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Monrovia, California
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1 31 Pfi 0111 AltaCE FOUR tC VILY 'D A ST1 SATURDAY MARCH 4 1933'' 1933 MONROVIA NEWS-POST MONROVIA CALIFORNIA GOOD TIMES FOLLOW BAD FIGHT WILL BE WON SAY LEADERS OF FINANCE SCOUT FUND TWO EAGLE SCOUTS WILL BE IN ROOSEVELT IIONOR GUARP NOW TOTALS AYS SAYS SAYS SAYS cEN JARED CL fiCitrit: ITwdin FEDERAL A Trig IL BEIGNWORK AT CANYON DAM SITE CITY c1111K TELLS OF QTRS' AN (trio TTTITI1-1 Beat use of his intenst in thethis action -on the part of the Inteiest in ein hepttLesc voild 1111er By 3 BRACKETT Associated Press financial Writer NEW YORK Mar 4 is a word which irritates many old timers to Wall street particularly as applied to the present Ecy which tdent-elect Roosevelt inv'ted lour Scouts to stand beside him as i-elect -eonlec-ntna'stnaesilipnaaritee I 1a guard of honor in the reviewing of service which he has given more 1111111 a Additional 'Contribu I-120 uyaDity RAIDS -ood lird rusist nous Beach Club in' and Two Others Hig Th eit Are re Invaded the op 1) ant 0Nildcal ANGELES Mar 4 lub tyhmern 1550 via --eral prohibition officers marked atteec closing hoins of the present tatter's :1: closing hauls of the present financial situation Like old war veterans they speak of past severe slumps and conclude with "we licked 'ems or words to that effect "We've got to stand and fight" declared a veteran banker "just as we did before I guess you don't demember 1907" They emphasize that just as past fights have always been won Action on City League on Gasoline Tax Bills is Told line ne" )1d tions are Announ ced Locally stand at the White House at the While other presdents since the ineuguration today according to organization of the Boy Scouts of word just received from Washing- America in 1910 have had a deft-ton by Monrovia Scout beadquar- nite interest in Scouting evidenced ters both before and after taking office Two troops of Boy Scouts from none has had an official 'connect'ott Georgia were in the inaugural pai with the Boy Bout movement prerade One of the two came from vitus to his election PresidentAlunchester Ga not far from elect Roosevelt on the contrary him Warm Springs It is a troop in I had a most important purt in the which the president-elect is espec- organization of the Boy Scout tally interested I Foundation of Greater New York Dr James West chef Scout ex- I became its first president and haa ecutive said that by direction of 1 so ever since giving time the executive board of the Boy I to the duties of the post and visit-Stouts of America the four Eagle 1 mg in the summer the great Ten Scouts to be with the president in River Scout camps in Suillthe reviewing stand were selected van county the largest Boy 1 two from Washington and one Scout camps in the world It was each from the Richmond and Bal- due to his insistence that the $1- timore Councils He sad that the 000000 fund was raised which made Bo3 Scouts of America had accepted these camps posible Project Employing Many Men Finally Starts WS ANGELES Mar (CNS)-- A work crew of 100 men today started a task that is scheduled to occupy five years and cause the expenditure of of San Gabriel Flood Control Dam No 1 near Azusa The start of construction was formally started yesterday afternoon amid the roar of dynamite the tunes of brass bands and the oratory of members of the board of supervisors but today the work crew settled down for the long pull Supervisor Hugh A Thatcher said the dam will require five and one-half years to build but officials of the West Slope Construction Company contractNs said they will complete the task a year sooner Plans provide for employment of 1500 men when construction reaches its peak On tfshot mional administration during the ohree pvi) see'oht and early today raids avoredistancettzee San Pedro night clubs in- rhe Sax 100 yailing the famous Piccadilly Club "2agues4uneishi Palos Verdes street Ili Asidevn thire men arrested in the raid on umperlPole vaseadillY two at a similar descent tr3 not if) seem' the Colonial Club 104 East ''fie shdj) tied irth street San Pedro three cc Bill 60 yarrthe H-C Club 112 West Fifth Olurdlerville (ct San Pedro all were booked 4 the lird Titthe county jail for violation of ae intlielayh federal prohibition law COresley 'hose arrested included: At the tAi the 7----cadilly Harry Davis 42 251 nth