The Fresno Morning Republican from Fresno, California on June 2, 1908 · 1
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The Fresno Morning Republican from Fresno, California · 1

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1908
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i ‘4 VOL XXXIV— NO 154 FRESNO CALIFORNIA TUESDAY JUNE 2 1908 PRICE FIVE CENTS 4 i f & k NO BACK DOW IS TAFT’S DEMAND Will Not Consent to a Lukewarm Endorsement of the Roosevelt Policies at Chicago CONFERENCE CALLED TO DISCUSS PLATFORM Secretary of War Has Made No Secret of His Position Regarding the Policies That Are Advocated By the President WASHINGTON June 1— There will be no hike warm endorsement of President Roosevelt and his policies in the Republican national platform if the wishes of Secretary Taft and his friends have potency in the framing of that document This much was made known today after the first of a series of conferences to be held on the subject of the platform Should the Chicago convention adopt this sort of platform and nominate Secretary Taft it is predicted in authoritative quarters that his letter or speech of acceptance will contain a pledge to carry out the Roosevelt policies already inaugurated and earnestly strive for those not enacted which will have a ring similar to that pronounced by President Roosevelt on taking the oath of office over the body of the dead McKinley Wade Kills attorney general of Ohio who has prospects of being the Ohio mem- her of the resolutions committee of that convention and who was largely responsible for the conceded verility of the Ohio Republican platform is here for a thorough understanding with 1 he secretary of war lie was with Mr Taft at his office for several hours today and at the Taft residence for a long time tonight Another conference is In be held tomorrow when it is not unlikely the result will be brought to tile attention of President toosevelt Secretary Taft has made no secrot of his position on the tariff lie is for revision at a special session of the sixty-first congress to be called immediately after tbo inauguration March 4th 1909 His ideas as to what the tariff should be also are public property Tho schedule should be drawn as near us possible to cover Die difference between the lesser cost of production of a given article in foreign countries and the cost to produce that article in the United States This lie regards as “protection” in its true and fair sense Schedules wliieh are fixed at a rate 1 uglier than this difference he believes not only unnecessary as means of Hie present proceedings and contrary to protection but are evidence of their expectation no announcement was made t- niptation to capitalists to form mon- iv Assistant DNliet Attorney Ileney as opolies anil trusts in this country for f- whip)l nf HlP ft paa8 he npxt nculTp?Lltth0Fromethis ‘irdormal “ tion tho prediction is declared to be more will be conimod m the present a safe one that tho tariff plank to bo proceedings before Judge Lawlor to set presented to the resolutions committee ' aside the joint indictments against Cal-by tho Taft adherents will follow houn Ford and Ituef closely the lines of the Ohio platform with the added specifications regarding tho manner of arriving at the amount of tarllf which should be levied Mr Ellis is known to be heartily in favor of a plank stipulating that amendments should be made to the Sherman anti-trust laws and Secretary Taft is known to be a thorough believer in the efficacy of trust control through Fedora! laws The embodi- iriont of these ideas into a plank which - died a peaceful death in the House j n Judiciary committee is said to be a Panama ElGCtlOIl MllSt D0 1011 safe prediction The conferences will not be restrict- j cd in their personnel and it is believed ' that before the Taft platform is fin- ally perfected for submission the views of many of the party leaders will have j been obtained I — Another conference was held at the I White House tonight which was pro- ’WASHINGTON June 1 — The Panama longed until after midnight Besides presidential campaign which is to culmi-the president there were present Sec- nao in an election the first week in July retary Gartield Wade II Ellis attor- has recently developed "revolutionary noy general of Ohio Senator Hop- j tendencies" to such an extent as to Idris of Illinois and others cause grave concern and tho serious in- - tent ion to employ severe measures on rBiirii n om i rnnin ft I the part of the American government to SMITH OF CALIFORNIA insure a fair ard honest election prob- nil P 1 1 D D CMC Y DHABI-) ably tho first in tho history of Central Ulll lUrtnLIMwl BUrtnU j Amorian politics The 500 American marines stationed on the isthmus will bo WASHINGTON June 1 — The mem- detailed to the election places As some bets of the House who will serve on precincts will need no armed supervision the currency commission are as fol- and others will need several