The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 20, 1908 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1908
Page 6
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Ir-ut •**..- •.. .>-*• '- i- ^-'—" •- r THE BAKERSFIELD CALIPOBNIAN FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1908. Mosonic Temple, 2007 Chester Avenue Continuous Performance 7:30 to 10:30 P, M. BOX OFFICE OPEN 7:15 to 9:15 Admission lOc No Higher STRICTLY HIGH CLASS MOVING PICTURES AND ILLUSTRATED SONGS; FUN AND AMUSEMENT FOR EVERYBODY, -Home Wor!< In China." -Father is to Blame." "f:vjcmar. M ••The <_?;>rechawn." For Her Better Half." "Wind Reader/' SONGS: "Tipperary." "When the Birds fn of Tennessee." Georgia Sing KM tiro change of ?roj*ram Monday and Matmec Saturday an<f Sunday. Coupons given every night. Nov. 23d,24-piece «rs Bros.' set to holder of lucky coupon. Thursday nights. quadruple plate Rog "Trains for Business" W in the Galtcs building is now open, and we shall be glad to give any information about our courses that may b<« jv(|uiml. See is in regard to a business training. We think we can interest you. SHORTHAND, TYPEWRITING, BOOKKEEPING, ETC. Ask for Catalogue * H , R LUFKIN, Principal. Southe Bakersfleld'a Leading Hoto] Cultlne. Service Unexcelled MAIL and EXPRESS ORDERS CAEEPULL ,TTE Office Phone Main 60 Worke Phone, Main 1 BAKERSFIELD CLEANING AND DYING WORKS AND RENOVATORY Altcrinfl and Repairing Neatly Done. Goods called'for and Delivered. Contracts taken. Office, 2027-2029 Chester Avenue. Worke. Corner Eighth and L Streets, Bakersfleld, Cat. DIXON SON Undertakers, Funeral Directors, Embalmers. Successors to Morton A Connolly. f jm ] y Attendant. 1414 19th AM 0) HRONSEN Highest Price paid for Poultry and Eggs. Prompt Delivery In Bafo er&tleld and Kern. Phone Main 593. 2115 Q Street S, L. MACK, Cashier 8. W. Wlble, President J. J. MACK, Vice President. Q. J, PLANZ, Asst. Cashier. BANK OF BAKERSFIELD Capital Stock, $250,000 Burplus, $140,000 Resources, One Million Dollars Directors—S. W. Wible, S. L. Mack, J. J. Mack, J. M. Keltb, L. Guggenhime. General BunkiiiR, Domestic aForelgn Exchange. Letters of Cre*Ut The officers of the Bank will bw glad to gtve the benefit ofr their f/x- perlence or observation to ail pnersona desiring information on matters ot business. \ C. L. Conner, President. R. McDonald, Caahier KERN VALLEY BANK. WE SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE Lteber** Code used Bakersfleld, Cat. L J1 ROUGH DRY Did You Know We will call for your family ;washing, wash and iron all sheets, towels, slips, counterpanes, etc. starolt all pieces that require starching aud return to you for only C cents per pouudf If you are in a hurry telephone for us to call Friday morning and have them returned Saturday evening, Satiafactionguaranteed. titiv* us a trial. Telephone Main 259. CITIZENS LAI] wrr - —r - -r Give us a trial. All roads lead to 0. N. JOHNSTON'S BLACKSMITH SHOP. BEST WORK ALWAYS Phono, Main 1301 Nineteenth 8t Line Ads LOS ANGELES, Nov. 20.—Earl> next spHns; a line of steamships will be established between San Pedro and San Salvador and Intermediate points* j by the U>s Angeles Harbor Company. The line probably will be under tlio management of Rear Admiral Roblt-v r>, Evans (retired), who was elected chairman of the board of directors of the company late yesterday afternoon.! and who will come to Los Angeles in March to make this city his home. The line will be operated in con nectlon with the Companla Navlera del Paclflco. a Mexican company which already has a line of ships In the Mexican coast trade between Guayman and Mazatlan. The new ships will Input on between Mazatlan and San Sal vatlor, while two others will run between San Pedro and Mazatlan. Those- latter will be ships of about 2500 tons or about tho size of the Curacao