Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 6, 1964 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1964
Page 2
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2 - Thurs., Feb. 6, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts mm POINTERS By Polly Cramer DEAR POLLY John Crowley accepted at Pomona College CLAREMONT, — Among 70 high school students already accepted for the 1964-65 academic By Ruth MilJett The little boy was old enough Yucaipa Club Women Enjoy Music Program Arrangements of almond blos- sons were used by Mrs. Arthur Adam to decorate the main hall for the Yucaipa Woman's club meeting Tuesday afternoon in year at Pomona College is John it0 taow betler tnan t0 smear Mrs Adele J. Crowlev, son of Mr. and Mrs.! . , „ . . I P r °Sram, airs. Adeie ,John J Crowlev 1429 Mira! green pamt a11 over a nel g h "^owalski and Henry Meissner, If you boil [should be. At the end of eachj Mon(e drjve J ' " jbor's car port — but not old musical therapists at Patton eggs by the dozen to keep in|«eek on allowance day they hadl* He is a senior at RedIands !enough to clean up the mess.i state hospital, introduced f o u r the refrigerator and have ready j [° redeem the pawned articles ffih Schoo , and has a sjster for salads put a few drops oflf° r ° r - centsJand f "If" Ruth Ann who is a junior at jor saiaos. pui a icw arops oi u, mes a mcke , accordmg to the Pomon , COUOBP food coloring and a teaspoon of vaIue of tne jtem If Ieft „ sec- ,T1rouD w« accented un vinegar in the water when boil- d ,. th = I Tl,e group »as acecptcfl un- ing. This does not dye them £ cenl and at & der - U,e " DCC ' S '° n P ' aD deep color like eggs mit; cnd of four weeks tliey were they do look different enough to be easily distinguished from raw eggs on the same tray. For a fast leg shave, moisten tlie leg with hand cream and then shave. No lathering or rinsing and it leaves the skin softer. Fewer cuts, too. — HELEN DEAR POLLY — Need an extra pair of bookends for a student's room? Use two ordinary house bricks padded and covered with material matching or contrasting the draperies and bedspread. Slip-stitch the material in place. — M. A. K. auctioned off to the highest bidder. Now they are all married and are neat housekeepers but have pawn boxes for their children, too. — F.E. DEAR POLLY — For years, our family has been marking the freshest bottle of milk in the re frigerator with a rubber band around the bottle's neck. — MRS. H.A.W. DEAR POLLY — I always hated to sift powdered sugar. Now I place one-half cup of powdered sugar at a time between DEAR POLLY — When mvi' w ° she ^ "f waxed paper and children were small, they were r °'l ou t the lumps with the roll- forever leaving things wherei in g P" 1 - K reall y « orks - — LW they were last used. I started a! pawn box where I collected any! DEAR POLLY — Here is ano- balls, skates, books and even ther "don't throw anything clothes that were not where they! a "' a >'" hinf - Giant-sized hooks _ land eyes are hard to find in the! stores. Since I have 10 children I went through four buckle over- MATTRESS AND UPHOLSTERY CUSTOM MADE MATTRESSES Free Pick-Up and Delivery Free Estimates BANNER Mattress & Upholstery Co. 122 CAJON PY 3-5851 at Pomona College, a program whereby students whose first choice of college is Pomona are considered on the basis of their grades through the junior year of high school and early College Entrance Examination Board scores. Like all applicants, they also are uated through personal interviews, recommendations and a statement of qualifications. Normally, grades through the first semester of the senior year are used by the admissions committee. Now in its third year at Pomona College, the "Early Decision" plan enables a student to be assured of a college months before graduation and eliminates applications to second and third choice colleges. William L. Wheaton, director of admissions, pointed out that a student applying for the December decision does not file c- , , J*J i.* f «L j , talented young people. Gilda, a So what did his father do? ianist accompanied Mary Lo U He put on old clothes, got ev- iwil sang tbne Iar songs crythmg he needed to do the A man named G aIso job. and took Ins young son Mvera , and Gi , da along to the neighbors house.j ptayed a Gershwin medley as a After seeing to it that the boy, solo number. Eloise sang ano- admitted he had done the,ther group of popular selections "painting" and made his apol-jand, in conclusion, Mr. Meiss ogy, the father set to workner, a violinist was heard in getting the paint off. jtwo numbers. Mrs. Howard Galusha was hostess for the tea following the program. With her 11 co-hos tesses, she had used small ccietif MISS JOSEPHINE RE.IY Society Editor Valentine Theme Observed At Meeting Of Eastern Star Chapter "You stay right with me. son" he told the little boy. "I eva j,want you to know just how hard I am going to have to work to set right what you've done."