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Alameda, California
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Hlamefca Rxgm: ADa 15 1901 FUTURE OF VENEZUELA VII THE Til SHE DELANOY A RANDLETT Abrahamson Bros Resources And Possibilities As Seen By Minister Loomis Delanoy Randlett INCORPORATED 465467-469-471 13TH ST COR WASHINGTON STREET OAKLAND Contra Cqgta Road Still Being Agitated to acquire largo tracts of hind for the puipu-ie of exploiting the rubber and other growth which they eoutuiu Mr Loomis says that the general belief that the climate of this part of South America is deadly is not well founded By taking proper precautions he says it Is possible to escape the malarial fevers of the Orinoco couutry and much of the gold region of Venezuela Is no more Insalubrious than were laige portions of the west when settlers first broke Its soil As to the natives Mr Loomis says they have mauy noteworthy qualities 'J he peons are famed for their honesty and robbery nud burglary are rarely committed I REAL ESTATE DEALERS 1 HEADQUARTERS FOR Dress Skirts and Shirt Waists will suhscrilnj amounts in prMrtkm to the estimated Ismefits to their property the two boards have agreed to give the balance necessary for tin completion of the work Tt is now estimated that it will cost less than to put this tunnel through and construct a first-class road to it on either side The members of the Contra Costa county party had provided luncheon of which the party partook on the top of the ridge after they lmd inspected the ground thoroughly One of the features of the trip whs the experience of Heimboid one of the Oakland party who was sent buck for the overcoats and became lost in the heavy fog which came in toward noon After wandering about for nearly two hours Heimboid found the party though he had about made up his mind that if lie did succeed in finding the roadagain he would have to walk home Supervisors of wo Counties Meet At Point Where Tunnel Is Proposed BUILDING CONTRACTORS FUNSTON INSURANCE LOANS 3 Our assortment of WAISTS and SKIRTS is now complete in every detail The largest assortment of these high-class essentials to he found on this coast Black and Gray Cheviot Dress Skirts made with flare flounce three straps of All Silk Taffeta nicely stitched on the flounce the skirt is thoroughly lined and bound 75 Unlined Walking Skirts (all wool) at $295 Silk Dress Skirts alover tucked with applicme flounce $1095 1 A big assortment of Wash Dress Skirts in all the new effects from 50c up Will occupy offices in new building No 1336 Park street on BREVITIES 3 May 1st Now If Ftiuston will only keep to his past record and be modest he will be a lii'i'o cf whom the people cau be proud -Mobile Register Let us treat Fuustou the hero soberly uud sunely a becomes a nation of intelligent level Leaded people generous lu our pruiso of his doriug achievement hut sparing in our gush aud our Chicago Uecord Herald "bon't llobsonize General Is Hu warning cry from the Chicago Ilu'oril Hetnhl Let our esteemed con-L'liiiiormy dismiss Us anxiety Mrs Fuiiston can be depended on to look after that- Kansas City douruai Flat loans made on literal appraisements A Hummel Bay station PRESENT OFFICE HujMjrvisore Rowe Church Toloott and Horner vlnited the site of the ro-1 toned tunnel to connect this county with Contra Coat yesterday They were met at the top of the ridge on the Fish Ranch road by the Supervisors of the sister county and a numter of prominent citizens including Assem hlyman Williams and others The party examined both ends of the old Kennedy tunnel which it is pro jiosed to use in building the connecting link between the two counties They found that on the Alameda county side the tunnel had been carried in a distance of 100 feet to the solid rock while on the Contra Costa side the opening ran in a distance of eighty feet Leading up to these openings on either side was a roadbed which would require hut a small onflay to put in a first-class condition for travel when the necessury culverts and bridges hail been constructed All the members of the party seemed very favorably impressed with the scheme to put this tunnel through The matter will be taken in hand at once by the two boards and the interested property owners In the two counties will lie