News-Pilot from San Pedro, California on February 19, 1985 · 2
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News-Pilot from San Pedro, California · 2

San Pedro, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 1985
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A2 News-Pilot Tues Feb 19 1985 Plane crash in Spain kills 151 By The Associated Press An Iberia Air Lines Boeing 727 crashed today in northern Spain and rescue parties reported they had found no survivors among the 144 passengers and seven crew members Civil aviation authorities said Flight 610 from Madrid the Spanish capital crashed into 3340-foot-high Oiz Hill just before it was to land in the Basque industrial city of Bilbao Air traffic controllers said the plane disappeared from their monitors at 1235 am PST 15 minutes before it was due to land at Sondica airport Civil aviation authorities said the crash occurred 18 miles southeast of Bilbao near the town of Durango as the plane was making its approach McMartin From page A1 Winkler and two other adults — Timothy Paul Ricketts 19 and Angela Dawn Darnell 22 — are accused of sexually abusing children under the guise of baby-sitting them at the Coco Palms Motel last year All three were arrested in December and their preliminary hearing in that case is scheduled to begin Wednesday Winkler was living at the motel at the time of his arrest and when Torrance police searched his apartment Dec 26 they apparently located but did not seize what they describe as “cult books” Sheriffs investigators were interested in finding such material in light of child witnesses mentioning satanic rituals during the McMartin preliminary hearing After Winkler’s girlfriend Mary Susan Dorothy 29 moved his belongings from Coco Palms to a house on Eshelman Avenue in Lomita sheriffs investigators obtained a search warrant for the new location and raided the house Thursday night They said they found rabbit ears a robe a candle and “sexually explicit materials” but no cult material At county jail on Monday Winkler explained at length the seized items He said he and a friend both have hunting licenses “so it’s perfectly legal to shoot rabbits” His hunting mate was a man who accompanied Dorothy to the jail Monday for a visit “What he (Winkler) did" said the man who refused to identify himself “He cut the ears off as a joke and put them on top his TV” Winkler also said Dorothy denied that any black robe was found although deputies insist that was one of the items seized in Thursday’s search He also said the black candle was in a room at the Lomita house where none of the couple’s belongings were stored He said sexually explicit materials found by officers at J his home were 8mm movie 'film -of lesbian love scenes “There was nothing on any of that film that had anything to do with children’' s -' Staff photo by Randy Mudrick VFW commander visits William Cantu left commander of the Port of Los Angeles Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2967 in Wilmington talks with Billy Ray Cameron during the national commander-in chief's official visit Monday afternoon Cameron served with the Marine Corps and was wounded in the Vietnam War He is the first Vietnam veteran to head the national VFW Port From page A1 fortably close to being back where it was 10 years ago than many would like At that time there were questions about whether Todd in San Pedro would survive Todd had signed fixed-price ship contracts for tanker construction only to see runaway inflation boost the cost of the things that go into building a ship so high that the tankers could have been built only at a loss Todd canceled the tanker contracts and took a $43 million loss After three or four years however the shipyard came back to life spurred on by having won about $850 million in contract work for the construction of Navy frigates Those Navy jobs kept the San Pedro' yard’s 5000 men busy ’ for a half dozen years Last year the frigate work started to run out Todd began laying off its shipyard workers by the hundreds cut- Ship arrivals departures tiniiteworkrouhlyufnhalf 1 Fnr mmm(mal shipping- interests ACTIVE VESSELS IN PORT (0800) TUESDAY FEBRUARY IS 1985 Opfi U$ Ur VE88EL8 DUE TO ARRIVE TUESDAY VmmH Borth From American lancer LB230 Balboa Barge Helene (NO) iB-ANC Mobile Chaukawa Maru IJA TK) LB-ANC Maracaibo ferncroh (NO) 101 Croftin Floret (LI) LB-ANC Uaan Georgia Rainbow (JA) LA-ANC Balboa Maryland (TK) iB-ANC PTO Armuenes Matsukazfl (JA TK) LB77 San Franc Neptune Emerald (SN) 18234 Busan Rio Canbe (U) LA ANC Bellingham Sea Grace (PN) 206 Osaka Shm Kaanu Maru IJA LA-ANC Tokyo South Light (LI) LB-ANC Tampa Tatcnee Hi) LA ANC Valparaiso Vkpng Tern (SN TK) 120 Manzanillo FEBRUARY 18 19S8 (0800-2400) tor Dastlhatlon To Sail Lines Stg Bergaen MC Tankers Tokyo Crofton Paper Co Hyundai Merchant Tokai Lines Exxon Snpg Tokyo Marina K Line Norsk Pacific Toko Y-S Line Sanko SS doiivanana de Naveg