The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 20, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1908
Page 7
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•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^••^^•^^^^•^•^^^••••IHHMVHVH ^^^^^^^^^^^^^••^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^•^^V^^^B^^HW^B^V^^^^^^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^V^^B^^^^^B^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^BI ^^^"^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"•^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^™^*^^™^*^'^^ w ^^^^^^ B ^^^^^^^™ i Mathie Brew IN CATTLK CAM B« P*tv CUTTER'S BLACK tEO VACC1N8 Califc:r;ia.'& ft.vents, th« most «uc» cr.sivt usrri end lowcct rellnbl* vaccine made. , t:nr..'( or pill form. Writ* Dated November 10th. 190 Public. Administrator*. for free fciack Lcjr Booklet, THE CUTTErt tABORATORf If your drutfffist docs not stock owl ^ "iTICE vaccine*, oruu direct from u*. • or the Estate of Frank Lnas. Do consed. :'. mi! its ScnM. Attorney for Estate. California. 11-n om I NOTICE TO CREDITORS. CHED!TORS TO PRE CLAIMS AGAINST , - OF L. GARTJMAN. _ ED. TO ADMINISTRATOR. Cotmtv. to the highest bidder Jfor money of the United States Oth dnv of Xoxcmuet. flOS. at hour of 6 o'oiocu o. m.. the proper tv holoncinir to the /'state s;ild Hiiluh Jlov.'-r. (ir,cpissod: .TU uasoltno onirltt«: ! w«tor tunU; 1 no I <-o>'ral. all -if ( UO of tli« , i of :u "t.on In o! In tho S Slat . -. t * Court of the Count I Sun- rior Court of the Countv •>>, »,f munn an*! nine n tfie 'west e^i (Ut:-r f i nve (.,.'. i th ot iv P. It. ;MI thin v > > f n» i :;or of !', -• estate of i . cl bbon lit-! ill; , iv Kivc-n. by •t rmor of th •roioille .tin] all nn Wurzbur eers , \liih;i 1 iii i; - A-.1 K'< i' i '_ 1 f,. . or' to ) av -iMsi tin liav- ;•! iis" snid deceased with the neerss;M~Y i'-nir months ;ifter fM<• t i^'-msi ^ l 1 " l' h ' " ! 1 • n *' i V •if rliiM nonee vh en , • * ~ l • (V1 b-ild -idn inis'.r i-' "'nits of C/L. Cliifitn.i.'•"*'. ' * EYRAU PHONE MAIN ent Free delivery to Bakersfleld and uarante puinty quality, !>v the iind-,T- " i adiu- i: -iri'tor <r t}\& osiire ot .irtnian. <:'-re;fse'l. m tne cr*-d' and ;;1: nreso;.;- hasinii cl dec - !' eil. lo -.: 11'S' * •>-r ino first to ,the ii his nrar" it IIP Citv of of i i» " ' of And ale,! - « i ^ » > I \ \ » i Ml i ' '-.iiil V. \ fit. tb ** L > ' . ' t I i' "; u \v! i d 4 n T ' i mi-1 '.hist rainy il tl»o B;t !>-.'• UHlSt •;• t.<*vt if!' 1 ' 0 ten nor i * a 1 VllMintf tr.ttor • I lower. • , • n-> tiuil o o'uniin.oii hv lit\V A. mad tor ;<t. ti,e i;tv. (( if,re of C. L. Cl;i<iin.( • <' --'V" K'ty 1 -* i tl '" "V f>t \ roor.u; ;n :in'i .':, Hank of B:\I«M>-fieM -'ii^u'tinn of Imsine-,; oi sai< Imtl'.in-i-. ft: l.visHeld! Kern Countv. u ,\"!' 1 h 1 ' 1 ' 1 , 1 P oun A v -, , - Calr-tnita. ;/ie /..i/ae Jn-in^ t'te niace I'.oeu (HMnuor n. I.MJS. Inr :he tr;ih .irtinn <it' thn hnwhiesw of VV A XlnCV i .. s r,rii\ of tiutt th<* lor SMld ''.Mate. Adinuu.strator of the Estate of Afex- atl'ler 15es.