The Sacramento Star from Sacramento, California on January 28, 1925 · 1
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The Sacramento Star from Sacramento, California · 1

Sacramento, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1925
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THE TROTH Quick VOL.. 22 NO. 24. When Sun Went Out On Atlantic Coast The progress of the moon as it crossed between the earth and sun, shutting off the earths light, is graphically told , in these pictures, taken in New York by Dob Dorman and M. J. Ackerman, NEA Service and The Sacramento Star photographers. On the left is the sun in half-eclipse. Then it is shown just before total eclipse, which is pictured in the third photograph, when only the corona of light behind the moon could be seen. The fourth photograph was taken just two seconds after total eclipse and is a most unusual one in that it shows the flaring corona with an enormous prominence, extending into spare hundreds of thousands of miles. This 1 :lroinineiiec is shown at the five oclock point, where it shaped into a perfect image of a butterfly ,,, i -- ,, I lie tilth and Sixth pictures show the sun as tho eclipse declined, the crescent of light now being in opposite position to that of the start of the eclipse. NOTED PIANIST STILL MISSING NEW YORK. Jan. 28.-Less Harm was felt today for the safety of Ethel Leginska, miming pianist. Vwertalnty as to the whereabouts of the artist existed, for no one with authority to speak would come forward and sai.l where Le-gln.ska was. Mls Lucille Oliver, friend and pupil of the pianist, insisted she had not heard front !.oglnska and still knew nothing of the latter's whereabouts. It was Miss Oliver a ho reported the disappearance, which occurred shortly before I-e-rinska was to have appeared at rartiegin Hall for a concert Mon-lay night. While Leginska was reported to te in the Mnringside avenue home if Mndame Tugllonc, a friend, this was denied by the latter as well is by Miss Oliver. The poiiee search lias not been officially abandoned. GLORIA WEDS LONDON, Jan. 27.- Gloria Swanson, film star, was married in laris today tn Marquis de Fululse, according to tho Central News. Reliable 4- Farmma f.Iachanics Bank founded by Lslimrt StoafcrJ Sacrarngnto. Jm ELKS GIVE $500 TO CREST FUND Nearly three weeks In advance of the opening of the 1923 Community Chest drive, the Elks lodgo of Sacramento today started tbe fund with a subscript iou of $3(i0. "The donation shows t lie spirit of the community, said Jack Lynn, campaign chairman. 1 dont believe the committee will have any difficulty in raising tho entire amount required. ROTARIANS TO HEAR EDITOR The regular program at the Sacramento Rotary club luncheon tomorrow, will give way to a short business session because oO the dinner scheduled by the club tomorrow night at the Senator hotel at which Merle Thorp, edilor of The Nation's Ilusiness, will speak. A limited number of places for the evening meeting are still obtainable, Reservations may be made by telephone nt the chamber of commerce or the Senator hotel. ROBBED SLEEPERS J. D-lgardo, a Mexican, said to have been going through the pork-jets of men sleeping In the St. Nicholas pxdhall, on Fourth-st j between K and L. was given a 39 day suspended sentence in police court today on a vngrancy charge. Irelgardo's mining operations were stopped by T'atrolman Elliot Harris. TWO AUTOS TAKEN Two autos were stolen from the downtown parking district, according to reports made to police by the victims, R. I,. Greer, M3 J-st, and G. D. Westlake, 3249 C-st. Our Final January CLEARANCE SALE Lasts Only Three More Days GREENS FURS SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA CHILD LABOR AMENDMENT IS DEFEATED WASHINGTON, Jan. 28. Tho child labor amendment to the constitution has been virtually defeated. Action of legislatures In Oklahoma. Kansas, Ohio, North Dakota and Washington in rejecting the amendment makes it impossible to obtain the required ratification of three-fourths of the 4 states. In several states the way was left open for bills which would submit endorsement to the people in a referendum nxt year, thus leaving a loophole, but to offset this. United Press dispatches show sentiment in states that have not yet acted on the amendment Is strongly opposed. Tho following states have refused, through action of one or both houses of their legislatures, ment: Washington, Texas, South Dakota. North Dakota. South Carolina North Carolina, Ohio. Oklahoma, Louisiana. Kansas and Georgia. ARIZONA RATIFIES PHOENIX, Ariz.. Jan. 28. The child labor constitutional amendment was today unanimously ratified by the senate of the Arizona legislature. The measure had previously been adopted In lower house. EXEMPT 1919 MODEL FORDS