The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 5, 1971 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
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Friday, February 5, 1971
Page 4
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•Pasro 4. •Cage-ology t Trj-Cenfrp/ Girls Tipton Wrestlers Elwood Lineup . Tipton Frosh Lose Leach, Maxey Win \. • ^ ~ ' .... ".By Eldon Cage,Tribune Sports Editor' POINT OF ORDER The Tri-Central Girl's Athletic Association is presently playing basketball. The varsity holds a 2-1 record; beating Western 41-26 and Haworth 35*-26. The only .loss being to Eastern 36.39. : • -1 • ' i The top scorer is Cathy Stroup, a junior, averaging 20 points per game. /Following her is Kathy Funkhouser, also a junior, with an average of 18 points. Junior ; varsity is 1-2 on the season; winning over Haworth 20-12. Our upcoming game is next Tuesday, \ February 9, at 6:30 p.m. against Northwestern in the Tri-Central gymnasium. There will be no preliminary game. • i c-o Tipton High School's wrestl- .ing team was riding in sixth place at the end of the first round of sectional j competition at Taylor High School Thursday night. Devil wrestlers had gathered 11 points and. were only six points behind leading Marion's 17. Manchester was second with 16 points, Western and Kokomo each had 15, Haworth, 12, then Tipton's, 11 followed by Elwood with 8 and the other nine teams down to. Eastbrooks 1 tally. Wrestlers scoring for Tipton were V. King, Joe Hawkins, Rich King, Joe, Cage, Mahaney, Montgomery, Morris King, Rich Coleman and Head.' Second round action will take place Saturday. . C-O Elwood's starting lineup for tonight's game at Tipton will probably be Joe Williams 6* 2" and Rich Bomboit 6' at forwards; Bruce DeLong 6* 2" at center; and Larry Kelly 5'11" and Don Powell 5' 10" at guards. Tipton's lineup will be Achenbach and Clouser at forwards- Richardson at .center; and York and Sullivan at guards. C-0 Tipton's Freshmen basketball teams lost two to Carmel's Frosh this week at Carmel and the outcomes were as follows: in the A game Carmel won 53-22 and in the B game Carmel again won 31-23. Tipton's top scorers were Jerry Achors, Randy Gillam, Fred Cox, Jeff Hunter and Boh Jaqua. C-0 ° Bob Leach won the ail events Bowling championship for the Tipton City Bowling League ending this week -with 1857 actual pins. His totals were 606 team, 606 doubles and 645 singles. All .events winner with handicap was Charles Maxey with 1740 actual^and 2028 with handicap. Liquori Fails By BILL MADDEN UPI Sports Writsr NEW YORK (UPI)—Marty Liquori, who failed to.crack the four-minute barrieT / in the Millrose'-Games, will not be faced with a similar challenge in tonight's 52nd annual Knights of Columbus meet at Madison Square Garden. . The Villanova distance ace. who equalled the Millrose mile record of 4:00.6 last Friday, elected to enter the 1,000-yard run in the K of C meet and will be chasing his own record of. 2:07.6 set iast year. With Liquori out of the mile, the feature event of the meet figures tq be the 60-yard dash, where a strong field headed by Dr. Delano Meriwether, the Baltimore . hematologist, is on hand. In addition to Meriwether, who finished second in the Millrcse and then came ba-ik to win the 50-yard dash in the Boston "A.A. Games on Saturday, Jim Green of Kentucky, the Millrose winner, Olympian Mel Pender, and. Kirk Clay ton of San Jose State all will vie for top honors in the K of C sprint. JIT OA'£ T/M T ~7W~ SO-SO^C Pl/iT£/l(//Kjy///>V£$e£*t£P l/f<£ ?/>£ */Aff0$$/3££M£Mt* W7/{£ Ml. *fir/&T&XS4af-. /T MMfi/C£ ff/Ctf/IP'P, /ft 1 /9<?£,r//£ &*(£#££ 28r4 GeoffK/atf /mP£/r/6/&?