Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 4, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1895
Page 3
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,lo Ordinance anthortzlnir The Lognnsport Ga» tlefct <£ Coka Company to lay and maintain pipe? and conduits In tbe jtreew, avenues.alleys ana public plate* In the City if LOKiuuiport for jle purpose of fnrnlshlnis uucl suppling the mild City and th» Inhabitants thereof with art! l)cl»l ga». • „.,..». Be It ofclalned by the Common Council of tbe •City of LoKiiiiK»Ort, Indiana: Section 1. That Tbe LOKansport Oa* Until & •CoKe Company, and Its aucccssors ana assign* w and: they hereby are Kwnt*d tu« rMit and •privilege. for the period ot twenty-fire jt-arn from the piissat'B or tliis ordlminte. ot nslnc the streets -avenues, »! lejoand public places or the City of Lognnsport, as It is now Imd out. or, may hereafter be laid out or .onlnrzrd. for the purpose of layln({do*n and malnUilnliiK In and unuerihe Mid stteetn, avenues. aliDy.t an«l public places of said clly, suitable and niwwtsiiry pipes , condnlts, mains and apparatus for the conveyance of an - ilclal gas for the use of said city und Iwlnliabl- tanw, Provided: that tne said gas pipes, con- •dulta, inalnn or apparatui shall not Interfere wltu the dralnane or fluid city, or the con.-tructlon -of sewers or Its newer Njs:«n],or with the under, ground flxtures ror the cunvejanceol water. Section '.!. That waenuv<r said Lonansuort Gas Hutu & Coke Company propose to open any strert, avenue alley or public place for the purpose of iHjlriK-dowu ifM PH«w. conduits, mains or .other npoaralus, they shall tfv« to thn Ulty Street Commls»lon«r tlirbe days' notice of ihsir -Intention so to do, and snail not during the progress of said work unntcwuiarlly oaatrua pa-siiKe or pub/ lie travel on aud aloriK »ald strt-et. avenue, alley • or public place, and ohiiil within a reasonable • time put the same in an (rood condition and ropalr i an the same were In before DeLtiK opened, and shall beuovcrued br all the rules. rvi;ulmlons and • ordlnuuuesnowlnforcH, orwnlc-i may Ueredfrer .ninny tlnm be established or pat In force by said -city, ftovirnlnj? and rt-unlal.nK tbe iJlKBlna ol iwnchcs and mukliiK MCaviitlons In and on the said streets, nvenues, aLejs, Muewalks uud [mbllc ^'Sections! Tliat irtlie Common Council desire •ntaiiy Hint- toiTBclartlllcliil »i» lumps at any of its public bulldliiKS or public ground* or upon any .onmWMtwW. avenues, allays uf Mild city, tliitt are not rtuictiMi by tliu aalin of Mid company, then Ui" .-aid company pliall lor u fair compensation to hoiillmwMlau paid by Bald Common Coun ..cll lay -down wlcbm tbe corpunne limns or wild .cltr, within a ri-wnnabletlme, the necessary pipes .c, i-, ..'tail nxtures, except thu Inmp posts and which shall be t-.rnWiud by s»iu city, and tbe Inmptf tttis erf-cted shall b« suppllfd by said com- riany with nrtlllclal (tan a» aforesaid m-on as fat •ornble terms and price* as the sawn Is inrnlshed ,to any other comtun-er or consumers. Ami Hie .plpenthun liilil down at tfce expense of trwclty shall not either directly or In' Irectly. bo uxud tue furilsblnB Kinto Individual clttons, nor « hall .icher pipes bn laid d wi within said territory •unflllUH amount paid by thn dw for liyluK the /same elov» sliiUl ttnvu been rolunded to tbe dt) by .said company. Section 4. That If any discovery or Irnprove- •ment shall li«ron.ftnr bn made In ibo propttni' ion and manufacture of artlllclal «as. trorn coal or other mattirial, either lliiuld or solHi, by «blch Ui *ostorarttllciul Kansluill be imiierL-tlly dim 1 •lnhed. and the sani« shall be adopted In the cities .of this StntM and of like clnss with ttils city ami iinvlng similar works, then and In i-uch case salu company shall Introduce Hud USB cuch discovery In thn City of LoKiuisport, and (,'lveto said city -and Its In Habitants the bunollt of the redaction of prlco of «;is cold as shall be In proportion to tb savlriK etwct«d by snch (ll«covori or improvement. Sections. Thatlfsuid