troops they lows: Vredand New York Over- will he distributed where they will do the street Indiana Burton Ohio Bon- ' most good jnge Colorado Smith California! The call for a personal report from Padgett Tennessee Burgess Kentucky and Pujo Louisiana DRUNKEN MINER IS FOUND MURDERED FLAGSTAFF Ariz June 1 — James Ellsworth a logger was found dead this morning near Maine Station shot through the back and the body covered with brush Joe Dixon isunder arrest on suspicion Both left the station together after they had been drinking Ex-Senator Jones Dead V ARLINGTON June 1— Former United States Senator James K Jones1 was afterward suspected by the ofll-of Arkansas died at his residence here 1 cers of seven other murders was toot 5:3o this afternoon after an illness day released from custody It was n? a few hours aged t9 He was one ! definitely established that Brlmming-of the leading Democrats in the Sen-! stahl "’as legally married to his wife ate from 1885 to 1903 and was one of the strongest supporters of William J Bryan having as chairman of the Democratic national committee conducted the campaigns of 196 and 1900 Since leaving the Senate In 1903 he has conducted a law practice in this city and has not actively engaged in politics TOIKDO Ohio June 1 — The Democrats of the Ninth Ohio distiict today held two conventions as a result of a local tight in the party Congressman Sherwood whs re-nominated tor Congress by both conventions One side named J A Powers and Dr Watts for delegates to Denver and the other so- ' t -( 1 I rank Niles ami Charles Goldin i mu la whose life was recently at-3 ir th sets of delegates were Instructed teinnted is nreparlng to seek safety for Hr an CHERBOURG Jun 1 — A boiler tube In the engine room of the American line steamer St Louis exploded j nttaek San Salvdor is massing- troops wlile the vessel was enteriner the Roadstead here this morning Three firemen were seriously injured HITCHCOCK TO ACT FOR V TAFT AT CONTESTS KINGTON June 1— Frank H 1 one of the managers of the Ta 'Ign will leave this city for Ohio 'rrow twhere he will appear before ' onal‘ committee in the interest o ' ’ry of War Taft during the forthv consideration of the contents for in the national convention Hitchcock had a conference today with President Roosevelt at the White House and later with Secretary Taft FOUR MORE VOTES ARE GAINED FOR HEARST NEW YORK Juno 1— The contents of twenty-six ballot boxes had been recounted today when the work of counting the ballots cast for William R Hearst and George B McClellan in the last mayoralty election ended for the day The net result was a gain of elgthy-nine votes for Hearst In the presence of the court ten boxes of ballots were count ed today giving Mr Hearst a gain of four votes for the day More than 1900 boxes remain to be counted ATTEMPT TO SHOW JURY’S PREJUDICE Attorneys for the San Francisco Grafters Begin a New Attack on the Indictments SAX FRANCISCO June 1 — Attorneys for Abraham Ruef Patrick Calhoun and Tirey L Ford spent the day in Judge Lawior’s court in an attempt to prove by the testimony of members of the present grand jury that they were prejudiced when they returned the recent joint indictments against the threij defendants in the matter of the granting of the trolley franchise to the United Kail-roads The defendants have moved to set 1 aside the indictments brought by the present grand jury as they are dupli cates of the former indictments against them brought separately claiming influence of tho grand jurors by Prosecutor Honey and prejudice from reading newspaper accounts of the testimony giveu beforo the former grand jury It was evident from-the testimony brought out from four of the members of the present grand jury who were placed on the stand today by the defense that the aitornpys for Caiboim Ford and lluef will rlaira that no testimony was given before the grand jury to substantiate the later indictments blit ilmt the grand jurors acted upon the advice of Assistant fiistriet Attorney Honey and the testimony given before the former grand jury in bringing these indictments The fact was brought out during the ease today that five members of the piesenl grand jury were not present when the indictments were returned All the other proceedings in the graft oasps were postponed today heeause of Minister Squlres is the result It Is explained of new developments At the same lime Rquieres may be asked to explain certain newspaper comments to the effect that he has allowed himself to become enthusiastic In favor of one of the candidates Squieres will sail for the United States tomorrow WIFE ONLY WITNESS AGAINST MURDERER POWAGIAO Mich June 1— James RrimmingHtahl who was arrested two weeks ago on the statement by his wife that h strangled to death David Huff who lived with them and who and therefore she could not testify ngainst him There was no other evidence to uphold her statement Rrim-mingstahl admitted having committed several murders