Owners of 1019 model Ford automobiles p.ll over ihe slate are besieging tbe rapltol with Inquiries as to the status of the lighting systems in surh ears. Heres the answer: Sen. J. M. Inman, who al tin: recent session introduced a resolution exempting magneto-lighted i buried, cars of pro-1919 vintage from the j Krionds gathered at the little provisions of the new motor vehicle j j10me aj t ! outskirts of the vil-act, says he is assured by V. iii , la(,e ana lis(,.n0(l lo Hev. John Meeker the neutral pastor of the Marsh, head of the motor v hide department, that the law will not be enforced regarding them, in compliance with the l-gisiature's resolution. The law will undoubtedly he amended in this regard when the legislature convenes again, Inman said. SUE FOR BREAD BILL Suit of the London liaking Co. against S. Xakayama. proprietor of lth,! s 11,111 N restaurant tor pj.go. alleged unpaid balance for bread I delivered to the restaurant by tbe Company is tn progress m hiii'I'i-- ior Judge Fetcr J. Shields court t0,iay. Samuel and Frank Kenourgios, proprietors, declare that double iloavcs of bread were delivered 'the restaurant raily and that single loaves were paid for duo to an error in tbe bookkeeping of tho baking establishment. CHILDRENS FESTIVAL All preparations are complete for the Turners annual children's costume festival to be held al Turner bull, 13th and J-sts, on Saturday afternoon, January 31st, from 2 to C o'clock. Good music and an all around happy timo is assured for all the kiddies. Arrangements for the snowball party given by the men's and ladies' classes on February 7th, are also nearly completed and will prove to be a very unique affair with plenty of snowballs and Icicles. COURT CLERK HURT William Diek, deputy couuty clerk employed in the court of Judge Malcolm C. Uleim Is at his home at 1127 Cat today with Injuries sustained when ho tripped and crashed through a plate glass door In the office of Comity Clerk Harry W. Hull last night. Dick was taken to the emergency hospital where stitches were taken in a cut on his face by Dr. T. lllnklcy and smaller cuts on his hands were treated. THIEF OUTFITS SELF 'A burglar who broke open tile back door lit the home of C. Luke. 4923 llth-av, took two suits of ilothing, a pair of cuff links and a stick pin. Other articles of greater vnlue were left untouched, Luke told police. LYING ON SIDEWALK Found lying ott the sidewalk at Fpurth mid K-sts, a woman who gave the name of Caroline K. Roly, was booked at. the city Jail as intoxicated, by Wagonmen Rocker and McCarty, aeramemtoT INQUEST OVER FOUR BODIES III RATE (MR HERRIN, Ills., Jan. 28. Dra-, matically, the official inquiry into Saturday nights hate war, in which four men were shot down, Is being carried out. Today more witnesses testified as to the circumstances under which Glenn Young and his arch-enemy. Deputy Sheriff Ora Thomas, fought their duel to death a duel which resulted In two other men also being slain. The little inquest room here, which has been tho scene of tho official airing of all the hate wars of "bloody Williamson county," Is a picturesque place. Spectators have been excluded and only newspaper men allowed In the room whilo witnesses tell I of the free-for-all shooting. On the table five guns of hate lay in open view. There are tho two heavy pistols which Young carried, Thomas' revolver the chambers emptied by the Saturday night shooting and two other revolvers. At tho door of the courtroom stand five state militiamen. They havo received no orders to search ingoing witnesses, hut their presence adds a significant touch. A new angle In the fatal battle of hate was brought out late Tuesday, when Jackie Rowe, friend and lieutenant of Young, took the stand and told of bullets being fired Into the battle area Vom the street or from the window of a building across the street from the European hotel. This was In line with the klan contention that Young and his two bodyguards had been tricked into the fatal fray. Herrin remained quiet today. Yesterday Ora Thomas was village plead for quiet in the town. Thomas was buried in one extreme end of the cemetery, while at the other far side workmen were busy constructing the cement mausoleum, which wilt hold the body of Young when it is buried tomorrow. AUTO HITS WOMAN; VICTIM VANISHES Declaring that his automobile had knocked down and run over an unidentified woman at 40th-st and Fourth-av late yesterday, A. E. Ronsfietd. of Elk Grove, reported the accident to police. He said that another motorist had offered to take the injured woman to tho emergency hospital. A check of hospitals by police fulled to find any report of the woman. GROWERS ORGANIZE Iaperg incorporating Hie Sutter Co-operative Growers,'' with headquarters at Yuba City, were