The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 24, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1908
Page 7
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1908. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN Coroner's Jury Rebukes Police SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 23.—The coroner's fury \vhl..-h has been Inve.-i tigalina tor four d :y.< the suicide of Morris Ha;'.-. Hi" a:salV,nt of Ass.irt- ant District Ali'iraey Heney, brought in its verdict (iil< o\ eiiini;. Tin; verdict follows: "Thai said uttn.-lioi was self in!l!ci- ed by Morris- Ha,is with suicidal in tent following hi.i al tempted assnssi nation of As;sist-:i:i: District Attorney l-'i'.'incls .). Hem-y. "\Vu further liud from the tesllnio j ny of numerous witnesses examined j tlial Kross ne^lit,'eiici: and ineonipo lency was sl.oW'i Py the police officials having In coarse the searching of the prisoner Morris Haas In not properly safe-guarding the best interests of the public, thus making it possible for the small derringer which caused the death of Morris Haas to remain se- ireted on his person. "We also find there has been a j strong feeling of animosity engender led between the district attorney's of- fice, which is greatly to be deplored in the present crisis through which cur city is passing. They should work In harmony to the end that all crime in our midst lu> detect.-.1 mvi punished. "We, the jury, recommend that the mayor of this clly thriroimhly inve. J - ti.yate the tills condition of affairs, and til lit he t; ; l;e such avive ;>nd inline I'iate stops as he mav •, cm necessary to ,ly this UEQAL SUMMONS. In. the Superior Court or thd County of Kern. State of California. i . Kthel Houmiettp, Plaintiff vs. Peter Uoii()iietic, Dereii'innt. in the Superior' ins* Records, tmge four hundred eleht 14nsi. in tlie office of the Countv Recorder. Kern Count v. Call" I!. ceiialn nuartz clal as Tii:cr \n. :;. an I described as fol Itnosa mv hand anil said Superior Court of the Kern. State ...„-. _. -,.. ___ rn Cotintv. California. . . artz claim known ' dav of Oct.. A described the BM* * - OpUBlST-J this OT» (Seal) .... o! Calltornia, I). 1!K»8. ^ \. ).. Mil, IKK, Ckirlfc. Court Car ... oi i lie Co Htornla. and said Countv of the <"!erk of s-i /n-.e People o ni:!. semi uroer; 1 of I -mtv of Kern. Stat the Complaint tiled Kern, in the office d Superior Court. the*Stat(' of Califor^ to I'eter ALL GOODS MARKED m PLAIN A GOOD HAND FIGURES TO PLAY TO NIEDERAUR'S FURNITURE STORE Business address Phone 161. THE MAJESTIC. PIANO STORE IN KERN Eczema Began When a Tiry Baby and Lasted 7 Years—Tore Crusts from Face Till It was All R-w— Screamed with Pain and Could not Sleep—Though Specialists Failed CUTICURlilFFECTED A WONDERFUL CURE "When my little boy was ail weeks old an eruption broke out on his face. I took him to a doctor and Rot ointments and medicines but his face kept on getting •worse until it got so bad that no one could i look at him. Hi8 whole face was one crust and must have been very painful. He scratched day and night until his face sometimes looked like a raw piece of meat. I was nearly insane with his scratching day and night. Then I took him to all the best specialists in ekin diseases but they could not do much for him. He sometimes screamed with pain when I put on the salve they gave me. "When he was two years old the eczema got on his arms and legs so that I had to keep them bandaged up and I made gloves for hi? bands BO the nails could not poison him worse. 