The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 9, 1971 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 9, 1971
Page 2
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l v ago 2/ THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE The Tipton Daily Tribune 221-223 £. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Phone 675-2115 By carrier in city .... 45$ per week BY MAIL:' Tipton and adjacent Counties; 1 year . . . .. v.... $11.00 6 months .... ....... 6.50 3 months .......3.50 Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mail subscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL : : — — • x Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895^ at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1897. SECOND-CLASS POSTABE PAID IN TIPTON, IND. " PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY TELEVISION SCHEDULE 6:00 O (B) Dick Von Dylt* O Early Report O Big News {0 Eyewitness New* EJD What's New 6:30 0 Daniel Boone Boone helps o friend bent on. vengeance.' Q Early Report (Cont'd)' Q Big Newt (Cont'd), [0 ABC New. 03 Mistetogers 7:00 O Daniel Boons (Cont'd) O NBC New* O CBS News © Beet the Clock fj!) IB) Origami The ort of paper folding.. 7:30 O Petticoat Junction An industrialist registers at the Jhody Rest and offers. Uncle Joe on ctionce to make o fortune. Q Julia The Bokers ond the Woggedorns enlist the cid of lawyer Steve Bruce in trying to prevent the city from cutting down o tree housing a family of birds. O Beverly Hillbillies Granny ond Jane disguise themselves as Japanese servant girls and raid" the Clampett mansion in the cause of Woman's Lib. C3 Mod Squad The squad helps a minister find 1he killer of his brother,- o psychologist, who ran a clinic for troubled youngsters. 03 (B) Bridge 8:00 O I .U. Basketball Indiana versus Michigan Slate. Q Couldn't Bo Dona A salute to the American workers and know-how responsible for creating' such projects as the Mount Rushmore Memorial, the Golden Gate Bridge ond the Panama Canal. '_ ... O Groan Acres The citizens of Hooterville, grieved .by an increased ^tax burden, secede from the state ond name Oliver their king. (3 Mod Squad (Cont'd) © (B) Forsyte Saga Repeat of Sunday's program. 8:30 O Basketball (Cont'd) O Couldn't (Cont'd) O Hea Haw Roy Rogers and Dale Evans are tonight's spec to) guests. CD Movia of Waak "Love Hote Love" (TV Movie), starring Ryan O'Neal and Lesley Warren. A fashion model's romance with a dashing playboy turns into a terrifying nightmare of fear. ED (B) Forsyte (Cont'd) 9:00 O Basketball (Cont'd) O Tuesday Movia . "The Producers" (1968), starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder. A down-on-his-luck producer and a mild-mannered accountant enter into a wacky scheme to make money. Q Hee How (Cont'd) ID Movia (Cont'd) ED Tha Advocates "Should All Drugs Be Legalized?" »:30 O Basketball (Cont'd) . O Movie (Cont'd) O I" The-Family CD Movie (Cont'd) © Advocates (Cont'd) ' 9:45 O Purdue Basketball Ohio Stofe or PurduJ. 10:00 £| Basketball (Cont'd) O Movie (Cont'd) : Q 30 Minutes TV on-the-oir magazine. CD Stand Up t Cheer Salute to America starring Johnny Mann, Henry Fonda and • Pearl Bciley. E3 San Francisco Mix 10:30 O Basketball (Cont'd) O Movia (Cont'd) O CBS News Special "New Voices in .the South." CD Stand UpiJCont'd) (JD Thirty Minutes Elizabeth Drew conducts an interview with Senator Harold E. Hughes. 11:00 . O Basketball (Cont'd) , Q Final Report O Local News ID Eyewitness News . 11:30 O Local News O Tonight O W Ufa Shaw "Rhubarb" (1951), starring Ray Milland and Jan Sterling. CD Dick Cavatt Wed., Feb. 10 6:su Q Today In Indiana, tip) Sunrise Semester CD Consultation 7:00 O (B) Panorama O Today O CBS.News CD Safety Corner Last Year! For Valentine's Day send a Lovll-Bunch Flowers by Jim Rockefeller Becomes Cheerleader For Pres. Nixon's Washington Window By RAYMOND LAHR WASHINGTON (UPI)-Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller, who wanted the two Republican presidential nominations that went to Richard M. Nixon, is becoming one of " the^ more . prominent cheerleaders "for the Nixon administration. The President may not yet be the hero of the GOP Eastern establishment, . but he must enjoy the applause from its chief spokesman, the Republican governor of New York and his former, rival for party leadership. One