ith street San Pedro John De oricrs a "ot 44 restaurant man 1116 leinigon 4)ulveda street San Pedro: George txo the manly flurry IJayL 14 A4L 72 nth i ith street San Pedro John De oricrs a "at' 44 restaurant man 1116 ledlison 4iu1veda street San Pedro: George Seldom if ever in the history of California has a leUsia'ive program been of greater importance to Cit'es of the state than that presented to the legislature througn Assemblyman Morgan and Craig by the League of California Municipalities for a reallocation of Gasoline Tax funds to enable cities to finance and maintain highways of the State Hignway system within their limits says A Dupar City Clerk Culminating more than five years of study by the League whose membership is composed entirely of the officials of the 279 cities throughout the state the program calls for relief front the burden of highway upkeep within each city's limits according to Mr Duper who states: 'When the Gasoline Tax for highway building and maintenance was created its purpose was a listory of ive prortance to bat prethrougn Craig La Muni-of Casale cities highways em withL DuPar tore than League aosed en-the 279 the proe relief Ly upkeep according Tax for intenance was a this one will be too There were expressions before the memory of men now living but written records tell their stories Perhaps the nation's first major business collapse began in 1780 with the toboganning of prices after the Revolution The records do not show how long this collapse lasted but prices eventually began their climb Then them was prosperity Then there was another war Then in 1815 there was another depression accompanied again by a collapse of prices This one ended during en ill-defined period up to about 1830 Boom and Panic Wall street was being organized on a more important basis Speculation in stocks was extensive There was a boom and in 1837 there was a panic There were bank failures by the score money shortages hardships even food riots But the deflation ran its course and by 1810 another upward swing was on the way In the late 40's California's gold was discovered It poured into our markets Speculation marched along with the nation's expansion But expansion went too far and the discovery of fraud in the offices of a large company was the signal of still another panic The story was told again A former great banker turned to the manufacture of candles This was in 1857 Four years later there was the Civil War prices Collapsed and panic followed Then came a period of rapid industrial expansion On the morning of Sept 18 1873 the doors of Jay Cooke's great bank In Philadelphia closed The country had marched too fast There was an avalanche of failures From April 1873 to June 1879 prices fell about 40 percent This depression ended about 1880 but it was only an interlude for another crash came in 1884 It ended in the late eighties The country sailed along until 1893 when there was another depression a bad one It ended too In 1907 it came again announced by speculative collapse caused by a number of things also ended Another war in 1914 Another sharp collapse when the war ended A boom until 1929 Another depression Good times have followed always YOUNG PEOPLE CONFERENCE OF I 1 1 3 4 1 96" OF CHURCH IN SCOUT WORKERS Latest subscriptions to the local Scout fund include: Brought forward 93325 McGowan 100 A Dupar 100 McQueen 590 Mason 500 Bacon 500 A Shane 100 Ralph Campbell 600 Mis Hartwell 100 Mmrovia Stationery Store 100 Paul Garber 200 Citizens Bank 500 Silcott Bros 100 Dr Peterson 100 Menrovia News-Post 500 Walter Dunn 500 Security First Natl Bank 1000 Nichols 50 K(llogg Krebs 200 Guy Whaley 100 Tuttle 200 Ziebel 500 Emma Wierk 100 Joe Bronson 100 Dr Hewes 200 mangle Market 100 Cycnevieve Feeney 100 Rex Roach 500 Ross Woodland 200 Knapp 300 Ethel Carbaugh 200 Grace Fanning 200 Mary Thorne 100 Emroy Walker 100 Bank of America 500 Lloyd Griffihts 50 Franklin Fetters 100 Mary Slater 100 Weigle 100 Margaretha Weigel 50 Bogart 190 Frank A Nance 200 Wm Turney 100 Eldon Cooper 290 Faith Levi 100 50 100 100 100 50 190 200 293 100 Hi' huip 1 James 47 bartender 308 North peete 0 'Ea San Pedro: Gus Oslinger 35 SC)Vs Jr 12050 West View street Los AnCOkult es Thomas Thompson 38 IMurr living at the Center Street awl San Pedro io i IT kioven rit the Shepard as at th fly seaman 126 East Sixth street floot be (Chief 1 Pedro Knight Cowley 40 utrehant of 