'We could not get a night's sleep in months and mv husband and I were all broken up. Then my mother asked why I did not give up the doctc rs and try Cuticura. So I got a sr-t r.rul he felt relieved the first time I used them, the Cuticura Ointment felt po cool. He used to wake up and ask for Cuti- cura to be put on when he itched BO badly that bo could not sleep, and he would tay, 'Oh! Mama, that makes my sores foel so good I' 1 gave thn Cuticura Remedies; n good trial and gradually tho eczema healed all up and now" be i» as well as any other children. He is now seven years old and the cure has lasted two months, so I think it will never return. I can't tell you bow glad I am that Cuticura did FU'cb wonderful work in our case and I shall recommend it everywhere. Mrs. John G. Klumpp. SO Niagara St., Newark, X. J., Oct. !7 and 22, 1907." A elnnlc set of Cutlrura Rpmcdlif. consisting of Cuticura Soap (Z.'xv). Olntmi'nt (SOr i. sml Resol- vent fftOc.l, or PlllB (25C per vl«l ot Ol'f. Is often EUfficlenl u. cure. Sold throrchcuttho world Pottrr Drug * Chem. Corp., Sole Prons.. Huston, M«ss W Mulled Free, Cuticura icx.k on skin Dt«;a»e. ti reoulred to anneni aht against vnti «iv nlaintiit. in the Su- lit; Coiintv of Kern. iii.i. and to ans"'cr the i tiieroin. within ten of the dav of seivlcei von of this Hu.mmoiis. said I'onntv: if serv-.i in tulriv davs. '•eivbv noiifled that It i)-.iear and answer, ibi' ike iiiilunient for sun |i;i'S demanded In tlie Mslnu iiiioli Contrael. (it :n i!>e Court for anv oilier irli'd in the Complaint. MV band and the Seal of •a Court ol the Count v oi •• of Calll'ot-'la. thirt U ; lli . A. D. 11)06. 1. I,. Mli.l.KH. Clerk. Siniili, lieputy Clerk, viu and .7. W. P. Laird, at- idnintiff. ll-!^ ittitite.l on the Hodflsli iboiit eiahtfen hundred ,, , leet i!S'in» ''eer South from "Iron }J} iSnrinus." Located October,, I'.imi. re'" .-oi-i|e.| in itidie <--i\tv-,-i\ (dh) oi Mm Inn il.'cortlv ;.i pate foitv-nine i-t'.M m i he Kern Countv H. (-order s oliic., Calllornln. Bids and i.fiVrs In wi-llinn for -a!'; minim: elain.s will be received .v il... stia adiniiii-irator :J the <>/l"," «.,' 'I hninas Scott, in the I lank of MaKe- ' " hulldlni!. corner Uutti street bclriir No. 1" Countv or niav ... d 'In the office f.'t the I".... above named Superior Court at tin\e imor die fir-t nubllratlon oi notice l.elo.-e the sale is made. NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL. PKOPtRTY. il' HI i ,ii 11. i e 1 1;, v:wi in > ..t'l,", Chester avenue I'oimr No. ,-ireel. Citv of Bake:rdc'ld. Kern. Stale nf CliUiornia. < In the SMI ii'ornia. in , i In the ma' llowor. dec- Notice u -'lance ol -,: 1 'otirt of Ib" California, i (ii-tober. .v. L-tUAU . Mate oi said •'. Private sale Hi <'..•• administrator an i Co;inl\ situ; '<• in the Citv o! Halier Count v. to the !I'L-| I'lV. Mil UlotleV !>,e ;.;!i i!;iv o i lor Court. SI i inr tlie ^ i • ' ol th Kern. dav di . (Seiili IK !'„ Hl)\\e torn'" NOTICE OF SALE OF DELINQUENT' STOCK. Public Administrator: Adiiiini-n-ator "I the Kstatc of Frank Lass, IV" ceased. " lonias Scott. Attorney lia!:er.