The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 20, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1908
Page 8
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" , ~ f- ,*' - ,'& - •"•'- - t- - - 'I. .L - f- . i r ; C • - infi ''•• J « -.- i M -T- I ! •»••» ~ ! ' '1 0 S MAIN 29 and 86 oughts o Christ ma s urglar is ke M 110(0 of this u si id; some new L Y ii'l ihi.s vi-.'ir thai vou will Caught in Act Now f Busiest Busy Week to investiate earl. V'n ! •- will 1)0 many a sur- here for earlv buyers. the Store of Eastman Kodaks. Leading Druggists. Aft**r boldly lireuUns Into the room of anotlXT Mexican working for the Lam! Company, at thdr Twonty-foupth li/>;ulr|unpiorF. UUH morning, and a coi'! tin (I a pair of Kemari'lpx was arrested iy. Officer Uoodnll, ;nnl lodged In the Bounty juil on a chan:* 1 of burglary. The theft was committed at about :» o'clock this morning, Thomas Raone or the Land Company's finding Fernandez in the roMin, with (ho coat and shoes under his arm. Fcrmmrtoz broke and ran, but was followed by Ramirez. The victim lost the trail of the man he was hunting as the two approached town, but looked up Officer GoodatI, ,',i\'\ upon making a search jointly with the o nicer the thief was found in n cheap L street restaurant, with the coat and shoes wrapped up in a pack- ago. The case against Fernandez Is apparently a cl* j ar one. Ramirez will swear Oil! a burglary t'fuupliiint today. T>. T). Flory and H. Dooley, both of PortervUle, are registered at the Ar- j Ihigton. OUR CLOAK AND SUIT DEPARTMENT M.*a 1 , *.iTSS" X M' v -r V J V i , L Wr'i ' ')? ' ••;-•» I/;<A-,I, * f ^ >i ^ \vu i .V;t| vV V < '/S FOE SALE Amusement LTJCALYPTUS TREES i,000 ( 000, Leading Varieties j and Timber S, Mdwani (*. Crihb, Pros. halchor. Soc'q. 121) So. Anirelos, Cal. Moving pictures and dance every Wednesday evening In Oil fields, Associated Club House, San Joaquln Lease. MANUEL SERRANO Mnsrr. .•„• ' For Saturday's soiling wo offer many bargains in women's Tailored Suits and hong Coats; also a few beautiful Rubberized Bilk Raincoats, ranging at regular prices from $18 to $25. Saturday your choice for $14.75. * Voile Skirts at One-Fourth These are the skirts we told you of yesterday. They are sample skirts a manufacturer closed out to our New York buyer nt ONE FOURTH OFF. The very newest i( Di- rectoire" skirts are in the collection «s well as other very stylish models. Saturday your choice at ON FOURTH OFF. $8.00 Silk Petticoats For $4.98 \Vhen our New York buyer secured the voile skirts we have mentioned he knew there would be a demand for Silk Petticoats to go with them—he found a big "snap" at a bargain in high grade Silk Petticoats, nt nearly HALF PRICE. He had to take a large qmmtlty, whicKxhe knew the RedUck stores could easily dispose of at such a Remarkable Bargain—HERE THEY ARE, in nil the beauty of rich silk taffeta in all the wanted colors, handsomely made with plain and elaborate ruffles. BE SURE TO GET ONE SATURDAY. $8 Silk Petticoats for $4 90 HJT^ViJ \ Children's $8.50 Coats For $5.50 T Here's a chance to provide the girls with handsome warm coats at a bargain price Saturday. They are long coats, well tailored of dark material, prettily trimmed. Sizes from 8 to 14 years Regular price $8.50. Saturday for % . gg g g vs. - --Si. V n Women's 75c Union Suits, 25c i L The biggest underwear bargain of the season—50 dozen of ribbed fleece lined union suits for women were sold to us at a VERY UNUSUAL PRICE, Get enough Saturday to last you all winter, for such a chance will not happen again. Tuesday, November 24th Thomas Dixon Jr.'s own Dramatization of His Famous novels, "Leopard Spots" and "The Clansman." THE Remarkable Millinery For $3.98 | TOYS A big surprise awaits the wo'/ien of Bakersfield in our Millinery Section Saturday—Hato we usjally sell for $7,50 will be offered for $3.98. They are hats possessing all the style and .grace of $10 models. Newest shapes and colors of course; many women who have bought costlier hats will buy one of these for "second best"—will you? -TOYS Have you seen our big display of Toy? and Dolls on Second floor and in windows No. 16 and 17? NSMAN , -r, '.