The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 6, 1971 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1971
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1JA33LD J. BURTON AKCHI'/SS ASSISTANT T'-J DIANA STATE LIBRARY . l ;-iD IAN AP3LIS, INDIANA VOLUME 1, NO. 31 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) TRIBUNE SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1971 10$ PER COPY ENTERED AS SECOND CLASS MATTER OCTOBER 4, 1895, AT POST OFFICE IN TIPTON. INDIANA Wm. Sallee Receives One . Year Sentence To Farm I William Sallee of Tipton County pleaded guilty to a charge of theft in Tipton Circuit Court Friday and Judge Frederick Surber found the defendant guilty as charged. The court then sentenced Sallee to the Indiana State Farm for a period of one year and assessed him the cost of the action. Court appointed attorney Joe Watson represented Sallee.and Tipton County Prosecutor represented the State. Sallee was arrested in January and cited to Tipton Circuit Court for theft. 1 Don el Law Named Regional Winner Donel Law of Ekin was named a regional winner in Funk's Regional Corn Contest. More than 2400 entries were submitted for the 1970 contest. Growers were required to harvest a minimum of two acres with conventional harvesting equipment The yield is then converted to number 2 corn in on-the-farm measuring system. Law entered a documented yield of 2219 bushels per acre. He planted a total of 600!acres of corn had the average yield from this acreage was 150 bushels per acre. Sheriff Issues Warning Loose dogs are roaming in the vicinity of the Sharpsville School building and are deemed to be dangerous to citizens, Tipton .County Sheriff Richard Ziegler stated Friday evening. Numerous complaints have been relayed to the Sheriffs office and he said he was obligated to first warn all dog owners about letting their dogs run without being controlled and if the dog menace is not resolved within the next two days, all loose dogs must V be disposed of by legal means. Again the sheriff said he would like to see the loose-dog problem solved without arrest or the liquidation of dogs, but if the situation is not corrected immediately he and his deputies are obligated to take action. Residents Complain Of Trash Littering Tipton County Sheriff Richard Ziegler said he has had several complaints from residents south east of Tipton about litter and trash falling and blowing from trucks and other types of motor vehicles onto the roads and then left to be blown or drifted into properties adjacent to the roads. "' • Sheriff Ziegler s said he was now requesting all persons hauling trash to the Tipton County Landfill or any other dump site to take precautions to prevent trash or litter from falling onto the right-of-way and that if items do fall from^ehicles the^ law requires the items to be removed from the right-of-wav. Penalties are just as costly for involuntary littering as voluntary littering, the Sheriff stated. Ziegler said his office was more concerned in eliminating and resolving the problem than to have police vehicles stationed in the areas to make arrests for voluntary or involuntary littering. Drivers, with experience have suggested that all trash loads be covered with canvass or. plastic to prevent items failing off. oU 45$'PER WEEK SECOND CLASS POSTAGE AT TIPTON. INDIANA 460T2 Lunar Explorers Discover Wide anse of Boulders At 10 a.m. EST astronauts Shepard and Mitchell had jettisoned their excess gear on the moon and were quietly stowing | their rock samples inside the moonship Antares. They will lift off from the moon at 11:47 p.m. and rendezvous in| lunar orbit with the command ship Kitty Hawk at 3:33 p.m. The Apollo 14 will blast out of moon orbit to begin its journey back to earth at 8:38 p.m. WindOWSj Smashed- Mrs. Thomas R. Small sets in her auto viewing the front and fear windows which' were smashed during a rash of vandalism Thursday night in the northeast section of Tipton. Mr. and Mrs. Small, 317 North East Street, reported that they heard a noise around 9 p.m. but"did| not check to see what it was. Friday at approximately 12:45 p.m. the Smalls discovered that their car windows had been smashed extensively.. City police reported at least seven cars in that area had been vandalized. (Photo by Joe O'Banion) AL ROSSITER Jr. \. UPI Space Writer "SPACE CENTER, Houston (UPI)—Apollo 14*s, exuberant lunar explorers; hiked to a crater-capped ridge a mile away today searching for truck- 1 sized boulders that [may hold the key -to the opening chapter ' in the, history of the m'pon.. Alan B. Shepard, 47, climbed • out' of j tie gold and silver 1 spacecraft Antares at! 3:20 a.m. EST and Edgar D. Mitchell, 40, followed j three minute's latr' to. start their second walk across the rolling, crater-scarfed floor of desolate Fra Mauri Valley. "It's jnice to be out; in the sunny dayj again,"- said Mitchell. . j "Yeah, here in Shepard replied. • Then i ' first man earth,, a hanging it's' a beautiful day Fra Mauro base," Americans Anti-pollution Funding Programs May