in the west GUATFMALA AND SALVADOR SEETH WITH REBELLION SAX FRANCISCO June 1— Reports brought by passengers on the steamer Acapulco arrived today from Ancon and way ports are to ilip effect that President Figueroa of Salvador is In danger of assassination and that President Cabrera of Guate- in flight Revolutionists are Catherine in strength for an nprisinc in Guatemala the reports say and Guatemala and Honduras are prenarinc to on hpr frontier Guatemala and Honduras alreadv have troops on tile way to the frontier INDICTMENTS FOR GIVING REBATES Southern Pacific Must Answer Twenty-Nine Counts Found - By the Federal Grand Jury CHARGES ARE RESULT OF LANE HEARINGS Defense Will Be In Several Cases That Shipments Were Not Subject to the Inter-State Commerce Regulations LOS ANGKLES June 1— Tho ‘federal grand jury this afternoon returned a large number of indictments including three against the Southern Pacific company for alleged rebating in violation of the Sherman anti-trust law Twenty-nine counts were contained in the three indictments and specific instances were cited of alleged unlawful refunding of charges to customers The officials of the company were cited to appear in court on June l£3th and make answer to the charges The company is charged with rebating on shipments of oranges and lemons from Riverside Cal to various Eastern cities and also on snipments of rice from San Francisco to local Chinese merchants and on sirpments of hides from Texas and Arizona points 10 this city Seven additional indictments were returned against various individuals in connection with alleged land frauds in the Imperial valley San Diego county Three men in this city and tour others living in different parts of the country wore indicted They are accused of using dummy men in making entries under tnc desert land act The three local men surrendered themselves at the United States marshal’s office and were later released under bonds of $2500 The recipients named as receiving the alleged rebates are the Venn Fruit com- pany of Riverside 'j un Jhb and Hong I lob of bos Angeles and the Harris Newmark Company of Los Angeles In the first indictment it is alleged thai between January and May 1906 the fruit company shipped 14831 boxes of fruit to various points on which it received a refund of $25621 on August 20 1906 'l’he second indictment alleges rebating in 1907 on shipments of ree between San Francisco and Los Angeles given to Tung Hob or Hong Hob These shipments came from 'Hong Kong The third indictment charges that the Ilarris-Newmark company was given rebates on hide shipments from points in Arizona and Texas on June 21 1906 Seven indictments were also returned against dittereut parties in connection with alleged land frauds in the Imperial valley Three of these were aga’nst IT Y lilaisdcl of the Blaisdel company of this city H C and J W Oakley of the Im penal Investment company of 1 Angolns Of the remaining four indictments two are said to he against residents of the Imperial valley one against a man in Chicago and the fourth one against a resident of Northern California Names of these parties will not be disclosed until the arrests arc made The Los Angeles parties indicted appeared at the Un’ted States marshal's office and the warrants were served on them It is alleged that dummy entry-men were used in making filings in the Imperial valley in 1902 under the desert land act Result of Lane Hearings United Slates District Attorney Lawlor stated this afternoon that tile indictments against the Southern Pacific were based upon transaet’ons brought out at the hearing before Franklin K Lane interstate commerce commissioner at San Francisco last October The Penn Fruit company has a packing house at Riverside accessible to both the Southern Pacific and Santa Fe lines During the year 1906 it is claimed that the fruit company purchased a large amount of fruit at Arlington on the line of the Santa Fe and shipped it over the latter’s track to the line of the Southern Pacific for which service it paid local freight to the Santa Fe At the end of the season it is alleged the Sonihern Pacific paid hack to the Penn F'ruit company 50 per cent of the cost of hauling the oranges referred to from Arlington For making this payment the railroad company is charged with rebating It is claimed by the district attorney’s offire that no other fruit shipping firms were shown such consideration thus constituting a diserinrnation in violation of 1 v Also as no provision for such payment was made in the published tariffs nf tno railroad company it is rharged with a departure from tlie tariff rates This indictment consists of two counts The serond indictment containing fifteen counts covers as many shipments of hides upon which the tariff was $1 per 100 pounds It is charged that the railroad company granted a rebate of 10 cent) per hundred pounds to Harris Newmark & to Domestic or Foreign? The third indictment 'contains eleven counts