-iuVld. Calll'ornli_i_. i NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRE! SENT CLAIMS AGJUNST THE_E9- ED. TO" In the of kern. Ks-tat 11- CEAS Superior Court of the Countv State of California. II. Not Ice: — -There""fa ~<feYinb,ueht upon the lollowini; described stock, on ac- evied on the ftth count of assessment lev dav of October. 1908. ...„ amounts set opposite the names of the respective shareholders as follows: S. 0 - . • ---"^ Cert. Thps cioason 45 1000 Col E Mavs 4? 1000 i. K. 11 inmate Sjnnia rpderbrlnk I chard Khisman . . lichard Kinsman .. the several shareholder's"as ft Mr» *20 n (Vd oO.tHI J5.00 12.5< W* T lonison innison lomson lomsoii ..,., .. -, in acordance with law and an order of the board of directors,, made on the filth dav of October, IMS. so many shares of each parcel of such stock as niav be necessarv will be sold at the branch office of the Comnanv. roc in 413 Citizens National Bank biillilfasr. corner of Main and Third streets. In the Citv of .Los Aneeles. California, on Saturday, the Rth dav of Decemlier. ifioS. at in o'clock n. m. of such dav. to nav delinauent assessments thereo:' together with costs of advertisine an ! fxne'ves of the sale. "' >' WALLACE. Secretarv of M,e;-(.t Oi! ^ornoLinv. office, room ^K! C' bank bnlldlnt. Main streets, I nla. of. and ^ all nresons havfmi clalnis iiKalnst the said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within four months ntter the first publication of this notice to the .said administrator nt his, office In the court house. In Hie City of Bakersfie d. Countv oi Kern. State of Calilornla. the same belnc the oluce lor the transaction of Tiuslness of said estate In sain Kern County. i Dated October n. 19»SI W. A. McUINN. 'Public AdmlniBtrator of Kern Countv, and Administrator of the Estate of L. Oartman. Deceased. Thos. Scott. Attornev for Administrator. 11-11 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. loci Welllne Oil Company, urincinnl place of b 1 _.. ?-, — -. VK-f-N-fi 11 °, f dace of business. lflt)» Broad- and. Alauieda County. State otice is nereov riven f the Di e Directors f Noveimier. .19U8. , that held at a on the an As- . National ,. ct.rner •HilrcV iin.l Coyntv Ca .os AnuoleH. Califor- "-Inch this 1-20 l"?.RPW..fiP , t . NOTICE TO_CREDITORS. In the Snnerior Court of the County of Kern. State of California. In the Matter of the Estate of Alexander Bessupille. deceased. Notice is herebv elven. by the un- doisivlied administrator of the estate or Alexander Bessueillo. deceased, to lie. all persons linv- e said deceased m with the necessarv n four months after the . publication of this notice, whlen tlie dsite hereof to said adminlstr-'i- ti;r at the l;r.v olllce of C..J.. Clajlin. rooms the ( reditors of. and iiu- cl'ilms riTfil to exhibit the vnuchers within ajtfornla. .. -itlce ie meetlne of seBsment of 3 cehts"i)er share wan lev led upon tne capital stock of the Cor§ oration. Payable at. puce to J. H. dson. Secretarv of said \\elllnp Oil omuanv. at his office, rooms IS and 1!». iocs Broadway. Oakland. Alamean "ailfornia. Anv stock noon shiul remain .....,,..,. ... .... of December, lyos. will be delinauent and advertised lor sale at Public Auction and unless navnient Is made before, will be sold on the 2Stn dav ot Decemlier. 11108, at S a. in,, to nay deliminent assessment tocetiier with cost of adver- tiKjnK and expense of sale. IJv order of the Boar' of Directors. J. H. EDSON. Secretarv. Office rooms IS^nnd 19, ifibS Broad- wav. Oakland. Alameda Countv. State 11-11 r. -: 1 !.'..