LoKansport «n» Light * Coke Company or Its succsssors or as^lwis shall violate or refuse to comply with any of the provisions of this ordinance, ttini and In that • cnse. they srmll forfeit nil of the dKbts and orlv lieceSL'rariUid by [his ordinance, audthe Common Council reserves the rl«ht to repeal tbe bectlonfi. ^11 ordinances ai.d parts ofordl- anncos In eonlllct Herewith am hereby repealed. Hoc Ion 7 Tills onllnancw shall tak« ellfct and Do In forco from and artor Its ptiasriKO and publl ciitlon for two weeks, once each woe.;, In so'ii xlHlly newspaiier prluted und published In tlio City •Of Loearisi'Ort. Pastil May 1, 1805. [SK.VL] GKOHOK P. McKKK, Mayor. Atte.»ii John B. "W'lhturs, Clcy Clerk. Au Ordinance. An ordlnancfi iirohlbltliiK cortaln milmala from running nt IOTKO within the corporato limits of tlio City of 1.01,'ansport, und providing tor tbe Impounding therecr. Beltordalncil by the Common Council of the •City of Loymsport: Section i, U shall be unlawdil for the owner of or any person bavins the career ciisiody of liny bull, bullocK. steer, horse, mare. mule. colt. Jack. Jennet, hot;, uont. sheep, cow, cair, holier, uncle, nooso. turkey or y«a-towl. to sntlor or pprmlts^ld. .aninml to run at ;iiirne at, open or within any public strain avomio. alley, common, pnrk or tiny onlnclosi'd luta, lands, or grounds within the •corporate limits ot the City ot .LoKiin.iport. Settloni!. itsball bo the duty or tm> members of tlio police force to tako up and impound all bulls :bullocKs, steers, horses, mares, mules, colts, laoXs. Jennets, hogs, xoats, ,-iheop, cows, calves. 'nolfers, ducks, KI«>™, turkeys, or pea-fowls, found junnlnit ai large, at upon orwlthln .any pnbllo utteet, iwenuo, alley, common, park or any nnln- .closed lots, lunds or grounds within the corporate .limits of said city as provided In this ordinance, .urn! koop and impound the sanio in the pound provided bj the city for that purpose, until redeemed or otherwise disposed of as hereinafter provided And such olllwr shall carefully ntcoml to &nd provide the animals so taken up with nee- •aesitry lood mid water. Section a, Its shall be the duty of the member oltUe Police force taking up any such animal to Klve notice Immediately, In writing to tlio owner or person bavins tile euro or custody ol any anl- «ial taken up and impounded, It known to blm, t>ui If, upon reasonable Inquiry, such owner or person having the euro or custody of snch animal is unknown to him, he shall give notice by posting up wrltii>n or printed notices at the door of the court house and at tbe door of tlio Mayor's olllco In Mild city, stating therein tho. tlmo of sidd tnk- inaup, the age und marks and n full description •of the animal taken up. and i!iattl)e owner thereof. Is unknown to him, the place whore said animal Is impounded, and also thft place, the day and the boar at which said animal will bp sold, ill not redeemed; said notices shall bti posted lit least live (5) days before tho diiy llxed In said notices tor tho sale ot said animal. Section-I. It shall bo the duty of. sncli member of. the rollcf forco to sell (iny such animal at public auction at the time ana place mlvsrtlsed In ' said notices, to the highest bluder tor cash, nnlos tho owner or per.-on having tho cure or custody of <uch animal slisll tvilepiil the sum« before Uxe ,saln thereof, by paying to him In cash all fo«s, •costs mnd expOTsesjinade ui> to thnttlme.and upon .inch payment shall surrender such animal to such owner or rerson having the caro or custody 'thereof, and shall not mil the same. Section 0. The pollen oltlcer taking any such animal Kball bo allowed the following :ees;for •taking up and Impounding encb iinlmal omibraced wltnin the terms or tills ordinance, for bulls, bullocks, steers, cows, calves, heifers, horses, mares, innles, eolts, jacks uml JenneW, tltt> 150) centH per bend, and for hogs, goats and sheep •twenty-live C-IO) cents per head, and for ducks, jreene, turkeys and pen-fowls ten (10) cents por bend and In addition thereto for oacb and every twelve (12) hours or fractional part thereof In excess ot the Hrst four hours during which suld animals are Impounded for tbe expense of !eed- Imt and caring therefor there, ahull bo charged -and collected lor bulls, bollocks, steers, cows, calves, belters, horses, mares, mulci, colts, jacks AntUsnnets; tnemj-nvo (25) c*m* per heajl, mU' for beg*, (K»t.