Three local Chinese firms— Chew Pack Run Wing Yo and Kwang On — imported a large amount of merchandise including rice wine and beans from China hv wav of San Francisco Tliis merchandise 'as shipped over the Southern Pacific from San Francisco to lais Angeles in bond and the government contends that these shipments were foreign commerce unt:l they reached the )niKrter'‘ and were therefore subject to the regulations of federal legislation It is understod that the railroad company contends however that they ceased to he foreign commerce upon arrival at San Francisco and that the transporta- r tion from that city to Los Angeles was J VICTIM OF LYNCHING LEFT SMALL FORTUNE Search Being Made for Widow of Joe Simpson Who Shot a Man at Skidoo REXO Xev June J — The friends of the late Joe Simpson who was lynched by being hanged to a telegraph pole at Skidoo for shooting a saloon man of that place are now trying to find his wife It is stated that be left over $25-000 anrl that bis wife will receive the entire estate if she will only apply for it ALASKAN FORGERY PRISONER ESCAPES TACOMA June 1 — Adam Aren sentenced to two years from the Alaska district for forgery escaped from the McNeil’s Island penitentiary today Aren was working with a number of prisoners outside the penitentiary walls this morning when he made a break for liberty and gained the brush almost before the guards realized his escape BILLYMNDAY DENOUNCES CLERGY Tells Presbyterians Many of Them Are Fudge Eating Mollycoddles and Quacks SENSATION IS CREATED AT PITTSBURG MEETING Ex-Baseball Player Now Evangelist Attacks the Seminary Training — Some of His Auditors Leave the Building PITTSBURG June 1 — Rev Hilly Sunday the evar-di'-t delivered an vaddr sa to Hie Pi Kahytenan 'ministers of Pittsburg today His words caused consternation among the preachers some of whom left the First Presby terian church with their dignity stung but most of them remained Rev Sunday who is a former professional base ball player has been conducting a revival at Sharon near here and came to Pittsburg to speak on “Why Some Ministers Fail” The evangelist said many ministers of tho present day were "fudge-eating mollycoddles who were continually springing bull con to tlieir congregations" He asserted that few ministers of today are anything but stiffs salary quacks willing to accept social distinction and that many of them are "qualified for the funny house” Continuing he said: "Some of you ministers are controlled bv the rich and not by the Bible Many of you are grafters pure and simple You 1 know this is true You know this too There arc some of you preaching to- we° wntTYod the seminaries and stand tho profes- j sors on their heads in mud puddles A seminary and its teachings are of no ! more use to preaching than a crane's I logs are to a setting hen "I am not an osteopath: I am a surgeon and my line is to cut out the abscess in tho side of the church” a local matter in wtrch the federal government had no concern The settlement of this controversy in the courts will decide a very interesting and highly important point in interstate commerce law Also in the Penn Fruit company case another important question of law is to be decided It is whether the federal government has jurisdiction over railroad shipments inside a state which shipments have a direct relationship to interstate shipments The Land Cases E A Meserve attorney for Mr Blaisdel and Messrs tklev indicted in connection with Imperial land dealings said: “The government charges these men w-itn conspiracy to defraud it by desert land entries with dummy entrymen at a time when entry by that method cost $150 an acre when railroad scrip could have been applied on the land at a cost of $175 an acre” Rhirlev Ward who will be associated in the defense of Mr Blaisdel said: "I understand they charge conspiracy on the part of the defendants to defraud the government out of desert land by agreement with entrymen that they should after proving up assign their claims to the man at whose instance they made me entries “Assuming that such cases happened which we do not admit we still clainf that it is not a violatiou of the desert land law which makes specific provision we claim that desert lands may be assigned “The eases charged in the indictments happened in 1902 when the Imperial valley was just opened for settlement and if any such eases happened it was due to a desire to get the settlement of the country started” RIVERSIDE June 1— A L Woodill president and manager of the Penn Fruit company when seen this afternoon by a representative of the Associated Press and asked concerning the indictments returned against the Southern Paetf'c based upon alleged rebates to his company said: “At no time either between June and September 1906 or at any other time has the Penn Fruit Go received iron) the Southern Pacific company any sum of money whatsoever that was not a legitimate and lawful claim” 8000 Man Return to Work