The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 21, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, November 21, 1908
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t W , r . ^ ^ I t- f I Vol. XX. AKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, SATCKDAY, NOVEMBER 21. 1SMW. No. TEACHERS WILLIKA1SER SAYS ALLIANCE Hffl 6ATHER HIED Sf A1ES, ONLY m W • - LUX r . The twenty-eighth annual session of the Kern County Teachers' Institute will he held In the assembly hall of the new high school building in this city, beginning Monday, and continuing Tuesday and Wednesday. Teachers from all parts of the county are required to attend, and it is hoped that the present session will be one of the most successful ever held in the county. ' A number of prominent educators will address the local pedagogues upon subjects connected with school work. Among the speakers will be Prof. P. W. Kauffman, superintendent of the Pomona city schools; Mrs. JMary Roberts Coolidge, of the University of California; Mary Meade Bland, •author, and instructor in English literature in the state normal school, at San Jose, and several others. Sessions will begin at 9:00 daily, continuing until 12 o'clock. A recess will then be taken until 2 p. m. There \viii be no evening session except on Monday, when Mrs. Roberts Cooiidge will deliver her lecture upon classic lullabies and old time songs. The program in full is as follows: Monday Forenoon. Music. Roll call; response with quotations. Remarks, Supt. R. L. Stockton. Reading based on Interest, Supt. P. W. Kauffman. "Training for Public 1 Appearance idge. Monday Afternoon, v * * * * * * * * * * * * NEW YORK, Nov. 21.—The World publishes what purports to be an "Absolutely accurate and authentic synopsis" of the Interview of the Kaiser with Dr. Kale aboard the Hohenzollern off Bergen, Norway, while the latter was the guest of the Kaiser The Kaiser la quoted as saying, "King Edward has been humiliating me for more than two years," that Edward'is exasperated because Germany is the paramount power of all Europe, and England is trying to neutralize that power. The Kaiser said that he held France in the hollow of his hand, that Russia IB of no account since the disastrous war in Japan and that if a Pan-American war Is Inevitable, the sooner It came the better. The Kaiser said he was tired of suspense, that Great Britain Is a decadent nation since the war Iti the Transvaal ana that the Angfo-Japanese alliance is an iniquitous alliance against all white races. The only way to counteract that alliance, he said, Is for the United States and Germany to act together. NEW YORK, Nov. 21.—Dr. Hale, when seen today, repudiated absolutely the "Vfaorld's story. * HAVE $20 Suit for Donscience Fund SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 21.—U is definitely known that offers have boon mad** to tho firm of Miller & Lux for their entire holdings on the Pacific Coast, bm it cannot be learned au- v whether the deal Is closed. * * * CHILD HARVARD AND VAUE BATTLE ON GRIDlgON • ! Helen Dale, a little three year old orphan girl, brought n\> iiom ,U-s An- ntfi'k.- only two day* :m » h\- MIM. P. H. <-(.olbaugh, of the* rhtHtx-a's fihvl- tav. to find a home ^vit'i u Kern fa,ii II\, died last nknt af. tho uoiiie oi h'."* new foster n'irei: s. Mr and .T E Gabriel, in vhe Paua n i TJie Gabriels are as grief stricken Mrs. Mary Roberts Cool-» because of the death of the adopted little one as if she had been their own child. They drove in from the coun- NEW HAVEN, Nov. 21.—The weather today Is Ideal for the Harvard-Yale football game. Frost lay like snow on the ground this morn| ing, but disappeared as the day pro- crossed. Thirty-six special trains arrived here during the forenoon. Yale, on paper, has one of the best elevens in years. Harvard points "to her team as one of the best developed In the history of the college. •> •:• * *:• *> *;• •:- •:* •;• * Music. Roll call. Reading based on try this morning, bringing the body Interest, continued, Supt P. W. Kauff- with them. It is now af Dlxon & Son's man. "Morals and Fun," Mrs. Mary undertaking parlors, and arrangements Roberts Cooiidge. nre being made for the funeral. Monday Evening. High school assembly hall—Lecture, Mrs. Mary Roberts Cooiidge, "Classic Lullabies and Old-time Songs." Tuesday Forenoon. Grammar and high school section work, "English in the Grammar Grades and the High School" Chas. T., _ . . . _. . _,, Con.ejor. Discussions, five minutes, „ Entertained at Sinner—Mrs. C. B. Virginia Jameson, Prof. H. M. Bland, Colb >' entertained a number of young - - -. -- r .