<and »ho«[» twelve and a hair (l-^j) centt »er head, aud for ducus, geese, turkeys and DNi-rowU ten|(l«) cents;per hoail; and mcb ofBcer shall be. allowed for selling sucb animals when necessary under the provisions ot this •rdlnance lor enob. head of-such-animals one dollar (*1) «xecpl'r>OK*. goats and steep for which he shall rtwlv* Ufty (30) wnts per bwid and- except fowls jibove enumerated for which be sbull receive ten (10) cents per henil. In case of sale sucb officer shall re/talu all said fees, costs and expenses from tne proceeds ot sale. Section C. Sncn police oftlcer shall pay the pro- teed* of such sale, after deducting said tew, costs and expenses to the cltj treasurer, and file with said dtj treasurer a full statement In writing; giving a description of tho animal sold, tba amount sold for, the nraount. ot low. costi and expenses collected hy lt»ms. together with sncb other Information as 1* dnemed necessary b; 61m or the city treasorer, and tha city treasnrer. upon proof to him of ownership, sbal pay sale! rtxslduts of the- proceeds of tho wile alter said, fees, costs and ei- p»n»es are deducted to tbe o\vner ot tba animal sold, and If no owner or pro»er claimant appears wltbin six months aJMr said money Is paid luto the trensurj, sjild treasurer shall turn said money so received over to the general fond mid charge tlip some to that account. Section T. Any person vlolatlm? any ot tbe provisions ot tMs ordinance, lor *»cft offense, upon conrtctien thereof, shall forfeit and pay to tbe City ot Loitansport damages IQ any snm not more than Bfiy dollars. 8«cU»u S. That all ordinances and parts o! ordinances In contllet with th'» ordinance be and. tin turn* hereby are rfpealed. Section9.' XBls ordinance shall be In force, •from and alter iu puaxage and pu&llcatlon for two weeks, once each wwk. In some- dally newspaper printed and published in the City of Lo- ganjport. • ftsVtd May 11S93 „„«.'•„ [SIUI.T GTOROK P. ilcKiut, ilayor. Attwt: John a wintew, dtr Cietn. BeltordalnedbT tho Common Owncil ottbe . '^tlon two •«, of an nance entitled "An Ordinance of the City Bans^ori regulating the 's»mng of Ucenjes passed Marcl! 3d 188tf and recorded In B«»rd"L' on page 153 of tbe records of tbe Common Council ot said city be and the same hereby Is amended stl.n2cen Sfl shall bo granted lor a longer period man one jear. Any person or persons who may wish to obtain a license from the city of Logansport shall apply n wrtlng :to | the Maror of said city, setting forth In said application the proposed Place and kind ol : business ,loi which wld mens« is desired, »nd the «»mes of each and every person Interested in »»ld business. And "w license, wbea grantee shall be Issued to the netson or persons Interested In snld business, but shall not be tranferable to any other person or nonSiis and no deductlonshallbemade.norany P ,r P t o r«S Mcense faes refunded, for any part of the time for which said license may not be used. Section'^ All ordinances and parts of ordinances in conflict with this ordinance be uwd they h 3 r ec b tlo a n r 3 "^ordinance shall be In force from and after It., p«,ss«ge and rnbllcatlor .for two weeks, once each week In »oma ^° eT J paper pnbllshbd and Dtlnted In Ihe city ot LO- ({ansport, Fassed Ma, 1, 1% TO , 10K p . McKzF ,, Mayot . Attest! John E. Winters. City Clerk. A.n Ordinance Keffulatmg the Sounding: oi' Gongs. Be It ortalned by the Common Council or the Cl ^c 0 tlo L n°f n Tb S Tall persons and corporations except members ot th« Fire Department and street car drivers J be and they hcrebj r are .prohibited from using or sounding any gong or be or alarm In any way resembling or giving lorUi tho sound of a Kong, In or on auy of the streets avenues alleys or public places of said city of tS* port ami that all persons and corporations be and tS hereby arc prohibited from atuica ng to sounding or us ng In, opon or In connection wl'th anj >ic?