*£ <50T.7tf£#£ THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE By Alan Maver [| ^ .j p; Ft ittur* s Syiitli Carr Drops NEW YORK (UPI) - Austin Carr of Notre Dame lost a little ground last week in his duel with Johnny Neumann of Mis- sissipi for the national college basketball scoring title. Neumann scored 63 points against Louisiana State last Saturday and raised his average per game from 42.1 to 42.9. Ca/rr, with a 23-point output last week dropped from 37.9 to 36.8 points a game. Willie Humes of Idaho State, a former high school star at Madison, IrJri., remained in third place with 31.7 points per game, the same as a week earlier. George McGinnis of Indiana remained fifth with 30.2 points per game. Neither Idaho State nor Indiana played last week. John Mengelt of Auburn, formerly of Elwood, Ind., who was seventh last week with a 29.3 point average, dropped out of the top. 10 in the latest standings. W''£SPOS/TO, O?7ti£0OST(y!( BRUMS, /H/$5£P O/T GOAl TW0 y£4#$4G0, 6<tT tf£ SOW"/ QU/CX . 'QRDEPTtf/5 7/*l£(//££P£P AIOP£W<'#£COPP 5 fl/irr/?/&& OA>7//£M/J. A£XT/// AR£ 7//£ e£4£Orf P£CORP<? F0R6O/I& fS8-S/faff/Ml) MP PC//iTS{/2£gy timet ft M$ ftfi&r%> 6OOV£#/0pP0//t&WC£. Murtaugh Ponders PITTSBURGH (UPI)—What a delightful dilemma . Danny Murtaugh is pondering these days: shall he use five or six starting pitchers? Poker-faced, the Pirate manager remarked: "Bob Johnson is a strong candidate as the fifth starter. Well, then there's Nelson Briles, too." : . Briles was acquired last week from the St. Louis Cardinals in a trade involving outfielder Matty Alou, one of the Pirates' most consistent hitters. Johnson came to Pittsburgh, in a deal involving catcher Jerry May, relief pitcher Bruce Dal Canton ; r.nd infielder Freddie Patek. Dock Ellis, who no-hit San Diego, last season, nodded in assent as Murtaugh listed his pitchers at a luncheon. Also carrying the pitching burden that helped the Pirates Steve Blass, Luke Walker and Bob iMose. It isn't Math, History or English. But it's just as basic. To earn a living, he needs the old fundamentals. To keep on living, he must learn the right way to drive. Yet only one out of three high school students takes a driver education course. Too bad. Automobile accidents are the number one killer of-American teenagers. How important is driver education? Well, it's important enough that trained drivers have 50% fewer accidents and traffic violations. Important enough that many insurance companies offer lower rates for teenagers who have completed driver training. And important endugh that new car dealers across the nation loan 34,000 automobiles every year to our public schools for driver training. It's your responsibility to help make sure your teenager takes the proper subjects in school. So make sure driver education is one of them. Where it's not available, we suggest that you consider a good private driving school. When it comes to preparation for liv- ... ing, learning how to drive safely really '-" is basic. .- ^JSsS* National Automobile Dealers Association OMfcial orflartiiallon ot America's Irancftlaad nasi car and truck dealers • Washington, D.C, One in a series presented by N.A.D.A., this newspaper, and the dealers of our community.. sponsored by- Tipton Daily Tribune s : (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) By MILTON RICHMAN UPI Sports Writer NEW YORK (UPI) — Young fellows have to stick together so maybe it's ' only natural Casey Stengel should get up on his feet today, clear hjs throat, and put in a few words for a former rival — Frank Lane. Stengel, who is 80, sees no reason in the world why Lane, just a growing boy of 74, should have any trouble in his brand . new capacity as head man of the Milwaukee Brewers. Stengel believes he'll'do a fine job. "Always has before, hasn't he?" Casey said and asked at the same time. "If he'd been in Europe somewhere or if be was in the war in Vietnam it'd be a different story, but he hasn't•> been laying idle. He's been scouting and working for Baltimore. He's been watching all the clubs in the American League, the National League, the American Association and the Pacific Coast League. He still thinks he knows where the players are, how many are good, how many aren't, and how many never will be." No Problem . Then Lane shouldn't have any problem, regardless