104 East Fourth street (ciated 1 Pedro Pedro RPM BE HELD SUBMIT GAS LINE BATTLE Another Boy Scout Workers' con- The young people of the First ferenee inaugurated several weeks Baptist church met for their Fri-ago will be held Monday March day evening meeting at the home 6 it W43 announced today by of Mrs Willard 212 East The young people of the First Baptist church met for their Fri- day evening meeting at the home of Mrs Willard 212 East When thkt the H-C Wilkins ar away A truckdriver Palos Verdes Hotel co in ession Idjustinpn -die Raymond 34 salssman of ern Kessions Ih'est street and George' iTy acciultectain SilYeY 28 longshoreman 314 LARGE 11 bilvey zo 10 aeclultectain to BY MEXICAN REPATRIATIONS LINE with Mesa UM funcigress Cali Already tl To rhyletion ve Ps of the ispEcT lay been dui I holuses but 1 rhe herent in eneele first FOR AO awalerything 0 LOS ANGELES Mar 4 Involved legal questions in the suit of the city of Los Angeles to prevent the Los Angeles Gas and Electric Corporation using the streets for distribution of gas for other than illuminating purposes today were under deliberation by Superior Judge Edwin Hahn The jurst took the highly technical case under submission late yesterday after a lengthy trial concluded with three days of final argument The city contends the corporation's franchise covers only distribution of gas The eprporation maintains it has an inherent franchise under a legislativP act of 50 years ago LOS ANGELES Mar 4 ated with the county in the repatri- pr his Saving more than $'2000000 to Los 1 ogram announcedthat ANEDUCT MONTHLY MEET I complete comprehensive highway system throughout the state The law however includes nothing mandatory regarding connecting streets through cities and the bur den has fallen upon them in not only constructing the connecting arterios but in the maintenance or hten Lime avenue Rev Randall "As early as 1928 steps were taken guest pastor of the First Baptist at the convention of the League that year to combat this discrimchurch was in charge of the devo- 'nation against cities During the Coral service He brought a very five years that have elapsed ex-interesting and helpful message to I haustive studies of 'the situation the young people Refreshments I have been made arid the aid of of-were then served ficial and civic bodies enlisted in Those prosent were Ectelycee every city in the state With this Upham Jovanta Jones Florence backing the proposal to revise the Eberly Mary Turney Helen Mc- exsting law awaits the action of our Connell Lois June Dimeling Lu- Legislatures" cue Dorothy Griswold Further stressing the importance Helen Lester Dorothy Shuster Irene Sosnowski Dorothy Fleming Gert- of the Bill known as Assembly Bill No 1172 now in the hands-of rude Bledsoe Mildred Ryan Mrs the Committee an Oil Industries Harold Graham Garnetta Ar- Mr Dupar points out that the sucrington Grace Yeats Garnet Brow- cessful passage of the bill will er Ella Gilbert Florence Moran I mean the return to its source of a Camilla Carpenter Annie Laurie 1 portion of the tax paid by motor-Lester Paul Dupar Alfred Lester ists aproximately 70 per cent of Lowell Passmore Price Oswalt I which originates wihtin the cities Hugh Bunker Lowell Rogers Frank of the state and thus make avail- Edwards Fred Shuster Richard able to each city it definite sum Rowe Garland Arrington Charles which need not be included in the McConnell Ben Beseke Rev a tax rate for construction and Main-Randall Arthur Gierlich Hit Mag tenance of arterios within ne QLL- Rlph Yeats Frank Williams and lies Mx and Mrs Williard Williams 1 In conclusion he states that the I proposal is rot one designed to di- WATER OFFICE 1 enterprises' liNyghosrweeaiskyt funds for other pur- tito opnroemwotheertehineirciotwiens the I motorist In fact he points out the TAKEs cHE Ks League and its members have open- ly rebelled against those who seek to use Gasoline Tax money for any- Mayor George Williams today thing but highway ti li mg ig way cons ruc WNW MT Mayor George Williams today highway tate The nothing onnecting the bur- onnecting ralthe teienntaken a nn coet League diserimaxing the ipsed ex-situation aid of of Misted in With this revise the ion of our nomtanee Assembly hands-of Endustries the sue- bill will urce of a ay motor-cent of the cities Ike availnite sum ed in the Lnd 1ne that the led to dither purein cities their own se -of the out the