\k. bread, meat or delivery waqon or cart or any oiler kind of vehicle wlmtever, any gong or bell or alarm in any way resembll ag :ot Klvlng forth the sound ot a gong, In or on am of tho street-s. avenues, alleys or public places ot ibe srtlonyeMn or corporation who violates any provision of this ordinance, lor each and every day said otrei.se is continued, shall, upon conviction thereof, forfeit and pay to the city of Logiinsport damages In any sum not less than ten dollars and not more than twenty-i ye dol in,. Section a. This ordinance shall t« In force from and after Its passage and piibllaitlon for P. JtoKtt. Major. Attest: John B. Winters, City Clerk. DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY MORNING. MAY 4 Butter oil at Traut'a. Plenty fresh fiah at Rothermel's. Soda fountain expert at JohnBton's. Jeff AdatUB Is Improving tbe interior of hie barber shop. Thomas Shaffer IB confined by rheumatism to his home on Race street. Go nnd see Eddie Foy in "Off the Earth" tonight at the opera house. New waists today 98o worth $1.50. Don't miss this chance—Trade Palace. All the latest styles in summer shirts a* FUher'e, the popular price Hatter and Furnisher. Now and handsome effects in 50 and 75 cent shirt waiste at tho Busy Bee Hive today. White shirts, 8 cents; cuffs, per pair, '1 cents; collars, 2 cents. Cut prices—Loe Wah Sing. A tent of the Knights of the Maoca, bees will be organized May 10th, at Royal Center by J. C. I J hilllpa. Got your gloves, mitts, ties, ribbons, laces and hosiery today at the Trade Palace. Never was such goods put out. For Sale—Two good single drivers, sife for lady to drive; also two good farm horses. Apply to J. Howell, Singer office. Mehaffle & Cllne are introducing a hot platb burner to use on top of cook stove during hot weather,, which Is proving it the finest thing ever shown. Buck's Patent Flexible Statnpa are superior to all others. Call or address Geo. W. Lackey. Gen'l Ag't, Island View Hotel Reliable agents wanted at onoo. Three pair Hermsdorf ladlea' black hose, German make for 40 cents, worth 25 cents a pair; gent's socks black, also tan«, no seams, 30 cents a dozen; cheaper than washing—Trade Palace. A new, complete and up-to-date Hand-book of information, covering nearly 2,000 oltlos, towns and resorts, contained in the current issue ol the Rand-MoNally Guide. fS.OO per year, -lOo per copy. 1C6 Adams street. The ladles of the Broadway Presbyterian church will hold a plant sale on Tuesday next, May 7th, ftl the residence of Judge Baldwin. Sale will continue day and evening. loe cream and strawberries will bs served. A party made up of tha following people picnicked Thursday at Spencer park: Mrs. Amy Dunkle, Mies Lizzie Dunkle, Mrs. Ruth Forrest, Mlsa Cook, Miss Harper, Mlaa Hawkins, Mrs. John Dunkle and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnston. The band concert on Fourth street Thursday night was heard over the long distance telephone Una by paople At IndlannpoUB &nd C alcago. A transmitter was attached and held outside the window at the exchange,. and the sounds on the street were plainly heard at tho other end. Marie Wiinwrlght celebrated the two hundredth performance of Lancaster and Magnus' "Daughters of Eve" on Monday, April 29th, at the Sohiller Theatre, Chlc»go, by giving what she termed A Silver Souvenir Soiree. Sterling silver waist buckles were presented to the women in the audience. The men, u i» usually tbe cue »t souvenir performances, got left. The Admirer* of ColerMg*, tbe Faeor. Have ««ason to Think He Will. Gain That Becor*. Every morning Coleridge,the pscer, IB bslng worked at the driving park by Dallas Ouster, Every morning he shows up in better form, and his work this season promises to surprise even his most ardent admirers who have not an Intimate knowledge of the