-,t;eilk'. Deco;*SOd. , „„ Dai--| Novell"?)- ]j). urns. 11-19 \V. A. McUlNN. Mi iildio Administrator ol' Kern Conulv,, and Administrator of the Kstato ot ; t.. (.annum, Deiea^ed, as her a iui-i Mi-nt'.l '<> 'I'drs,* v. .'Ui'.i'M ::!, I! ; cS. at Mir )>our of ; I- <•'<:, H. in. A', A. M.-C ator of the e/taLe ot derease'l. STOCKHOLDERS MEETING. tor. Scott. AtUirnov for AdtiUnintra The best beer $1000 ;ern ROAD NOTICE. Office of tho Clerk of the Board of SutierviKor*. Kern Countv. California. . J". all nou-fonsontintr ownern of tho ner.'iualU'r described InnclH take notice. r |V)nt the renort ol the viewers on proposed County Poad No. 274. do- '. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Is heveliv irtven that Ihe nag 11-11 Inual meethitr ot the stockholders .0* Kern-Vuih Oil Company will I* held at the. offlco of said cpnmration '~— T \\' Oil Com mm v, location of nnnciiml place orbuHlnesH. Broad- e n e oco o at the sherlfT'H offlco. in this cltv. oa Thm-Bdnv. tbe Hrd day o! uecemboiv oYballR Oakland, Ahimeda County. State ornta. . i <*. tneetinc of the hi ^ ^ » * ' *' ^ • » * ^ L " scribed as ooramer west corner of sect shin Thirtv-one (3 1 cing nt tne nortlf- own- .anire on four (4 > South H or CARS BURN \M\\ FIRE VISALIA, Nov. 20.^-Flre supposed to have started from J. S. Rowland's garage, in this city, completely destroyed the garage and a blacksmith shop owned by J. S. Rowland this morning. The fire was .first discovered at 2 o'clock this morning, but had gained such a headway that It was Impossible to stop It In the garage at the time were eight automobiles, which were also destroyed. The machines were owned by local people. Rowland's house and a house owned by Victor Nelson were also badly scorched. The loss is estimated at about $5000, with practically no insurance. CHILD CHARITY FATHER T - - — • *-'B»^ • m.f _ _*_ Pk^ ^F 9, • «. » • ^- — * Jf-f • " • r— -* * wenlv-seven (271 East: thence South alone and ;»» feet on each side of line ninth da sessme av p nt of h t ? that at •»*ri*. <.!!»( €11 « (II C 9I» Md 9D tho IV t , , ^ 3 cents, led upon the capital Hiration. November. 1908. an As oer share was lev- stock of the. Cornor Ed; Notice is hereby r*ven Dtrectoi 8] 1C, s i ih this flssessjment shall remain I " "Kotlce* is" herehv of December, I ular meetln . 1S*OH. ?.t the nour o 8 n. m.. for tf> urnoho of eleetinir d! rectors for tn« nsulnu rear, and lor the transact f such tlier bumosH aa mnv uro roner* son. Secreta Cmnnanv^ at ie camtat SIOCK or rne,i;or Parable at once to J. H retarv of said weUine Oi U his office, rooms .18 ant come uefore the mcetinK. J. W. KELLY. President T. A. Baker. Secretary. i ASSESSMENT NOTICE. his; office, rooms 18 and I Oakland Oil and Asphalt urn Coflt dwav. Oakland. Alamean pan.y. Location of arij&cina) otace o« Dc-c. f l9uS,where any and all persona in LOS ANGELES, Nov. so.—After Hv-1 tfrested mav amiear and make obiec mii,.Q. Vh.nV°^2t a ?{^ a «S3%^f«nV J?