• sol... n : I s\ aler lank . n n: 1 corral, all sit one-hall I '" I o'. tl.e I i 'el ( I,, | of Sect ilill '.: i In linviisbii) tln;'l\ v,iime th!rty-se\en '•'•' i and M.. in Kei n v IK-'I .! on • i:. West tlllee KOlltll M. I), fornia. And notire I? hereby civen. sealed bids will be ri ceived bv adm nisM'.i'or tor said iirouertv HH the hour ol sale thereof, and that bids must be accompanied by or certified check In an amount e-: to ten tier cent of the bids made. W. A. McGlfJN. Administrator of the "state of. Bower, deceased. POSTPONPMENT Notice Is hereby elvni that the of the above sale of personal promt d has been positioned to vember 24. 1!KI!*. at the o'clock, n. m. Sv. A. McC.INN, Administrator of the estate of " Bower, deceased. Tuesdav. hour <tt STOCKHOLDERS MEETING. will Notice Is herebv ctvnn that th« pual ineetinc of the stockholders Kern-Utah Oil Company o lie sheriff's of. rsdav. the 3rd d . at the hour of 8 n. m. purnpae of elect Inu directors euBUine vear. and for the of such other business an niav held. "Uh^I'fflce^f Hiiid. cprnQraKfgfc the 3rd fice. In thin day of cltr, oft T. A. Baker. Secret a rv. ninth dav NOTICE. To whom It mav concern:—> IP herebv ulven that we, i'ie slened. have this Ifith dav of ( J9iw. entered into articles of n ment and co-partnersbin lor the pose of conductlnc a neneral merchi dlse and Rtore-keetilnc business Hi. ~ in the Town of Molave. County Kern, and State of California. BJ the firm name and Htvle ot the lave Mercantile Comnanv. Dated this ICth dav j;?r Qc . of Octolier. rHiiVp'. il'iU 10-27 of California. NOTICE OF SALE OF RL VATE SALE. fir u;r"al 'the hr.v Olllce' ofC."!",. "CVii'flln. rooms "1 anrt '','2. Bank of nakersfield , ,••-, •.;•,.- buildiiif. Bakersfield. Kern County. IW !^ llfo California, the ^ame bolnc; tin- place K.<j>_"•., for the transaction of the business of ,.'?,,'"' J ADMINISTRATOR'S EAL ESTATE AT PRI- In said estate. i Administrator of the. iiuilev Bessneille the Superior Court of the State "fornia. in and for the Countv of estate of deo. I Dated November DBSIRB BESSVKI1.1.K, i . Kstati- of Alex- Deceased. HI. 190S. 11 -1fl It) the matter of tin K..Ober. Deceased. H^w to Treat a "jprain. Sprains, swellings a'.t! lameness are promptly relieved Vy Chamberlain's Liiiimeuf. This lin'.ment reduces Inflammation and so that a .sprain may be cured In iibont one-tlilrd the time required by the usual treatment. I!,") and fin cent sizes for sale by Baer Bros., Bakersfleld; Kern Mrua | Co., Kern. ROAD NOTICE. Clerk of the Board of Notice suanc "is ol s herebv iilven that In pur- iin order ol the Superior Resldlnc nt Mo M. T. Resldinr at Molave. for« SUMMON! Superior court of the ifornla. Countv of bern. Southern I'ltclflc Kainoad '" vs._ Ii.. H. State ot Co C* Court of the Countv or Kern. State of California, made on the itth dav of Nor. l!tO,S, In the mailer of tho entitl.ed es1iit(',.the nndersluned. vember. above el \V. A. McUinn. iidlillniKtrator of nulilic administrat of Office of the cien; or tne uoaru 01 i-.-.•--.---- SiiiH-rvisors. Kern Countv. Calltornia. M'.'