The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 23, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 23, 1908
Page 7
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1908. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Kern County Land Company to Samuel A. Hart, $10; commencing at northeast corner block 403B, Bak- ersflcld, west 30 feet, south 122 feet, Pete Wilson, $10; lot 28, block B, Hudnut tract, Bakersfleld. G. D. Hutehinson and J. M. Elwood to B. J. Ueilly and U. O. Hobson, $10; northeast quarter of northwest quarter peaon2. 20-2S. UIOA SUMMONS. k Ine Records, four hundred elcht Witness mv hand ami the seal In the SuiM'Mor Court or the Countv n of Kern, grate O f California. T, „ Ktlie! Kouu'ieite. Plaintiff vs. Peter," east 30 feet, north 122 feet. J. B. Batz to J. II. Jordan, $5; 4-24 i o interest in northeast quarter of south. east quarter, southeast quarter of Jos R«:uiue-v~ i>e:«;nrl!arir! * \ (** M I 1111 J 1 S" \V. Giliu; r and \vi!'o to .). B. Court 01 U'ie t 'Sin; .•*»!]! h half Hen Ion 4, - f >- ( llhtm IiM - IUi ' ou o 1SU fish re.| ren Tax northwest quarter of southeast quar-: ^ t'Hor, ter section 12, 11-24. , SalHe M. and J. N*. Thompson to;, "" *;'' l " h ' 11 ""' . -» f-, . * . J% 4 . x . 1 _, . Jl 4 *• t i I H P V K Kern County to lot :i, block* 3, Hose «aid O-in'rv .d tlie Cle"K of x The !'• t>nl* nri sen 1 t •fiir. ;t i c NOTICE OF SALE OH PERSONAL PROPERTY. , . 1 . Theodore N. Ki»aulding, $1"; lots I to 25, wesl 1"> feet lot 20, block 41, Kern. \V. M. Zimmerman and seven oth- C. C. Cowuiil to Kli/.a J. HaU'T, $5; lots 1, 2, 7, idooH 22S. BaUerslleld. Mrs. I'.-ny H. McMahon to Ed Mo Cleory, lot 2, block I), Standard t!:- i-J't. i '•• * lift il : ;'!'i t\ .--n; H' Cntii " d Ca! ff» t iMi'j nflVrs. Iji writing for -; luinintr claims will b«> receive,! bv t 1 i-.iM administrator :*t the .nince * T!.om;is Semt, in tip. M:mk ol UnU" In »;.• i!O! Ilia. In n . H'>\\er. Noiii-' *u:;:ice Court ( • i i .1.1 i.' <Y:)M. t'le Co of i I < and ... , . tli* .-.'in. within < 'liei-trr '« nl' iti^ No. i ' o Count ere to Pluto Oil Company. $H»; north- j nddiMnn. Uamlsburg. west quarter section 10, southwest, Carrie K. Chattel-ton to Frank C quarter section 7, 25-19. D. S. Fish to A. M. Squire, $10; 1 v, i \" \ All-! von ; nil : Harrington, $lu; west half of north jave. Andre Vieux to O. Edwin Alderson, • • - wesi quarter of norihi-ast quarter northeast quarter section 10, 28-24. section 29, 25-19. Pacific Improvement Company to, Am'.re Vieux to Philip Olrard and A. Smith, $100; lot 18, block 101, Mo- eleven others, $10; Jots ." and »», block , Delano. \V. W, Mitchell and wife Io J. H. $10; lots 20, 27 and 28, block 72, De-jMr-coy, Sl'i; southeast quarter* sec- lano. 'tion 3. 25-19. Hlrshfeld Estate Company to B. Frank Bowman, $10; lots 32 and 33, Hirshfeld tract. Carrie D. PJerson to George H. Otterman, $10; lots 10 and 11, block 39, Kern. Irving Young Gawne and wife to 111! »!!' will at • M iin' AL WERE NTRIBUTORS said Count v; il n t'lirtv d:t\'s. noiiiled thai it and answer, (lie iunient tor !!] U'es ijeUUHldo;! h) '- .;i islnsc upon Cnntrae i, ur '• !n me Court lor anv cruei . m.