The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut on November 1, 1959 · Page 32
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The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 32

Bridgeport, Connecticut
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Sunday, November 1, 1959
Page 32
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A--FOURTEEN BRIDGEPORT S U N D A Y POST, NOVEMBER I, 19S9 Hibernians Here Make Gov. Ribicoff Member Gov. Abraham A. Ribicoff was made an honorary member of Ihe Ancient Order of Hibernians last night nt a dinner attended by more Ilian 600 Trinity Greek .Mrs. Ribicotf was presented with an Irish crystal vase from Walerford, Ireland, by Mr. Cal- ( highan as evidence of the "cs- persons in llolyiicrm in the hearts of the Hiber- Calholic c h u r c h j n i a n s lor the woman behind the social hall, Scofield avenue. ] m a n . Presentation of the Hibernian pin and certificate was made to the governor by Jeremiah Callaghan. Hibernian national president, of Jersey Cily, N. J., who mentioned lhat Governor Ribicoff is the "only non-Irish Catholic in the state' an honor. to have received such Stressing that honorary membership in the order is a rare been seldom organization's history. Mr. Callaghan said thai honor which has granted in the Clergy Present Others seated at lhe head tables host of the dinner; Rabbi Mrs. Sanford Shapero, of! included Ihe Rev. l.aszlo paslor of Holy Trinity church and and Park Avenue temple; Patrick Hopan, of S t a m f o r d , Hibernian national vice-president; L a r r y Neary, president of the liridge- port division, and State Attorney General Albert L. Coles. John R. Goldeman and Patrick! Sherwin were co-chairmen of the Governor Ribicoff is the t w e n t y - j event. Mr. Sherwin, who is presi- second individual ever to receive idem of the Connecticut Hibe-r- the award in this country. mans, served as master of ccre-j The Hibernian president added,monies and introduced many o u t - ; that the order was e q u a l l y . s t a n d i n g members of the organi- honored Ihnt Governor Ribicoff ?a|ion seated in the audie/ice. ; had accepted the award, and commented on the esteem which the Hibernians of Connecticut hold for Dr.. John Ryan sang several! Irish stings in a*genuine Irish l e n - j or, and Mr. Goldeman led in the) ) singing of (he National Anihem.l the governor of their state. Governor Moved By Honor Governor, Ribicoff said in his |_ | N £ R | N C O L L I S I O N acceptance speech, "I would be less than human if I did not feel a deep glow and deep appreciation for this honor given me tonight, for 1 recognize the unusual character of the award and the CARRIED AMMUNITION K OF C MEMORIAL PI-AQUE DEDICATED--The Rev. T. Everett McPeake, SJ, second from left, and Mayor Tedescu present d memorial plaque with Ihe names of the deceased members of St. Teresa council, Knights of Columbus, to Grand Knight Louis Colangelo, left, following Its dedication last week. Southern Republican Starts Israel freightc fact that it is so seldom given in j Liberty Thursday night , · , ~ ^V' L ' Li " er C I rT\r tC\ f^ · r near c °hf ^taule" «f!t-arly on UUr oU Campaign T-l - . 1 . . . . ..·_!.. - - . . . . . - - j l ^ "--^ DODD IN TEXAS, VISITS JOHNSON AUSTIN. Tex. -- (AP) Senate {Majority Leader Lyndon 11. John json has rounded up an impressivi list of governmental stars for a -seminar here Sunday but he still I is expected to be leading man. [ Occasion is a gathering of more i t l i a n l.COO young Texas leaders land Ihe subject is citizenship. Although Johnson is slated to speak as a highlight of the semi I n a r , there is no indication he will use (he meeting to announce his [candidacy for President, altiiotigh ]for weeks he has shown many 'signs of being an active but tin 'anouncrd campaigner. | The program at the seminar will progress from a sing-son.s directed by