BIRMINGHAM Ala June L— With the resumption of mines furnaces and other industries this week 8000 men w - ho have been idle for several months will so back to work CHAMBERLAIN AHEAD IN OREGON Democratic Candidate for United States Senator Apparently Has Swept the State LEGISLATURE WILL BE SOLIDLY REPUBLICAN Members Are Pledged to Vote for Popular Choice for the Senatorship — Prohibition Carries Nearly Everywhere PORTLAND June 1-— Indications late tonight point to the election today of a solid Republican legislature which at the same time will be morally bound to elect Democratic senator to the United States Senate This unusual situation is reasonably certain to be the result of today's state election The majority if not all of the candidates for the legislature pledged themselves to send to the United States Senate the choice of the people exDressed by the popular vote today for senator Although figures which have been received up to midnight are too meager to base reliable return upon all indications point to Governor George F Chamberlain the Democratic candidate for United States Senator as being the popular choice He evidently carried Multnomah county by a majority of 2000 over Judge Henry M Cake the Republican aspirant to the Senate W R Ellis Republican has been re-elected to Congress from the serond congressional district over J A Jeffery Democrat and W C Hawley haa carried the tirst district Prohibition it is believed has carried in nearly every county in which it was an issue PORTLAND Ore June 1 — Of great importance but almost completely overshadowed by the election of a United States senatorial nominee was the subject of prohibition which was voted in three-fourths of the counties of Oregon today The statute provides for the submission cf tho option of prohibition either by prccim(-4''bE u?uati& aa a — whole On re passed upon the decision of the electorate must remain in force for two years when the question may be resubmitted Twelve counties voted on the liquor question two years ago eight passing the prohibition law In one of the eight the law was nullified by the courts Of these twelve counties the four "wet" counties and one of tho "dry” counties did not vote today In seven the question was re-submitted and in seventeen the question was submitted to the voters for the first time Resides these there were two precincts in two other counties which decided the question today making a total of thirty out of thirty-three counties of the state in which the sale of liquor may be wholly or partially prohibited In three counties the prohibition question has never been raised SOCIETY WOMAN'S MANIA CAUSES HER TO RUN AWAY FOUND AFTER A WEEK LOS ANGELES June 1— Mrs E A Taylor the young and handsome wife of a Fifth strpet jeweler and former organist of the First Methodist church who disappeared from her home here on May 22 and for whom a vigorous search has been prosecuted ever since was found at 7 o’clock this morning in the hills near Glendora thirty miles east of this city She was unharmed Mrs Taylor is tho victim of a peculiar mania which causes her to run away periodically On three recent occasions she has disappeared and been found only after weeks of search Once she was rescued at Santa Monica after leaping into the ocean from the pier Mrs Taylor’s homo life has always been apparenty happy and hpr peculiar malady has completely baffled physicians When found today she was asleep on the ground She gave no reason for her disappearance excepting her desire to get away from f very-one METHODISTS END THE CONFERENCE Last Day a Busy One for the Quadrennial Assembly of Church — Things Not Done BALTIMORE June 1 — Reports and other business were rushed through the Methodist Episcopal general conference at both morning and afternoon sessions with the greatest dispatch There was little discussion of most of the questions In this was a large amount of matter of routine character was disposed of Some of the most important measures however had to run the fire of debate before being acted upon One nf them pertained to heresy trials Charges of heresy which may be laid 1 against professors in the seminaries if they come to the bishops will in the' future be turned over to the annual conference of which the accused is a member if he be a minister and if a layman to the pastor of the church to which lie belongs In the past when charges of this character have been preferred against a teacher the bishops have had to pass upon their validity and afterwards appoint conferences to sit at their trials A report whicli received careful consideration before it finally was adopted was one doing away with the six! months’ probation system Under' tlie new rule persons may be received into the church as soon as they are recommended hy the official board nri by the class leaders and stewards meeting with the approval of the pastor While doing away with the old method it also allows for a period of probation of