The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 21, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1908
Page 4
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r-t " - e Port Wi mes ere! -i- You run always on all liquor* 'you from UK— "v<?rythl»i is of fh<; IK-HI i id Mr. v, a'W.lVM - -.!( r •< !m*'St you ran !nr. ;i nv re, \\> f!tn> ; 1(( .h U K . % nin port \vin» i . • -I nt. $1 to $l.;.n, ami (tie •vorlo,! ptir.'f! fn.m $1 •" -"M a gallon. HII: both " ".'irh awl '<u-( t riricc & i tort. • who like port v, inc will on joy what they rv Fred Gunther Co. Family Trade Solicited Store and Warerooms 1518 18th St. No bar attached. Phone Main 99. «>N^ $*EA9 ' • Watch Label on Butter- nu rea and ill-n vnu'r" sine *)* „;•!*,:u. this: tin*-, di'ii'-ious l'i'"-i.|. So popub 1 " MM.l MI in'i' 1 ;) hi demand i> 'llh :i:>" I»rc;i-l : ..;ii \u-i L Will soliif! i:;:< •; !,i» I'lM • 'I..M -••«.•<[ and siH-!i ;> • irii-t is "i'/i''-' : n<;'" when i' 's nf Til-' i'I"'i'' I; IH I (ju *•• , • -,- if, , i 1 tells tl;«- -•;. : ; AMERICAN BAKERY A, J. Ferguson. Phone Main 228. Dr. J. S. eiser o ..> e i s e r S!!'e('t. • i* th«' ',\> *hl\, \ i he ni I >it( h • • i > n u 11' • n > • 11 U.ili \ » i .*» I H i< I l ill on Eyes Examined Free AHIWork Guaranteed 'F.-F WORD Prompt . I You are hereby notified to Immediately trim up all trees on the side, walk adjacent (o your property eight feet from the ground in accordance wlrh Foot ion 24 of ordinance No, 8 of the City of BaliorsflelO, which reads as follows; Section 24—Any person whh shall In Dio City of UnkersfU'ld permit branches of trees or shrubs to extend within ei.cht. feet from the ground over any portion of snlrl walk or one- half of the street n*'\t to or in front, of premises owned or occupied by him, except that poi'ion within four feet from the curb line thereof, is of n miadenv ;iuor. JAMK>' McKAMY, i'Hv Marshal, IT nouse Warm Now .F - - .*^-'. *• ' •=- '.-«.. 4-f-\^^ JS.-r.l>* " -•• ~ "%—ar ,J- >. ^ -t •V \ I I . U" ^ ' * «4''' . ••' fl; •* — A** TJio mint holme heating plant finally went into service this morninc and the rnunty officials who have been suffering from frosted toes will no It mi." r ti;«ve cause for complaint. For a month past, while the new plant, has li-en In the'process of Installation, there has been no heat in the court house, and the big building has r.ften attained an inconveniently low temperature, FO much so as to seriously i rouble those whose business krpt Hi"m there on regular duty. Now, however, ihe arrangement is •'tier (han "ver, A big 80 horsepower lif-nt'-r has takeri the place of the old -•"' horsepower plant. Oil is burned for fuel, and Gardener Carlisle, who lias charge of the apparatus, has tlio feed regulated to perfection. The furnace is set up on brick foundations, and is very solidly built. The cost of the entire plant will amount to about. $5000. . i ( TURKEYS WILL BE DRESSED On Thanksgiving MHV, why not let your horse be dressed in one.of our stylish up to datf? driving harness or street and stable blanket. We have a complete assortment, of THE prices that will suit yon. Our best line of flog collars will surprise you for variety and price. PIONEER HARNESS SHOP MATTSON BROS. MANY KERN COUNTY PEOPLE trade here. Do you? We want your business because you do lietter here than elsewhere and by proving this to you we continue to Increase our business. Our stock is large and attracts the best class of buyers. A Few Jcwetry Prices — Gent's Elgin and Walthnni watches, $3.75 up. Gent's Standard or New Era watches, $2,50 up. Ladies' nnd Gent's Elgin and Wnlthum watches, $5.00 up. Diamonds — You can buy at prices to surprise you. Clocks—Shelf and wall clocks below our own cost. Our line of ladies combs is most up-to-date, also jewelry and our prices lower than elsewhere. Guitars— $2.50 up. Violins $2.50 up. Accordions, $2.00 up. Suit Caws, $l,!