Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 19, 1898 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 19, 1898
Page 23
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MAGICALLY EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR WEAK MEN TO AIL; L MENI NO MO'VEY IS ADVANCE. Won- a?rfnl appliance aod utfenllfla rem- eilc««onl on trial to any reliable man. A world-wide reputation baoK of this offer. Every obstacle :;o happy married Ittercmovcd. Full 8t«n«th. development and tone given to every poi tion of the body. Failure Impossible; age no barrier. rn?r a urnin»rnn »* WAQARA ST. ERIE MEDICAL CO., r*Wu>. N. Y. Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping Cars between St. Louis and Lo siAngeles, G4L, running through without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9:00 p. M., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A BuSet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this line. For berth reservations etc. ,call on or address C.G.MEwell.Agt. WABASHR.R, Ix>g8.nsport, In<3, Do Ion Low If so, secure one of the lafest and prtttiest Two-Steps of tt e day. by maUiott Ten Cents (gfiver or BtaiapB) to cover mailing and postage, to the undersigned for a copy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope "Two Step.) We are giving t his music, which is rejrula fifty-cent shp.it music, at this exceedingly lo' rate, for tio purpose of advertising, find les tog the ralue or the different papers as advei Using- mediums. B. 0. McCormick, Passengo Tiafflo Manager, "Big Four Houte." Cinoia Eftti, 0. Mention this paper when you write. WHAT IT ME ASS. Logansport is Learning It! Learning H Past, Proof Sot Lacking. Everybody lias it. That tired feel ng. Don'r know »'hat it means. Kc*p8 you awahe at night. Destroys Unity comfoit Weariei the I ody. Worrie-- tbe mind. You wi u)ii shake it otf. You «ouUi be healthful and strong. So you can. First learn what it means. Some Buy It is bad blood. o hers say It is a la/.y liver. Th 're a 11 wrong. Tlrfcd feeling, means ilred kidneys. Just as lame ba ks means lama kldneje. ' And bacaachc means kidney ache. How do welinow it? Because Doan's Kidney Pillf cure it. And they are for kidnf-ys on,j'. How can we prove it'r Because Losansport people say so. Here is a c-ise In point. Mr C. B. Percell. of 330 Eel Hiver Ave., salesman at the Trade Palace, says: "for over a year I had severe a> tacks of backache and other syptoms which convinced me that my kidneys were effected The pain was rieht across tho small of my back and became rather discouraging to me in the latter part of tho day after being on my feet or if I took cold alwaj's attacktod the kidneys more than any other part. I used several remedies that were recommeoed for the kidneys but they were none of them successful. Then 1 noticed Doan's Kidneys Pills advertised in the papers. KOt a box at B F. Keesling's drug- etoe. ] had an Idea they would suit my complaint and this tbey proved to do. Before 1 had taken a. box, the backache was removed a ad there Id .jt the slightest symptom of kidney ailment left. 1 think Doan's Kidneys Pills areuJl rl^bi aod endorse them as a cure for lame back." Doan'B Kidney Pills arc for §ale by all dealers, price oOo per box. Sent by mall on receipt of price by Foster-Milburn Co.,Buffalc. N. y., sole agents for the CT. S. Kemember the name Doan'B and take no other. ENGLAND'S REFUSAL. tto pro*»ii of unifying and cfating the forces of democracy wffl begin.—Chicago Dispatch. GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER WHY IT WAS BEST FOR MONEY POWER. W. H.. HarveT. the Floneer Aff»3nst Gold, Keveals Some Valuable Points Not Hitherto Introduced lo Thl* Discussion. RAG What is the "endless chain" whidi the gold clique talk so much. about*". It is a creation -of the money power. It exists bficause the advocates of gold, contrary to the law, choose to decide that the paper currency of this country, made redeemable in. "coin," is on- Eagland has given her official an- ly redeemable in gold, swer to the bimetallic commission. I The destruction of the greenbacks which is a refusal to opea the mints will do oae of three things. It vriH of England or India to silver. No re- contract the currency