Pemex Oakland Feb Yokohama Feb Yokohama Feb Crofton Feo New Oneans Feb Miyako Feb Valdez Feb indef Seattle Feb 19 Acaiutia Feb 19 Oakland Feb 21 Oakland Feb 21 Hong Kong Feb 19 Indef Indef VES8EL8 OUE TO ARRIVE WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 20 1968 Borlh From Operator Aister Express (OF) L0232 Ksohsiung Hapeg Lloyd American Lynx LB230 Oakland US Unas Anp Leonhard (SN) lB AnC Vancouver PaaJ Wilson Arco Resolution (Li) 240A Sea Arco Arco Sag River (TK) LB78 Valdez Arco Barber Tf (NO) 230 Yokohama Barber Biue Sea Brooklyn (TK) LB-AnC PTO Armueilas Sohio Daiet Maru (JA) 136 Hiroshima Y-S Line Leonidas 0 (LI) LB-ANC Balboa Onon I Global lex Maersk (DA) 18229 Charleston Maersk Line LuO He tCH) LB245 Shanghai Cosco Ming Glory fTW) 232 Yokohama Yang Mmg Line Pioneer Leader (JA) LB82 bencn NK line Puma (JA) 198 PTO Boilvar REL Southland Star (UK) 230 Honolulu Blue S'ar Line Tiber (U) LB-ANC New Orleans Ssnko SS World Shanghai (PN) LA ANC Charleston Japan Line Nahmmt Carrier (CA BO) LB54 San Franc Canadian Trans Destination To Bail Oakland Fab 21 Balboa Feb Balboa Feb See Feb Amor co Feb Cnstobei Feb Vaidaz Feb Benicia Feb Shanghai Feb Oakland Feb Balboa Feb Houston Feb Tahera Feo PTO Bolivar Feb Tacoma Feb Yokohama Fab Yokohama Feb Powell River Feb For commercial the downside is that Todd will have fewer skilled shipyard workers available on a moment’s notice The up side is that near-completion of the frigate program prompted Todd to accelerate construction of the ship elevator and left it hungry for repair work Unfortunately for Todd some private shipping lines have been wooed away by new federal regulations that allow certain repairs to be performed overseas where labor is cheaper The yard also has seen jobs lost due to the weak Canadian dollar which has prompted some foreign lines to take advantage of favorable exchange rates and have ship repairs done in Canada Nonetheless Todd still takes dozens of major ship repair jobs each year ranging from patching the hull of the Pacific Princess — better known to television viewers as the Love Boat — to more routine repairs on the giant propellers and rudders that power and direct city-sized ships Todd of course is far from the only shipyard at the ports At the other end of Los Angeles Harbor is the somewhat smaller Southwest Marine Corp operating the shipyard formerly run by Bethlehem Steel Corp Gone is the CIA’s mystery ship the Glomar Explorer which retrieved secrets from a sunken Soviet submarine Gone are the Howard Hughes-style cloak-and-dagger Lockheed missile engineers with cover stories about mining manganese nodules from the seafloor They have been replaced by the less glamorous but no less important day-to-day job of commercial ship repair Southwest Marine is the company’s Los Angeles link in the San Diego-based chain of moderate-sized California ship yards Other ship repair jobs go to smaller yards such as A1 Larsen’s Boat Shop of Terminal Island or to the competitive Billfish yard in San Pedro As the major commercial port complex on the south end of the West Coast Los Angeles-Long Beach often is the first port of call for a ship coming north from what can be hurricane-tossed waters between the Panama Canal and the United States Combined with the fact that there is a huge flow of cargo routinely moving in and out of the ports for local distribution and transfer onto trains this southernmost geography helps steer business to the shipyards It’s unlikely that any given ship will have to stop for repairs on every trip to Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors but most ships do require fuel provisions equipment and a place to load and unload This involves a whole network of support personnel that starts with the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce’s Marine Exchange From a lookout post atop an antique warehouse the staff of the Marine Exchange keeps track of the coming and going of commercial ships notifying marine supply stores that subscribe to their service of times of arrival and departure The suppliers frequently deal with a shipping agency a commercial firm on contract to represent the interests of the ship’s owners whenever that ship is in port Large steamship companies often have their own agencies but many shipping lines hire outside shipping agents to represent them In addition to the routine matters of arranging for supplies and suitable berth facilities shipping agents often must cope with unexpected problems One example of this type of firm would be Williams Diamond and Co As representative for the Cunard Line for example its agents often must deal with starkly contrasting problems One day they may be making arrangements for a national television crew interested in a glimpse of the opulent $3000-a-day suites aboard the luxurious Queen Elizabeth 2 The next they may be working with the Far East Shipping Co the Soviet Union’s shipping company trying