The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 23, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 23, 1908
Page 3
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1908. Dependable Good* at Weill'a BUY YOUR BLANKETS AND COMFORTERS AT WEILL'S Women who are planning on buying more blankets and comforters should by all means come here to get them. For warm, co/.y blankets and comforters, our assortment can't be equaled anywhere. We carry a wide range of prices, and can always satisfy you. For instance: Oregon Wool Mills Blankets, $3.50—.Splendid quality, and comes in grey. Eiderdown Comforters, $7.50—Sateen lined and very pretty. Eiderdown Comforters, $14 and $16.50—Silk lined, very litrbt and exceedingly warm—the best in the market for the money. SUPT. STOCKTON DELIVERS ABLE ADDRESS TO TEACHERS Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street the closest attention and Its sentiments were heartily endorsed. Mr. Stockton said In part: In again welcoming you to an annual institute of the teachers of the j county, I am gratified to be able to report to you as the body most Interested In school work, that we are mak- ( Ing progress. There are betterments | in the work, betterments that are manifested in every department from Its beginning class to and through Its high school. And I believe that not only do I observe Its improvement but that It Is observed by you, by the people, by all who are Interested iu the cause of education. In that which appeals to the eye and which makes for .... the comfort of teachers and students, i best high I may say that our schools are better tills pom furnished and better equipped than even o, ever before. Two old districts that quaint.••! bad lapsed have been re-organized.'"^'"''' More money was expended for school n"i.i se,, purposes during the year than 'in i""t' ever before. The taxpayers cheerful- j 'lie M-I.-I ly meet i he burden that Is imposed i upon them by the demands of an up-|_ to-date school system. What we need i iue in the way of building, furniture and I The university does not recognize the schools of less than four teachers. The school ha> steadily grown In its teaching force, enrollment, and In the scope of its work until now we have thirteen leach-is, 240 students, and a curriculum that I feel sure that will surprise even many of you who are permanent residents of this county, in its breadth, solidity, and practicability. The Central School. The pupils who come to tins school the product of the grammar schools, come, in the main, well prepared, thin demolish-,n nig that the country school can .-en • to tne high school the verv school material. And It Is I would emphasize. I hope of von will become nc nolds, Bessie Houghton, Lena Buhn, Amy Hoettlor, L. H. Zastrow, Mrs. M. T. Ronham, Sue Sptirlock, Fanny Hlg- plns, Pearl V.'eldon, Mrs. Annie C. I'lummer, Ethel Robesky, Win. B. 'Adams, Emma Johnson, Ilattle I Welch. Delma L«mb, Marjorie Lan- 'ders, Mrs. Cella Morris. Leo G. Pauly, Edith Matlack. Hattie English, Mrs. W. A. McGinn, Mrs. W. S. Bartlett, Matilda Thronsen, Mrs. J. Albert Smith, Lydla A. Colton, Louise Wilson, May C. Moullot, May Hrennan, Rhoda Brennan, James H. Parker, Mrs. Edith Swett. J A. Bryson, Jeannette Fisher, Mrs. the machine operator, la another fes> tnre at Morley's now. Some of tlM most beautiful effects Imaginable ar« secured by Its use. I DINNER IN HONOR CF WALTER FISCHER. t * Members of nave a dinti'T ! Fischer in tin j Saturday night Clarence Mclbach, Mary Haupt, H. W. i |,|,, s at ;) „-, .\, U-uter, Dan B. Stockton, Leo Herzin-' bountiful one per, Isabel Waldon, Hilda Hlnkson. I ,„.„]<. nierry ti| Marie Wakeman, Mrs. T. M. Nash, | \ handsome Ada Massengale, Mrs. F. C. Ingersoll, i sented to Mi the BakersfioM Club iu honor of Walter • club dining room on . and about thirty gatlt- • prettily decorated ta>ck. The repast was a ami tin 1 banqueters to .