- 1068 Broadway. Oakland. Aiameoa pan.v. Location of urincinal olace nn \ ™'rt\^^ Countv. .GaUrornla. Anv stock upon business. Oakland. CalTfqrnfa. A 8 n -,n)r l i- slI ««2 f ^!RS *JS t1 MS!lA ec fi2?r1 v '" lc ? this ossessment shajl remain .Notice ts hereby clyen tbiitat a J Vn 4 'i^^^JP'fe^^PSlffiKn^SSJ 1 unpaid on the ninth dav of December, uar meetlneof the Board of Direct fo?P t?u. « a a1.i b &t£,.S e kt T ffii^^^ U) /'§- dellnauent and advertls- held on the 15th dav of October. U tfilfr rnnn^Hl^S^A^^WSF^i 8 ?/^,,?! T (1 for sale at Pubifc Auction imd v un- an asse«snient of one conruer ah In >h«%7i?i? Bl^^JMX C SHI« *K$?J? Ief in navment is made before, will be was revled.UDon the sub0crfbed t ca» tv WiiVAlni2 n»%?i««5«PfS n nS8?nl" 5J?L ( i ^ n ^ 28th day of^DecomW. stock of the cprporauon payable « m JS in T^,UA2S °SST 9o*V° S,?i°% ^08. at S a. m,. to nay delinmient a«- mediately In linked States Bold c a. m. on Thursday, the 10th da> of sesament toeether with cost of adver- to the secretary; of said Comnanv, Dc-c.j9uS,where any and all persona in- tlslntr and expense of sale. . Us office, room 72. at 906 Broadwav ing for fifteen years a child of charity thereto if deemed nrooer. „ The said nroposed Roue] or Public fortune smiled on fifteen-year-old Jesse Hiernwav will hass'oyer.'fhroiiffh and Muller, and united him with his fath- IHJcjn the lands o! the Kern, County ^ ,,,v,— i,« u«j ^ Land Comnanv. the Iowa Coin OH nv. y order o t J. H. rt Office .rpoma 1? and 19, 1068 way. Oakland, Alameda County. of California. ; o . S 19, 1 of .Directors, t oad Dreamland Rink ^ * AIL TO SEE THE RENOWNED DARE DEVIL Skat nee Seen er. whom he had never seen, and | A^rmitii"^^^ C^mu^v'anVfBPnkTi: N j r -I Brothprs. order of said Board, p H. A. .1A£T oa rn. 1143 Chairman ot sai I. I,. Miller. Clerk. NOTICE INVITING BIDS FOR FUR- NISHIN'G FU^L OIL TO THE CITY OF LOS ANGTLES FOR ITS CEMENT PLANT AT t OUEDUCT. KERN COUNTY. CALIFORNIA. whom he believed was dead. The happy reunion took place at the real t v ij«r^ Oence of A. C. Stover, 2452 Folsom Atest:' avenue, whore the youth has lived for] (Seal* several months. Yesterday the two boarded a train for San Francisco. Muller saw his son for the last time nearly fifteen years ago, when after a quarrel with his wife they parted, she taking the four months old baby, be-, x . ,. . . , A . . .. fnra crnino- fn tho n^rtVi 0 r« «ftrf nf th« „ Notice is nerebv civm that the rore going to tne northern pait or the n oar( j of p n bu c Works ot 'he Citv oi state to engage in business. It was at Los Anticlcs will receive* bi'Is at or this time that Jesse at the age of 4 ^'gre % hour of 2 o'clock t>. m. of months found himself without home or | C^n^JHSgr ^d^'Si !hl parents, for the mother, unable to support both her child and herself, deserted him. Kind neighbors placed the| Btl tf? &' n r»v lu wiffl^i.HcWca'tTonB homeless mite of humanity in the therefor on file in the office of the said SAL VAT AL EAL ts office, room 72. at 9g6Broadwav he City of Oakfand. California. ^ itock noon which this . asse^pm remain unpaid on the.Lit __ r .ovember, 1908. will be d< and advertised for sale at DUDUC a tion. and unless .payment _ls maa fore, will be sold on M< _ Is mae ondav. the dav of December. 