to find a secure terminal and longshore crews to unload vodka and plywood while an angry mob of demonstrators screams curses about the Soviet destruction of a Korean Air Lines passenger jet In addition to agencies representing ship owners there also are companies that mainly obtain long-term leases on the waterfront broker that space and provide longshore crews to work ships there Firms such as Metropolitan Stevedore Co of Wilmington or Stevedore Services of America of Long Beach help move cargo for ships that don’t have their own leased terminals In some cases the big steamship companies — American President Lines Evergreen Line and Matson Navigaton Co — also enter this realm brokering space in their own giant terminals to smaller shipping lines Under what are called revenuesharing agreements the port managements encourage the operators of terminals for the big shipping lines to seek new harbor tenants using the attraction of the reduced rates granted to the major shipping lines The ports ‘ see the arrangement as a way of giving the big shipping companies an incentive to help drum up business for the harbor Another part of the infrastructure that often goes unnoticed is the network of government support that provides special help to the harbors which in turn creates thousands of jobs in the surrounding economy The ports frequently have complained about the lack of enough customs inspectors to speed commercial cargoes on their way On the other hand Los Angeles and Long Beach sometimes have been more successful than other parts of the country in dealing with computerization of customs documents and in seeking other types of government aid For example while Customshouse agents in San Francisco have had to battle with customs regulations that restricted computerized handling of cargo documents to one point shippers in Los Angeles have been able to choose from five processing systems depending on which is most convenient The Southern California ports also have been supported by port-oriented congressmen and state legislators pressing for their interests Rep Glenn Anderson D-San Pedro for example obtained $52 million in highway funds to improve the roads around the two ports and another $30 million in dredging funds Assemblyman Dave Elder D-Long Beach has won state exemptions that allow the ports to carry out dredging more rapidly Others such as Coast Guard Adm A1 Manning former commander of the CoasFGuard in Southern California also have campaigned in Washington DC not to eliminate rescue helicopters commercial ship inspection and marine safety facilities for the area Proposed budget cuts were rescinded when Manning and the maritime community explained the importance of federal support to the West Coast’s largest commercial shipping center Iwo Jima memorial dedicated By Richard Pyle Associated Press IWO JIMA — American and Japanese veterans of the fierce five-week struggle to take this rocky speck of land returned today to place a memorial above the sands of Iwo Jima in hopes that so many lives — 27000 — never will be sacrificed in war again Forty years ago today three divisions of US Marines waded through the Pacific coming ashore on the volcanic ash beaches 660 miles south of Tokyo When the battle ended March 26 1945 nearly 21000 Japanese had been annihilated after fighting from caves and tunnels and being cut off from reinforcements About 6800 Americans were killed in the fight one of the bloodiest battles in World War II’s four-year campaign in the Pacific For most of the Americans it was the first return to the island which now has small US and Japanese military stations It was an emotion-charged experience both for the ex-Marines who with wives and a few children numbered about 280 and the 110 Japanese including 50 of the 1000 or so who survived “It sure brings back a lot of memories deep down inside” said Joseph Selby of Maple Shade NJ who lost all but one of his eight-man machine gun squad in the first few minutes of fighting American military strategists wanted Iwo Jima seized for use as a base to launch fighter planes to escort B-29 bombers on raids against major cities and industrial complexes in Japan’s home islands Japan surrendered in August 1945 after atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki At the dedication ceremony — tailored primarily for an American television documentary — the former enemies embraced sometimes tearfully and traded souvenirs It was at least the third time that survivors from both sides had met and mingled on the former battlefield and it likely was the last such reunion for these graying veterans the youngest of whom are in their late 50s Among the Japanese at least two were in their 80s In English and Japanese the granite marker commemorates the “reunion of honor” and expresses hope that “our sacrifices will always be remembered and never be repeated” ' Among the speeches was a message from President