The Sacramento Star from Sacramento, California on November 30, 1920 · 3
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The Sacramento Star from Sacramento, California · 3

Sacramento, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1920
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'V Tuesday, November 30, 1920. CONGRESS FACES BIG JOB Farmers, Labor, Legion, Business Men Have Requests For Les islation , By HERBERT W. WALKER (United Irea ftliff Corropondfnl) WASHINGTON, Nov. 30 Congress, upon reconvening next Monday, will find on the capitol steps a huge pile of demands for new legislation. Although congressional leaders have stated that the next session will 'he so short that there will be little time for any legislation except the regular appropriation bills undismayed representatives of scores of organizations are arriving here daily to tell congress what it ought to do. Veteran congressmen, such as Champ Clark, believe congress will be in continuous session for more than a year after Preselect Harding takes office. Pres. Wilson probably will make several legislative recommendations, Including immediate revision in taxes. Representatives of the farmers and representatives from farming districts will have an extensive program of agricultural readjustment to submit. With it also will be demands for some temporary legislation to relieve the situation resulting from the decline in prices. Service men, through the American legion, have agreed to make a "big drive" for the passage of the fourfold plan of relief as recommended by the legion. Labor, through the executive council of the American Federation of Labor, has formulated its legislative demands, chief of which Is that immigration be suspended for two years. It will also announce that it will fight all proposed efforts to enact anti-strike laws. Business representatives already have announced their intention of asking deferment of the Dec. 15 taxes because of the business slump. Later it is proposed 10 demand revenue revision and a high tariff. , The next section of the parade before congress will be reserved for the reforming organizations which want congress to make Sunday blue; to legislate race track gambling, boxing and other sports out of the country and t) provide for federal censorship of virtually all amusements. Irish-American organizations are prepared to march upon the capitol with a demand that congress provide funds for an ambassador to the "Republic of Ireland" and otherwise aid the 'cause." Kills Wife and Tells Police He Doesnt Care , PORTLAND, Ore., Nov, 30. . I dont care if they hang me tomorrow; I did what was right, the police said Thos. Lo-tisso declared when arrested early today onn a charge of murdering his wife. "I was trying to make a good woman of her," Lalisso added. The woman, aged 3k, was shot and mortally wounded on a downtown street corner. John Granell, the only witness to the shooting, saw from a distance of a block away a man attack the woman, knock her to the sidewalk, shoot her four times and flee. Lotisso told the police he met his wife while in Liverpool as an American soldier during the war and brought her to this country when the hostilities ended. Shell Take Hamons Job ARDMORE, Okla., Nov. 30. Public vindication of her husband will be sought by Mrs. Jake I Hamon, wife of the republican national committeeman and millionaire oil king who died from a bullet wound here Friday, according to the widows plans today. Mrs. Hamon, endorsed as a candidate to succeed her husband as the republican national committeeman, has declared her willingness to make the run. RAIL BOARD TO HANDLE GASES CHICAGO, Nov. 30. Greivances of railway unions which labor leaders say are being ignored by refusal of railroad owners to agree on selection of adjustment boards, may be settled hereafter by the U. S. railway labor board, it was indicated by a board member today. Under the Esch-Cummins law the board is empowered to settle any disputes "that in its opinion the adjustment board has failed to do. The board today was to hear representatives of the 16 recognized railroad unions on their request for national boards to pass on controversies. According to W. G. Lee, president of the Brotherhood of Railroad Tralinmen, railroad owners have refused to agree on the selection of boards on the ground that the United States railway labor board has not yet held its hearing on rules. The employes presented demands for rules at the same time they presented their demand for wage increases, but th board only passed on the wages. Should the board grant the employes request for national boards it is expected it will hold