Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 6, 1964 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1964
Page 4
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4 - Thurs., Feb. 6, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts For bird's-eye-view Aerial survey of Redlands to get underway shortly An aerial survey of Redlands, Shone stated that ground con-| A total of $12,300 had been and the surrounding countrysidejtrol points — elevations marked;budgeted for the survey, and will get underway within two. so they can be seen from the [another S1.500 is available from weeks. Public Works Director!air—would be established first.i701 Study funds. The remaining John Shone announced. (The survey will cover all of $6,000 was transferred from the The public works director got | Redlands from outside the cast-city's Industrial Development the go-ahead on the $20,000 sur-1city limits to the Marigold'Fund. vey from the City Council this Farms property at Jit. View. I An effort will also be made to Citations against the 27 arc; Bcck , ans tQ be , sec . for alleged violations of strike ! retarv procedures which occurred Dec. j ^ are ^ four d lefl ^l/V^ Company s offices ifop enterjng ^ Mjss Redlinis at 660 -V E street. (contest. The deadline is 8 p.m. graphical map — an engineer-! quired of city public work sur-the maps could be used to, en -j charges lewed against 1Q c j Monday night — when the first ing tool the city has not hadivcyors. It would have a 5-footgineer flood control projects in j sinking employes were for sucn j re }, ear j a i s s t ar t at Clock audi- week. The aerial survey will be used to develop a precise topo Contempt charges facing 27 in San Bernardino Approximately 27 members of the Communications Workers of America are expected to face contempt proceedings in San Fifteenth entry in big Miss Redlands contest The Miss Redlands contest got its fifteenth entry today in the pretty form of 18-year-old Becky Tirey. Miss Tirey, who has a twin sister named Bobbie, is a senior at Redlands High school. Bernardino Superior Court to-1 she is the daughter of Mr. and morrow. , Mrs. John Tirey, 216 Naomi The contempt charges were [street filed by the General Telephone company of San Bernardino which has been involved in a strike for the past 110 days The 3-foot, 4-inch 1964 Miss Redlands hopeful has brown eyes and brown hair. She has lived in Redlands for about 10 The topographical map woulcr'have the Zone 3 Flood Control reduce the engineering work re-district share in the costs, since j available. ]interval between contour lines.!the area. things as using abusive lan guagc to non-striking employes, interfering and impeding egress of non-striking employes and failure to keep 15-foot intervals between pickets. Only 10 of the approximately 27 to be brought to trial had been served with summonses this morning. These were Siegar Pruiksma, Dick Larson, Joe Goodman, John Pruiksma, W. O. Neuman, Jim Mills, Leroy Puckett, T. Vanderlinde, Don Cameron and Kenneth M. Owen. Earlier this week, two strik- 1 learned here today. j ing employes were fined on con- ! Ebaya, second in command to\ le , m ^ char ^ cs a .» d Jame ? s j n " armv chief Gen. Joseph Mobu-!§ leton - VIce Prudent of the lo Congolese army leader killed in ambush LEOPOLDVILLE, The Congo (UPD—Lt. Col. Eugene Ebaya, chief of staff of the Congolese Army, has been killed in ambush by Communist-led terrorists in Kwilu Province, it was torium on the RHS campus Miss Redlands will be selected in judging to be held Feb. 15 Candidates will appear in street clothes, evening gowns and bathing suits. The contest, sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, is open to any single girl between 17 and 22 years of age and living in Redlands. To enter, simply fill out the entry BECKY TIREY blank accompanying this article and bring it to the Facts office, 700 Brookside avenue. Miss Redlands will represent] the community in the National Orange Show Queen Contest. Poteet service to be Saturday Funeral services will be at 1 p.m. Saturday for Archie Dell Poteet, 68 Eureka street, who died Tuesday. He leaves bis wife, Elsie Poteet of Los Angeles; a daughter, Mrs. Ray Alderman of Monterey Park; a son, Ralph Poteet, Los Angeles; and five grandchildren. Services will be conducted at Pierce Brothers — Fred A. Turner Mortuary in Alhambra. So. California opens year on active business note Southern California's cco-,137.1 (preliminary), a slight in-] nomic activity opened the newjcrease over December and! year on a record note, Security more than seven per cent avovej First National Bank's research the same vear-ago period. [ .