any length that may be deemed necessary I AMERICANS ENTER FOR RIFLE COMPETITION LONDON June 1 — The difficulty which threatens to deprive the rifle shooting contest in the Olympic games at Bisley this year of the presence of American marksmen has been overcome and representatives of the United States after all will participate in the matches Finding that the Olympic association was unable to prolong ithe date of entry the National Rifle association of America cabled its list of names and the Olympic association cabled this afternoon that it will accept the entries if they are mailed today on regulation forms Including the United States ten nations will be represented RUSSIAN SOCIALIST TO BE TRIED FOR SEDITION ST PETERSBURG June 1— The dutna tonight surrendered M Kosorot-off the Socialist for trial for having delivered a post election speech at Ufa in which he incited an armed resistance of the audience PREPARING TO USE NEW BANK NOTES (Special to The Republican) SAN FRANCISCO June I — Frank W Marvin alternate for the fourth i-i congressional district in this city will Ready to Put the Aldrich tIle KepubHcan national convention in place of Delegate Cliarles L Field who finds it impossible to leave his business Marvin is president of the Good Government League and an active member of the Lincoln-Roosevelt League The league will have four of the twenty delegates from the state at Chicago — Jacob H Neff delegate at large Marvin and Philip Bancroft from the fourth congressional district and Beach Thompson of the first district Delegate Marvin has received advices from the east indicating that an important effort will be made to force the renomination of Roosevelt and he thinks that the movement is being fos-terpd in considerable measure by enemies in disguise Marvin believes that all supporters of the administration policies must center on Taft or some hostile trick will be played to prevent the nomination of the secretary "To prevent the nomination of Taft on the first ballot seems to be the aim of the opposition and it looks as if an attempt is being made to break into his strength by raising a cry for Roosevelt Much of this clamor for the renomination of the presidont Is not genuine but through it it is hoped that the Taft forces might bo divided and the way opened l'or another candidal e It is therefore important that delegates shall keep to their pledges and not be permitted to yield to the Roosevelt clamor which seema to be growing ’ “There is no more earnest Roosevelt supporter in the country than I am but ho will not accept ronnmination and that settles it I shall be unalterably opposed to any attempt to force the nomination on him or to any suggestion in that direction because of the hostile scheme that is afoot” That the railroad machine of California was concerned about tho pro-Roosevelt sentiment was evidenced by the followin'- plank in the platform prepared under Grove L Johnson’s guiding hand at the late Sacramento convention: “We realize that the large vote at the unofficial primary held May 6 1908 in favor of Roosevelt as a can) didate for president indicates to a large extent the feelings (in which we share) of the people of California toward him “Knowing however as we do from his oft repeated verbal and written declarations that he will not he a candidate for the nomination and that lie could not in honor nor could we in decency ask him to violate those pledges and sincerely desirous to carry out his policies we favor the nomination and instruct our delegates to the national convention to support by all honorable means the candidacy of that eminent jurist and far seeing statesman who more than any other j person stands for tho Roosevelt mea- sures who is the candidate favored by the president the party and the people — William H Taft of Ohio” The parenthetical assertion that the T t Hardman politicians “share” In the NEW YORK June 1 Bnng’ng a copy f i n s of the people of California tn- of the famous Nestorian tablet discov- Ward President Roosevelt bears the ered in the seventeenth century by tlie ear-marks of having been an after Christian monks in China Fritz von 1 thought of the railroad statesmen who Holm a Danish explorer arrived here j drew up -lie platform That “Roose-yesterday on the British steamer Ken- could not in honor violate his v rilnria'no" narnai ’WASHINGTON’ June 1— Treasury officials are making active preparations to carry ‘into affect tho new currency laws passed in the closing hours of Congress Assistant Secretary Coolidge conferred today with Director Ralph of the bureau of engraving and printing and with W Aldridge- of the office of the comptroller of the currency and the statement was authorized that the actual printing of the notes would bo begun within the next ten days The new notes will be identical with the national bank notes now in use except that the legend at the top of the face of the note "secured by bonds of the United States” will