The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1952
Page 7
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 14, 1952 Sure Summertime Hit — 7ce Cream Bu//et' By CECII.r nnoWXSTON'B I containers of nuts, coconut, anrt Associated Press rnodKrtllor I cherries so j'liests can help them- It's handy to have a special Httlej wlvfs to rarnishc-5. teclple file of simdne sauces to serve IIO.VKV riUTTKR SAUCE with ICB cream for summertime dereerts when you want a clmiicc from fruit loppings. The fotlnwlnn sundae sauces arc nil made with that, nutritious and economical dairy' product — evaporated rr'" Ingredients: % cup honoy, Vj cup supar, '* eup butter, ! 4 cup unrlt- lutrti evaporated milk. Mr.lhnd: Mix honey, meat, and butter in saucepan. Btir over moderately low hrrnt until suuar Is dis- Molassas Peach Cake Makes Hit Served with Chilled Whipped Cream, It Tops Sunday Dinner Tee erenm \viOi hlurherry sauce or molasses ppflfh r.ike with chi whipped rirfim - -like those suijsr lons Tor Simdnv dinner? Oocomil-Jlluebr-rry Snowball (I .servings) One pint vanilla iro rrenm, cup They tnkr no time at nl! to prepare solved; brine to boiling point anr and If yon refrlRprate them they'll ibol) siently 3 minute*. Cno] sliphtly keep indefinitely. Just put thr-m In i find stir in evaporated milk. Makes small jars with tlahl covers. Tn about 1 *{• nips. Onnd hot or cold. heat place the jar in a pnn of wi~ FAVORITE f'HOroLATE SAVfi; - Fhrprided foronut, blueberry Rroop ire rrenrn Into b<i)lv Rot In coconut and place in sherbc' glasses. Top v/i'h blueberry sauce. [lliichcrry Si^ucn^ Two cups cultivated bluebfrries, Wiishrd and '.veil- Insmlienls: One fi- ounce tor- brin" the water to Uic boiling point, IhVn let the wal-er simmer I .*rm!-swepl ehoenlate pirrrs (abnut until the snucns are hcatcd'lhroUBli.] I cnpi. "S cup ]H>hl mm syrup, 'i rtra inert, I cup Hour, a ; nip sue; of rlnvcs. 2 tablespoons Jci Urine 1 cup ' w.i tor to a boll Children Need Well-Rounded Summer Diet ing, k-nnis, badminton and alj the other sports youngsters love nrc In full swing, With children in these activities alien- i tlon must he paid U) their diet. This doe.s not mean thay need n .special diet, but rather a well rounded choice of foods, points out I'teba Stages, home economist, For Instance, protein foods are important to Rood nutrition; Ht«;h i finality protein, an found In meat,' is essential for body health and i growth and should be generously j [ included in .summer menus. Meat i also supplies the B vitamins neccs- l sary for health and the functioning ol thr body. Variety menU- such rtr,' | liver and heart are especially rich SHOP LIBERTY AND SAVE! r. 4 teaspoons] j n j ron f 0r blood regeneration and teaspoon Rail, shnuld ne included in the diet wcek- spoons butter, i ly. RcKHlnr servings of fruits and,] if the herrles nnd mmer ^ min- vr [re la bit's, als summer menus A pood '.vay to entertain hi weather If to ask friend.-* to "Cmnr over for clever I" and then serve nn Ice Cream Buffet,- Have several flavors of ice cream and for keeping -the f Mll , j ,., v. r ,,.v .....,-, . »'os, Combine flour, sucjjir. .salt, and I body in tip-top shape, Mmiu plans: 'in'ij nip undiluted evaporated nillk, 1 f Cloves; add to hot fruit. Add ve- | .shnuld include milk and other dairy f nilln. vn-| ninfnhir; berrirs, liriiiL- 1o :> boil .nrrl products and ORBS for their special' ; cook 3 minute". Remove (torn heat, vitamins ami minerals. Likewise, . Mctliml: Put cliocolnte and corn | Artrl butter ami lemon Juice. Serve ' syrup in top of double boiler; bent,' warm, IE desired. Makes fauces for guests to choose from, nver hot wnter. MirrhiR a few times, ftaucc. Fill an