!American flags and succulents I doubt very much that when!" 1 decoration. Pouring were . .. . . . ,. , .itions. If he is not accepted at shoes hat were to be discarded Pomona Co „ hc has tjrae and clipped off the remaining, t0 mcet nQrmal dcadlincs else . parts of (he buckles. I have n0 "" wncre sewn these on two jackets that' had broken zippers. Such buckles come on raincoats so I saw !no reason not to use them to replace zipDers on heavy jackets. — MRS. B. K. M. GIRLS — You really prove the validity of that old saying, "Waste n:t, want not." — POLLY STAY AT HOME ROCKWELL, Iowa (UPD— Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown had not been out of the town for about a year so they decided to go to the Fireman's 3all Tuesday night. While they were gone, their house burned to the ground. he is a teen-ager that small boy will drive around smashing in mailboxes, breaking post lights, littering yards with paper, breaking windows in school buildings, and so on "for kicks." Why? Because his father taught the child when he was only 5 that damaging someone else's property is a serious matter. And his father also taught him. by making him watch the hard work his mischief made necessary, that the end result of defacing or destroying property is hard work for somebody. We wouldn't have so much teen-age vandalism if all parents took the first opportunity to teach their young children what this father bothered to teach his 5-year-old. It would have been easier for the father to have said (as so many parents do handle such matters) "Just have it taken care of and send me the bill. Mmes. R. Patten, C. Woods R. Wilhelm and W. Newton. During the business session, Mrs. Mabel Cedergren, Heart Fund chairman, appealed for volunteers to help canvass mobile parks during the coming drive and also to help by hos­ tessing coffee hours. Mrs. F. Hess announced that she had tickets available for the Gay Nineties Show scheduled March 19, 20 and 21. Mrs. Gardner Parker, president, reported to the club on the new shingle roof on the clubhouse, now being painted Hostesses pinned corsages on each member as they entered the chapter room last evening for the meeting of Copa del Oro chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, in Masonic temple. The corsages of red and white net and ribbon with heart center were in keeping with the "Our Valentine" theme of the eve ning. A large Valentine tree with white heart decorated the East where Waneta Heuman and Floyd Matteson, worthy matron and patron, presided Ceona Mary Hull, deputy grand matron of the 60th District of Grand chapter. State of California, was given special escort Also escorted was Ken B. Anspach, worthy patron. Past matrons and past patrons introduced were Sara Frances Suma, Doreen Legg, Helen Jones, Mary Friderich, Stella Garrett, Myrtle Henderson, Estelle Morrison, Helen Repp, Brownwee Kettering, Blanch Ross, Austin Garrett, R. E. Petersen, Edward Kellams, Tom Henderson and Ralph Whiteside., Mentone COP Women Hear Guest Speaker By GEN SCHMIDT The large crowd that attended the Mentone Republican Womans' club meeting this week was rewarded with a variety of interesting talks. Municipal Judge Ben Alexander of Redlands told of the many trials that come up before him and of the many people * • , J J «t. , who have a summons to appear Announcements included th e ]m CQUrt >t a cmam date do Jobs Daughters meeting Fetai.^ and h , be sent ary 13 at 7 p.m.; the install*;, t „ jnvjted the Visitors were Reva Whiteside, Norman Ewbank, Louise Howard, Juanita Henderson and Ruth Larson. DOWNBEAT ON UPSWING CHICAGO (UPD — Musical interest and appreciation is on the increase in the country, reports the American Music Conference. It said that in 1947, there were 16 million adult amateur musi-| icians in the United States. By But that wouldn't have taught'1962 the number had jumped to his young son anything at all.J23.5 million. Gold Star Mothers Note Benefit Date Mrs. Edna Randall and Mrs Eleanor Hughes were introduced and welcomed as guests at the Tuesday afternoon meeting of Gold Star Mothers of Redlands Memorial chapter in the American Legion clubhouse. Hostesses for the afternoon were Mrs. Maude Burchell and Mrs. Eva Rhodes. Coming events included announcement of a special fundraising project February 13 at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Henry Romo when Oriska Bender will show a series of slides. tion of Floyd Matteson Febru ary 8 at 8 p.m.; the De Molay's "Sweetheart" ball March 28 and Mavy Almind's attendance as guest Martha in Fontana February 25. Each table in the dining room had a small Valentine tree for a centerpiece. The head table featured large red and white hearts with baskets of red roses. Nellie Crane was chairman of the committee. Hostesses and hosts were Marie Barnett, Pearl Smith, Margaret Ewbank, Bonnie Mottershaw, Hazel Ewbank, Violet Shoenenberger, Anna Ruby Webber, Annie Johnston, D. Elh's Crane, Dick Mot­ tershaw, Floyd Matteson, Clancie Jenkins, R. E. Petersen. Tom Henderson, Archie and Martha Colley. 