of his age, was the question asked of Stengel, who the Yankees once let go at 70 because they felt he was too old. "He's gonna be general manager, right?" Stengel said. "He just sits and knows the rules. He's had the experience. How many times has he been general manager before, three or four? (four). So you can't say he don't know the job, can you? He's been scouting so he knows the player situation. Any man who does that has more knowledge about the players than the managers have. The managers never get to scout 'em." Stengel and Lane were rivals • in the 50's when Stengel was having his remarkable run as manager of the Yankees and Lane was performing almost as remarkably as general manager of the Chicago White Sox. .FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 5, 1971 . Lane always would needle Stengel and the Yankees but there never was any malice behind the jabs. "They were up and we were, down so I used to needle them anytime I could merely to excite greater interest," Lane says, "Why pick on the have- nots? If you had to pick on anybody I'd much i sooner take on the best. That was why I generally singled but Casey and the Yankees." Stengel doesn't hold those past jibes against Milwaukee's new boss, j "He and rl never ran around together but tier's always been a; success in baseball," says Casey. "He's been - with' two very successful clubs and right now he's coming over from a world championship club and you got to remember he was in' Mexico looking over players also so, why would! you ever be concerned by what happened before? j His Club is Best ' "He always thinks his club is the best," Stengel adds. "Half the time he thinks he's right . and half the' time he isn't. You gotta remember he made some very good trades for Chicago.' He got that.' pitcher (Biily) Pierce^: for them and also (Nellie) Fox. He knows what he's doing | and I think he'll come out all right in Milwaukee or wherever he goes." Pro Basketball nba NBA Standings • - 1 • - i. • By Units* Prsss Intsnutlsnsl Pete Maravich got all the money and publicity but Geoff P'etrie may still be the best rookie guard) in the National Basketball Association, j The two rookies met in head- to-head competition Thursday night and Pefrie was the clear winner as .[he helped the Portland Trail Blazers record a 137 123 victory over the Atlanta Hawks. | Petrie. a Princeton graduate who's been hitting better than 22 points a game this season, tossed in 24 j points and held Maravich. the* all-time college scoring champ from Louisiana State, to just j 13. Petrie!hit 11- cf-20. phots while Maravich. who signed for close to $2 million, connected on only 6-of-18; Leroy Ellis had 27 points ?nd 17 rebounds to 1 lead the Blazers. Walt,Bellamy led Atlanta with 32 points and 19 rebounds In' the onlyj other scheduled NBA action, j Thursday: night. Nate Thurmond scored 30 points and Joe Ellis and Jprry Lucas had 24 j each .as the San Francisco Warriors beat the Phoenix Suns k 17-105. By United Press International Atlantic Division W. L. Pet. GB 40 18 35 24 30 28 16 45 New York Philadelphia Boston Buffalo .690 .593 5'/z .517 10 .262 25!/ 2 Baltimore Cincinnati Atlanta ... Cleveland Central Division W. L. Pet. GB 24 .571 ... 32 .429 8 39 .328 14 49 .183 23 Milwaukee Detroit Chicago Phoenix 32 24 19 11 Midwest Division . W. L. Pet 45 36 34 34 10 2022 24 GB .818 ... .643 9V 2 607 llVz 586 12V2 Pacific Division GB Connie man for- paints. Hawkins was high the, S-ins with, 26 W. L. Pet, Los Angeles 32 22 .593 ... San Francisco 32 26 .552 2 Seattle . 