•( late hour. silver service was pre- Fischer by the club with the high school teach- :':itnlllarlze yourself with the >ol courses, Visit these splen- -. note the fine equipment in Grace Ferguson. I members, Alfred Harrell making th« C T. Conger, Mrs, H. S. Craig, Ma-1 presentation sji -h. and there were bel Chubb, J. E. Dyer, Chas. Cottle,! speeches of congratulation and ad- i M Pauline Scott, Lois E. Jameson,' Maude levering, Estelle Story, F. B.; r.alner, W. L. Mason, D. M. Griffith. j Tuesday Forenoon. , Ciramnuir ana nigh school section work "English in the Grammar 1 Grades and the High School" Chas. T. i Conger. Discussions, five minutes. i Virginia Jameson, Prof. H. M. Bland, ! M Pauline Scott, and others. "What ithe High School Expects of the Gram- en v IK; department, In the man | mar Grades", Mrs. H. S. Craig. Disband the domestic science ] riissiona, five minutes, Supt. I. \\. the Invii-i Kiiuffnian, Mrs. E. L. \\illow. .1. \\. Watt and oth / The Southern Bakwsfleld'8 Leadin/? Cuisine, Service Unexcelled THANKSGIVING ESSENTIALS are good, well fitting, stylish clothes but above all clean clothes. We can take out all spots, stains and dirt of any kind, so that your present suit will appear like a bran new one. Send us yoour best suit or your winter overcoat and you surely will be pjeased at the result. Pioneer Cleaners &ud Dyers A. C. Jacobsen, Proprietor. Office", 1619.19th St., Phone Main 176 Works, 129-133 20th St. Phone Main 168 THIS IS THE CAR HAVE YOU SEEN IT? equipment, a generous community and a generous board of supervisors stand ready to furnish us. With this in view the money side of the school question is settled, it is for us as teachers to take stock of what we an> doiir.', and what we are going to do to make the schools cover the widest sphere of usefulness. A year of supervision of the individual schools, a year of Inspection ot the work as I have seen it in the class room, and by papers submitted to the governing school board of the county, cause me to conclude that we are making progress. We may not note, very phenomenal growth or Improve ment in a single direction or along a single line, but I think there Is no one who was familiar with the work of a year ago, and who has followed the school thought and the school effort for the year past, who would not agree with me that we are growing, and that is really the sum of human achievement. A school system, like an Individual can not stand still. ; lt must either retrograde or advance, and I know that here, in Kern county, we are advancing. It pleases me to reach this conclusion as I feel certain it will please you to have this assurance. An Illustration. To discuss the matter or betterment in the concrete ra'her than in j the topic of reading. Never before.] within my knowledge, has the work in j this important branch been so satis-i factory as it is today. I attribute much of this improvement to our ex j cellent .supplemental readers, to our' d. th boy . a stu .schoo can,-" of th' this i here an number ot (led e\, tlllliiv w girN' ,.\ living Intel, tluence in h attendant"- •nis. note carefully lonnients, and then you go \our individual schools with to encourage ever} in your care to become 1 the Kern county high . fellow teachers, not be- high school, but because themselves. They need The equipment is all cnn care for double the indents at but little ad•n<e With such an oppor- tliin the reach of our boys and TV teacher ought to take a tei-st iu exercising every Ini power In Increasing the at this, their central Stockton, T. E. Watt and others. Section work, primary section, Prl-, mary Reading." Mrs. W. A. McGinn, i niscusslon, flve minutes, Amy Boot-; tier Hannah L. Uiggs. Douglass Me-; Murdo and others. "Primary Number Work" Matilda Thronsen. Discussion, five mlmues, Winifred Timmous. Mrs. D. M. Dubbers, Ida Penn, and others. Tuesday Afternoon. General session. Music. Roll Call. "The Boy We Teach." Supt. W. P. Kauffmaii. "The Short Story in Kdu- catlon," Prof. H. M. Bland. "The \ilal Momentum," Mary Roberts Coolidgo. vice by H. A. .lastro, Mr. Sehurzer, Hell Mason, .lames McGuire, W. S. Hoggs, Col. Ira Hoehhelnier, Alex Hev man and others. REV. D. M. CRABTREE PREACHES STRONG SERMON i At St. I'.t'il s rnurcii yesterday Rev. |n M Crabtt-ee preached a strong ser uion, taking lor his text "Ken ler umo i Caesar ih" thing* thai an- Cae.-nv s land to C.od !h" I hints (hat an- (lod's " i The church was well Oiled ; nd the ' roiigivui'ti'i-! followed the speaker I \\ith the i :,i.