The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 5, 1971 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1971
Page 6
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rage 6 TELEVISION SCHEDULE (Continued from page five) ' i- 2:00 . " ; ' O •ukctbaH (Cont'd) O WiU Kina4 «a O Ten Basketball "Purdue at Indiana University. (D Sparta Cfcelleaae I 2:30 O •eeketball (Cont'd) O Saturday Matinee "Gift, of j Lova" with. Louren Bacoll and Robert Stack. O •asketkell (Cont'd). (Q American'SpettaaNHi ] 3:00 O •askatball (Cont'd) O Matinee (Cont'd) O •askataall (Cont'd) Q) Ssarttaiaa (Cont'd) 3:15 (B Sewrta Time ' ., 3:30 O Farorlte Hymns O Matinee (Cont'd) O •esketiell iCont'dl IB Bowlers Tevr' • '.] 4:00 O Oataleees Q Matinee (Cont'd) 0<>) Saturday Theater Laurel ond Hord>- fec'ure ® liwltn s fe» Set •ill (B) (Cont'd) 4:30 (Cont'd> Q Bowlers (Cont'd) 5:00 O (•) Weaon Train Flint rescues a girl who hod been shot ond left for dead. O Wilbur*. •fathers O FlrinaNua CD Wide Warld Saart* O »»> w. O Porter o m Saatta 5:30 fan Train (Cont'd) O o o ID (Cont'd. 4:00 Dick Van Dyke tarty Heperl. Honeymooner. (Cont'd) IConfdV Sports 4:30 O Daniel Boone ond Rebecca act as matchmakers -for ja stubborn carpenter and a young Q\T\. O NBC News O Ueelriews CD Midwestern Hayridc 7:00 ••one (Cont'd) IVallcy Days d Daniel O Death O CBS News CD Heyrie> (Cont'd) 7:30 O Star Trek Mr. Spock (almost gets (.apt. Kirk killed. O AneV Williams Raymond Buriy the • Lennon Sisters, 6obb^ Sherman and Jerry Lee Lewis join Andv. Jr 'Js SERVIC l 122 W.Jef ferson 675-2540 * Tune-up * Washing •Brake Service * Lubrication O Mission Impossible The IMF is called upon to expose o nuclear arms treaty secretly- signed by a previously friendly country and a hostile power. CD Lawrence Walk 8:00 O Star Trek (Cont'd) O Williams (Cont'd) O MisYien (Cont'd) CD Walk (Cont'd) 8:30 O (Bl Saturday Niflht Movie "Night of the Iguana" (1964), starring Richard Burton and Ava Gardner. A defrocUad minister, acting as a guide to a gtoup of women' on a Mexican lu» trip inspires the lives of three women. (NBC Movie). • O <B) Channel Sii Movie' "Riding High" (1950). with Bing Crosby and Colleen Gray. Musical remake of "Broadwoy.Bill" story of racehorse owner with a nag that has a lossing record. O My Three Sons Ernie discovers that-being left in charge of Oodie is a full time job when Steve and Barbara go out of town. r \ {Q Pearl Bailey Show I Musical variety series with Pecrl Bailey as hostess: 9:00 O (B) Saturday Night (Cont'd) O (B) Movie (Cont'd) O Arnie Arnie tios, or so his doctor conjectures, on uicer. CQ Pearl Bailey (Cont'd) 9:30 O <B) Movie (Con'd) O (B) Movie (Cont'd). O Mary Tyler Moore Mary checks into the hospital for a tonsilectomy and finds that her nasty-tempered roommate gives her more trouble than the operation. {Q Johnny Cash ' 10:00 O IB) Movie (Cont'd) O (B) Movie (Cont'd) O Mannix Monnix'i college football team put together an unconventional reunion that ends in tragedy. CD Johnny Cosh (Cont'd) 10:30 O (B) Movie (Cont'd) O (I) Movie (Cont'd) Q Mennn (Cont'd) CD Eyewitness News 11:00 O Local News O final'sUperi O n « w « CD (B) Saturday Movie 11:30 . O (B) John Wayne Movie 'The New Frontier" (1935), with John Wayne ond Muriel Evans. '.' Cowboy.outwits some cattle rustlers. " . O (B) The Movie "Day of the Outlaw" (1959). with Robert Ryan and Burl Ives. When the leader of an outlaw gong is wounded, the gang seeks refuge in a small town.. -Also:_ "The Explosive Generation" : O Late Show "My Six Lovesi' with Cliff Robert- ' son and Debbie Reynolds. Actress arrives at her country home and discovers six abandoned children living there. Also; "The Night Runner" with Ray Danton and Colleen Miiler. CD (Bl Movie (Cont'd) THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Windfall Native Dies Today Mrs.. Edgar (Irene Edwards) Hobbs, 73, a Windfall native and a retired music teacher of the LaPorte, Indiana schools, died early Friday at her home in Phlox.: She was born Aug. 10, 1897 in Windfall. .She is survived by the hus- NOTICE TO HEBS, . LEGATEES AND CREDITORS ESTATE OF Grace Harle King, Deceased