interviewed If these 2301 Central Ave Raglans and Auto Box Tackets in Red and Tan Special $500 Top Coats silk lined $750 Corner Oak Street liiiiiuiifiifiiuiitiiufiiiiuiiuuuiuiumiuiiiiiiiiiiumiubi We are the leaders of Fire Insurance in Alameda Call and see us Munro Burns Is your insurance on your property running out? If so call and see Munro A Burns and get their rates If you have a policy in a Non-Board Company cull and set us and get our rate on same Munro A Burns Have you inspected Hanford Bros new market? If not when in the vicinity of Bay station stop in and see them They carry a-fu il lihe of meats groceries fruit dairy produce game oysters and all the delicacies of the season I A Smiley Gallagher Pure Buy a Bill That Venezuela is a new Klondnto auJ without frost Is the declaration of Francis Loouils the United States minister to that country who has re-tently returned for a vacation In an article in Weekly Mr Loomis tells of the great natural wealth of the country whose asphalt lakes recently promised to stir up International troubles lie ulso gives some good advice to would be Investors Gold and pearls asphalt and sulphur copper and Iron asbestus and petroleum are some of the things which Mr Loomis nays Venezuela abounds in Nearly all are worked either by tho crudest processes or under conditions of great disadvantage Bach offers a profitable field for the well Informed Investor Upon the matter of being well Informed Mr Loomis lays stress "No American should invest in a foreign country" Mr Loomis says a thorough accurate trustworthy knowledge of the properly or business Into which he proposes to put bis money In considering wbat may bo said here or elsewhere about the resources of foreign countries I trust that this piece of advice may be heeded by my countrymen wbo are seeking Investments abroad" The richness of the goldfields of Venezuela Is indicated by tho discovery of the El Callao mine 20 years ago from which more than $10000000 worth of gold has been takcu Mr Loomis declares that It is the firm conviction of competent engineers and other investigators that as soon as the world realizes the extent of tho resources of the mluerul fields south of the Orluoco river where gold copper Iron and other minerals abound there will be another rush of immigration there such as marked the development of the Klondike and South Africa "This gold ho says not attract the placer miner for tho reason that tho best deposits are quartz and for their reduction an extensive plant The region suffers for lack of transportation facilities for although the goldfields lie not more than 100 miles from the great Orinoco river yet everything going to or from the inlues must ho packed on the backs of donkeys On the other hnnd there is pleuty of water there mid waterfalls are capable of being utilized for the production of power "The vital need of the region is a railroad connecting It with some point on the Orinoco Mr Loomis says "ami when this Is built probably tiie long expected awakening will take Tearl fisheries carried on lu an old fashioned manner about the Island of Marguerita yield to the fishermen about $100000 a year nud much more to tho dealers who go from Europe to buy the pearls There Is a remarkably rich deposit of hesaemer steel ore on tho Orinoco about 75 miles from its mouth Kuropenu capitalists are studying the possibilities of Venezuela for cattle raising and others tiro seeking HealtViduIiE Undertakers ami cnibahucrs 232 0 Kuiita Clara avenue Use of funera parlor frw Latly anHlstant when dcHiriul Telephone (Jmtul 474 Do You Want to sell your house and lot? If so we are going to have a grand real estate sale in atxmt three weeks Call and see us for particulars A Auctioneers 1501 Bark street Alameda Tel Grand 176 Tho good cook buys good Cheap grocorles satisfy and are poor ecoDOmy-Buy from us to bo sure of the best-Our goods win trade and cost no See open prices spot Order by mail-Mentlon this paper 83 00 Cash I 5(1 1 im H9C91ATE Grocers everywhere- 12 tins Sweet Table Corn 11 5 gal keg Ptcklt-s at 5 gal keg Chow or Catsup 12 tins Condensed Soups Atlas Eastern Rolled Oats pkg 25 lbs Fancy Figs white or black 81b tin Ground Chocolate Largest Bottles Ammonia 50 lb Case No 1 Macaroni 9Ulb box Candlen la) 50 lbs French Prunes 19 tins