<n ii i in the Coinnlaint. \\itnes:' nn hand and tho Seal ol tr-nd MUM ti.», Court ol the Cnuntv oi' Kern. St;ite n| Ci'Iifnr'if'i. this Kith da\ of .Inlv. A. D. 100G. i. 1.. MILLEK. Clrr-. ••• !• 1 Smith, IK-imly Clerk. tile.i (n tne otfU'f* ot ttie Clerk of above n:mi*"l Surorior Court :i' time after the first publication oi notice bei'or* tlie .sale is made. 1 he •.'.-!,; ' !':•» Ulld' 1 entitle ol '" !'. afe s. adminis' in i ; • ;i. State ••' !i dav ' i ofn- cj f (if ot Dated ( i om r •• M -|i I '•• : - !\- 1-!. in LEGAU •if Kertk no MSP, ift Ivor* Mv 1 Kn\\»n !r\\in and .7. W. F. Laird, at- 'uhlle Administrator. Admini. ; ti; of the Estate of j'fiinU Lass, 'homas 'Scott. Attorney for Kstate Ilakersflold. California, li-ll r. to tin t : i w I n L i . - NOTICE torn for plaintiff. IMS CREDITORS. TO. _PBE NOTICE OF SALE OF DELINQUENT STOCK. ED. TO A i in.Mer tor el '!,'• I i;i;.'.| S!;it«'S i <!;i\ ,"1 .\..',. Kii-ri. l!tns. ;i* nl "i n'rj^rU P Ml., 1 v helon ;ini: io tin ilph Mo\ver. deeea^ '-r 1 .ill ticiii'i-s; i ua^oline I'Uiti'.i ;MI l nnie; t water tanl\; 1 I hai u: 1 I'm ral. jill j= of th- 1 In the Superior Court of the of Kern. State of CaUtrnia. Countv ern. n the a of MARKED PLAIN FIGURES OOD /,„ PLAY / 'A /, i . i /.'/ 't \ • • li v \' - \, EDERAU ITU STORE Business address Phone 161. CHICAGO, Nov. 22.—TUe Demo. cratic national committee received in all $620,644.77 and spent $619,410.06 during the recent presidential campaign, leaving a balance on hand of $1,234.71. So reads a statement made public tonight by the officers of the committee and the itemized statement will be filed for record !n the office of the secretary of state in New 1 York in compliance with the resolution adopted by the national committee at Lincoln, Neb., last July. The statement made public by the comlttee tonight includes a certificate of audit by Myron D. King, auditor of the national committee. The statement is as follows : Chicago, Nov. 18, 1908. To the Democratic National Committee—Gentlemen: Following is a statement of all the -r<?ceipts and expenditures: Total amount of money received by the Democratic National Committee for the year 1908. $620,644.77. Total amount disbursed, $619,410.06. Balance on hand, $1,234.71. • In compliance with the election law of New York, we have filed in the office of the secretary of state at Albany a complete list of all receipts and expenditures of the headquarters at New York. And in compliance with a resolution of the national committee, passed at Lincoln, Neb., last July, we have filed in the office of the secretary of state at Albany a list of over 25,000 names representing over 100,000 contributors who contributed through newspapers, clubs, solicitors and other organizations, whose names are on file in the office of the chair- m m » ^ > * * Cert. ^.Xame Ce Tnos. (Reason 4 Col, K. Mavs 4 H. K. Huncate Kmma I'nilerbrink . . Richard Kinsman .. .11 Richard Kinsman . . .11 J. p. I homson 1 J.l). I homson 1 A nit. f 11 t\ i\ fi(»o 5(1.00 ]*> r i ^ 0 (I • ' * • i|\'iiJti<Sl.i , f t * • _• 1^«/ Jir«r«'«' t»i'l/,VfV* And in acordance with law and an order ol the board of directors, made on the fifth dav of October, lft.08. so many shares of each parcel, o stork a> mav IK* necessary will —v v — —mm l f such he sold —*•"-•----• -• •• 4 ««T m/-\ mj_-. *.. * kj *-M* ' TT * » • «»V> h'\^ai| at tho branch office of the Comuanv. rooin. 