No. 3021 la Tiptoe Clrcnlrt Court, Calendar Term, 1971 - Notice Is hereby riven (bat Edna Amsburyaa administratrix of said estate, has filed bar . accotmt and vouchers In final settlement of said, estate, and bar petition praying the Court to allow slid account aod order distribution of said estate, and that tht same will come up (or hairing and action In said Coufffn,tta 11th day at February 10:00, 1971 la 0a courthouse In Tipton, Indiana, at which time all hairs, legatees and creditors of said estate are required to appear and show cause, if any then) be,, why said account and vouchers should not be allowed, and distribution of the estate he made as prayed for in said petition; and ail the hairs, devisees and legatees of said decedent and said estate, and all others Interested, are - hereby required to appear at said time and place and make proof of their heirship or claim to any part of said estate. Paul H. Jcces Clerk Circuit Court Tipton, imtiaw. Stanley U. Herbert, Attorney ' ; L-74 C-J0 r S6 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS AND BIDDERS ' Notice is hereby ginn that the Tipton County Drainage Board, will, on February' 18, 1971, at 10:30 ajn. in the Commissioners Room at TlptonCounty Court Bouse receive sealed bids on proposals for construction work to be performed on the UUsSmlth drain located in Cicero Township, Tipton County, Indiana. The plans and specifications covering the work to be performod on said drain are available for inspection 'in the office of the County Engineer of Tipton County. Bidders or contractors are re quired to submit their bids on forms as specified by the State Board of Accounts. All bids must be accompanied by a non-collusion affidavit and . certified check or bldboodln an amount equal to S% of the amount bid. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. January 27, 1971. TIPTON COUNTT DRAINAGE BOARD . Donald F. Lord, Secretary . L-«3 C-24-30 ' ; .NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS AND BIDDERS - 1 Notice is hereby given that the Tipton County Drainage Board, will on February IB, 1971 at 10:30 a.m., in the Commissioners Room at Tipton County Court House receive sealed bids on proposals for construction work to be performed on the Cooper-White drain located in Prairie Township, Tipton County, Indiana. The plans and specifications covering the work to> be performed on said drain are available for inspection In the office of the County Engineer of Tipton County. Bidders or contractors are required tosub- mit their bids on forms as specified by the State Board of Accounts. All bids must be accompanied by a aon-colluslon affidavit and certified check or bidbondin an amount equal' to 5% of the amount bid.. The Board reserves the right to reject any! and all bids. January 27,1971. TIPTON COUNTY DRAINAGE BOARD Donald F. Lord, Secretary L-62 ' C-24-30 •S NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS-AND BIDDERS Notice is hereby given that the Tipton County Drainage Board will, on February 18,1971 at 2:00 p.m. in the Commissioners Room at ' Tipton County Courthouse receive sealed bids on proposals for construction work to be performed on Small Bridges located In Tipton' County, Tnilana > The plans, and'specifications covering the work to be done on these small bridges are available for inspection to the office of the County Engineer of Tipton County. Bidders or contractors are required to sub- ' mit their bids on forms as specified by the State Board of Accounts. All bids must be ac- ompanied by a nonrcolluslon affidavit and certified check or bid bond In an amount equal to 10% of the amount bid. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. January 27, 1971. TIPTON COUNTY DRAINAGE BOARD Donald F. Lord, Secretary L-61 C-24-30' % Valentine Day is February 14th SELECT HER VALENTINE HEART FROM OUR BEAUTIFUL DISPLAY OF irn's Milk-andlloney Chocolates Say to your Sweetheart. 