of rhe Pacific Coast Steamship Company. They will give service to Mexican ports ;m ! Central America every t\v;> woo Us. W. J. Arise!!, one of the directors n-' the company, who has recently r. limit'1 from the* east, had u conference with Admiral Evans while away relative- to coining to Los Angeles ana becoming affiliated with the l,os An geles Harbor Companv, and Adnur.ii Evans consented' to do so after h* closes a lecture tour the coming \\\n •ter. WEALTH NOT GUI)! Convin FRATERNAL 8. P. 0. E. No. 266—Bakersfleld Lodge No 266, B. P, O. B. meets every Tuesday night at 7:30 at Odd Fel- i,r,vs' Hall, Chester avenue. VtsiUng nrvthren cordially invited to attend. Ir.itmtlon every other Tuesday. rtiu9. A. Lee, E. R.; C 3. Meroney, secretary. F R ATEPTN AL ORDER EAGLES, A'-rle No. 93, meets every Wednesday evening at S o'clock at Eagle Kock 19th street. Visiting breth- n n are cordially invited to attend. s Sweitzer, W. P.; Jo P. Carroll, Secretary. " The" Californian classified advertising columns are the best medium for making known your wants. Five lines, one week Five lines, three days 60c 25c KNIGHTS OF PYTHIA No. 76, meets every Wednesday ev- eafng at 8 o'clock in I, O, O. p. Hall. A cordial invitation to visiting Knights. WANTED WANTED—Boy to learn printing trade. Must be bright and industrious. Call 1513 Twentieth St. 95 NVANTKD—By colored man, more odd jobs of any kind; leave orders at tlu- Valley ENchange or phone Main a IS. 100 DEGREE OF HONOR V ! .KNTIXE LODGE, No. 78. D of H. Me-ns first and third Fridays in month at A. O. U. W. hall at m. Visiting members cordially vif«j<]. Mrs. Dora L. Cabe. C, of H. rs. Oia H. Taylor, Recorder, \VANTKD—nooct, gentle driving horse weighing 1100 or 1200 pounds. Must be Fiife and reliable for woman to drive. Address, S, Bin 4. tf. FOB BALE—fltBBOELLANEOm HIGHEST CASH PAID for old rags, sacks, bottles, iron, brass and co> per, hides and wool. Junk Yard, Twenty-second and M streets. Telephone Main 799. SALE—auout auu *ons ot first cutting alfalfa; suitable for cattle feed. For particular? acquire at tha Dave HirshfeJd. tf JUSTICE LODGE, No. 31, A. O. U. —Meets every Thyraday evening at s p. m.. A. O. U. W. Hall, No. 162* Nineteenth street. Visiting men> I,.:-;-* cordially invited. O R. West, M. W.; C. W. Curtzwller. Recorder. FOR RELIABLE HELP—Ring up Main 218, Buckeye Employment ^^ Agency, C. C. Scribner & Co., pro FOR SALE prietors. The best of male and female he!p on the shortest possible notice- 1234 19tU street, Walters HoUi, Bakdfafleld. C&L U FOR SALE—Second hand lumber tu good condition; 4, 6, 8 and 12 feet 1 by 12. Telephone Main 7*5$. 91 NE\V YORK, Nov. 20.—"Wealth in itself, no ground for honoring man. It is of value to the community only as it la put to service and it is only as a man puts to service that which he has either of wealth or of ability in some other line that he has a right to claim the friendliness and good will of the community." These sentiments, expressed by Andrew Carnegie, sounded the keynote of the annual meeting of the trustees of the Carnegie Foundation hold here yesterday at their quarters. Carnegie again made clear his purpose to have the revenue from the $15.000,000 fund donated by him regarded as the rightful heritage of retiring college presidents and teachers and In no sense a charity. IMPROVEEORDER OF Talches Tribe, No. 154, permanent o Box 731. Meets every Wed- at s p. in. in the "Workman Nineteenth street. Visiting members cordially invited, ' J. M. Hahert'eUle, Sachem; John Lewis, C. of II WANTED—Men and strongs boys. Combination Trade School & Contracting Co. teaches the trades by actual work, electricity, plumbing, bricklaying, and pays advanced students wages. Free catalogue. Union School of Trades, 124 East Ninth, Los Angeles. tf -Wagon, team and harness. For particulars apply at the Jewctt place north pt ice plant, 190 FOR SALE—Two good work horses, one light wagon, one set harness, two brood mares, one mare, weight about 1000 pounds, works single or double; one truck in good order. Inquire of R. J. Rose at Kern County Creamery, 95 BIBLE'S CYCLERY. ODD FELLOWS. KERN LODHE NO. 202. I. O. O. F.