4i:s Citi/ens National Bank huildine. corner of Main and Third streets, in the Citv of Los An eel en. California, on Saturdav. the 5th dav of DeciMiibt-r. 19<is. at io o'clock a. in. of Such dav. to nav ddlnauent assess ' ' • with t«- \vtsi ipi.irt» i r t '.. t of t:;;;) in town shin thirt f ranui 1 t nii't v-s< v ycn '-7 1 tin , .M. I*. H and M., in Krrn <*(nmi\. Caft- »'-* <:jftt -nst fornia. And notice is hereb uiven. . nv sa sealed hids \\ ill b« administrator for said nronertv IM» . the hour oi saU- thereof, und that a bids must be accompanied In ~~ • J *.* 1* t3 V. « *• Countv o the saniL transactlon ^^ — ^ —^ ^m^^r m m • ^ in sal a Dated Public i ft ate ic ^ B JH Ifc f Ca te oi i ; ulace ^ *? f **' f-m ^* *.r *- uslness of sai< e O rn County. ^ nn ctober 11. 1908. • »• • i * iforn a. or t le estate A. f K f 1 II 1_UI1III \ , and Administrator or tne Estate of J". P. tHonison :::;:ig* lOOOO W'iM t- Gartman. Deceased. J. I). Thomson .... .189. lOOnfl ooo.oo Thos. Scott. Attorney for AdmlniBtra- tor. 11-11 ^^^ ^PVW^P^H^*^ ^^^^^^^» •• ^»• - ^vBH-^B^»^*^^fB*M|^^^^^ NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Welliiur OU nrlnclual place m*»nts tbereon. and exi ..... costs of of the sale. * * " m P ' " ^ta- ^J -m*f mm mm- mf mf ^ f ^ ~ v \v. M. WALLACE. Secvetarv ot :\" --ot c (!1 Compnnv. of- tic", rooin 41.; (MtIn MS National bank buildinir. rr>rn**r Third and Main HIreets. Lo c Anuelen. California. 11-20 Company, location ot I place of nusinesa. imiS Broad- tkland. Alameda Countv. State ...ornia. .Ice is nereoy r'ven. that at a „. ne of the Directors held on the ninth dav of November. litoK. an Assessment of 3 cents per share was loved upon the capital stock of the Cor- joration. Payable at once to J. H, Sdson. Secretary of said \v meet at 1 tirv < ils o Oil ffice. rooms 18 and NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ." the Superior Court of the County Of Kern. State of California, In the Matt*;! 1 of the Kstate of Alex- « m Mf^ m± ft m. ^ ^ f- . . deceased. Notice is hereby ulven. bv the un- d^»si"iied administrator of the estate of Alexander nesHueillf. deceased, to the ireditors of. and all persons hav- iii!L r cl-'itns nt?atilst ' li e said deroas^d to e>hlbit them with the necessarv , -—- iers within four months after the! NOTICE . , publication of this notice, whicn ** ^ thf date hereof, to said admlnlstn- K K • ifc ^4 _-!_• ^ _- _L m j W « IU till v i «L *J1O v^mw. i \MIIIICI i u tiiivt ... 1068 Broadway. Oakland. Alamena Countv. California. Anv stock upon v'hlch this assessment shall reiuain unpaid on the ninth dav of December. 1908. dejlnguent and advertised for sale at Public Auction and, unless pavment is made before, will be sow on the 28th dav of,.December. 