1U08. to.nav the t Unquont aHseaBment. toeether with t In the Superior Court of the of California, in and for tho Con ^9 - t ^_ __ t t . . tl l ^ I A. costs of advertising unu exueuses ' State 10-23 J. ENNIS. Secretary. ounlv of sale. the jnatter of the estate of Geo. DV civ*»n that In wur-1 ( sttance of an order ol tho Superior" *£*.* iMHivv;i y* K. Ober. peceaBecl. otice IB hereby clv*»n NOTICE. To whom it may concern: herebv uiven Hint we, the of .nid City's Cement Plant at Aqueduct. vern Countv. California. The oil to hp furnifcTie*: Hiiall he in rgott LL. "Th Fea LD LL AT Week, Nov. 17th to 24th, at FOLLO No advance in prices nomeiess mite or nurnanity in tne inereior on me m tjie oince oi hands of the Children's Home Society g°^rd the said snecincation of California at 901 East Twenty-fifth &flP%e^ fui-nishei^^' iHendini 11 e sai * boln Conies of the same will be furnished intending hi* ^r UOOB annlication to the Bureau of th of California at 901 East Twenty-fifth street. A few days later he was. , . 4 . , t , - , ,,,, ndnnted hv Phnrloc; Rn^If»hnrrH n w>ql-I Los Angeles AQlie/luct. Room IJOa aaopiea ny onanes ji-ngienaiat, a lesi Central build nc. Citv of Los AnctOes, dent of Glendora and grew up to re- Bids nuiKt he forwarded to the said gard him as a father, even taking his Board, room IS. Cit" Hall. Citv of Los nrime Anceles and be received hv the said T^ i ii : ,, * .u i j\ Board before the hour named. All bids During this time the father had | nui.^t he on. forms which will, he fur- prospered and decided to search for his son. After several years of search be came to this city more than a week ago and commenced a search of the different orphan's homes, finally vis ctoe*, em* No. aUerfifleld. st K akeraflelrt. Countv, of Koru. State of California, to the hiehest bidder for crtfh. cold coin of the United States and subject to confirmation b SUMMONS. Sunerlor Court a e rc 'U tlf]ft "nrt K. Oher. at interest oi the said peor^p the tfme.of his death and.nil the rlcht title Georce and Inte e K. O . rest, that the estate of er has bv oneration of law or otherwise acnuired. other than or in atldltion to that of the said Ceortre K. Obor. at tne time of his eortre . er. at te time o death, in and to all thai certain re v»roi)ertv altunt^ * in the Citv ot Ba orKuold. Countv of Kern, Stitu> or Cn torta. moro articularlv dt'scrib U Suuerior Court of ifornia. County ot State of Cafc- )rnia, l^ounty ot ivern. , _. Southern Pacific Railroad Cornna _ .alntlff. vs. R. H. Countiss. John Stousland. Henrietta N, I W. Percy, Clarence W. minor), and John Doe. Hobj >a. ttivink . ,-obb8 fc (» anti jgnn upe, Defenuaiitft. Action broucnt In. the Suucnor c h of the State o Cnmonnn. in an Ulng the quarters ot" the Children's Home Society. • NOTICE OF SALE OF DELINQUENT STOCK. Mascot Oil Comnanv. urinoiwil nine* 1 oi husnK'ss. rnmij on N. 10, U Sec- JDIJ i'h Towushui '12 South Raivii* 2-\ hast. .Keni Countv. California. Notice:—There is clolinfjucni M > i ?j the following dosfj'ibed ,stoc);. en :i'-count of assessment levied on tho r-ih dav ot October. li»ON. the Kf»v*en»" ani(Hiu(s set oruiosirc the names of rljt. rcsi/eouvo .snareJiulders as iollows: No. No. N'auip < Tho-. Gfnason *he contract. D( j liverv ol _ cnrs ar\hf nrn"rofKl"ij6int"ii( j are8t the I the office "of "the "Countv Hecorder nf 1 in "an" acfitur \irouc\it 1 TiKsiihst v contrac-tor'H v.