'I love you,' with a beau tiful Valentine Heart packed with her favorite Pangburn's Chocolates, the luxury chocolates made with Milk and Honey Reserve your Heart NOW $2.50 to $10 CARNEY'S DRUG STORE •P band, Edgar Hobbs; one son, Glenn Hobbs, of Kokomo; one daughter, Mrs. Harold (Isabelle) Legg, of Windfall. Afull obituary will be published in Saturday's edition of the Tipton Daily Tribune from the ' Mitchell Funeral Home in Tipton where the body was taken. * Hobbs (Continued from page one) and other related females of the Tipton County Pork Producers Association for next Monday 7:30 p.m. at the 4-H Building for the purpose of organizing a Tipton County Porkettes Association. All femmes in the industry are urged to attend. The Tipton County Agricultural Association will also bemeet- i ing in the 4-H Building at the same time. * Astronauts (Continued from page one) waited 10 years for his second spaceflight. "It certainly is a stark place here at Fra Mauro," Shepard said before starting down the ladder. "I think it's made all the more stark by the fact that the sky is completely black." "The soil is so soft that it comes up all the way to the top of the footpad," Shepard said as he stood at the base of the landing' craft while millions watched him on the first color telecast from the moon. Shepard said Cone Crater, the key target of America's third mission to the moon, "is right where it should be. And it is a very impressive sight." The "old pro" of the astronauts walked the surface with a slow, cautious gait at first. He was joined at,9:59 a.m. EST by space rookie Mitchell. . "It's great to be coming down," Mitchell said. "It sure is bright — that sun - isn't it?" Mitchell said. Shepard-' removed a two- wheeled, rickshaw-like cart he and Mitchell will use on their excursions . over the crater- scarred terrain. The astronauts set out to erect an atomic • power e d science observatory and to find a "football-sized" . moon rock for. geologists during their four, to five hour trek around Fra Mauro valley in* the lunar foothills. . Shepard, .47, set Antares down only 130 feet off target in a bowl-shaped.depression between two sets of craters named Doublet ,and Triplet. Nearby was Cone Crater, which the astronauts plan to scale Saturday. The accurate landing —payoff of the $400 million mission — was made with a makeshift computer control procedure radioed to the astronauts at the last moment. They took manual control of . Antares shortly after the firing of its big descene ehtine to avoid the bug in a computer abort switch. The moonship settled down on a gentle slope in a cloud of dust at 4:18 a.m. EST with a minute of fuel left in its tanks. We made a good landing," said Shepard. "We will stay," MitcheU added. They spent the four hours between the landing and Forty to 50 miles per hour winds Friday morning blew un-anchored as well as anchored items about the Tipton area and • above are two instances of wind damage. j An expensive aluminum awning was blown from it's moorings on a house on Park Road and deposited on telephone wires adjacent to Park Road. The Tipton Utility Line crewmen were called to the site and had to use the highboy equipment to loosen ground as shown in the photo, business establishment, blew the awning and drop it to the Black roofing- from a Tipton from it's roof site and caught Dn electric utility wires at an alley intersection behind the Tipton Daily Tribune building Friday morning. No estimate of wind damage j had been made in the Tipton area as a Friday morning. (Staff Photos by Eldon Cage) Bad Weather Keeps Agnew From Hoosier Conference INDIANAPOLIS ( UP I) Bad weather kept Vice President Spiro T. Agnew from spending *two days in the Midwest and forced postponement for two weeks of a conference on federal revenue sharing which had been scheduled for today in Indianapolis. Heavy fog was responsible. It also delayed or cancelled the flights of many local officials from around the nation who planned to attend the. conference., " The conference was rescheduled for Feb. 19. . , About a dozen of around- '50 mbonwalk getting the Antares shipshape, eating lunch and ,<jonning their bulky moon suits. Their spacewalk was delayed about 55 minutes when trouble developed in their backpack communications. Shepard looked out the window