— M. Pauline Scott, and others. "What P e °Pl e las t night at dinner, In honor t reedlngs and in an eloquent 1 f'-\ f ll f t «1 f i I , i t i"i *• Aflnn /"*! 1 «. u .«. » * . 1 _-%.•> ^-t A ^i>~> fr- .-. -i _. • 1_ . l rt r* i • CITY BRIEFS. The Los Angeles Times this morn- Ing prints a verification of the report thut a hm million dollar deal In real estate, affecting thousands of acres of land in Kern county, has been made, and covering the entire properties of Miller & Uix, embracing the big whole.-ale butcher business, lands in many valley counties In California, and 2:> acres in Oregon. Leggitt & Myers are named as two of the foremost members of the purchasing company, and the deal was negotiated by Rudolph Kraus of Los Angeles. According to the Times' statement the transfer to tho coterie of capital-' ist.s include I5n,uoo acres of oil land In Kern, Kings and Tulare Counties and a still larger body of agricultural land, embracing the entire holdings of rich farming land in Kern. Also Kays the Times article 120,000 head of car tie and horses are to be transferred, and it Is possible that tho stock Interest und butcher business of Miller & Lux will go to the Cudahy racking Company, The development of the oil land will be begun on a largo scale, and nrtlvo operations will be begun in the three counties where such land is situated. Some of the most promising Miller & Lux mineral land is In the vicinity of Temblor, and the snle. if verified, means much activity in that section. But Interest centers largely in the disposition of the agricultural holdings and these, it Is announced will be subdivided and sold to actual settlers. To this end, colonization offices will be opened in the large cities of America and Europe and the work of disposing of the land and bringing settlers to Kern and adjacent counties will be prosecuted on a colossal scale. The total Miller & Lux holdings In Kern are 327,441 acres, about 1-3 of this is under cultivation, the land being alluvial and among the richest In the state. Many thousands of acres are grazing land, and until the development of water cannot be utilized for other purposes. LOS ANGELES, Nov. 21.—A suit was filed in the United States circuit court today by Melissa Z. Funk, of A.ttica, lad., to recover $20,000 from a $200.000 estate of the Inte Theodore BimneH, a Santa Monica capitalist, and the founder of Grand .Junction, Colo., who died ut Colorado Springs a year at the age of 75, without rela- letters and promissory notes were «hown in court alleging that Bunnell. In 1.S5D, In Indiana, made an assault and attempted mistreatment of Mt*H. Funk, who was then Mlas Zlnk, a sirl'of 13.. He was stricken In conscience, and all his life continued to write letters appealing for forgiveness. He sent throe promissory notes due at. his death, an aggregate of $20, 000, in reparation executors refused maud and the suit the wrong. The to allow the de- was tiled. MPERS RE-ELECTE LEAVE The Ladies fAKEN AWAY » • • .'. * * * * *% .;. •:* •:* th« • Hli?h School Expects of the Gram- 1 of lun Grades", Mrs. H. S. Craig. Dls- j Peniel cushions, five minutes, Supt. P. \V. i Kjiuffmun, Mrs. R. L. Willow, J. \V. Stockton, T. E. \Valr and others. Section work, primary section, "Primary Reading," Mrs. \V, A, McGinn. Discussion, live minutes, Amy Iloot- Hor, Hannah L. IMggs, Douglass Me- Munlo an;l others. "Primary Nnmbet Work" Matilda TJironsen, Discussion, five minutes, Winifred Tlmmons. Mrs. U. M. Dubbers, Ida Penii, and others. Tuesday Afternoon. General session. Music. Roll Call. "The Boy We Teach," Supt. W. P, Kauffman. "The Short Story in Education," Prof. H. M. Bland. "The Vital Momentum," Mary Roberts Cooiidge. Wednesday Forenoon. Section Work, grammar and high school section. "Note Books, and What They Shoyld Contain," Mrs. M. F. Upton. Discussion; five minutes, F. B. Gainer, Lots E. Jameson, Mabel Chubb, Mrs. A. E. Wood, P. W. Kauffman, Mrs. Cooiidge and others. "Industrial Training," J. A. Bryson, P, W. Kauffman, W. L. Mason, Mrs. F, B. Thomas, Miss Esteiie Story, J. E. Dyer, Chas. Cottle and others. Section work, primary section, "Language ami Composition," Mrs. K. J. Jaynes. Discussions, five minutes, Miss Clara Kelson. Mission—Mrs. Soth Cook will talk tomorrow at 3 o'clock at Peniel Mission. All are invited An Abandoned Babe—Mrs. Coolbaugh brought from Mojave last night an abandoned babe which will bo carea for until a home is found for it. Underwent Operation.