recording star and conductor Mitch Miller to learned discussion of America's future in space. The seminar is sponsored jointly by Johnson mid the Texas Junior iChamber of Commerce, i The special guests include 'Radio Corporation of America' I President John L. Burns; Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn (D- Tex.); Radio and Television celebrity A r t h u r Godfrey; Air Force I Secretary James 11. Douglas: ]National Space Agency Director |T. Keith Glennan: and Senator (Thomas J. Dodtl (D-Conn). Johnson wiU'close the program with a 30-minutc speech. carried I -- ic order's history." | l tons of small a r m s a r n m u m i i o n , ....,.-,._.. ,,,,.[-.M A M t r n The governor added that he did it was disclosed yesterday. | U I V I v I U I M L H t t r N A M t U not consider the award merely ns a personal honor, "but as a sym- official of Z i m " Israel Navigation bol of the best in all men and ofjcompany, Ltd. owners of the the understanding andcoirrr».«ion] V essel. that leaps across all boundaries j Coast Guard officials boarded of religious beliefs." j t h e ship yesterday and ordered Governor Kibicoff recalled that the ammunition unloaded he experienced the same w a r m t h The Coas , Guan , , d of feeling and love for the Irish ger vessels are permitted to carrv m Bridgeport wjien he was i n v i l - l . , , , a r m s rim 7 llunitim , af ,,,-, ed by the Hibernians to their| l h a n 75 ca | ihcr mi( , cr ce[tai ,, Festival stowage regulations. The ammunition was .30 am) .50 caliber bullets consigned to the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Haifa It was taken to a New Jersey arsenal for safekeeping following the collision. "K's perfectly legal," said a n i F O R STA N LEY TOOLS club after the Barnum parade in 1954. Sees Brotherhood Hope The Governor said the esteem which the Hibernians have shown by this award to one not of their faith is a symbol of hope that some day all men will be able Citing how the barriers of prejudice have been broken down gradually in the United States during the past 30 years, Governor Ribicoff recalled the religious prejudice shown to Al Smith, presidential candidate in 192S, and contrasted the attitude of the nation as a whole at that time with its present attitude. "Just as a. man should net IK elected because of his religion, he should not be denied a post because of it. There are no favors for religion in a democracy," the share the| S E N O T p R Q S T BEATS FRENCH HORSE JAMIN governor added. Refering to his me7nbersliip 1NGLEWOOD, Calif.. (AP)-Senator Frost, the 3-2 favorite, evened a score with Ihe French wonder horse Jamin Saturday by winning the second leg of" the DONALD F. STICKVEY ' $75.000 American troting classic at Hollywood park. |TWO PERSONS INJURED ATLANTA UPI)-Rcpublican I N P A R K AVE. C R A S H Henry Alexander makes no bones about his politics. He has a huge; T "° persons were injured ::) sign in his front S'ard exhorting a two-car accident at Park passerbys to "Vote Republican,:' 1 TM 11 " 0 and 9 uce " stre " during " -- · j t h e heavy rain at G o'clock last 'night. Taken to St, Vincent's hospital jvinia Lockharl, 20, of Bldg. YOU'VE GOT MOUTHS TO FEED!-But nothing like Ihe capacious .. Bridgeport's very awn elephant which arrived a! thc Bcardsley park 700 yesterday at * p.m. Waller Kill, zoo director, unperlurbably faces lhe problem of keeping lhe "good-will" pachyderm in hay. Shakuntala is a gift from thc small-fry of iMercara, InrUa, to Ihe small-lrv of Darien, Conn., the result ot a friendihip-by-mail project carried on by the two lowns. Darien school children rccenlly presented the three and a half year old elephant to lhe Cily of Bridgeport. Nov. ,S,"l%0." His "front yard" consists of oO-acre estate m an exclusiv nonbside Atlanta section. Th Hani-Luck Project from rgesi shopping comer, Lenox, Fath(:r !anik villaB( , who " sus . luarc. thousands; of