-(?Us oi; storage tanks, j sum Counuv November 2r>. 1V.»S. to-\»Ue abovo-numoU Plaintiff, in t! The Board of Public Works reserves- I Aether with the. buildings and imorove- tlie riuht to reiect, anv and all bids. \ L**- 1 ^^ I/- ' « *- •* fVS^ * *T***. * V»* - ,, ^- ^_ ,.. . .... |j_ji»Ji«( *«• »».**,-.T» VJ «»* • ^. »» -V' *•* _ • \_ » » P"' ""J* ........ , ^ u i J V ?rn '*i Jt l lt , t? ol CaiHovijln. accordlnK to hajuinorK and John Doe. dofendaflfe Deliverv ol said oil Miiali be f. o.._b. Jthe oflicial ma.u ot sain CHv. filed in 1 You are nerobv reouirod to apu brouem HH( tMair __. f f . „ perior Court of the State of Call in and for the Countv ofKor to answer the Commaint tiUMi thorclfw within u*n d;\vs (exclusive of the a _....... . . , , , , ru-'nts thoreun. And bids or. offers Bv order of the Board ot Public I \vriUne for said nroucrtv, will bo received bv the said admlniKtrutnr at die offlco of Thomas Scot \ ^ r * •** f » ^ • --• »• » t, rooms '> K. Mavs r- i \ . i.-i '|^. A Ult . •tr. HHH* «r»o.tio 47 JOIMi 5*».<Mi 11 *^ iiniivti iy ru7u j i'hrink . l i" ; ({iciiiird F\i[isia:fii ...115 12; Kinsinan .. .1 J, IX Thomson 1 ,1. 1), Thon.ihon 1ST l<t<M»o i .1. I>. Thomson I ./. I>. 'i'hoiiison .-\i)d in 'u-onlMuc^ with law ;»n order oi' ll ,». 1 hoard td' illrcctors. tu,'K?< cu liif (i'.t!^ »itty of October, l! 1 "^'. si r.iair.' siu'ivs t>!' each narcel ol sut'h ,^U^'l; :(^ n-;iv li< j nefessiU'V will ho Hint ?h«> ln-.-nci* oillce ot the Coni^-fi room H:; Ciii c /.en« NjjU</nal Hit j huiitlfnir. cof-m-i' oi' Ahiin und . str'-'-is. in tin- Citv of i.ns. \ C:iliiorni:i. on oaturdav. the ">th dav o! t irv-M'Mt"i\ IjtfiS. at I'-' o'clock ;i. in. ol i such dav. to IIHV dplimai*-ni as-css : f^n. tniretlH'r with cos's <•! , , ^ and oxoeuKe^ of th" ^iV. \V. M. \VAI.I.ACK. * -•— * ^ • . f -^ * l -f * i 1 or«'t;trv or Mnficot Oil rojni'.!!) 1 , "f (tec. rt>o\ i P« Citizens N;iii"ii:il 1'uMdiny;. corner Third siiT-'.-'ls,, Lo.-i ,\ ni'.t. 'DAUGHTERS GET MONEY: SON GETS JEWELRY. NEW YORK, Nov. 20.—By tho will ! of Mrs. William Astor, probated yesterday, most of her estate goos to her NOTICE. Persons knowing 1 tnemselves to be indebted (o the late I- Gnrtman will please c-nll tit the office of the public administrator and settle at once. w. A. MCGINN, Administrator of the estate of L. Oartman, deceased. 99 \ J • 'k «^» B • 4 *»- '- ' '. f •- -f ^r *r^uf\-*' r* r -+j --.- ~ ' J " -' ^- ~ • ™ ~-" — ^5 ;ind 4. in the Hank of UukorstuMO luilldtnir. corner ot Clu-sU'r avcniif and 20th sMvor. Jiflytr No.