The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 4, 1971 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1971
Page 5
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TlirHSDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1971 •THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNR Series of Bills Introduced Changing Age Li By HORTENSE MYERS . INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) -> Lowering of the minimum voting age from 21 to 18 should be accompanied by other legal changes' marking the barrier between minor and adult in the view, of one Indiana senator. ] Sen. Joseph Harrison, R- Attica, is the author of a series of bills that would make age changes in many aspects of human life from drinking, to dying. One of the measures would lower from 21 to 18 the age at which it would be illegal to purchase alcohol under false pretenses. Another would lower from 21 to 18 the legal age for purchase and possession of cig­ arettes. Still another Harrison bill would allow 18-year-olds to m make out wills. Meanwhile, reapportionment came up in the legislature Wednesday but only for a briefing. The chairman of the Senate Apportionment Committee . told lawmakers reapportionment and redisricting probably will be among the final orders of major business in this session. . "Fair Map Policy" Sen. Marlin McDaniel, R- Ricbraond, said his committee will ge guided by a "fair map policy" in redrawing congressional and state legislative districts. He wants a plan that is fair to both major political par- ~ — ^ ——by Helen Bottel-—Must She or Mustn't She? Dear Helen: " °. You asked your teen readers if a girl "has to" be an easy| make if she wants to make it with the "in" crowd — this after a mother said her 16-year-old daughter was unpopular be-j cause she was a "good girl." Pm a male sophomore and speak for a lot of us. I personally enjoy a girl more if she is free and relaxed, not free and easy just being herself and not trying to make it. I take her out to enjoy her company. If she feels she "has to" just to buy another date, we'd both be short-changed. If this girl and ner mother think teenage girls can't be popular unless they give in, they'd better take~another look at themselves — and the world. —NOT A BAD GUY Dear Helen: To that mother who blames her daughter's unpopularity on not putting out Baloney! As you said, Helen, if a girl makes a federal case out of "being good," she'H turn the guys off because nobody likes a girl who comes on with "Pm 99.44 percent pure." Or. . M she's constantly asked out by the "handy" men, maybe it's because she is a tease. Boys don't like that kind either. What you promise by your actions, they expect you to give. Or. . .maybe she has a bad personality, so she doesn't get asked twice because she's a bore. . .Or scared of males, and shows it. (Her mother's fault?) Believe me, it isn't for sex reasons unless she's chosen the wild crowd, and I wouldn't call them "in." I know. I've been dating since ninth grade. Tm only fair looking, no great figure, but Fve never been dumped by a boy after one date. Maybe I've decided not to date him again,, if his ideas are different from mine, but there are always others who accept my standards and even like them. —NOT YET Dear Helen: It makes me furious when I read, "My baby is a good girl, so she doesn't get asked out" from mothers. She doesn't have to if she doesn't want to—and she will still be popular if she isn't a dud. It's girls' choice. —ENGAGED AND WAITING Dear Helen: That girl who thinks she "has to" should try dating older guys who aren't so demanding. I've found it's the kids my [age (15-16) who have nothing but sex on their minds. Older fellas value a girl for what she is not what she does. — P.T. Dear Helen: A girl who thinks she has to put out to get a date is so despei ate she probably will—and then she'll discover she doesn't keep him anyway because he can find other girls who really enjoy it. —A GUY Dear Helen: ?Let's be honest and say that "Yes, nowadays if a girl is over [18—maybe even younger—a kiss doesn't end the evening, It begins the night." To many "liberated" girls have spoiled it for those of us who aren't yet ready. I can't get romantic about every guy I date, but he seems to think that if I don't make all signals "go" I'm a cold one and riot worth bothering with. Seems to me women have emancipated themselves into slavery. By being '.'equal," they're forced to act like sex machines. And the more they give, the less, likely it is that marriage will sur vive as an institution. Speak up, girls, and. unite before it's too late. —READER FROM WEEHAWKEN. AGE 21. Are you a Buick or Pontiac fancier, in the dark... ABOUT WHERETO GO FOR... SALES SERVICE WARRANTY NEEDS Let us ENLIGHTEN you EI.WOOD 1412 MAIN ST. BUICK- • 552 ties. : . McDaniel said his approach also hassupport from his House counterpart, Rep. Jack Smitherman, R-Mooresville. McDaniel predicted it would be mid-March before first rough, drafts of his committee's efforts will be ready. "It is likely that passage of state and congressional reapportionment will be one of the last major actions of this General Assembly," said McDaniel. He warned the state's lawmakers not to expect any "happy", maps for the 11 congressional districts and.the 50 Senate and 100 House seats. But he assured senators whose terms do not expire until 1974 sports parade (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) . By MILTON RICHMAN UPI Sports Writer PHOENIZ, Ariz. (UPI)—Joe Kapp is the worst golfer here. He says so himself, and if you know Joe Kapp you know he's one of those guys who always