £. Dudko, of 140 Branson road, Fairfield, a machine operator for the Du Pont company 35 years, who died Sundav win' take place tomor- 'he cessa- row a V 8- 15 a m in he ChaTes , killinj; 100 Japanese soldiers He on ment;1 l health was conducted: _ Senate country had made to high-JK e t an agreement on the cessa exer-! tion of nuclear weapons testingi w nouoiello and Sons funpral ? e». This!-d proclaim our wilHngness tojLme 0 ^ South Pine Creek oa or women; conduct serious negotiattons." | Fairfield| a n d a t 9 O . clock Killian, 48, of 320 Roger Williams road, wife of Nicholas Killian, who died Sunday, will be conducted tomorrow at 2 p.m. in| vices will take p)ace Thursdav l"- "· the A. G. Baker funeral home,| for John j McC arthy, formerly] ' ' tne iof 207 Meadow street, retired! John J. McCarthy NAUGATUCK, Sept. " 19--Ser- | assistant HHFA administrator;' I E. H. Holmes, an assistant commissioner of the Bureau of Public Roads, and John Swanson, the bureau's engineer at Albany, tery. was captured and spent 1,'irec years in a Japanese prison. ;in the YWCA. Tickets for the "food frontier, 1 . Republican Leader | S t. Thomas church with a solemn tverett M. Dirksen of Illinoisjhigh Mass of requiem. Burial id m a separate interview he'will be in St. Thoma' Ernest Porter Lyon Services for Ernest Porter ILyon, 91. of Al DeForest avenue, McCarthy MaW|MED!C'S W I D O W DIES CORNWALL HOWIE CORNWALL, Sept. ill be in St. Thomas cemetery.^. V c j -s""-, """lui.^^ in ai. rrancis cnurcn , , . -| -, . ,, ,, . , ,, : Panaheda service's - will ta'cel*" 1 Sunday ' we , re con ? ucted l °- w l t h a sole TM h'S h Mass of re- and nousewives, are free of! "invigorate the thinking" of UN!place tonbht at 8 o'clock in thei day ln the Wllmot - West sndlquiem. Burial will be in St. rnnr-t7.-t TI,a,r ^.^,, K^ ~ I - J ·_...! _ . n,^».t.^-- J (, · , , I *^ . . ° ~ v . v i . i t .n H'L ri n . *\,\\na f l l n o r a ! llrtmo TUa T5o,, T« -- ~ _ . and former Chase company in Bridgeport, who died -Monday in West Haven Veterans hospital. LemnriaT^PrX'i They will be conducted at 9:3C in Grace S |^ c , church a.m^m the Green funeral home. New Yor k citv Friday for Mrs avenue, and at 10 Walton Hunnewen MarJtill| widow Terrace beamed particularly to mothers thinks Kennedy will be able tot f! , retired real estate agent ' who °' clock in St - p rancis church members and "give them assurances of the steadfastness and charge. They may be obtained at the United Fund office, the (YWCA, King Cole supermarket, I firmness with which we stand be- I and at Sterling Community house, i hind the world organization." in Stratford. I Dirksen, who criticized UN pol- 1 Other members of the panel will ' ' " WASHINGTON, Sept. 19-(UP!) !TM^ ^ ^ ? a "' ih ° mr ' , =,,.,,,,, ,..i,.l__:.,_.. _. ' I nutritionist for the Connecticut id Food Council; Mrs. Helen MacQuarrie, home econo- A c , . · ' j n u n j u u i n ; benate subcommittee plans | D a i r v ani hearings into the production ofi H e ] e r . », the Armv's new M-M rifle j - . r i ^ ·, """' «"«" = The have been the sub-!^. 0 ' ^s^'pS' ^""l:. 