* I'nr.h Hfroet. I3»J;orsfK'ld. Korii Countv. Cal- i of service) aiu-;r the «<>rvlro on ' tills Bummons if sfrved \vithtn the s Countv; or. if served el.scwhero. wt in thirtv davs. , ,„ , iV* v '*-/' -'<•••- —- t •••,,j'v" \i /.; v " 1 .. And vou are norpiiv notin<*tl m^fer^o^ui";,^ 1 ,! lH , t ,^i°i'!!; i u.^ wti' M to ™ n " w>ar nlll) !inswer - or.OiKrt nt ;uiv *i»)o .aiier the iir.-'t '- 1 " 1 " , Duhlieati n on of this notice*, he iP u W. V MftlnlJJT \vilj ,innlv to the Court W« r, 'IV"* the relief demanded in the Comnble line use i Given under my luind and th/v aw * / /) 111* NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF MINING CLAIMS BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF FRANK LASS. AT PRIVATE SALE. TJI Tlio Pnnerior ('onrt of tho State of Caliloin 1 ,;. in und 1'or the County of Kern. iu t!i" of tho *"'.st:it»» ol Frank Notice is her^-hv alveii that in nur of nn or<'er of th Court. in the ('omit v ot Kern. State of ina-te on lh< 1 1Mb dav of !:"t^. j n \h t > matter of tlie entitlt-d ewtnte. the SUMMONS In tho Swierior f'ouvt of The Counts' of Kern. St'-ite of Cjiliiorn .1. U. Uodi.:ens. iMninliiY r.o\v 9: (til Conui:inv. Uffrrtfirlit. TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Artion bt'out:iti in the Sum-rior oj' tlie Connlv of Kfru. St:it»» ol' C;i]ir.»niia. nnd Comidiiint in CouiUv of Kern, in th" <it\\« t 01 t» T *| 4 i t Jl CN-rU of :--jid Sti!»^rl")' Court. f^ !V.?i>lo of tlio Kftt Notice is taxes on hereby Riven that personal property, to Silver Bo\v j -'idminiM rator of tiu>" f^ti'tf of Prank '• - • ' wjjl sell on or a'*ter M,(j(idav, Mie :;"!h dav oi November. at nrivaTe ^-th' at (he oftliu.- of Thoina> rooii-s 2 nnd 4. In the Bauk of l?akersfifl'l huildintr. corner or 2(|th ftr'M'i ;tnd Chester avenuo. he\ns No. ^ai'lt L'utli stic.-t. CUv of Buk- crsfi*'i' ? . c/mn'v of K>ni. St;Mo of Cal- •dnughters, Mrs. Charlotte A. 'ami Mr?. Caroline S. Wilson. To her >on, John Jaoo_l> Aator, are K-qucath- ' ed somn family heirlooms and\va t!i» l \vorUJ as ili<> piano. A. B. Chase, Emerson, Estey, Kurtzmauo^ Sterling 1 and others. Pianos. Lavirest f Also Player 01 * A pianos constantly on hand over seen Prices. Easy Terms. y, the will stating that his not t-har- more largely in the estate Is he- cause of the ample provision made for him hy his father and not because of any lack of affection, The estate IB to revert to AVilHam Vance Astor, her grandson, and son of John acoh Astor, if th.-re are no OeseendentH of her foniia, to ihe hichoi-t hidder for eaah. iol'I coin n/' the Tnited Stales, and •:t';tw t» r-onllrmatlon ot aiutl SUDC jhir Cniir'. all th*- rlchi. title and In- tere.-t of the F:d't Ti'ank J>j^:s. at th** time <ji lif^ (ifath, ;ui.-l ail ihi» rii;ht.title and in*« I'f-.-t of r.'ie estate ot t-aid Lass. :it lioytj r* rfaiu mining chtjms situniod in the Conutv ol Kern, Siau- »>r rnli- I ' • i _».i*i. *ii onu.i. and l*a^*v PK hv niu-ratinn ot law or han <ir in s. a 1 t|;e linn' »( hj.s deyjih. iij and to all d.'.v Vou ar«> hereny rr^iiirfd f'; •n ;,n itf'llou J/''ou;-:S)( au;i!iist vou Couri o»' llu- rountv ot Kern ol c*uli!orni;i, and to r;n- \ver iht'jvin. v.'jtiiin o! the i]:iv (.i 1 ,'ii'liM- sevvlrc on von of iliis .