The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 23, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 23, 1908
Page 5
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Christmas Buying has Already Begun Women who wish to avoid tlie urea! rush of last dny shoppers arc Inlying now. FOarly C'hristnias shopping is hetler. You've more time t'lir selections, your en- i-Taviiiir can always be fin- ishcd ;iiid yon c;in always ho waited uii more promptly, and id! in ;dl shopping is inure pieasnrcable. I's'Tnl -ml appreciative Lt'il'ts present themselves hen 1 on ,'ili xides. ONLY 33 MORE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS. American Je vvelry C SOLOMON O. & LAW 1420 19th St I Kern City I I WILL HOLD A i THANKSGIVING SOCIAL. The rir/isHaii Eu.leavor of (lie I'l gi'ii'u'3 roii.ureaiiilonal church will give .•] Thpnksglvlns social find entertain men! this cvfiiln.s iit the lioino of Mrs. K. 1". Coates, KMtr. M street. A very fine musical ami literary program lias been arranged after which rofresh- nii'iii-t will lie served and a pleasant evening Is evpec'ed In ersult. Followill;,' is the program to he- rendered: Recitation, Miss Mario Haker; song. .Miss ICssli; llardlson; piano solo, Miss Frances Coate.s; SOUK, .Miss Then Parker; piano solo, .Miss lluhy Gist; piano duet, Miss May Blair and Miss Marguerite Murphy; recitation, Miss Valentino Curran; piano solo, Miss Abtry Larson; recitation, Miss Jzma Sc-inorile, Kern City NOTES AND PERSONALS. Closing of the Bazaar Ini-cr'! Chas. lied;, who ha ously ill for some time j s reported to;,, u be ""nrovi, 1K . j clil] wi ; ks ; ', R. O. \Vliittikiu is in from Maricopa [ i,i R i,ts were and Is n guest at the Metropole hotel. , j n 'j, ., ,. r)()( | t | Ben Colin returned on No. T this morning from a business Angeles. receiving goc trip in J.os; shows an "a; We Lend Money at 7 1-2 per cent per annum on improved farm property. Long terms—easy payments. Funds unlimited. Look into the matter further and get more details. Bakersfield Abstract Company GEO. HAY, Mgr. Chester Ave. and 19th St. Basement. OUR THANKSGIVING OFFERING I ' " Fruit Cakes ! Ours is the hest made. As good as mothers, and hotter when yon think of the worry you have dispensed with. Pound Cakes We want you to give us nil order today for this cake. It's great. I'rnnnuneed by the fa- iiiuiis pastry cooks of the city as the hest ever. Annett's Bakery 1627 19th St. Phone M 390 TO DISCUSS THE KEF»N WATER QUESTION The board of town trustees have arranged for a meeting with Mr. Wlble to consider various propositions concerning the water system of Kern. The board also Intends passing an ordinance requiring thf property owners to keep overhanging trees on the sidewalk trimmed up. GOT TEN DAYS. C. H. Jordan, Joe Scott, Robt. Tobin, E. Rowen and Wm. Conners and four others who were arrested last night by Officers Badger and Stroble for sleeping In a hap barn, were brought before Judge Marlon this morning and given ten days In the county jail. They claimed that they had merely stopped to rest so the Judge thought he would give them plenty of time to rest up. Four more vagrants were rounded up by the officers this afternoon and sentenced to five days each. St. Francis fair closing last Salur ay evening lnoiight to an end one of ssinl social an:! lluan- many days past. Six i in, each visitor hav- and the church as \v.-n r. liiras. The register iidnnce <if double am ever held iu ih.. past by this church. H. II. Wallace and family left yes-i Kvery l/unili h;i,| ; i crowded house lerdiiy for Denver, Colorado wheie I each ev,'ni-u. The amount reali/.ed they expect, to remain for several j will lie aniiunaeed some time after the months. jlirst of li.•<•.•uilier, as the Indies have Mrs. R. R. Rose.nbf'rKor lefl yusler-! uulil '''•'•' 'i-i' 1 ' to close up their ac day morning for a week's visit with counis. . lier mot her Iu Sacramento. Thanks the Public. Ka'li, i Krund in behalf of the ladies m 1 "'' ''' liim 'i s church as well its tVe weal .Saturday night, on company ' )us 'i tii.ipi/^j',,",!!, i r • ^''"^iVe llber'il'it'v ln ™.