filed today In the office of Secretary of State Frank (. Jordan. The organization is formed for the purpose of fostering agricultural, horticultural and vltlcultnr-a! production in California. Tbe membership at Hie present time includes: John Alilf, Sutter: Arthur Coats, J. .1. Ileidottiug, I. E. Gould, J. M. Nelson, Alvin Weiss, all of Yuba City, and F. E. lainey of Rerkeley. DEMANDED FOOD Mrs. E. Platt, SIS ISth-st, told polico that an unidentified man had appeared at her home and had mado surly demands for money and food. Detectives Tag-gert and Wllhet k wore assigned to search for the prowler. NEW HART CAFE Addition of one more restaurant to the chair owned h.v H. II. ami W. R. Hart in this city Is Indicated in the application for a building permit to construct a Hart's lunch Ht 10th and K-sls. The new htiild-lug will rost $32,000. SAXOPHONE MISSING C. Teramoto, 40(1 M st, told police that a saxophone had been stolen from the Japanese church at 41S OsL $20 BILL STOLEN One $20 hill was stolen from H e home of Allison Mannugh, 2I.S2 41st-sf, by a burglar wlm entered through a rear door. Wonderful Spring For Women and Cronin WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28, Mother Of Twin Babes Must Have Work Soon Or They Will Suffer By CYNTHIA GREY Somewhere In Sacramento, mingled with its other sorrows and hardships, la a courageous little mother standing out against the world with a pair of month old twin to clothe and feed. After haunting employment agencies and exhausting every other resource, the plucky little woman came to The Star office yesterday and told her story In the last desperate hope that It would bring her aid. Forlorn and lonely after the death of her first little girl, she looked forward to the birth of another child. Just at the newcomer was about to arrive, came the last of a long aeries of misunderstandings with her husband, and learning that he would not welcome a child, she was driven from home. When the second child proved to be both second and third she was overjoyed. It's all worth it, the declares, and launched on the aubject of the twins she forgets for a moment that starvation facet them and that their Outlaw Church Prepares For Worlds End Feb. 6 EDITOR'S NOTE: In Novem ber, 1923. Mrs. Margaret llowcu, prophetess of the Reformed Seventh Day Adventist ehurch, predicted the world would end February 6. 1923, and members of Hie faith are prepared for Christ's return .next week. The denomination claims several thousand adherents throughout the country. Their belief is that human life will he wiped from the earth for 1000 years When Christ will sit in Judgment, after which the elect i Sodom and Gomorrah was prewill live here forever. In this j ceded by a definite call for the article, wiittnn for the United ; escape of Lot and his family. Press, Rr. It. E. Fullmer, prac-jThe deliverance of Israel from ticing physician and head of ihe i Egypt, Jonah's message to Xine-ehurch, gives reason for the faith, vail and Hie fim advent of Dr. Fullmer styles himself the 'Christ were all associated with apostle of the derelicts," saying I definite time statements. tho regular Seventh Day Advent ists have disclaimed association with them. The coining of Christ is a mailer of common faith among many Christiana. In view of the above precedents, why photihl this more i important event be brought upon lli people unannounced? We do not lielieve, as do our former associates, that every individual on earth must hear and definitely decide his relationship Margaret W'. Rowen, whoso pel- to their teaching before Christ! of four elk in Del Paso and sj sonal experiences were such as I comes. We believe this leaching! dec r in McKinley Park, to the boro evidence of a supernatural is deferring the coming of Christ ' rrw' corrals, according to F. N. gift and Inspired tho confidence ! and belittling the result of God's E-sn. superintendent of parks, of a number of members of the work on earth. The Ik and deer will he moved As reformers, we view this de-nf'!t week, and enclosures for Seventh Day Adventist church. Those of us who believe with Mrs. Rowen have been censured world N upon u. " r. J and excommunicated by the ma-j Hence, our willingness to give0l'5alm-Jority In the denomination and we others tho benefit of that which are no longer members of it, although we still ndhero to the teachings of that organization. That Mrs. Rowen has periods of superhuman control is conceded by both denominations. Tho writer has personally demonstrated her absolute unconsciousness at various times and before large audiences. In such a con- CONGRESS TODAY SENATE Debates postal pay bill. Agriculture committee meets on Capper packers bill. Judical y committee considers Stone nomination. Foreign relations coniniiltoe considers vvnild court. Trrlralmn committee considers ! Bomber committed at the time bill extending rclier to Irrigation;. 