-: it' served within said Countv: If t;e within fhirtv tl.-ivy. And you are hereby noti'Jod that 11' one-hnlt' of the taxes on all real erty,. will he duo and payable on s<vmiii Monday in October, «nd he (klirujnont on (he last Monday November ne\t therafter, at K o' p. rn,, nnd unless puic] prior therottt fifteen \< 'r cent will be nddod to 0** amount, thereof, and that if snid oa*» half be not paid before the Saat M day !n April next, at. 'J o'clock p. ,in additional five per <.-e-iil will added thereto. 1. That the remnh;'- '? one-half (he taxes OH all real :>. vperty will vo:» iail to .-o unuonr and ;ins\v»*r, (In* will take iniUnm-nt for unv payable on ami after the first M nullify or danuifces demandM in the , * f T'lniiarv next nn/l will h« t i H n II!M fin MM :i n -^i n< r IHW^T^ ( t it\ . i**i j'l t\r "*'.» l *J j ti n uui \ 11*. .\ 1 1 <*iif t \> Jii uy '•IJI'lllI'*' '111 m«(ll**(«(ta 1*IrlxJJ , 'il'-lT\lj 'Jl ~ - - m - 1 I " *T ' ' » » » ~ ' • * » — ^ ^ — — _ will ap»lv lo ri the Cou non on;r;n-t. o t or any oilu-r addition v. iK'onired. other t ol sai flcni.Mided in tlio (!oiu!»lai:n. iiKB mv hand n,ud tlir- seal of said SaiK'flor Couct. oi th* 1 Counts of Ifnqut-nt on tho last Monday In next, thereafter, at C o'clock p. Kern. State ol, this 2u<i day live per cent will be added oi A. D. 1'toH. n »«, lt ,«* *»,«»«^# and that unless paid prior thereto to H particular! v tO-Wtt : 1. That eerta!)) uart/ iriinh claim . a era)) quar/ irinv-" cam situated in Kevesvillc Mtntn^ Mstrict. ('oimtv ;uid State auuesaid. (iin known (Seal) C'-o. tiff. I. L. MIIJ.KU. Whitai:cr, AHoni^v for- Plain 11-5 amount thereof. 3. That all taxo.s ma>* be pafd SUMMONS. In tlie Hum-rior i.'onrt of the Countv New Fish Block-1820 «C Street Phbkfe Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager NOTICE, I. O. 0. F. Kern L/odeo No. ?fi2, I will have v:ork In ihe pecend ' on P- ot v'*;iv TiiRht, Nov. 21. A ial invitation antl roqurpt ^""r a -, - ~ - . m . f , - , ,^. . . , • • i >^\ i . ^^Airk\»lll|i'* \' t ' miaa-^r*'** , ,' . * j». . l\ j t tl,' < us Th<- Ci'ack;n;tcK Q\r.\v\?. (.'b m. con- ol^Kt-ru. Stiite oi < iiUiorniu. tainimr lii'!»-eu hnndr»»d nr»<nu linear I 1. M, Hodtrens. HfimMff vs. Silver I'cel /ilcmtr ihv course of the voin. i»nd no\v Oil ComDJiny, Deicndant. tlirec hundved (3(HU tV*-( en cacli side .Action the i»unei'ior Co« *,( of the- middle of na!d win. and more of the ( ouiuv ot Kern, btato ot ('a e uarticularJv described ;jr commenrim: I lornl;*. nnd tjie < oniDlaint, filed in «a d at the location monnmoru und runninir County (if her'n. in the oftU-« of ll seve i hundred flttv (7oO> feet In a Cb-rh of t j .:ud SMDerlor Court. _ nort burn iv-d Mftv (75iM Illl V \ I -)U I O'fL IU it direct km. otul .seven I™* ^ i" . . J _• I * . .. i4.-..^kl^ F. the time th flrst inslallment, as In provided, is due and payable, 3. That taxes may be paid in tte oillce of the Tax Collector la tfc* county courthotise between tho hotrr* of D a. ID, and 12 m., and 1 p. tr». 