Gallon Tomatoes 5 lb Guaranteed Bakhg Powder 61b tin VV Spices 100 bars fine Laundry Soap 84 packages good Corn Starch Largeat Boxes Blacking 8 95 1 01 1 00 8 50 1 O0 Carpet Cleaning Also sewing and fitting For prompt and good work at the lowest prices see A Kist 1:450 Park street Tel Grand 1067 qDLDBEPq BOWEN 05 Free Petit ery in Atntnchi Please price lot Propo Wholesale Price to IM Consumers The are lots brands of whiskey hut only one Jesse Moore A A The only general market in Alameda Is located at Bay station and is conducted by Hanford Bros There you will find fresh and cured meats of nil kinds fish oysters poultry game fruit dairy produce ami in fact anything in the market line The favorite drink of connoisseus is (Jilt Kdge Whiskey Idealise It is properly matured and is 'libsolutely pure A fine quality of liquor for home use is old (Jilt Kdge Whiskey Kuper lor to All others EMULSION of cod-liver oil is the means of life and enjoyment of life to Cash (Dept) Store inc 25 Market St San Francisco CASTOR I A CO Monday Tuesday Wednesday Tea 40c Our regular 50c quality For Infant! and Children sitions and The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of nml Corn Sea Baby j'c 15c can Prunes WILLIAM DINGEE 903 Broadway Oakland never have a in the morning from drinking Jesse Moore whiskey Good Investments SALE AT Callfornia-reg'ly 3 for 25c lbs Soap 6 for 25c male of pure tallow stock 3 Apricots Beat opportunities to invest lu Alaminlit real estate ever offered to anybody We enumerate a few: JOHNHERITAGE Artistic Paper Hanging House Painting Tinting Agent forNiwon Pure Liquid Paint 2316 Alameda Ave thousands: men women children When appetite fails it restores it When food is a burden it lifts the burden When you lose flesh it brings the plumpness of health When work is hard and duty is heavy it makes life bright It is the thin edge of the wedge the thiek end is food But what is the use of food when you hate it and digest it? Emulsion of cod-liver oil is the food that makes you forget your stomach WEVER rtortlcian and Funeral Director 1502 Park Street 2403 Sant Clara Avenue (Tuoker Brlok Blook) Theoriginftl funeral parlor of Alameda AUCTION Wattles Property World sliced 25c lb next to City Hall Frontage of 150 feet on Santa Clara avenue Just the nlace for a fraternal hall or theatre Large house stable etc Ground alone worth greatly more than the price asked Ever'yhtng necessary for the buain Fine funeral parlor Free Prompt attention Courteous treatment Lad assistant whenerer deatred Telephone No 411 Grand Always day and night Ily order of Hon Ogden and Sanborn Esq the exactor and subject to confirmation by the Superior I will sell at public miction on Phone Paru 167 Near Park street Saturday May 25 1901 Business Property on Park Street AT MY 903 BROADWAY OAKLAND all of the real estate belonging to the enisle of ELIZABETH Hl'TCH-iNSON deceased oil'd-ti I ig of tile following properties: pays income of $100 per month on tNOO0 can Ik made to pay more All rented good tenants Must be sold can Gelatine large reg'ly2oc Whisky 3 bots $2 reg'ly i 4 gdlon gal Riesling Ji gallon face carbonate with sparklets Figs Imported 20C locourn 25c lb Mayonnaise Sierra 30c 2 CC Made of best ingredients Cocoa JAJIES FOWLER UNDERTAKER fcMBALMER AT TH1 OLD 91 A HD 1524 PARK STREET Deputy Coroser for Alameda oity Prompt rospoase to calls day or Bight Mrs Fowler will assist la all and oases Na extra eharfe Telephone Eagle 36i Residence Telephone Paru 701 It you havo not tried It tend tor free aample agreeable tasta will aurpriae you SCOTT POWNE Chemiats 409-415 Pearl Street New York 50c and $100 all druggist! Brown Estate Property Special improved ami unimproved property in the host hx-aliCioa in Alameda Ivdntc mint le rinsed and the properly will he Mild at your own price Call and get our IM CURTAIN SPECIALS Cows For Sale 3 3 Honey Saving TWO FAMILY JERSEYS FIRST-CLASS Apply 1505 Fourth stroat 4 15 3t Seven Room Cottage VanHouten Soc aqc i lb maJe in Holland Lost cr Sardines year old everything up-to-date finished basement slalde 8 stolls hay-barn etc lot ftUxJUG Railroad avenue near Walnut street Price very low 250 pain NOTTINGHAM CURTAINS in neat patterns Regular value at 50 Special at Jioo 3 3 Sale Imported Ispa 0HOW DOG TAN COLORED FIVE months