-,.j.t Int-rest through a ser .uion tilled with thought and excellent ' ' The clues- in the chitrch has .T-rowii i so that it ).- now one of t!",' '.arrest. Hi Ithe cilv. and the getie'.al Interest and i activity In M:e church and. Its wo.rk , are encouraging. Drawing Tonight at Morley's school I make this the chief thought of my remarks to you this morning and it is tie- ou,. plea that 1 have to make. The program is before you and with you. The success of this Institute vests as does the success^of every Institute, solely with the body of teachers, and I hope to see that Interest manifested here, and 1 believe^ It will be manifested, that will make this fhc drawing for the 24-plece silver gathering of practical value to the set will occur tonight at Morley's teaching force of the county. j Theater. The numbered'stubs of the The prowl h of the schools and the , coupons which have been given away increase of the number of teachers | , nis tt - ee i< will be drawn from a box. justify the Introduction thls| Tno drawing will continue until It has been in preparation for flve years awaiting the time -'.e^ the plant could be brought to the point ot capacitv t -would make It possible at such a PJ ice. lmont In this marvelous There is not an ounce °J t "^^.^d and flf y dollars, because i. tie- thirty horiie power car at fifteen hundred ann i c y s whu , h havc rives its being from twenty th , 0 "±' j nt o ful i:nedged competition with it. It springs Immediately into u 1 \neig ;c i i ^ ^ c t eSon at ora 1 Tac^y t eS.n" P nt, |)1 !ind a factory experience that has cost millions In the making. Place your order now. First car load already sold. We have a few second hand bargains. Cadillac, one cylinder. (Tr.d. for Two cylinder Maxwell. Bakersf ield Auto Supply Co. 19th and G Sts. Tel. Main 1260 seem to justify th year of some department work. This division into sections lias been tried is-i-h most beneficial results elsewhere, ,'iid Us success here this year will determine whether or not II should be continued at future Institutes. The outline of the work of the Institute is wiib you and the institute is in your bauds. The Teachers Present. The following arc the teachers well sfdecied school libraries, and to! In attendance: intelligent effort on the part of ourj Dulcie E. L. Green, Thos. E. Uatt, —achtM-s who have succeeded in so | R Gertrude Oaswood, Mrs C. R. Rlodg.e.t, Ahllda G. Ballagh, Alma Forker. 1) W Nelson, Virginia Jameson, Mrs'. Kate J. Jaynes/Wlnifred Tim- rnons. Louise C. Burgess. Maud M. Met calf, Emma Baker, Mrs. F., B. rniidinsi/.e! Thomas. Martha Wiley. haura El-' wood. Mrs. E. S. Garden, Harriett riarlce Mrs. M. F. Upton, Irma Wilkinson,' Mrs. H. P. Bender, Mrs. K. P. Mtnisey, Mrs. K. L. Willow, Eleanor Pavey' Douglas Maemurdo, Jeanne Alexander, Mary Engle, B. F. Slmeoe. son, B F. Slmeoe. Dolly Rowlee, Mrs. I>. U Keller, Allen "Campbell, Mrs. M. N. Stinson, Edythe McMillen, Sylvia Ollkey, Mrs. F Williams, Marion Painter, .1. tlrectlng the children under their , care that reading is no longer con.sid 1 -red a burden In most schools and iiiumg moat children, but is one of Mieir chief pleasures, Value of Good Reading. I I wish particulaiK tc I1 he value to the school student of I good reading. If any or yom children ;!•<> not Interested fn reading aii'l finis do not read fluently, and therefore In- ntiy, then you have a respon- ibility resting upon you its teachers .mi will not be fulfilled unless you iicceed in Interesting them, first, in he excellent books supplement in;; the ext books, and then, in the district ibrarles. The way to make iiitelli •nt readers is through reading. There [ H M. T. M. Nash, Fidelia Hlckox, Emma F. Edmondson, Esther L. Rothwell, F. J. Engle, Daisy Morrison, Hannah L. Biggs, Eleanor Merrltt, Eugenia Watkins T. J. Brady, Agnes Graham, C. Kopp, Isabel Paterson, Carrie Over The Tehachapi by Daylight Daily train leaves Fresno 8:50 a. in. ' Arrives Los Angeles 8:35 p. m. Leaves L'os Angeles 7:33 a. m, Arrives Fresno 7:17 p. m. A DELIGHTFUL TRIP USE THIS TRAIN Southern Pacific Co. is'no other course, no short cut. ln-|-^r_ Stockton, Mary McClollen, Crlsslo 'oiligent reading is the basis of all '^1 i Alexander, Mrs. A. E. Wood, Mrs. D. ucatlon; it makes the student. The ; M _ Dubbers. n:or reader is badly hanJicapp"<l, "«'! I r.,elia Wells, Estelle Cottle, Marian- aost of the failures in English, history] na Bo!)nai Mrs. M. F. Trimble, Olym- ind dindred lines are due more often | ])ja Bakeri Alfreda Berg, Elizabeth .o the fact that the student does not| nugh ger Katherine Coughlln, Mrs. read understanding!