5 p. m. Dated October 1, 1903, C, E. DAY, Tax Collector, in ;i South- ula send L-ret-tlir-'' (t> Silver How Oil . ...... direction and that ehim „ , ^ . . . , . joins the Southwebt end of thf K«vo ^ r 'ii are Jjerebv reuulred to Ouartx 10-1 Kern County, Californifc. The I'eoule ot the Sttite of Callfor- DOG LICENSE NOTICE. J. AV. Croslan* 1 . I'm- S7 M TMetriet. in said if s inell, N O. (.if J" Min iu Book i'' Kern AN • t*i-if|l t t r i f t ^ i <|iint/i*ii|i«ii'|j.-?,j „ j j-i . * i i-.i i .- i „ ----- - ---, - - - , witiiin said Couniv; if hervec |crid on ;tifer M.«; 1M dav o! . ami- Kern Conniv. hor.n-Ied ;.n.l dewcril/ed i elh-where, witliin thtrrv d^vw. «KV. 1 will prof-fed to imnonnn nfi ns'V.How;-;. Vi-^inniiit' on Westerlv ^ido And vou are neu-bv noii(h'd tJiat if jnoi'> tound nmmntr on the stive's thai "«S» of T h ; /ir No 3 - ninnln« diaconallv imp you full to HO aoiM-;.r nnd answer, the nn- not «;-j,iIn« the license r,«ir fcft. ^Sinni! T!-er No, l, mi'l situated on itod- Plaintiff will i;d.e iu.Ji-ment for nnvfthe^ear f|'V ns.h Cret.'K. aiid South from "iren j nioij'-v or dnm.mev di'inand^d in thet •>• '^- ^-UA, Ij'iudred I'tf. ;.(K'yT"ii (HT. s, IfMM-;. and i"-iWf11 ': '•or'ei in r.n l( u hixtv-s-;\ iCr.t (»t " - •• • ' ds-.. iH'K). in hi, ! i<e;ii St;i' ;iiO\\ M (|;»\ ti:" Oci iirl '!'• -''"".ife i as foi- ,\"'i."!i' v.' ^ en I •\ J i • n ^on i 1 o?i O'f -4 ll I niton contract ot to tin- ('en ' '"r «nv oilier .Ijinuiirv 9. 1008. M : il- MVlt'"' (le:iiUH'|e/J lit ' ll» ''Olilljlillnl . i ir.-.( ei-i-i • \\Hnosx my l-Mid i ^'i the sea] !he Coiii:'v ' said Suoeiior r-niti nl '.'e <*fmu A NOTICE TO CREDITORS, r - ' « r p ^ i i > | i Miirt. fhl;. «' i > I * l * r t i ( i *; Coiirt in U. I, r. I.Ktt. PUff r i » IM-V, J, j i NOTIC OF r.Ai e OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. , !!*• . i i f :- 'iii t \ <,:' jtin 'i*; I li if'.'; n t • In Oi'II! En ' rtlO'l. ' i ! I J r.. i' : : If.' iev ofl!' e ITM e j S!].'} Jl» '* Ot' 'i Coilt! Of Ihe I}'<H!' A. l>. ' ' ' t i' J!/' IM nut t^ iu• ?' -: • f i.-| 1 t» : , 11 1 * i V I ;t ti :t: e - > ! I ' ol U.< or K« -:i ih" ">'• •I-.* c >i « I L. <"oi;'if v «/f d;iv ' tije matter of I ••;. t••**• in * I l:r ' .'.t Ji -*('t i-.ll Of r- b)]l)dmi£. i:0l'ner ^*'ttl street heinr No. I-O'*!* I'O.h Hie i-state ol Jialnli r.nvvi-r. f'itv of Ii.tkr-rsnV),'). (*otmtv of the undernit'ned administrator of Kein State of California, or mav p*» estate of said deceased will .m-ll ;it in the office of the Clerk of *'K* private Halo in the oJJU/e of ihe nubile Court .it fiuv admiulHtnitor und coroner <if Kern K"i'n count v. !<•.-. KI • ; 11 ul .- STItl 1 U W 7 , . , A. .1. SJ'PUUJC , ilTNimsrrjtor of ihe fi!Htut(> qt Kiuilv A Snurlin. MatlheW B. above named Superior Court at »n time after the first nublioaUon of this notice before the sale JH made. iiraior unu coroner oi tvern m county. Hltuato in the court iiojiHe. in ...... die Citv of Bakersflt'ld. in said Koru 10. JSiOS, first uublitation I

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