old bus fits otilldren beware Return to 1835 San Antonio avenue Suitable reward 5-14 St Business Property Lot 50 100 on 14th street (south side) near Washington street partially improved now occupied by Sanborn Nursery steadily increases in value almost iu heart of business center Residence Lots on Telegraph 48 140 60 140 very choice on beautiful avenue Five Choice Residence Lots on 26th Street or Bay Place 40 100 each north side of street Piedmont Residence Property Nearly 2 acres as a whole or in subdivisions north side of Vernal avenue near Oakland avenue at terminus of the Piedmont Electric line Beautiful views Broadway and 51st 26 Lots 25 150 each facing Broadway Birch and Diamond streets Good future 4 Acres on Pleasant Valley Suitable for suburban home or for subdivision a rapid rise in value anticipated 20 Choice Lots in Claremont 25 100 each rapidly developing Very choice for 200 pairs NOTTINGHAM CURTAINS in real lace effects Regular value at I200 Furnished House Many other Bargains Watch our advertisement i 'all in ami see us and we will make vou money GROCERIES 1DURNISHED HOUSE SEVEN ROOMS aud bath Apply at 9095 Alameda avenue 6-8 tl Special at $150 per pair TAINS made on first quality value at $4 50 Special at $350 per pair CURTAINS made on first quality value at $4 so 100 pairs CLUNY LACE of bobbiuet Regular AT Girl Wanted DJUDDCo Girl for gbnrral housework and cooking Family of live Wages tX) Apply 1418 Pearl street 6 18 3t 200 VELVET RUGS sire 3 feet by 6 in rich colorings and the latest designs Regular value 1 450 Special at $350 each 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 i2c and 20c can Apples New York 2 for rC formerly 35c gallon can Lemons 1 bin fancy quality do IJC Curry powder 2 CC 30c bottle Tooth best 40c 30C Perfumery French 4c 10 50c bot lfor75c Comb Hard 35c 25c Baskets Piano For Sale 1424 Park 5t Telephone iouth 31 1411 Park Street Tel South 34 1546 Webster St Tel Parq 184 Broken lots of CURTAINS front lust week's special sale in two three and four pair lots at still greater reductions QL 1 ruV-FrNE square piano for sale $4-YJvS Apply at this office 4-10 it Complete ossortment of COUCH COVERS tn handsome Oriental effects from (2 75 to $1000 Each MR FRED CONE for three years con-nocu-d with Tb Ahgus la now a partner In tins oonoero Get our special list It wilt interest every boueehoeper TERMS OF SALE Five New Stores To Let On Webster Street 3 3 3 Cash to the Hutchlnsoa Estate but wo guarantee loans to the purchasers up to 75 per oent of purchase price repayable in annual Installments Lew interest TITLES ARE PERFECT CITY OF PARIS DRY GOODS COMPANY gS 3 Cor Oeary and Stocktoa Sts 5 Union Square Mail and Express Orders Receive Immediate Attrition 3 uuiiiiuiiuiuumuiiuiiiiiiiiuiiuiuui uiiu uuuiuuuuiu Big Opening Sale A GOOD BUSINESS CHANCE FOR butcher baker restaurant stove and tin store furniture store millinery and dressmaking or tailor Rent nominal Apply 1536 Wubater street ADOLPH HKCtfEK 6-6 lm Abatraots and Certificates of Title down to date of sale showing perfect titles furnished for use of purchasers free SEND FOR CATALGUES Carriages at offloe to show properties For further particulars apply at office Wanted Cl VIA It to any one who examines oloaoly into the nattor that our WE CAN GIVE STEADY EMPLOYMENT to first-class canvassers good pay all sizes 20C lip Shawl strap feet good anJ20C-70C reg'ly 25c and 35c HEATS GROCERIES For particulars apply to JAS BEVERIDGE manager Western Book Company Fresno Cal 5-6 9w WILLIAM DINGEE 903 Broadway Oakland arti of tlu Burnt denimble quality They look allnuTivi and are every hit iw good hm they look Tliclhdi i firm tender ami itoUrioiw Contains tlu bighont percental nutrient juh Irviiiw col from dung well led animat To Rent 1 del 11WO OR THREE NICELY FURNISHED rooms fon housekeeping Also single rooms 1715 Park street 37 lm Job Printing Hagy Cash flarket GRANITHYVARE and TINWARE AT ParkStCash Store For Sale 1415 Park Street Alameda Phone Union sly Modern fquippedchicken ranch Jubilee Incubators brooders removatde outhouses wire fences 70U thoroughbred chickens etc etc all new first olass order will sell at once for one-third actual value premises to rent or property mentioned can te moved See OSCAR MKYSELL SON 418-90 Fourteenth street Oakland or