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The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut • Page 66

Bridgeport, Connecticut
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SIX SEC Quizzes Leahy on Stock He Sold to Brothers, THE BRIDGEPORT PtiST. THUKSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 19S9. WASHINGTON, Sept. 24-- (AP) ins whflher Ihe Richard Cleary of South Bend-. for 56,000.

Leahy also sold anolher block for lo his broth a of Chicago, J2.100 to anolher brother, Gene M. Leahy SALES CHIEF ENDS sr; JsjBASSICK DUTIES about stock he sold to his broth ers and The Notre name- foot-i (or 2 2 O'riers recorded in a memo' i a as having bought blocks i ranoum i a lasl year have been-included registered with SEC as a pronc-isporls columnist buyers. I Ihe New York 1 The retirement of Wendell G. Reycroft. vice president and di- rectnr of Ihe Bassick company, was announced this week by Wilf i i a Me i' rs, president, loe Williams of! nothing abnu ng a a i Forest Evashci'ski.

head lion slock. I was so naive I'm wlln hc rcad nm coach it the State Univer of lows, was listed amont lon slock. I was so naive I'm rc nm sorry to a i I I knevv'noih-' a lasl anua 'he company inc 'about thai a hci investigated. I among ing about thai." a ne Lr-ahy said he sold the stock for Ev Sl md i 5 a share after paying 50 Denverfcents a share for a inn.OOO-share i he said, ho later customers. Leahy is a director president of Hamilton a i lie told a Securities a i He sold aboul 55.000 shares Exchange commission inveMiga-.

ni(ire at the same price but ihf Mctiann company, at prices up lion yesterday "Hamilton Oil price not made! 1 0 cerlts a shar dilferem times 5,000 the slock through a hnuse in South go one proud." The day And all corporation is i clear. i Cash bwks of the i to Leahy a BUD UNDERWOOD MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE Jai. Evt. Foil. CO Ufr.

SJ.SOi TV CuUK 34 Wrrki. 3S STREET EDuon 7-2220 $75.000. But Leahy said he owes the company about ind his lawyers say other portions nf a S7S.OOO dirt no; go to Leahy. Stock In Brolhcrs 'demonstration tically and abroad. Mr.

Reycroft graduated from Dartmouth college in 1917. Ha was one of the Navy's first flying officers. Servjng in "Europe durin; World War He joined BassicVs sales a in 1920, became sales manager in 1922, vice president in 1938. and a director of company in 1342. I I He has i all of Bassick's ON CONNECTICUT DAY a J255 Old Oaks road, Fairfielrl.

(Mrs. Reycroft is the former Elea- As evidence a i he considered I Angels, the slock an excellent t- is me iSepl. 24-A spectacular sky usse Boston. They have 'by Ihe U. S.

Navy's crack flight ihree daughters, Mrs. Phillin 1 a i a I i r- .1 FUEL: I A I BEFORE WINTER ENDS NEW YORK, Sept. -(AP) Alftnlloti Mr. owner: Your oil noting hill Is likely to be lower Ihlj winter Ihin last. Petroleum Industry sources point lo surplus of fuel oil, gasoline and other petroleum products it Ihe refinery level.

Wholesale prices on home heating oils are expected lo move up ihls fill as they always do at the a oj Ihe. heating Mason, hut your fuel bill for Ihe entire winter will probably be lower (nan a year ago. Metiwhile refineries in central stales hive cut another oH bulk (isoline prices which were already half cent below IMS postings. Further cuts reporled likely In Industrial fuel Crawford, Wa mcni, Leahy said hr sold his led first block lo a very pood friend, 0 jii wampus wav anil special ceremoniesjFairftelci. Mrs.

Crawford Connccticut day a a i fl Dogwood a ta NOTICE TO STRATFORD TAXPAYERS i i 07 nttn-rtlidrnl i tnt iilllion in. I of 1, i i a i i ills with Ihs A i a i nl Tt i i by a on firn' i i by hin i A i i LUi i TcrniT i hf M-- fir Rral 4 a i i ibr frrinri a i i "'ill i for. Tay a i a i i a i a r.yi adri A cf i Putiju, i i i i i i i of i i i in i of a i i Hours: A.M. In 5:00 P.M. Ha.ll Open a a i October, 8:30 A.M.

to 12:00 P.M. PETER D. I ASSESSOR a near-record thronR of giid Miss Judy Rcycrofl," Ihr i a program a a i Bostqn. Eastern Stales Exposition. The Wednesday attendance, hs'hich topped the same day a 'year ago by a margin, pul the total (or the five days up lo 1278,211.

about 6.00ft ahead ol last jycar an all-time attendance record established. BACK IN JAIL MOBILE, Sept. 2.4-- I I Police said .1. Oscar Wapticr i ished a nf)-rtay for vagrancy I but was tossed hack inlo jail when he Iricci tn pass 10 hacksaw blades to fellow inmates. Mr.