and said he didn't expect any trouble finding a couple of the biggest rocks yet retrieved from the moon. "Looking at Cone Crater, it doesn't appear there's going to be any trouble getting the met (the cart) up there," Mitchell said. Shepard and Mitchell will hike nearly a mile to the rim and back. persons who had been scheduled to attend j the conference arrived before the weather developed. Mayor Richard G. Lugar planned a luncheon for them today. j A Lugar aide, Robert B«;ck- mann, said the decision to postpone the conference was made • Thursday afternoon when the plane carrying Agnew was unable to lam? at Indianapolis because ef the weather. The Agnew plane returned to Andrews Air Force Bas'* near Washington to await word on the chances of a break in the weather. However,: because many' of the expected 200 delegates fc\im around the nation began canceling' their reservations due to the^weather, a decision was made to postpone the conference, Beckmann said. Agnew also yias forced to cancel a similar revenue-sharing Conference] Thursday in neighboring Springfield, III, because of rain. i .•'!••'[. As originally J scheduled," Agnew was to have been joined on the Indianapolis program by Housing Secretary George Romney and a U.S. Treasury assistant secretary, Murray L Weid- enbaiim. How would you answer these ions 1. Have you come to a place in your spiritual life where you know for certain that if you died today you would go to heaven? 2. Suppose that you were to, die tonight and stand before God and He were to say Jto . you, "Why should I let you Into My Heaven?" What would you say? j The Bible answers these questions very clearly and with very definite answers! But in a survey of Christian people across the United States- people who attend church of any denomination - less than 50% could state the way to Heavenl ! A- Next Sunday. February 7, 1971, we at Emanuel Lutheran will study the answers to these ; twoj^bastc questions in our Sunday morning services at 8:15 and 10:30 a.m. I Hear t he skrmon- • 'You can be saved, PASTOR DONALD W. 8IESTCR HO runvicw AVINUt ' e7e -C4ei if " MISSOURI SYNOD STATE ROAD 19. SOUTH • TIPTON. INDIANA 46072 * Welfare ; (Continued from FRIDAY, FEUHUAKY 5,.1971 page one) I Board, is 27.3?. j -This was a considerable increase from the 1970 tax rate of |8f, and calls for possible explanation. The 27.3 rate is comparable to the. rates of previous years to 1970; however in 1970 it was felt that the Welfare operating balance was too high. This accounted for much of the cut to 8? in that year which balance showed $103,836.70, January 1, 1970, as compared to $68,073.29, January 1, 1971. Other items contributing to the increase include the increase in costs in Institutions for Wards. Although these homes-may be church homes or jcharitable institutions, the per diem of a Ward is paid for! from County funds. . ! -J There has been a tremendous increase in Crippled Childrens* cases, and it is necessary to place some of these children in nursing care at a great cost to the County. Formerly the State participated in the Crippled Childrens* prjogram. The. funds are now air County. This may be qualified by. stating that the State still participates in congenital heart cases, special dental orthodontia work, out of State cases, and occasionally in a case which bears complete hardship on County] Funds. In addition to * Journey the above, the Intact that have intact since political and -. (Continued from page one) and as far north as Quang Ninh province, four Hanoi-, and .100 miles from the southwestern frontiers of mainland China.. Buildings Hanoi is. dominated by elegant old French colonial styled buildings remained .largely the French lost economic control of North Vietnam in 1954; An overwhelming impression is the crowds. Men and women thronged the city's sidewalks, clusters of children spilled into the streets, and unending rows of cicycles moved over Hanoi's thinly, paved roads. I saw very fewj automobiles, but military jeeps; trucks, and buses, cleared paths through the multitude by honking their deep horns. . i I saw. only one traffic