— - -j department reported today. | Bank clearings were vituallj:jterrorists who attacked Congo- Commerce firmed up its Orange Construction activity and real unchanged from December.! 1 ^ soldiers trying to open thel Sn0W 1 uecn con,e st plans last estate salses — two factors^vhile department store sales dc- roa£ i between Kikwit, the enpi- which fared strongly throughout iclined after adjustment for sea-!f a l.°' Kwilu Province, and the tu. was the first high Congolese officer killed by the young terrorists, who have attacked mis ; sion stations and killed missionaries over a 6,000-square mile area in the eastern Congolese province. Mobulo, who went to Kwilu Wednesday to direct an army drive against the guerrillas, flew back to Leopoldvilc today, apparently to tell the gov -1 ernment of Ebaya's death. I Leftist Leads Terrorists | Ebaya was reported killed by cal, was given a three-day jail sentence. Frank Landa, the president, is still facing a contempt charge. West Redlands property owners seek annexation Several property owners along —Adopted a memorial rcsolu Banker tells realtor of So. Calif, growth Southern California from Fresno to the Mexican border is now growing at a rate three times that of the nation as a whole, a Security First National bank vice president reported to members of the Redlands Board of Realtors yesterday. Robert P. Williamson, whose responsibility for Security is in business and industrial development for the Riverside-San Bernardino area, included this information in his discussion of the economic structure and growth potential of Southern California. ' PVT. HAROLD G. CONKIN : i Conkin finishes training at Camp Pendleton CAMP PENDLETON (FHT. NO — Marine Private Harold Conkin, son of Mrs. G. E. Conkin of Yucaipa, completed the four-week individual comba training course Jan. 24 at th< Second Infantry Training Regiment, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, Calif. Marine Corps basic training, which stresses rifle marksman- Mentone queen finals set for February 22 The Mentone Chamber of most of 1963 — were the major sources of strength in the local business upswing during January, the bank said. sonal influences. Population growtli continues to be a sustaining force for the Southland economy. During As of January 24, Security's: 1063, the area added approxi business index was reported at:mately 420,000 new residents. Tiny remote village big India-Pakistan problem besieged town of Gungu, 60 miles to the south. Pierre Mulele, the- Peking- trained former cabinet minister in leftist Premier Patrice Lu- I'mumba's government is leader I of the terrorists. Maj. Joseph Tshashi. com- 'mander of the third paracom-; Imando battalion known as night and announced that the finals will be held on Saturday, Feb. 22, starting at 8 p.m. The judging will be conducted in the multipurpose room of the Mentone elementary school on Crafton avenue. As soon as the queen is selected, the regular teen dance will follow. There are now seven entries in the contest for the 1964 Mentone queen. There may also be another j post as I Tshashi's 1,000-man battalion By PHIL NEWSOM ,that there can be no friendship. 1 was airlifted into Kwilu Prov- UP1 Foreign News Analyst j between the two until the issue incc recently to fight the ter- Thc village of Chaknot lies;is settled. jrorists and Mobuto had gone to "Tshashi the Terrible," was re portedly appointed to Ebaya's ^ o£ contcst in Mentone in chief of staff. < lnc future, the Chamber decided. At the sugestion of the Rev. Lawrence Caraway — who was| West Redlands boulevard peti tioncd the City Council this week for annexation to the city. The petition was submitted by Ted J. Stevenson who related that a majority of the property owners want to be annexed if zoning and municipal services can be worked out satisfactorily. There