persons , ained hcad an(i abdomim | in . irmd tor a day of shopping or ijurk , s 1Jot |, were re i e:I5CC | a(l(!r Much-MalignedVanguard a Great Heritage By HOWARD BENEDICT .guard KENNEDY GREETED BY COAST SINGER BAKERSFIELD. Calif., (AP)--Senator John f". Kennedy ar rived here by car today lor belated airport welcome th; included an SO-voice choir Iron a local public high school. The Democratic presidential program and formed lliejhopeful from Massachusetts had Today's Sunday Post Quiz --By HASKIN r CM «« »· ····«. kr ·)' wctttoa «f l«rt to' Hi N. ».. Uatklule* 4, U. PLAY: Q. Did Sir James BLT- ie donate the income from his 'lay "Peler Pan" to charity'! H.I'. 4. In April 1929, it was announced lhal Sir James had made over to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London Ihe fu- ure annual income, in perpetuity, of (he copywrighl, both literary and dramatic, in "Peler Pan." SPITBALL: Q. Who was th* last spitball thrower in Ihe major eagues? I). J. A. Burleigh Grime was th« last big leaguer to throw spithalls, egally, in 1034. Tlie spitball was declared illegal in the major eagues starting with Ihe season of 1920 and no pitcher coming into the majors after that dale could use it. Since some pitchers depended on the spitball to prolong their careers, it was decided lhal these pitchers could use it. Seventeen pitchers took advantage of this permission, but the number gradually dw-indled until Urban (Red) Faber ended his career in 1933 and Burleigh Crimes in the following year. RING: Q. Has the wedding ring always been placed on the left hand of a bride? A. M. A. No. Nearly all medieval paintings of wedding ceremonies show the ring being placed on the the right hand. The first reference to placing it on the third finger of thc left hand appears in thc "Rook of Common Prayer" of Edward VI (15W). going to work in downtown At-! tr( , alml;[1 | lama arc exposed every day to] Pa , ro | Ina ,, Johl , s , eepci . sa ; d A l e x a n d e r s message. ! M r Rosen lvas j r j v ing north o;i The billboard stands eight feet; Park avenue, when his auto col- high and is IS feet wide. It isilided with one driven by Rus- . - - , . piintcd in a patriotic red whiteisell Clapp. 42. of Bldg. 7, Father ended on a note of satisfaction i e d I ind blue motif and cost Alexan-lPanik village. I 50 ? 1 - 17 wllcn llie last of llie der. a wealthy attorney. S3S1 to 1 Mr. Clapp. who told P a t r o l m a n ! V a n g u a r d rockets boosted a 100- erect. But he"considers Ihe cost Sleeper he was driving east out!P°und satellite into orbit, l a worthy contribution to the Re-'of Wilson street, at Queen; That was the Ihird Vanguard !s. ] publican cause and well spent ifistreet. was arrested on a charge is? , the people get the message. jof violating the state auto laws Cily Objected ! coun "earing Nov. 10. Alexander erected LANGUAGE: Q. Who originated I n t e r l i n g u u . the international language? L. E. A. Intcrlingua is the result o[ over 25 years of research under the auspices of Ihe International Language Association, which was .. .-. founded in 1924. Work was com- 1955 as a low-budget pro- bute. pleled in 1951, when (ho first text,ram. Its goal was to launch one The Kennedy entoura-e then! bool(s w c r c published, satellite during the International returned to town where" the -13- Gcophysical Year, an )S-nion!li{year-old senator told about .WO Donald F. Stickney has been ap- Senator Frost's time was I:.'i9;pointed division superintendent of similar , billboard in the same location be-,' \ fore tiie ! and found himself in SHORTAGE UPS C O S T ,«"!!?'5 le S! OF BUTTER IN BRITAIN certificate in the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Governor Ribicoff concluded that it would be one of his "most cherished awards and one that my children and my children's children will ever hold with appreciation.'' Other speakers of the