— Regular meetings every Saturday evening. 8 n'rlork. Kvory fifth S^t urday in a month, soclay night. jonrning brethren are always come at our nell. K. G,; t;iry, P. O. T. P. Pin FRATERNAL BROTHERHOOD Kern Lodge No. 55, Fraternal Brotherhood, meets on the first and third \Vt'<lnesrtay of each month at 8 p. in., in K. of P. hall, lu Kern City. II. H. Brown. President; R. G. Lib- j by, Treasurer. 1 K E RN VALLEY CHAPTER, ROYAL ARCH MASONS— Meets everr Wednesday night at 8 p. m. Visiting companions cordially lasted. E. M. FRIANT, H. P. ORDER OF OWLS— Bafcersfleld nest No. 172, meets every Tuesday at 8 p. m., at Maud's hall. Visiting members cordially invited. W. S. Kftifro, president; Joe MacKey, secretary. — PHYSICIANS BAKERSFIELD SANATOEIUM WANTED—Girl to do general housework; must be good cook; family of three. Telephone Main 1358 after 6 o'clock p. m. 96 WANTED—A stenographer. Inquire of H. L. Packard, attorney at law, Kern County Land Company building, tf SECOND HAND MOTORCYCLE FOR SALE I Racycle $115.00 $125.00 Light R. S $150.00 Bible's Cyclery, ISO? Chester avenue. Phone Main S5D. tf t JEW AND SECOND HAND Furniture at A. Lincoln's store, Fourteenth street and Chester avenue. A general line of household furnishings always at bend. And at price! smaller than elsewhere in Bakersfield. Phone Main 66ft. FOR SALE—Try the Imperial self- heating flat Iron. Can use either alcohol or gasoline. Will pay for itself In a short time; five day a trial free of charge. Telephone Main 944. 96 LOOT AND POUND LOST—An overcoat uotw*?eu Korn River bridge and Monte Crlslo least?. Finder please c:ill Main HM>2. 98 FOR SALK—A good work team of young mures, gentle; and four head of young horses, gentle and halter broke. Inquire A. C. Tibbet, Bakersfield. Phone Farmers 93. 108 FOR SALE—Span of horses wlta double harness; good covered wagon. Also single harness and buggy, inquire at 1219 California aventw or telephone Main 707. 96 .T. Hox K Street Phone Main NOTICE—Have you any live stock for sale? If so list It with me and I wil] endeavor to find you a buyer. Am in 'ouch with buyers every 'lay. Small commission. R. J. Rns^, at Kern County Creamery, tf W. KELLY, DR. J. L. CARSON. Physician and Surgeon. Office and residence 3'"tl-2-3. Producers Savings Dank buIMing. Hours from 10 to 12 a. m., 2 to4 and 7 to 9 1> in. Office ami residence telephone Alain CG. bOST—Thursday evening on West Fourteenth street, a pocketbook. Finder leave at this office or phone Main 738. Reward. 98 FOR SALE—One Petaluma incubator and two brooders. Inquire at 1115 Main street, Kern, or telephone Main 1204. 94 TURKEYS—Order your Thanksgiving turkey now of H. J Saecker, phone Farmers 193, and be sure of a nice fat one. 98 SECOND HAND PIPE FOR SALE— About 70 tons of 3 inrti and 4 Inoli steel pipe in good condition. Win. S. Cone, Southern Hotel. 96 FOR SALE—REAL SSTATB LOST—Saturday night either to center of town or in MoHeys Theater, a Rebekah pin. Finder will please leave same at this office. 