'at 'l,altcrly census hullo-proects. ,,n Alrcrjfl Investigation continues. ENTERTAIN SAILORS ' A visit to the city hall where the visiting Japanese sailors from the (raining ships at anchor In Sail Francisco hay met City Manager II. C. Rottorff and a trip to Ihe italO ca piled whn'e they were received lit Governor Richardson's offices were Included ill the Itinerary of Hie guests here. Sixty Japanese cadets and offi-eers spent fie day here Tuesday. The program of entertainment wns concluded with a motor trip through the country and a banquet given by tho Sakur Institute last night. Oxfords $5 nr. .rU MT Color -Tan. Inn hark anl white. Tl and perforation Hint o'j will lik reQ rubber neile. alno oxford and trap hIi!i leather auba. 1925. path la beset with suffering. The worn features become ecstatic at she describes the splendor of her two jewels, and though the future seems hopeless, the little mother has glowing plans for her girls. The thought of being separated from them no more occurs to her than it would to the mother in normal circumstances. They are hers and she is prepared to fight and struggle to keep them. She must have employment Immediately or the results will be pathetic. In a civilized community there is certainly no need for such suffering. Some one must be able to offer her a position doing housework, for which she is well qualified. She has confidence in humanity and feels assured that one member of that great family will receive the help of the more powerful ones. May her faith be preserved. Anyone who can provide the employment this mother must have may reach her by phoning me at Main 81C0. dilicn she gave clear vocul utterances to the prediction of the (j,cr t0 bind 1(,r 0VPr t0 lj)e (.rjm. second coming of Christ. ' Personally, she is not responsible for this prediction, but believes it is the spirit of Almighty God working through Ler. Regarding tha possibility of such an announce ment by God, wo have five important precedents. The time of the flood was definitely announced to Noah in advance. The destruction of lay withularm for we believe thetMh,'r will he constructed crisis of the world is unon us.l' Pf'w zo specimens are I 1 appeals to us as a possible call front God to the final preparation. This consists of calmly preparing for that hour by sincere heart- searching and mutual ment. This faith represents encourage Institutions is now 23,183, according to figures released by Walter D. Wagner, director of the stale department of institutions. This marks an increase of lfifi persous .. . , , commi tecl to prisons, hosp'tais and cither institutions, as compared to' Crossword Puzzles Steal Memory of Excessive Addict LOS ANGELES, Jan. 2S. An tinidentilied victim of "crossword pu.z.leit is was iu tho general hospital he re today, unable lo speak or recall his name. The man was found sitting on a downtown curbing. In his pocket was a dictionary, a hook of synonyms nnd several crossword puzzles, some solved and others partly so. "An Advance ease of amnesia brought on by excessive addiction to crossword puzzles," was the physician's diagnosis. SEE NEW Greater Value Than Ever Rc-sulutlons opposing the organization of the proposed agricultural , ... . . , al,icouncil which ahall have control anta.onistic move, but instead anlf ,h department of agriculture (,vpre . .. . . , . . honest conviction of earnest j have been u-, ! i,,. u,. ThP severest cold of winter fob . men.o-co PoK GngehNoS2 !.r' Fl-nthe s, today Tho rnsninfinn. i . , In the wake of a blizzard. Tempeiw , ( . l n p',ss''' ' atures In New York state ranged on the grounds that the proposed frt)m in x- York ntv to ! round! would not be .subject to w ,0 ,iS popular control. A copy of the res-elutions will lie sent to each mem-Tl.e total enrollment of all state her of the legislature. old concrete conduit which was j found to be defective recently. Excavation of the sedimentation basin is now complete the report states and all debris has been re- PLACING NEW CONDUIT AT FILTER PLANT Installation of tho new main conduit between the pumping plant and sedimentation beds of the city filtration plant Is in progress today, according to City Manager H. C. Rottorff. The steel pipe will replace the moved prepratory to the construction of new walls. The plans, specifications and financing of the new walls will be presented by Rottorff to the city council at the next meeting, provided that a careful check and review have been completed by that time, it vas announced today. MOTHER-SLAYER TO FACE COURT SAX FRANCISCO, Jan. 28. Attorneys retained to defend Dorothy Ellingson. 