News-Pilot from San Pedro, California on February 23, 1977 · 28
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News-Pilot from San Pedro, California · 28

San Pedro, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 23, 1977
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yiEtmOinwi ir-fp"11 E' 1 1w NEWSCsPlLOT Television Wed Feb 23 1977 C8 WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 23 EVENING 6:00 e a ® a® (® u News Cl S3) ® ((28 (D) B3 News Q Lakers Basketball Lakers vs Detroit ® Gomer Pyle O Gunsmoke 03 Partridge Family ffl Adam-12 6 Star Trek £D Electric Company ED Dramatic Series (39) Mike Douglas © Little Rascals -6:30- Q Dinah! Guests include George Carlin Ray Charles Mary MacGregor and Burton Cummings ® Andy Griffith 00) Merv Griffin Show 03 Family Affair ( IP) ®) Gunsmoke ED Zoom ( 29) ®) Bewitched ED Town Talk 7:00 Q Dinah! O O S3) ® ED ED Rows ® My Three Sons C8J To Tell the Truth O Concentration 03 I Love Lucy (E) The FBI (2& Andy Griffith E 0 Korean Drama ED MacNeilLehrer Report ( 29 ®) Partridge Family © McHale's Navy -7:30- O Dinah1 Cl ED Name That Tune ® The Odd Couple O Match Game ® 3128000 Question O The Joker's Wild Cio Wild World of Animals (D ( 29) (8) Brady Bunch (ii?) ®) Pop Goes the Country S3) (6) Celebrity Sweepstakes S3 Hogan's Heroes ED Channel 28 Tonight (39 Liars Club ES "F" Troop 8:00 O (33 ®) ® Good Times Florida s reluctance to go out on a date proves to be justified when her sup posedly special evening seems headed for disaster O S3) ® 39 ED The Life & Times of Grizzly Adams The Tenderfoot" A frail but eager youth named Theodore Roosevelt tries to prove his ability to survive in the wilderness Unfortunately he doesnt know how to cope and almost gets killed trying to learn Charlie Marlin Smith guests 6) Movie: (2hr) “From Here to Eternity" (dra) 54-Burt Lancaster Deborah Kerr Frank Sinatra Montgomery Clift 0(29®) 39 The Bionic Woman Jaime works undercover as tutor to a difficult young prince in an attempt to safegaurd his father a powerful Shah from assassins O Movie: © (2hr) "The Two Kennedy's-A View From Europe” A documentary on the political history of the Kennedy family G) Wild World of Animals IE) Perry Mason EB Korean Variety Hour 126 National Geographic Polynesian Adventure" E) Nova "Incident at Browns Ferry ' Documentary relating the story of Americas worst nuclear reactor accident and what s being done about our nuclear power dilemma ED Championship Wrestling 63 Japanese Language Programs Thursday 1 DAYTIME MOVIES 9 30 0 "Wild Harvest” (dra) 47-Alan Ladd Dorothy Lamour 10 00 5ft © "The Girl and the General" (rom) 67-Rod Steiger Virna Lisi 12 00 03 “Casbah" (adv) 48-Tony Martin Marta Toren Yvonne DeCarlo 1 00 O © “Epitaph for A Fast Gun’’ (wes) 67-Michael Riva Albert Farley O CO "Imitation of Life” (dra) 59-Lana Turner John Gavin Sandra Dee 26j © “The Roman Spring of Mrs Slone” (dra) 61-Vivien Leigh Warren Beatty Jill St John 3 00 0 ©"Wild in the Streets” (dra)-Christopher Jones Shelley Winters Diane Varsi 39 © “Doctor's Wives" (dra) '71-Dyan Cannon Gene Hackman 330 O © "Frankie 8 Johnny" (mus) 66-Elvis Presley Donna Douglas Nancy Kovack Streisand special airs Barbra Streisand will be featured in a special broadcast “Barbra With One More Look At You” at 7 pm Friday on Channel 2 This is a behind the scenes portrayal It traces Barbra Steisand’s career from the way she was some 7 Childhood ' continues “A Great Day for Bonzo” will be featured next on “Childhood” a five-part series based on autobiographical writings by well-known authors at 9 tonight on KCET Channel 28 -8:30- 0 (32 (3D) CD The Jacksons Comedy star Dorn DeLuise and heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad All guest Q Movie: (90) “Wake Island" (dra) 42-Bnan Donlevy Robert Preston William Bendix (D Cross-Wits 9:00 O (92) (3D) CE) CBS Wednesday Movie: ©) (2hr) “The Parallax View" (dra) '74-Warren Beatty Hume Cronyn Paula Prentiss Williaqj Daniels Story of an mves tigative reporter's attempt to uncover a national conspiracy of political assassination O 0) ®) 6D CPO Sharkey Sharkey Boogies on Down" When the recruits hint that Chief Sharkey is gelhng old he and Robinson go to the Disco Cave where Audrey and Diane help them demonstrate their youlh O ((IS (3D) 39 Baretta A death bed confession of an imprisoned man stirs Tony Baretta to avenge his own lather's death ® Steve & Eydie "Our Love Is Here to Stay" CD A Night Of Music With Mel Torme Michel LeGrand & Anne Murray (D Merv Griffin Show CD Virginian (26 America ED Great Performances: Childhood Great Day for Bonzo" H E Bates' story about three children playing in a deserted barn who meet a stianger He wants so badly to get rid of them he gives them his dog Bonzo who in turn