A KIST 1350 Park atroet Alamedai 5-0 tf a 1 1 Cali ornia Wines AtINFORD CO Between You and I Real 1346 Park St New Delanoy Block Houses for Rent less 20 cent Hum is nothing on the wall that Link ho pretty uud artistic the wallpaper that wc have aeUnded from the newest ami lH'd design and rich colorings of both foroiuu and domeatio manufacturer of whlrli mb arc showing Home exquisite Htmtplo for your choice It will be a pleasure to you to eutqe In anti examine our new Mock Telephone Eagle 711 (1000S DELIVERED TO AX PARTS OF ALAHEDA FREE To inaugurate our new tjuatlers Ate gre offering some telling values House 8 rooms Cottage ft rooms story 6 rooms (M4-9 story 8 rooms 197 50 Modem Cottage 7 rooms stable on Central ave Modern Satory 10 rooms Furnished bouses fTomtSi to t00 irgaina in houses and lots Enolnal Balls rent sear schools and stations fttaJO acres all fruit Vaoavllle acres Lakeoounty Mineral Springs timber and running aider Agency New Zt-aisud New York Underwriters London and British AHSurance Cos CHARLES ADAMS A CO Bay station Alameda Telephone Paru 1811 Less 10 per cent Sale Beginning Saturday flay 11 to May 18 Inclusive Of all kinds done on short notice aud at reasonable rates Call and get estimates Office Central avenue between Park au Oak streets Telephone South 43 SAPOLIO-per cake Purcbane limited to 6 cakes to each SOUPS'-Libby 8 all kinds good ataple gi hkIs regular lOe can spedal for 8 ON aTF KS Now fre'sh Kiodb iuie '2 lb cau Telephone Grand 1105 METZGER 1506 Park Street RICK-No 1 Island good clean and whole Plain Sauternes 550 Dry 600 Hiiit 800 Chateau Yquem 900 Vin de Table Claret 350 Chateau Victoria 400 Larose 500 Royal 600 These prices for 12 quarts Case ot 24 pints $1 higher Delivered from New York warehouse at 50 cents a case advance When you enteitain you should set the choicest wines California produces Vii del Valle is the kind Prices never matked down before COUNTRY ORDERS regular stcul per can full weigl cans regular 4 llw for 95c special fl ibs for 95c 8 AHIUNKS-Albert Koche ltuiorll Special Bargains in Real Estate nmol brand regular 4 for 3j special 4 (laun ALL COOPS UDABANTSKDOB BOSKT BU NY ONE WISHING TO SECURE A fV home shouldsee theunderelgned at once Frcuch packed In oil regular 16o goods siveial per 'in I0e XXX Sodas fresh and crisp per lb ftc American and Standard products Mr ltra lemon vuaps LaUrande FtisoR lynch choose mater gems llastous and assorUnJ All frosh uew goods all per lb 10c MAUAKGNI'VertnacoUl and Spaghetti per lb all 5c Press for 9sc A limited number of houses will be sold on terns never offered i Alameda before Bank property Vf POLLARD 9496 Central Avenue San Franoisoo Address 918 California St ALL MEATS LOOK AL1KB to the casual otxwrvrr but their taste is vastly dillerent hm you iwrertain after eating Home purehaatHl here other pleked up here and there We are aeller of meat Hellers of reliable meat' sellers of taMty Juicy tender wholesome meat With good meat to atari with we know how to cut it up to advantage how to prepare it for rooking Our aiiu is to Choice table fruits peaches pens apricots and ohurrlos regular vc 4 cans £Tc Ail standard brands 60 lb sauks per Hack 8fn- aud TSo New ripe olives regular 90c per pint I6c BAKING Pi Schillings best 1-lb can regular 45c apcial per can 85c aroriH OA TsA Jpkcsfor Lac Mitchell's bnrdwater lro 14 os bars regular he bar special 10 )n-s for 95c ChiInA liAMfl ruji I Choice Santa Claras regular 5c OLYHPIA! Where Is It? nerve you AT 9 for 95c Best Mix-ia and Jva blend fresh roasted regular fcc srei lal ptir ih 95o Choice Creamery ptir square Ac TEA -Uncolorod Japauese Splderleg 75c jvy lu special ftc Uood Green apaneso ngular 0c per lb special 96o law prompt attention Mail order dt partment 432 I'im etreet p'r lb 5o special 8 for tUxU clean and whole 100-lb sacks tl90 Combs Fisher CITY flARKET Why near Keclea Station only two miles this side of Felioooa the narrowgauge railroad Let out vnr tents and cuts and fur particulars adoreas Argus Office Pine 2-1- Gutter California BAN FRANCISCO 537-59 'it St- cor' Cly 0klnd Telephone orders carefully and promptly filled We also carry a full line of Mill Feed Etc 1362 Park Street Tl South Alamsda HERBERT CLARK 911 Lafayette Street Alameda.

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