The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 21, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1908
Page 2
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_ _ •_ V ' #. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIPORNIAN SATURDAY, NOVEMBBft 21, 1908, tbc Bakersficid CaHTornian - i Kv.-ry Kveninj? but Sundays at B'.;,«>!vfi'-hl* K'-rn Cminty, California Official Papor Saturday, Nov. 21 DEAR TOM:- City and County otten ••.-^~-»- -^- s at Mail M;>;'' i, GO f ;i a Ywir in A<: . • ALFRED HARRELL, Editor nnd Prop. Bf you've forg how to nmile, you are growing old. And you'r^ M lover you"11 Gruen- Company of good cand enjoy a box Mnin 3J hagen ! s bour Meroney's. ,-r i t Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars — r Jl _ __ _ ...—. _——. ^ fl _^^ MH __^^_^ M . |H • i at Th \ V \OY ''I j i i « *. i ^ f i _ t i— j , RACE TRACK REFORM. BILL M are slow. 1 Tlljlde lull 1 tvi jiient ly tost I VMM- h For n- pillar hi our moral edlfi. ; r-nnnot he sudden! e cream or all go od served in sample room. Quotations and san i ' 3 sent on application Phone Main 237 Hie Scrip- n-movo-1 1623 Nineteenth Street b without bringing down roof ;uul t!l!Kht it'IM soliiewiK'i'e else. . , ( , horse rfn-itr.: with it*!theory? Antl >' ot n iiiiiiiv lias mid ('ulil'nmui u ll kill it lien- and lln? ( . hamplons , inferring too much from our inability to stumble through the Decalogue, it would ho well to look <i Thi< phjise <»i' Hie ti^ht against " nici- t nicks is thus 1ow»hed upon by the Ahimeda Times: ''The rw;e1nu'k gamblers are showinir their hands in Nevada. From Keno comes a report that they have secured an option on a tract of land south of that city where, they propose to establish trae.ks. They have also seeure.d \\itl simply move over nbont for Parallel cases of gross ig- •m! eniov their mmies noranro - Wo aro advised that it Is DM i n.]o> nidi points , nn , mtu]lmax of cn iture to be sent forth into life well informed with regard to Shakespeare nnd Milton, but unacquainted with Isaiah and Jesus." max? The average schoolboy or college graduate knows fully as much about the religious classics as he does about the secular ones, to-wlt, a few great names, a sonorous phrase or two, et praeterea nlhiJ, says the N T ew York Evening Post. The prod- How to Cure a Cold. > :?s r.Mt-rul as you cnn you will nc- raslonally tnko cold, and when you do, SCIENCE INS iga) son, Is, as about equal to, a Bible let us character, say, "the rugged Pyrrhus;" but, the latter's the for- ittier. Ruth looms no larger in the Old Testament than Miranda in Stratford Scriptures; yet who dares say islature, which will <_'ive theni a j the Moabitess Is the more forgotten? an option on a street-car system ; Blends are a handful against which runs from the city to the • 8maH «*«»«* that knows the property. It* they can jrot, their franchise through the Nevada Jf» r - bold on will ^ ^ V i ^^^r ' ^^^ ^^ ^P^^M ^^"^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^™^^™ ^F U, (> j Oblivion has claimed Habukuk and victoriously del Toboso twenty-five years state, the two. i purchased and improved. The | anTc"a7us—but of th gamblers are of course making j instances there Is no end. In truth, their plea on the grounds of state i literary intimacies have gone out of development and advancement, i™* 16 '' yes * fa l len in . to disrepute. * - i and that their enterprise will 1 4 'make business." J. L. Crawford, the Iowa welterweight champion wrestler, won trom Jim Brown of New Orleans, in two straight falls at Scrlbner's Opera House last niglft, and Incidentally brought home his backers some $300 or $400, put up on the result of the contest at the ring side. It took Crawford 36 minutes and 34 seconds to get his flrst fall, but the second proved easier, and Brown was on his back, unable to squirm one way or the other nfter just ;i minutes and 22 seconds SPAR FOR Thi of fast work. Crawford proved to be the cleverer and more scier i i s and tomorrow Billy wlic Is counting on having an avtrument with AI Neil on Thanksgiving nitfht, will take on all comers ai hin Standard training quarters. His Sunday training stunts will be from L':30 on, so that it will be unnec- essaty fnr those who want to see Nell trail.'to miss the other work-out. Morris is a very husky lad hnrd hit'er, and it i\ medicine of known reliability, I 0110 thiir bus an established reputation ! and that is certain to effect a quick cure. Such :i medicine is Chamberlains Ooiiirh Remedy. It has gained a world wide reputation by its remarkable euros of this most common ailment, and can always be depended upon. It acts on nature's plan, relieves the lungs, aids expectoration, opens the secretions and aids nature in restoring the system to a healthier condition. During the many years In which it has been in general use we have yet to learn of a single case of cold or attack of the grip having resulted in pneumonia when this remedy was used which shows conclusively that It Is a certain preventive of that ^dangerous disease. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy contains no opium or other narcotic and may be given as confidently to a baby as to an adult. For sale by Baer GOLDEN WEST HOTEL THE LANDMARK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell and Eltfs Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. New building. Modern in every respect. 150 rooms. Opposite Railroad and Steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. IN THE HEART OF THE CITY Free bus meetc all trains and boats. Take Market. St. cars or Fourth and Ellis car to hotel Entrance on Powell St. and a might be that local fans have underrated him, In comparing his ability to Nell's. They I To move resistlessly in polite socl- , -11-1 i ety one Tnnst not know too much or It will indeed jfoo little of anything; that would bin make business- -for the p'tliiM' off tier conversation. And to shine in will l:ave a good chance to form judnnur.t tomorrow. • .... , T} prf .| iRlInary for the affair is good stead for a long time , ((IK ,, v hat hi tho air, as no ban• ,„ |0 g ht Kld Alexa nder ; . h * *** \^ r* for irlUo are fal Ll? ft °vJ? B n,i opponent however and a Nevada,- prison keepers and eor-, tn «? haunts of higher culture, one oners. Mm thi* is very expensive '™V st Un ° 1w too much about some one Ml - .. ( . tl * , ' i thing and nothing about business for the people. elRp; fop (hat Is true "Whitt is of more interest 1o( Between skimming and grubbing California, is word frojn Nevada ! th0re is no middle way, down whlrh ember of ay trudge. con but he proved to be unable to take ad-1 vania^c of opportunities otrere*! him. Crawford's victory was a popular one, as he was the aggressor at all stages of the game, while Brown evidenced |* a disposition to get off the mat at| man times, when he was in a dangerous position. In the first preliminary Albert Myers lost to Frank McAuliffe in two of 5:12 and Bros,, Bakersfield; Kern Kern. Drug Co., * * * •S* •$••>•> «S» •S* PAINT YOUR HOUSE * House painting is my specialty. # * I use nothing but the best mate- * •J- rials, guarantee my work and <* * charge reasonable prices. * *.. L D. MEREDITH, Contractor * * 2117 B St. Phone Main 172 * *•$.***.$..$..{.*****•{•**** H. 0. HARNESS With J. W. Brocxman Real Estate and Insurance Rom 25, Galtes Block Phone Main 232 BaRersfleld, Cal probably be selected soon spectlvely. In the second Fred \Valx won from Tom Driscoll in 7:43 and 1:34. C \V. Sahlantl, manager 01 tne Au- The attendance waa small, but the !° v ''^^ Company * h ' ch ™J?? f * C . of three games. The locals aro confident of annexing at least two i match* ^ n( the series, and do not in- tond 'n repeat, their thr Kn'-no team. ,,_., r ' — - - - - -, — uiiuj~«fiiyi-fit.' fit ivi*-> w**fl*iiiifi r^it'ii L\.>IIX that th- w ,.nl,l,rs, if th,y -an B ,t -.^X™^* » thi'ir Iran*' uso, propose to fslart-i . t , fn ., ((M ... ... .. ,. , , ., J A , -, «i An for the ungodliness which the. I i M rpl' f °, n V A<>VJI(ln W(l * fc ((1 idocHne of Bible reading is supposed { amount of money which Appeared at Lake I nhoc that they may jzet pat- |to indicate, it is on a parity with the • the mat-aido was a surprise to all ronaj/e from tlie visitors to that! harbarism that some would see in | present. Arthur Ferguson, backing resort Jf tins be done, the Ti»hoe ' P^vaU-nt literary ignorance. Brown, offered $200. money of his own , - n v , -+-*+ i and belonging to friends, at even mon-i ist »'°« ( 'l K. J n lesori will oi eonrse soon Uecnnip.. GRAND OPENING of i^ nvre Cafe.ley. This was all taken by followers j P»t on tomorrow, in preparation for a western .Monte ( arlo. ('iilitor- | ' I O r Crawford, principally oil field boys. ! the rams on Thanksgiving and nia is thus vitally interested in tin- ; THg feed of Roast Pork and Roast; and ntmiej-ons sido bets wve also Turkey. Saturday night. Everybody- made. U-ottu,'. Russell & HIce. Props, t f ] All three bouts \verf vferofd in a — „ . ___ .