attractive bowl nhead oflhe; until rhorolnte melts. SUr evfipo-, Mnla^rs Pnrli n gue&t*' arrival with Kmnps or tar^jmted milk, butter, find vanilla until j Hi serving) spoonfuls of the Ire cream onril butter melts. Makes nbnut 1 \\ cups place it in your refrigerator frf^z- [ saur/v In* compartment - if 'It'n roomy! MOCHA RUN DA I! SAITE cups One nip sifted enriched flniir, ^ (easponn sndu, 'j tensprvm salt, 1( i tea .spoon uinprcr, '; tr,,spoori cloves, i whole praiii lu'eads nnrt cereals add valuable amounts of vitamin B as xvell as bulk for a well rounded diet —necessary for busy youngsters and prown-ups alike during the summer sea-son. enough — or in your frce/er. Then you can bring It ' r/er. at serves coffee ponder, u cup wafor. V nip uliitetl supar, \ t'\ip brown : 2 rflhlpspnons in^tnnU ^ lejispoon cinnamon, l i rtiniihnit- "" ..... " — ..... ..... u -~' ""-'-- ..... Tf nny ol the Ire erp.itn Is left ,sutrar, : H cup ' corn syrnp, over—rare chance, but it's been known to happen—place It In ri refrigerator tray find fet (hft mid control of the refricerator nt II* coldest setting. Freeze- until firm, occasionally stirring from the edjiee and botlom. Return control to normal setting when Ice cream is at the dc.sired stage. Just to . your Tec Cr^wn* Buffet a bit, you might have some sunn II cup butter, 'fi cup undiluted evapo- rtitr-d milk, 1 C- teaspoon vnnitln. ^Trtlmil: Stir coffee, water, sug- nrs, corn syrup, and butter toypther over low hrat until sncar i^irlis. Cook until syrup forms n soft ball when a teaspoon of it is dropped in a cup of cold water <23fi (1e«r^es r>n candy tJ ermometer). Cool .slitzhtl.v. SUr In evaporated milk and vanHln. Makes 1 ?i cups. Canned Meats Take the Heat Out of Summer Entertaining Canned ham. pork, snusaR3 and luncheon meat take kitchen heat but of hot weather cntei laining. They arc no-wnste meats and carve easily. Incidentally, *e recently tfistcri en important canned Gorman ham and found It very pood. The U. S, Government has only recently Rlv- fn permlfistoii to West Germnny lo cend their hams here In order to earn American dollnrj, with which to buy our 'nrd. Oiir own exceHeiit urincl-namp American hams rnnge in weight from 6?i to 13 pounds. The smaller tlz«« are best for home use. Ham Broclictles (4 servings) Twenfcf 1-Inch -Kiunrca eennert ham. M-i^oh thick, 20 button mushrooms or pineapple chunks or cubes cup unsulphured 1 ece, unbeaten, 3 tablespoons sweet! n>llk, 2 ten.snoons <• idcr vlnetrar. 3' cups sliced frr.sli pcnt-hes, J , : - cim hen vy crenm, '.vhinprd. Heat nvnn to ^7fi decrees F. 'mod-' orn(c). Silt together first, B tncrred- , Eggs Go Modern Try '.his new twist to morning i ham Find cpffs. Cream a package i of crcnm cheese until fluffy, then '. slowly add 1 cup of scalded milk, I with salt and pepper and ! slowly ndci 6 Itahtty beaten NONE FINER NOWDRIFT 3 a 69 OLD JUDGE LB. CAN 79' _ ............ ^ .................. _____ fonts,' Crpnm' n to«ether snorfenincj McH lfird or rtrlpplnRS In frying- ; Htlr in 1 ; cup flour | P an mixture. Beat in rcu. Mix milk and vinegar: ndd to better nltrrtintely with reinainlni? Itnur mixture. Bent baUr-r H' minute in strokes n round bowl. Bnke 30 minutes or until rione in i\ '.vell-prcrtsed. lUnlly flourert, R-inch recessed cakn (Mary Ann cfike p;'.u> , or hake in an 8 -inch round, layer cuke pan. Con! S C11 P of of apple. ham and mushrooms on Franks Work Menu Wonders As Main Dish 4 metal skewers. Place in shallow pan on broiler rack, 4 to 5 Inches from .source of heat. Turn a:i barn browns. Broil approximately 8 ruin- Quirk Sausage and Macaroni Bake (4 serving One 10-ounce can pork .wn^ge links, 4 cups cnokeii cllovr macaroni, I