Reycroft is chairman of-Ihe board of Iruslees of ihe United Congregational church. He is a member of the University dun, The Dartmouth Cluhs of Bridgt- port and New York, and is i member and a past president of the Brooklawn Country club. Mr. Reyci-ofl was one. of the founders i a past president of the Caster and Floor Truck a a association.

He is also a director of Ihe a i institute. TR1PLE1S BORN I I Sept. 24i I Triplets, two boy; and a i2irl, were, horn lortay Mrs. Francis Tairo. 25, wife" nf a printer it the General Fiber Bo.v com- POR ARTHUR, Oniario Sept pany.

couple has three otherJ24-(AP) Collapse of one section YMCA APPOINTS PROGRAM AIDE IN AUTO CRASH TRUMBULL, Sept. 24 -Two teenagers were injured in a Iwo- car crash today at at Ihe intersection at Main street and Route I I I police reported. Admitted in St. Vmvent's hos- pi'tal were Dorothy Anderson, 18, of 44 Beachwood avenue, i and i a E. Nichols, 17, 152 Maple avenue, Shelton.

Miss Anderson was under treatment for rib i i while! the Nichols j'oulh received a head injury. They were reported! in "good" condition by hospital! attendants. Triimbull police reported a i the teenager's car collided i sn auto driven by Rudolph p. i Jordan, SO. of East Hartford, who was traveling north on Route! 25.

Miss Anderson wj.s -driving' onto a i after she had been going southwest on Route 111 when the crash occurred at the intersection, police said. damaged at Ihe were lowr-d Ihe scene. iCOLLAPSE SPILLS GRAIN INTO LAKEE j. Mr. Jordan, who received ap-' Peter B.

Post, 23, has been an- parent i injuries, i a i a program sec- retary Bridgeport YMCA, it was.announced today by HoiV- Haap, general secretary. is replacing- Joachim Pengel. His responsibilities will include Ihe organization and supervision! of adult clubs a groups and aiding in Ihe supervision of informal education Mr. Post is a graduate of Bates college with a Bachelor of Arts degree and he is a graduate of Springfield college with a Master of Science degree. He did student field work at the Westfield Mass.

YMCA. While in college Mr. Pnst was on the football and track teams hospital treatment, police ported. Miss Anderson, upon from Ihe hospital, will be. arrest-' cd on a charge of reckless operation of a motor vehicle, no- The accident was investigated hy Policeman Clifford Crowley and Police Sgt.

Norman Porte ous. The injured pair were taken lo hospital in the town ambulance by Policeman William Collins. LITTLE SHORELINE LEFT A I TONVThe Pacific shoreline of the United Watson's APPLIANCE DEPARTMENT a hugf. waterfront grain ele- valor spilled, more than million bushels of grain Lake Superior lasl PRICES LOWEST! FROST-PROOF FRIGIDAIRE 13 cu. ft.

Refrigerator-Freezer Now You Can Have Freezing Without Frosting In A Frost-Proof 2-Door Refrigerator IT'S QUEEN'S WAY TO LIVE Watsons ONLY Regularly SH99.95 LOW, LOW PRICED $42995 5 ieDa'Qte Frost-Proof with storage spoct in door Fngi-Foam insulaMon gives 9 more Dounds of frozen food space Flowing Cold Refrigerator Section Full-width, removable melol shelves Glide-Out Hydrotors for moist-fresh fruit 1174 EAST MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORT (slwayi omple i on our lot ocrou the and was a member of (h? Student I Stales stre 1 milrs from Christian association and Vt a a a but most As a a a student i ls a y'Ownerf. A recent! a 'member of the Student urv ey of lht fCa OI Sen'-! 1 ice (ountl that miles of 1 of YMCA Sccre- Associalion taries. Mr. Post is a former resident nf Walerbury, where his father. Harold B.