—.Miss '"fill was upei'aicii on a' the Jii Id sanatorium yesterday for ,!ioitis, ami is dolnjc well. Ti>o operation was nLM't'ornied by Dr. Srhai'fr. Hodgman Will Plead Guilty—The examination of C. C. Hodgman, charso DENVER, Nov. 21.—Samuel Gompers was today re-elected president of the American Federation of Labor with but one dissenting 'yd\ce. The remainder of the committee's report was adopted without discussion. At this point Delegate T. L. Lewis of the Miners interrupted the pro- speech MANILA Burnt Cork MANILAS Nov. 21.—Admiral Sperry ( Addressed a Jotter to Governor General ; Smith yesterday saying that; he had j decided not to alow leave to any men of tho fleet during the stay !n Manila, 1 Spf-rry snys bis action is based on ud- i vices from medical officers of the fleet from his own convictions. He There'll be big doings on the 20th of December when the young society women of the city make their bow at tho Bukentflpld opera house in an up- to-date, sure enough minstrel show. Already elaborate plans arc Uetni; made for an event which promises to ecli|>tse Die show ^Ivon by the Klka month. The procou'ltf of ihe tier- to co to St. Paul's build- Deputy Sheriff Evans of gan Lulf Obispo. this morning left with Percf Snyder, the ex-San Francisco policeman who has been feigning insantty here, who Is wanted on the coast for numerous forgeries, and who may turn out to be an Important witness In tho San Francisco graft cases. Snyrtev has apparently recovered his reason'to a remarkable extent during Itls stay in the county bastlle, and he had little to say when he left this morning about the 3000 car-loads oi wood, which subject has formed the chief basis of Uia conversation for somo days past. U la thought that wandering prattle has been caus* _ j. ^ ^ another by a at the Shirts Toggery Each anywl TOGGERY ^_ v d with embezzling photograph Ic paraphernalia to the value of $150, was held before Justice Black this morning, and tho prisoner was bound over. Hodgman has announced his Intention of pleading guilty in the Superior Court to the charge against him, and is anxious to begin his sentence In San Quentin at the earliest possible date. Another False Alarm—Still false alarm, probably short circuit, was turned in engine house last night. The offenders have not yet been, located. Anderson Case Dismissed—On account of the weak case made against W. A. Anderson, accused of the theft of several horses, both cases against him were dismissed by Justice Black.'. The officers are now searching for j Mulvaney, who appears to be the guilty party. More Fals6 Alarms—Another false alarm came la for the flre department shortly after 9 o'clock last night. The trouble Was probably due to a short circuit formed by crossed wires, as no box number showed on the tape. It Is thought that small boys are responsible again, Fare and Third—The Santa Fe has offered the teachers of the county a round trip rate of a fare and a third, Institute week. The purchaser should pay the full fare fit the point of departure and take a receipt for the same. The refund will be made later. Fish Were For W. S. Tevis—Game Warden Alf Tibbet today stated that the consignment of trout fry which passed by Bakersfleld yesterday was probably meant for W. S. Tevis, whft Intended planting the fish in streams on his San Emidio ranch. Tibbet has had no notkse of the shipment of any trout fry to him. (presented o n behalf of the convention to President Gompers a handsome slJ- ver loving cup and to Mrs Gompers a diamond ring. Mr. Gornpers was overcome by the good wnTorcfie 'del-' esatos. coming a s It did at the end of a hard fight, and could scarcely con- trnl his feelings as he thanked the convention, A resolution commending the efforts of President Roosevelt in behalf f :f the conservation of tho national r.'sourcos was unanimously adopted. The recommendation that the Fedor- Ktl'»n orert a building suitable for its uses at "Washington, T). C.. was also as TiJiiM. lien unjust, .ut'l flic and unduly __^^ — — - — any information to his knowledge i'nf previous plofs against Uir> life of 1 PLAYING Daniel J. KeeiV f>f the MI withdrew as « candidate lor tin* executive council. James Duncan of the Granite Workers was re-elected first vice president, John Mitchell, second; .lames O'ConneU t —third; Max Morris, fourth; D. A. Hayes, flfth: William D. Huber, sixth, and Joseph Valentine seventh vice president. John R Alpine, was-elected eighth vlre president over William D. Manon. Secretary Morrison and Treasurer Lennon were re-elected. youn 15 ladies on oiihcr Mid*', KOIIK- wiil-MUv able to "pump imrnf cork niirl W>IH" wlihoin. | from him in r^ffanl A And tho other M'irts who <!o unj MI in the front row wil. ln ( in Hio ohoruK, j which Minn Harbor has drill. Then thi.M-o's Kniri.i? ''» ''*• a won ill tin* Mtlrar slili or i wo f BRYANT SCHOOL WINS FROM EMERSON AT FOOTBALL. The Bryant grammar school football team won from the Kmerson eleven this morning by a score of 10 to 0. The boys put up one 'of the best games which has been played by the grammar school teams for some time past. Ralph Stevenson made bath touchdowns for the winning team, both in the last half. The Bryant team will play tho Em- ersone a return game next Saturday. crowd of representatives of America were out to see the and the winners were cheered U. Stroud McKinley rt rt? rh (captain). J'g rt A big young game, loudly. At n o'clock tliU it'le.rnoon the was kicked off for the flrsr t'ooibjill uame of the league season to he {>!;iy eil in Bakergfield. At Rficroarion park Bukersfleld and Haufont high schools lined up against each other^ In tho following order: { Bukersfleld—Baker, r; HnnV.In. Porker, rg: We^ls, H; Dennen Stockton 1 captain(, le; Orandy. n; Slroud, Hi; Wleman, f. Hanford—Hurray, c; Hinktey, Is; Epler Prltchard, It; Gardner, re; Grlbl, le. Taylor, q; Newport, rh; Bowman,. In; Buckner, f. Substitutes, ' Bakerafleld, Church, Sllern, Curtis, Ogden, Robinson; Han foi;d, Boyd, Kreyenhagen, Legged. akersfleld 1 has ;v big pull in the weights, averaging 1G1. while Hanford's average Is but 150-151 to the man. The local (earn expects an easy victory, TO EXPLORE FOR OIL IN SUNFLOWER VALLEY. , and dancing ami linns that make \\\\ \\ show, with a laughable und all in all, the perfonunnce \tnmi Ist'S to be one of the best seen In tiu amateur line in this riiy, The date IK December l!',"h, ami o course you're going. So is ynur noinh hor. See him about it. which ho claimed to have j 0 :m>rn rugnizaiif of when on the San j Fraiu-isro police force, ho may go north a - a witness for District Attor» V * •.. - H¥ I THE SHERIFF" WAS WELL REUtlVbU A! 1HE UNION " I'he Sheriff" was tho new bill ut tho rnlon last night and was a vory pleating performance. All tho mom- I bora of the company did exceptionally well us tho parts were woll cast, Mr. Kennedy was excellent as the sheriff. Mr. Nugent was perfectly at homo in the rolo of the father. Tho heavy was woll played by Mr. Van Plunk. Mr. Stuart played the comedy part, Dave, and succeeded In getting all tho com ody out of tho part there was lu It. | Miss Cunningham was excellent HR the wayward daughter und her emotional work was clcvorely rendered. Miss Kumes was vory funny as the country girl and us tho mother MUs Anson received as* many laughs as imunl whenever the linos called for them. y The bill will continue until Monday The next bill will he "Wanted—A Wife." There will be a special matinee on Thflnkwslvlng Day, Tonight prlxe night. CANNON SAYS TAFT WON'T TRY TO ORGANIZE HOUSE. DAXVU.LI3. 111., Nov. 20.—Speaker Cannon's attention has been called to the story fient out from Hot Springs, Va., that Mr. Taft would oppose Mr. Cannon's re-filoctlon to the Rpeakorflhlp on the ground that "Uncle Joe" would not undertake in good faith a revision of the tariff. Mr. Cannon said: "T do not believe that the President- elect will undertake to organize the house. In common with the President F endorse the Republican national platform and am entirely will- in K*O abide by the action of the Republican caucus to determine the organization of tho house of the sixty- first Congress." HENEY STILL IMPROVES. SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 21.