evening included Mayor Samuel J. Tedesco, who expressed his esteem for the Irish Catholic community in the city and his happiness that Governor Ribicoff was selected by the National Hibernians for this honor. Thc Rev. Thomas F. Henahan, chaplain of the Bridgeport divi sion of the Hibernians, commended Governor Ribicoff as a man most worthy of the honor. Father Henahan also gave the invocation. flat. It was Ihe fastest trotting mile of the meeting. Jamin, unbeaten in his first three U.S. starts, won the first leg of lhe classic last week. The third leg will be run Nov. 11. Senator Frost, driven by Richard Buxton, paid S5.00 to win. Sunbelle overtook W. D. direct in the -stretch and won the first 1 the consolidated departments and the press machine! squabble with city officials. legal | Long pans- can space f r u s t r a t i o n . Vanguard|coiHracior. prime The city maintained the bill-! shortage of butter sent prices up- has left a heritage that may outlive any present satellite vehicle. LONDON (AP) -- A n acute| vanguard I, expected to stay partinem for Stanley Tools, divi-i board violated an ordance ban-j ward in Britain yesterday and sion of the Stanley Works. New! ning such signs from being plac- threatened to bring rationing. Britain. He April joined the P ! ed near the street and ordered Distributors advised grocers' but- compuny in} Alexander to remove it. The at-| ter supplies may be cut 50 per iroject engineer i u j torney maintained he was with-! cent next week. Supplies to some engineering depart-] in his rights in putting up the bill-i grocers already have been cut. tiie industrial ment. Previously, he was associ- board on alcd his own property and A major cause of the shortage - , the Hollander Metal j appealed to the courts. Alexander! was the excessively dr leg of the $75 000 American nac-; W; ' nul ' lcu "'"= Corp.. Bridgeport, won the case and the shin stayed.' in Europe. Retail prices increas- .. ' classic in Saturday's other]^ P^nt manager four years. and| - ' -' ·-- '-- - · ' ' aloft perhaps" a hundred years, led to the discovery t h a t the earth is not round, but slightly pear-shaped. After IS monlhs, its radio still is transmitliug valuable information a b o u t space. Cloud Cover Belter Known Vanguard II provided data earth's cloud cover There was no pressure for hurry, because at that lime th* United States felt sure of its technical supremacy. Then Russia smashed the illusion Sputnik I into orbit bv blastinn Oct. "I believe there should be two or three alternatives to ordering Ihe men back into Ihe mills for for SO davs." How hot is lava? 1357. | Momentous Flop In thc frantic weeks that [lowed, thc first Vanguard RAYBURN DISAVOWS DISCOUNTING SOUTH LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. (AP)-- Favors Two Parlys , «' lwo pence (two Ibis time, over a vear before' P 0 "TM! in lr ic past rolled to the launching pad ind House Speaker Sam R a y b u r n de- assigned (he task of matching nietl yesterday lhat he had in- Russia's success. l i m a t e d the South was nnt be] Hundreds of newsmen (locked important In the Democratic par- Me resides at 26 Louis street, Trurnbuil. ishcd three-quarters of back of the winner. \V. D. Direct was third by 1 3-4 lengths over ^Sunbe'l"!' 'owned bv the S. JlROOPS TO C O N T R O L camp farm and driven by John-l E C U A D O R E L E C T I O N S ny 0 Unen. was only four-fifths of a second off the track record established by Shadow Wave last liven the Democrats have not complnined but many praise have come Iiis way from fellow Republicans. "It's no joke," Alexander declares. "I plan to keep [hat sign there ;is long as necessary and Ecuador (-\P)--| ! l °P c il w i l i hc as effective as troops! Possible." .! can remember," said one London i"'' 1 . 