ave open-who seek for any- uction 1 office has arranged for transporAngeles county taxpayers 362001 tation of 8300 during the same peMexicans have been sent back to nod while anproidmately 14000 have their native land during the last two been issued certificates to drive years through a combined repatria- home in automobiles tion program of the county wel- More than 1000000 pesos hive fare bureau and the Mexican gov- been raised by popular subscription ernmeut in Mexico to aid these repatriates in Besides effecting this huge saving unit agricultural pursuits Hill de Mexicans have been sent back to nod while anproidmately 14000 have their native land during the last two been issued certificates to drive years through a combined repatria- home in automobiles tion program of the county wel- More than 1000900 pesos hive fare bureau and the Mexican gov- been raised by popular subscription ernment in Mexico to aid these repatriates' in Besides effecting this huge saving unit agricultural pursuits Hill O'Connor comm'Atee chairman The conference fs open to Scoutmasters and assistants troop committeemen district committeemen xtpresentatites of sponsoring institutions eerit badge counselors and all adults interested in Scouting A round table discussion will be held from 5 to 6 o'clock: dinner served by the Legion Auxiliary trom 6 to 6:45 and continued from 7 to 8 o'clock Some of the questions to be considered include: Merit badge they mere examiners or also instructors and advisors easy vs hard changing troop committeemen each year or keeping them for four years or more how much Scouting is needed by troop committemen and members of community committee recruiting new Scouts finding new Scoutmasters end assistants advancement of slow too fast discipline meetings outs'de criticism of individual Scouts affect whole organization troop meetings work or play and who makes the troop Scoutmaster or troop committee Total $103675 11110NROVIANS AT DAM CEREMONY Roosevelt Given First Invitation de-to the county by eliminating them dared as indigent charges the repatriates It was estimated by Supervisor also have reduced the number of 'un- Shaw that before the end of 1923 employed workers competing for more than 50000 will have been re-jobs I patriatcd from Los Angeles county Frank Shaw chairman or the board of supervisors who championed the plan two years ago an- TWINS nounced that since 1931 trasporta- WALIIINGTON Iowa the tion has been furnished by the Itudmt body of 175 pupils in St county to 13490 Mexicans on 13 Mary's parochial school here are special trains to their native cities I eight pairs of twins In addition in Mexico there are two other children who 'Ricardo III11 Mexican vice-con- I are twins but whose sistera are not sttlate in Los Angeles who cooper in the school thili the ccsios ANcELES Mar 4 (CNS)-- 1aresion and lainis would b'th awend of contract for the V- 3 )100 San Jacinto tunnel of the to Ike a repel forado River Aqueduct nostponed n9 aus of the bank holiday di- IISts of the Metropolitan Water ures wh ealc b---- ----c3 trict today were inspecting the igelee stage ha -5-mle right of way for the aqua- i clmdiated at Raving Los Angeles yester da at aPilee-4 oe Arfclaiat 4 coin ssioned In an close of their weekly business the directors stopped over- 1 sion -ht at Banning cid headquarters ellOi'ernml filittees arrhote in cl(: fi the project and tonight were -iters for it Sarsear more or arrive at Parker Arizona site ters'n res on cap the intake dam They will re- no'heYeaker Gail-rn late Sunday In addition to postponing award ed ame duel Ho ibinsoa no the San Jacinto contract the ectors yesterday voted to cooper- his tAFleY bang we financially with Los Angeles in eml ir- Coicrado River waters to 1 fluorine content hieualThe long-ek rimiFalat Weymouth engineer and general for tiesitan( ger said all previous analyses It Verngress takestve shown the water to contain Setaal eAtorine deemed dangerous is than half of the amount of buried la 't fea-ia-Torme deemed dangerous ten bui SANTA BARBARA Mar 4 UP)-- The Santa Barbara lodge of Sciots last night telegraphed to President Roosevelt what it expacted to be his first official invitation as president to a nat'onal convention The invitation was to attend the nationconventon of Sciots in Santa Barbara in November and included inaugural greetings I Residents of Monrovia and other valley towns together