leads the children into a series of bizarre adventures -9:30- O 23) ® 6D The McLean Ste venson Show ' Grandma s Secret' Grams announces she s engaged to a retired tugboat captain (guest Edward Andrews) and Mac looks forward to having an extra room plus one less mouth to feed then the 'commodore" springs his surprise1 ED La Criada Bien Criada 10:00 O Quinn Martin’s Tales Of The Unexpected!!!! Outer Space Landing'! O ® ® 6o) ED Tales ol the Unexpected "Nomads" When Air Force officials learn that Vietnam veteran Paul Rogers suffered a men tal breakdown during the war they disregard his tale of space roving vampires' landing to prey on Man kind David Brynner guests Q O News (6 Celebrity Revue O ( 29 ( 8 ) 39) Charlie's Angels The Angels go after a handsome blackmailing dance teacher by going undercover with Jill posing as a Disco queen Sabrina as a plain but wealthy dance pupil and Kelly as a shady private eye E3 Israel Today (26 Gunsmoke ED Behind the Fence: Albert Paley Metalsmith ED El Bien Amado -10:30-G) (D ED News 6) Woman 11:00 G O ED 39) News G ((29) (3 ) Love American Style (6) Singles Match Up O 23) ® CUE) News G Maverick fflThe GGG Want Mary £ Tom £ Mary Finds Joy On Her Kitchen Floor G3 Mary Hartman Mary Hartman CE) The Honeymooners ((ifi 3 ) The Ranch Show (26 Best of Groucho ED Classic Theatre Preview The Humanities in Drama ED Dramatic Series -11:30- G (T2 C3D) (8 ) CBS Late Movie: (£) “Columbo: Swan Song" (dra) ’74-Peter Falk Johnny Cash GDNews O 23 (6) (id) ED Johnny Carson (6) The PTL Club G ( ?9 (8 ) 39 The Rookies Mystery of the Week ID News QD Sgt Bilko (26 The 700 Club 12:00 G Best of Groucho O Movie: © "Run Angel Run" (dra) '69-Valerie Starrett (D Movie- "Affair in Trinidad" (dra) 52-Glenn Ford Rita Hayworth EE) Movie © “Desert Hell" (dra) 50-Brian Keith Barbara Hale -12:30- O All Night Show: “©“Carnaby M 0 " "Mambo” “One Million B C” 1:00 (6J Tomorrow o 2:00 O Movie Doublefeature: “It Takes All Kinds" "Ride the Pink Horse” 15 years ago to the way she is today Some of the highlights will be her appearance on the “Jack Paar Show” in 1961 a television special she did with the legendary Judy Garland and clips from her big box-office movies such as “Funny Girl” Three children a would- r be suicide his girl friend and a remarkable canine named Bonzo are the stars of the second presentation of "Childhood” Diana Ross made up as Ethel Waters pays tribute to many legendary performers on her television special due March 6 on NBC Henry joins NBC-TV LOS ANGELES (AP) -Former secretary of state Henry A Kissinger signed last week as NBC’s special consultant on world affairs won’t be working as an on-air reporter who breaks major stories affecting the world But he might be used behind the scenes to tap his obviously excellent contacts at the State Department and with foreign leaders to help NBC News work on various international stories That’s the word from NBC News chief Richard C Wald who was asked in a phone interview what Kissinger’s special consulting will involve how much of a salary he’ll get and if NBC News is paying for it Wald declined to say how much Kissinger will earn each year of his five-year NBC contract He also was mum on whether the salary will come solely from the NBC News budget or from elsewhere in the NBC treasury “Oh that’s an internal thing” he said of the latter query “It’s the sort of thing I don’t think we like to publicly discuss” NBC has said Kissinger will start work in July take a major on-air role in a major news documentary each year on international affairs and occasionally be interviewed on other NBC News shows dealing with important news developments The NBC agreement also gives the network exclusive rights to special programs based on the former secretary of state’s memoirs which Little Brown & Co is publishing for a reported $2 million advance LID ZEPPELIN AT THE FORUM MARCH 9 12 13 15 IS colds tv service ALL REPAIRS COMPLETED IN YOUR HOME We bring our complete shop to you and do all work on the spot H T FREE ESTIMATE We will check your set give you an accurate estimate of necessary repairs and complete them it you wish No charge or obligation it you do not wish repair work done Enjoy TV tonight Avoid the nuisance & expense of shop repair (Hmife REGISTRATION NO 17075 MOBILE TV SERVICE 542-7229 Lesbian relationship topic of NBC movie By Vernon Writer Scott UPI Lesbianism probably has been the most taboo subject in television up to now At 9 pm Sunday NBC-TV will telecast “In The Glitter Palace” a two-hour movie starring Barbara Hershey as a young woman involved in a lesbian relationship Sex and censorship have come a long way in television Married persons in the same bed and even unmarried persons in bed have been shown on the