^''"^ To all non-consentliii; owners ol the J....'"' s - •*'• lU'reinat'ier described lands take notice: 'I'lidf Mn 1 reuort of ilie viewers on nronosed Conntv ''oad No. i Hcribeil as coinnH'ticini.; at tin KiO'ber. deceased, vvlll sell on or after the I'.Oth dav (it, November, . de- north- Town- Ra litre DELONF.GHA MOT SrP.INGS. Most reuiarKatite mineral springs Q California. An ansoime cure for RHEUMATISM Forty-five miles from Ealsersfleld in 3I«rra Nevada Mountains. Fin« sum mer climate. Good accommodations. Terms reasonable. Stage leaves Bale- •rsfleld Thursday mornings between 1 Hnd n o'clock from Arlington and Occidental hotels, and from Metvopole Kern. Upturns Tneadavs Ad- drtss, BARBBAU & ROQUETTE. u ProprletorB st corner ot section four I 11. I win'l) Thlrlv-oiio CM I South ot .... I Twentv-seveii (i;T) liast: thence South ' 'iIoiiL; and IJn teel on eael; side c| lilK Ibeiwei-n section^ -I and r.. S and !i. two nrivate sale at the oltlce ot Thomas Scoit. rotuns '.', and 1 in the Brink of Bakerstield buihlini;. corner of Cliestcr .'ivi'ni.> ;ui.l Jiuli streets. bt'lni; No. IfiliH L'iKli street, cll\ ol liakerslield. Coiintv (if Kern. Slate of C.'illlornhi. to the bJL-hest bidder for cash, told coin of the 1 nttcd States, and snblect to I'oulirni-ilion bv K Sunerior Court all l!..e ri::l)t, title said Ceoi "e k. (iber Counlv. ... .. nules: tlienee .. esi a'loni ami '\',n leet | interest'of the siiiil Vie.ii-e' K. Ol,er,,al ) f " ^''//''von'MH on ear), side of line betwee,, sections 'V "tne o his death and all t!ie rmht, , vo ;" • ,n I.!, 1 ,' s and 17. one mile to Countv Road J 'I' 1 .-nut iiiK-n-sl lha I) state " {/.'.''('.U, ''.,-„" No Ji' has hern -ei for hearluu be- C.eoruo K. Ober has bv operation ( ,i |'.'-"'"it 1 ..".'" fore the said Hoard of Siiin-rvlsors at 'aw. or otlierwue iicjimred other tlia.ii tin 11- rooms in the Countv Court Ifoiise /'. r '" '"ly 1 "^!! 1 '" "'at oi the said in (he.Citv of Haker.lioM. Kern Coun- ^if InN,,,"'"^ «1t t^t r&nV 11 " ' ' the Citv ot I minor), and John Doe. Defendants-^ Action b'-oucht In the Superior ~ of the State of California. Ill ami the County o! Kern and the C nlalnt filed in tbe office of the Cler Court in tbe said Conntv. ___ The People of the Slate ot CfitTfW- ? la send lireetinc to IV It. Contusak ou:i Ii Stonsland. llenriella N. :ivira \V. I'ercv. Clarence W. _ (,i minor I. and .lobii Doe. dele-ndslv'U You are lierebv reouirird to aniK 1 * In an action liioiiL'lit aj-'ainsl VOBJ*; •be above-named Plaintiff, in tlM, «Ss rierior Court of the State of CaiiUiravfc in and tor t)i<- ('(umlv (if Kern, ft^o to answer the Complaint filed lh«r*OV within ten da\s (exclusive ol the a*I nf t--ervicei alti /• Hie MTI ice on voia. r this silluii'iMis H served withjn the ^»Ji nded i.. mv hand and n\ tlie world over as the e-realest piano. A. B. Chase, Emerson, Estey, Kurtzmann, Sterling and others. Also Player Pianos. Largest stuck of fine pianos constantly on liaml ever seen in Bakersfield. Low Prices. Easy Terms. Sherman Clay & Co New Fish Block-1820 K Street Phone Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. C,,"il>-> fie[.| (111 Co?Ut|r(nv. (ocalioil 1 of principal place of business. Bakers, iield. Caliloi uia. Xotk'o ju hei'ebv ulveti f'u'i t' .'I i ineeilntr of the Directors hebl on the : 2:'.rd dav (•!' Niiyemlier. !:i"v an ; SC^'-HK nt of two (2\ cents in r -IMIC i was levied IIIKM tbe capital stocl; jt!'..- cornoraiion. pavalde ininie." I in 1'nited States uold coin tu the I -etarv of said corporation at oflif ! the conipaiiy. room 1. Producers ' it".- ban I; Uuildinu. Tlakerstjehi. I .-*n\ str'ck iiiion which thin a^-e«: mi.nt shall remain uunald on th" j>.tli i day ol' December. liMis. will I-. de. ! ll'M il'.'nt and advertised for sale at i P'lblic aitcilim and unless n,i\ n-i tit .s made belt re. \vill be sold on ''' t ill dav of January. 