hearings soon on the question of rules. No Van De Water, Will LOS ANGELES, Nov. 30. Chas. F. Van de Water, congressman-elect who, with his girl secretary, was killed in an automobile accident on Nov. 19, died intestate, it was disclosed today In a petition for letters of administration on file here. The estate, the petition shows, is valued at more than $10,000, most of which is personal property. French Extremists Win PARIS, Nov. 30. Socialist Federation of the department of the Seine emphasized the split in the socialist party today by voting to adhere to the Moscow Internationale. The extremists carried the day with fiery arguments in favor of the rules for the formation of a communist party. U. S. Rejects Packer Plan WASHINGTON, Nov. 30. Exceptions to new proposals of Swift and Armour for disposing of their stock yard holdings will he filed in the District of Columbia supreme court late today, Atty Gen. Palmer announced. Hes a Real Optimist CHICAGO, Nov. 30. Here's a man with lots of hope. Harry Greengard today leased a building for 10 years and inserted a clause which gave him (he right to sell liquor "if the 18th amendment is repealed. Hes Regular G. 0. P. NEW YORK. Nov. 30. Jas. P. Kelly. 72, wealthy rancher, who traveled from Argentina to Boston just lo vote for Harding, is on the Vestris today bound for South America, and hopes to exchange wireless greetings with the president-elect. - Cuba Imports Coolies HONOLULU, T. II., Nov. 30-Tho first Bhipload of Chinese coolie laborers being shipped to the Cuban sugar plantations passed through Honolulu today. They numbered 661. Thousands more re to follow, it is understood here. Russians Delay Peace WARSAW, Nov. 30. Russian delegates at Riga aro delaying the signing of peace agreements, the Polish government charged today in a wireless message to the soviet government. University Bans Shimmy EVANSTON, 111., Nov. 30. Dances will be allowed at Northwestern University hereafter providing the chaperone certifies after the dance that there was no shimmying. LOCATE LOOT OF TRAIN ROBBER COUNCIL BLUFFS, la., Nov. 30. Federal oflicials this morning located $23,860 in currency which Captain Keith Collins, self-styled war hero, had secreted in Omaha before his flight to Oklahoma, where he was captured Sunday. All the curremy was in $10 bills and was part of the $5,000,000 loot taken from a Burlington mail train here Nov. 11. Keilh claims to have burned all the bonds in his possession, estimated to be value dat $3,000,000. Collins came back to his home town last night in chains. Collins, whose self-made war record was shattered by official army records, which showed him to be a private who never left the country, was bound over to the federal grand jury by U. S. Com'r Byers on a charge of helping to rob a Burlington mail train here on Nov. 11 of about $5,000,000. His bonds were fixed at $50,000. BOLLING DENIES GRAFT CHARGES NEW YORK, Nov. 30 R. Wil-mer Bolling, brother-in-law of Pres. Wilson, sweepingiy denied today accusations made by the congressional committee investigating the shipping board that he had ever received a bribe in the placing of board contracts. Bolling described his relations with Tucker K. Sands, former cashier of the Commercial National bank of Washington, which he said seemed to have been responsible for starting the rumors of the alleged bribery. ' Anonymous letters and threats of exposure reached him throughout 3919, he said. They appeared after he had refused to intervene with Pres. Wilson on behalf of Sands, who either was about to be or had been Indicted," on charges made by bank examiners. EUGENE CHAFIN DIES IN L. A. LOS ANGELES, Nov. 30. Eugene Chafin, twice a candidate for president of the U. S. on the prohibition ticket, died in his residence here today. Death presumably was the result of burns suffered 10 days ago when a gas heater exploded in bis home. At that time Henry Murray, who was visiting Chafin, probably saved him from being burned to death by hastily wrapping quilts about him, extinguishing the flames. Its Most Popular Job By V tilted Prw. CLEVELAND, O., Nov. 30. It looked like a riot until the police found that several hundred citizens were applying at the city hall for three Jobs as whlBky testers. KRUVOSKY AND 3 OTHERS INDICTED SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 30. Grand jury indictments containing five counts of criminal assault, assault with intent to do bodily harm and abduction were filed today against Allen McDonnell, Ed (K. O.) Kruvosky, Tom Brady, Edw. (Spud) Murphy and Jas. Carey as a result of the attack alleged to have been made early Thanksgiving morning on Jean Stanley