with many county officials attended the an-I Dual ground breaking ceremony for I clam No 1 in San Gabriel canyon two miles below the forks sitewhere I work was begun several years ago on a high dam and later abandoildd I because of a large landslide Matthews publisher of the Covina Argus was in charge of the i program assisted by supervisors I and other county officials Frank Shaw chairman of the Iboard of supervisors threw the little switch which sent a current of elect Welty to the west walls of the canyon A little later the blast 1COLORED GROUP 1SINGS SUNDAY VALIANT DuST 4 duthor of PercivalChristopher Wren "BEAU GESTE" re of -con re' SouDIR 3 duthor of Ilowse by PercivalChristopher Wren "BEAU GESTE" LFC sent rock dust and smoke high the air and work officially was bead gun on the new dam I 'b Oh ULLETS END bth Igsties and) Chapter 24 Sa) n' e'lich asil CRIME CAREER RSUL'S FUN 'ad "'Incnica27Ztirth-114 AIrim V' 7 tints hta issues and' 1-Ld A b) 14 11 I I-0 Chapter 24 sabenich would CRIME CAREER I nlenca of tha1 RAISUL'S Ft 'ad r-(1 invc-ptt f't 1717 Tra A WTM OF ELEPHANT rmQ PMTI ZINC PLANT MIGHT REOPEN GREAT FALLS Mont zinc plant of the Anaconda Copper Company is expected to resume operations the latter art of the current month giving employment to scme 200 men company officials have announced A similar number of men have been engaged for some time in clean'ng the giant smokestack of the plant and reconditioning the machinery and equipmnt of the convern verybody had treated her perfectly I "nay and she had had nothing I vhatever of which to ave for Raisul's incredible madness If last night ted her perfectly had nothing I ordered the city water department to accept checks for water bills during the duration of the bank holiday opened last Thursday by Gov Rolph and which it is hoped will be ended by the opening of the banks Monday As a "safety first" meausre William Fleet Palmer city attorney: told the water department Thursday to accept no checks or not to give receipts for payment of bills by check However Mayor Williams declared that since other utilities were accepting checks for amount of the bill only and that the department was accepting checks through the mail that checks should be accepted over the office counter a A male quartet for the Prentiss Normal and Industrial Institute of Prentiss Mississippi will sing at the evfming vespers in the Presbyterfan church Sunday night at 7 o'clock Rev Stewart pastor of the church announced today The Young People's choir and orchestra will also furnish their usual numbers and the pastor will speak on the theme "Stephen An Early Champion of the Cross" The quartet has appeared before service clubs and church geatherings in and around Los Angeles for the last three months and comes highly recommended They will render sacred numbers The public FACT-FINDING GROUPS NAMED 8 affle rt: lee wl a ficJil 11d tape 'Whicf 4' directors wolliONOLULU Mar 4 One of th Ir's rtgue eleplutn Daisy paid I 4 the alth her life for i3C1' fast mad ram-legislation to ige in which she killed ber 60- Hals to move 113e-0ll keeper George Conrad' pars tertoin olayrced from her chains yesterday 31 by law In elle Cooradt fed her Daisy hall larged her keeper drove him to eTt seems almee ground with her tusks and ST ITch matters sh ampled him Terrar-stricken res- kP of a congredents of the Walkiki district sum-of Zife Is with protimed police and riflemen from a It natianal army post Daisy's turbu- eY CCI' irt tnt carter ended as she fell Wth ') bullets from police bigh-powered Add 4 As Fort Iles In her body of suggesti01 The elephant was recently given heSirhti) 'of Ong? neivi lease on life and Conradt redocad to srcaled from thern ranks of 'mem medss so that recoyed to attend her when the puborde tillestion Of io pretested a hurmme order concentrated" execute the pachyderm eir ct os parcelled Illid Iffelals hten Another is throison Swallowed trn Of the hot rhe Imbled 'to that When Spouse Sends rds Dt be forever urn ni el nSPI1 11r n'n ntt Unfriendly Letter Lrd8 Dt be fOreVer un-c psed) Unfriendly Letter DOUBLE BILL OPENS SUNDAY Announcement was made today by Hans Niemack secretary of the Monrovia Taxpayers league that Dr George Kalb president had selected members of the two fact-finding committees to look into affairs of the city and local school situations However personnel of the committees will not be made public it was