—Francis J. Money continues to improve at Umo Hospital. THE WEATHER, Fair tonight and Sunday. WOMAN SEES AGAIN AFTER BEING BLIND 36 YEARS, i H. J. stated Sifiht although Rnoda Brennun, Loo Hertzin Rt »r. Mrs. Colta Morris. Marjorie Un-lers, Fan- - Hisgma and others. "Nature nio Work/' James H. Parker. Discussions five minutes, Alice Reynolds, Lydia Colton, Louise Wllgon, Mrs. J, Albert Smith. Wednesday Afternoon. Music. Roll call. Report of Arbor and School Improvement Committee. Discussion. "Some Crimes Against Children." P.' W. Kauffmun. "Music and Poetry of Hawaiian**," Mary Roberts CooiUlge. Unfinished business. Report of committees. Adjournment. FIRST OUTBREAK UNDER THE NEW REGIME. A New York dispatch snys after being blind for thirty-six years, Miss Alice Hollis sees again. Steht has been restored to her au»I her vision Is not perfect hl> with eyeglasses, typewritten Inters. Miss Hollla left here for In Port Huron, Michigan, mined to go to Germany and a famous specialist at Wh The doctor performed aevenil severe operations on her eyes with ui< i happy result described. her home Sho l^ter ronsuit WASHINGTON. Nov. 21.™The flrsi of an outbreak under the new In China came to the state department today from American Consul Martin at Hankow, It is reported that a riot occurred on the Ytmgtso River in that vicinity. The cause Is unstated. t YOUNG MOUNTAIN PEOPLE ARE WED On the evening of November 18th the home of D. ShaoKeifonl on Fourteenth street, Charles S. Powers and Mia* Eva Tungate were united In marriage, Rev, A. U Paul of the South Methodist Church officiating. Tho ceremony was performed In the presence of a large number of relatives, and the young people were the recipients of many handsome presents. Light, the Hanford stockman, yesterday that he would shortly unite with others from Kings ( and Fresno counties for the purpose j of putting down a test well not so very far from Dudley. He states that the surface Indications are good and that he has explicit faith In the statement of experts who have designated the land as "oil land" and he believes that In a very few years a rich field will be developed there, in and adjacent: to the Devil's Den country, says the Fresno Herald. "We have been preparing to form an oil company and will soon incorporate," said he, "as the 'West Side Oil Company, 1 Several good locations have been secured and already Fresno capitalists have tried to purchase Interests with us and some of these parties will likely become interested financially in the project/' continued Mr. Light. As further proof tlmt there Is activity In oil lands In the Dudley and Devil's Den country, It Is noted that articles of Incorporation for the Mt. \Vrnon Mining Company were filed Thursday with County Clerk Francis Cunningham, and It would seem that tho new company Intends to search for oil and minerals in that region. GIRLS WILL ENTERTAIN FOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS I Ttio Girls Athletic Association of the Kern County High School will pive a spread tonight to the members of both tho Hanford and Bakersfleld football teams. Tables have been laid in the old high school building and at 6:30 the pigskin warriors of both elevens will he present to do JusMro to tho feast of good things, A dance will also be Rivin in honor of the visiting team at Woman's Club Hall tonlfiht, Tho hall has been docoratPrl in tho colors of the two schools, gold and white for Hanford and bluo and white for Bakoraflold, with a football suspended from the center of the hall. Refreshments will ho served. The decoration committee consists of Misses neulah Egan, Mollle Harris, Mollte Matlark. Isabel Wilson and Ben I>aaRe, Andrew Rocca and Henry Church. AMERICANS WERE BEATEN AT TENNIS BY AUSTRALIANS. • H" I FOUR KILLED. MELBOURNE, Nov. 21.—Brookes fl Wilding, Australian players, to*'ay defeated Frederick B. Alexander The!and Beal C. Wright, Americans, who ^ • L A ^^^^ * NFOW ORJJ5ANS, N f »v. 21.- .... - »- , river packet H. Z. Carter was blown j came out to compete for the Davlft Mr. Powers Is a prosperous farmer U p eight miles below Plaaucralne to- challenge cup in the Victorian cham- t\n+t V •• n *t tliA Hitfyf A tm A14A rtf *T*A_ l_i_._ * j* ._ i . - * _ .*, J *i»*.-, U1 »* irt«t*4a t r\ti*»rt a MnAt\f fi^O f fl_0 * of Onyx and the bride Is one of Te- j day and four men are hachapl's most popular young 1 lad lea. I killed. known to bo -pionahlp tennis tournament, 6-3; 8-2; 4-6; 6-2, L ^

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