>n up. Trunks, $G up. Klne Kims for sale and rent. UNCLE IKE'S EMPORIUM Wm. H. Stanton, Prop. Phone Main 1154 1406 19th St., Bakersfield Francis hall. The bazaar has-been a success in every particular. The attendance hns surpassed anything ever held in (he past, which is saying a great dsal. This evening will be a busy one as the fair closes in general but not In particular. The booths and the most valuable articles that are .being raffled will be held over for ex- aminatlon and purchasing during the dinners to ho served in the same ball next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Although three gentlemen in the persons of Roy White, Martin Coyne and Edward Helbling, were kept busy raffling last night, him- dreds of articles being disposed of there still remain as many more. The hoy's watch and lace surplice contests will be decided during the Thanksgiving dinner. The beautiful piano going at 50 cents per chance is now on exhibition in the hall The play. "The Toy Maker/'" last evening, proved a perfect success, <>ach of the players being encored which always gives the guarantee' that the appearance was good. Notable last evening were Dr. Kedian, as Tack Hammer, Peter O'Hare as. -7nck in the Box, Frieda StockeJ as ' Captain of the Guards, Misses Edna Newhouse. Edith Emmons, Helen Ball, little Misses Bernice McGiiire Blanc-he Helblinp, Amelia Galtes, Rose Webster, Dollie Leavy and Alone Orcutt. Masters Chris Hel- bllnR mm Thomas McGuire took the house with their parts as Indian and Chinaman. Certainly thp youngsters had the audieme \vith them from he- sinning to end. Bazaar Notes. (\Vriften for the fjilifornlan.) The baby show took place tills afternoon. Who said John I.aeey wns not * .« 4 -r J J I The Clothes That oyproof The Mrs. Jane Hopk d-th for growing healthy boys \v h are ra hard on their cloth Every t s a aranteed! T 1 value at $5.50 o n tyles ouoie e o f pants •in n suits coat L mixe Rugby cheviot d double and twist tvtf Ages 6 4 vears. T Hoy White was there to a finish In the work of setting jrood prices for the poods, j The crowd packed in but standing room was at a premium just the same. Mr. and Mrs, Paul r,alie H are (loins a land oflVce business day and nicht. The country store prove? to lie" an interesting spot, bargains O n counter and shelf. The 1'our Japs (American) art popular both in and out of their parlors. A large number of the men worn on th«« floor- Ui^t * You are invited to vin* the big" up- ro-datp Kitchen this evening In'the that yon may have assiiranrp of the pood Dinners (o be served next week. Don't forget to nrrnnffo for vour Boys' and Chitdren's sweaters, $1 to $2.50 Boys' and children's caps and hats, 25c to $1.50., Thanksgiving dinner with the St. Francis ladies. Watch for the menu cards. Orchestra accompaniment. The fire works display this evening will be of special note. Watch for it. TEACHERS' TRAiNINp CLASS AT THE BAPTIST CHURCH (Communicated.") regard, ( 0 come with us. The text books will bo ordered the last of the week, so those who expect to join in this work should place their order for their book . t ( , --»-*v.-.x_.« FVV ^, 1 fc. fiL ones At this weeks mooting the training j with Miss Gloannah Ball, secretary , Do yon want to see energy, con gen- ! flaws wat adjourned to meet a#ai n on I of the class, phone Main 444; or with crowds? Well, visit UK? bazar this tl»o first Wednesday of the new year ! the pastor of th ar 8:3« p. m. This was deemed nee-! 769, In R Place At the Right T That s it—where you want it \vlu-n wanl it—and ii yuu t-nly how easy it is to carry from room to room—and how rmuh thrt-ry comfort you can have with a you k new FECTIO \ " N o r tpped with Smokeless Device) would no longer be without one. smoke — no smell"— iliis is * • tkn maxim. Berausr ihe ! device ;.r smokeless you direct, glowing htvit Ironi every ol oil. Brass lonl lu!Js '] quarls— burns 9 hours, AM ornninent anywhere—finished in i.