Miss Wednesday's Deadline |Shepard, in space looked up at blue and white, globe in .the dark sky, and told MUct ell, "I'm going to get a picture of home sweet home." :Roosa Waits Overhead The thi: - d Apollo 14 crewman, Stuart. A 1 . Roosa, 37[ waited in orbit 70! niles overhead for his colleagues, to complete man's By JOHN B. BARRETTE INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) —Two of Governor Whitcomb's proposals for funding of anti-pollution programs have yet to reach the starting gate with the deadline Wednesday for introduction of bills into the 1971 Legislature. . One proposal— a four-cent tax on each non-returnable container sold — appears unlikely to reach the introduction stage. The other, a' sewer use tax, may be introduced before the deadline, but probably will find ; the .sledding rough. The tax on containers so far has not mustered enough enthusiasm from any legislator to be drafted and introduced. The sewer use tax was an interim study committee proposal to which Whitcomb gave his stamp of approval, to be filed in Both would have the House, where all revenue raising bills, must originate. | Rep. Robert Bales, R-Danville, chairman of the House Public Health and Environmental Affairs Committee, said privately last week that he was. having trouble achieving bipartisan sponsorship for the sewer use tax bill. When Whitcomb. proposed it and the container tax, minority Democrats labeled them part of a "nuisance tax" package. •However, Rep. Richard C. Bodine, D-Mishawaka, House minority leader, said Democrats, had not taken a caucus position on barring minority House, members Lcm booking toe bii:> But he said most minority members would probably prefer an alternate method of raising such funds. ' •„ Molly .Rucker, a legislative council staff member with expertise in environmental matters, said lack of action on the governor's proposals would not leave a hole in environmental funding. "The only new money we're asking for is $400,000 in the Environmental Management Act'," she said. That act o would create a pollution control agency with broad powers at the state level. . • • I The $39. million that could be raised through the sewer; use tax and the container tax would be spent on programs at the local level. Whitcomb said $20 million from the sewer uee tax and $5 million from the general fund would go into a matching fund program with local and federal government for sewer treatment projects. ' | Without .the state's 25 per cent, local treatment projects could not- receive the 50 per cent federal funding evening if the local unit came up with its City Court City Court Judge Glen T. Boyer assessed the following fine in City Court Friday: Jack L. Lowery, 22,405 Woodland Dr., Lebanon; for speeding $10.00 plus court, cost $26,25. 4 Chairman Says Restructure of State Tax System Impossible In One Annual Session INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) — Restructuring Indiana's tax system is a bigger job than one annual session can achieve. A Republican tax program is likely to emerge from the ma­ jority members of the H o u s e Ways and Means Committee the week of Feb. 15, according York Scores— Jim York (42), Tipton's scrappy forward-guard, goes high In the air to "can" one of four field goals Friday night In the 66-64 Satan win at the Tipton gym. (Photo by Elwood Call-Leader) to Rep. Samuel A. Rea, R-Fort Wayne, the.chairman. But has explained that complete restructuring of Indiana's tax system will have to be done in three stages, of which only the first and possibly the second stage can be achieved in the 1971 session: Here are Rea's three stages: — Those changes that can be done now with, the "existing " tools" and be equitable. He referred to sales and individual adjusted income taxes which can be changed this session. — Reform of the corporation adjusted income and gross income taxes which" Rea said "possibly" could be revised this session, • Voters Must Approve — Changes that must await adoption of a constitutional amendment permitting the Legislature to divide property into "reasonable classes for purposes of taxation or exemption from taxation." Rea said these changes could not be made before 1973 if the proposed amendment is adopted by the voters in the .1972 election. However, since some lawmakers are not satisfied with the wording of the classification amendment as it passed the 1969 Legislature and as it now goes before this session, a chance of further delay until 1975 is possible. If the 1971 Legislature kills the 1969 version and starts a new one, it would have to be passed by the 1971 and 1973 sessions and go before the, voters in 1974. "We. will try to get a tax program out on the. 15th or the 18th," Rea said, referring to a 25 per cent. The other $19 million, which would come from the container tax, would be dedicated to "abating! pollution by our local communities," according to Whitcomb. The container tax, howeverj fan into the stiffest opposition, from legislators of any Whitcomb proposal. Conference On Revenue Sharing Rescheduled •• : . • i ••• • , . INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) - A conference on President Nixon's revenue | sharing program has been rescheduled here for Feb. 19, Mayor Richard G. Lugaran-. nounced Friday. , The original conference, featuring Vice President Spiro Agnew, bad been slated for Fri- i • day but was postponed' because of bad weather. Lu gar said there-was a good chance Agnew would be able to appear at the Feb. 19 1 meeting and that the new treasury secretary, John Connally, also might take part. There was no word oh whether Housing Secretary George sixth moon walk and first e x p 1 o r a t i o n of, the lunar uplands. The crew will rendezvous and linkup in midafter- noon. The three are scheduled to break away from lunar orbit at 8:38 p.m. and head back to a Pacific Ocean splashdown Tuesday. The a s t'r o n a u ts, starting '. about• 2 *2 hours ahead of their original schedule, moved about with the sure confidence of v e t e r an. moonwalkers and quickly loaded their rickshaw­ like tool cart for the longest hike , yet attempted. Besides their geological tools, they carried a magnetometer to . chart local magnetic fields around the valley. . The color television camera they set up- north of Antares Friday was turned. on before the excursion began and night- owl TV viewers watched the (Continued on page six) Student Nurses To Receive Caps Capping ceremonies, which mark a student nurse's readiness to begin clinical experience will be j held for Roberta Ann Schweitzer,,'daughter! of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Schweitzer, route 1 Tipton, and-144 other sophomores enrolled at the School of Nursing of Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis at 8 p.m. Friday, February 12, at the Union. Building of IUPfl -Medical Center. j . The class represents 65 Hoosier hometowns in 44 Indiana counties. Eight other states are represented. .. | Chancellor Maynard K. Hine will speak at the Friday pro. gram. He will be introduced by Dr. Edith Green, assistant dean of Academic Programs and professor ofj nursing. Chaplain John A.TVhitesel will give the invocation. | Miss Emily-Holmquist, dean of the School of pursing 1 , will award the caps, assisted by-Mrs. Jeanne Pontious, associate, professor of nursing. Dr. Green and Miss president Sarah Jane Reitz, a senior and of the School's student- Romneyi scheduled to take part faculty go v er nmenf. will welcome Friday, would abe able to make ^ Miss ^ itz is ^ (Continued on page six) week from Monday or a week from Thursday. He said that in addition .to the marathon sessions of the full Ways and Means Committee, the GOP ,raembers have had some caucuses to discuss "pros and cons" of various proposed tax bills. f Rea said that one of the -problems in achieving property tax relief is to be sure that the persons who pay tie replacement taxes get the benefit. Rea (Continued on page six) : County Events! Monday there will be a Farm Bureau Pancake Breakfast beginning at 5 a.m. until 10 a.m. at the 4-H building. | Other meetings scheduled for Monday include Utility Board meeting, 4 p.m. at the City Court room; City Council meeting! at 7:30 p.m. at the City Courtroom; Kiwanis meeting: at Bowl-jO- Drome, 6:15 p.m.; Northern Community School Board at 7:30 p.m. and Tipton County Girl Scout re-organization meeting at Presbyterian Church at 7:30 p.m. and Tipton County Democratic Women's Club at 7:30 p.m. at home of Mrs. Mike Clouser, route! 4. Tipton County Agricultural Association meeting at 7:30 p.m 1 '. in the 4-H building; Planning meeting for Future Porkettes at 7:30 p.m. in the 4-H building. Tuesday:j Rotary Club at the Bowl-O-Drome at 6115 p.m.; Kempton Town. Board' at 7:30 p.m.; Scout Round Table at 7:30 p.m. at Hobbs Christian Church; Sharps ville Auxiliary. Wednesday: Tipton Lions land Windfall Masons will meet. Reitz of 3104 E. Oak St., Evansville, Ind. . Miss Beverly Jo Piper, a senior, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George D. Piper, 910 Seminary St., Vincennes, Ind., is pianist for the processional and recessional, Jeffrey Brundage, soloist, will present vocal' selections. The ceremonies will be symbolized with lighted candles and the reciting of the Florence Nightingale pledge. The nurse cap, a part of the nurse's professional uniform is worn whenever -she is on duty, just as is the school pin which she receives upon graduation. These students are candidates for the B.S. degree in nursing from Indiana University. 7 Trooper Arrests Indiana State Police J. L. Sailors reported the following arrests. . Danny McCool," 23, Box 162, Windfall for exceeding rural speed limit on State road 213 and 600 W; Joseph H..Hunter, 17, route 1 Atlanta for loud and excessive noise (muffler violation) on State • Road 19-and Madison. Careful There -T Jeff Juday (34), jripton guard, corners unidentified Elwood player as Bob Weaver concentrates on contact. The action took place in Tipton's win over Elwood Friday night. (Photo by Elwood Call-Leader)

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