air Married sex premarital sex and male homosexuality all have been the subject of dramatic entertainment shows Probably the most notable success was “That Certain Summer” a video movie starring Hal Holbrook as a homosexual But a sexual relationship between two women has remained out of bounds at least in commercial network prime time Even the movies have shied away from the subject except for “The Children’s Hour” with Audrey Hepburn and Shirley Mac-Laine and “The Fox” with Anne Haywood and Sandy Dennis The “Glitter Palace” in the title of this Columbia Pictures Television film is a gay bar The story deals with a woman’s marriage destroyed by a lesbian affair complicated by a murder case Barbara Hershey readily accepted the role “I had no qualms about the kind of woman I’d be playing” she said “There’s no chance I’ll be type cast “The lesbian scenes are i all done in good manner There’s some hugging and kissing but nothing really offensive I don't think any viewers will be shocked at the relationship “Actually it’s very tender and sweet I didn’t play the role like a woman who hates men but as a woman who loves women “What the story says is that a lesbian is a human being first and a lesbian second This is not a cliche role” Barbara who lived for several years with actor David Carradine and bore him a son is a very feminine woman She said she’s never had contact with the daughters of Lesbos in the past and had little knowledge to draw on “I felt a little funny at the beginning” she said “I am naturally affectionate but I worried about how the other actress would feel in play tradb-iii For Yowr Color TV ON A NEW 77 COLOR CONSOLE — PEARSEY’S - PRICE-RITE TV Sam Loam Om IS 1m 206 S Locust St INGLEWOOD OR 2-8888 OR 8-2998 TKHMCIM ing some of the scenes "The other actress was Diana Scarwid She’s 21 When we had to play the physical scenes we both felt like a couple of little girls Fortunately we liked each other and we could express the affection we had for each other on camera “There’s a certain giddiness involved in breaking taboos on film which I think accounted for our giggling and behaving like little girls Diana and I both played feminine women not the masculine type “I read a book on the subject before we started making the film I thought about going to some lesbian bars but I decided I wanted to examine how I might feel about lesbianism personally without preconceptions “The story is really prolesbian It shows the discrimination they face and how difficult a way of life it is for them “The character I play finds a happy resolution to COME ON OVER WE ARE DEDICATED TO BRING YOU THE BEST SltECTION IH MOTION PICTURE ENTERTAINMENT FOR STUDENTS f SENIOR CITIZENS AN AMC DISCOUNT CARD ENTITIES YOU TO SPECIAL REDUCED RATES HERE'S OUR CFINING LWETY-hTCMD WHINER OF 6 ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS including "BEST PICTURE” Woody Guthrie’s music has become as much a part of America as its mountains its rivers its forests X and its people His life has touched all of our lives This is his story for the fun of it I f j JlCKELODEOff 5 304 00-1015 TWI-UTE SHOW TICKETS her problem She and her girlfriend walk off into the sunset arm in arm” Barbara said a lesbian was hired as a technical adviser on the show in the interests of accuracy and correct terminology The principal purpose however was a desire on the parts of the producers not to offend the growing lesbian community in the United States “I don’t think lesbians are as obvious in our society as male homosexuals I also don’t know if lesbianism has more to do with a woman’s attitudes and way of life than simply sex I a i l B I B fl B B MEDICAL CAREER THE BRYMAN SCHOOL 542-6951 SEE OUR AO IN THE YELLOW PAGES H S B I B B AND JOIN IN THE EUN DURING OUR 1 AT THIS THEATRE OUR GOAL IS TO evE you maximum value tor TOUR MONEY AMC DISCOUNT CARDS ARE AVAILABLE AT THE BOIOEFICE fl WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS' P ' VwV Technicolor" Or 6 30 1 TWt-LTTE SHOW w (C-l 5 30-8 00-10 30 5 TW ELITE SHOW TICKETS 5-5301150 5-5'30$150 Bracken on CBS show Comedian Eddie Bracken will make a rare television appearance on an episode of “Busting Loose” being filmed for broadcast on the CBS Television Network Bracken is known for his role in “Miracle of Morgan’s Creek” and many others Also playing guest roles are Chanin Hale and Shelley Morrison Tony Mordente directs from a script by Sandy Krinski and Chet Dowling John Watkins Jeweler Designer Fine jewelry repair and cuitom designing on the premises Stones checked and rings cleaned without charge i Registered American JeWe'erS £& Gem Society V— fS " FINEJFWELRVTJ CAMERAS 48 Peninsula Center 377-6851 gift 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