of Portland and Jessie Montgomery of Reno, Nev. Frank (Bevo) Kruvosky, established an alibi and was released. The indictments were returned after a long session of the grand jury during which the two girls, both hysterical, related the stery of the alleged attack. OT UORKISO lUT T1HKD OUT When one feels always tired without working, or suffers from backache, - lumbago, rheumatic pains, sore muscles or stiff joints It Is not always easy to locate the source of trouble, but very frequently It can bo traced to overworked, weakened or diseased kidnevs. Mrs. L. Hibson, 12th and Edison ftt., La Junta, Colo., write: "Mv kidneys were giving me a great deal of trouble for some time. I took Foley Kidney Hills and they helped me right away, lag A Allee. Adv. TWO SAILORS ARE ALIVE ON BEACH Bodies of Captain and Mate. Are Found No Trace of , the Ship By United Press. SEATTLE, Nov. 30 The bodies of Capt. A. B. Jensen and Mate P. Hohmann of the schooner W. J. Pirrie, lost in last Fridays storm off the Quillayute river, were found today by Indians washed up on the beach at Cape Johnson, according to a message received here today. Two sailors were found alive. A rumor this morning to the effect that the empress of Japan had Bighted the Pirrie at sea, was discounted for the reason that the report said the sighted vessel was three masted. The Pirrie carried a bald head sail of five masts- in tow. The message to the local weather bureau read: A party of Indians found two sailors alive and one dead on beach at Cape Johnson, four miles north of Lapush. No sign Plr;?. Survivors now at Lapush. Lapush is an old Indian settlement at the mouth of the Quillayute river and just opposite James Island, where the Pirrie is supposed to have struck and gone down. -THE SACRAMENTO STAB- Pace Tbra S. 0. EMPLOYES GET $12,500,000 GIFT By I'rliH CHICAGO. Nov, 30. Employes of the Standard Oil co of Indiana will cut a $12,500,000 melon this Christmas, according to plans of the officials of the company, made public here today. The plan provides each employe who has been " in the companys service one year may subscribe for stock in an amount equal to his annual salary, the company to pay for half of the stock. The employe will be allowed to make his payments at the rate of 20 per cent for five years. SCHWABS GOLDEN CASKET IS STOLEN NEW YORK,, Nov. 30. A golden casfiet, presented by the city of Baltimore to Chas. M. Schwab, head of the Bethlehem Steel corporation, has been stolen from his New York mansion on Riverside drive, Schwab declared. Schwab discovered the golden casket was missing today when he read an article in a New York newspaper stating such a box had been sold in Germany by a sailor on the steamship Mongolia. Women Ask for Action Request for action to help the present garbage situation was made to the city commission Tuesday by the Sacramento womens council. The women complained of the sollection system and of the present means of garbage disposal. SLOANS GOES RIGHT TO THE ACHING SPOT You can just tell by its healthy, stimulating odor, that it is going to do you good cpiIOUSANDS of men and women, J-when the least little rheumatic "crick assails them, have Sloans Liniment handy to knock it out. Popular over a third of a century ago far more popular today. That's because it is bo wonderfully helpful in relieving exter nal aches and pains sciatica lumbago, backache, neuralgia, over strained muscles, stiff joints weather exposure results. A little is all that is necessary, for it soon penetrates without rubbing, to the sore spot. No muss, no stained skin. All druggists 35c, 70c, $1.40. Linimentfed 1)1 KD hllK in this citv, November 29. 1920. Joey K. Kirk, wife of Harry tf. Kirk, mother of Mrs. Loujh J. Rreuner, daughter of Mrs. M. 12. Ulchardson. sister of Minnie and Robert M. Richardson; native of California. Friends are welcome at her late home 1(123 H street, tomorrow Wednesday from 11 a. ni. till 1 p. ) Funeral private. FLOWERS FOR FUNERALS AND CRADUATIOX AT NAVLETS nan to st. Phone Main 72 CLARK, HOOCH YAK.ULUY Funeral Director 017 to 023 H STKKET Onr exclusive au'jmobile equip ment and the Yardley Service go with every funeral whether you pay $75 or $275. ambulance service DAY on MIGHT Everybody Is Looking to Christmas Those Looking to This Store Will Fine! Low Prices and Plenteous Stocks of Fine Holiday Goods The children are eagerly looking forward with visions of Santa and Toys. The old folks are expectant and happy in its nearness. Mother and father are busy with plans and pleasures of making out gift lists. The whole community has centered its interest on That Greatest Day of All Christmas. -We are glad that