was quick agreement among Councilmen that no com mittment should be made until a thorough study is conducted on the proposed annexation. The Council accepted the petition and asked for a report at its next meeting. The petition was signed by Stevenson, who has property at 27358 West Redlands boulevard and by Anthony Colombi, Neal W. Jackson, William M. Fergu son, D. Dillard, Joseph Mesh, Pete Dangermond and Catherine Fedorchak. Generally, the property involved is located on the south side of Redlands boulevard from the present city limits to Ala bama street, and would include a nursery, trailer park, apart, mcnts, a motel and several other commercial businesses. just on the Indian side of the cease-fire line which since 1949 lias divided Kashmir, so remote that it is accessible to Indian troops only by mule train. It scarcely seems worthy of (he attention of world diplomats, much less to contain the seeds of war. Yet such was the case this week when for the 110th time the United Nations Security Council met to take up the subject of Kashmir, a source of conflict between India and Pakistan ever since the British divided the Indian sub-continent into Hindu and Moslem states in 1947. Administered By Pakistan Chaknot, admittedly on the Indian side of the cease-fire line but inaccessible to India, has been administered by Pakistan. In November. Pakistan accused India of planning to take the village by force and brought the charges before the U.N. Security Council. On Dec. 26, a hair revered as a relic of the Prophet Mohammed disappeared from a In the more than 13 years ofiKikwit to talk with him. the quarrel's existence it has) The main towns of Kikwit brought about strained rela-;idiofa and Gungu were reported tions between India and the:firmly in army hands but Idio- Uniled States and more recent- j fa and Gungu were still under ly between Pakistan and the; terrorist attack. There was no United Slates, allies in theireport of casualties. subsequently named to head aj Stevenson noted that the prop- steering committee to develop er ty owners wanted zoning that the project — it was decided to! wou id conform with present investigate the possibility of ^structures and uses, contests of Mentone "Man of SEATO alliance and closely associated in CNETO. In 1948, both sides agreed to a U.N. recommendation for a cease-fire in the hostilities and to a "free and impartial plebiscite." Voting Never Held The voting, which almost certainly would have gone in favor of Pakistan, never has been held and India has received most of the blame. towns, geography | Qnc The Congo army sent 40 sol diers to Leverville, the palm oil center of the Unilever Corp. where advancing terrorists were reported threatening the population. Crazed By Drugs Mulele's half-naked guerrillas, some of them crazed by drugs and convinced bullets cannot harm them, have burned, looted and killed at j missionary stations and native; the Year." "Woman of the Year," "Father of the year' and "Mother of the Year." Two other items on the Cham ber agenda were left in the study stage. This was the volunteer fire department proposal and the decision on a meeting place. President Bill Jacinto said the committee is still investigating! the various aspects of formation: of the volunteer fire department and a report will be made later. In line with Chamber participation in Orange Show projects, it was agreed that the Cham- On other matters before it, the Council took the following actions: Poultry and Eggs LOS ANGELES, Feb. 6 (UPD — ECKI : Price, lo reUilert fob. to distributor plants 'delivered 1*4 cents higheri: AA extra large 49'4-53'i. A extra large 4B'i-51'i, AA large Wi -HHi, A large 40>s-41>4. B large 36'i-37'a. AA medium 40Vi-43li. A medium 38'i-39'4. AA small 3V .134' 2 . A small 29Vi-30ii. Prices to consumers: AA large 5362, A large 45-62. AA medium 49-58. A medium 53-55, AA small 45-48, A small 42-45. Poultry: Fryers 16-19. roasters 21- light type hens 4-5 wtd. avg. tion in honor of former mayorl^' hasc n °"" bcc0 , me tnc main and city councilman Will L.l sta >' of industrial employment Fowler who died last week. Mr.! a , nd has morc than tab «« U P the ship and discipline, begins in He noted that in Southern'San Diego, where