announced by league officials These committees will start work immediately it was announced and their findings are expected to be made public AAAAAAA VW CU atiSIVUAL their findings are expected to be made public RELIEF WORK RESULTS SHOWN I i17 4t' I "How do you know she threatened to shoot him?" Jules demanded of his mother "She told me so herself" "Well then presumably she told you why" "Why? You know Raisul you know what this Raisul Is Finding her alone and knowing the state you were in he thought he'd have some fun" "Fun?" "What he calls fun" "Yes but surely that's a case for 1 the swift smack the slap that brings I the blush of shame to the cheek of naughtiness Margaret's an English girl and they don't go about shooting wayward young men very much What did happen?" 1 "Oh she'll tell you no doubt and make a mighty story of it Probably try to give you the impression that she bad a desperate struggle with Raisul and that the only possible thing now is for you to kill Inm to avenge your honor or some hysterical rubbish of that sort" "That's absurd of course but wellit's a bit difficult Raisul mustn't annoy her and if she really threatened to shoot him he must have annoyed her badly Its a bit awkward" "Very awkward Oh my son why on earth did you marry an English' woman when you knew that you would come and join your father in Morocco when the time was ripe? So unsultableonly an additional expense and responsibility and anxiety Now a girl like this Sara la girl of the country with knowledge and understanding" Jules Maligni laughed "You may laugh at me my son but I Implore you to heed what I Two outstanding features will open at the Lyric theatre tomorrow it was announced today The double feature bill will include "Whistling in the Dark" and Chic Sales in "Men of America" Tonight will mark the final showing of "They Had to Get Married" tP-turinct Slim Summerville and ZaSu Pitts and "Employees Monrovia Council Monrova Council i SucceFs in achievement of the goal to furnish employment to 25- WO persons In LOS Angeles county during February was announced this week by the bureau of employ7 Meeting Monday mcnt stabilization I The report disclosed that actu- Regular meeting of Monrovia city en I ally 24187 men and women worked Jobs furnished through us of council will be held Monday night the $1770000 borrowed from the at 7:30 o'clock in the council cham- I RATonstruction Finance corporabers of the city hall inn the $1770000 borrowed tram tine PA3constr uction Finance corporation WHAT THIS BANK OFFERS (EURO-FIRST NATIONAL Bank offers full facilities for commercial and savings accounts handles escrows and collections provides safedeposit boxes for valuables maintains a free and helpful research and service department and has available complete trust and di-pa rtm eras It welcomes the banking business of firms and of individuals and offers to its patrons the strength and safety of its forty million dollars of capital assets and the servicc of a competent personnel with full co-operation in solving its patrons' problems 1 I bands instead of hindering them?" I sbe added angrily "Help them as 1 I've helped any cost" "You're different mY dear You 1 "Yes very different I put my husband's interests and welfare let alone his a silly trifle I like a kiss" "Yes I said you're different from I Margaret" "Very well let this different woman go back to her own country" "And what about me?" "Yes and what about your father not to mention your the girl refuses to go and also refuses to be friendly with Raisul?" "Oh Lord" groaned Jules 'Perfect little headache-cure aren't you? Better than three asnirins and a cup ofcolree any day "I'll have both I think" he added "So you beetle oil and make me a cup strong and black and about a pint of it Beetle off Mother and let Sara bring it" And having forestalled her daughter-in-law and sown certain seeds in her son's mind the Lady El Isa Beth el Ain "beetled" off Meanwhile Margaret sick with indignation fear anger resentment and a terrible sense of helpless loneliness' passed a bad hour Had her intuition been right when she first became engaged to Jules and was there a yellow streak in his character? She had told him at the time that she did not love him and had talked about a twelvemonths' engagement Here Margaret pulled herself up sharply once again Whoever he was and whatever he was she had married him of her own free will and