1fi(Mi. to nav ihe de- lliKiuent assesiiient, tom-lher with cost I 01 'ili'erttsill" '"111 '-\l.C!'Se< ot .-ilie \ 13v order of the Board of Director*. : A. T. UOHTXKH. Socretar . Office, room No. 1. Producer:- s-av- intrs Hii'iU blllldiiiir. corner I'.'lh :.'",' '' streets. Balu-rHlleld. Callfornlu. 11-24 NOTICE TO HE In the Superior <.f Kern. State of ment 1. In tt.e matter of tin rich ' iv. California! at the hour of in o'clock a. nt.. on Thursday, the Jiuli day of I 1 lee., I'.iox, where any and all persons In, terostoil mav apnear ami make ohjec- I lion thereto il deemed proper. i The said uroposed Hoad or Public ! Hitrhwav will pass OVIM". jhroiiL'h and j upon the lands of the Kern County I I and Coiuiianv. the Iowa Comnanv. ! Am;<rnnth Land Comnanv and Dlnkcl- ! Hiilfd Hi-others. Ii\ order of said Board of il the vigors. A lest: (Seal) II. A. .1 ASTRO Chairman oi s-inl Hoaru I. l. L Miller. Clerk. NOTICE." RS ON PROVING i.iiim r,; the cotiniv Colil'on, a !'' u ii t- (.Stale el Heill- rich Amnist Oildemeister. dec Xotice Is herebv iilven, that . tbe 14th dav of December. A ' at 10 i the Courtroom. o'clock, a. m. of tb;ii iiirtroom. Denartniei.i Court, at the Court lloa^' ! Countv of Kern. Stale o; < have been aiiuolnted as tlie idace for nrovlim the win Heinrich AuctiBt C.lldcn ceased, now on file iji .111 tilll of utcr n 'unr. ciiVion nf Mohns lor the Issiiitnce toh'i.i ' ters t' r Ad'.iilnistration with i'- 1 ' aniK.-xec] thereon. ,.1.1 i.-i. Th" 1 -' ^c'"' 't'b'oc' Scott. Wrlcht & NVriuht, Attorneys tio ,'!.?, 1 'e,i v,,v u. .v n iff.v PI rsons knowing tliumselves to be indebted to thy late L. Oartman will please ca'l at the office of the public administrator and settle at once. w. A. MCGINN. Admlnlstraior of tho estate of L. Oartman. deceased. 99 NoTfci <3F ADM iTiTsTRATOR'S SALE OF MINING CLAIMS BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF FRANK LASS^JVTJPRIVATE SALE. In the Superior Court, of the Slate of California, in and for the Countv of In the matter of the estate of Frank I.ass. deceased. Notice is hereby iilv«'ii that in pursuance ol an order of the Sunerlor Court in the Counlv ot Kern. State of California, made on the nth dav of November. liiOJs, in the matter of the above entitled estate, the iindersintied administrator of the estate of Frank Lass, deceased, will sell on or after Mondav. the Ilfith dav of November lijOS. at Private sale at I honiiiH. Scott. ronniH '.>. *jjinK ,01 itaKt ,>..... .'.,,...,.,».. ........ . of I'tit.h titreet and Cneistur avenue, be- lnc No. iJifid 20th street. Citv of Hak- {•rtifleld. County of Kern, Stale of California, to the hiiihcHl bidder for caKh. cold coin of the United States, and subject to confirmation of said Superior Court all the rluht. title and interest ot the said Frank Lass, at tl.« tlnte. of h1« dfaih. and nil ltn- riKht.tltb of the estate of said or iiroticriv yitnat'- ' in the Citv ot orslleld. Countv of Kern, Slate of ,.- loriiia. and more narticiihirlv dewribod as follows, t<j-\vil : Lots nine (9l and ten dm in llloclc three hundred and seventv C',7'i| In the Citv of Itakei-h-Heiil. Connt\- or Kern. State of Calll'ornla. according fo the olllcial man of said Citv. filed in the office of the Count v Recorder ui said Cou.nlv. November -j">. Is'.iS. to- L-ether with tbe buildiiius and Imnrove-l nients thereon. And lii.i« or offers in; IwriliiiL' for said tironeMv will be re-! 