enormously; it suit favorable to silver was f-xpected will substitute irredeemable bank by those who knew of the influence of notes for greenbacks; or, if the bank the money (power on what is known as notes are made redeemable in gold, it the 'business element. In England this will simply make the endless chain a influence is stronger than it is in legal institution, and the currency will America, be in a worse condition than ever. Dalrjlnc •» Talnnble Land. you be kind enough to state lit ycrar next issue if it will pay the dairy farmer in western New York, on fair [and costing $60 per acre, to produce Reasoning from selfish motives, there The only way to break the endless was one argument that «ould be ad- chain on the theory of the gold clique '' ~ ' i>5 Hat paper money. What ia money of the banks worth? dressed to the people o£ England thai; is could not .be used with. us. And that the fiat is, that England is a creditor nation No more than the office furniture of with all the world paying her tribute the banki; which issue such money is In the way of interest on the billions worth, "jfruly this is "sound money" of dollars in bonds and mortgages due with a vengeance. What do these ad- her money dealers from the people of vocates of "national honor" and "ton- all nations. The greater the purchas- est money" mean when they say they ' ing power of that money, the more are goini; to break the endless chain.' breadstuffs it will buy from these same , They mean nothing more and nothing debtor nations to supply her people. | less than that they propose to issue It is true .the gold valuation is de- money, with no guaranty of re- stroying her property owners and dempt.or, back o! •*. Let the govern- traders, tie same as ours; tne -money, ment take advantage of its option and | «*«» ' of England, is for reinvestment foreign countries, in like securities; on coupons, flowing into •the iron safes in well as will ceasie to exist. Any other device and it does not find its way into circu- tor protecting the treasury against the gold gra.bbers will flood the country with worthless wild cat bank notes, lotion among their home .people except to loan, -which is ultimatelj an evil, _ and except, to buy .bric-a-brac and that not worth the paper tney are printed which supplies the comforts and family necessities of these money dealers. Theirs is no money for -business investment; it is money to loan. Property valuations it England 'have been destroyed, as ia America, Banna's Qualifications tor Senator. Cincinnati Enquirer. During all of Mr. Hanna's brief career as a political boss, and as senator, not a word has and the mortgage scythe has been ever parsed his lips which would sub- mowing down the people there as hare, }ect him to the least suspicion of know- driving them into insolvency ana tag anything about any public qaes- and sell milk on farm to milk peddler • 0 , mvding neretofore employers, togeth- tlon. or of having the least conception - IfBnnsulvanialjnBS. Tralm." Bun by Centrai 11 ror.Low« PaU7. OHIOAflO DIV18IOK DATtT. Lear* for ChioBjf.3*8:05 a m;*6:00 a m;*l:86 p in . AnrlTB from Ohloa«o*12:80 a m;*12:80 pm;»l:« f m: *1:40 p m; *8:15 p m. BRAHlftRD AND OOLUKBUS. LMT« for Bradford «1:10 a m; «•« a m: *1:4! pm-t4:80pm. Arrive from Bradford «2:45»m; tlO:SO am *J:aO p m; t»:!B p m. D1T1BION. LMTe for3flner t8:15 a m: t9:00 a m- tS:05 p m 5pm Sunday only. ArriT» trom Bttiier <7:88 a m; 1 12:50 p tn; -tZ:*5 p m; 8:80 a m Sunday only. RIOBXOMD AHD OIM01NNAH. .LMtre for Rlohmond I12.-&5 am: t5:30 a m; *1:05 p m; t3:20p m. AJTlre from Blaamonfl *3:30am; 1.U:OOam •l:80pm:nO:50pm. IHCIAHAPDUB AHD LOUISTrLTJU ti<MT« for Louigrlile 12M5a m; «l:10p m. LoiilivWe *2:40 a m; *1:66 p m. J, A. MoCDIiOUGH, Agent, Logaagport, Ind, LOflANBPOBT NO. «ABT BODSD. 8 Eastern Bxprost dally J:SS » m 6 M&ilutd Express dally »:« a n 4 Atlantic Express dallj- 4:18 n m !• Port Wayno A oco Ex Sunday.... 6 :S3 p in »4 Local Freight Ex Sunday 4:lSpm WM9 BO0MD. Western Express daily - 10:24 p m Fast Mail Daily- 8:18 p m 7 Mall and KKpress dally 2:40 p m 5 Pacific Express daily 11:88 a m " JDecMur AoooEj-Sundav 7;S3 a m Local freiffht Bx-Sun<Jay - 7:35 a m M 76 ML BTTOk OIYIilOH, W»8TBir>», B»TV»B» LOOAKKPomi AMD CHILI. VIST morjuD. «(>.