wonderful powers of tbe rapid stallion, who made a record of 2:09f last season at Louisville. Those who have horse knowledge predict that the Caas county pacer will put up a mark of 2:04 on the blackboard of some fast track be. fore he finishes his >ork as a speeder. There Is reason for this confidence. Jos Patoben, a converted trotter, In the first season of his work as a pacer, made a mark of 2:15}, Last year he set his record at 2:06. Coleridg«, ft converted trotter, paced last season, the first year of his conversion, in 2:09}- He has youth and tbe beet of beaHh, his trainer and handler, Dallas Ouster, is one who will work the animal for all there la In him, and he is confident that his favorite will make an enviable place for htmeelf among the fast ones. According- to horse journals Coleridge's record of 2:09f is the bast made by a converted horse in the first year. Coleridge will go hie first race for the season at Grant! Rapids, Mich. He is entered in tbfi 2:10 class at eleven big meetings among which are those of Louisville and Indianapolis, IlnckleriV Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for outs bruises sores, ulcers, salt rheum lever sores, totter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup. tions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is gjaraiteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 2,Vcents per box. For sale by B. F. Keesline. Folk-Harrison. The wedding of Doran Polk of Elwood with Miss Clara Harrison of Flora took place yesterday at Delphi The young people will reside at Elwood. The groom is a eon of James Polk of Loganspert. Just a Minute of Your Time, Please. Prices Cpeak £ ssr/vore THE \J FOLLOWING 89c Tan or Black. Made to sell for $1.50. $1.38 Tan or Black. Silk Goring. Made for $2.50 Misses'Tan or Black. Others ask $1.50 for 'ein. Bargains in Men's Shoes, Too. THE BEST.' OUR GUARANTEE : Your Money's Worth or Your Money Back / AH ELECTRIC FREIGHT LOCOMOTIVE. The Baldwin Locomotive works have completed a new style electric locomotive for the Oregon Tranecontlnental company of Milwaukee. This loco, motive is intended for special expert- mental work in handling heavy freight and for switching purposes. It resembles somewhat the ordinary con- lolldation type used for pulling freight in yard. work. There are four pairs of drivers coupled together by connecting rods. The driv,» ers are fifty-siz inches in diameter, tbe end ones only being flanged. The motors, four in number and alternating in position, are of the ••continental" iron clad type. The motors are made for 800 volts at 225 revolutions, which equals sixty-five miles an hour when In motion. Each motor will give about 250 horse power and there will be a constant drawbar pull of over 10,000 pounds. Thus grad« ually but surely.are steam locomotives being supplanted by those run by electricity. A special train bearing General Manager Wood passed through the oity over the Effner branch of the Pan Handle yesterday. On May 22 the membera of the Pennsylvania Voluntary Relief Asso elation of the lines west of Plttsburg will elect tbe members of the advisory committee. General Manager Williams of the Vandalia yesterday issued & circular announcing tbe appointment of D. P. Downs as claim agent of Ihe Vandalia properties. Mr. Downs has for several weeks been assuming the duties of claim agent, incident to the resignation of Frederick Ellison. The office of stock agent. Mr. Down's old p08ition, is abolished, the duties of the office devolving on tbe claim agent. All reports heretofore made to the etock agent will come to Mr. Downs as claim agent. Indianapolis Journal: A gentleman well informed says that sooner or later the Indianapolis, Logansport & Chicago will be built, and over its own tracks, to a connection with the Union tracks at Indianapolis. He says tbe projectors of the rond have already put $60,000 into the enterprise and will not now abandon the project on account of a few property holders trying to prevent its obtaining entrance to the city.Jbacked, he says, by