11 " 1 ' 1e ear ."' s ma i? n , etLC flcld ' grocer. "My supplies have beenl] 1 " 5 "'formation may help man cut 50 per cent and if the cuts! dn TM a ms P »' »'e safest route to the beaches south of Cape Canaveral on Dec. ti, 19o7. They received hourly reports on the count-down as Ihe historic moment neared. As the world watched, the glistening 72-fool rocket labored up two feet from its pad, lost thrust and exploded in a ball of lire. get any worse, I ration customers." have I U.S. technical prestige shmipt'-djference and Vanguard became n whipp'nTM w " I' 1 ' Rayburn said he had not been quoted correctly in published reports that a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination could get it without southern support. The reports also quott-d Rayburn as saying at a news con- G U A Y A U I L . Thirty thousand armed will clamp down on t i n y Ecuad- today to bar violence while half a million voters cast bal- MEDICAL PAIR FOUND c l i t o the moon and other planets. i a n l , But Vanguard's real value lies D0 1'{ in the wealth ot technological ex- ! The Army was called on to periencc gained in both success-j' a u r l ch a satellite and succeeded ful and unsuccessful shots. The] 0 " 1 its first try wiih Explorer 1. ' lots municipal elections "I favor Nixon as tiie Republican presidential candidate," Alexander declared. "But far more important to me is the institution DEAD NEAR B O S T O N - (AP) . . National Aeronautics and Space' Army missile men claimed they that n Democrat could election without the backing of the.South or any other particular section. "The o'outh is tremendously important to thc Democratic party." LAVA: N.K. A. The temperature of the lava as it issues from a volcanic venl varies somewhat. The temperatures of the lavas of Kilauea. Hawaii, have been measured at 2165 degrees--2190 degrees F.; of Paricutin, Mexico, 2010 degrees F.: and of Nyam- lagira, Africa. 2120 degrees F. CLAIMS: Q. Did lhe United States Government ever pay any claims for damages caused a't Getlysburg by the Union Army in the Civil War? A. The U.S. Court of Claims has reported t h a t many cases were filed in that court for property taken and destroyed as u result of lhe Civil Wa'r, and that many claims were paid. On March ·!, 1015, Congress enacted law known as tiie Crawford Amendment, which look from lhe Court of Claims all jurisdiction over claims arising out of or as a result of the Civil War. Because oi this amendment all Civil War claims then pending were dismissed. administration this data as (NASA) is using! could have orbited a satellifei o r indicated anything to a scientific and|l OI1 g before Sputnik if they hr,d! conlrar y-' AlAMBO: Q. Who invented the mambo? Y. C. .^.L.UVI.IIIV , U J i , ^- ^" nc dance is said to have 'Rflvbu'rirs;Vid."Vhavc'ricv i Dr J said! bci;n °"8'nally devised about ' . . . . . . . . lln l\.r Drtt-ni U*~*t~ ,, the - « =^ - ^: " . : technical base for design, launch- been given the go-ahead to use LHHJU.^ Ul d HiJitrU U l U - L J l u i J l l b L i . . . . _ . " ' i _- ,- ,. _ , , . . of two-party tn in tl,f» ra in the. and his physician wif ll " " I 0 i * i i j r ^ i i - i a i i vnur v k t - J t : « fmm( , } , cstcrrtily in a bC(iroonl of (vehicles. throughout tile country. During thc v o t i n g , ' t r a i n s , bus-i es and private cars will not op-; eratc without special n u t h o r i z a - j M( -, crr .,,, , l m , v . r ,,-- i , i j i u r , ;ra. cuiibuiuni at tion. Plane service will not be! 'MUM-UW-- ( U H ) Ihe generality hospital and his wife, D r l m o s t sophisticated and powerful disturbed. The sale of whisky. i m a "agw of the government tour- \i "Eileen Taylor 51 Roth hadi (for its weight) engines yet rie- and tracking of future space existing hardware developed . Nt... i M:-.- . · :._ . _ the ballistic missile program. their home here. Dead are Dr. T n i i D i c M r.v. t, ct - ' '·"···'" ·"« "'· Francis II. L.j 1 1 0 means a washout. Its second crXiv / i m H -rC !Taylor, 59. cousultonl at Boston stage is considered one of the Vanguard's power plant was by They argued that building a complete nev.