*>.„ _,-.._Arrlve« 8:W a. n HO, 87., -------- .J:30 p. n t!«fi p. IT VAN DA LI A LINE. Time Tablo, In etteot Dec. 5,1897. No. 6 No. 8 IOS THB NORTH ................... „. ...... ».__J10:40 a. m. - ................. --- ............... S-AQ p. m, FOR THE SODTH. No. a ------ .............. _ ...... ..... _ ........ .7:05 a. m. No. S ............ ~ ........ - .................... 3:18 p. m. fo» complete Time Card, giving- all trains *ndrt»tlon», sod for full Information at to r*tM, through oars, etc.. address J. O. XDOBWORTH, a*rent. Losungport, or 1 1. FORD, General Pauenger Agent, St.LouU. Mo. Holldtnlni, between Peorii and Sanduskr and Indlanarolls and Michigan. Direct connections to «.nd trom all ooiatu In tse United •tatec and Cimada. SOOTH BOOSTD DK>ART No » Indianapolis Rrp daily 7:10 a m »:»a»iNo23 " Mall & Rrp.Jl:3S a m (fiat'j except Sunday) No»lndpl'BBjp«x8un — 3:2Spm *:U p m No SO Pa*9«ng«ir exeept Son No tSlKoohe« tar local arrive :45 p m except Sundaj, WORTH BO01TD. •« a m No 80 Xall 4 Rtp Kx Sun, ,_10:18am l:aOpmNol3MioWgaraCltj<«««T\, < :50 pro »:80pmNcit4 Detroit Kxp Kr Sim NCI 150 Araon except Bua. . . 6:45 a « •OOM mot ran a«a* M.' Peru on Sunday. lot ticket rktM and (imeral Inf ormaaon call oaJ. J,HUun«r, ticket afont, L. S. * W. for 10 cents per gallon. Also please- state which are the best cows for mill* production, and how will cost per head. Also please stale how many gallons a day a good cow will give during the year, if properly fed and cared for. E. Wind. From western New York to aorta- em Iowa is a far cry, and the pro- pounder of the above questions is located at the third point of this hypothetical geographical triangle which bis queries has outlined to the writer's view. And replies can only be approximate and not in any sense specific, for the reason that he has had practical experience in Iowa alone. Now, as to •whether it will pay for the New York farmer to produce milk and sell it at ten cents per gallon will depend more upon the farmer and his methods than on the money value of the land where his operations are conducted. He has the land, and it must be utilized, and song an<j daughterSi onto of the duties of a private citizens or a ^ ^ puM - c :represelltativ e. He has simply <is employes, thus making the competi- earned and enjoys the reputation of an tion sharper among the latter class. , unscrupulous political boss. To place The money dealers, made up of bank- upon his shoulders'the toga that has ers, brokers" and private money lend- , been worn by Wade and Sherman 'ere, are Slowed to do the thinking for would be a ludicrous misfit. To set tie people, and they dictate the finan- him up in the senate to be gazed at cia.1 policy of England. The gold for six years as the flower and blo^om standard originated with England, and of the business man in politics and m It is stupidity, or something worse, to office would be a satire on the period think that she is going to give it up. and a severe object-lesson for the lu- Thfrre were two things she could do— either meaning our discomfiture—one was what she did do—a downright refusal—and the other would have been ture. Foraker and McKInley Compared, Minneapolis Times: Foraker is much to have agreed to another conference t ae same sort of a republican as Mc—meaning to help the United States Kinley, except that he has mere oour- throw the dust in the eyes of the peo- a g. e an( j j s not so much of a hypocrite, pie, whiUe still further riveting upon Foraker is the keener, more active, them the ohains of debt. ' more openly vindictive. Probably There is nothing so ultimately con- neither of them has any clear opinion fleeted with the 'prosperity of a people as to the merits of any question before If "he cultivates it in a business-like ^ ae a stable financial system that will ti.e country or cares to have. This inanner it may be assumed that milk • at all times record, as nearly as pos- i s unquestionably true of McKinley> can be produced and sold at ten cents j 8 iWe, an unvarying relation between wno regards every public question and per gallon. In order to do this there the value of money and the value of interest from the party standpoint, must be strict economy