06 FOR SALE—My homo. 2314 Nineteenth street, six rooms and bath. Hani, can stable three horses and rarriage. Lots of shade and v^ry cool In summer season. DR. R. B. REES Real Estate am? Insurance »• Physician and Surgeon. Room 4, up sUtirs, corner Nineteenth I TT Kooms 9 and 10, Fish block, over Street and Chester Avenue [Hughes drug store. Phone Main 364. Phone Main 149. I T* T>« TT * «* **. » »T -r «— JJ -It. \j n A H, A* O A V 1 id, Physician and Surgeon Offlce, Fish block, rooms 11 and 12. Office hours 11 to 12 a. m. t 2 to 4 p, ra., - - — - — ———•———^—j~_^—^»—^»^^ ^•••^•••^^••^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ • Patents Procured In all Countries. Infringement Litigation. TOWNSEND, LYON, HAOKLE7 504-7 Merchants 1 Trust Bldg Lo» Angeles* Cat. Well WELL BORER. J. H. KEEFE Borer. Work Guaranteed 2917 Chester Ave. $ 4 LESSER HIRSHFELD Real Estate and Flro Insurance. Roon 5, Conklin building,] 926 Cheater Avu 7 to 8 p. m. Phones, office, Mala 150, residence Main 973. DR. FREEST CREASE Physician and Surgeon. Hopkins building, northeast corner Chester ave., and 19th at.; rooms 12 and 14, Bakersfleld. Offlce phone Main 247. Res. phone Main 143. Offlce hours 10 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 4; 7 to 8 p m. T. W. HELM, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. Rooms 212 and 213, Producers Bank building, Bakersfleld, Cal. Office phone Main 220; residence, Main 686. Real Estat Insurance Room Phone akersfl DR. L. M. CAIN Physician and Surgeon. McKittrick, Cal. Office and resilience, Llttlo Hotel. STRAYED OR STOLEN—One som-t horse and one gray horse, 3 or 4 years old, unbroken. Sorrol horse has star in forehead. Both branded on left hip with goat brand. Lust seen near Famoso. Notify Dexter Stables. Phone Main 251. Liberal reward. tf Tea LOST—Round gold locket, "Gibson Girl" head, diamond in hair; picture in locket. Lost in Santa Fe yard. Return to O. G. Vary, 2117 F street and receive reward. 95 LOST—Lust Sunday, between Bakersfield and a point one mile west of the Tom Wells residence, girl's cloak of gray and blue mixed goals with velvet cuffs and collar. Finder will please leave same at Dr. Victor's office and receive reward. tf FOR SALE—One Colyumbus cut surrey. New, rubber-tired. Apply P. O. box 37, Bakersfleld. tf FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE acres Improved property, two south of town, under Kern Island ditch, for either town property or unimproved ranch property. Inquire of H. L. Staley at county jail, tf TEN ACRES, TsoTASn^Balance $1 per month. Price $25 per acre. No taxes, no interest. No risk. ProfUa certain. Located halt* mile from R. R. station, six miles from Bakers* field. Land level. No hardpan or alkali. Orange, fruit, and v !ne land, bearing orange orchards near. Fruita ripen for earliest markets. Payments are easy, and land advancing. $100 per acre should be realized for the land before your contract expires* Title good. Maps and further particulars on application. Right to raise price of land without notice re served. SUNSET REALTY CO.. Fresno, Cal. tt DE. W. P. SCOTT Physician and Surgeon. « Office hours: II to 12 a. m.; 2 to 4 and 7:30 p. m, Office and residence, Main 210. Rooms 207, 20S and 215, Producers Bank building. LOST—On Union avenue, a sorrel roll with white mane and tail; bald face; branded "J. T." on left hip, low down. Finder will please leave word at 2324 N street, Bakersfleld. 96 FOR SALE—I have listed with ma for sale several lots of milk cowa of from 10 to 90 head. Also othet stock. For information call on m<a at Kern County Creamery. R. J. Rose. DOG LOST— Great Dane puppy, black and gray; answers to name of Fritz. Return to 715 M street, Kern, and receive reward. DISSOLUTION OR PARTNERSHIP. Notice is heivb.v sdvt-n that the partnership lu'iviofor.- i-xistlnn under the flrm name of iMu'ro & Dwlght, dairymen, has this .i-iy IKM?U dissolved by mutual consent. Mr. Ront'vo will con- diu't the l)Uhin<'ss in the- future and will iu-Mum> MI iii'bts owing by safd flrm and will collect nil outstanding accounts. ;M"<n A. 1,. UKNFHO h, O. DWIGHT. CaL, Nov. fi. 190S. «.»4 FOE BENT FOR SALE OR RENT—Falrview ranch, containing 160 acres, near Roscdule. All under cultivation, good water right from the Calloway canal. John A. Fry, 902 Chester avenue, corner of 9th street, Bak- ersHeld. 