1908. at 8 a. in,, to pay delinnuent assessment together with cost of adver- 11 sine and expense of sale. _ t Bv order of tne .Boar- of Directors. J. H. JBDSON. Secretary. , Office rooms IS and 1«J, imis Broad- wav. Oakland. Alameda Countv. State of California. Il-il IK IIH 1 (lute nereor io s-im aummisir-i- tor at tlie law oflW of C. L. ClaHin. mmmmr ^ -r ^mrm-mr mmmmr -mmm mm ^ mr -w—mm VATE SALE. OF ADMINISTRATOR'S REAL ESTATE AT PR1- ^ -«•.)« j r .+ r i f r .' ^, - - •. i • ^ » ^_f • • v * ' ™-^ • • • *_• *^ *•* T - --— or certified check in an amount euu to ten ner cent of the bids mt W. A. McGIiNi,. . ^ Administrator of the estate of Kalm| Bower, deeeased. ^ t ^ l(KjCf Notice is hereby tlvrn that the - ... of the above Hale of prrnonjil prowirtl' has beiMi postnoned to Tuesday. . veinlier 2-1. I'MW. at flu* hour ol o'clock, n. m. W. A. McGINN. Administrator of the estate of Ra lminist 1 1 ower. deceased. STOCKHOLDERS MEETING, Notice is hereby uTven that the nual meetlnir of the stockholders Kern -Utah Oil Company will held at tho offlfo of wild corograUa* at the sheriff's office, in this cltv Thursday, the 3rd day of - t ,, 1908. at the hour of 8 P. m.. for thai wimpse of elpctlne directors for t™ onsuinu vear. and for the tntnsactttm of such other IniFinoHB as mav Iv come before the meetlnu. ,1. W. KELLY. PreK..,,.-.. T. A. Bniter. Secretary. ti NOTICE, To whom It mav concern:—NoUot Is berebv elven that we. ttie K p^ •A« u ««« ••*• - ^-- -^ M*m m -*' — v v - - - - - ^ r -- -j— .[His. entered into articles of a ment and co-nartnersbin tor (bo pose of conductiim a tieueral rnerch dise and store-keejiini: business at a n the Town of Moiave. I'ountv \**rn. and Statp of Callforniii, u»« ne firm name and style oi the ave Mercantile .Com pan v. ilwt. D erca ated thi dav of « 10-27 mmp mmf -%.. mrffW mf - mt m- mf mm mr—rm; -l — •- -I- ^^ ^B*^ M. " . - -. ft , Residine at Moiave. Ca if SUMMONS. Superior Court of the State of mmmmf ^ •& m* f -m. mi ^ -m^r ml m n — — If ornia. Countv rooms 31 and :VJ. Bank of Hakorsfield In the Superior Court of the State buildintr. Bakersneld. Kern Countv. lot California, in and for the Countv ot California, the same b»»im p tin* olacelKern. ft\i* tht» tr-munntir^ii f\f th*» Iniwincm: nf In tho iniittor of tnp estate ol Cieo. said estate. DESIRE Administrator "<)!'_ the Kstatr. of Alex- 11-10 amii>r Mcssiieillc. Novemher lit. v.»os. ROAD NOTICE. Ofllce of the Clerk of the .Board of In the matter of the estate ot K. Ober. Deceased. Notice JH hereby triven that In Pursuance of an order ot the Superior Court of the Countv of Kern. State ol California, made on the Itth dav ol November. llMiS. in the matter oi the above entitled estate, the undersiu'ned, \V. A. McOhm. public administrator. administrator of the estatf of iJeoi-uc K. Oher. deceased, will sell ou or nltt-r _& Ml J B H^ *v^4 1 ntv ,Q Pacifi f Kern. c Hailroad Southern Pacific Kniironjl com Vlaintiff. vs. K. H. Countiss. Jo, StoUKland. Henrietta N, T Hol>})S, E w. Percv. Clarence W. Hobbs mi of the o h f o THE MAJESTIC. •e on file in the office of the chair- Ofllce or the Clerk of the Hoanl oi iv uner. t V tH>a o s AV • w i u ! Sl> V ( i l 5 11 ', i 1 * 1 , nn of tno neninfrntir nitlnnni rnm Sujiei v sors. Keni Countv. Callforn