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Daily News-Post from Monrovia, California • Page 3
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Daily News-Post from Monrovia, California • Page 3

Daily News-Posti
Monrovia, California
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A-3 Pails Naos Tost Tuesday October 3 1972 Pre-opening Fund drive Wednesday to help hospital MD Glendora John Bock owner Bock Variety and Toy Stores and Rev BJ Paroulek Minister First Presbyterian Church Azusa Colley also is PR and FD Committee chairman 0101V4 40 4 i i 1 fitic4 1 1 I 1 1 I 't i 1 1 :1 4 i We I 1 A4 ftl 3 -I ittic' 4 Ln I es" I 1 f'l 1 1 I 'kill IlitTI A I '1 4 1 It lei'' tt 4 vi' 4 4 A 44416 i i i 00 4 4 4 irrior '44 '0 4' 1 is 4 a 3 1 ta4P 1 114-' il trtAti: i 4416P1'44 11 li itki: 1 4It 1 4111 fr 1 xo 4 -A 114 7: 4 4 4 '-241P It 111111uvapowoorrA ttr '0' I 11''f 4" '4i 4 0044 iic ty 14 3011 71 1" a it A-'''' th f- 4104 ito t' 1 11'''11410 4 0104' 1 4 '''s 4 I 73 441- 4sw 4 i T' VI ''''f 4 1 21w0 pgiontt4 -t A major pre-opening Fund Drive to benefit Foothill Presbyterian Hospital is underway throughout the Foothill communities Carlyle Colley campaign chairman said The purpose of the campaign is to raise operating capital for the hospital prior to its opening in March of 1963" Colley said "Due to increased prices as well as the rapid technological advancement that has taken place since the original building plan was approved it is necessary to raise the cash flow by increasing the original budget" Colley owner of Colley Volkswagen Glendora has organized an intricate pattern involving major divisions which are divided into several teams of workers Serving as vice chairman of the Drive is Leonard Ray Glendora realtor Solicitation division chairmen each of whom will coordinate efforts with Glendora Mayor Joe Finkbiner chairman-at-large include FPH Board Keith Van Vliet owner of Van Vliet Construction industry and corporations Donald A Johnson president of Johnston Pump Glendora assisted by Richard Ferguson Los Angeles oilman major gifts Bernard Wilson Stuart Pharmaceuticals Div sales manager physicians and dentists Charles Kramer MD Glendora Public Relations and Fund Development Committee members assisting with the Drive are Mrs CM La Fetra president Rain Brid Sprinkler Mfg Corp Carl Wynn chairman of the board Wynn Oil Company George McGill owner Mayflower Market Norman Nelson The Drive will be officially launched Thursday Oct 12 by a tour of Foothill Hospital followed by a dinner at the Glendora Country Club The event with Glendora City Manager Grant Brimhall officiating as master of ceremonies will be hosted by Friends of Foothill Presbyterian Hospital CARLYLE COLLEY II III HEWCOUER 1 Dewey Wilkinson Monro- 1101110 Irk via-Duarte Hostess would 3 like to meet you if you arq pr new in our community and Or intend to be a permanent resident here on behalf of A a the local merchants of 4kk 01 Monrovia Duarte PHONE DEWEY WILKINSON EL 87967 for valuable informnton and gifts Aoto t4 00r 14' ctgoitati oducjailtrokieligvatm r4ra4a 1 44111itreq--1101a Driver License Problems? ailok14 sus en or Revo ctgoitati "(dui ililtrokieligmtm r4riv4a a i 213-5858 This 3-year-old Bedlington Terrier Davie's Gray gets treated to all the hot clogs he can eat because his owners did things up right during National Dog Week last week The Bedlington Terrier you may have noticed is distinguished by being barely distinguishable from a lamb sovereignty and environment to be topic ol CD) Dr Harrison Brown professor of Science and Government and of Geochemistry at Caltech Foreign Secretary of the National Academy of Sciences and writer will talk on "The United Nations Sovereignty and the Environment" at a meeting honoring the anniversary of the United Nations The public meeting will be held Oct 10 at 8 pm in Humanities Lecture Hall ac cording to Stanton Avery honorary chairman of the San Gabriel Valley UN Month Committee The United Nations Association of the USA Pasadena Chapter in cooperation with