and close property, and such a condition cannot But both Foraker and McKinley ara watchfulness over ali the details connected with the work. The food required should be grown, so far ec possible, on the farm. Intensive, and not extensive, farming, as we see followed men t, and at th« present time no one ia many places, must be followed. In >be maintained if we must depend on self-seekers first, partisans second the action of other powers, patriots last McKinley is more sol- Class interests are in, thorough con- emn about it, having a strong infusion trol in monarchical forms of govern- of Pecksniff in his mental and moral class has such dominating power in t those countries as the money class— of, say, twenty dollars per acre, _it • tnat dea]g exie i us i ve iy in mon«y. And the past, wnen Iowa lands had a value composition. The Spoilsman In Congress. Detroit Free Press: As the time for •was . ------------------- . . , good policy to make land take tne ; under its j n fl ue nce laws will be main- tae assembling of congress draws near place of labor— gathering crops from , tajned that enian<;e tfcg value of mon- ^ country renews its acquaintance extended areas which by more careful i ey> ^ prop6rtv in whica tnev are ia _ .^.^ the average congressman's con- cultivation could be secured Irom tereste( j llst M tbe owners o£ auy OQ Q{ bis duty to Ws much less land. But with land values j property would , have a selflsh motive Hg wantg Qffices for tnem _ ,_ More at about fifty dollars per acre as 11 . . 1DEAS IN DOWNS. For draseier occasions th«r« was » mouse-colored corduroy velvet, th« ekir-t cut into a point in front, crowe* over from left to right, the edge bor- derfcd vritn steel cord; the bodice crowed over the reverse Tray, »nd iris cut square at the neck over a of tucked green poplin. Another sown an pansy-color»d fact cloth was bra.id«d on the skirt wltk 3 wide fancy black braid and the bodice, very litUu pouched ia front, had thi braiding iirrwiged on it in er«*t cheeki to make 'tiw wai«t app«ar rtry «mfcn, while the little -pofntetl rest wan ia velvet of a darker shad*. In a simpler style was « centum* of cafe-aulait cloth braided in a key-pattern, and flat rosettes of narrow braid, the bodice fastened over on one sid« with double revers, the upper on« being of mink, with oae of guipure just showing beneath it, and the narrow belt was of steel and turquoises. A smart little gown in bright sna<&» of reseda-green cloth had scrolls ft. black sadn ribbon insertioned between black and steel cord on the hips and slightly pouched-bodice, which was drawn up in points over the shoulders over a yoka of tucked black Roman satin and a twist of the black satin encircled the waist. Very smart was a stone-gray cloth prettily braided over the hips with a twisted cord in the same shade mingled with gold; the upper part of tho bodice and sleeves was entirely of tucked green silk, and the turn-down t-ollar and pointed revers were*heavily embroidered with the shaded cord an* tdged with sable, while a jabot of olfi fe.ee shed a softening influence orer tfce whole. A smart reception gown had a skirt and sleeves of beaver-color, cowst-rlb- bed silk hemmed with gable, and tk« somewhat complicated bodice was wonderfully pretty, made of vtlret tha 63-me shade, with a beautiful v«rt of white silk closely embroidered wftli black chenille and gold and outlined With sable; the narrow stand-out collar and belt were of black velvet, the latter clasped with a gun-metal buckl* Inlaid vitb gold and steeL SHADOWED now is, a different system ought to , prevail, let it is a matter OI regie , Uiat improved cultmuon .