a. Monrtnv. the .JOih dav ot Nnvynbrr an oi uie uemocratic national com- 'j-, ( ,,|j non-tMmseutinir owners ot the UttiS. at private sale at tlie olllce ot ittee nt Buffalo, New York. hert'in'aiti-r described lands tak** no- Thoinas Seott. rooms L' and 1 in tin* ^-^—, HP,,- 'I'tiMt ih*» rcnon (d ihe viewers Hank of Halu-rsiield hmlduiir. roruci 1 Thoinas Seott. nioms - and 1 in tin* , Hank of Halu-rsiield buildinir. corner ,,-v- 1 • . , " ' n o,, ,« , I onViroiIo'sed Y'ouinv ^'Mul No. l!74. de- of Chester avonnu. and 20ih strt-rts, '^ou claim to he a sailor?" sniffed "£YibM^ tho north- heintr No. ihtin 2-ith ^_*'*»* * ** i- .».*" ..i.*ii.-___^ (lip don l <tf nl housewife. " V 5L * T v-» / JV **i" i n Doe. Defendants, tn the Superior C California, in ant Kern and the C, irtalnt iiled in the off ire of the Clcr, sKid Court In t u- said Countv The People of the State of Cat nla send (iieetinu to H. 11. Coun John I. Stoualand, Henrietta N. Ho Klvira \V. Percv. Clarence W. H<-._ In minor!, and John Doe. deiendaati You are horenv reuuireu to ant In an action bmuuhl at'.ulnKt von Mi* 1 nhove-iuum'd lMainUff..ln tho nerior Court of the State ol < alit/,> in and for the Countv ol K< rn lo answer tin- ( omuUunt nb-d t * I \ t A 1 * . . . I _.*^lll,iftl-ib « * f t -,-,•••*••-•----• - ""»' " i ' (* » V within ten davs (exclusive oi tb> nl' si-rvicei afHT the service on voa « Kurtzmann, Sterlins; Playe Piano erman Clay New Fish Block-Phone Main 602 Stree KEY nnnMry pxpresslon, "Shiver my tim- • \ JIIM], IT. on.- mi].- to C.niniv K.jadM t)«- and inti-ivst tha d s ;ii.- ol I. i if « -i 1^ ' t < } f' »Tj Jg , „ J i N,,. »il. ia^ f"'":i s.'t lor lit-arini: be-ff.r-nrc^ Jy Ober hns bv twrul ion m t" ''* i' ',, .', :' V. v h,n Vm t t ii- 1KJ - „. -for" tin- said \\mi^\ nt Suner\isoiv at biw or otTicrwis" nruuired .other rban , r( '^ ( " " n!;I !> JJ |K ni .-' V ' L <J^ "Oh. no, mum. 1 say 'Shiver me ; rh.-i'- moms in th*' Cnuntv Court llous*' or in addiiiiui to that of the said 1 ''J. I J 1 ' Si" 1 '. 1 '""'/, 0 '"' ''' Ih t',/; tI '' ! * I -a^lrM-' (-r 'Shim- me wines' I'm MM Hit- Citv oi M : ili*M-sII"bI. Keni Cnun- (Jcorco K. Oher. at (ho tliu.- ot Ins ; J- '" n •*, m a id to UH- Counts t ..a. (M r M -»^'i "IL.. tit hnnVo ' 1 v. ('n II fom Jii. a t (fieiiourof iMoVIock iI'Mth. in and to all J t;ir tannin i v.-i! ^'"V/ 111 A|1 - U V , l ' L ,fif <'I?IT rt«^r an airship sailor, mum. -Exchange. , ,, In OM T j mrsi ] iiy , ,|, 0 m.h day ot i.rnm.r!iv-situ;,!.-' in tin* Citv nt I aK- (Sj;:»I' J-. ;. M U-ER. Cle^. **-•-* n..,. 1<m o ...K,, ,.,,,,„, ., n ,i ..u Tl ^i-w:Mim in V> he d. Countv ot MM'!!. Stiih- o <a i- (i> HfM^M hTnnii. "*"JVV cierK. wr- in Tr*nt -• ^nrnin i ' ' ' , ! - Wnin. ;md more narticujarh- d.-scrlbed () ^"i. Rinu«M-. . r,. nnd O. ^. Cowto Hr/t to Treat a bpram. '(-rcsteii mav nnucar ati:l m.'iko ohier- ; . s follows to-vvif attorncvs ior id.iiutili, 5*T lion therein it' di-i-myl iimurr. i. () is nine (!M and ten (I'M in Hindi "~" ^-v, J J time r nt. 2~> ; Mi"- s and lameness ar<* bv C liniment redmvs In ! i Mll't hni-eiiess .