California Institute of Technology announced the meeting as part of a month-long program to honor the UN anniversary by informing the public of the many concerns and functions of the UN and its Agencies 1 on the Records ValueCenteirs Ue'rre but ourr go 0( ()Tire S( ()()o 0 DUrC HaM89 USIEGS0 Also featured will be the film "Survival of Spaceship Earth" which was prepared on location around the world for presentationat the UN Conference on the Human Environment Stockholm July 1972 Dr Brown who served as an advisor on the film has made contributions to the fields of gas kinetics fluorine chemistry plutonium chemistry meteoritics planet evolution and geochronology as well as to studies of human population growth "The presence of Dr Brown in honoring UN Month is par ticularly fitting" said Avery "in view of his continuing concern with science and technology as well as human population growth and our 'Only One Earth' and with their roles in economic and social development "Such development is also the concern of the United Nations Agencies such as UNICEF UNESCO FAO WHO ILO and UNDP Their work is increasingly designed to coorflinate assistance with programs of thos governments of underdeveloped nations which ask for it to help their peoples help themselves by improving their nutritional health educational economic and social conditions Version is a knockout Atlas Mile-Pak Aline mitst la guarantee alues v' P)95 1111 I I guarantee 95 with trade-in plus S161 Fed Ex Tax for 600-13 tubeless blackwall 24-month $19)95 with trade-in Ililllilinto II 111 "'The Godfather" Soundtrack (Paramount): The reason "The Godfather" is close to being the perfect American film is the fine score by Nino Rota Instead of being the usual lush string tour de force for which he is noted "The Godfather" music is meaningful and involving The poignancy is set early by coronet and cello solos which depict the isolation and insulation of the Corleone family The music is certainly based on Italian motifs but remains free from triteness by adhering to the intentions of the script and retaining a natural and smooth progression Live at the Olympia in Paris Lisa Mine lli This album recorded at a Paris club showcases her best talents 11111r-11 11 IIIIssJ SIZE BLACKWALL I WHITEWALL (war trade-in) Iwith Iraden) 1 Itirr 'll 1111r16 lilt II 11171 I II 1 I 411 ''I 11 1 11'1111e' 11 1 H11 iii 'I 1 11 iti 1111 4p r1 11 II 1 1 1 1 11 1 itl ill -co 1 ii i 1 111 I I 111 Ili 11 1111 lit Ill I SIZE (with trade-in) Iwith Iraden1 'BIAICI KWALL l''' Ill 1395-1595 tril I III I 11'1' LI' II '1I' 1 'II III i 1 I 11 i I By WILLIAM KN1TTLE JR Moon Shadow Labelle (Warner Brothers): Patti LaBelle and the Blue Belles skyrocketed to fame in the early sixties with such hits as "I Sold My Heart to the Junkman" then dissolved into near oblivion Last year the group refurbished its funky sound and shortened its name to simply Labelle Their first album showed flair and vitality "Moon Shadow" adds real class to their new sound An almost 10-minute version of Cat Stevens' title song is a real knockout which features fine jazz backing from Maxayn Labelle member Nona Hendryx is credited with writing many of the songs on the album If you like it soulful and funky "Moon Shadow" should be at the top of your must list tI The Atlas K-23 Helps provide quick starts for cars with few electrical accessories TAX Fl An economy tire with four full plies of sturdy nylon cord A good "second car" tire for around-town driving II 1 III IN AI I A 'IN 1 0 9 0d 41111 9111111:" Iiiii 1 1 lilliiici jopup 1 II I I 11111:11 AlrILASto 600-13 1395 1595 161 IT 650-13 1495 1695 175 1 77514 212 1595 1795 77515 213j 11110 iliti5i'talt '') VI'll 1 1122 161 600-13 650 13 1495 1695 I 775-14 1595 1795T I' 42-month guarantee tee "The tragic events during and subsequent to the 20th Olympiad surely emphasize the need not only for security but also for rational solutions to problems which underlie and generate the desperate irrationality of non-solutions wuch as terrorism and murder" $2995 with