-ma:i and i !;• evening Crt-t your fortune told at the Hosiiin tent. Mrs. Paul Corti is r hourly aver her beautiful Fathers Frund and :MI>V last evening •lotions on tho -i rhe fair. ! ie rpirfstr-r last even in largest attendance of ihe week, verybodjv happy, everybody work .- for the cause and everylm/h- — — —- — — —-- _-__p »_» fc ., m w ^ — church, phono Main j)t o ^ the fair would continue, of the entire week, Kahler Brothers, Gennie Tilton, Hofbhelnier, Dr. Lutz, Attorney Rowen It-win, were among the vlpltors to the booths last evening. The big raffles, etc., will tegln at !'::N! so as to give the merchants a chance to show themselves this even- tnp. Mrs. Chris Helbling and Miss Tim- rnons, to whom the credit of the j gathered splendid entertainments this week is 'lue, are certainly deserving- of a tal vote of thanks. Each evening led to an increase in way. ;urke was see n .smiling and •ing the ladles all evening. !je refreshments were fine ami . go much so, there was not loft after the evening's work. essary because of the extra work re"red both of the teachers and of superintendent In preparation for cia! exercises in the school for observance of Bible Day and at- FO for Cbrj.Mnias, The class wns started to meet a great need in our school. New teachers were constantly being called for, and the supply was not pearly equal to the domand. The only way possible to make the future safe "was to organize a training class that should l<sh- organize a training class that should! ino jbc a permanent source of supply. So J ll V* ill )u > w^iJin ilin t * ho olnct: ic tint ! NOTICE. I. 0. O. F. Kern Kodge No. 202, 1. 0. 0. F. will have work in the seronu degree on Saturday night, Nov. 21. A special invitation and request for a large ultenchiace is exteinlctL T. 1*. Pin- J. W. Croslnnd Sec. 97 inelL N, Of. Frank rnv anil T n Uo<? t M"ur- ll of llant'ord, are i (i" (<>r, M. Boll's .,-you u-nn! ;i j>ar* h.'irm'Ks ;u)/i (-.•tjTi.-i^e Hue. if A. Kanlley, superintendent of the Kern Hiver mJj] S( is reported to be seriously ill. is ii! his old :-i MI:!, 2iHH dies- f !i vill be seen that the class is not j provided for ihe teachers only, but, for the prospective teacher as well. The importance of the Sunday • V -----»•--• f^, - * - - f_ school teacher's position will be seon ll( . ; ' ; tlu ' l )1: » c 'f for harness mid when you consider the fact that in f - uit ~ (l Chriatendoni'g 262,131 Sunday schools' H. .W. Klipsteln is erecting a new re 22,739.323 pupils being ( house on his ranch at Paleto. * "-"- -' A1 " Tne Machinists' annual ball will take place On Wednesday at Kaar's- hall. Erik Ely is in from the Ranclahurff country, where he has been working on a mining claim belonging to himself and his father. t taught, and outside of the schools there are millions that should be in. Another fart is not to forgotten, and that is that ihe it majority of parents cive their children no religious training whatever, neither do the public ^schools Rive us any help in this regard, so the religious training of mir youth is left very largely to the Sun,lay school teacher. t':t Young mm and our churfh"< who calling in to the to PUPS school younp- women of BORN. WOOTEN—In 1-os Annies, Kov IS to Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Wooton a son. ' the an Our 2.-L'7 nro wiilif.ur are looklnc for a to invest their lives a.lvantnpo cannot afford ly over that of Sunday Elp-hfy per cent of churches to- of i}ic Sun- p cont of the game source. ool teachers our t rentes? evnn- of r,n- rhf niu] > from 'Hiram says thai he has mad* 1 th«» elovon." said Mrs. Tluskorn MI or from the colli-go ' ejaculated Mr. llus in surprise*. "\y u z there only ton there when ho arrived?" ' o ubt Tench. -rfi from -i svlifjol f^her than our ov.-jj have npnliod for membership in our class. \Vo re^f ivo them gladly, and extend a cordial invitation to all teachers of the city, who are not already provided for in this CASTOR IA For Infants and Childien. The Kind You Bears the Signature of

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