-n Mia' 8 i M' cured in al»out nni*-ihird j by ihe usn.'l n-'at i si7,os fnr : \\ Kfin tion therein it' derim- 1 oroin-r. The said nrouosed Una Will 1CISS 0\'"!'. i unuii t Iu' hinds of ; 1 and Comnanv. tb»- Inwa (' ; \iu :i r;'ii;b Land C ( .mu-,t:iv an 1 ; Spiel llrelhet'S. nrd'T iu said !n-d ai of Ha rcMiu an {i^ t\ o Kc-rn Onmiv ( K'.-tn. Sf.-ttc of Ca itornt;t. i TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICR 11! | • " I t I 1 • ' | 1 •« l • - ' f t «« l*~'Ff*P>.^ ' ' ^ • . . | tin* oMielal man of said Cit 1 . . MI---I m > -V.M/,, ;- i.opnKv cm^ M iiia* Mili<< ndicc of tin- t'Dimtv K.M'nrdrr oi j ^ouc !> iiMfii^ gmn ui«u ] >nld ('onut v. Nnvi'PilM-r ^.'.. ls:is. tn- taxes r,u ail personal property, Iinard''of Siiner-; iicfln-r with (!lc bdjM ni'Jti ; ali'i h/tinvn/* ! i. A. JASTKO. nn-niH llH-rcon And bi<N IT Mii»'i*s in ... <•' '•"'M Ho:ir". ^wihinu for j^aid nrni'(-n\ will In- 1. L. Miller. Clci'ic- 11 -\.\ : (•• -\ v .-d hv t)).' ^aid admini^t; .•im!'!'• iiliir-*- (if '(*lioiii;fs Scdd. rrxnf!;- ," I. in ilit- M;iuU >'i i',,i!-. i>fi, i I it' NOTICE. _ ^ ^_ ••Inir et die fa.vcs ou all real erty, will ie One and payable on ;M. M.nd Monday In Oetobri', and in- d. lii.iiMt-ui on (he last Monday ftft :u. v , cci iii-r in . YI i: ' t fi r o DELONF.GHA HOT 6rP.iNG5. Most reniancnTne n California. An awsoimo euro for HIIKCMATISM Forty-Ove miles from nuKersfiiM ID SUrra Nevada Mountains. Fine a»iro climate. flood aeoommodal Ions. Terms reasonable. Stn«e ;H liiiowlng themselves to be ; indebt* d to th" late I-. Oartnian xi ii. ..rna he 'Ileil hi Clerk of the abu\e indebn d to tli" late I--, uartnian wiirii-*- cit-rU ot' tin- aliu\i- HMMH -\ ^ pleas*- cull at the olllco nf the public ! <li ( ' (llll . ! at'y tinn- at'tt-r Hi. admlnUtratcjr und settle, at once. ' I 1 ',,, 1 . u'Vinli-* notic... .-!,.! '• admlnMrator und s(.-ttlo at once. \V. A. McGINN, iAdmfiii.-tr.itor of tho estate of L. • Ciart man, deceased. 99 ;.v.-s nak- •rsflel'J Thursday mornings lift ween | \ and 9 o'clock from Arlington and j Occidental hotels, and from Mct/opole j n Kern. Keturns Tucadavs Ad- ! BAKBKAU lilt: NOT/CE OF ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF MINING CLAIMS BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF FRANK LASS. AT PRIVATE SALE. (I'l'M 1 ;- •: IMT ct hi \\i:i be- :id<l<-d to t&« Hni'..:i:t thereof, ai; 1 that il ^ald lh(s"roti< : «"'' l..-;i!-.-"(h«- l|l<i:r lie not I' aid l ^ fhl ' (> Ilu: iast 1 ••!':>• ,11 April ll"\t, lit '! n'cIOt'U P. ing, ,iav id' N.'\<SHlH r. UI1 addltlnnni fho i;-r - «.nt will ' : ;i'i'f''il thereto. 1. That the the tax* s ( iMi'Mir Administrator: Administi; ni tin- I->'uit- ol tlforue K. r. , t ^>d. Ti .!.:.-'- ^I' AHoriH'V for K.-ta!*-. H.i- i ' :.-ChM. ('alii'4)rnia. II I I Proprietors SUMMONS In t)i" Hunerlor Court of the Counl\' of K' rn, Siati- "I" C-ilifornia. I <> Hodcens. Plalmilf v>*. Silver .. Comiiiiin 1 . hcli-udani. Aetlon lirouuh! in tin- Superior NOTICE TO HEIRS ON PROVING WILL. In tli-- SMIMM ior < f.iar --." ' '"'• ' '"'"itv e,r Kei'ii. S!;;:.- ol' Co'ltci n.- I •' J'iit't- nu-nt 1. In thn Superior Court of the State ti of (.'alltornin. in and for tho ('miniv ol ^ y- oil Krvn i Aetion hrotmli! in th' 1 Superior In iln- matter of th' 1 estate of KranU ! r <" t n'' "'. 