Marine re|California, the electronic indus-lemits undergo it weeks of training. The disciplinary emphasis continues at Camp Pendleton, where the men learn th« Fowier served "on "the "c 'ounciii sIa . ck . created by tl,e a "-«aft!more advanced subjects of tac- r ci a " v "-" tical problems and individual Mr. Williamson reported thatjfighting skills. This secondary some 95,000 persons have been j training qualifies them for as- laid off by aircraft companies signments to small units, includ- in recent times. ing the four-man fire team and was introduced to local,the 14-man squad. He American missionary. By religion and K ^ h ,f, r -,. S ST. Cl °^ ly aSS ,°,;i Ir <™ Forrel of Jerome, ciated with Pakistan than with' India. Prime Minister 4.49, hens cross 5'j-6 wtd. avg. 5.53: ber Would sponsor the Sale Of;turkeys: young tomj 28 and under Nehru claims that Kashmir a! ready is a part of India and therefore no business of the United Nations. It is unlikely that the U N. Idaho,,.. , jwas killed by a terrorist arrow. I About 200 other missionaries Jawaliarlaljhavc been removed from the advance tickets in the commun-j-'- you "g h "" 24 - Fryer ">""" 22 from 1918 to 1922 and from i926! industr - v to 1936. "The city has lost a conscientious and loyal public citizen," the resolution stated. —Adopted a zoning ordinance amendment relating to buildings extending into rear lot areas. —Approved Traffic Commission recommendations for a loading zone at 117 4th street, an additional school bus loading zone at Smiley School and the deletion of a loading zone on State street in front of McEwen's Furniture Store. —Approved an agreement with the Parking Place Commission to share in the purchase costs of the 150 by 130-foot Lange and Runkel agency property at Citrus and Fourth. Each will pay half the interest payments between March 1, 1964 and Feb. 1, 1965. Before the first principal payment is made next year, the property's permanent use will be determined. —Authorized the Public Works: department to advertise for bids; for excavating and grading at| the South avenue pumping plant to prepare for construction ol a two-million gallon water stor age tank. Estimated cost of the grading is $9,000. —Re-appointed William Brun ton to serve on the Personnel Advisory Board and named Don Higdon to serve on the Building Division Appeal Board. —Terminated a grazing lease with James Arnold for acreage on city property located on the south side of State Highway 3S near the California Fish Hatchery. —Introduced an ordinance establishing regulations for use of construction parking meter hoods which allow contractors to park their equipment in metered spaces at no cost. Realtors by Wendell Morrisset, vice president and manager of the Redlands branch of Security. SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads NOW YOU KNOW The African country Kenya got its name from the Bantu word "Kilinyaa" which means "The White Mountain," according to the National Geographic. We are pleased to announce the association of RALPH E. MAYER as a Registered Representative with our Redlands Office l WILLIAM R. STAATS & Co. ttlaUishid ISST 125ORANGE STREET, REDLANDS • PYKAJUB32621 mtmbert: N*w York Stock Exchang; A mrrican Stock Eichanar. Pacific CoaM Stock Ezchan^t BEVERLY HILU3, OMNSE, P*S*Of NA. RE0LAN35, 3. S«N O'IGO. S»H f F »*NCISCO. H »t .O ALTO. UtOWOOO CtlY, S»S JOSC. 3«*rA C»jr. VMLN^r C»EEK, *HO;N,I, SCOITS5*LE province by U.S. and United Nations rescue teams. The terrorists, far outnumbering defending garrisons, were centering their attack on Gun- mosque in Srinagar, capital ofi m ir remains one of those un Indian-held Kashmir. I happy, divided areas wherein Violent outbursts among;the seeds of conflict only wait now will be able to enforce al S u and Idiofa, 55 miles east of solution any more than it has j Kikwit. in the past. Meanwhile, Kash- Kashmir's predominantly Moslem population followed, with an undetermined number of dead and with the Indian government finding it necessary to call upon troops to restore order. The theft touched off anti- llindu riots in East Pakistan which then spread to Calcutta, with more burning killing and looting. Emotions Run Deep The disappearance of the sacred relic and the confrontation at the village of Chaknot illustrate as well as any two incidents can the depth of the emotion which has been aroused between the two countries over the Kashmir issue. Kashmir is bordered by India, Pakistan to bloom. Agriculture Dept. restudies its smoke program WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Agriculture Department, which planned to spend $690,000 this year advertising cigarettes abroad while other government agencies campaign against smoking in this country, is "re­ viewing'' its advertising proj- ject. A department official, in re- A7ghanistan,! 