I0 1 t-num i e can condei cream of celery soup, ^ cup sliced plmlento olives, Combine macaroni, soup nnd r es. Place in a baking dish 7 x 11x2 Inches. Top with *ausaco links. Bnkc In a hot oven (400 dcg, ) for 15 minute*. L«*ck Clircsft-Toppctl Mfiiil Loaf (Yield: 8 H]|CM) One I2-ounce cnn sliced pork- beof loaf, 'i ctip blue cheese, 2 tablespoons prepared mustard. Remove meat from cnu, Pkico on baking pan. Hent in Tno<krate oven £375 deg. F.) 10 minutes. Cream together cheese and mustard. Spread over top and sides of meat. Place an brnller rack 3 Inches from f-ource- of beat. Brail unit cheese bubbles and browns (3 to 4 minutes, serve hot. hmrlioon loaf a!on« with the j ep£ mixture. Cook, stirring occas- ionaly, until the CRR thickens. HEINZ PILLSBURY Purchftsert In estnncd or b form, you'll find a host of uses for frankfurters in your summer | menus, For instance, consider the way. 1 ; of Joining them with other, fcods in , cjiscsrole-type ilishcs. ' Spanish rice with franks is one choice, points out home economist Reba Stagfis. Slice franks and ndd to the rice mixture Jxwt long enough to heat them through. Franks with hot potato salad is another choice. Arid frank slices to the hot palari, then let hented whole franks surround the salad. Complete your menu with preen bonus, hard rolls, Ice rrcnm and cookies. Still another choice for n lazy supper is frankfurter spaghetti, Cut franks into slices nnd brown them j with onion in a little latrt or drip-i pines. Season with cloves, pa It, nu'rt ] pc-ppf-r, thr-n .icirl tomato juice f>nrl I cnokrd simchrtti. Simmer until | thickened, Th!* Is ?-n c,isy diph you , can carry ri?ht out to the perch or br!?e?^vay to :erve ivith Vienna * brrnd, tossed salad, iced tea dftjsert. Lean Ends, Fine-Flavored A recently developed rfidar an- I tenrni i: 1 tended for rouunrrclsl use . weifihs 5 ton^. O-rrall it, is 41 feet ] across. \{\ One hmidred million tons; of bi- coal were u::ed for coke in 1950. biills. Roll each In minced paisley Turn out on wire and Plick with wooden picks. ruck to coot. Fill renter with sliced and top with whipped cream. SUBSTITUTE FOR MEAT Sausage Bcitts Arid these, RHV little nppeti/ers o your trny. Surround stuffed olives %vit vcr • I?nllsI1Rff - Jormlug little MACAAONI • S PAGHETTI PUKE EGO NOODLES HOME GROWN BTL. 25' KEMIX Boxes $ 1 dn. 39c turu raoes 4 qi. basket 69c FRYERS-HENS Home grown chickens — fresh dressed, tender. Save Now! H. & G. Ib. 18C Fresh Pork Hterimgs 2 ibs. 49c *i r 'm m / mr * " L lor Fresh Pork Boston Butt - ib. 49c SLICED BACON U. S. Good STEWING Country Style PORK SAUSAGE 3 Ibs. $ 1 ki \r,cr '-.;m-Li •:< i» vrrr imr^rtunt ti> KC**\ ' heAixh. \Sji-:. .o^tcvcryUyo^^tvm.^Kh j cs jirrss ftTrl plr\in, rmi**N this iir.imtt-int 1 1*111 C FRESH BEEF Swift's canned meat ,,49'0 mm "£450 lior.j Vi.tK.T you. Try Pcan's ri!:«-« mild • riiisrctir. V"-i\ vjcrri.f'ijH- }.y miN-lor* for | a fluah o-Jt waste. C,v"i Doan'i Titls tn^J FOR SALE Concrete ctilTCrts, 12 inch t« 4* tnch, plain or recntorced. Also Concrete Building Blocks chcap- tr than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate- OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone C»I 10'j ox. pk^r. frozen \Vinlerpardcn CaMfontia lechery STRAWBERRIES 2 fm 55g LETTUCE 2.^270 Salad Queen Fresh srton. No. 1 SALAD DRESSING S"3S0 CABBAGE 2, h J50 Tall cans, Campfue }]i-I,il'e PORK & BEANS 3 f<ir 290 DOG FOOD ^ EGGPLANT • ib 13c WHITE SALT MEAT - ib. 29c FRESH PORK BRAINS n>26c KJM BRAND 3 Cans 29 Ga-Ked \Vifli your nnipon TOMATOES 2^330 DUZSOflP 'It Pays To Shop at Mays A9 SUPER ^ MARKET 421 South 21st Grade A Medium Doz. 55

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