'bf ('oiintv of Kj-ru. Siato i»t \.(\^< deceased ! * .thtni ma. and ihi' ( nmiihiini Itl'-d \\\ Notice is hefehv crlven that in mir-i ^;i' ( l ^rount-. of K.-rn. in. ill.- o(h;-«' (d suancr o! an order of,the Siih'-i ioi', th'-./h/k n .^ild S)JIMTIM|- t ourt Court in tho Countv of Kern. State of I , i I" 1 P-'opl.- ot th«- St;.if oj ( alifoi- Calilurina. niade on the lull dav of : nia s«-nd (.n-etiim to Sliver Mow Oil h* 1 J^ • • i . I/I-.... Ihl.B^.Ij^** California, November, r. n, Nul ice is ln.»rebv ,, ., , .-.^w-iu...-!. in'th^'niatVrM-"oV thV-I Cnninanv. I.ifl'eiidant. tin- -^'.i;- " H;,n- ..((.MX.,- i-utitlod (iibb'ini-isit-r. ihf Mlh dnv o f i»•' • . i -' > 1. i ii •> \ltni !• r. A at l''i oVlnck. a. m. t»f ih n . . . the Court room. I >t-p:ir' nn-n' l t" ,-aiu Coun, at The Court H-ni • ,.M> '!"' -. •>)' Kern. Statu • ' < .-!i!".iua ltn\t- h*-.-u awmlnted a? : i 1 " 'tni' and in: itroviuir the ^ ill. lfl sa , ia Heinrieh Autrust f;ild«Mi;« i;-' v. d' 1 : r.'i^.',}. now on fi!e in san! < «-!MI. an-1 for neurint' !?!" ai>i>V.cati"M <»t l!"tirv •»' ' 'J1*«1'I 4 t*S\(|M\ I I 1 ( «ll««MI^)4^«|Tt||, " , "'""l 1* administrator of the t-sialc of Frank ! "i an action luoiiL-ht t I ^ 44fe •* rii . t , ^ ''•(*.*• ^»i • i i i i A J t j , wil se|] on <jr after i tl» o salo at the ofh>e ol tor Tin In Mlii " av. i t_ »~F-™ mf m^_ ^ mm m. ^ m, m, ^VP~< ™ f f ff Wf ^- T r as Scott, roonis ;2 ;tnd -1. iu th< 0 lt. aKer ., Hank of one-hal/ p. .porty will on and after the first Most* dav in January n-Nt, and will be £* * ^^ •nt on the last Monday In April thereafter, at (I oV foclc p. and that unlr'-'S paid prior five per cent will he Jivided amount thereof. 2. That all taxes n;ay be pal-fi the time? th first installment, as herein provided, la due und payable. 3. That tuxes may le paid In t&» fo <n>]>i*nr! office of the Tax Collector in tfe» vou b 1 . tO \tBi tlie above-uamt'd idaijitit'f in the su- iiOth'dnv "of Novctniter • tn-rior Court ol the Conntv of Kern. Stan- of California ;md to answer (he Comtilaint tiled tin 1 rein, within ten davs (exclusive ot the dav of service t county courthouse the hourt .. , t . m ., auu 1 p. m. teis"of" AduiiMisii'MMon \^i'h a """ v " 1 ""••-',"'•,, M ,,.,r : TV"-: Sf<-M. Thn^. Sco 1 • 1 \Vri.-ht .'> • t joiu-r. !>;>».• i N- A- P. tes AND 24 STREET MAI M 1 --- "- " JE' ' * 4« • ft -. F | * I * J I 1. »J* 91 fmtlt . i oct to confirmation ol said Sune••••,.- wm ;i'»or Court, all the riLcht. ith- ltn d in' I" ^i" erest ot the said Frank ,nss. MI th" , .... ,i. ( Mj!.'"Ol liis death, ainl all tie riubt.title 1 i •Vnd'W 1 ' 1 ."V'^'^t of the estate of said •'.•,. pi!M. i I-i'unK h;,ss as bv operation of law or • ' MU otherwise acquired, other than or in 11 in ; Addition ro that ot said Prank- Jjiss »r of 9 a. 5 p. ra. Dated October 1. lf*03. C. E. DAY, Tax C< Ii 10-1 Kera County, DOG LICENSE NOTICE. that ot sai'i i'"ranK ui.