101 DELONEGHA MOT SPHINQS. Most remarKuDle mineral sprtngi a California. An aosoiute cure for RHEUMATISM Forty-five intlos from DaKorsHeld ID tttrra Nevada Mountains. Fine aura ner climate. (Jood accommodations* Terms reasonable. Stag* 1 leaves Bak- irsfleld Thursday mornings between 1 and 9 o'clock from Arlington and Dccidental hotels, and from Metropole n Kern. Returns Tuesdays. Ad- irtss, BARBBAU & ROQUKTTE. t Proprietors EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES Wlum you want reliable help of any kind call up THE BAKERSFIELD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU. We also employ Chinese Japanese help. 1219 19th St. Phone Main 313 DR. A. F. SCHAFER » Physician and Surgeon. Office, rooms 1, 2, 3, and 4. Oil and Stock Exchange butldln?. Office hours from 1 to S o'clock; Sundays by appointments only. DR. F. W. MITCHELL PhyftTcfan and Surgeon. Office, rooms 305 nnd 306, Producers Bank building. Offlce hours from 11 to 12 a. m,, and 2 to 4 p, m. Telephone ^Maln 602. Res. Main 612, • - — DOCTOR FOWLER Physician and Surgeon Offlce aud Private Hospital, rooms 1, 2, 3. 4, 5 and 0, Hopkins Building. Special attention to diseases of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office hours, 10 a. m. to U m.; 2 to 4 p. m. Phone Main 249. ATTORNEYS E. L. FOSTER Attorney-at-Law Room 'J9, Bank of Bakersfleld building. T*Mf»phone Main 240. GEO. PLOURNOY Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public. Offlce, Stoner building, comer Chester avenue and atreet. Telephone Main 67. FOR KENT—Nice front room at 2224 street. Call mornings. 100 FOR RENT—Four rooms, either furnished or unfurnished, suitable for housekeeping . No small children wanted. Inquire at 920 Sixth street, 96 FOR RENT—Ranch of 160 acres, convenient to RuUcrsflehl; rent practically five; well fenced; house, barn, water, fruit. Iteslre to give possession at unco. Address John Canleu, Famoso, Cal. 96 'ASTURAQB—iwo miles from town, for horses or cattle; good feed, shade and running water the year around. Telephone Main 135. tf FOR RENT—Eighty acres of alfalfa and grain land with water right, work fcorses and farming Implements. Inquire at 1708 Truxtun avenue. tf FOR RENT—How would these two rooms, front and back porch, suit you for only $6 per mouth. No. 313 2<)th street. R. A. Moore, room 11, Hopkins building. Phone Main 433. 97 JAPANESE AND CHINESE LABOR Bureau, first class help furnished; male or female, for hotels, restaurants, housework, etc. Ranch hands and laborers furnished on short notice, day or contract. A. S. Takay- araa, 2100 L st Phone Main 1074. FURNISHED ROOMS—Single or In housekeeping suites, with gas and electric lights. Hot and cold batha and use of telephone free. The Willow, 1223tt 19th street. E. L. Willow, proprietor. tf PURNITUEE BOUGHT AND BOLD WINTERS, BRIDGES, SIMPSON CO.. 1800 K street, phone Main 134; new and second hand furniture bought and sold; houses furnished on easy Installments; furniture rented monthly; special graniteware and kitchen utensils. 25c. tf B. J, CURNOW, well borer (formerly of the firm of Ournow & Keeffe) artesian and surface wella. Tanks built and put up. Address Baker* field R. F. D. No, 2. Phone Farmers 181. tf ana S. 100TT Attorney and Counaelor at LAW Offlo* OT*T th« Bank ti BaktnAtU hACKSMITHS ATTENTION—I have a lot 82 feet front, with two gooit buildings, shop complete with all tooltt. One of the best in Bakers- fleld. Now is the time to get a bargain. See R. A. Moore, room 11, Hopkins building. 97 HAVE YOUR HOUSS OijEANED— Carpets cleaned, remodeled and laid Mattresses made over and returned the same day. Your old furniture re-glued and made like new. Upholstering In all ot its branches. Ail work guaranteed by A, C. Crowell, 306 K it; telephone Main 395, tf

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