with her eyes she would make the best of it He was her husband and she would make the best of him If he were weak she must try and strengthen him and if Morocco had a bad effect upon him she must get him out of the country and never let him come back to it 1 And in any case they must get out of this horrible place It was like living in the Tower of London in the days of Richard the Third or Henry the Eighth And meanwhile what to do? How to find Jules? How long had she been in this beastly room? And what would happen if she merely sat tight? El Isa Beth el mother-in-law! simply said If you insist on remaining in this room I'll leave I it" Another hour passed anti a gnaw-log hunger was added to Margaret's I In supervisor district No 1 employment figures included: Areada 1CO: El Monte 170 San Gabriel 60 Sierra Madre 60 COVINA WILL HEAR CHORUS 1111d urgency i rses and reele( 'An gitition ha LOS ANGELES Mar 4 Arhatie amendment lc' poison potion was the answer of nt I Senators Jtt ttilary Cullens 22 1536 North Westm ofd system of earn avenue to a letter from her tgislatures will Husband tea ng her he was through ItOrSe the prestige writh married life she told offers bill Altogether the arly today at the Georgia Hospital I do about cOngrehere she was given treatment ig and Physicians said the girl who took any abe ixilson at the home of her problems prodtPother Mrs Randall 1648 tree years of triagorth Alexandra avenue will re 4over MAN LEFT IIIS DOG $1000 ASTORIA Ore does not have to worry about where his next bone is coming from When his master died recently he left $1000 in trint to provide the "everyday dog" with a pension of $10 a month for the rest of his life When Spike does the rest of the money goes to relatives of his master in Europe Additions Made of course this woman El Isa Beth el Ain was bitterly jealous of her but surely she would do her own son's wife no harm nor permit anybody else to injure her? Anyhow this was no good Springing up Margaret went to the outer door and hammered upon It as El Isa Beth el Mn had told her to do Almost at once the heavy ldck was turned a big bolt withdrawn and the door opened by Hassan el Miskeen "I want to find my husband the Sidi Jules Maligni" she said repeated the statement in French and attempted it in a shocking jargon of Spanish and Arabic as she realized that it was a waste of time to address this dirty old man in English or French Hassan el Miskeen smiling pleasantly shook his head and then opening widzly a cavernous mouth made patent the fact that he had no tongue Margaret shuddered pushed past him and rushed down the corridor turned to the right at the end of it and tried to remember whether the turning that she should take out of this passage was the third or fourth on the lert or the second or third on the right She could try both sides and if one passage did not lead her to the stars another would The second on the right seemed familiar and yes there were the steep worn stone steps that led down to the inner court-yard which was the garden and place of recreation But no this was wrong There should be three flights of stairs and she had only come down two flights Should she go back or follow this gloomy tunnel-like passage in search of another descending flight of steps and if so should she turn to the left or to the right? Well she could explore in both direcdons and return to these steps If she did not find the other flight that she must descend to get down to the courtyard She must not get lost and she must not yield to panic She must remember that she was an English girl Staying with her husband in the house where his parents dwelt She must fight again this foolish fear this idotic feeling that se was caught trapped and in some hide' out danger Turning the corner at the end of the passage Margaret stopped What was that sound? Had somebody coughed or spoken or dropped something? Or had it been the sound of a footstep? (Copyright 1932 A Stokes Co) Margaret meets a surprising ma Monday and is offered aid to Slogan Winners The Monrovia Community chorus directed by Chester Van Hellen will be heard tomorrow night in concert at the Covina Presbyterian church when it will present the oratorio "The Elijah" presented here several weeks ago Members will hold a final practice tonight in the Covina church leaving the Monrovia Methodist churcb at 7 o'clock dak TuDioLimit of $100 on 'uDi) 1 WORK