The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 23, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 23, 1908
Page 4
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Fine Port Wines Here! MUINl/Ar, .<•'•.;• ' \V.- c:.!, : !,..'!l the ':>'It'<irnia port \s in*-, pile] :il tl fo $1..-.'>, iiliii the i • ,•''..l nrlced frnni $ I • i • _• !!i,:i |!n: both Morgan, Carnegie And The Rest Of 'Em Fattened The 6.O.P. . ! •••""•^^"•^"•^^••^^•^•i^.^ • i I AUiANY. Nov. 2::.-—Treasurer Sheldon of the Republican National Com- i ,'iiiittce today filed the list of contrlbut lnon In the Republican campaign fund' I r tntiii of ji.Cir>r>,r>lV-7. Heading the ;ist is i.". r. Tuft nf Cincinnati with ] Jllfi.irin. rniled League of New York, $37,7<>u; rnion League of Phlladel- ' phln. T:.'!!,.>". ', Anderson of Boston gave, $J3,ii(iO, Andrew Carnegie ' and .1. F 1 . Morgan, J'jn.nno each; Alexander Sniitli. ,f. N. nae,ley, William Nel i son Cromwell, $Ki,(M'ii each; \\1iitelaw Reid, Krnnls A. Munsey Jacob' H Schiff, Krcd I'. Smith, Kdlth S. Corbitt. \V. .r. Hohan, $10,000 each- H V Co,.. ?!».M(III; Martin T. fox,; R, c. Reams, $7"'""'; William Harbour ' SI;MI<> Twenty-four contributors gave $r,iiiiii ,,ach. Amonc'the thonsand dollar contributors is "Theodore Roosevelt, Washington." Nothing less than $."oo coiitHi.minus are made iiublic. Fred Gunther Co. Family Trade Solicited Store and Warerooms 1518 18th St. No bar attached. Phone Main 99. BLUEBIRD HERE ViCIlM OF AUTO ACCIDENT DIES That you rnny always (_'et the best i'mir ill tin' market let the name nf KERN RIVER MILLS FLOUR | The following telegram, received this afternoon :ii 2 o'clock, is self-explanatory : "B. H. Ftissell, HaUcrsfiehl. Do you hold races Thanksgiving, fan be there. Answer rush. HKKT UIM5LEY, "Western Motor far Co.. l,os Angeles" An affirmative answer was at once I sent, and F)lngley Is expected to be ' me here tomorrow evening, or by Wednesday tit the latest. He Is the driver of the famous racing automobile, the , Chalmers-Detroit "lllueblrd," supposed ! to be the fastest racing machine on i the coast. It was Dingley's first in- I tention to participate In the Box ! Springs hill climb on Thanksgiving, Inn he has evidently changed his plans, and will race In IJaUersfield 1 both on Thanksgiving day and the fol ; lowing Sunday, November ll'.ilh, when ; the Huick White Streak, Krank Free's ; Sunset, and Tobascn I will also be | nn band. ; A handicap rare In which Ilenr> : ' Klipsti.'in'* Tourist will be uivi-n a '• consiileralde start will prnliabiy be | I arranged for l>lug|ey I'm ThanUsgiv | •'hm day. lie will also ::n after all Hack records from one half mile to . ten miles, at present held h\ the Sun set, Frank Free driving. Kohl Hirose, the .lap run down b\ an automobile over a. week ago, died shortly after midnight on Saturday, at the Ilakerstleld sanatorium, where' he has been lying unconscious since his accident. Almost from the first Dr Schafer, the attending physician, held no hope for the injured man's recovery, and the end was not unexpected Following an autopsy made yesterday by Dr. Schafer. an inquest has been called for 7:00 this evening, at which George Hottinger, life chaffuer who was driving the Studebaker auto for the Imperial Oil Company when the accident occurred, Leo Homan, who was wiib him. and the physician ill be tin- chief witnesses. It is hardly considered likely that nny blame will be attached to the autoists Cm tbe accident, as they were proceeding at an only ordinary rate of speed u he nthe Jap was struck BLACK BASS FRY H TOMORROW \ "'- - Every day new friends get acquainted with our way of selling clothes. The idea of choosing where there's nothing but good quality to choose from, where you can be sure of getting value for every dollar you pay; \\ here back of every sale is a guarantee of your continued satisfaction; it's a good idea-appreciated. | New suits for evey man, of every size purse. $10 to $30. UNION SERVICES. t'nion Thanksgiving service at the i Pilgrim fonure^iiiional church, on I Thankstiviim day, .November L'li. at I 7::'.n p. in. The address will be by Rev. Rev. .Mr. D.twsnn, pastor of the M. K. church, (innd music will be furnished ! by the choirs nt the two churches. NUT Watch for the Label on Butternut Bread and til- ll -n this fin'-, dc' So pn;->i!:n maud i- ''i; will --ni!!'