*'. . ... ,,,„!,, kindness and greetings extended to Sixteen lots, south half of block tlu , <.,,„,,, h „,, .,„ sl(U , ( . Th e names of 139 on E street between King and|n le meuimuts \\ho iiave donated so Beale, opposite Beale avenue school | freely lm\e i,t>cn advertised extensive house, Kern. For sale at $65 a lot. ji\- j n the Man W lth special labels at- Would make an ideal home. For tached to their donations. Kahler Says: Compound Syrup Eucalyptus with Muriate of Ammonia is an absolute safe and a mighty handy preparation to keep in the house. A valuable remedy for Colds, Bronchial Catarrh, Spasmodic Croup and all diseases of the air passages. When every home in Bakersfield has a bottle of it on hand there will be a great deal less coughing. Remember that we are headquarters for Guaranteed Rub- ber^oods—At right prices. BAKERSFIELD DRUG CO. Kahler Bros, PHONE MAIN 42 Corner 19th A I 8t«. WE NOW HAVt STEAM HEAT ^ THEATRE —.' MAIN 12d --—-:- PKICT .. '.Cc. -5c, 35c, SOc'fj; MATINEES SATURDAY, 10e, 25c. ('£•] Cunningham Go. to Remain WANTED Cash Prize Saturday. Nov. 28 terms write to Charles T. Zensen, 2616 Manitou avenue, Los Angeles, California. 127 Officer O. J. Meade returned on No. 7 this morning from Los Angeles. Dr. Mckenzle, who has been suf ferlng for the past week with sciatic rheumatism, Is Improving slowly. The Palace barber shop has opened up In the Marsh building at the corner of Baker, and J streets and will be conducted by lady barbers.- Miss Ida Dorr, who has been the guest of her cousin, Mrs. Chas. Friend, for the past three weeks returned, yesterday to her home In Tulare. W. C. Watklns has resigned his position In the division accountant office and has gone to Tucson to reside. F. P. Condon will take his place. Mrs. F. P. Taylor and children have gone to Sacramento to visit relatives. Superintendent Worthington went to I.os Angeles yesterday to be gone several days. (",. L. Ferguson of McKittrick is in town for a few days. J. L. Semorile and Fred Stanley Thanks to the Ladies. The committee returns thanks In : abundance to the many ladles of the working members of the Bazaar. Their I untiring efforts are known by all to ( be above the ordinary. Father Frimd | says "Nowhere will you find a better class or committee of ladles to work with than those of St. Francis church. " Three Dinners Three dinners will be given at St. Francis Banquet Hall, corner Truxtun Ave and I street as folows: Tuesday, November 24th, from H to 2 p. m. Committee, Mrs. James McKamy, Mrs. J. E. O'Hnre, Mrs. Fred Tegeler, Mrs. C. H. Fail-child, Mrs. A. P. Eyraud Mrs. Paul Catles. \\eir.esday, November 25th, from 11 to 2 p. m., :i-i cents. Cominilee.l Geelan Millinery 1329 19th Street Next to Taylor's Bargain Store Trimmed Hat Sale $8JtossJia_ts $4.50 $8 to $12 Hats $5 J Stunning now styles; Im-e .,.,,,, ^^ ,,.,„.„.,„,,,,,, millin . and siniiU, hand made velvet ,,,. y v ,.,|,|,... ,,f ,],,, seaHon. New hats;' also pressed satin and lial liai-. anil t<>u:as ol' silk, satin, Ill-lifeline, adorned witli hirds. j silk hrai'i and velvet, hcauti- lartre wings and fancy feathers. Special Showing of New Arrivals Exact duplicates from New York Horse Show. Special attention given to order work and remodeling. Remember our prices are 25 per cent lower than elsewhere. The Southern Bakerafleld'B Leading Hot* Cuisine, Service Unexcelled Mrs. E. Krausse, Mrs. A. J. WeUfeter, Mrs. John I.ear), .Mrs. J. F. Campbell, I ' Mrs. Harkins, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. J.j Marchanil. Thanksgiving day, diiuu •/ from 5 to 7 p. in.. f>'i rent:-. < irrhestr.l. Com-] mittee, Mrs. Chenihoiino. Mrs. Henry . u De ,"' ul " t! ,""" r ' 1 ' ,? l ""'V;'Maier, Mrs. Dnmitilla Casirn, Mrs. A. went huntti:g yesterday at Conneis „ • Foster Mrs F Tib- 111 ! her home In the Drury addition. | W. F. Chandler of Selma Is a visitor | In town. W. L. Hill has gone to Escondido to reside. The Misses May and Rhoda Brennan have returned to Kern again after ,J. H. REDSTONE TO BUILD , FRUITVALE SCHOOL HOUSE.! J. H. Redstone, the well known con | tractor, was today awarded ihe con- , Mis.'H. L. Grant who has been visit cently voted $3000 for the purpose of ing friends here for the past week re- j rebuilding the house destroyed by ( turned this morning to her home In , "''*-'• j Oakland. ( '..