be changed to "secured by bonds of the United States or other securities” The comptroller of the currency now has in tlio vaults about $203000000 in old notes belonging to various national banks and these will be used as required until new notes are printed and seasoned ready for issue It is probable that it will require six months to change all of the plates used by the 6810 national banks but it is expected that some of tho new issue will be ready for delivery by July 1st next Several matters connected with the new issue are still under discussion one of the most important being the denomination of the notes but it is thought that the smaller denominations will be issued first as each autumn there is a heavy demand for small notes especially 1 from the west and south As soon as the department is ready to supply the new notes in any quantity required no fur- ther issue of the present notes would bo ( be made the present notes being dels l roved as fast as they reach the treas-I ury for tne redemption and the new notes issued in their place Killed by a Fly Wheel RAN FRANCISCO June 1 — Richard Illppich foreman in tho canney of Melton and Geben was caught in the spokes of a revolving flywheel at the tannery and instantly killed Ills body was hurled for some distance and frightfully mangled and life was extinct when he was picked up plertsfis” carries a genuine railroad sting calculated to make pure against the disaster of a renomination of the president While everybody else was taking it for granted that the president has meant what he said when he announced that he would not accept a renominntlon the railroaders in the service of Karriman had to add a e point of insult apparently for fear away from tneir work by religious fa- ( fhat the worpp '0f the two men natics m the temple But Yon Helm and his artisans resumed their work when the objectors believed they had g:von up their project The copy when completed was crated and moved to Kankow where it was held up until released by the Britisu ambassador Then it was shipped to Shanghai where it was put aboard the Kennebec Over 2000 figures of dragons ancient figures and mystic hieroglyphics adorn the copies On it are also cut the Nestorian odes and eulogy to the religion SMELTER MUST NOT POLLUTE STREAMS Federal Supreme Court Awards Damages to Farming Company Below the Works WASHINGTON June I— The case of the Western Loan & Savings com- and the names of seventy-five priests of J’any the Blte & Boston c t u tpen ' onsolklated Mining company involv ing the question whether ore reduc- Syra who are believed to have connected in some way with the missionaries at the time the relie was carved out of a great stone of the temple Yon Holm says the orig'nal tablet was transferred to the Forest of Tablets after its discovery by the Jesuit missionaries in the seventeenth century and that it testifies to the Nestorian religion in Chma as far back as 1663 MONTANA SUFFERS TERRIBLE FLOODS BUTTE Mont June 1 — Flood conditions In Montana are probably the woi st in the history of the Northern i Pacific railroad traffice on that road being demoralized with trains tied up in eastern Montana and at points west of this city- All overland passenger trains on the Neil hern Pacific that got through to Unite from the West before the tracks vent out have been transferred to the tracks of the Great Northern here and sent to St Paul over the northern route Many feet of snow are lying In the mountains as the result of the recent torm SCHEMING TO DEFEAT TAFT Enemies of Roosevelt Policies See Chance to Divide Taft Forces By “Roosevelt” Talk HOPE TO PREVENT EARLY NOMINATION Insincerity of the Herrin Endorsement of the Work of the President Too Evident to Deceive Any Delegate Roosevelt and Taft — might be returned to the White House ing works can he held responsible for the pollution of water and the consequent damage tn land below was decided by the Supreme court of the United States today favorably to the former company The loan company owns a cattle ranch on Silver Bow creek in Deer Lodge county below the mining company’s smelting works at Butte and the suit presented a claim for damages on the ground that the smelter had refilled the stream with pulverized quartz causing the water to be poisoned hy the liberated minerals and tn overflow tlie grass land of the complainant It tvas contended that the soil was greatly Iniured and the water rendered unfit for use The onininn tn the case was handed down bv Justice Pay and reversed the decision of the United States circuit court of Montana Zion City Straightened Out CHICAGO June l—John C Harley receiver of Zion City today announced to Judge Davis of the federal court that the legal troubles of the community founded by John Alexander Dowlo have been settled and Its receivership could be closed He therefore presented his resignation The court postponed action until Friday

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