—,—_ | vrry <atiHt'ac!orv an I impartial man- tun-s Tourist automobiles, came up from Ix»s Angeles last night, on the Owl. with a high geared racing for Henrv Klipstein's Tour- the Sunday. work ^ ir dune hv which is the distrrnceful i\ i(i v»Mtt n-- BEST OF WIVES. COFFEE The world is full of am'UN-UK ujs coffee : "Jav'a b Koy as Sam I '-IL • •«» THE POLOISTS PLAY AT SELfvIA TONIGHT. A has ' ndi\' i d ! In- an Panama and Delano teams play U at Recreation Park tomorrow afternoon. Both nines have been nnKing good showtnps lately, and while neither is in the same class with the BuUertifield or Toliarhapi aggregations, they appear to he evenly marched, and should Rive the fans who are not too particular a good r fj;t I i -1 ui \\'i tV-ti Vi- j"'f IM ., VV'itJM; 1 :! returns v<uir V if you don't like jjoJo roarn plays its mil for tholr money. \vhil«- tile '-'Hii! JH'ier nf 1\\ for \\\". "Tin- v- ( t - Mi- ll Vl I > em "M '"» * It iTror*r [cfurf;* TOUT ir.^'» Hrst . «w pay him '1 you don't Mr-t nut oi' town a:ame tonight, with tho Selnia five. The team, consisting of S. and N T . Smith, Kmnions, Macmurdo, Dixon and Davis, left night t'or tlio nortlH-rn town, On (lie following woek-cnd the Pelma team will come io UiiUersfield two return games, thus making Xo date lias yet heon sensed upon for rhc- baseball game hctween the Erhu and Californian forces, hut it is pmliabfe that 'the inau-h will be called for either the morning fif ThanUsiiiving day or the following Sunday, Xov'. 2 R8T DAY SCO rsfle swe ff *•» »"* »T« •*• *T« *•* » • »* *• GENTLE HORSES. We always bare on hand safe and gentle iorses that ladies can drive. You will find everything spick and spau about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in good running order all the time. W. T. RATLIFF Cor 21st and X Sts Tel. Main 88 & E. H. LOVELAND *l Wholesale Produce Merchant * Hay, Grain, Potatoes. Beans, «5« Eggs, and all farm products. * *> * I* 11 brav r J or*'*! i i > 1 r 1 ' r i ' I \\> I'M i i. • , • ' > 11!' H r i i-"l. ' • M ,1'H • t'p. 1 f 1 \ , M ill: )1S ! i S ; i 3 IS ! t n \ 1 I i!'.' * t •, I L 1 I* i I -. \ ' * I h 1 U111 1 llilll |-,t , H , I ' . 1 ' ', * * * I ! ' i ;tn "n-, i. 1 l'«»U»nl :, Ills «*\VM le Wild is HJ:I"M \' r iStii-s IVv ;i l'r;*-r <!(»U' r h i L" 1 s ^^ er- ;M i In- W** 1,'tk*' 1 iir n L'ltl'l of .cooker, i'ii!s»'3. til' t r >. ,,'•'•« ] ^ Na.V, M«\*. 1 \Mllilie or othri* thill KU^tf-> and slylr ,"!J«i "or- v- 'jivi' a : It., M Will I 1 '*' ' good llliltt, :f« ways, and MuinK* hi-^vt-n !;• ilioii (r li -'••'' >h! '''" ;| "b -.iii-i-'^i his livei' v< N, ^ ^* 1 IS THE BEING FORGOTTEN? T I i A i lit V iu vou'h il- i ;-s the (HI 1 ' \vlrr:i au'l Ki'-ta In i!:« has l)0(*t;iio as wliaduv, y ;I as i he n-"st. dcstructlv' 1 al • :• him <nii tc Jio. Host-a man hMing nnd'-i 1 :t r^l-o in ton j.uiaic library. Ccl.i'-i' nvui hunt for th«- l.onks o\' HoxeUiah, and Covlnlhion;' a i'ui'iu of ar> !»it ThtM'i't'ori-. \v*i are ast-ttrtMl hy lovers of the grr:.:' hook, the world is waxing tintrodly; aiui from HOHH \vll] BOOH full into niorul unU^Ks tiin lUhle in rt;wtort i d family breakfast table and the nchuol loaBter's desk. The warniug Bounds ocoa cups t. > TO NEW YORK THROUGH Orange Groves of South ern California; Cotton Fields of Texas a iav.a. great yourself FOUR AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. f* Mrst-class Nursery stock, Trees, «• Shrubba, Hoses, Cut Flowers, Flc.-- h ai Designs. Orders promptly fllUd Corner Sixth St. and Chester " •Phene, Main 745 * •> *> ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED STEAMER* XfclSK A^slV AGgNT > *•!* ***_^i ••• •*• *** *^_*»* *** *•* *** SWEET BEOS. Are Agents for THE ALBANY NURSERIES If you need anything in the nursery lino .'^e them at their ranch opposite Producers' Heiin- ory on Beardsley canal. \Vrlto tlioni Hural No. 1, Box 8. Or call them up, Black 511. * * u SOp^E IJ/\.\V * * •:• •:« •;* •:• •;• * <« -^,, k 1 |l^ W K '•*• <-j**-' 11* «.' f - L -_i L*. A-, OLD BELXABLE Painters ENYDER & JACKSON Paintinir in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PA SIGNS Phone Main 1138 1627 Wall at iakaraffold, Cal.

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