1 ?6 R ?" bliran - lradl ject of much criticism about de-iC' ' ' ' " i f , '' icies in the Congo in a stateme yesterday, said later that Ham- marskjold's death had "shocked the world" and brought a crisis in international affairs. funeral home. Goulding funeral home. The Rev. Mathew Faroni Services for Matthew Faroni, 49, of 1SS McKinley avenue, Stratford, who died Sunday, will take place tomorrow at S a.m. in [ James cemetery. ~ Robert C, Worthey, assistant rec- Born in Naugatuck, Mr. Me-; tor of St. John's Episcopal | Carthy resided here all his Hfej church, officiated. Burial was in I He is a graduate of Holy Cross! of the former chief surgeon at St. Luke's hospital in New York. Mrs. Martin, 89, died in her (summer home here yesterday af- Mountain Grove cemetery. Edward B. Onstrand i college, class of 1919. He ! former member of the jcut Manufacturers a: native of Boston, Mrs. Mar- was a !''n started an unusual gardening Cor.necti-| pro j ect? Turtle Bay gar d e ns, in Services for Edward B. On-j and the Algonquin the A. R. Abriola and Son funeralistrand, of 35 Pauline streetjport. home, 2160 Main street, and at 9[Stratford, who died Saturday,; He is survived bv his wife,linn «,M n'rlnrU" in .Qt Tamoc rhnrrh icUVi ' t«n! r T%lon- t^^^,i ;,, Cnl^^^ T , , f U I T T _ I ^..r I _ T - . . ·+ * ~r* _ .1. . : all f sum ° Cl ° Ck ' ' at the economist of the United! undertakings i ^-,^ .--,,_, ».j x ^__ ( c a u s e he fdt United the Congo be"ever r thing the Stales is supposed to I stand for" was being fiouted in! I t h e UN's fight against the "anti-iof 123 Woi ; rly ot communist Moise Tshombe re! fred T. F. Burial will cemetery. Mrs. Alfred T. Foss Services for Mrs. Julia R. Foss, ; Wood avenue, widow of Al-! ; church with!took place today 3t. Michai - Helen O'Laughlin McCarthy; my years ago. :n neighboring (houses on 4Sth and 49th streets seven of them to hey knocked down the; -, · j ".-·»» intaii.'aj v«ni;iery. friends may call Tuesday evening: Wednesday afternoon and evening. C.\BK;EL -- i/. this city, sept igth Wil. .Mrs. R CS e Moncillo Gabriel =·, oi ?69 Harmony SL. wife cf LO-JIS J. (jniDnel. and mother of Louis A., Robert and P.ogor Gabriel, 3J«. DoJores \ertucci and Hiss Lynne Marie Gabriel. Fno.-.ds are invited io attend the icneral on Thursday Irom the A R!a and m funeral home. 2160 Main St., at Q a.m.. and in S; Raphael's church at 9 a.rr.. with a solemn hizh Mass or requiem. Intermsal in St. fmetery. Friends may call to 10. Wednesday 3.5 and M:cbaels Tuesday Benson, pastor officiating. Bur- j low, and Mrs. Barbara Bre ja, was ia Lawncroft ce^cteiy. a« of Newingtoo; three Fairfield ' M«s Mary A McCarthy, Mrs. Augustino Porco Services for Mrs. Anna G. Por- . . Julia Hughes, both 01 Naugatuck. ; one of the buildings a Mrs. Margaret Nowack, of Strat-^g,.^ g treet tains. Mrs. Martin still lived in .t 229 East; ford; four grandchildren; and; HOPSON--Tn Danbary, Conn.. EeDL I B 194!. Mabel Ball Swllle Hopson widow ol Frank Hopson of Kewtowo. jfuneral services will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. in the Muson Funeral Home. \\oodbury. Burial in New North Cemetery. Woodbury. Friends may call \\ednesday from 7 to 9 p.m. HOI..M--Entered into rest in this C'ty Sent. 19. 1961, Erma Maria (Bassett) Holm, wife of Emil Holm, of 26 Hemlock St.. Bridzeoort. Friends are invited to attend thc funeral tn be l"Id at the Larson Funeral Home, ^496 ?«onh Ave., Thursdaj-, SepL 2' at 2 p.m. Interment in Oaklawn Csme- tery. Fairfield. Friends may call at the funeral h'orae. Wednesday 7.9 p . m . JANOSKO--in Hollywood. Florida. Seot 13. 1961. -Tosfch M. Janosko, ST.. "to- loved husband of Emilia Findorack Janosko. forinsriy ol iQ Thompson St Stratford. Friends are invited to at- the funeral Saturday at 8:15 from the Sdmond A. Luchansty ^u- neral Home. 2!B? Baratim Ave Stratford, thence to Holy Name of Jesus Cnurcn for a solemn requiem Mass at 9 a.m. Interment in Si. John's Cemetery. Stratford. Friends may call Thursday and Friday. 