- rocket system from scratch took too much lime. Third Atlempl Succeeds Nevertheless, He said he thought his state of Texas MBS important to the parly "and it's supposed to be part of the South." 1!M3 by Perez Prndo, a Cuban bandleader, who combined syncopation with thc basic rhythms of a dance popular among sugar cane workers. jBRINK'SSCARESTIRRED ,, m , .._ . o ., _ ^ ._ its third 3r-;gY HALLOWE'EN PRANK'' beer and other intoxicating'' 5 1 agency Intourist has reported! been 'i'rTill health'for'yea'rs!' "TM| velopcd. It Is 'still"an essential j tempt the Vanguard put a satcf- drinks is prohibited from mid- 'J 1!lt . f) - 500 A m e r i c a n s visited the! Dr. .f. Vincent Dirago. d i s t r i c t ; part of the nation's space pro-jlite in orbit on March 17. 1J5S. 1 BOSTON -- (AP) A Halloween night tonight until midnight to-! Sov i ct Union in the first iiincimedical examiner.-reported Uieigram and will be for some t i m e j Looking Ixick, that was a rc-lprank threw police into a brief morrow- night. i-,TM.i,- ..f m=n .1 1 . . i . i ,._,.,.. ....... , i . PAGES: Q. Have been employed as girls ever pages in Congress? N. G. A. Only one girl has ever ·served as a puge. On the open- TM' ° These .security measures, born of past election violence, are expected ti keep the country un|der control even though this yeor'.s campaigning has been parlictibrlv bitter. I-ist f i g h t s have broken out at political rallies and shots h m e been fired inlo the a i r . There have been no casualties so f a r . j New mayors and city and provincial uounciltnen will he I elected tomorrow in the country s IS provinces. "Hit 1 utucoinc i expected to provide an acctiri c ' line on what to expect when llie n a t i o n elects a new president next June. KJ.) Soviet Union in the first iiinci medical examiner.-reported Uiel gram and will be for some time | months of IB59, the news agency {deaths were apperently due t o ' t o come. Tass said yesterday. During all!overdoses of barbiturates. b u t ! of I95S, only 4.300 Americans;said a final decision awaits! visited thc Soviet Union. 1 chemical analyses- Experience Gained The global minitrack network nvas developed under lhe Van- IAUTO ACCIDENTS TAKE 18 LIVES IN ARKANSAS S1IELTON NURSE'S INTERVIEW PROMOTEsTsERVICES RECRUITMENT--A Shelton girl. Miss Eileen Ilannon, R\, graduate of St. Raphael's Hospital school of Nursing, New Haven, (seated left) is shown during an interview by Capl. Margaret R. McGregor (seated right) Air force iVurse und Medical Spcctalisl Selection officer, ot New Haven. The in- lervlevv was m«le in Ihe studios of radio slalion WADS in An«mi« this week and a transcription will he played over the | LITTLE ROCK. Avk.,-- (AP) A i grim spate of highway accidenS began Friday night and continued i last night, taking IS lives ill jArkansas. | There were triple fatalities in jthrce of theVrecks. f Twenty persons were injured, [several critically. All thc dead i\vere Arkansas residents. I A two-car smashup near Wal- denhurg killed Ihrce high school ^girls Friday night. Shortly af'"i ianolher two-car crash killed stulion Monday al 2:«3 p.m. Official proclamations designating 'teen-age boy and two tcen-ap Air Force and Medical Specialist R e c r u i t m e n t week" were Issued by the loner Nxugatuck Valley area city leaders. M a j o r Joseph A. Doyle ol Ansonla. Mayer Anlhony [iiricnzo of Derby am) Firil Selectman Berwtt W. Upson of Seymour. Also pictured lire announcer Wes Hobby, former Bridpcportcr. and Joseph j. Abalc, Air Force recruiter in the valley area. markably eariy success when toy last night when a fire a l a r m . " f compared with the time it has [was sounded for a reported ex- p ]ovcd a plosion at Brink's Garage, scene $ ., for ,', rf - , of the n a t i o n s biggest cash rob-! bcry nearly 