11-11! ! eoived bv tile said administrator ai 'the nnlce of T/ionias Scull ro»iru~ •'| anil I. in the Hank, of Bakei-stb-ld i biilbliiiL'. corner ot Chester avcn ,e | land '.'nth street, be im \'o. !.",i ' 1 Bakerslield. • -- the relief i!"ni: (liven under ... of tlie Superior Court California, in and for Kern, on AuauM 14. 1!HI' (Seall 1. L. Mil. Bv Bedell Smith, Dr-nut AVm. Sinter, .jr.. and D. attornevK lor idnintiff. cil elsewhere herebv noli fin] linear and ant.we;. linlv to (he In the TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Ii'ornia. or mav the Clerk of tin lie Yl tin sale is made. !>one this .. ......... olllce ol' inth dav of Nf^ em \V. A. MeC.INN. p. 111., -i lift i en I a tin in Ml half be day In . an as Scott. A'tornev :-lield. California, SUMMONS In the Superior Court of tin of Kern, State of California. J. O. Hodiens. PhUntitf vs. Bow Oil Company. Defendant. Action bromrht in the Superior Court of tbe Countv of Kern. Slate of California, and '.Ije Comubjint tiled in of the olllce itt rooms 'i and 4. in the ersfjeld buildiiiL'. corner You are herein rf auired to appear I office of the Tax Collector Ii; In an action br<i ' ' ' the above-named inone< Com jY.tltb'l w w ,• ... t.i i i .said Countv of Kern, in the olllce Ihe Clerk of said Snnerlor Court. The People of the State of California send (iri'i'tinit to Silver Bow Oil CoinPaiiv. Defendant. *'" ' are herein rf•iiiiirfi 10 annea action iirduiiht aiaiinKt, vou bv love-named plaintiff in the Superior Court of the Countv of Kern. State of California, and to answer the Complaint Illed therein, within ten davs (exclusive of the dav of servici f tills Suri ountv: if v davs. . ., notified that if von fail to so apnear and answer, the Plaint Iff will take iudume Notice Is hereby given Itiat taxes on all personal properly, one-ball' of the taxes on all real erty, will be due and payable on second Monday in October, and be delinquent on the last Monday November i;< >:t thi-rafter, at G ml iinU'v.f paid prior in r cent will be added to thereof. «tid Mist If nald not. paid before the laet H-SBs- April next, at B o'clock p. H*, additional five per •< nt will fc* thereto. remniri' for Estate. l!:i-i tnn tnxc ' s °n n!1 r(l!l1 I" 'fierty wfll i 1-1 I payable on and after the first ] day In January next, and will be | llminent on the last Monday In | next thereafter, at C o'clock, p.' and that unless) paid prior IIvo per cerit will be added te amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid tg. the time th first Installment, as in provided, Is due and payable, 3. That taxes may be pnid in Pnhllc Admlnl.-tra'or:"" A dm in 1st t'a for added ot the Kstate of (come K. Ober. DO- 1. That the <ffl Countv Silver Stan lifter service on If served wit hi elsewhere, wit And vou are herebv vou of this Summons ..n saiii Countv: if within tliirtv davs. Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools and Supplies: PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230-L, M AND 24 STREET , nt for anv iev or damaites (lemanded In the J ildaint as arising upon Contract, or apply to the Court for anv other relief demandeil In the Complaint,. Witness mv band a,nd the soal of id Sunerlor.Court ot tb<> Co^mtv of file" t'l'in'e"ot"Til's"deatYi', {nos-f certiilu rninine < _ in the County of Kern. Stale of Call-t'/'J' lornia. and more i.articularlv descrihed ""• ,'S. KJ-wft the p. m. county courthouse between ot 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 6 p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. B. DAY, Tax ('olloctch, 10-1 Kern County, California util •lie < ^N^i^&^^lK in K ',!' r ' n ^!