Reagan It praised the “spirit fortitude and bravery (that) abounded on all sides” and said the outcome “had a direct impact in bringing two great maritime nations then at odds to the high level of peace and cooperation we enjoy today" The ceremony included Marine Corps and Japanese naval bands Buddhist and Christian prayers while television crews taped the proceedings from every angle The documentary producer Arnold Shapiro told reporters he had written the inscription on the granite memorial which was financed by veterans groups in the United States and Japan The battle for the pork-chop shaped island three miles wide by less than five miles long lived on as the subject of the 1949 John Wayne film “Sands of Iwo Jima” and through a widely known Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph by AP photographer Joe Rosenthal showing the raising of the American flag by five Marines and a Navy corpsman Funding for today’s reunion and memorial came from veterans’ associations in the United States and Japan The family of Wayne the late actor also helped pay for the memorial Among those returning were two of the approximately 19000 Americans wounded in the assault One was Jacklyn Lucas a Marine who had just turned 17 when he smothered two Japanese hand grenades with his body on the battle’s second day saving several buddies and wounding himself severely Lucas 57 of Bowie Md received the United States’ highest award for heroism the Medal of Honor He later joined the Army and retired in 1965 as a captain The other was Col Charles Water-house 60 of Edison NJ the only Marine from the Iwo Jima battle still on active duty Ferraro criticizes Bradley for switch on Palisades drilling By Stephen Arrendell Copley News Service Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley’s change of mind in the Pacific Palisades oil drilling controversy was criticized on a number of fronts Monday by his chief opponent in the mayoral race City Councilman John Ferraro who is attempting to stop Bradley’s quest for a fourth term said the switch was indicative of the mayor’s “insatiable drive to become tfter 12 years as mayor Tom Bradley ars to believe he can do anything make any deal to be governor” the icilman said rraro questioned “what financial and political guarantees” the mayor may have received “in exchange for supporting Occidental’s drilling rights” Bradley said later that Ferraro should “stop dealing in this kind of speculation and innuendo” The mayor added that the councilman’s charges did not merit a further response Ferraro has voted for Palisades oil drilling each time the matter has come before the council The complaints he voiced Monday dealt with the background of the mayor’s decision and its political and moral implications not with the issue of oil wells in Pacific Palisades “Tom Bradley has switched his position and he has not answered to anyone’s satisfaction the reasons for the switch” Ferraro said at a news conference on City Hall’s Spring Street steps The mayor’s approval last month of three City Council-passed ordinances allowing beachfront drilling by Occidental Petroleum Corp “created some very fundamental questions" Ferraro said In past years Bradley has vetoed plans for Occidental to drill from a geologically fragile oceanfront site in one of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods But in a surprise move Jan 12 Bradley signed three ordinances that placed the drilling question in the hands of the state Coastal Commission The action elicited a storm of criticism from environmentalists and Westside lawmakers Bradley said at the time that his decision was “truly agonizing” and was “based on the information provided today not on yesterday’s facts” Occidental’s offer to build a dewatering system for the Palisades bluff above the drilling site and to take out a $100 million insurance policy to protect the city from damage claims arising from the drilling were key factors in the mayor’s decision he said Bradley who in in 1982 was defeated by Republican Gov George Deukmejian is considered a likely contender for the 1986 Democratic gubernatorial nomination Ferraro has said that the mayor’s job should be full time and that the person who holds the office should not be aspiring for higher office While Ferraro stopped short of accusing Bradley of corruption he said the mayor would “sell-out the city of Los Angeles to become governor” That sell-out the councilman said could include political favors and campaign contributions in return for favorable decisions The mayor’s appointment last year of Occidental’s City Hall lobbiest attorney Maria Hummer to the Lea Angeles Airport Commission also was questioned by Ferraro Ferraro also wondered if any money had changed hands between the Bradley administration and Occidental or the politically prominent law firm of Manatt Phelps Rothenberg & Tunney t i

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