3-5 and 7-10 p.m. and Fond moderator. gimc. 1 Influential Con; oss, who died Saturday,jcp (Porto), 79, widow of Augus--several nieces and nephews. itook place today in St. Augus-{tine Porco, of 180 Dover street,} . . members;tine's cathedral with a solemn:who died Saturday, took place to-j Mrs. Frank Hopson ived by a daughter,\ M ^ TM ; Mrs. waiter Binger of New York ; city, three grandchildren and i eight great-grandchildren. i Subjects to be discussed will in- church. He is survived by a son. ; city. Sept. 17, 1961. ilrs. Edythe Jones or 1126 Stratford Ave. Funeral services will be he'd from St. Luke's Episcopal church. ronnectrcMl azd Wilmat Aves.. ca Wcd- .nesday. Sept. ?Cth at n- a.m. with a Mass o! requiem. Tfce Rev. Edward T. Fraim win officiate. Ifiterraent in Park Cemeten.-. Friends may call st the Funeral Home of M. JIcDonald, Isaac, Jr.. 955 Stratford Ave., Tuesday, C-iO P.m. KAItni.MAR -- In Kratford, £ep( jg 196!, .Mary Karchmar, beloved wife of neorsi? P. Karchmar, of 30 Graham St., Stratford. Friends are invited to attend the funeral Thursday at S;30 a.m. irtini ihe EcJtiiond A. Luchansky Funeral Home. 2:so Barnura Ave. Strat- rorrl. thence to Holy .Vame of Jesus riiurrii lor B solemn reauiem Mass st ' a.m. Jntprment in St. JiicRaeS's i.emetcry. Friends may call Tue-,1iy from 7-10 p.m., Wednesday 3.5 nn'd city; and a grandson and grand-} com p nnv "have been confirm; f 5 v " , . . --. daughter, also of New York. ed ." " i L!U ' P h y='cal ntnws Funeral arrangements arc in-1 s[ ie suggested that , 11V 5 U U -. , ,- - , . complete. jcommiHw "in.rk- n fuH .-jnd : i n conr - ec ^ n v '" uh ^ *TMtf*- ^J£"$TM ^^^^ £ Mct^Sl Senator J. William Albright. ^M* companv. nngtnn and Richardson ,nco^ u f c , n s u r a n c e company will d j s .j Arl;.. chairman of the Senate For-) Surviving, in addition to ' with all of its power. MOUNTAIN CLIMB ENDS DEATH FOR 3 REDS porated. and Us relation.siiin to! iShe had been an assembler at the,' her Giuseppe Cutulj merly of 121 Fern street, Bridge-! NORWALK, Sept. 10--Services port, who died Saturday. took|for Giuseppe Cutuli. 69. of 2SO Edmund ' A. Luchansky funeral home, 2!89; $£.£' ] ^^'VSS^'SS".Sf -Barnum avenue, Stratford, and- '"--' '-- « . - . - - . , . a t 9 o'clock in Holy Jesus church with a Name solemn T - place today in the Frsnk Polke'Hast avenue, who died Sunday.:? 11 ;. 61 ! 1 Mass - Bt3rial win be in S f -i LOUIS: , c -- ; , t --.,,,,,, D ,,,,;,,! : iviii r^t?n nioTM u^.i^^^^^,, ' nt John s cemetery, Stratford. from tho .A.G. Baker funeral fj'.--mo. ?;c3 SiraJford Ave.. i^rH^-jport r,'.:?.r ?tratforl Town L:ns on Wednesday. ?c!r. 20 at ?;CO p.m. Interment in Lakcview cemetery. Friends may call Monday 7 ;o 9 p.m. and Tup--*-" survivor team that conquered the hitherto unsealed peak reported Uvn died in falls and the Ihird died of illness on the descent. PASSENGERS IGWOREDJ SHIP'S SLOT W!ACHINES!, 1( :"rise above narrow national am-i S o u t h i n - e t o n : f lve grandchildrenjyp ? o n - s ^ r - 71 - OI " B ^S. 21. Apt. R U - P I I V V H ^n- 10 r v p % ! b U i o n s and Clirrcnt conflicts i n l a n d several nieces and nephews-l^- Fa:».er Panik V.Ilage, A^f^^^^^nn! 9 -!^;^^- 15 ^ » -»«hy Accessor: !d TM ° f LcR °^ S. Upson, Mrs. v .:_ el 35fi Howe avenue, who died a 1^7 T ?T^ ! '"" A . l l l . ' l l . I I R - I ^ U I I I t BIS nil bricl.ce construction vortt i I Ulii' : th, trtlonts vc?ic-rdnv t :l!iCn o?lTrTMol"d :a5 Sccrctar 5'-general. one who in°. ,o P r"," v !s as dedicaicd as Daq Ham- avp-y^r-nld ^ir! out-'of " t h e A n ' - i TM" kjold /° , Ihc ., causl! of ttorkl The urgent need for funds iVdrrscossin river. , |lLacc under law help thc victims of Humane I.r.uiso TheriniiH, dauRhter o f ' ~ " P . , jCarla was stressed lodsy by. City Cnunciinr Rnhrrt fheriault.i TVon'v dn\ rn'! 