5po(nsc l ° a qu , ery - said th * ?.* the parent committee. The research legislation was introduced by congressmen from tobacco-growing states after the surgeon general's report linking ciarette smoking with cancer and other health hazards. It was the surgeon general's report that also prompted the Agriculture Department's decision to take a new look at its overseas advertising program. SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads Citrus Market LOS ANGELES, Feb. 6 (UPI) — Representative prices by size and grade all orange auction markets: 48s 56s 72s 88s First grade... .4.89 4 .58 4 .85 3 .64 113s 138s 143s 180$ First grade 3.59 3 .88 3 .94 3.72 Trend: Higher large sizes, steady balance. NEW YORK (UPI) — Citrus: California navels S cars, half boxes S4 .10. CHEVELLE ! MALIBU SUPER SPORTS by CHEVROLET First Regular Schedule Pittsburgh's KDKA was the first radio station to broadcast a regular schedule of programs, beginning in 1920. By the end of 1921, a total of 8 such stations were in operation, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Red China and Tibet and islP arlment , w ? s !? dec,dc separated from the Soviet j « hcth " t0 dro P- cur 'f 11 ° r . c ? n Union by only a few miles ofi tmuc lhe P r °g ram - No decision Chinese and Afghan territory. Although India holds two- thirds of it, its population is per cent Moslem. Both India and Pakistan have taken unyielding stands, and yet there is general agreement I A POX WtST COA.ST THtATtf 13J Cap* Knw • FY. 3-4331 I IVerk Da) I Cont. from 7 I*. M, Sat. and Son. from t P. M. 2oShE$MiNE DELUE A1 <>0 In Color John Wayne "THE COMANCHEROS" has been made yet, he said. Agriculture Department financing for cigarette promotion in foreign countries dates back to 1955 and is designed to spur overseas sales of American- grown tobacco. The United States is the world's leading tobacco exporter, although the' American share of the total world market has dwindled in recent years. The House Agriculture Committee gave priority treatment today to legislation authorizing a crash research program to develop a safe cigarette which could cost as much as $10 mil-, lion initially. | The proposal began its trip) through Congress Wednesday; witli swift and unanimous ap -j proval by a House agriculture subcommittee. It was expected to get the same attention from Valentine Day Cards & Gifts Moods, Styles, Prices to fit Everyone on Your List FREE PARKINS AT REAR OF STORE 208 EAST STATE Background, n«w CnevtUe MaliDu Super Sport Coup*; (onground, Chmlfa M*Gbu Suptr Sport Cormrtibf*. What's so super about the Cheveile Malibu Super Sports? Inside? Front bucket seats. M-vinyl interior. Ammeter, oil pressure and water temp gauges. Floor-mounted straight-line shift lever for Powerglide* or sporty 4- Speed* stick shift. Under the hood? Lots of choice. Two Sixes—standard 120-hp and optional 155-hp*. Three V8's, from standard 283-cu.-in. up to (you're reading it right!) 327-cu.-ui.* Try this one to flatten out hilts! Options*? Electric tachometer, Positraction THE GREAT HIGHWAY PERFORMERS Chevrolet • Sic Ihcm at yozr Chevruhl £/'& rear axle, sintered-metallic brake linings and sports styled simulated walnut steering wheel, to name jus. a few of them. Outside? Special moldings and wheel covers, SS identification. Actually, about all that's not super about these Malibu SS Coupes and Convertibles is their price. And the best way to find out what everything else is that makes them so super is to drive one. Your Chevrolet dealer can take care of that. 'Optional al extra cos!. Cheveile • Chevy II • Corvair • Corvette

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