Christmas comes when it does. Glad that Holiday . Season finds us in the midst of this new Low Priced Era. More Gifts can now be given, better qualities more worthy of appreciation can be selected, and a bigger, brighter and better Christmas for everybody assured. Phoenix Silk HOSE Notable Additions to Onr Christmas Assortments We have just received two of the most popular selling numbers of this splendid quality Bilk stocking. The most important feature of this receipt being a complete range of sizes, which we were unable to secure In desired amounts of late. No. 365 Phoenix Silk Hose In black and Havana; all sixes from 8 to 10. Sold at NEW LOWERED A QC PRICES; pair P 1 .OO No. 708 Phoenix Siik Hose in black and Havana; all sizes' from 8 to 10. Sold at NEW LOWERED ( PRICE; pair J)l,DO No Deposit Required On Toys Doll Doctor Offices in Toyland Ready With Hosts of Holiday Slippers Styles of Foot Comfort For Every Member of the Family Window Shades Another Special Lot Dainty fur-trimmed slippers for women; serviceable foot Testers that men will enjoy slipping their feet into; those of felt or Indian mpccasin style for the children all are represented in this immense assortment. Slippers from Americas foremost factories thousands of pairs are offered here in a pre-holiday showing remarkable for its sizes, selection and low prices. As size is an important consideration in the selection of slippers, early choosing is advisable. We recently sold over a gross of these same shades in a few hours. This is another shipment and undoubtedly the last. Fibroid shades full size, 36x6 ft. in a pleasing shade of green. Mounted on good rollers and complete with brackets. While they last 39c WOMENS SIESTA FELT SLIPPERS with silk pompoms. Have quilted sateen linings and chrome leather soles. Colors of brown, fawn, dark blue, Copenhagen, old rose, May rose, purple, taupe and lavender; pair WOMENS SIESTA FELT SLIPPERS finished with a turn-down collar; can be worn turned up and buttoned if desired. Color assortment includes brown, fawn, dark blue, Copenhagen, old rose, May rose, taupe, lavender and purple; pair Prices That Will Popularize the Giving of Slippers J CUSHION SOLE FELT SLIPPERS from than in the regular way. the Standard Felt Co., Alhambra, Cal. Made from famous sun-cured felt, a superior quality. These come in several of the most popular patterns, in colors of Alice blue, old rose, taupe, cadet blue, wisteria, brown, oxford, natural grey and lavender; they are a. $1.95 "$3.65 CROCHETED SLIPPERS just a little better than the usual kind and priced lower Colors of pink, blue, lavender, old rose and f A Q maroon; pair SLUMBER SOCKS for men and women. Not an unusual price, hut you will recognize in these a quality out of QP the ordinary; pair OuC INDIAN MOCCASINS specially priced and sold at the following savings: Childrens sizes; pr. $1.25 Misses sizes; pr $1.50 Womens sizes; pr $2.00 Toyland Presents a Dazzling Spectacle Santa Claus and Punch and Judy Attraction Features Dolls by the thousands. Toys by the tens of thousands infest Toyland with the joys of their presence. Here are Toys of every conceivable description, representing every wish of childhood and answering every mission for which toys are made. Wheel Goods Irish Mail Cars senior..... $9.50 Irish Mail Hand Cars junior $9.00 Steel Racers strongly built $6.25 Coaster Wagons with roller bearings, made of hardwood, detachable body and equipped with auto wheels with nickle hub caps; priced $5.95 to $10.95 Steel Express Wagons constructed with kiln dried wood bottoms, electric welded joints; the fifth wheel is strongly braced, thus preventing upper plate from turning all are brightly enameled; priced from $1.15 to $4.50 Velocipedes in all sizes, with plain steel tires or rubber . tired; sizes to 1 inch; specially priced $4 to $27 Juvenile Automobiles in many sizes and popular makes; priced from $9.75 to $25 Skooters with rubber tired, ball-bearing wheels; priced $4.25 to $5.50 Wheel Barrows built with steel body and wheels; priced from $1.25 to $3.50 Ives Electric Trains complete with tracks .... $7.50 to $20 Meccano Sets all sizes; priced from $3 to $20 Erector Sets all sizes; priced from $2 to $15- Cemograph Sets priced from $1 to $15 Tool Boxes fitted with complete set of tools.... $3 to $15 Punch and Judy, 11 to 12 and 3 to 4 Santa Clans from 10 to 11 and 2 to 3 . Mechanical Toys Sandy Andy Crane $2 Panama Pile Driver $2.25 Hill Climber Locomotive, special $2 Hill Climber Tank $2.25 Hill Climber Trolley Car $2.25 Drums a large assortment, priced from 60c to $10.95 Pianos from 5 to 18 key scales.. 