obvious reason for Rockefeller's change of mind is the conversion of Nixon from a: nominal to an active advocate of sharing federal tax money with the states without strings on its use. In his message to Congress urging revenue sharing to strengthen state and local government, Nixon spoke of a need for diversity in the federal r system, of using the states as laboratories to bring innova- O O o CD *; o o o CD o o o CD a n o 7:30 Kortoon Karnival Today (Cont'd) CBS Naws (Cont'd) ' '' Kindergarten College 8.00 Karnival (Cont'd) Today (Cont'd) . ' „ Captain .Kangaroo 1 College (Ccnt'dj . ' V 8:30 Karnival (Cont'd) Today (Cont'd) Capt. Kangaroo (Cont'd) Man Trap 9:00 (B) Topper Virginia Graham (B) Coffee.Cup Theater. "The Raging Tide" (1951), starring Richard Conte and .Shelley Winters. A racketeer, after committing a murder, hides out on a fishing boat. CD Pool Dixon Show 9:30 O Jack LaLonne O Graham (Cont'd) O <B) Theater (Cont'd) ID Paul Dison (Cont'd) 10:00 O Lucy Show O Dinah's Place O (B) Theater (Cont'd) CD Paul Dixon (Cont'd) 10:30 O Movie Game O Concentration O Beverly Hillbillies CD That Girl 11:00 O Girl Talk O Century Sate O Family Affair CD Bewitched • 11:30 Newt Hollywood Squares Love of Life Eyewitness News o n o CD 12:00 0 Chuckwagon Theater O Jeopardy O" Where the Heart Is CD SO-SO Club 12:30 (3 Chuckwagon (Cont 'd) Q Afternoon/Channel 6 ' O Scorch for Tomorrow CD 50-50 Club (Cont 'd) 1:00 O IB) HollyWood Movie "Dream -Wife" (1953), wi'h Cary jrant and Deborah Kerr. A Dochelor gets involved with a Tiodern career woman. " Q Afternoon (Cont 'd) O Local News CD SO-SO Club (Cont 'd) 1:30 O (B) Movia (Cont'd) Q.Words and Music O As World Turns CD Maka A Daol ; 2:00 O (B) Movia (Cont'Hl O Days of Our Lives O Many Splendored Thing CD Nawlywad Game 2:30 d (B) Movia (Cont 'd) O Tha Doctors O Tha Guiding Light CD Dating Gama 3:00 CI Gourmst O Another World tions into government.' Rockefeller was using a similar script in his 1962 Harvard lectures containing a glowing forecast about the future of federalism. But he no longer repeats what he said then: "If a state government lacks the political courage to meet the needs of its people by using its own taxing power —if it prefers to escape by letting the national government do the taxing and then return the. money to the' state —the leadership of this state puts itself in an exceedingly poor position to weep over the growth of federal power. The preservation of states' rights — in short' —depends upon the exercise of states' responsibilities." . : . Since 1962, New York and many other states and their . cities nave had to deal with recurrent budget crises and multiple tax increases. . Now as a leader of the revenue sharing crusade,"Rockefeller wants the best of twjo worlds in which the federal government would serve, as tax collector of, $10 billion to/be allotted to. the states without bureaucratic regulation of the use of the money. ' |. Although his figure is twice that recommended by the administration, Rockefeller told- the National Press club last week, he was "supporting tlJe President all the.way" and that he supported more than just its revenue sharing proposal. But the tax-sharing plan faces heavy and perhaps insurmountable opposition in Congress. Pending the outcome of congressional debate, Rockefeller has asked his legislature for a record $1.1 billion in tax increases. Other governors also have tax problems. Carson Returns To Desk By JOHN HALL WASHINGTON ' (UPD Robert T. Carson, indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly attempting to fix a securities fraud case involving a Mafia boss, is back in the office of Sen. Hiram L. Fong, R-HawaiL Although still suspended from . his $33,000-a-year job as Fong's administrative, assistant, Carson has been back at his, desk for five days. Reliable sources said Fong told his staff before he departed on an inspection trip to Africa for the Senate Appropriations Committee that Carson would be "in and out" and would be using his old office regularly. Carson also is still helping run the Senate staff club from behind the scenes, although technically he has temporarily relinquished his title as the, organization's president. The tall, 64-year-old political aide to Fong was indicted by a federal grand jury in New York Jan. 13 on charges of perjury and