26 31 .456 7'/ 2 San Diego "24 "36 .400 11 Portland 19 39 .325 15 Thursday's; Results San Francisco 117 Phoenix 105 Portland 137 Atlanta 124, (Only games scheduled> Friday's Games Cincinnati at Boston New York at Detroit Philadelphia at Chicago Milwaukee at Los Angeles Cleveland at San Diego Atlanta at Seattle Baltimore at Buffalo San Francisco at Portland Lane, sort of a superscout for the Orioles, already is busy buiiding up the Brewers. He'll do it, too,| even if he does experience a pang now. and then over leaving Baltimore, {especially on those hot summer' nights when his Milwaukee, pitchers may be having a" spot of trouble, i - ' j "It was an hpnor to have been a part, even a small part, of the highly efficient Baltimore organization," Lane says. "Nobody in the world could've possibly treated me any better than Jerry Hoffberger, Frank Cashen and Harry Dalton did. I ust hope they miss me one half sis much as I'll miss them." Wants to Play 01 Boys Team -[iris," her mother"said. "She feels it would be an honor to College Basketball SOUTH BEND, Ind. (IJPI)-i Jchnell Haas, golfer, cheerleader and all-around female athlete, wants a chance to play' on the South Bend Riley High School golf team. "We're suing," said her mother, Mrs. Joseph Haas. "Johnell could.make that team. The coach said so himself. But the rul e is keeping her off f he team." The rule in question is one set down by the Indiana High School Athletic Association rnd prohibits girls from playing on school teams. The IHSAA has been sued before by parents challengyig its various rules. However, courts have been reluctant to reprimand the association, since membership is on a voluntary basis. There is some tradition involved, too, for the 17-yearold girl. Johnell's older brothers, Kevin, 22. and Tom, ,19, have starred on Riley golf teams in the past. Riley's golfers over the long pull have established a top record, having won state titles in 1962 and 1965 and taking runnerup honors in 1964 "Jonnell wants to make that team to pave the way for other ake the squad besides helping er open things up for other girls. Some of her friends are good tennis players, arid swimmers but they can't try out for the teams, either." Johnell's interest in the links came about naturally. The family lives I near the Studebaker f^olf Club!, which is adjacent to fhe Riley I school. : | "She started hitting the ball when she] was 8," said brother Tom. "She j liked it, and she saw Kevin and I play a lot, so t|ie interst was always around our house." i "She's shooter." I a pretty steady 80s said Tom. He described her as "a long ball nlt- ter." Mrs. Haas called her daughter |"a tough competitor " I Johnell won : the state driving contest last year at Frankfort during the Indiana Junior Girls Golf Championships, and. took fop honors the last two years' in the Metropolitan South Bend Junior Girls Golf journey. | She has had.excellent teachers in addition to her brothers. Johnell's | tutors have included Carmen Piasecki, one < of the state's top women amateurs, and. pros] Flo Troeger, now retired, and the late Chuck Aber- nathv, both iof the Studebaker club. . ; I ,. ( ,- johnell figures to be in or near the action one way or another—golfer I or I cheerleader But she'd rather be among the "swingers" instead of just root' ing for them. BLOOMINGTON, Ind.Ind- ia^-and Purdue, two of the preseason favorites for the Big Ten baskegball championship, continue their age-old and spirited, rivalry at BloOmington Saturday in what will be considered a "must" game for both teams. 'Tip-off is scheduled for 2:08 EST with telecast originating from the Hughes Sports Network. 1 The Hoosiers, 2-1. in Conference play and idle in loop action since Jan. 16 j and the Boilermaker's, 3rl in league play after Tuesday's 85-69 loss at Michigan, can ill afford another loss if they hope jto challenge the Wolverines, .who stand alone at the summit with a perfect 5-0 . slate., •.