65c to $7.50 Daisy Air Rifles $2 to $5 Skates from $1.25 to $3.25 We want you to see this immense showing. We want you to realize how complete and gigantic it really is; and the best way to comprehend this is to visit Toyland. Come and bring the children. Dolls and Doll Furniture Baby Dolls with Jointed Body Bisque head and moving eyes; 6 to 20 inches tall; priced 85c to $16 Jointed Dolls with Bisque head, moving eyes, long curls and real eyelashes; 18 in., $4.50; 23 in., $5.50; 26 in $12.50 GENUINE HORSEMAN CHARACTER DOLLS including, the very popular little Mary Mixup; all are neatly dressed; priced at $1.95 HORSEMAN DOLLS elaborately dressed have Jong curls and moving eyes; priced $7.95 to $16 Doll Go-Carts priced from 95c to $7.50 Red Tables priced from 75c to $2.75 Red Chairs priced from 75c to $1.50 Rocking Chairs natural finished 95c White Enameled Chairs $2.50 White Enameled Tables ,, $3.45 Natural Finished Desks $5.95 and $7.95 Natural Finished Desks priced from $5.95 to $7.95 Fumed Oak Desk Sets $12 to $16 Toy Dishes pretty china sets $2.50 to $7 ' Doll Beds priced from ;....75c to $2.50 Toy Cooking Sets made of aluminum; just like mothers; priced $2 to $4 Toy Cooking Sets made of blue and grey enamelware; priced $1.25 to $6 Special Price on Cut Glass and Fancy China Cut Glass Bowls 8-in. size; lead blanks, deep cut in attractive patterns, $6.95; 9-in. size $9.95 Cut Glass Vases 6 to 12 in. tall $1.55 to $6 Cut Glass Sugar and Creamers.. $3.95 to $7 Hand Painted China Cake Sets., $5 to $16 Chocolate Sets $5-75 to $16 Salad Sets $5.75 to $16 Sugar and Creamers 59c to $5 Hundreds of pieces of Hand Painted China in a great variety of articles priced from 29c to $5 Christmas Tree Ornaments ( Here are trimming decora-! (ions we have not been able to secure in years immense assortment and very reasonable prices. filter and Gold Tinsel 6 yd. bolts 33e and Me, Tree Tops priced 23e, 40c ROe Xmas stocking and Red Belli in a great variety Hotpoint Electric Vacuum Ole; Hoover Electric Suction Sweep) Hoover Special" Easy Electric Vacuum Wash Electrifying Christmas Electrical gifts are practical they serve their purpose well and with the efficiency in operation which electricity has promoted to a high degree. , What woman wouldnt he delighted with a gift that will lighten her labors, add to her spare time and last the duration of years? These are the very suggestions we offer in: . iera(.' $37.50 Simplex Electric Ironer 42-inch size $190 rs bstby size $60 Capital Electric Ironer 46-inch size $205 . $74 Easy Terms will make it possible to purchase any of these Machine..., $185 appliances. ownstairs Store Suggests Aprons at Prices that Confirm Underselling Fancy Towels and Pillow Cases Gifts Every Housewife Will Appreciate FANCY TOWELS large size and of good quality; a $2 quality pr special plDO EMBROIDERED S C A R F S scalloped and embroidered in white, yellow, pink and blue; size 18x52 pa inches 0C EMBROIDERED PILLOW CASES size 45x36 inches; finished with hemstitched ends and neatly embroidered. Offered at A 39c reduction on every case; ea P JL FANCY TOWEL SETS comprising towel and 2 wash clothes. Regular $1.25 ' qq value; special ' 70 C FANCY TOWELS come with blue borders; large size and of a very heavy, 70 fine quality 7 C Domestics, Main Floor. Sale of Milk Grocerteria 10 Styled at $1.33 -Light and dark colors in solid colors of pink, blue and green. Also indigo blue. Also figured materials in V neck models or with elastic waistline $133 Fine Gingham Aprons, .9R Pretty models that formerly sold for $3 and $3.50; all are well made, good fitting and come in a wide assortment of colors $1.90 White Apron, Repriced, $1.96 Offering 3 styles: V neck, slip-over; square neck, slip-on; square neck, button on shoulder. Materials are excellent; aprons finished with wide belt and pockets. Formerly priced at $3.95; special $1.90 j Self-Help Store Downstairs. Bungalow Apron nt OHi Scout percales and checked ginghams in slip-over or all-over bungalow styles. Made with V or square neck, side open; V neck opening in front to waist all have wide belts and pockets. Former values to $1.75; special at 9H Sayings Tall cans Al.L Brands limit 6 cans to a customer: can GROUND COFFEE Schillings lb .V..44c 2 lbs $1.10 POWER COFFEE special; lb 28c TOMATO SAUCE Better' Buy brand; 5 cans for -25c SALAD OIL Mazola; gallon $2.08 PRUNES Santa Clara Valley product; 2 lbs 25c SALAD OIL Mayrose; special, gal 92c IVORY SOAP FLAKES special, 3 27c ORANGE MARMALADE Sunlet brand, No. 2 can 25c CLING PEACHES Alliance brand; only a few cans are left of this wonderful value; No. 2 Vi cans. each 24c Grocerteria, Downstairs.

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