light in Hanoi, in the center of We lived in the ; Hoa Binh (Peace' 1 Hotel, in the central part of the city. I [shared a very large and comfortable second floor room with another American student. In the alate afternoon pur double beds were covered with with mosquitto nee tings. ' j ' . j We ate'three meals a day in the hotel dining room, alternating between French and spicey Vietnamese food. ! We spent most of our first week meeting witY government and .political officials and visiting museums, historic sites, and shopping areas. j There were no formal negotiations between the American students and the North Vietnamese students for the "peace declaration." Thel two groups' exchanged "draftsj' which were eventually' combined Into j a formal declaration! The burden of it was a call for complete and lotal withdrawal of all U.S. [forces from South Vietnam by June 30, 1971, and there were I no serious Federal Government, in the past two years, has made many new ' regulations and demands, among them making it necessary to hire a Homemaker, appropriation for which is included in the 1971 Budget. Another new Federal "ruling is regardingstep-parents, making more people eligible, also allowing great deductions for' those recipients who are employed. • An appropriation was also made for a permanent Director should one be hired. Qualifications for this office include a Bachelor of Arts Degree, four years paid experience above a 'clerical level, two years of which must be administrative. A Masters Degree may be substituted for • the experience or the administration requirment. ' Hospital News THURS., FEB. 4,1971 - ADMISSIONS: Walter Cherry, Tipton; Glenda W. Flick, Kokomo; Carey Clouser, Windfall; Sandra K. Peters, Kokomo; Lillie Ollene Phillips, Sharpsville. Beatrice . Cripe, Tipton; Sylvia Marie Anderson, Elwood; Sherman Servies, Tipton; Dale P. I Jones, Tipton; Madonna Myers,•• Tipton; Jean Basey, Tipton. DISMISSALS: Fern Hale, Oakford; Susan Giselbach,-Elwood; Donald McCain, Tipton; Martha j Nixon, Sharpsville; Tim Kaiser, \ Arcadia; Janet Sellers, Frankfort; Agnes Head, Tipton; Lee Keller, Elwood; Marcy L. Hale, Kokomo. disagreements among the! American, or North Vietnamese, i Members of the student union of. the South Vietnamese National Liberation Front (NLF^ happened to be in Hanoi also and they agreed to sign the declaration as well. Delegation Makeup The 15 member delegation included' two members of the 'Puerto Rican student union based in New -York, Anthony Roman, and Ricardo Bertram, who said they believed in "armed revolution," the black student government president of Indiana State University, Keith Parker, who said he was a Black Panther; NSA President David Ifshin, former student government president at Syracuse University;. Douglas Hosetter of the New School of Social Research in New York and Jim Doherty, president of the student government at Wheeling College in West .Virginia. Other members of the delegation were Terrie Cook, University of Washington; Jay Craven, Boston University; Ronald Eachus, University of Oregon; Michael Eng, University of Hawaii;. Rodrick MacPherson, University of Minnesota; Mark M. Rasenick, Case Western Reserve University; Mark Wefers,,. University of New Hampshire; and Rebecca Wilson, University of California at Santa Barbara. We saw relatively little U.S. bombing damage, much less than I had expected to see. The most extensive damage directly,^ shown to us was a compound or Catholic churches in Ninh Binh province, 72 miles south of Hanoi. We talked to two Roman Catholic nuns who said they witnessed the U.S. "attack." Five Nuns Killed Sister Hoan Bingo, 67, her . face solemn, said the compound' was bombed on March II, 1968. "Five of our nuns were killed and three were-wounded," she said; ; ' . X )Uuva NOW Vm SATURDAY MONTE" WALSH 'OF A SUDDEN THE WEST WILD ENOUGH FOR HIM. MARVIN OS MONTE WALSH A Real Western JACK BALANCE JEANNE M0REAT7 I » DOUBLE FEATURE CaUHKMPCTlMSft SIMILEY KRAMER 'S fihn RPM •UVOUmOM KM MINUTE '" : - I MouQarit Tony C URTIS CH*TUS<BRONSON • r j

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