conspiracy. The. jury said Carson offered -if* - $100,000 political contribution to Deputy Atty. GettJ "'Richarfl G. Klein- \ dienst if the Justice Department would head off an indictment brought against John "Johnny Dio" Dioguardia — identified by federal "officials as captain of the Luchese family of the Cosa Nostra in New York — and 15 other men. Fong immediately suspended, him pending trial. Carson was unavailable for questioning about what he . is now doing in Fong's office. Other assistants to the senator declined comment. O Secret Storm ' CD General Hospital 3:30 O (B) Lone Ranger Q Bright Promise O Edga of Night CD Ona Life to Live 4:00 O Papaya and Jonia O Another World O Gomar Pyla office A reporter placing a phone call to Carson was told by receptionist in • Fong's that Carson had been in earlier in the day but had stepped out. Sources, who asked not to b'e identified, said Carson had been using his old office for the last five days, occasionally strolling through the senator's suite to chat with other employes. It was hot clear whether Carson is running Fong^s day-to-iday affairs while the senator is in Africa. Carson Was elected president of the Senate staff club last October. Since he is on suspension, however, he cannot serve in that job. The club's Two Students Stranded On Ice Floes - WILLIAMSPORT, Ind. (UPI) — Two Purdue University students got int.o a real life "Perils of I Pauline*' predicament on ice floes in the Wabash River Saturday, but survived. William McGowan, 24, managed to leap onto an j island and was admitted shortly afterward to a hospital in Williamsport for observation,^ state police said. . A spotlight-equipped helicop-- ter searched further downstream for Michael Witacre, 22, but police j eventually located him at a Riverside house. Bombs Planted Inside Truck Failed to Explode CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (UPI)•A driverless truck was sent, crashing through the front of a shopping center supermarket here Sunday night, but two bombs - planted inside the truck failed to explode. Police said the attempted dynamiting! occurred at the "A Mart" I- food store in the Greentree Mall Shopping Center. •;. : i Investigators said a pipe bomb was attached to a 55- gallon drum of lacquer thinner in a rental truck and three sticks of dynamite were wired. to the frontvend of the van type vehicle. The truck steering wheel was' wired with a coat hanger so it would not turn. The automatic transmission was tripped with a broom handle and the- accelep-' ator was depressed with a concrete] block, setting the vehicle in motion, j The truck crashed through a TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9; 1071 By LESTER I- tOLEMAN. M.D. Syphilis: Admission Urgent WHEN I I was 18. I was treated for 'syphilis and was told that I was completely cured. ' ' I am now 26 and find that I am avoiding getting married because I! am afraid that the disease may . wife and [to; be carried to my any children we might have- How shall I handle this ? Mr" K. B.. Calif. ' Dear'Mr. B.: The fact that you were considered completely' cured is the m as t important factor in !the' solution to your problem • Yoii^give.evidence of'respon srbility by not w a nting to transmit disease to the people you love; , | i One of the safety controls against the, transmission of .syphilis is |the required pre- of syphilis your doctor will recommend that you complete your marriage plans. Unfortunately, venereal disease now exists in epidemic form in teenagers and young adults. The ravages'. of untreated syphilis come to light either immediately or in later life, • ' Careless, irresponsible carriers of venereal disease pass on their infections to those who then, in turn, continue the vicious chain: Health authorities and parents must consolidate their efforts so that the infected youngsters will seek active treatment. , Too often fear of punishment- by their, parents keeps them from revealing their problem to their own doctors. It is only by such revelation that treatment can be begun and a pffe started. marital blood test* Forjonly By blood studies-can latent syphilis be recognized. j A generalj physical examination is required in most states. In this way. clinical evidence 5 ca of syphilis jean be recognized and arrangement for intensive treatments be started! If. by such an examination, there is ;nq' residual evidence SPEAKING OF YOUR HEALTH: Continued midnight heartburn should be tracked down to uncover the real cause. Dr. Coleman welcomes letters from readers, and while he cannot undertake to answer each one, he will use questions in his column whenever possible and when - they are of general interest. Address your letters to Dr. Coleman in care of this newspaper. 