trade-in le-in Fall Radiator ServiceSa95 The Atlas PA-23 A high-capacity battery for cars with normal electrical accessories ih- irs m1 Li Oil Change Luliei S159 Ad plus tube fittings If needed Drain and add up to four quarts of our Extra motor oil Unit tot 6iiiii00001 i our best only 44 -4iolliSlill more (4 quarts) Lubricate 4010" chassis i 4iiell-- 60-month guarantee antee 100000011 1I aa1441 a '114111111111111 1 lb II I '1 10311- I4h la '111111 1111 1 ri i1 I )1 1 I II 1 7- 'y I III' Drain radiator and put in up to 2 gallons of Atlas PermaGuard year-round anti-freeze Visually inspect radiator cooling system hoses and all belts 4111117f11' VI' Pressure- 11 'Jt test cooling 11 lb system el1144111liq1111111111 1 $3995 with trade-in in eit The Atlas PHD-230ur best battery I 7402 value in every way Plenty of I may reliable starting power Extra capacity for electrical accessories These batteries fit many '64-72 Buick V-Irs '56-72 Chevy V-13's'56-'72 Plymouth V-8's and sixes and '66-'72 Olds V-811 Check our values on other sizes best batter lenty of Extra I accessories -hille 'il1 11''''11 1111 1'11i0 ti111111111imiloililloo ill Free replacement if our Atlas or PA battery when used for the specified purpose fails within 90 days of purchase and cannot be made serviceable by- recharging Same free replacement offer if our Atlas PHD battery fails within one year of purchase After the free replacement period we replace the battery if detective and charge you only for the period of ownership based on our latest catalog retail trade-in price prorated over the months of the guarantee Atlas K-24 months Atlas PA-42 months and Atlas PHO-60 months Does not cover batteries opened or tampered with or destroyed by willful abuse fire theft wreck explosion or recharging 01(9 Were changing our name to EXXOW But we aren't changing the good values you've come to expect at our Value Centers EXXON We're changing our name but not our stripes i' or to 1qqs tsi: f' I '1 0t' -3' :11 1' s' --i' t'''' 'q 4 i er- 7 A 4 1 2 x'-' 2 "ti --x 's: -i'" 'if ki i i tyli k-'''' '4 '6 ''A '7' 1 4 4 ''-ZZ'Z7 I 1 4 A 10- 0:11) 4'' -r4- It 4t- It'rf'4104'' Ilk' ti''' ii' 1 1 ''i '411' 3 0' 0-o: ---L ir I 271 a -----4' 4) 0' --1' i t- '74: 4 4 tali' Ps' 1 -s log o-e 14040 SN 77 ''''t 7-7: ie e' Illt-- 7 er rl 'la 07 444iek5-:" I 41 AV -1 0- 't" ''4 4'''' 4'' 4 4 4 4 44 9 i ''7: kTi341 1 "i 71 46k AI e' New Wiper Blade Refills plus or if i-) "ip )11111110'" 44:4) 1- i 1 I kk 41 41 Washer Service 1) Slcic $295 '901t1111111111 I 111ilk l' IIIIIII1 -1' 711711ollill'ilk'll0'11 4 1111111011 l' 44ii'Ilil 01111111101111111'llii1111i1111111111111111410' JiiIi 1111110111111' We're changing our name install two new wiper blade refills Check washer system Refill windshield washer supply 1EPot Ie advettned lured Idevor onto of VG Go SC licsihrn podion)Ao Ale Ark Weft' Tenn Tex At Nes 000 and Co14 October skies at Enco stations where you see these signs Three Ways to charge at most VaNe Centers The above prices on tires batteries and services are available nationally at stations operated by Humble Oil Refining Company located in many metropolitan areas and communities Prices and offers may vary at participating independent Enco dealers (CD Value Centers INIOMOMOIIMINOINIS BANK ANERICARO 1 a 7-1 VaNeeenters lbs red sgn identifies indopendcot Enco desists Carrie Ann Boyko of Anaheim is trying her hardest to catch as many of the 400000 plus discount tickets that will be available throughout Orange County for the 9th Annual Orange County International Auto Show to be held Oct 11 through Oct 15 at the Anaheim Convention Center The special discount ticket will save the bearer 50 cents for each adult S2 admission to the Annual event and can be picked up at any Orange County new car dealer your nearest Alpha Beta Market Thrifty Drug Stores and the Buena Park Shopping Center OIEDff-CAMD The blue sign alenthes statpons operated by Humble Oil Rebrang Trademaks US Pat CA Atlas Soma ly Company.

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