- 1 |; ; and such a ' when ; i ••! ii The ! !•!•• tell-, III.- •, AMERICAN BAKERY A. J. Ferguson. Phone Main 228. * Eighteen twenty-gallon cans * of black bass fry for planting + in Kern River and Buena Vista ' I^ake are expected to arrive -! here tomorrow. Six cans each * are consigned to Alt' Tibbet, * Del Hill of Democrat Springs * and Edgar Barbeau of Delon- * <'gha Springs. ^. Word was received Saturday that the fish were to have been shipped this morning, and their arrival is expected tomorrow morning. The fish have been seined oat O f a ] a ] ;e j n Siskiyon County, and are of TURKEYS WILL BE DRESSED 1 ':i T:;. !' -j :\ itnj d;i\ . \vliv not Dr. J. S. Weiser \V Opti '[.'res' the '. Eyes Examined Free AlljWork Guaranteed '• '.' '\""\\ an.I |.|'i.' •!:KK. HARNESS SHOP .1^ r i SON PROS. MAN Y KEF';N COUNTY PEO- A Few J; A WORD Wi TH U Clock*--:-'; Store Closed Thanksgiving Day A Gold Tag by Solomon & Law l • J Solomon & Law, proprietors of the i all si/es. Most of them are expected to spawn next year, and os the cans average nearly 1'"'" tlsh apiece, it will he seen 'but th.. rive,- and lake will s '""> be plentifully stocked. Hoth liarbeaii and Mill will put al] nf their fish in the river. Tlbhet \vi|| ]„,( ihroe ( .aiis (n th.- riv. r and threr, j n the hike. • - - | - - .. -..-,. „ . „ .. i»nj ^.mi^vt f.\J L11TT Ol <1HL American Jewelry Company, with i today and the cross examination re! their usual enterprise, have concluded {sinned. It has been the plan of the • to give a gold tag. a copy of the tags Standard Oil's attorneys for Rockefel- • '" be used on "tag day" to be auction- | lers. to tell only of the year's prior to John D. Sorry He Didn't NEW YORK, Nov. 23.—John D. Rockefeller was called to the stand NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. ed off for the benefit of the Children's Shelter. The tag will be handsome in design with the words "Kern County Child- i ron's Shelter" on one side and the ,' OWIK r's name engraved ou the other. The auction will probably take place in tin.- store of the Jewelry company en (ho night of the 4th of'December, the day before tag day, but the details 1JS82, and it was announced the re niiilnder of the story it; to be told bv Archbold. Rockefeller by one of his answers however, made it possible for the government to go as far as it likes with cross examination. Answering on direct question he said the oil business is hazardous, "even up fo the present re hereby ntrtlfle d to immedi- ly trim up all trees on the Bide, waiK adjacent to your property eight feet from the ground In accordance with section 24 of ordinance No 8 of the City of Bakersfleld, which 'reads i as follows: Section 24— Any person who. shall In the City of Bakersfleld permit branches of trees or shrubs to extend within eight feet from the ground over any portion of said walk or one- naif of the street next to or in front of premises owned or occupied by him, except that portion within four feet from the curb line thereof, is guilty of a misdemeanor. 95 JAMES McKAMY, City Marshal. tinj. Rockefeller testified did not con al .Standard oil in .. .... • '>'«• c;.plains IVP, :it-' he said, "I did not. I cannot claim any •--.• cbar-.-.e ni the .-, v-• credit for that. .Mr. Flagler and C l:-.\ anl Kern Hold conceived it." ' ' ; " ' ! >v )i»ti!" of j Wants Review. • '<> !-:"•<•' !.;:.ii.-' i WASHINGTON. Nov. I':!.—Attorney 1 l'."'"i;ibcr ,. -| ,;o i (leaeral Ilonopano today filed a pell- 1 , : " lli '" u '" l|ll- !•'••'!• ; tj,,n in ..vrit certior.ui In the supreme •'"'•-•• ci:e |'n,- deiail-i. cnill' of the I'tllted States lirgilill the l! ' ' ^ •'•-!>'.• re;. ly j oour' to issue a writ of eertiorari to - ' ] "\ ''• wo; 1 .. !•) ji,,. ,-ji-ei.ii! court of appeals of th'' sev ______' •" ' '•••' " : - • ii.'i .listrici to review the judgment """•*" of i}. t court in reversing the ruling ; of Judge l.andis in the twem/-nine ' million dollar case. 3 A L '•-' i. T i C' i-• TO •XRMY OFFICER. Too L?