19TI. King FValurm Synilu-ati'. Im-.J New Troubles Brew In Northern Ireland — —- • — --- . J » — |— * ill. VlAi constitution says only bona fida piatglass window in the store Senate employes may hold front. But (neither of the explo- office. sives was j detonated. Israel May Allow Suez Canal To Reopen O O o Dork Shadows 4:30 Pepeye (Cont'd 1 Mike Douglai Early Shaw ' "The Fomily Jewels" starring Jerry Lewis in six different roles and Sebastain Cabot. A little girl must decide which of her father's^ six brothers she wants to live with in order to collect the inheritance her parents left her. 0 Big Valley Sesame Street ED a a a CD 63 5:00 Batman Mike Douglas (Cont'd) Early Show (Cont'd) Valley (Cont'd) Sesame (Cont'd) 5:30 (B) Addomt Family Mitt Douglas (Cont'd 1 Early Show (Cont'd) .Dragnet Misterogers d By THOMAS. CHEATHAM JERUSALEM (UPI)— Israel appeared ready today to allow reopening of the Suez Canal— but not on Cairo's terms. | Prime Minister Golda Meir ,was to give her response (jo Egypt's proposals in a speech to the Knesset (parliament) today (at 9 a.m. EST). | . Israel's leading newspapers predicted prior to the speech that Mrs.. Meir would reject Egypt's demand that Israel -conduct a partial withdrawal of its troops from the canal bank before the canal is reopened. I She also was expected to insist that Israeli ships be allowed to use the canal, |a condition that Egypt has rejected in the past, the newspapers said. . Davar, the newspaper most accurately reflects government's thinking, "Israel is ready for immediate reopening of canal . for free navigation including Israeli shipping." The other major newspapers, Maariv, Yedioth Aharonoth and Ha'aretz— joined in speculation that Mrs. Meir would insist on keeping Israeli troops in place but would leave open the possibility for further negotiation pending clarification from Cairo. The canal has been closed since the 1967; Middle East War and Egyptian canal experts predict it would take four to six months of dredging to make it operable again. Egyptian President Anwar Sadat proposed reopening of the canal and withdrawal of Israeli troops;last week in his speech announcing a | 30-day extension of the; cease-fire that has been in effect since last August. | (In New. York Monday, Lebanon's complaint to the U.N. Security Council over week was headquar- Israel's raid last circulated: at U.N. ters. The complaint charged Israel'with "constantly disturbing the peace and security of Lebanon j and maintaining a state of 7 turbulence and terror in the-Middle East." - (Israelisaid last week the raid was in retaliation against guerrillas using Lebanon as a base for attacks on Israel.) . By DONAL O'HIGGINS BELFAST,! Northern 1 Ireland (UPI)— The .underground Irish R e,p u b 1 i c a n Army (IRA) stepped lip. I its guerrilla war Monday night and early today with bomb, [and machine gun attacks on British troops." Four Protestant teen-agers came under [fire from a sniper in what one armyofficer said may have been a deliberate attempt -to | whip up more trouble " by | inflaming i crowds. They were, hospitalized' with .leg 'wounds.. !., One sqjdier suffererl "serious-head wounds when his patrol came under machine gun attack on a dark side .street in the; Roman Catholic ' Ardoyne- area, an army spokesman said. A second so dier was nicked.