Posl. is president of Posl Junior college and his mother is manager of Manpower, shoreline are privately owned and not available for public-recreation purposes. Wheat, oats, barley and a 1 lrv seed slithered into the water as 1 an Miriam, live Stanley road, Monroe. TALENT GROUP PLAYS tons of concre'te gave way. The combination created a 12- foot wave which flooded a nearby pumping station, grounded planes moored nearby.

ra 6 ZOO GUEST EATEN I I A Sept. 24-(UPI) The latest Addition to Birmingham's Zoo today graced tables instead nf a special stall built to house the antelope. The animal arrived here yesterday. The celebration of welcome for 1 1 OR JUNIOR ed the a i a was drawn, quar- 'The a a State convention ccnler of Ihe elevator, is a on Ihe north and south by annexes. II was the south annex, which contained bins, each 96 leet deep, that collapsed.

Recently, the Thunder Bay Harbor Improvement began driving steel pilings along the water edge beside the concrete front the elevator to help deterioration. A a i i wall is known lo have been damaged previma- ly- There were no reports of i i i i Friday' in GermanU I Th hal1 I7m a i street, -vjth a The elevator is mvnerl by the variety by" The United Grain Growers, Ltd. Talent Workshop of Bridge- ao. Ce hA fn" 'ir aJ highlighting (ho age at about 10 million dollars, il was disclosed today by a I lofl-foot high workhouse, Richards." Stale a organization. The eutertainnipnt will zt preceded by a business meeti.ig and nomination nf officers.

Election of officers will take place Saturday. Members of the Junior American Mechanics from all parts of Connecticut will attend the Off-Broadway Workshop entertainers will be: a Lou Fal- kenslrom. Thomas, Caroi Guzzi. Judy DiCamillo. Meri- Linda Lavery, dancers, 1 iwho will do specialty and routines; Given I.nrber, panto-1 Angclo Arvonio, Maureen! a Beverly Spear, sinj HARTFORD Sept (APIi' Roberl Arvonio, singer State Prison Warden Mark Rich- mpressi6nist: and Jcseph 1 1 monrt yesterday rcnwii.Ki jtiad- 1( -Accordionist fast in his.

a deal with a an ce a official of Ihe prison guards' 0 mol show -mil ht union. i under the direction of Robert L. Mr. Richmond said thai his awytr lr i' Arvor io Mr. sition was unchanged concerningi Sa or te accompanists.

Frank .1. Gallagher, agcni for Local Ml of the AFL-! KI5IBAI.L SELECTED I Slate. County and Municipal 7 i-i- i Emplovcs Union i LOS ANGELES, Sept. 24--(AP) The warden made the comment a A im to TMf Secr a a union meeting nf a lhc Navy hcads a Citl ulc committee to arrange tered and packed in dry ice. SAVE Up to ON YOUR CAR NEEDS AUTO BATTERY BOOSTER CABLES $3.18 List PERMANENT ANTI-FREE2E "SS3 5 3.98 I tied Tret Brond BATTERIES 8 QTS.


FRIDAY NITE 1670 SOUTH AVE, STRATFORD QUALITY MEATS CUT FRESH, NOT WRAPPED SEE IT BEFORE YOUR OWN EYES EVERY. FEW MINUTES A IS UNMOVED BY STAND OF rf calls poor i conditions al prison in nearby Wethers, rj have no on A A I union Mr. Richmond saitl. "My posilion concerning Mr. Gallagher is unchanged.

As warden I am responsible for the man- lagemcnt of the prison." LAND 0' LAKES TURKEYS 10 to 12 IB. AVG. 1 Ib M.M...1 BONELESS ROLL ROAST PORK SCHOLARSHIP WINNER MARTFORD. stpt. Stephen Perreault Pitts- i today was named I rccipien! nj ihe Harlfortl Fire 'insurance Company Group scholarship to altcorl Trinity college beginning this year.

The scholarship is lor a lull i i WATERBURY. Sept, 24-( I This is the firsl lall day of fall but you'd know ii. Summery weather continued and temperatures were expected to climb into ihe high 80s. More warm weather is forecast for tomorrow. A sign of things lo come was reported hy Waterbury hospital, however.

has patients nfimed Frost and Snow. READY TO SERVE FULL SHANK HALF SMOKED FRESH or SMOKED Choice Tender Juicy SIRLOIN STEAKS I I I i CHICKENS u.s. CHOICE CHUCK PRYING CHICKEN 3 LB, BAf POT ROAST45 LEGS-BREASTS 1 NOTICE TO STRATFORD VETERANS A rhntisft nf nit," it, ir.trrlltl. MtJ.v i i i i i i i i i i i i i thf Tijt of p' i A.M. To 5:00 P.M.



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