*te For Classifieafion THE WERINGER ASSAYING CO. Is now prepared to make assays of all ores, metals and water 1 , Ore samples by mail cost Ic pt ounce. Send for free envelopes and price list. F. J. WERINGER, Assayer and Metallurgical Chemist Woody, Cal. Near Bakersfield A I. . '' -i • . >'! .'.". MP. Trunk -. $<\ u !':.:•• ..'i!!' 1 . In-. 1 :!ib' and rent. LNCLE IKE'S EMPORIUM. Wm. H. Stanton, Prop. Phone Main 115-t 1-106 1Sth St., Bakersfield i !;• i.<>:"[•—From Standa. • ''it k and \---hbe ; ,',' ' : i:ig about for'y p<,. ., M ! ''.'irs clipped: bad v. id mi- '•''. Finder will i.;e;c-< ,, MiCllntock, M ;I ''' \V \\TKn— Miliiti.,-7 ;7; ,'^i ' : '•:•' at r.eolan Milhn. • -. -", i-'-Ii Nlnetfeti'h >trf-.-t 1 ' ! Fill'. SALE OR LRASF i .-• I 'Illd I'll l,ill.i- ni '. •; ear'b. .'.-I; "lit i ; : ,'" .•' all colors, cliii.'i , .. '"' < and all liin I- >.' , ' \\-illiaiu Harmon ,•- c '!U (• >• !- TI'RKKVS FOR SAI.F. •< and Reg K,\<-bange. ilien •-ure to L'e; the liesi ; a!v ed. Telepluiiie Main .",;.:; ! HAMILTON'S PMONC MAIN 309 I 200O CHESTER AVE. AT 2OTH Stylish Long Coats In an Immense Assortment about tun 1 n\'< i.'i-i'', s carry the '"-st line , pie and .''iiiiey uri that ill'"' t'iii:!'.l :"!'. AVt> want i-' MH>\V , wo an 1 up t>i . i.ii" ; order what '\V,. Pasquini Bros. 1209 19th St. Mnin 655 Prompt Delivery. The Little Racket Stc e • -lure nt' I.. T. ( 'n., c'orticr 1M h r a\ einie, is still lilies nl' .">, ]M, K, \ . i.i.d-, ;.|li! llo- ' ,es. t III I 1 1,' i esl li'icliai'd-ntl clll- • 'I--, wliic'ii :s the r "i!iiii'(iiil'-i'y iini' \Ve invite (hi 1 , ladi'--. '.» call and inspect a li-'A --ainphs. all'eady l'ecei\- ''<!. .loin n lii'-liardson Chih Jiid !<'ii!-n ;l.e I'ea'tlil'iil art nf Dial pfices on nianv nset'iil .. L. V. COPLEY & 00. lil'd'.'V ,' and i 'i.. ailiiit':. 1 '.• and I 1 ' lion -i" \viil I... lil'Oidcl'V lii'.sl pop! in MM- \voriij ' M;, !!•!'•- ; s.'l\ s M;>, \\'|, SI . Wheel].. , had a s-..\,-., . Inn I eur"d doctor, .'ill.! l prevent, d m till' C-'OMII ' > -Mllp T'.i- I! ier I 1 '. .; ; leilhel^lavlor «'-!' ,' today '.•• .• ,,f Mnl'NT \|.\ Y.\|:|;.\<;K. >ou tried our Cni.KRY ; ; ; irosh C'.\l'LIFI.f)\\-i;n? iis when you w;.'.:' goo,'; 19th s Phone Main 401 i •.- in wi.rk In Apply T.'S M Main 27: ;i.i. SA1.I" —K. .1- lien; horf' illlil in wsigoi: in pood shape. Also can p hoii.-e \\jtii true!; wngon. well (f|!i:p]K-d with stove, tables, bed, bruh tub niid lockers. See r. W, \V.ii.-er. \Valker-i Basin, p. (i ll( |. drf-rs, I'P"Jf- K-Vj. Coiiuty, Cul. tf ea i>-;i'ly ' -t c-il-irs. piitcrns ;ni every favored style now slio\v you ..... t!h' very lat. th" liesl of !-eiti I lil |s. L'lllii' I'llll ell) ('.ijlt. fit- 1- -i styles, etc., in I'a.-t ;i style (n '.ec.,ij|,. aiiyli't'ly. The prices -':••• ; ill very JU'iild'atf— -t'oi- in$17.50 linys a bio.idclnth garment prettih made with :-:i empire back and ••ffertivly trim- m. I with .silk braid —is fully lined v. i'h sai in and fur her ornamented -.. iib large buitons. $5 Buys a Pretty $10 Hat TUtKF.Y sort >-\* p. in. ••> ,-i-Al Oil Fieb pMna t'luin 7::;u Silk Petticoats, $7.50 ,' ; '' !; ;s "' •" siin , cut " ! '• • : '-' i i'i mid n. ].. nf snii.-rin,' •-il/; v-l'li • dis-tti, :. ,. ,--,,,,!,, ' ( ' !l> •' •"' w-ell t:ii:.-.'n. 1 ,,nd well ''•"•* I' • '•'••i;!i i.lain t,,j. and wide ;ail° r ' ' : '"'l!:-.' - fct in, ] ,,) l ;!1 | ; -,, ;i:,. ;1 t. iiii; i.a I .' ma!! nn'iie- .S'l' ; i pt.'t'y atti'iu-tive coioi s to •"'''' l ' H'OIM ;i!~ black, 11.ivy, tan, i'.reni Mid enpi-nimm-u. A worthy skirt thai should w-enr veil ;,;id sHilsly generally. The t-<|Ual of most $lu vulues; our price lsll!ll - v S7.50 Your choice of many different authoritative styles—all pretty, attractive and up-to-date. They include both tailored and dress shapes all trimmed in original natty ways. At this price they are wonderful bargains, but being a new firm, we take this method of advertising. Think of it; $10 hats for only $5.

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