*s. H, , --„• ,-,-if tun*' ol his -distill, in and to all i "f. No after sei'Vic*- on vou of tills Summons If s«'r\ fd \\iUiin sa ill Count v: i! Kervei elsewht-re, within thirty davw. And vou art- hereby notified that ii von fail t() so aimear and answer, ihe IM-ttutitT will takr* iudmnenr for anv % , tl , t inotu'v or damatfeH dfmanded in tbej Notice Is heretiv tlven to ,ill Coriolalnt an anslnu imon Contract. 01 , SOIIF owning aiid 1<« eiuni: doj/r, v will atudv to the Court lor anv other i the limits of the Citv of liaKor- relief demanded in the Oinmlaim. that l.iw-nw 'IUKH for the \*-;ii \VitnehS mv hand ivnd the sea! of "»n* now i-(.-.dv f«ir delivi-rv at th. said Sui'i-rior Court oi the fount v o! flee of the ( Itv (Avrk, in the bn-' 'f Krrn. State of California, this lind davjuf I'roduc^rH Sa\!ims i Hank I j A f •* ^ L A^.bi t^ 1 ^!* j veiubt»r. A. O. . f on aMer M>».» • ^ ^ ^ ^ - dav lone 1 rertain mj ni -1 ns situ.l- VW, 1) !. 1, Mil,LICK. Clerk, ! arv. 1 wi 1 prori-.-d tn i,mr iu tli-- Countv of Keni. St <• af Call- <!<-o. 1C, Whitaker. Anorru-v ior i»l:iln- , doirs found runniUK on the sit fornlii. awl more naniculurlv d*M-rib<"l 'iff. lir "- •""' "';is jollow.-. to.wit • 1. That certain miart/ mlnli " , I. t hat eertam (tua;t/ mlnli f elalm s-Uuated in Ke\esvijle MluinL- Ji^'rici. us Tht* f Crai-l;aiack Ouarl/'nl! nl.^rnii- j.aininu hnet-n bund: t I i I.Vnn _ lfn* :ir SUMMONS. il-ftiarc not wearinu the llceir * the vr-ar H"/,v , J. K. COX. . ., January tl, IfMiS. i... * r In the Pupeiior of tb* of Keni. i- NOTICE TO CREDITOR inrer- ntimtreti (;;<M- f reef ( ,n e.ic f »l th" ini'idle o! saiil Vein, and , m. - - - * I I • • • of Kmih A, n-aiion h'-lnir of rerort 11>51 <>t Alinhi • i{er<»i K -•tlfl*.* <ttl\Cf' t l\t>lt. C'r,(i •hiorni -. at ;t.-i.'e tin \ -\\\ •• C,:, \. _ Al-'- ttia' eerraln nu.irtx m:i !"im Kn.iwn it-n Tiu'-r No. J. snu; , I'hmr • r MInfnif nij-fri*"/. f:i ni Co-intv. bounded atid de>-" oiio\v^ bucinuinir on \Vewterl\ ot l h'er \o i. runnlnir diauonallv Into r. M. MtxlL-en-. I'htiniiff. vs. iw ( HI * 'nnil'iiii v . ! *' temlHiit. Aeiioii brnuuht in '!i»- Suneiior Co of the < 'nlint v ot 1\( : n. State ot < ' ('(i)i!ii!;iint Hb-'l in -ii. in ; he oHlr" oi Suitei fnr Court .1 !|)'- Slate o i in;/ io SUvei K--•.',• oil n.laut. . . ... /elA 1'iMjUlre-l M •'!>'»•:!,• iri au action hi nuuhl as" 1 '' ; '• ()i ' I' 1 the above-named tilainti!! in the s :- neiH.r Court r»f the CCMIII' v <d Ke- u. Kta 1 '- nf ('alirnrnia. and fo .inswer the Cntnl'hlhlf tiled t Iiet ejn. wit hill ten (l;t\ (ex<'!ih-i\e nf the <l:tv of ^ei^'jeei c'-j! i',"ij-|'.' after service mi vou of (his Summon?.-. ; . • • , • if >ervc-d wlrb.ia HUJ.J C.muiv; if served''.^J.'.;•, ;, ej:-c\viiere. wit bin thirl v davs. And vou are herebv noiiHed that it In l lie Suiiej-foi- ('iMini \ oi Kei M. ; (n t lie hiiil ter of i l.i A. Sl'Ui Iin. llerea- • d. M ( ';.( i ( -i 1 d . h'i 1 ij eh ' :> his e >; i . i I . i I ( , ! f . n • I • t %!• • ; ( ,1 If * I 1 ' I 1 1 ' ' h ' ill. Or 1 : .1,1 !; t u • \«, 1 ,1 i i :. I i n v • : ,'lid 7 i '. '(:•' f'ff V 0_ ie'., i i ,:,' v i>i i\i'i n, Slat*.' (if i • i he .inn- ' • ni:< iht* t>3a ,. ns.u ' -I'll t-t '• '-.iiH.'Kh of y i .- ;ii<[ Kern '•• :int v. A J SIM IILIN, Admlnihtiator ol i.he lOntate n Utt-

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