16-year-old "jazz baby," who killed her mother, met today "with Judge Frank Murasky of the Juvenile court for a conference preliminary to the girl's luaring tomorrow. Judge Murasky tomorrow will announce his decision whether to sentence the girl himself to a furnac.s In the hougM of parlia, term of probation or a number of , t d h minister's years In a reformatory, or w In- r.fci(I(.n(p Th efforts proved unavailing at any event ! against the chill that pervades inal courts for ordinary trial. Dorothy's attorneys admitted today that they have been hopelessly at sea and are fairly confident that the juvenile court will not decide the case of the gi:l slayer in an ordinary fashion. Just what might he done, they confessed inability to predict. ' It is expected that if the girl is hound over to the superior court, her attorneys, Alexander Mooslin, former Police Judge Sylvester McAtee and Walter McGovern, well known criminal attorney. will ask a considerable delay before her trial is tailed, to permit preparation of an elaborate defense. ANIMALS WILL HAVE NEW HOME GRANCE HITS COUNCIL PLAN ,. .. . , , . , In the court of Superior Judge r. O. Rusick on a chnrpe of violating )he Btiltc corporate 8PCllrili(s 1 by making false allegations In an application for a permit to sell 8 a. m, stock. i 9 a. m, Tho trial was delayed due to the 1 10 a. m necessity of securing a Jury panel'll a. m. In the trial of Tom G Inlet charged 1 p. m. with arson. Deputy Dist. Ally Wm. j Renfrau made the opening statement today. SENTENCE POSTPONED Pronouncement of judgement on Glenn Will, miner, found guilty of obtaining goods under fal.e pretenses from J. Rowett, grocer at 2730 N-st, was postponed today by Iollco Judge Frank Cafney, until Feb. 4th. Will was recently heldwjo nns wer on a charge of violating the Coporate Securities Act by selling slock of a Nevada mining corpora. Hon In California without a permit. THE More Popular Than Ever H O TJ E -Edition PHONE MAIN 8100 liUSOAIID GOMES ACROSS PACIFIC TO DEAD WIFE Embalmed so that her husband CapL James G. Know of the United States Marine Corps may have a! last earthly view of her body when he atrlver. in California from China, the body of Lillian G. Snow, 29, who died here Monday, will be rent tomorrow to Vallejo, where it will he held until Snow's arrival. Six weeks are expected to elapse before Capt. Snow reaches Vallejo, Mrs. Snow was cn her way to the Pacific Coast from her home at Norfolk, Va., accompanied by hep eight-yexj til.i danglitC'-, Helen, when she became ill here and died suddenly. The body was embalmed by II. P Ryan, funeral director, acting up on wirelessed instructions from the woman's husband. British Officials Shiver and Plot As Stokers Strike LONDON, Jan. 28. Huddled around a grate fire, some mins Inters wearing their fur coats the Rritinh cabinet met today at No. 10 Downingst and discussed the strike of 3000 engineers and stokers whose business It is tef keep warm London's palaces and government buildings. The strikers are threatening to' picket if volunteer workers cons tinuo amateurish efforts to sfokd London buildings onre the fires go out. Government employes worked in overcoats. The cabinet bent every effort to eff-ct compromise because (ha cause of the walkout was so trivial, the union workers demand ing discharge cf a lamp shade cleaner In the who had no$ paid his union dues. GIRLS ATTEND ARSON TRIAL' Toni doles charged with setting fire to his grocery store at 1700 ! K-st last October in on trial in liX?' Jn"' J-r-p"" I A jury was selected Tuesday and it Is expected that the trial will continue until tomorrow. A number of girl students from a secretarial school are in aiten. dance at the trial an a part of a course In commercial law. y GOING TO LINCOLN ' The Sacramento Carol singer, areonpanied liy members of the Sacran.ento chamber of commerce will Joe ney to Lincoln tomorrow r.ight to meet with the Lincoln chamber of commerce at a grt-tn. gether banonet. Ellis Ilirlee, of the Sacramento (hamber will deliver the address cl WEATHER NEWS . below at I-o-Ve. With the temperature eight be low at Pittsburg, Western Penns v!v,-n'a had Its coldest night wliil Delaware was blanketed Id snow with the mercury four above. More snow was reported on lb j way, though generally fair wealhey promlK).d brief relief. TEMPERATURES. 80 61 62 64 61 61 2 p. m Lowest Yesterday, 48. GLEANING SPECIALISTS tf you have ca-rpct or ruir to bo cleaned, tret a rpeclallet to do th Job. I to nd try It youraelt or entruat the job to an Inexperienced per-Ron. Try us. Work tkit katUflco KUECHLER BROS. Carpet Claaalap 13IT .1 llml Mala SO Sterling P. Forrest, Jr. "Tbe Home 1 Ktsanlrtl TraasparciiO" 1212-14 K Street 0a K.vrala. aa Saadara I Main 470 ! 721 K Street Fan Exclusively -rr -J I

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