__'_ Cash Prize for the Bait Game Interest in (he greatest l>ase!>:ill jiaine ever, between the Californi <u'.- lline of ball toKsers and the aiweua (ion ill the ICrho's ofllee eoniiniies 1111- iibatiM). In fact it is Mi'owiim dally. Anlizxi <fc Oieese are to the front \vilh a cash prize of $5 for the greatest number of liits and il is ihonuli' the foulest for Hiis prixi 1 will nanow down between the editor ol the C'ali- t'ornian ami Harry Stuart. Then there will be a $"> cash prl/e by the Muni'' Carlo for the lirst home nm, and ihe Califiiniian's force has not yet deeb'e.l wliicii oiio of iiH players will annex iliin foin. Holomon ^: Law will al-n L'ive a prixe, and oilier ineivh.iii; > are e\pc>r'|ei| to COIlie through to le'ip out the great irame for the brnete ni Hie C'hll'lreii's Sheller. ROBERT BATES AND MISS HATTIE HAYNES WED. ! Robert Bales, a Southern Pacific ; brakernan, and Miss Hattle Haynes j were united in marriage last evening | in the presence of many friends at SOI P street. The rooms were beaut!- 'fully decorated and there were many handsome wedding presents. The ceremony was performed by ' Hev. A. L. Knitdson of the Pilgrims 1 Congregational Church, and the young ,'collide weie the recipients of many ' congratulations. * PAINT YOUR HOUSE * House painting is my special* ty. I use nothing nut the beat * materials, guarautt-e my work * ami charge rf-Hsouable pr'.oe.s. V I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor . [• i11/ B Siv P-rre Main 172. The Bon Bon for HOT DRINKS, OYSTER COCKTAILS AND CANDY T. C. COPPIN, Prop. Phone Main 257 Me Caron 's Art Store. Office, M. 731. Ree. Farmers 18x1 C. J. flstiz, President Arthur S. Crites, Cashier. GOOD BUSINESS STANDING [i ery nieiviiaiit ami MI.-MI tun i'. In 11,1 lieliei 1 way can tlr.- !> ' il,,ni 1)11111 li.v having sti. •]'_:• liaiikiny; ci'imei'tiiiiis. 11, v- inu an institution like Mi' 1 First lian!< «t' Keni for > -nr depository adds finan - iai strc-n.i-'tli. Aeeollllts. suliject to chei'l;. invited, i fajtital $.'iO,000.00. Denver Restaurant liee-iilai' Meals, '.'.""• and up. Eastern (lysteix and iirsl- (•lass ( 'hille-e N'HnlSi s. ( 'lldll Mean, Pineapples, Chi'ken, and ' 'llnp Siiey. t iiKul Servii.-o. 1313 19th St., Bakersfield. CAN'T BE BEAT all ilial we !''H' il. i"id i-in siiiL'le ami duiiliie driviii'. 1 lnirne-> Al at reitsi'iialdi- price,-,. *1~> will Iniv yon M MthM.mtial i;icke| trim- jned linrne-is. We take jrreal (•ii'dviile in sh--\. iiiu' ulir I,'IMH|S. 4. B. HEKRINQTON 1517 19tb 8t. DAycpcpipin OPERA HOUSE UFlI\L.IIUI IL*L.U »OBT. G. BARTON, Mtniqtr Tuesday, November 24th Thomas Dixon Jr.'s own Dramatization of His Famous novels, "Leopard Spots" and "The Clansman." THE CLANSMAN Ensemble of 75 people. ORIGINAL I'RODrc'TlON. Superb Effects. Staged with the Bin Cave Scene and the KU KLUX CAVALRY HORSES, Direction of George H. Brennan. Prices $1.50, $1, 75c, 50c, and 25c Seats on Sale Satxirday. Wednesday, Nov. 25 THEIGREAT AMERICAN PLAY. SIX MONTHS IN CHICAGO "Exceptionally absorbing- T drama."—Times. "BiK dramatic hit."—Acton P:ivi~, Sun. "Al'i-orblng." — IJ'irns Mantle, Tribum-. TWO YEARS IN NEW YORK. "Success."—Xew York Her- BRILLIANTLY CAST AND STAGED GREATEST DRAMATIC SUCCESS IN TWENTY YEARS. MOST IMPORTANT THEATRICAL EVENT OF THE SEASON. Scat Sale Monday Prices 50c, 75c, $1, $1.50. NuTK-Mail orders for s. ai« : <••.•.,!.,. ; , : .,,j..d V, check] he accepted ti>j".v u.'i-l !li!< ! i:i order r^ceivi-d. THURSDAY €)£ NOVEMBER £O 4*. MATINEE AND NIGHT Lincoln J. Carter's Special Production The Flaming Arrow Introducing the World's Greatest Genuinie Indian Brass Band The Extreme Limit of Melodramatic Magnitude BIG SPECIAL CAST OF POEP} E Matinee Prices CT-. 50c ;un.t <>•»£ Evening Prices 25c, 50<;, 75c, and $1 Seats on Sale Tuesday.

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