1 Travel Program Of Interest To AARP Chapter "Travels With Louise" was the title of the interesting pro gram presented last evening for Redlands chapter, American Association of Retired Persons, meeting in the board room of Redlands public schools. Pictures of their travels along the eastern seacoast were shown by A. R. Schultz Jr. of Redlands with Mrs. Schultz (Louise) as the narrator. Many scenes of places of historical interest were shown during the program enjoyed by the 69 members and guests. Kate McGinnis announced a AH members and friends are in- group of new members who invited Mrs. Jessie Sanders reported that two layettes were nearly completed and will be sent to the Long Beach hospital for distribution. The Department convention was announced for April 22-25 in Long Beach. A social day for the local club is set for February 20, starting with luncheon at the San Gorgonio Inn in Banning and fol lowed by an afternoon at t h e Banning home of Sadie Ahem you'll swoon, too. when you discover how much you save with a Gas clothes dryer. There's a small fortune to be saved on installation alone. (Other kinds of dryers can cost as much to install as they do to buy!) You save on operating costs, too. Less than 2 C a load with a Gas dryer. (Other kinds cost four times as much!) Drying time? Nothing beats the speed of modern Gas. A Gas dryer keeps right up with your washer...dries clothes soft, fluffy, airy as can be. 'Nuff said? Visit your dealer's or Gas Company showroom now. Take a peek at the trouble-free, fast, money-saving Gas dryers. You'll swoon, too. ©SOUTH ERN CALIFORNIA GAS COMPANV LONG TRAIN TRIP WOLVERTON. England (UPD — A woman told an in quiry here Tuesday it will take her son six hours and 40 minutes to travel 50 miles from his home to London if the railway station at Castle Thorpe is closed under the government's planned reorganization of the railways. "It didn't take that long to do 120 years ago by stage coach, when they had to stop to change horses," the mother said. No action was taken on her request. you**** MAKE ABENDS REDLANDS 1 HEADQUARTERS FOR AUTOMATIC BURROUGHS APPLIANCES GAS CLOTHES DRYERS 117 E. STATE, REDLANDS Phone 793.5485 Religion and politics are taboo dining table topics when guests are present. elude Mmes. Ada Bloom. Marie Clark. Mary Grant. Edna Peters and Nettie Wuertz. Tickets for the bus trip to the Date Festival in Indio February 17 were reported to be nearly sold out. The bus will leave from Sage's parking lot at 10 a.m. on that day. Members planning to go by car may still profit from the advance sale of tickets at a 50-cent reduction, it was announced. Tickets may be ordered through Daisy Richard, 620 Monterey street, not later than February 11. Mrs. Ada Williams, 104 West Olive avenue, was appointed transportation chairman for regular meetings scheduled for the first and third Wednesday evenings of each month. pie to come down and see just how the court is run. Jerry Pettis, Republican candidate for the Congressman for the "3rd District, spoke on his views on world situations, including, foreign aid, and Communism, "the most vicious enemy of all". Mrs. Louis (Angela) Lombardi of Glendale, Southern Division's vice president of the California Federation, Republican Womans Clubs spoke of her work in the party and how she had worked in the party since she was 12 years old and living in Massachusetts. She said that "Politics are the Art of the Possible" and that "we do not lose elections, we give them away." Mrs. John Bowler co-chairman of the Goldwater committee for the Los Angeles County was introduced and answered some questions from the audience. Mentone President Mrs. Julius Friderich introduced the guests who were, besides the speakers, Mrs. Alexander and Mrs. Pettis. Mrs. Gustave Jahn, Redlands; Mrs. Virginia Herzog, Yucaipa; Mrs. Chester Luttrell, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Garrett, Mrs. Mildred Stevens. Warren Hooper and* Ed Stutstra, all of Redlands. Mrs. Frank Parrott read the devotions in the absence of Mrs. Fred Niemann, club chaplain who was ill. Mrs. D. Ellis Crane program chairman was also in charge of decorations. She used the National Federation theme, "Target for '64, A-Million or More." On the refreshment committee were Mmes. John Lagerquist, Frank Parrott, Earl Sams and Fred Niemann. Yucaipa PTA Benefit Dinner Saturday A spaghetti dinner will be served by Yucaipa Junior-Senior High school PTA members Sat urday from 4:30 to 8 p.m. in the school cafeteria. Proceeds will go to meet a budget con cerncd primarily with welfare work. Tickets may be purchased from any board member. Mrs, Harold Bliss, PTA president, an nounced that tickets will also be available at the door. Planning has been under direction of Mrs. Milton Davis, ways and means chairman, and Mrs. Clyde Nelson, Mrs. Jack Parker and Mrs. George H. Cal der Jr. Evening entertainment will be provided by drama students of the school who will enact three one-act plays at 8 o'clock. A donation of 50 cents per person will be asked for this benefit feature. SUED FOR DIVORCE HOLLYWOOD (UPD — Vic Morrow, star of television's "Combat" series, was sued for divorce Wednesday. His wife, actress Barbara Morrow, charged extreme mental cruelty. Mrs. Morrow asked for S3.000 a month support for herself and the couple's children, Carrie, 5, and Jennifer, 2. She told the court her husband earned in excess of $3,000 a week. 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