->' . •-.- Prices of 75 people. ORIGINAf* PRODUCTION. Superb Effects, with the «iff Cave Scene and the KU KLUX CAVALRY HORSES. m of <U*ori*t» II. Bromi;in. $1.50, $1, 75c, 50c, and 25c Seats on Sale Saturday. azaar rowds Francis Wednesday, Nov. The bazaar which U being hekl at Masters Janes, Krausse, Petrini, \Vil-l St. Francis hall this week has proven bur, Tibbett, Kastl and Mattson. ' to be the most interesting anil sue- i cesstul ever held by the church In \ this city. Each evening the crowds "The Toy Maker" This Evening. This evening there will be a crowd. house again to witness the popu- THE WERINGER ASSAYING CO. Is now prepared to make assays of all ores, metnls and water," Ore samples by mail cost Ic pe ounce. Send for free mailing envelopes and price list. F. J. WERINGER, Assayer and Metallurgical Chemist Wocdy, Cal. Near 3nJ<ersfield ot' patrons simply pack the hall. Last lav comedy which is played by ro- ovenins was an exceptionally busy • quest, entitled 'The Toy Maker." Dr. j one. When the curtain was pulled j Kudlan and bis living pictures ol | THE GREAT AMERICAN PLAY SIX MONTHS IN CHICAGO "Exceptionally it 1) s o r bint; >/'au»a." --Times. Bis (ii amatic hit." —Acton U;«vls, Hun. * Absorbing" — Burns MutiUo, Tribune, TWO YEARS IN NEW YORK, PAID back promptly at 8:30 every avail- pretty dolls, each taking special able .space In the hall was occupied.! parts, is ready to entertain you. The Many gained standing room only. The: curtain raises promptly at 8:15. This program was like former evenings,! play is one of note In various ways lively and up to date in every partio-jnml the manner iu which the St. ular. The opening number was a'Francis troupe plays same with the entitled "The Opening latest additions is sure to be a win- by Masters James and Peter ner this evening. sketch Speech" O'Hare, Gregory Newhouse, McKamy, Herold Janea and James George I "*)3nocoss."—New uVI. JHOH'H bent , American. Id umllonce I "Evening Journal. York Her nnU."— AU:m FULL BRILLIANTLY CAST AND STAGED SEEATEST DRAMATIC SUCCESS IN TWENTY YEAES. ^ MOST IMPORTANT THEATRICAL EVENT OP THE SEASON. Wilbur. The audience was kept In a continual uproar of laughter. The boys showed a marked Improvement in the delivery. The second number was a solo by Master Bert Mellor- Ing. "Love Me and the Wbrld la Mine," The audience was so taken with Master Bert that they brought him back to the footlights three times. The pretty young ladies hoop drill, the seesaw song, Uustrated, and the boys' minstrel act won great ap-; plause. The latter was led by Master Melloring wtlh his dark troupe, I felt Sale Monday Prices 50c, 75c, $1, $1.50. Ttf—M;iH orders for Beutu accompanied by check will be accepted aiut ft Hod in order received. HURSDAY OVEMBE MATINEE AND NIGHT Lincoln J. Carter's Special Production Flaming Arrow Introducing the Worlcl'r. Greatest Genuinie Indian Brass Band Street CITY FISH ARK Prominent on Floor Last Evening. Mr. and.Mrs. W. n. Smith, Mrs. Coverdale of Delano, Mr. and Mrs; T. A. Wells, Mr. and Mrs. James Me- Gulre. Mr. and Mrs. G. Flournoy, H. A. Jastro, Joseph Redllck, Dixon Brothers, Mr. Ball of Sllverwood, A. J. Hughes, Jack Jameson. A. P. Eyraud, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Howell, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Shields, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Shields, Jr., Hugh Shields, Mr. O'Brien, Mr. Sweeney, Arthur Halnea, Mr. and Mrs. Harktn, Mr, and Mrs. A. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. H. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. R, C. Flournoy, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Key, Mr. and Mrs. Salazar, Miss Catherine Mclner- ney, Mrs. J. O'Rourke, T. Scanlln, Mr. and Mrs. Ed O'Donnell, Mr. and IMrs. A. S. Morton, Mrs. Mary O'Brien, Mrs. Burke of Visalia, Mr. and Mrs. Herman of Wasco, James McKamy, Mr, and Mrs. Chabonno of Rosedale, John Uacey, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cortl, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Oaltes. Mr. and Mrs, Chria Helbllng, Mr. and Mrs. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Ho skin and two hundred more names are found on the register. Bazaar Notes. Is your name on the register? The ladles report last evening to have been still boiler than the others. Them are two morr nights and from nil acounts oach will be outdone by the succeeding one in the effort to make the fair a success far beyond the hopes of the most optimistic. Remember the baby show tomorrow afternoon. "The Toy Maker" by tlif> St. Fran• els dramatic troupe this oveninp. Bargain!! Baker sti , Terms payment; f—* r^ ^ — ~^^f i LTION AL CREST COFFEE - ?*'•+ , f 1* -4 * — * "1 * YOU WANT IT ! SOLD ONLY' IN TIN& Bakersfield Grocery Co. Bakersfield, Cal. Sole Agents Phone Main 186. 1717-1719 19th THE HUB On the Corner 19th and 1 Sts. SfJMMON of Kern Stnf'-'t Kthol Unmnii'Ho. Plnin^n (Vaaty . Trier V THE HUB On the Corner 19th and I Sts -V" : ' '. -M In •' Vun'v of !•' nn.i i - of jn Th ;>!' IN- St .:• u; tn . >- . • R-T..; , WE ARE AFTER THESE "CAN'T BE FITTED" FELLOWS. To the stout nun, tlio slim man, or to niiy iniui who thinks th.'H eau't lit! fitU'<l with' a iv;ul-t'>-v/r;u' suit. have a message of comfort. \v< THE EAKLY BIRD u an \ M V V ^'•\\ The Extreme Limit of Melodramatic Magnitude S BIG SPECIAL CAST OF POEPLE Matinee Prices Evening* Prices ... 25c, 50c and 75c 25c, 50c, 75c ( and $1 Seats on Sale Tuesday, \ViJl eortnuily f :t v,- \vfl! < t \\ this lit IM!HS i',;-! lilnn- -;ct^. For It-t us ti-il you iho first of Hi.- otVi-riiK*. i^- v, • U \vortli ; ojirly t'ov. Ami n> qtianti- lios ar» i iimit^t! u-o advise yon to c*Mtic at oiu'e and sciMiro tlu^ ert'am of till- hi v st oiVrriny 1 in wati-r-prool' ami strthh* l.)hiul;.-t^ it lur< lu. i on our •jjro to vaako, A, B. HEERINOTON 1517 19tb 8t. '*«*''. | I » l«»rl flu* lU^'Vi'-nJirii**'! 'IIMMMI*. in 1 .- ^'u- tHM'lov ''"iirt o' tiit' I'oni'.i 1 . (*( Kt-ra Stato "' ('ulit'.M'ui , MIV'^ 10 M),-.vrr iho Conuv nt HU-,1 jh(Mvi;i, wjihiu ,u-n /I'H'c [• L'lustve ol trie ii'iv (it stM'viri'i Brinf' your suit troubles ln*ro, AYo havi- a Mf so r \vii hiu •e ol' the tl'iv tit' st on vnii nt 1 wifhin suH Count v; i!' tMrtv •n cure—clothing that will tit you JUT Don't scoff, Sfr. IJanlfitter; put us to tin tost; trv our clothes, That's all. Cnmttl: And --ii IM-P ntMvhv U'ltiii'"! that it vnu tV 'o so Mum-iir ".n ! an^ycr, iho will in!;*- iij 1-un-ni t't'r auv • t!ani:u«'s <H'm»n'lri! in tht» •; as .ii'lsjiiu mini) Conn'act. or •• HI lui' Cnuvt t-ir nnv other ^ajuio'i in tbf Conmla!nt. \Vitn -s in v iiMii-i nnrl Ur* St-nl of St"'**rlor Conn 01' inr* Coninv of Kt'l'U. Htnte ol Califoi-n!',. this Kith i»nv of Jitlv. A. !>- 1 !>'»»». (Soal> I. !,. Mll.l Rll. CUM-k. By Bedol Smith, Deputy Clerk. Rowan Irwin and J. \V. P. I.alrd, attorneys for ululuttfi. 11-1S S.WISEKOPF

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