tells the truth. - He can be wrong, though. Hank Aaron, the Atlanta ^ Braves' superstar, hasn't played golf in eight years and has been assigned a 27 handicap here, the same as Joe Kapp, for the $30,000 American Airlines Astrojet Classic, in which 66 top baseball and football personalities beg in hacking away Friday. Tommie. Agee, the New York Mets* centerfielder, and Don Maynard, the New York Jets' receiver, have been given maximum 27 handicaps also, but Joe Kapp still believes he's the poorest golfer in the whole bunch. He's Having Fun . "I don't really care," says the 32-year-oid quarterback for the Boston Patriots who has become the subject of wide., conjecture now that they've come up with young Jim Plunkett as the nation's No. 1 draft choice. "Most of the other guys have come here to try to win money. I've, come here for only one reason. To have fun. Nobody's having more fun than, me." , • " Joe Kapp, as. usual, is telling the truth. He's not letting his marvelous golf game bug him, he's not letting Jim Plunkett bug him, he's'not letting all this talk: about the Patriots trading him bug him, and he's not even letting world conditions bug him. "One day there'll be justice," be says; covering any or all of those foregoing problems. "Migratory workers, for example, are getting the short end of the stick now, but someday there will be justice." Fine, but what about Heisman Trophy winner Jim Plunkett coming to . Boston advertised as "the best quarterback since Joe Namath?" 'Plunkett Will Be Great' "There's no question in my mind he'll make it," Joe Kapp says ; about 23-year-old Jim Plunkett, who'll probably meet with the Patriots to talk money sometime next week. "He's gonna be a great foofbal player. How do I know? I've watched him. Being a chicano, x part-Mexican like I am, I've watched him closely. I'm proud of him. Very proud. A lot of people keep asking me who's gonna be, me or him? That makes me laugh. Pm not going to camp with the idea of beating one of my teammates. I'm going there • with the idea of beating the opposition." Kapp tried once more to get his feelings across. He tried hard. "I think people get caught up to much in 'who's gonna be number one?'" he said. "We gotta win right now; we can't wait anymore. He's got time. I ain't got time. I don't just wanna go to the Super Bowl." that reapportionment w o u 1 d permit them to complete their; terms. Only half of the senators are elected each two years to four year terms. ; McDaniel said his committee's goal would be to prepare as near a flawless'map as possible to assure Hoosiers of "10 years of reapportionment peace." ' . • He warned against gerrymandered districts. "We would just have reapportionment ping-pong every time political control changes," he said. McDaniel said he and Smith-. erman do not intend that their committees "play reapportionment roulette" as did the 1965 Legislature. That legislature, called back into a second special session, adopted several different apportionment plans and let. a three-judge federal panel pick the one it considered "constitutional and valid." The House Apportionment Committee is committed to single-member districts, McDaniel said, but added that his group was withholding final commitment "until final stages of draftsmanship to determine whether we can fully implement our preference for single member districts. Other Guidelines McDaniel also offered these guidelines for reapportionment: the Apportionment Committee will do its own map-drawing but will give consideration to maps drawn by other sources, including those drawn by. Re- mils publican and Democratic state central committees or by the congressmen or any individual legislators. However, jMcDaniel said such maps must be brought before the committee yby a committee member. "There will be ho. suspense or intrigue connected with actions of the Senate Apportionment Committee," McDaniel said. — A goal of not more than 2 per cent deviation from ideal population of congressional -districts and no more ban 4 per cent deviation for state senate districts has been established with the hope of being "even nearer the optimum." The optimum population for a congress sional district is 472,152; for a state senate, single member district 103,872 and for a House district 51,936., according to the 1970 census. —Any plan for apportionment, of the State House of Representatives, passed by the House, "will te respected intact. 1 ' The House presumably will do the same . for any Senate-passed plan, which has ;the effect of each house' enacting its own: plan and then combining both. J- Any congressional plan adopted by the House "will be respected as their serious work product but will be considered asjaj draft upon which the Senate jconjmitteewiil baseits independent study." -All congressional or legislative iistricts must be "reasonably compact"! and "we shall not hesitate to divide counties for congressional apportionment; or to cut townships for senate apportionment' when such division lis necessary to meet court standards.". '! • • iMcDaniel's plan for a standby (Reapportionment, Commission] to function in case the 1971 Legislature fails to enact new Page 5' congressional' and legislative maps-drew Democratic opposition. Sen. Robert E. Mahowald, D-South .Bend, said he thought the commission was "overburdened" in favor of the the Republicans. It calls for a commission composed of the House Speaker, Senate President Pro Tem, chairmen of the House and Senate Apportionment Committees—all of whom now are Republicans—and a fifth member named by the governor. 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