<* the soU . has no .kept pace with ^the ^^^\ price of land And 11 1 making his first trip eastward _a .tew Jn TQ the value of their prop . pers p lr ing patriot has returned to o{ money increased camisfoa ^ g . . in property. Nor does it stop at this: ^ syste m must be modifled-or abol- Ti-> ^ ^^ Q ^ ^ , rum blic h£e . It , s a pretty safe wic li£e could spare tnese worthi es much better than it ern New York it was not uncommon j Th ® mone : r dealer !oans his mone - v aud could get along without the eminently ' to see the manure from cow stables , files awa >' tne notes thrown out of windows and left ex- ! &%** tfle <Jeblors have si ^ ed posed to sun, wind and rain. The low- priced surplus corn, oats, miU byproducts etc., go eastward to feed live enhancing purchasing power and a correspondingly decreas- value to property, the ability of the mort- -wise and salutary merit system ia With government business, to IftcKinley's Injudicious Pardons. Chattanooga, Tenn., iNews: -McKtn- ., _ _ stock in those regions, and unless the debtors to exchange their property for IeJ - is ma kj ng an atrociously bad ree excrement from animals consuming sufficient money to pay their debts ord as a par< j 0 ner of that peculiarly the same is saved and applied to the , when due is gradually lessened; and dangerous c i as s of criminals, bank land, not only will the principal profil. j when the increased purchasing power wrec j £erSi officers of banks who steal mO ney. intrusted to their , . expected froin its purchase be lost, of money continues over a long .period but the land from which the main sup- it results in bankruptcy to thousands feeep i ng . His last act of grace in this ply of food is taken for use of such an- ' of property owners -who otherwise Iine was for t0e benefit of a New Mex- Imals -will tie and depleted. steadily impoverished And this is as true ol would have remained solvent. icaa bank robber, whose offense was If, therefore, we admit 'the .principle peculiarly bad. In this respect the the rich lands; of the Mississippi val- that it is necessary to -have other na- president's record painfully contrasts ley as of Genssee or Mohawk valleys tions agree with us in fixing a common witll tne one ma( je by his predecessor of New York state. An acre of good .measure of values, -we become hope- | n o fg ce . tend, either :in New York, Iowa, or lessly entangled and re,nou*x'e our own Missouri, planted to corn, in such a • constitution, which says ihat "congress inanner as to get the best results, will . shall coin money and fix the value jroduce all the food of this class as thereof." "vve place ourselves at the Democracy Not to B«i Gainsaid. St Louis Republic: All attempts to check the rising tide of democracy an average cow requires in a year's mer cy of monarchical Europe, and ad- ttat ^ reiiteJ1B to engulf the state of time. And in New York peas can be successfully raised to supply the nitro- ;enous food needed to balance corn as , ration for cows giving milk. The mit the fact that we are subject to the laws of the-ir parliaments. No theoretical or fancied monetary system can justify us in placing the yoke "of debt Illinois will fail. Gerrymandering won't do it. All the Tanners in Christendom can't do it. So let the governor call an extra session of the legisla- best cows for milk production are such and insolvency upon our industrious tuxe to deyisp means to cheat the de . as will give the largest yield of st&n- property owners, or in sanctioning for lard milk or milk of richness required a m oraeat the proposition that we are >y la* 1 '. And cows of this class are tound in nearly all breeds. They are ilso found in astonishing numbers in :ha£ mucn despised race characterized not hi nil things independent of the monarchies of the world. The money we need, no matter what is made of, is a stable money, that common, or scrub cows. From tie i ^ res tne property owner and taxpayer jailk sellers* standpoint choice may be j no disadvantage In the payment of ob- had among cows having Shorthorn, ugg.^^ Chough they -be -bonds of the *T_ t_i_;_ —— T>f\A "C>.rxl1 Vil,-\j-i.r1 ITI >TiaiT« i mocrac> . out of its due . nucois will swing out of the republican column as sure as he does. Trn»t the People, Sot Arralei- Kttsburg Post: The tendency to Increase our military and naval establishments so as to rival those of'Bu- Holstein, or Red Poll blood In their ^^ sta.W or nation." extending over a makeup. A cow that will give 5,000 pound;.; of milk during the yw may >e called a good cow. Yet tWere are than this quantity, irized accordingly. and FSrwin Merida, Yucatan, comes th« story of an obliging and resigned prisoner, who escorted through the streets bis drunken guard, after the oiBoftr's pin away, the jail authorities and -went woirk- period of fifty years. And such a money can be had without reference to fche money used by other nations, and our peopJe be the more prosperous by -having it. It is, a mistaken idea that w<> -most have for our domestic use the sam« money as that which, we uae tn dealing with the citizens of an- Otiter -nation. *Wien we had. greentiaefca my and nary officers. It is not needed, The reliance of the country always has been and must continue on our volunteer eitiiwi soldiery. Subj*ct« far Bncolie Columbus, O., Press; "WtU anybody came iknythlns farmer* hare to saU In th« South.