••(' . .Indiana's last victory in the 116-game series - was back in 1967, and. that 95-82 triumph on the Hoosierj court in the final game of jthe season gave Coach Lou Watson a share of the Big Ten title in his second year. Watson jiopes history repeats itself. . j: "We certainly can't afford to drop this game," Watson said.. "As tough as it is to win on the road, you almost have to win all of your home games; I'm sure we'U play . a lot better than we did Monday night. We'll .be mentally and physically ready for Purdue." | . ; The Hoosiers defeated Northern Illinois on Monday after a two-week layoff for- semester 113-112 victory but, it was a. An International Sign of Goodwill Phone 675-4492 Matson, Feuerbach In Shotput Duel j FORT WORTH. Tex. (UPI )World champion Randy Matson meets archrival Al Feuerbach in the shot put event tonight in opening action of the two-night Fort Worth Coaches Indoor Games. i . |Feuerbach, a newcomer from Emporia (Kan.) State, has only beaten Matson one time in four meets this winter/but in that one at San Francisco he set a world indoor record of 68 feet 11 inches. Matson, the Texas veteran of two Olympics who holds the outdoor shot record, of 71-5%, also will compete with Feuerbach Saturday in Seattle. The other open division finals set for tonight will be in the two-mile relay. exams. The wasn't defense, victory. "We stunk the place up," Watson said. "We didn't hustle on defense and Northern got a lot of easy buckets because we weren't getting] down the floor. I think. that our! layoff definitely showed—but that is why we play that game before -we get back into the conference schedule." . Super-sophomore George McGinnis, who leads the Big Ten in scoring (35.3) and rebounding (20.7), had 45 points against Northern for his biggest night yet. He also snared: 20 rebounds. Center Steve Downing and guard John Ritter also had career highs. Downing scored |17 points on 7-11 shooting and 3-3 from the foul line and grabbed 14 rebounds in over 32 minutes of action--the most he-has logged since suffering a back injury against the Australian All j- Stars. Ritter played an outstanding all-around game with 14 points, five rebounds and seven assists. Joining McGinnis, Downing and Ritter in the lineup will be Joby Wright, a .525 shooter who averages 19.8 per | game and Jim "Bubbles" Harris, who carries a 13.3 average. I With the likes! of Larry Weatherford, Bob Ford, Bill Franklin and George Faerber—all dou-r ble-digit scorers—Purdue has chalked up a 10-4 overall record. They'll most likely be joined by either Denny Gamauf or Jovan Price In the starting lineup. . "Defense will} be the key to this game," Watson said. "I think we can score with anybody, but if we don't play any defense, it won't do us any good. But we'll come ready to play so the defense should take care of itself." ... Overall, Purdue has won 73 games in the series while the Hoosiers have captured gnly 43. Roche Breaks Record After nearly three years of . frustrations, the "real John Roche" has stood up- Roche, the talented South Carolina . guard, broke the Atlantic Coast Conference scoring record Thursday night as he scored 56 points in leading the '. seventh-ranked Gamecocks to an easy 118-83 victory over Furman. "He could do that. al! f he time," said Frank McGuire. the South Carolina coach. "He's the most unselfish player I've ever coached. He could easily score 40 and 50 a game if h° didn't pass the ball off." Roche, one of M<?Guire's many-New York City imports, has had bis share of frustration during his three-year varsity career. He has twice won ACC Player of the Year honors and twice he has seen his te^m upset th? post season play. But Thursday he had 21 points at the 'half and left in the final two minutes after breaking the record. " "Our boys must really think Roche Is great," said Joe Williams, the Furman coach. "They were watching him all night. : * In rther action involving ranked teams, Jacksonville (No. 6> routed South Alabama 102-83 and North Caroline (No. 15) ripped Wake Forest 93-73. Elsewhere. Wichita State beat Bradley 97-84, St. Louis romped past North Texas State 88-58. Memphis State upset Drake 7372, New Mexico held off Arizona 81-77, Texas-EI Paso whipped Arizona State 74-59. Manhattan edged New York ^ University 77-73 and Hnusfon ~ defeated Long Island University 81-75. at Your Friendly- Bank FARMERS LOAN & TRUST COMPANY 110 E.Jeff. St, Tipton, Indiana a*

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