1 - 0 "'' 5 ' V stlca - l 11 ' C5i(lt -' i « of the-'w.n pbyin.!: with her older brolh-i l w c m Mot ''y-1 Connecticut National hank and er Sr.. Sunday, will take place Wednes- ii,v- c ' a -' at S:3 " a ' m ' in tile Scar P a " r- ''r^'rt- Thnre^v"at l "ii'a m"in'"'no Smith funeral home, 36 Fifth oei \iLL-b iui AH.SS Dcssie G P L - ce mur.saa\ at H a.m. in uie , n r, j t n - i i · Hall. 87. formerly of 303 Laurel,Stratford funeral home of Dennis. -^r«, and at 9 o clock m Julia Anna Ayles of Bridgeport, [ Harmiann of Lyn-! Sliss Bessie G. Hall Services for Miss Bessie i who died yesterday, wiH take brook. N. Y., Mrs. Martha Ad-! arncak of Ansonia and Mrs. Paut- 1 ' ine Farock of Trumbul! 25 avenue, who died Saturday. took| an " place today in the Polke funeral'^c D'Arcy. 2611 Rev. Gooree Main street. Hode Deaths in Nation on(1 near wali when water. Sept. 10-(/' chines were stripped from, the, d l ; l i r m a n of (hc Hllrr!c ,. ne c ., r . ;s ,, n l o , lc; , i;U() ,,,,, transatlantic _ l m c r Queen ^jyi^ Volunteer Fund App^.l. ; Rayrm:;.-! r,:ic!ia..icl. 23/at"work bfrt Forbes. "si~.'n- today ^bccausc^Uie; Mr shen a r f i , ( ] ,,,.,. (. on;ril)11 . at a sorvic( , 5 ; n |j nn a . rc5S thr^'-'-n. c o r r e s p o n d e n t a[n d 26 Hemlock street died today in lhc Bridgeport area most of her , Itions be sent to the Bridseport: street, and Paul Dehsle. 31. of first television newscaster in I n d i - P a r k City hospital. " life. nrl;ing on a anri . died Monday a f t e r a long Services will take place Thurs- home. Burial was in Lakevicw; pastor of the Stratford Congrega- cemetcrv. itional church, will officiate, and " J burial will be in Lakeview ccmo- n.v TIII: .-.s-oi IATKII I'IIK«S i Mrs. Emil L. (Bassett) Holm ! ;er 'INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 13-Gil-! Mrs. Erma Maria (Bassett): Born in St. Helcnes. Lancashire, ·eteran news-,Holm, wife of Emil L. Holm, of:England. Mrs. Upson resided in St. Joseph's church, with a so! emn high Mass of requiem. Burial will be in Mount St. Peter's cemeterv. Derbv. grandchildren. 16 great-grandchildren and several nieces and; nephews. I en't interested. She is survived by a son. LeRoy George Theodore Warner for George Theodore Warner, 79, i'l of fI Geissler Drive, a retired; nigh; watchman, who died Mon-. day vvi!J be conducted Wednesday 2 p.m. in thf James T. Toohev A warm current that surges i southward from the tropics along: SrmVAKT7_ ! n rianbuTy Conn Scot !'tf. !=cl. W;i^r. B. Schwanz hi^s- b.jr.,1 n; £!m Wallace srlnvan: o[ f tirsTLit Unl Toac. panfly Hook, cor.n. Fr;^rris arr invite:) tn altend the Tun- rra! frrn; ih^ .\ibrrt \V. £pcar fiinrral lv;;u\ T:: K.r,;r:iM Avo.. r.n Tite-dny ;;::rr;-r,.in. s-r.!: :=;: 3 a; ,i:co o'dcch. Irtorn-.^r: :·: t.akcvlcw cemetery 'n v.':r.:k-v. V.f-.r.r Fncirfs rcay Tucs- ti.iy a.iornco:: f.- o r.i ;:CO o'clock'. expected late this year. DEATH NOTICES -ASH.MKAD -- In Xorwa : 7th. ; - 5 l . -Mar;or!c E'E.^l-J^ 7 JYAKKOSKY-- in I . Sept. 17. 1 -.-..,-,. r 1 | P m T r-c ftDftDT " cd Cross officials estimate t h a i . The SEVnfJ M I N U T E S AI J AH I |I O .OM of these families will apply.rclc Force vcstwday ran-, EVANSTON. III.. Sept. 19-Wal-'" In "addition to her husband j Fairfield" widow of Andrew "Yar- three grandchildren. sc:i?dii,crt firins of n ter S. Lovelace. 