^ f V- ( .?lf, V^nn.lj.r^l^i^N^yVn.Wr. V'Jl). uker. 1 I bat certain quartx mlnii if claim situated 111 KevesviUe Mlninir )isirlct, ( ' tinfv and .State aforesaid, IIIK known as Ilie Cracloilixk (Juarl/f Cla m. con(..'tilnt: fltteeii bundred (ifiin'ii linear leet aloiur the r-ruirsc of the vein, and three liuml'v 1 . Cjnni feet on each side of the middle of s'liid vein, and morn biuiiculuih described as commencing at the location monument and riinnlnir hundred (Iftv (V,"0) In a \Vhlt MILLER. Clerk. Attoniuv for Plain 11-5 DOG LICENSE NOTICE- Nofk-e IK herein- eJven to ,1! sons owning and keeninir d«c< the limits of the City of Dal--' that License Tfit'H ror tho vt-,-. tor delivery at ^Clerk, in the b •3uvTriKK One); i the fhtb SUMMONS. In the Sunerior Court of the Conn" of Kern State of California. T. M ijoduetn-.. Plaintiff, v*. Si!-., r Bow Oil Company. Defendant. Action brought i:i the Knneriur i'' .... now renrlv flee pf the City and on after l_. _ . . arv. i will proceed t.o .. doL's I'.und ninninir on the are not woarltiK the licet \eur llifift. . J. K. COX. PoutJdw-i.if f |i:iled January 9. ions. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. the IK CO', of the Count v of Kern, State laint file. and .. ri> • K-, nii-nded notice of! record in Vidunn- 1 l'ii'n- Keeorrls in ' K I'ornia. and the CoinnJaint fil. Countv of Kern, in the ofli Clerk of said Superior ('onrt !' ("ilil'or- llo-.v Oil C i,f '1 said 8* feet corded lieCO L,. ni.,. ill n:ii:e lllt\'-IU e .\!t-o Miii! certain fiuar i i-!icn\n .e 'I'iiier No :. ';. ii. . i Mill,Mr IK '.II id Count v. bounde.l anil . . !ous I eriiiiiinz oil Wester i'o|- \o. 1. riinnlnt.' Ituiited ou .-Inii'led in said Thi' Pooiib". of ihe Sti nla Mini t'l'oetinf io Si Comnanv. I lel'endarit. You are herebv recmli In an acllon tirouchi a":.iti-t ^'"U , the above liiill'eit nliiilllllf ill I Ie • lierior Courl of ihe CounlA ol K State of California, and to answer I Coiiiiduiat tiled therein, within tei, davs (cxcjiiHse of Uie d;.y of service! service mi -,o;i (rf this Summons, i ».::, If s. ived "" In Ilie Sunerior Coui t < 'ountv i>( Kern State i It) Ihe mat for of Ihe e A, Spllrlill. decease.). N'< .tlce ;s f^ re!, V t 1 j \ • dei-riiuti-'d :-,-i!i.ini-M.ito- of l ; :ini!', A Si u •ilid f"i t.t» ,-ililel Md e oi l.-tnWl. Tiuer \o. I anil situated Creek, and South fror ms" about thrno hui)()r n oi Ixx'iited Oct. 8. 1 in BOOK sixtv-alx Vesterlv side annually int if served within Mild - elsewhere, within lldrtv d.a.yn ; And voii aro herebv notified that if \'i>u fall to so appeiir and answer, the Plaintiff will take iuduniont for anv monev or daimmes demanded In tne coniplaliit as arisinu iinon cxintract or will amilv to thfe Court fo relief . to the. Court for any other emanded lu tbe complaint. rn ci A. ./. Adiuini! tr.'itor of Kmilv ' " Matthew S rnlnistrator. Date- of first publlcutlon 10. 1908, HPI'KLIN. . . . . ilie F.Ktate ot A. Sntiriin. Deceased. Platz. attornev for «fr for Nove

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