10 years ago. 1 Tne arson squad quickly deter"home made contri- taken to perfect Ihis nation's bij ballistic missiles. Take Fifteen the Atlas, for example, of these missiles w p src if Representative Hu- of Georgia was em- a page and received work. THE NEW TESTfMENT launched in a 14-month period before one completed lhe first full- range Ilight. Alter thai, several Aliases failed before Ihe bugs were worked out. The weaoon was declared operational in Sept e m b e r -- a f t e r its 31st launching and five years after a crash program was ordered to develop a G.OOO-mile missile. Karlicr this year, the House Appropriations committee reported after an investigation that the mined vancc" had been detonated in a playground across the street. Twisted scraps of metal and news-' paper wadding were recovered and sent to the police chemist for evaluation. Police said three boys were seen running from the playground just before the explosion. A band of armed men in Halloween masks tooted the armored money transfer service of Vanguard people did a "com-jmorc than Iwo million dollars on memlable job," w i t h i n thc ground the night of Jan. 17. 1950. Higbt rules established. men arc serving life sentences for Lacked Teamwork : t h e crime and a n i n t h is waitin The committee concluded the i sentence. project might have been speeded ' up at the start il there had hi belter organization and Icam- work. j "There was divided rcsponsi- I b i l i t y in the program and f a i l u r e ! to define properly the duties and ' authority of organization u n i t s and personnel." the report said. "The Martin company found i! difficult to get timely decisions at Cape Canaveral." The committee also saitl that separating the program from the What did Christ Himself say ami tench? In (his edition of the "New Tcslimcnt" the words of the Saviour arc printed in red, so they may be found easily. The volume is printed on thin paper. is bound in a flexible black cover and has an appendix containing (he Harmony of the Gospels, the Parables and Miracles, and a list of great periods in Bible history. Fifty cents.' plus five cents for mailing. Use This Coupon WRITER*' STRIKE F.NDS HOLLYWOOD, (AP)--A 20-dayi slrike by the Writers Guild of America against Ihrce Hollywood studios was settled yesterday The settlement provides that writers retain publication, stage and sequel rights to their stories. The studios are Harold Hecht Productions. Mirisch Co. and thc Stanley Kramer company. The Bridgeport Sunday Post ' Information Bureau M.3 F St.. N. W. Washington 4, D. C, I enclose fifty-five cents in coin (55c) for a copy of the N TEST1MENT. Name Strccl (Please print) girls. T w n youths and a woman died in the collision .of an a u t c - i mobile and a pickup truck near F.laine. Singlf ( a t n i i u i s o c c u r r e d in t h e o t h e r mishaps. ' ADDING TO CHURCH BUILDING FUND-Thc building funrt of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox church was increased wiln lhe sum of $W« given yesterday by the Greek Organized Young Adull socicly of Bridgeport. Participating in the prcscnlalion, which makes a total of M,5N donated hy fiOYA are ( l e f t to righl) Louis Carawlinas, co-chairman of lhe pledge drive; Andrew Slamatis, presirteni of the Young Adult society, giving lhe check lo Aristomcncs D. Coctin, chairman of the building fund, and Angclo iMallas, fund treasurer. 'missile clTort w a s w r o n g . l!v.\l " ' (goals were loo vague and r.ol nally was budgeted at between; City | properly outlined to the public 20 , : md 30 million dollars. T'.ic| |and that complexity and cost final cost was about 12.5 million: rwcrc underestimated. Icailim; la dollars. i State an overly oplimislic schedule." \;ysi missile men here rcr-i u I The Vanguard program oiigi- was well worth lhe price. (Mail to Washington, D.C.)

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