72, editor of The Mrs. Holm is survived by a 'l:osky. who died Sunday, will bo F A L L R O U N D U P SET! FOR MAUWEHU I N I -- I n ih:s Mv h Ksifalir.:. iwln i Ferrari Bufaiin Ffier.ds are in\i ( u n r r a l Iro.T. Jh? Hn Kur.cra! Home, j;? Wa-!ilrKIcr. ; n.:n'. \vi:h n'so'.f ' " * Julsa Ha.'rc Yar-ifijkv 'irerv Varko;Xy. of f-2 Webster f! . Fairrie!'.!. Fru-r.-i? arc ir.vlte.-i 10 atter-l :hf ft;-cml (rorn t!:e 1-^neral p p t - . (Jcr.rc of t-'rar.S IVikc ,-i Fen. 15-J6 Fair- fi»M -\vc.. corn.?r Hancock- AVC en UVdnc^'ay at i ro r irj. a^d (rn.-ji FairfieM Hcfonr.c'l H-ilM Church of C h r i s t r.t '2 p.m.. Rev. Alexander Hav- H'-itnv, r-fficintir.s. Ir.'.crir.cnt in Lawn- crcTt ccn-.e'ivry. V^-jcmls mny rait Men- dav from 6 in '0 fir;,! Tuesday lm;n Tn Iftvir.ji I.V . They wore Titomas Francis "disaster-caused needs beyond thcir;spnnnir.R niissilo in loss than a j coming to F.vanston in i'917/was cicn, and a datiglucr in Sweden. Brighton, Colo. McGowun, 77, a retired cnntrac-iown resources. " .v.vek. -born lor, and Mrs, Marie Doliarci, 52,| Throe hundred trained disaster" 'in 1 countdown for shootinp. o f f ! 07-foot wcnpnn Iiad reached i CRASHES FROi\l SPLASHES , , r c. i both of St. Loins. r T, , , : i ; wnrl:ers from all sections of thc-.lhc j Mrs. Lloyd .Tones . . t Services for Mrs. Edvthe | be I Jones, 75, of 1126 Stratford avc-i DANBURY. Sept. If) - The | Church of Christ, Fairfield. The : Candlewood district of Man- j Rev. Alexander' Havadtoy. pas-, \vehu Boy Scout council, will I tor will officiate, and burial will conduct its annual fall roundup liach had heen ill about twojcountry are nnw in the two-slate; less than five minutes when the;. LANSING, Mich. -- Only on yearn. ;area assisting local volunteers sl was canceled. Tho missik-; accident in five to six hundred nue, widow of Llovd Jones who Mrs. Dollanl is survived by her with continuing thc mass care pro- was Fupporod to land in the|is caused by splashes from! died Sunday, w i l l ' be conducted husband. McGmvan h',\d two oth-lfiram and planning with families,' vicinity of Wake island about 30|passing vehicles, a study indi- ' fomor/ow at U a m in St Lawncroft cemetery. er sons and another daiiRbtcr. [to meet long-term recovery needs.j minutes a f t e r launch. [catos. at the Danbury Drum corps headquarters. Shelter Rock road, Joseph H. Chase I Thursday. MILFORD, Sept. 1-Serviccsl A buffet dinner wil! be served} Joseph H. Chase. I)-!, of 'illl j at 6:45 p.m.. and reservation; ' (Luke's Episcopal church. The i Post road, who died Monday, will j must be made in advance. H. Campbell ot I c Mam: i.are. KitM- O.T. Conr. FrirniK nrc jnvjtctJ trt atlfr.d The funeral from lhc Allort \V. Speir J u R f r n i hnmp. I??? Fairficlrt ATP., on Tuesday momlnp, ?ep:. l ? t f i .it 6:15 nnd fn-mi Noire !inn;p Church of Easfon at 9:CO. Interment In ft. Uu- rencc remcicry. New Havm. C-^nn. Friends ninv call NtoniJay f r o m 2 lo 5 _nnd 7 to 10. | MAPS NOTI("K j There will hf ,n month's niiiiri MH^* I if John .T, (Wniy. AVf-lres'l.iv Sept. 20,1 I S n m. in ^l- Patrick's dr.irch, I r, u r f a t h e r . Mr. ; f f n t y . wno (!!cd this iTo .' yti.irs a^'i loclay. pppl. ]?. 195?. Itcrral ro: KMnt unto him, O Lord; ^r.d lf\. rcrppjuni licht shine upon him. ·acred Heart cf Jesus, have mercy sadly miisi'ii iv b^ Inmib'- To Insure correct Insertion Memory and Musi Notice* should b« submitted In writ. I tip 24 hourt In advance of publication d a t o. Malt to Past.Telcfiram, 410 StnU St.. Brirtaicnort 2, Conn,

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