/ than to any lack - -- -- - —- •• — ---- « •* f application. I would say again on this subject. u*e your supplemental reading books and use your district libraries. When your pupils are able to understand fully, to glean t»e. g thought from the printed ,,;,*.- .they , c j —y , da Penn . have the basis ot an education. \\ it > Isabel Campbell. Alice Rey out this power they can nui _ do in " work that is demanded by th school nor can they gather to the limit the great knowledge In store for them, In the outside world. The Library Fund. One more though' iu < with the district library. !• in the hands of I he te;e •',,' that the money expended i secure the books that a to the needs of her sc should be made economically. books added will wil Ibe read. someone Is found In the house whose coupon number corresponds with the number on the stub. Morley's male quartette, consisting of Harry Munson, Vic Hughes, Dr. C.! F Walters and Hobby I'ile. will also j make their first appearance In the ( theater. The four made a great hit. > at the Eagles' anniversary last Thurs-; day night, and expect to duplicate j their success, with new songs, at the 'moving plceurt show. *;'* « A new program goes on tonight, which is said to be one of the best | vet seen at. the moving picture house. The feature film is called the Hall- 'road Detective. It Is a story of a train robbery and the sulisetpient fid- lowing and capture of the robbers, and .-in eugin" race whU-h ocurs is one of the most thrilling spectacles which the vltograph has ever covered. Among the best of the other pictures are Hubby's Vacation and All For a nutlerfly, both comic, and The Vctor's Child, dramatic. Perry Emerson's now songs, "Two Little Girls Loved One Little Boy," and "On the Banks of the Old Mill Stream" are both popular favorites, and are illus-, t rated with beautiful colored slides, j A new automatic dlssolvor, orlfiln- i ated and patented by A. G. Hughes,! For Caughs and Colds RED SPRUCE AND WHITE PINE NATURE'S BALSAM We Recommand the Use of Our Guaranteed COLD TABLETS A Curaliv 2nd Laxative When RED SPRUCE AND; WHITE PINE Is Take Of Drug Stores Tuning of the Wiley B. Allen Co. will be here every thirty days. Leave order with Haliorfclde Furniture Co. Terms rcasonablf Bakersfield's Finest every dollar lie made service. The prices manual and catalogue the minimum prices, enumerated may not random. The teacher than any one else what i her school and the diploin will have little trou! permission to make th The traveling public so be made a fuel or in _th> work of the district. YOI necessary Information in for securing the use ot ihe.— The County High ScHo I would again direct >o>: to the high schoo), to its p.-.' ment and its excellent v> its new depurimerits iliii 1 ! what Is deemed In th" times, u practical c'luca-.". single isolated instituli": school is not important in i It is Important when tak-i tiou with the geiienil scli. of the county, for it can Pillow and Mattress Sale SEE OUR WINDOW Very Best 30 Pound Pure Silk Floss Mattress ention ••it equip• ;ind to i ; for practical 'U. A.»i 'hi; high itself, bill iii connec- ml system be made *m- II the star, the goal to whlc'.i the eye ot every IJON and every girl '.'.ill turn, the attraction which can be u. ed, not only to Keep them It) (he school room until they have completed the nranmiiir school work, but which will Insure many of them securing for themselves a rounded secondary education. The hiKh school was established fifteen years ago with two teachers and about thirty pupils. Naturally 'he work at that time was more or less restricted. An Advance in Silk Floss Will Prevent Any Such Values in Future Haberfelde Furniture Co.

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