—The Dixie Killer, Nashville, Tenn., says: Six weeks ago indications pointed to the seeding of the largest area of wheat ever •own in the South. It is needless to say that the drought has largely upset these calculations, while many small growers will sow little or none, owing to the high prices of seed wheat Conditions have improved some during Che last week, as w e have had light, chough general rains. This will only help the situation insofar as the wheat already sown is concerned, as wheat sown now can not promise good returns with any degree of certainty. With all these hindrances we believe 90 per cent, or perhaps an average area, will be sown. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that so far it has made little progress, and, should we have cold weather early, will go into winter quarters in poor condition, The girl who stands o» *h bridge -was charged with fiMU dering her uncle. The man ia the background is a. detecttr%, H e thought she did. The evidence pointed strongly toward her lover. To save him sh*. confessed. Bat she didn't do the shooting. This is only on» of a thousand thrilling iaci-< dents in A Conflict ^ of Evidence By Rodrigues Ottoleagni, ft mpst absorbin g detective itorj^ Hints In Have the goods to advertise. Tell your story plainly in tke newspaper that the people read, and in language they e.asily Delapidated Farm Houses.—In -Jriv- ing about the country one cannot help noticing many places where the owner's lack of thrift is evident in the dilapidated condition of much about the house, barn or farm. The fences may need repairing. The sheds may show ;igns of weakness. Gates may have lost a hinge and become useless. The evidence of habitual neglect may be seen in many ways about the place, and the aggregation of these little things which result from carelessness or thoughtlessness goes to give the farm a run down appearance which it does not deserve, and which it would not have if care was taken to keep things in a condition of good order.—Wiaion- sin Agriculturist. To prevent water soaking through toe cellar wall plaster the walls on the inside with cement If the foundation la only now being laid pnt the cement on the outside instead of Inside. It might b* better to put It on both, ont- »ld« and iniide walls. .' I»T» „, ttfeaotttte *** When Instinct governs some actions iactiirct is only another name Jor a wife. He who runs may read, but if tof» reaming for office the less he hiia {• lay the better. All the world's a stag» and to tie tramp is assigned the part of -vralk- :g gentleman. The woman who is homely enough to stop a clock ie not a success -when It eomee to stopping a street car. The arerag* woman ewaHo-ws flat- just «a a b»by swaUoTrs button*— at tli* tronbl* ttutt BUT fat. tor- . .» understand, and among otiers prserve the following Advertising Points: Profitable advertising results fr»m good goods being offered well. Give your rivaFs advertising attention, but give your rival n» advertising. Advertising prestige is hard to win, but not hard to l»6e. It is easiest sustained. The add should be so plain that it will l»e understood by a reader of little understanding. Your adrertising should be complete in itself. To secure the test results, we the DAILY and "WEEKLY PHAEOS. with its large eirc*la- tion in both city smd county. . CART ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE Positively cared by thM6 Little Pilla. 'Jhey also relieve Distress from Dyipejala, IndigesUon and Too Hearty Eatm^. Apos. fa* remedy for Kzrinejs, Kuuea, DnmC. .-.. Mtt, Bid Taste m the Moofli,Co«tedTo«<«» ftiin in the Side, TORPID LIVES. "Oaf •m«UPin. ttntfl

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