- The incidents werfe part of about half a dozen similar hit FDA To Initiate Prosection By WILLIAM B. MEAD Now, however, - FDA has WASHINGTON (UPI) - Hit served' notice it will prosecute by charges of laxity, the Food transgressors under the Food, and Drug Administration Drug and Cosmetic Act, which (F C DA) has for the first time carries penalties up toja $10,000 initiated criminal prosecution of fine and thriee years in jail. that the said the ttle FREE! This certificate entitles the parent to one tree Wlh*tant portrait (single or (roup. 2 months up! —your choice ~of several finished portraits- not proofs: There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to buy anything, hut additional portraits may be purchased at surpris- t ingly reasonable prices. These are beautifully posed, professional COLOR portraits by NATIONWIDE Studios. Inc. —so dress the children colorfully. Only one free C010R portrait per family 150c handling charge, rifunded if not more than satisfied). - Cliff & Carol Tonjes ij farmers \ who ship livestock containing v illegal drug and hormone residues, it was learned today. •. •. In. addition, the: U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), whose meat inspections provide the basis! for FDA enforcement, told UPI it plans a sharp increase ' this year in random tests for residues,! particularly of a widely used cattle growth hormone,! DES, j j which has caused cancer in mice. Coupled industry self- regulation system scheduled to begin March 1, the actions signal a significant escalation of enforcement in an area which has traditionally received: Little 1 attention from federal regulators. ! Although USDA inspectors checked ! 31 million cattle carcasses last year for freshness and cleanliness, only 250— one of jevery 124,000 —were randomly tested for residues of DES* which stands for diethyl- stilber sterol. "Our statisticians whoudl shudder \- at calling it a: statistically valid: sample," Dr. Joseh S. Stein, special assistant to the director of USDA's meat and poultry inspection program, said in an interview. Stein's boss, Assistant Agriculture | Secretary Richard E. Lyng, told UPI he has ordered "a substantial increase in the tests this year, particularly for DES." ..j ' When | USDA inspectors find an illegal residue in cattle, hogs . or poultry, whether DES or any of a dozen regulated drugs and pesticides, it gives the findings to FDA.j That; agency - has. enforcement authority but has never given offending: farmers more than a warning. slaughtered preparedj person that "Whenever we find, a situation Where] we., can 'document the fact tliat residues- are present in the edible parts of a animal j we are to prosecute the shipped that animal for causing food J to be adulterated]" FDA Commissioner Charles] C. Edwards said in a privatf letter last | Oct. 8 to ; W. D. -FJarr, a Greeley, Colo., cattle feeder who .heads the' American National Cattlemen's Association!. j . . .i •. I- Dr. C. director, i of Veterinary and run attacks by lone gunmen lying in wait along alleyways whose street lighting had - been . extinguished in advance. The attack on the army patrol and the four teen-agers occurred in* the same area •where an army scout car Monday accidentally killed Denise Amie' Dickson, 5, touching -off new trouble. : An army spokesman said it was a "perfectly straightforward street accident" and paid tribute to parish priets who . helped persuade angry residents to return to their homes during disturbances which followed. Roaming groups of youths armed with gasoline bombs and gelignite made sorties against troops into the early morning hours of . today. They threw bombs then scattered into the safety of side streets. Unarmed policemen held back rival Roman Catholic and Protestant crowds on the New Lodge Road in the first flareup of .sectarian strife" in the current. violence. It was there that the four teen-agers were wounded by gunfire. . In Londonderry, Roman Catholic .youths from the Bogside stoned police and army troops Monday night trying to hold them back from attacking the Rev. Ian Paisley, the militant Protestant leader.. . Police smuggled Paisley, in and out of a side entrance to the building where he was addressing his Ulster Protestant volunteers, c^. D. Van Houweling, FDA's Bureau of Medicine.j told .UPI two or three cases were in the preliminary tion. using the came from! stages of prosecu- GIRLS EMBARRASSED CHORLEY WOOD,( England (UPI>-Village officials have decided to put a fence around the' town's common because of protests about courting couples. area.' Tlie protest the head of the Girl Guide group whose j headquarters' border .on the green. She said the couples embarrassed her girls. | • j Service FARM SALES, ESTATE, REAL ESTATE AUCTION HOUSEHOLD MISC. CONTACT Atlanta 392 -2371 at Your Friendly * Bank FARMERS LOAN & TRUST COMPANY 110 E. Jeff. St. Tipton, Indiana

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