FOR MEN KALISPELL Mont 01Pa Approximately 4550 men returned to work recently in the lumber milh of Kalispell and Libby in northwestern Montana Four mills reopened a majority of them operating On a 48-hour week basis and of the men tring employed on half-time schedules Additional winners in the Prosperity Slogan writing contest were added to the list who last week earned the many prizes offered Monrovia Merchants Mrs Vogel of 741 Ovean View wins with this slogan "Drive Depression and Damage Away Oct Firestones at Graham's oday" Mrs McCullogh living at 139 Maple wins with this "The sen Brand will always please Try Butter Buttermilk and Cottage Cheese" 1 2 PlIT1 fe I giii ii 1-1' trif04' A I say:" Wire Money Orders "Well what do you say Lady Mac- avo 4 i I 13 I bethr Orts NEW YORK Mar 4 uP)---The I "I say this: your wife must not IVII Another Western Union Company offend Raisul with her airs and Merague face that "due to the emer- i graces" es ahtints tomorrow it is limiting li 1 'But suppose Raisul offends Mar r11011EV orders in the United States garet?" one invades the A) lie Pantolone At vow re "Then one of two things sh ll eu visitors are must not take she must The ducteually fast club as go" fly 'ompany which deouspend Dea lings "Go where? You don't mean go )orthants a felts weeks "''ame should result ble Either Charley In Foreign Money I It said to be a good place foi Heaven do you?" "'s saints" replied El 13a Beth el Mr OrtyPcci Corpe will hu LONDON Mar 4 dryly "But I did not mean Heaven 1-snts banks suspended dealings in all for- I She could go back to England" L'Ilt eign currencies for today owing to "I can't go back to England ow thWt the American banking holidays Father and I are" dt Moated houses are "I did not say you my son I sac wag( England your wife Since she finds Raisun irltt Chicago Board of nonsense so shocking she has I simole can go away bethr "I say this: your wife must not offend Raisul with her airs and graces" 'But suppose Raisul offends Mar garet?" "Then one of two things she must not take she must go" "Go where? You don't mean go to Heaven do you?" said to be a good place for saints" replied El I3a Beth el Mn i dryly "But I did not mean Heaven IShe could go back to England" "I can't go back to England now Father and I are "I did not say you my son I said your wife Since she finds Raisul's nonsense so shocking she has simple can go away This slogan submitted to the Monrovia Furniture wins "Monrovia Furniture Company's Progressive principles portent prosperity Submitted by Mrs: Clara Owen living at 611 South Primrose GOSPEL HALL LEMON IVY MR HUGH KANE GILLETTE PA Will commence a series of gospel meetings in the above hall Sunday March 5 at 7:30 IL in Every night except Sat at 7:45 Hymn Books provided Seals free Everybody welcome John 3 a she can go back to i theory until you rejoin her If she 1 gets tired of waiting there you I she can come back p3ain and see how Raisul behaves then" "Why can't women their hue 1 3 MONROVIA BRANCHES SECURITY-FIRST NATIONAL DANIC OF LOS ANGTALES MYRTLE and ORANGE MYRTLE and LIME ELLERY Manager IYRILE and LIME ELLERY Manager Early Purchase of Ducats Urged II1E411 thi Menus for the Elementary schools for March 66-10: Monday: Rice relish lettuce meat sandwiches vegetable combi-1 salad apricot whip Fotatoes with meat gravy tuna lettuce and relish sandwiches Waldorf salad Jell-o I Wednesday: Baked beans 1ettuco1 relish cheese sandwishes fruit salad: tapioca cream Thursday: Vegetable meat pie relish meat sandwiches perfection salad apple sauce with cookies Soup meat egg lettuce umdwishes potato and frill salad pariapple upide-down cake Trade Is Closed Monrovians plAning to attend the monthly mee'lihg of the Associated Chamiprs lot Commerce to be held Tuesday night at Claremont should secure their tickets not later than 10 o'clock Monday morning it was announced today at the local 'Chamber of Commerce Office other troubles If she grew tired of waiting and went away would she be re-admite ted if she returned? On the other hand she would look rather foolish if she merely sat there suffering a self-inflicted int I prisonment She was being absurd I Chapter Ft Ila I i I tEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM l' CHICAGO Mar 4 Chicago Board of Trade was today ordered closed until further notice IIIV MI board et AS I 40 0'.

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