a strong (system of roads which might have their business out Into somewhat were tbe road built. A CHURCH ACQUIRES PROPEBYT The Cumberland ProMbyterlund I'ur- chase the StcTagtrart Property HEarket and Barron Street*. The Cumberland Presbyterian church congregation has secured a lot on which to erect the proposed institutional church, plans for which were recently adopted. The property bought is that of M. McTaggart on the south west corner .of west Market and Brown streets, and the consideration was $2,200. The lot is a desirable one for the purpose. It Is said that work will be begun on the new church August 1. It Is said that the old church property will readily .be disposed of, as two offers have already been made for it. A friend's Adrleo. MONTAGUE, Mich,, Nov. 13, '93. William Windeckneok. a wealthy farmer of Muskegon county, personally appear before me, a Notary Public, this day, and deposes and says: "That for the past year or so he was afflicted with weakness, trembling, heart failure, extreme' nervousness, headache and general debility; that he has consulted with physicians and received no benefit. He was persuad • ed by a friend to try a sample bottle of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer, and he says that the trembling and nervous feeling was immediately stopped by its use. Afterwards he used two bottle of the same medicine and saya he is entirely cured and free from that trembling sensation; his heart gives him no trouble and he sleeps well. He further says that his general health Is much better, and that he i« calling the attention • of his neighbors and friends to the remarkable value of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitallzer." Slened, W. WINDECKNECK. ULgjUuv.} Sworn to and subsoribed before me, a Notary Public for Muskegon county, State of Michigan. JAMES MOKSISON'. For sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist. Two DlTorce* Clren. Two divorces were granted yesterday. Suean A. Arthur from John H. Arthur, and J. B. Cory from Tillle Cory. " . Don't miBi teeing the greatest ex. travaganzi "Off the Earth" headed * by Eddie Foy Saturday nl*ht. Paine's Celery Compound. CHarles MacDonald, a Prominent Chicago Business Man, Is Restored to Healtn. Within a Jew steps of the Intersection of tbe busiest thoroughfares in •Jhicago, if not in the entire country, Is a store through the portal of which more people pass in tbe course of a day than enter into and depart from any other establishment of its sizo in the west. Men and women whose faces bear the st&mp of intelligence and culture; women who lead In so« clety, art and letters: men who are prominent in the professions; lawyers, physicians, artists, judges and journalists. The exterior of the place gives immediate evidence of its character, which is that of a. center of current news and information. It Is the news and periodical depot of Charles Mao- Donald at 55 Washington street, who writes the following lette*: Chicago, .Feb. 20, 1S95.—Messrs. Wells, Richardson & Co., Burlington, Vt.—Gentlemen: It Is clearly the duty of every person to acknowledge a service rendered, no matter what its nature. When, however, the character of the benefit bestowed Is such that it lightens the dally burdens of our lives, and changes our nights from dreary watches to periods of tranquil and refreshing repose, the duty resolves itself into B pleasure. A few months ago, owing to the confining nature of my business, I began to feel "•-•—•—••ggg Cook Wauled For summer hotel-r—young white man. Must be good meat and pastry cook; must work reasonable; state price to commence May llth. Address RANNELLS & MITCHELL, Columbia Park Hotel, Rochester, Ind., Box 812. Haxlnlcnekee Cottage for Sale. Eleven room cottage. 100 feet lake front; will give a bargain. See diagram at the Journal office. W. B. BCKFOED, Indianapolis. Hammock* for the Million*. Call at George Harrison's, 617 Broadway, and see the largest line of hammocks In the city. Prices, from forty cents up. VBNO Speaks to Logansport People. Hundred! of People la LoT»n»port H»ve Been Cared by Veno's Me.-ic!im». He Will E«turn tfce Money to Anyone n»t Cured. Trie Fairest Offer Ever Made by a Doctor BEAD TBEnFOLLISa FACTS. 6lnee Teno left LoKins»ort hundreds have booKat his medicines at tne drag Mores, and letters are betaR received daily &£?? PROP'S,** 0 have been cored. He guarantees VFJSO'S CUBA- TITE SIBUF (oOc t. bottle), to completely core nervousness, dyspeDs'a, poor [appetite and sleep- essness liver, kidney, blood and stomacn dls- ortersfand when n£d wllb TENO-S ELECTKIC FLUID (5»c a bottle), will -positively cure^ the worst and most desperate forms of rheumatism, paralysis sciatica, neuralgia, backiCQ* weyk ronBdes stiff Joints,aU aches and »aUu. tilK JIOBBrtl MtfXSZlbs CAfABBM AM> HEAD ACH£ CUBE (lOc a bottle) Is an Insttntueoas ro- lleL and will cure catarrh, cold In the head; Headache, tore throat and, bronckltU. .SoUbr. Johnston. KeesUnx and Ben Fliber, dmixtitt. with > at first a fort of languor aud nese, to disguise which I was pelled to bring into play all-.the strangth or will I could command. , : . The feellnfr grew upon me, however, ; -j and in a short time it took such pos«ei»''' <. ston of me that it ftffected rr.y npp«. ;'.::'.•; tlte and caused insomnia. I •P«. ;: <| proacbed my meals' with a feeling 1 .:.', amounting almost to nausea, &nd my- ,. : ; bod with horror at the restless night. •.-•./ thatlwaa nearly certain was before /.,; mo. It was only by the strongest •/'<; eflorta that I was enabled to hido the '•>< change from people who came Into my'.;•;•;£ place of business, but my in.U»fct« v! acquaintances were quicker to notloa • .v?l it. 1 had arrived tt a point where I ^ could no longer keep silent upon the•'.•:';; subject, and speaking of it to one ot -.my friends one day he suggested that! ,-0 try Paine's celery compound. I pur. ^ chased a bottle, and.before I had taken , :; ; a dozen doses I knew that the sugge«-. ; tlon was a good one, for I felt an 1m- ' . ;-;i provement. I continued to u«e It and •• ^ feel entirely restored. My appetite U ;•":!£ good, I sleep well and Instead of an '-^ irksome grind, my business has agal^v > become a pleasure to mo. You may -"••..•£ put me down as a strong advocate of ;'(; Paine's celery compound. ••••.'•.;;£ Yours respectfully, i^ OHAS. Have You Kidney Trouble? ; Have You Throat Trouble? ':'f| Have You Rheumatism? . .,;;f Have You Bladder or Urinal fj Trouble? {;| TRY "SAN-JAK." | Sold by BEN FISHEB, Druggllt. :'•} (CHICAGO, Match 7, MM. "M^rS^^^attmtlon was flwt call** U SAN-JAK last year In ;the case ot Captain J. % Broslos. »f Terre Haute, Ind.. who was atUctad In this City with acnte nephrltu and cr«UO» (!•» Hammstlon ol the bladder and kidney*). Ame prescribing the turaal remedies without avail Baa- Jak was suggested, and cha improvement WM w marked alter tte flm dose, and & complete cm followed so speedily, that I at once commenced tit investigationotltem«rtt» and have ilnoe prescribed It In almost every known form of Honey bladder urethra! vaginal and catarrhal troob'taVt' followed In each Instance by the bappleitre«olt». A case of winrests (involuntary now of ortoe) tm myown family was very much Improved by a «jt dose*, and radically cored In less than & *•* . ITrom practical erpertence In a nnmber of b«* . caoes of leucorrhoea I am free to gay that I ww» • found no remedy that la eqoal to SAN-JAK. _^ And while I have never before given » pwrai sional ludotsement, to a proprietary remedy. I mf tmhesltatmcly and without reserve that » coo-. aider SANljAK a TCrttable boon to hnmanlW ind after applying It to the surest professional te»t* can sajTwlUi confldemce, K Is batter than it U recommended to be. , „ „.„ _, , I shan continue to prescribe It to all <a** «J • genlto-ortnary or catarrhal troubles. In prew-: fiiience that I shall ooptlnaetoose It la SJIBIUJ.' cases, feeling confldent that It will meet all «• UuUcssloni to »nch OMI. • YOBCT Rlncereiy, '' (Signed) « 1 »- w -^ I Sa.*JU t BEN FISHER ^1

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